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A Window View - Peter Parker

request -  Can you do a peter x stark!reader where when he first meets her, she’s sleeping on Tony’s couch in a weird way when Tony’s about to introduce peter to her. Peter just finds it absolutely adorable and when she wakes up and sees peter she gets all awkward while getting off the couch and trips a little. Btw love your blog its amazing. Everything on her is absolutely amazing

a/n - thank you so much for 3k!!! all of the love and support i’ve been getting has made me so grateful, thank you for everything :) hopefully this fic isn’t too trashy and a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

The alarm on my phone rang at an amazingly annoying tone for the third time during a 20 minute period. The sun was just peeking through the windows into the living room, having the awakened chatter of the city commence at this hour. The tower was beginning to wake up as the sun rose higher into the sky, while I was doing the complete opposite.

I groaned, lifting my head and scrambling for my phone that was on the coffee table. It was nearly 10 AM, but I didn’t know, and I also didn’t care. I was up until two o’clock in the morning the night before, studying for a test that I would be having later this evening. I seemed to have become so concentrated that my head was on top of my History textbook, having the page still open to the same one from last night.

Shut up.” I hissed at my phone, squinting at the screen as I turned the alarm off. I hummed in content as I turned my head back around, grabbing my pencil pouch and cuddling it close to my body as I fell back asleep. Considering my situation, and just how lazy I became, I just really didn’t give it a second thought these days. No one would be up here until noon most days, so I was content with it.

I was already too deep in my slumber to hear the doors slide open, only to have my father and someone else come in.

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Requested By: @weirdhologram

“I really feel like you two should just sleep together already.”

Gasping at Kevin’s words, you whirled your head towards him, glaring fiercely. His eyes widened, putting his hands up in surrender. “I’m just saying…”

“Well no,” you snapped, turning your gaze back to where Archie and Jughead talked, separated from the rest of you guys. “God I hate him.”

“Suree you do,” Betty smirked, causing Veronica to giggle. 

“What we’re trying to say, (Y/N),” Veronica spoke up. “Is that you and Jughead have an…interesting relationship. One that wouldn’t be surprising if you both ended up dating each other.”

You shook your head in exasperation. “Not happening you guys, so keep dreaming.” You narrowed your eyes as Jughead and Archie laughed at something you couldn’t hear. “What does he have that I don’t?”

“A Penis,” Kevin commented, getting an elbow from Ronnie. 

“You guys need to work out your love-hate thing (Y/N),” she said, turning serious. “We honestly believe there’s something there.”

You rolled your eyes, gathering your stuff before standing in front of them. “I don’t know guys, it just really seems unlikely. I’ll see you both tomorrow.”

There was a chorus of goodbyes as you turned your back and left the student lounge, feeling Jughead’s eyes on your back as you walked out of the school, very aware that any minute he’d follow you.

Later that night, you lay in your bed, sweaty and breathing heavily as Jughead lay beside you, on his side gazing down while you were on your back. He was playing with your (h/c) hair while you both talked after spending some…intimate time together, and now it felt like you two were the only ones left in the world.

After a few moments of silence and just staring into each other’s eyes, you spoke up. “The Scooby gang believes we’re gonna sleep together sooner or later. I didn’t tell them that it was a lot sooner than when they caught on.”

Jughead snorted, and you pushed his black hair out of his eyes. “Did they get that impression before or during your glaring at me and Archie?”

You opened your mouth in surprise, ready to defend yourself. “I was not glaring at you guys!”

“Yea you were.”

“Okay, but not that bad!”

Jughead only raised his eyebrow, and you sighed in defeat. “It’s just that your bromance makes me jealous sometimes.”

He smirked. “Why, because you want more time with me?”

You snorted. “No, because I feel like Archie and I could be better friends if you weren’t in the way all the time.”

The look on his face made you giggle, and he rolled his eyes.

“Absolutely not,” he stated, moving to lay on his back while you rested your head on his bare chest. “No way I’m letting you get close to Archie.”

“And why is that?”

“Because he’s my bro.”

“Cool story dude, I don’t care. I could be his bro.”

“(Y/N) I swear to God–”

Can’t Stand Being Away From You - Tom Holland Imagine

Request by @ireallyneedhelplikenow​ : Hiya lovely, could you do a Tom Holland imagine where the reader visits him on set of homecoming? Could you make it really fluffy please ❤️❤️Thank you x 

Warnings: lots of fluff, Language

Word Count: 1,261

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: This sucks. Hope this is enough fluff to satisfy you : ) 


“How’s filming going?”.

“Its great everyone is so incredible, its really a dream come true”.

“That’s great Tom” You chuckle.

“Yeah, wish you were here though”.

“I know, but you know I just can’t get up and leave school”.

“I know Love, it just feels weird not being with you”.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve been away Tom”.

“It still feels weird” There was a silent pause from him.

“I miss you”.

“I miss you too, when are you coming home” You leaned into your phone.

“Soon I promise, I’ve had this busy schedule, but I promise when I get the chance I’ll come home” You hear Tom of the other line.

“Okay, I love you baby”.

“Love you more, alright there calling me to set I got to go love”.

“Bye Tom”.

“Bye Y/N” You hung up and leaned against the counter top.

Tom’s been away to film Spiderman Homecoming so he hasn’t been around much, and that drove you crazy. The apartment was getting lonely just with you in it. He suggested that you go with him, but you couldn’t leave in the middle of your semester, he understood that school was your priority so he didn’t push it any further. If only you could see him.

You bought the cheapest plane ticket you could afford and packed a suitcase. You were going to fly to Atlanta, Georgia to surprise Tom. If Tom knew you were coming he would of paid for everything and you didn’t need the special treatment. He had too much on his plate as it is. The flight was okay but it wasn’t fantastic. A kid sitting in the back of you kept kicking you chair, his mother being too busy sleeping her ass off. You didn’t care though, you were going to get to see Tom and that’s all that mattered. 

Once you landed you picked up your luggage, hailed a cab, and told them to take you to where the set was taking place. You barely had enough to pay.

It took a bit of convincing for the security guards to let you in, but once you explained who you were they let you right in. You walked around trying not to get caught by Tom and ruin the surprise. Tom was nowhere to be seen, but you did notice that Harrison, and Zendaya were playing basketball while Laura was sitting on a chair on her phone. Although she was the one to notice you first.

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It's You (Peter Parker Imagine)

Disclaimer: this is my very first Peter Parker imagine so please be kind 😬

Request: reader is in the decathalons and has a crush on Peter. She doesn’t think he feels the same way so she says yes when someone else asks her to Homecoming. But little does she know, he actually does like her. (Includes jealous Peter!)

I look up at the clock and sigh as the minute hand reads 15 minutes. This is the fourth time that Peter has been late to our decathalons meeting. Nationals are just around the corner and he keeps doing this. My hope of him asking me to Homecoming fades away each time he pulls the same stunt.

A repetitive tapping of a pen brings me back. It stops. “Okay, we’re going to start this meeting without Peter”, Liz says, annoyed. We go over a few things to further prep us then we begin practicing.

As our responses quicken, the remaining member of our team finally shows up. “I’m so sorry I’m late”, he says out of breath.

“Peter”, our teacher calls. He pulls him over to the side, most likely to lecture him. My attention shifts from Liz to Peter. I watch his face instantly fill with guilt.

“If he did want to be a part of this team, he’d show up on time”, Flash mutters. I look away from Peter. “Guys like that will keep on disappointing.”

I try to keep myself from getting worked up by Flash’s words. I would defend Peter but Flash has a point. I let out a sigh. Homecoming with him is most likely out of the question. Heck, it isn’t even a possibility.

“It’s just the Stark internship it’s-”

“Honestly Parker, who are you kidding? Cut the lies”, Flash says angrily.

My eyes go back to Peter and his lips just shut. No words. I wish he could come up with a better excuse, or to be honest about where he is. I look down.

“Hey, Y/N. Homecoming is coming up after nationals and I’ve been thinking..would you like to go with me?” Flash asks. His tone soft now.

It’s not like Peter has a crush on me anyway. I look up and smile. “Yeah, sure.”

“Guys, we have to focus, okay?” Liz reminds me and Flash.

“Yes Liz. I apologize, I’m just really excited about Homecoming!” Flash beams.

“Alright Flash.” Liz shakes her head and continues on with the questions.

We finish and our teacher lets us know that Peter is out. He really does keep on disappointing.

“He already quit band and-” Michelle gets cut off by Peter’s death stare.

The other members make their way out. Flash comes up to me with a huge smile on his face. “Today is the best day of my life! I’m going to Homecoming with you and now I’m taking Peter’s place! Can life get any better than this?” He hugs me and I catch Peter’s expression in this very moment.

He looks heartbroken. Flash makes his way out and Peter’s eyes follow him. His brows furrowed.

“Sorry to hear that you won’t be a part of the decathalons anymore”, I say. His head snaps in my direction, anger no longer present. “It’s a shame, I liked having you on the team.”

He gives me a small smile. “Nice to know at least one person enjoyed having me around. Seems like everyone else hates my guts.” His head hangs low.

“Even Ned?”

He sighs. “Even Ned.”

“I mean, you were given a huge opportunity so it doesn’t hurt to take it on. I get it. You got to do you. I wish you all the best with it.” I grab my bag and head out.

“Y/N, wait!”


He takes a few seconds to continue. “Are you actually going to Homecoming with..Flash?” I question the expression he makes as he says Flash’s name.

“I never thought I would, but yeah.”

“Are you sure? I mean, it’s Flash we’re talking about.”

“I’m sure, it’s not like anyone else was going to ask me so…” I instantly regret letting that slip.

Silence comes forth. I look at him and it seems as though he’s choked up.

“Are you okay Peter?”

“Yeah. I just-I got to go”, he says and books it. And just like that, he’s gone.

I try to get Peter off my mind but I’m reminded just before lunch. As I make my way to my locker I see him, still with that expression he had earlier. I unlock my locker to put my books away and grab my lunch but something stops me in my tracks.

I overhear Peter talk – well more like rant to Ned. “I can’t believe Y/N is going to Homecoming with Flash! Of all people! Does he even like her? Ugh, I swear if he hurts her or treats her wrong I will-” I turn my head slightly in their direction and freeze as I see that water has now formed in Peter’s eyes.

“Just take a deep breath. Maybe she’ll change her mind. Or maybe you should’ve asked her when you had the chance, I don’t know.” Ned shrugs.

Peter lets out a long sigh. The tears still on the rims of his sad puppy eyes.

“Look, I know it sucks but just remember I’m here for you”, Ned says as he places a hand on Peter’s shoulder.

Peter closes his eyes, takes a deep breath in then releases it. “Thanks Ned. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

I turn my head back and stand at my locker in shock. Eyes wide, jaw dropped. Good thing no one can see my face right now. I take a few seconds to grasp whether or not that actually happened. Peter likes me. Peter. Likes. Me.

Redder (Negan x Female) [Part 2 to Red]


Summary: She puts the lipstick away to make her boyfriend happy, but Negan needs more Red. 

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 3,440

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, and Swearing

Author’s Note: ‘Red’ was so popular that I decided to turn this into a 3 part series. Thank you all so much for the positive feedback on part 1. Your comments and messages mean the world to me. 

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback!

Big thank you to @ashzombie13, @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash and @my-achilles–heel for being my beta readers!!!

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Idiot, Whore, Liar

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Request: None.

Summary: Scandal!AU: You work through your own issues while trying to fix someone else’s.

Warnings: Cheating, swearing, political assholes.

A/N: I love this show, so I thought it would be fun!

Tagged: @pearltheartist

Word Count: 3071

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  • Newt makes awful coffees. Awful. They’re either murky peat-water or sentient tar, there is no in between. Graves drinks them without comment because Newt made them.
  • Actually that’s not quite true, Graves drinks them with many comments, particularly when the black mess is somehow defying gravity and climbing out of the mug. Newt occasionally gets flustered and tries to take the mug back but Graves hunches over it protectively because it’s his coffee that his boyfriend made him and he downs the scalding, gravity defying concoction before Newt can take it off him and smirks triumphantly when Newt pouts.
  • When Graves starts floating from whatever the fuck Newt did to his coffee, Newt crosses his arms and tells him off for drinking it in the first place. Graves flails against the ceiling and sticks out his burnt tongue and looks pitiful until Newt sighs and levitates himself up to kiss it better.
  • Kissing it better is going very well indeed until the coffee wears off and Graves stops floating. He clings to Newt for dear life while Newt, the fucker, laughs his head off and takes his sweet time about manoeuvring them to hover over the kitchen table so Graves can get down.
  • “I am not putting my shoes on the table we eat off that thing!”
  • Don’t drop me on the floor the floor is a long way away.
  • Newt finally rolls his eyes and casts a second levitating charm on Graves. It’s one that gives him full control over where Graves is positioned rather than just floating him up to lie on the ceiling, and isn’t that an interesting prospect. He twitches his fingers to bring Graves up to hover beneath him, and again to align them flush against each other. Graves slides one hand behind Newt’s head and slides the other down his front in a way that vanishes his clothes, and this is an excellent progression of events.
  • Five minutes later, Newt is too distracted to hold either levitation spell and Graves is a loudly complaining ball of agony on the kitchen table with an elbow in his ribs, a knee in exactly the worst place for a knee to land, and definitely a broken spine, Newt, he isn’t kidding, it’s fine for some people because they had a nice squishy boyfriend to land on but other people had a bony boyfriend land on them and ow mercy lewis right in the gonads fuck
  • Cue much fussing and application of homemade and not-officially-sanctioned pain poultices made of god knows what ingredients that Newt was taught by a healer in god knows what country but they actually work so that’s ok (though god knows how)
  • The pair of them end up on the sofa, Graves lying sideways with his head on Newt’s lap and Newt stroking lazy circles on Graves’ bare back to “help the healing” while he flips through pages for the latest chapter of his book
  • Graves contributing with grammar and spelling because holy shit, Newt knows his stuff but the things that man does to a comma are illegal
  • As in actually illegal, Graves passed a law about it last week and he’s pretty sure that Tina hasn’t noticed yet to revoke it
  • The pair of them share the sofa with three occamies, curled up on Graves’ chest, a diricawl perched on Newt’s shoulder, Pickett in Graves’ hair trying to make it curl the way Newt’s does (and succeeding what the actual fuck Pickett what arcane magic are you using to do this) and Addie the nundu laid out over Newt’s feet like a large pair of deadly killer slippers.
  • Lazy evenings by the fire in a puppy pile of creatures, Graves rolling over sleepily and burying his face in Newt’s stomach, occamies mewing unhappily as they’re dislodged and burrowing beneath the blanket to resettle themselves, Newt’s soft smile as he looks around him at his family
  • Happy things
Iron Crown

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jinyoung

Rating: R

Warning: Domestic abuse

Word Count: 5,900

Summary: As the Crown Princess of Vitus, your land has always been peaceful. When your power-hungry Uncle decides to stop paying the tithe though, things take a turn for the worse. The vampires who reside in the mountains are not happy and in retaliation - they set their sights on you. 

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Is it too Cliche to Match a Lil’ Bit?

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Word Count: 1220

Summary: You’re finally old enough to attend one of  your fathers infamous parties, and you decide to bring Spidey as your date—Nat and Cap help the two of you get ready.

A/N: I thought including the party in this post would be too long—if you want another part for the party scene, let me know! I imagine it’d be rather long, but I haven’t even began to think about it yet… Just let a sister know if you’re interested, and I will write it…

After years of convincing, your father finally allowed you to go to one of his parties. Sure, it was because it was a low-key party with only his closest friends and colleagues—but it was still a party! Not only that, but Peter was going to be invited, on account of his involvement with the Avengers. You two had been seeing each other for a few months now, and your dad has been taking it surprisingly well for how over-protective he is. He insists he’s okay with it, despite the extensive list of rules the two of you need to follow—Peter’s convinced he’s only been invited because Tony wants to keep an eye on the two of you, but you know how his parties are. With any luck, your father’ll be busy entertaining his tens of guests, and you’ll be free to have fun with Peter with minimal super-vision.

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mix-tape45  asked:

“You wouldn’t be in this bad of shape if you just knew when to quit.” Marichat pls

I love a good battle-damaged Chat being patched up by his Princess, so here you go, @mix-tape45. :)

“You wouldn’t be in this bad of shape if you just knew when to quit,” Marinette grumbled, gently smoothing the gauze over Chat Noir’s chest.

“I quit when the akuma goes down,” he muttered.

“One of these days, you’re going to be the one who goes down if you aren’t more careful, kitty.” She taped the gauze in place and leaned back. “Where else are you hurt?”

“You’ve done more than enough.” Chat Noir started to ease his shoulders back into his suit, but Marinette put her hands over his, stilling his motions.

“Tell me what else hurts, Chat.”

“I think I hurt my ankle but I can’t do anything about it while I’m transformed.”

“Well, you can’t go home on a bad ankle either. I won’t have you falling off a roof on my watch,” she said stubbornly.

“Are you trying to unmask your knight, my dear Princess?” Chat Noir smirked. 

Marinette felt her cheeks warm and busied herself with cleaning up the medical supplies to hide her red face. “I just…does Ladybug know you don’t heal after attacks anymore?”

Chat Noir’s face shut down. “She doesn’t need to know.”

“Of course she does!”

“I have to protect her, and I have to beat the akuma. If she knew…it’s better this way. Trust me.”

Marinette bit her lip, holding the first aid kit loosely in her hands. “It’s not better this way though, Chaton.”

He blinked up at her. “What…did you call me?”

“You’re as stubborn as you are cute,” she sighed, shaking her head. “You may as well drop your transformation, kitty. I’m not letting you leave until I get a look at that ankle, and then we’re going to find out from our kwamis why the cure isn’t working on you anymore.”

“My Lady?” he whispered.

“Come on, don’t be dramatic. You’re making me embarrassed now,” she flushed, looking away. “Just…we should’ve done this a long time ago anyway. I’ve been thinking about it and…you’re hurt and you’ve been lying to me–”

“Not lying,” he interrupted.

“Fine, withholding then,” she conceded. “Do you trust me?”

“Claws in,” he said immediately.

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Better Brother

Jealous!Ivar x Reader where Bjorn also wants her

A/N: I’m back and a little rusty :)  Should I also do drabbles? 

Requests? Or anything rlly, just pop by 

Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms

You were sitting on the prairie, quietly humming as you admired the clouds above. It was a rare quiet morning and you had decided that you should escape from the boisterous village. 

 "Y/N!“ Your peaceful state of mind was cut short by the loud cry of a Viking galloping over. The young prince’s face was adorned by a bright smile, his chest heaving proudly. You rolled your eyes good naturally as an excited Bjorn slid off his horse and barreled towards where you. 

 ” WE WON!!“ He picked you up easily, tossing you into the air just to catch you again. You couldn’t help but laugh at his excitement and happiness even if his grip on your waist a little too tight and would probably bruise later on during the night. 

 ” I am very proud of you, Stonehead.“ You laughed as you used one of the nicknames you had adopted when you were younger. The young prince had angered you, pestering you as you dragged Ivars cart behind you. This lead to you picking up a small stone and throwing it at his head - which honestly had no effect on him. A loud clearing of a throat broke the two of you apart as Bjorn’s arms started to linger a little too long on your waist. 

 ” It is good to see you too, brother.“ Bjorn’s eyes traveled to the figure that was somewhat hidden in the tall grass of the prairie. ” Ivar. “ He gave a curt nod, his cheeks suddenly turning a light pink, receiving a growl from the man laying down. You gulped, feeling the tension between the two brothers intensify. Would it be better to step in or would you be smarter to stay out of it ? Your lover’s lips were molded into a small snarl as he looked upon the other Viking. 

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ink-stained arguments // reggie mantle soulmate au pt3

Ink-Stained Arguments (Part three to Ink-Stained Skin)

Ink-Stained Masterlist

words: 1.4k

Summary: Who said soulmates were an easy thing to figure out?


(A/N: sorry this took like 6524290 years, thx for waiting!)

He often wondered how it worked. Questioning why the words they wrote appeared on the other’s skin but the makeup she wore never appeared on his face, the lipstick didn’t paint his lips a shade of plum and his eyelids didn’t turn pink. Yet, he was able to feel the heat grow on her face when she got embarrassed. As he sat, watching her apply her makeup, he waited to feel the force of the beauty blender-as she had told him on multiple occasions-against his face but yet felt nothing. Despite being a self-claimed cocky person, he couldn’t help but doubt where he stood in (Y/N)’s life. Whether he was linked to her for platonic purposes or for romantic purposes.

Ever since he was a child, he would always use the eye colour international percentage as a percentage for the soulmate bonds. He knew his link with his soulmate was rare with less than two percent, much like those with green eyes, of the world having the bond, making it rarer to come across your soulmate. Riverdale, on the other hand, had roughly twelve set of emotionally and physically bonded soulmates. Thirteen if he counted himself and (Y/N).

He found it odd. (Y/N) was the one who was so hesitant about the idea of the two of them, but somehow the tables had turned. He found himself doubting whether she truly wanted to be with him. He found himself doubting nearly everything.

“So how’s Mantle?” Kevin nudged her, as (Y/N) sat gazing straight ahead, eyes focused on her dog, content as he rolled around on the freshly mowed grass

When (Y/N) didn’t answer, Kevin took it upon himself to assume something was not right. “He’s fine, thanks for asking about me.” a voice broke from behind them. “Are you ready to go (L/N)?”

“I, uh, look, Reg, something came up, Archie needs me for s-something.” she stuttered, pushing herself up before shouting for her dog to follow her.

“Did I do something? She told me to meet her here.”

“Don’t take it personally, she’s barely uttered a word to me since yesterday. Archie might know something.”

She let he head rest on Archie’s lap as he ran his fingers through her hair, a smile painted on his face as she frowned at the thoughts that ran through her mind. “I told him I wanted to take it slow but he’s starting to act, I don’t know, hesitant?”

“Unlike you, I can’t feel what my soulmate feels and we can’t communicate in the cool way you can, so I’m really no help, but maybe ask him about it.”

She snapped up from her previous position and squinted at her best friend, challenging him to continue with what he was saying. Almost as it was instinct, his hands shot up, surrendering instantly. “Stupid idea, I know.” he grinned “Maybe, he’s acting like that because you’re treating him like he’s me.”

“I-I just want to take it slow, he may taunt Juggy and act like a dick but ” she let out a frustrated groan before lying back down, once again, using Archie as a pillow “I don’t know, Arch. I give up. This is why I didn’t want him to know until after graduation.”

“Don’t get mouthy because you’re a klutz.” Archie scoffed “I love you but you’re so stubborn. Anyways, Reg has written to you, stop panicking.”

She frowned looking at the words on her arm:

‘Need to talk, outside ur house-Reg x’

She frowned, pushing herself up and pulling Archie up with her “You are taking me home to speak to him and then we are going out for pizza after.”

He couldn’t help but feel nervous all of sudden, like his chest had tightened but for some reason he couldn’t find a reason for the feeling. It felt random as if it was second hand; he hadn’t figured it out yet. That the dread he felt on the inside was her emotions coming through to him.

She felt her heartbeat quicken the moment he came into her line of sight. He pushed himself up and gave her a grin, despite her being metres away from him. “I was starting to think you were just going to leave me out here.”


The words rang through his head, much like the school bells signalling the end of a period. A word that once used to impact him negatively, now full of positive connotations, the day she wrote finally wrote back to him after years of him attempting reflected through her words.

“I came here prepared with all the things I wanted to say. I wanted to say, that it didn’t feel right and that maybe you were correct when you said that we were just platonic soulmates but fuck that because every time I see you, my heart does this thing were it just skips a beat and I don’t know, this is unbelievably cheesy and I’m Reggie Mantle, I’m not known for cheesy. You, (Y/N), you leave me speechless without even trying. I guess what I’m trying to say is that give us a chance.”

(Y/N) sighed before looking up to meet Reggie’s eyes. “I want to so badly but when you feel like that. Your hesitation is stronger than your so called liking for me, I can feel it even when we’re miles apart. We should take it slow, Reginald, because whether we like it or not, we’re bound for life. You’re my other half.”

“So, why are you pushing me away?” His hands ran through his hair, tugging on his roots slightly to show her his frustration. “I can feel this pull towards you but you seem to repel me like I disgust you.”

“I’m not trying to argue with you, Reginald.” she sighed “I don’t repel you because I want to, you’re the one pushing yourself away. I can feel it, Reg. I’ll speak to you later.”

He opened his mouth to argue, he wanted to tell her to stay and explain what she meant but instead he found no words nor sound came out and instead he stayed silent.

Her gaze stayed forward, focusing on her finishing line, Archie stood by the car door, ready to engulf her into a hug. His face dropping as he saw the anger emit from his best friend. The anger he saw was none like he had ever seen before-a mixture of volatile and overwhelmed anger-that he himself could not pinpoint it.

“She walked away, Moose, what else was I supposed to do?” he sighed, following it with a groan that only made his friends roll their eyes.

“Tell her to stop acting like a toddler.” Chuck grinned “Or even better, if she won’t, tell her to take it to the bedroom.”

Moose and Reggie looked at each other, smirking as the pair simultaneously smacked Chuck around the back of the head “Don’t be such a kinky shit.”

“Dude, shut the fuck up, my girl, who, by the way, has only just gotten comfortable with me, is pushing me away.”

“Alls I can say is write to her man. If she doesn’t want to speak to you, write on yourself. What’s the worse she can do?” Moose broke the silence, causing a groan from his thick-headed friend.

“She could easily wash the ink off. Anyways, I don’t want to start an ink-stained argument.

“I mean it would be entertaining to watch, let’s do it!” Chuck exclaimed “I’m telling you that if you tell her she’s acting like a child, it’ll start all sorts of arguments and even spice up the bedroom activity.”

Moose, once again, slapped the back of his friend’s head, calling him idiotic for the idea and inputting that if he was Chuck’s soulmate, he would move to a remote island and cut all ties with him. “He literally only found out they were soulmates a month ago. Cut the bedroom talk, Clayton, we’re all not as sex crazed as you.”

Reggie sat, zoned out, not really listening to the words his closest friends spoke but instead focusing on his thoughts and finding a way to sort out whatever was going on between him and (Y/N).

Both, Archie and Veronica, sat with their mouths open, gawking at their friend in front of them; Betty and Kevin shook and groaned in disapproval of her words. Already knowing that it was a stupid idea. “No way, you can’t do that, you’ll only push him away further.”

“Listen up Andrews. He’s my soulmate, no matter what I do or what he does, if we’re pushed away, we will always find a pull to each other.”

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Imagine being a Holmes sibling and working at the BAU.


Fandom: Criminal Minds, BBC Sherlock

Gifs aren’t mine.

“Oh God.” I sigh out as I turn away from the two people who had just entered the room.

Spencer looks at me as he raises a brow at my behavior, “What is it (y/n)?”

In reply I just point behind him. Reid turns around to see two figures as his eyes widen. He turns quickly back to me, “Is that Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes?”

I nodded as I also grumble, “Also my two older brothers.”

“Oh well, hello, dearest little sister.” Mycroft smirks as he makes his way towards my desk with Sherlock following behind him.

“What the hell are you two doing here?” I hiss as I glare at the two.

“Are we not allowed to visit you?” Sherlock asks raising an eyebrow as he goes up behind me and takes the files from my hands and starts to flip through them. I curse under my breath as I glare at the two.

I was about to strangle Mycroft only for Hotchner to tap my oldest brother on the shoulder and introduces himself, “Hello Mr. Holmes I’m Aaron Hotchner. I am the Unit Chief of the BAU.” 

“Nice to meet you Aaron Hotchner, as you probably already know I’m Mycroft Holmes and this is my brother,” he gestures towards Sherlock who is still flipping through the files he had taken from me, “Sherlock Holmes; and we are both (y/n)’s older brothers.”

“Well, nice to meet you and hope you enjoy your stay at the BAU.” After the two introduced each other they both shook hands. “Oh, would you like to meet the rest of the team?” Hitch asked as I made an X sign with my arms and shaking my head, but Hotch just ignored it and called over the rest of the team.

“So (y/n) is this the reason you didn’t want to talk about your family?” Derek teased as I glared at him and slid down into my seat in the hopes of vanishing.

After everyone had introduced themselves they all started to ask questions, well mostly Reid. Sherlock seemed annoyed by all the questions Reid was asking while Mycroft just smiled as he tried to answer a few questions himself.

Sherlock had quickly gotten bored of Spencer’s bombardment of questions and he turned towards me, “(y/n) why didn’t you ever want to work with me?”

“Oh God not this again. I’d rather eat glass than talk about this.” You said as you crossed your arms and placed them on the table with your head following soon afterwards.

“I mean why even move here to America of all places and also why to the BAU, it just seems to boring here.”

“Oh. My. God. Shut up Sherlock.” 

Sadly Sherlock didn’t listen to me and started to list off about how working with him would be way better and such I just sighed as I looked towards the rest of the team only to see JJ giggling and Emily trying to hold in her after while Derek just smirked in amusement at the situation before him while Rossi and Hotch also looked at the three of us in amusement.

“This is why I hate my family.” I grumbled as I placed my head in my hands again.

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Stood up

prompt: Person A gets stood up and is about to leave Person B shows up and sits down at their table pretending that they are the person who stood them up. 

warnings: language(?)

You sighed as you brushed another stray hair behind your ear. Yeah, getting set up by your friends for this date wasn’t really going so well. You fidgeted under the other people dining’s gazes as you looked down at your phone. Take the embarrassment by standing up and leaving or continue to sit here until your date arrived? You thought It over and just as you reached down to grab your purse you saw someone sit down in the seat across from you. You looked up to be met with an unfamiliar man. He was extremely handsome, he had striking blue eyes, and messy blonde hair. He smiled,
“Sorry I’m so late babe. The traffic was terrible.”

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❝ I never asked to be who I am. ❞

Plot: You’re in love with Jaebum but he’s a DemiGod and you’re scared his father could get mad with him becuase he loves a human. 
Scenario inspired by this moodboard: “You don’t even know me”

Pairing: JaebumxReader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Fantasy!Au 

For our -B. I hope you like it cutie; M. ♥

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

“Leave me alone”.

“What is your problem?” He asked with a doubtful expression; “Is there something you’re not telling me?”  

“Jeabum I’m just stressed.” You murmured, your voice were tired and you were avoiding his gaze.  

You felt his gaze upon yourself, was aware that he was following each move of your and it was only a matter of time before he found out what was the real reason of your bad temper.  

You threw yourself on the bed, hiding your face under the pillow and trying not to think about what you had read in those days, completely covertly to Jaebum.  

You wanted to learn more about that world and did not liked what you had discovered.  

“Y/N.. What’s going on? ”  

You felt his hot hand on your belly while his fingers began, idly, stroking your pale skin. That simple contacted provoked you a twinge of pleasure, which sprang through your body leaving you a feeling of peace and tranquility.  

“What’s the matter?” He asked again, leaning his soft lips against your ear.  

He was playing dirty and you now had learned to know him. So as you realized you could not stand up to him in those moments.  

“Nothing Jaebum, the study is stressing me out. That’s it. ” Broken voice and this time not by concern.  

Jaebum’s hand continued its exploration on your skin and a little moan of pleasure left your lips that you began to bite in trying to remain silent.  

His fingers began to caress the fabric of your bra under your t-shirt, so you opened your eyes only to lower your face and watch him carefully. His smile was hypnotic on his face and you wondering when you’d finally found the strength to get used to that beauty.  


“Jaebum… you’re playing dirty. ”  

“I like to do it.” He hummed, raising himself quickly and putting himself on you. He kept shifting on the handheld, as if it was like no effort in doing so, while his leg tucked into yours and widened them, leaving the space to get comfortable. His body was completely adherent to yours and the heat that you felt from his skin being bestowed on you, making you tremble visibly.  


“Tell me, baby.” His low voice struck your skin near your ear; “You know you can talk about everything.” He added, touching your lobe with the tip of his tongue.  

“Please.. I don’t want to talk about it. ”  

A groan of disapproval left his mouth, while with his teeth started to nibble your lobe and a few moments later came down on your neck. The part he loved to torture the most; since you two had started that strange but intense relationship.  

His tongue caressed the points where the teeth were slightly sunk into your flesh, while your body started to react with no more control.  


“I’m just worried about you.”  

“It’s okay, I swear.” That was a lie, but you didn’t want to worry him too; “But this won’t help me. I should study.. ”  

“Mmh.. study can wait. ”  

And it would wait.  


“Your screams have been up in my room, Y/N”.  

Your best friend had no problem getting noticed certain things, and at that time your wish was to disappear. Your face was completely bordeaux with shame, so you sank your head behind the book, trying somehow to avoid her questioning.  

“Y/N.. How many times did you do sex tonight? ”  

“I haven’t counted…”  

“BUT THAT GUY IS INSATIABLE!” She yelled upset, making turn three students and in unison, they told her to keep quiet.  

You, on the other hand, were even more embarrassed and would have killed her.  

More than insatiable, Jaebum had a different strength and it was all due to his nature as a Demigod. You know how he kept his strength with you because he is always scared to hurt you and it was one of the many things that you liked.  

“Could you concentrate on studying?” You mumbled, lifting slightly your eyes; “You know in a library it’s a habit to study ”  

“Sorry sorry… It’s that… Jeez… I envy you a lot. ”  

“Believe me. Right now I don’t envy me for anything. ”  

Your best friend’s gaze moved towards the direction in which yours was fixed.  

There was a man in his fifties, incredibly fascinating, looking right towards you.  

And you always hoped to avoid that day but no one had heard your prayers and had put you in front of one of the biggest problem in your life.  

“Do you know him?”  

You nodded, closing the book and murmuring to her not to wait but to run straight at home. You did not know what was going to happen and did not want to expose the true nature of Jaebum arguing with his father in front of your best friend.  


His look was severe, almost gruff, while you sat on a bench sheltered by a large willow tree that completely hides the view from the outside.  

You were looking at him, sitting on the side of the bench well away from him. He aroused fear and you think it is normal. He is Zeus not a man as others.  

Yet you could not believe you were face to face with the father of all Gods because until a few months earlier you even believed in the existence of those Gods.  

“What do you want from me?”  

“I knew from my drifter and disrespectful son that he has a girlfriend. You. ”  

You gulped, looking into his eyes, hoping that the conversation did not turn … In your death, for example.  

The voices of some girls, cheerful and carefree, came from behind the tree and made you jump so much that his big hand was instantly on your wrist, preventing you from falling from the bench. Immediately you freed your wrist from his grip, and thank him with a slight nod of your head.  

You did not like being touched, especially not from a stranger that might kill you at any moment.  

“You want to punish him for this? For being in love with a human? ” You asked with a small voice; “Don’t hurt him. He doesn’t deserve that, he’s a good guy. ”  

“Good guy. He is a Demigod and doesn’t behave as such. ” The contempt in his voice was a lot and you feel a pinch of nuisance, perfectly hidden behind your neutral expression.  

“You don’t even know him. You’re always on that mountain, watching us from above, without the slightest regard for his life. You know nothing about him, so why should he simply please you? He’s raised as a human, not as a God. ”  

“But it’s what he is.”  

“Only for a half part. ” You corrected him, emphasizing those two words with vehemence.  

Your meeting was not going well and you could see perfectly, even just by looking at his eyes.  

“He can’t be with you.”  


“Why? Like you said, you are a simple human. ” He struck with a hint of sarcasm, making you feel useless and inadequate.“ He will have to follow in the footsteps that I dra–”  

“Drawn to him. Still, father, I don’t have any intention to follow your path. ”  

You’ve never enjoyed the sudden appearances of Jaebum, always ready to scare you, but at that moment he seemed almost a gift of fate. Immediately you approached him, by apologizing with your eyes while he caressed your left cheek with his thumb.  

“I’m sorry ..”  

“You don’t have anything to be sorry for. Stay behind me, I got him. ” He reassured you with one of his beautiful smiles;“ You don’t have to be afraid. ”  

Right away you hid behind him, laying your hands on his hips and moving slightly your head to the side. You were still curious to see what would happen even if you were extremely scared for Jaebum. You do not want something happens to him, not because of you.  



“I would be happy if the next time you come on Earth, you let go of my girl.” He started saying with calm, emotionless tone. “Because bother me that someone bothering her while I cannot be with her.”  

“You know that this relationship shouldn’t exist.”  

“I never asked to be who I am.”  

“Jaebum… Don’t make him angry, please.. ” You murmured into his ear, clutching the shirt to keep him in any way. “He is a God.”  

“Don’t worry, baby.”  

Zeus’ gaze rested on you two again, starting to weigh what they could see.  

You lifted your gaze, meeting his stern eyes, and feeling an icy chill of fear throughout your spine. You hid even more behind Jaebum’s body, who seemed to sense your fear and for this he moved most fast, covering you totally.  

“Don’t touch her. ”  

“I won’t.” Zeus said after a few minutes of silence; “Maybe, thinking about it and seeing how you protect her, this relationship could bring its pluses.”  

“Then… so won’t you do anything to Jeabum??” You asked in a surge of courage, in the hope of a positive answer.  

The man shook his head, smiling slightly but continued to be incredibly intimidating. Jaebum, you could feel under the touch of your hands, remained tense and watched his father defiantly.  

“Jaebum”. You were worried, your voice the clear symbol of your nervousness.  

“Promise me you won’t interfere.” Jaebum said with calm, looking his father into the eyes.  

“I’ll not touch her. But you should remember who you are. ”  

“Don’t worry, you’re always here to let me remember. ” The sarcasm was obvious in those few words and you felt, even more, fear looking his father.  

Jaebum turned to you, looking at you with sweetness. “Stop instigating him.” You mimed with your soft lips but his answer was an amused wink, returning to watch his father much calmer.  

“Promise me.”  

“You don’t trust my words?”  

“On balance, father, you don’t know me like I don’t know you. So yes, I don’t trust your words.”  

“None of us are going to hurt her.”  

“You better, father.”  

The man greeted you with a nod and then in a sudden flash of lightning disappeared completely, leaving you breathless.  

So it was that way that gods disappeared? You did not know, but without asking leaned your head against Jaebum’s shoulder, sighing with relief.  

“Did he hurt you?”  

“No Jae.”  

“That’s what you were worried about? You were afraid he could hurt me if he knew about us? ”  

Your silence was a befitting answer for him, so he turned and squeezed you into his arms. They were welcoming, so you fixed your body in that embrace. There was calm at that moment, while he continued to caress your hair leaving it to slip through his fingers.  

“You have to tell me everything, all right?” He ordered, having a sweet tone. “You don’t have to hide anything, especially what’s bothering you.”  

“Mmh …”  

“Don’t be like that with me, Y/N I love you and I just want to make you happy, Gods and Demi-God excluded. I don’t care about them. ”  

“I don’t want you to get hurt because I’m a simple human..”  

“But you’re the only one who can destroy me, Y/n. No Gods can hurt me as much as you can do. ”

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 4

“Tell me, my Blue Prince, about your favorite Earth cuisines.”

I smack my lips and rest my hands behind my head. “Well, that’s a hard question because I love eating. Pizza, for starters, ice cream, definitely and mama Mcclain’s garlic knots.“ God, I miss home so much. If I somehow am allowed an out to defending the universe, whether I’m replaced or I’m no longer needed, I doubt I could go back to the Garrison. I’d just want to go back to my family. The effort of testing into such a prestigious academy loses its appeal when you’re actually faced with the possibility of never seeing your family again. It’s just… awful.

Lotor, upon my request, has pulled his hair into pigtails and at first I couldn’t stop laughing (my stomach cramped up and I slipped off my chair), but now that we’re talking, I think it looks kind of cute. With such a nice structured face, it’s hard to look ridiculous even with a little girls hairstyle. His eyes strongly remind me of Keith’s, but more slanted and narrow. His cheekbones could probably cut glass and you bet your ass I’ll demand we use his jawline to cut our wedding cake.

It feels so much lighter when I’m talking to him versus me talking to the people on the ship. I have so many things to hide when I’m talking to them, but with Lotor, there doesn’t have to be any secrets, except for my endeavors with Keith, which we haven’t done since we had that awkward talk. I can tell him of my family for hours and he’ll never grow bored of me talking and it feels so good to be lathered with attention and affection, even if we don’t even know each other in real life. Lotor… he says his new quest to make peace could use someone like me. He says I should come with him, and holy shit do I so desperately want to. I’m going to be replaced anyway, so what better way to waste my time than with a Prince who adores me, helping him restore the universe?

“Ice… cream?” He tilts his head cutely, curiously and my heart gives a pitiful series of fast beats. “Is it cold, like ice?”

“Yeah. It’s pretty cold, but not too cold to eat. It comes in a bunch of different flavors and if you eat it too fast, your brain freezes.” Lotor’s expression morphs to that of horror and I quickly back petal. “No, no, not like, actually freeze, it just gives you a headache for a minute and humans call it a brain freeze.”

“Fascinating!” He looks completely awestruck. It’s so sweet. “Rest assured, replications of your ice cream will be made, as well as with your other earth cuisines, and you will be fed well when you are mine, my Blue Prince!”

He’s always telling me how much he’ll spoil me once he makes me his, which he’s systematically doing. I’ve never been more pliant with another. And Blue claims I’ve never been more emotional dependent on anyone as well. He’s making it all sound like a paradise. Maybe he’s making me his loyal victim, but when I feel this light, I really don’t care if he’s feeding me lies built off of bad intentions. “I can’t wait. Hunk… he’s tried to turn the ship’s mediocre ingredients into something edible, but lately I’ve just been getting tasteless food goo. It sucks.”

“My love, once you are in my grasps, you will never feast on tasteless goo again! Only the best for my beloved Blue Prince. The best clothes, the finest place to rest right beside me, the best treatment from my guards and servants. Anyone who offers you less shall be imprisoned, my love!”

That’s awful, that’s malicious and cruel to imprison someone for offering me something that isn’t up to my standards. But, my head is so sick, the thought is pulling my mouth into a wide smile and I laugh and clap my hands excitedly. Why does that make me happy? Maybe it’s just his dedication, or his sparkling eyes, or the way he speaks so fondly about me, praising me so confidently, worshipping me. It feels so good to be WORSHIPPED. I can’t help it. I’ve spent most of my life feeling second best, seventh wheel, not good enough, useless, but he’s offering me everything I’ve ever wanted and I’m happy hearing it all, being listened to, being treated right. He wants me. And that’s what I’ve always wanted.

“I can’t wait to be by your side, Princey!” Maybe he’s not the only one who is delirious. Maybe it’s me too because I’m living in the same illusion he is and I’m fucking loving it. “I can’t wait to be owned by you, to be happy like this all the time, to not cry so much. To live in that,” Prison, Blue tells me, It will be a prison, no matter how much he convinces you it is your choice to leave or not, it will be a prison, don’t succumb, please, my Paladin, “in that paradise, Lotor.”

“A paradise, just for you and I.” He claims so lovingly, looking even more consumed by the thought of eternal happiness with each other than I am. “A paradise, where no one will make you feel alone, worthless, or unwanted again.”

My helmet speaks up. “Paladins! Please, report to the control room, as there is dickery afoot!” I can vaguely hear someone chuckling in the background and have to assume Matt and Pidge are teaching Coran god awful, but hilarious, terms like ‘dickery’.

All at once, the color along with the joy, drains from me. I’ve been feeling worse and worse nowadays. Talking to him is the only release I find in life. Seeing his smiling, sharp mouth forming kind words. I’m tired of cold lips undermining me so innocently. The facade is harder than ever to keep up, of stability. “I… gotta go, Princey. But, I’m really down for just blowing this popsicle stand. I’m really, really done being an extra. A stand in.”

He looks confused. I should probably start teaching him some Earth terms too, as much as I love his impeccable English, it’d be nice to work some slang and metaphors into his vernacular. “I’m going to take an escape pod and leave.” He lights up at once and says his fair wells before the connection times out.

I pull on my jacket and take my sweet time getting to the control room. As much as I love going on missions, I feel like no one even wants me on them. None of our missions have gone as smoothly as the one I wasn’t on, according to Shiro, not that he knows I heard him say that to Allura. Why wouldn’t they want to replace me? If everything’s so much better when I’m oblivious and sad at the castle. What should they care if I’m living happily ever after, not piloting Blue? Though, I have to admit, I’m going to miss her and I feel bad. She keeps saying that I’m her pilot, that I cannot abandon being a Paladin, but I’m done. I can’t keep living with people who I’m pretty sure hate my guts. Even she can sense that I’m so much happier when I’m with Prince Lotor.

She doesn’t deserve feeling my sadness all the time and worrying over a cargo pilot that doesn’t deserve her. In a way, she’ll be better off too, even if she doesn’t realize that yet. Everyone else is already in the control room when I arrive and I struggle to crack a smile.

“Lance, what the hell? Do you have weights attached to your ankles or are your clown feet just getting harder to pick up?” Keith bites as soon as I plop down at my station.

“I don’t know Keith, you look like you just sat down. Your fat head getting harder to keep up? Or are the planets orbiting around it making it harder to see?” I shoot back through a sigh, forcing myself to grin cockily. He’s probably just pent up because we haven’t been fucking. I’ll admit, I’m a little frustrated too.

Shiro lets out a groan. “Are you guys serious? As soon as you’re in the same room, you have to argue. Keith, chill out. Lance, you only make it worse when you respond. We talked about this.”

I don’t know why, but I feel like talking back and I’m an impulsive guy with little self control. I’ll be out of here soon anyway, so what’s the point in holding back. “Okay, next time I’ll just let Keith treat me like a bitch because he’s your favorite. Got it.”

Hunk chokes and Pidge lets out a bark of laughter. Matt shoves them in the back of the head with reprimand. Why is he even here? Slav doesn’t get to join when we discuss missions. They’re probably preparing him for the position of the Blue Paladin. Whatever. He can fucking have it.

“I don’t have favorites, Lance.” Shiro responds, sitting up straighter and catching my gaze. I don’t look away. He doesn’t even see his own bias? This is too much. “I’m simply pointing out that you were both at fault. Do you have a problem with how I lead this team?”

I chuckle bitterly and shake my head slowly, wiping my palms on my pants. “No, you’re a fine leader, except you have to treat Keith like the princess he is. If I didn’t know any better, I’d be thoroughly convinced you two were fucking. And we both know that if Keith wants a fight, he pushes and pushes and pushes until he gets one, so there isn’t such thing as ‘don’t respond’. If I don’t respond to him being a dick, you know what’ll happen, Mr. Great Leader? I have to shut up while he acts superior.”

“Lance, I don’t - ”

I have no clue what’s coming over me, maybe my ego’s been overfed and the confidence from being wanted is all consuming, but I cut off whatever he was about to say. “Keith, sorry if your head is so fucking huge that your ears are too small for it, but no one was talking to you, especially not me. Though, the conversation will shift to you eventually, Daddy will always cater to his princess before he listens to anyone else, after all.”

They’re both bright red, maybe will embarrassment, but probably with anger and I’m proud, too proud, this isn’t me, but I’m not sad somehow. Hunk looks like he might pass out and Keith, oh fucking Keith, looks like he’s about to open his big mouth, but Allura interrupts just in time.

“Paladins, keep your personal matters to yourselves. There is a mission to attend to. This… disgusting amount of insubordination and disrespect will be dealt with after the mission. For now, clear your minds of it and focus on the task at hand.”

Shiro and Keith both numbly nod, though the latter sends me a glare that might’ve made me cry if it didn’t suddenly feel so good being so horrible. I can’t help but stretch my lips into a wide, curling grin as the mission proceeds. I feel lighter, having screwed into their heads like that. I’ll be gone soon anyway, so what else can I say?

Though, it occurs to me now that I just might get my skinny neck wrung once the mission has ended. I call it the Lotor effect. Knowing he is out there, wanting me, is making me fearless. The aching sadness is draining. Instead I feel…

Absolutely fucking evil.

Chapter 5:

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29 touken

29. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

In which Kaneki unleashes his inner Sasaki Haise.


The sternness in his voice made her jump a little and she shuts her manga to look up at him. Kaneki watches her from the doorway to her room, before clearing his throat.

“This is my new shirt,” he says. Touka raises her eyebrow at this. His shirt might be new or it might be old but it’s impossible for her to tell the difference because almost everything he’s been wearing lately looks the same— long-sleeved black t-shirts that look like they came out of her brother’s closet. Kaneki walks over to her and holds his arm out.

“What?” she asks, completely confused.

“Feel my shirt,” he says. Touka frowns but she does so anyway, reaching over to run her finger along the stretch of fabric. It feels like any typical t-shirt does. She looks up again at Kaneki with a raised eyebrow, who takes a deep breath. “Know what it’s made of? Boy— Husband material.”

“… It’s cotton…” she says flatly, completely unimpressed. “Is almost every other t-shirt made of husband material now?”

Kaneki stares at her for a moment before he shakes his head. “Okay, wait! I have another one!”

“No… it’s okay, I—”

“Touka-chan!” he cries out, jumping forward and grabbing her shoulders. “Listen, life without you is like a broken pencil… Pointless.

He punctuates the statement with dramatic flair, yet Touka shudders and shoves him away. “Kaneki, what the fuck?”

Kaneki shakes his head again. “No, listen… Listen, Touka-chan! There is… There is something wrong with my eyes!”

Another joke? Touka narrows her eyes at him as he takes on a completely stoic face. She did remember Nishiki mentioning something about Kaneki’s eyes though so maybe his jokes are over and he’s being serious. He sure does look serious.

“Did you manage to figure out what’s wrong with—”

I can’t take them off you— Ouff!” His words are cut off as a pillow comes flying right into his face, making him stumble back a little. He takes the pillow and peeks out from behind it, timidly looking at his now-fuming wife.

“Listen you shitty Kaneki, if you piss me off one more time—”

“Touka-chan, are you hungry?”

Another one?

“No,” she spits, crossing her arms as she glares at him.

“O-oh…” he says a little dejectedly, dropping the pillow and bringing his hand to the back of his neck. “I thought you’d like to know what’s on the menu…”

“For real?” Touka mutters. “What is it? Go ahead, enlighten me.”

Kaneki makes a face and shrugs a little, before smiling slightly at her. “You know… Me-N-U.”


Touka stares at him and he stares back, the awkward silence hanging so heavily between them that Touka can imagine crickets chirping in the distance for dramatic effect. After a while, Kaneki sighs.

“No good?”

“It was terrible.”

“I happened to pick up a book of pick-up lines…” he said frankly.

“Why would you try pick up lines on your own wife?”

Kaneki shrugs. “Who else will I try them on? Tsukiyama-san?”

Yeaaahhhh… Touka doubts that is a good idea either so she simply shakes her head at him and goes back to her manga.

“Don’t say those stupid kinds of things over here. The baby might get infected by your dumbness,” she murmurs.

“Touka-chan, you’re so mean…” Kaneki sighs, though he still chuckles a little at her words.

“But you still love me anyway.”

Kaneki coughs at her words and Touka smiles a little, looking up at him again. They exchange smiles and share a moment of eye contact, before Kaneki turns and starts walking towards the door.

“I’ve a meeting with Tsukiyama-san and Nishio-senpai. I better go now or I might get lost in this maze,” he sighs.

“Mm… See you,” Touka says, returning to her manga again and musing over Kaneki’s words.

Hm? Maze? Directions.

“Oh, Kaneki!” Touka calls out, getting to her feet. Kaneki turns around and looks at her, tilting his head a little in curiosity. “Please be alert. It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pick-up line.”

SILVER SPOON: Part 1 [Yoongi x Reader; Rom-com, fluff]

A girl who had to work hard every day of her life to rise from nothing, meets a man who was born with and given everything.

A classic tale of what happens when a cold, uptight farm girl meets a playful, rebellious, easy-going city boy that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Summary: Having been born and raised in the country side, you have worked hard your entire life to make it to the big city. You eventually achieved your dream and now you have a wonderful paying job for a large company and you continue putting your 110% into everything you do. However, your perfect plan to climb to success through consistent effort and hard work becomes disarrayed with the arrival of your branch’s new rebellious and easy-going CEO, who never desired the position in the first place and has never truly worked hard a day in his life. Your job is on the line if he can’t be turned into a quality CEO within a year, but he has no intention of changing himself for anyone or letting you boss him around so easily. How will you work your way through this obstacle? Will you succeed in changing him or will he be the one that changes you?

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin & VIXX’s Leo as side characters; some other BTS members show up too in a later part)
Office au
Romantic Comedy, Fluff

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 (Finale)

A/N: Hi everyone ~ sorry for the week of no story updates :) I’ve been pretty busy (good busy) – I was offered a full time job last week! WOO! So I was scrambling to get all my documents together and stuff and I didn’t have much time to sit down and write x) but anyways, as promised, here’s a light-hearted series that I had been planning to write since a while ago. :3 Enjoy!

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          You had always been working to achieve what seemed like a far-fetched dream.

           You were born and raised in the country side of Daegu with your four siblings and several cousins, surrounded by farms and pastures. But your mind was constantly fascinated with the promising change of life that came with being in the city. The fast-paced bustling of people, how lively everything was, how there were so many buildings and stores, and how everybody had a purpose moving forward. While some people walked just to stroll, the majority of people in the city were off to work or off to pick up something before work. Everybody was going somewhere. Everybody was on their way to be someone.

           And you too wanted to be someone.

           You didn’t like the slow-paced, care-free, yet physically labor-intensive lifestyle of the countryside, and you surely had no intention of staying and taking it over. You wanted to be more than a farmer. You wanted more out of your life, and tending to animals and the fields wasn’t going to cut it for you. But unfortunately, having a large family such as yours meant strained funds. So you worked plenty of jobs to support yourself through a decent university and eventually, you took the leap and began interviewing for companies in the city.

           You were turned down countless of times without ever being interviewed and even when you made it through to an interview, they rejected you without asking you any questions. They took one look at your lack of connections, where you had grown up, where you had gone to school, and immediately dismissed you as unfit. But you weren’t going to give up; you just needed one person to give you a chance, one person to see you past the first few words of your resume.

           And one day, one such person saw your value – Chairman Min.

           You couldn’t believe your ears when he told you himself that you were hired. From the look of the other board members at the interview, they were just as astounded by his decision. As if reading yours and everyone else’s thoughts at the time, he chuckled and explained.

           "I like the fire in your eyes, and how you’ve worked your way here. That shows me you’re determined, used to hard work, and you’ve got guts to go against the grain.“ the Chairman grinned. "It’s rare to see that in people nowadays. People always constrict themselves into believing that there’s just one path to take and one route to get there, so I like how you stepped out of that mold. I’d love to have someone like you work for my company. I’m sure you’ll be a valuable asset.”

           You stood up frantically and bowed deeply. “Thank you so much Chairman. I won’t let you down! Truly!”

           He chuckled. “I believe you, Ms. Y/N. Now go show us what you’re made of.”

           And you surely did.

           You became the heart and soul of the company’s Daegu branch. Although your education only allowed you to be a secretary, you took it upon yourself to learn other skills to help out your co-workers or to fill in for someone as necessary. You were as much a fellow office worker as you were a secretary. People looked to you reliably and everyone, including the Chairman himself, knew you were the backbone of the office.

           "Good morning, Y/N.“

           You grinned, recognizing the familiarly sweet greeting of Department Head Park.

           "Good morning Mr. Park.” You grinned.

           "I told you to stop calling me Mr. Park. Sheesh. How many years has it been?“ he chuckled as he handed you coffee, which you happily accepted.

           Jimin was your closest friend in the office and in terms of work hierarchy he was at the top so you two worked together often. He was an extremely sociable man and incredibly sweet. But thanks to one office dinner party, and an unfortunately timed trip to the bathroom on your part, you discovered the other side of his personality when you caught him hitting on one of the waitresses. You dragged him outside at the time, thinking he was drunk out of his mind, but you two ended up conversing candidly the entire night– from your pasts to your dreams, etc. Naturally afterwards, he felt comfortable with you and vice versa, so you grew to be close friends. And it was nice to have someone like that in your workplace, or in general really.

             Since you worked all through your school years to support yourself and your younger siblings, you sacrificed having a social life. And you couldn’t quite vent out your frustrations to your family. You didn’t want to burden them, and you also didn’t want to give them a reason to consider that they were right about the city life all along.

           "But your office fan club might think weird things if we’re on a first name basis.” You grinned as you sipped your coffee. “Plus it’s more professional.”

           Jimin exhaled. “Always professional and uptight, Y/N.”

           "Not always.

           "Yes, always.” he responded, chuckling. “But I mean, that’s why you’re the Chairman’s favorite after all.”

           You squinted your eyes at him. “Am not.”

           "You know you are and you love it.“ Jimin grinned cheekily.

           You rolled your eyes. "Get out of here, Mr. Park. You have work to do and you’re already a few minutes late to clock in.”

           "I know, I know.“ Jimin laughed. "You have a meeting with the Chairman later right?”

           "Yes, so you have to go to the morning meetings by yourself today.“

           Jimin pouted. "Now who am I going to flaunt at the meeting to sway the others to do my bidding?”

           "HIGHLY inappropriate Mr. Park.“ You scolded sternly. "Clock in if you don’t want your chances of being CEO to dissipate.”

           "Yes, yes.“ Jimin grinned and skipped away to clock in.

           Sighing, you opened up your color-coded planner and began sifting through your schedule for the day to mentally prepare yourself.

           "Oh my goodness. He’s hott.”

           Yoongi smirked as he lifted up his hood and zipped up his leather jacket nonchalantly. He shifted his bangs over with a flick of his head, moving it away from his eyes so he could take a better look at the girls fawning over him.

           “He’s looking this way! He’s looking this way!”

           He nodded slightly to acknowledge them but continued on his way, feeling triumphant with the sound of their suppressed squeals. Then he slipped sunglasses over his eyes, hoping no one recognized him.

           "Where did I park this damn car again?“ he hummed to himself as he inserted in earphones to drown out the sound of the busy streets and the obnoxious honking of city traffic.

           He spun his keys around his finger as he bobbed his head to a song. Through his music, he heard hurried footsteps behind him but collectedly continued walking.

           "I could’ve sworn Mr. Min was heading this way!”

           "How did he slip out of the window again?!“

           "I told you to bar them!”

           "The landlord refused to comply with that!“

           Yoongi smirked as they scurried away from his path frantically. It was always so easy to get away from his bodyguards.

           Poor fellows.

           "Ah!” he grinned as he spotted his expensive sports car a good distance away. He shuffled towards it hurriedly and ended up colliding with someone also in a hurry. Quickly, he realized it was a woman and helped her up from the ground.

           "Whoa lady, gotta watch where you’re hurrying to.“ he chuckled as he watched her dusting herself off and adjusting the stiff ribbon on her neck.

           "I believe the proper response would be an apology?” she glanced at him, clearly offended.

           "My bad. It was a joke.“ Yoongi lifted his hands up.

           "Well it’s fine I guess.” she replied curtly.

           Yoongi furrowed his brow. “Well?”

           She glanced over. “Well what?”

           "I think I deserve an apology too.“

           "What? You bumped into me.”

           "No we bumped into each other.“ Yoongi crossed his arms. "And I helped you up. I believe the appropriate response is ‘thank you’.”

           The woman exhaled and glanced down at her watch. “Sorry I’m in a hurry. Thank you and I apologize. Goodbye.”

           Yoongi shook his head at the obviously insincere statements, but before he could make his retort, she was scurrying away, her heels clanking dangerously on the sidewalk.

           "Everybody’s always in a hurry around here.“ he snorted as he jumped into his sparkling, sleek black car. He pulled his hood down and ruffled his newly dyed pink hair. "Oh well. Now where should I escape to?”

           You huffed as you hurried to the Chairman’s office building. You were going to be a minute or two off schedule because of that hoodlum you had bumped into on the street. Luckily, the elevator was already on the main floor so you quickly boarded one and checked your reflection to make sure you were presentable. You pursed your lips as you found your stockings had formed a small rip from your fall and hurriedly made a note on your phone to sew it together later. The elevator doors opened and you found the Chairman walking past you, emerging from the adjacent elevator.

           "Chairman Min!“ You called out brightly.

           "Ah Y/N! I was worried I had kept you waiting.” he smiled warmly. “You’re always so early.”

           "I’m sorry. I ran into some unexpected things earlier.“ you bowed and he chuckled.

           "No, that’s perfectly normal, Y/N. You’re right on time. How it should be. Come in.”

           You two entered his large office and his secretary set out tea for the two of you then left the room.

           "How’s the company doing?“ he smiled as he took a sip.

           "Well. Department Head Park is doing a great job handling it.” You answered.

           "As are you.“ the Chairman complimented.

           You bowed your head gratefully. "I’m just doing my job, Chairman.”

           "And you’re absolutely fantastic Y/N. That’s why I’m enlisting your help with a rather personal matter. And I understand you’re close to Department Head Park to explain the situation as well.“

           You looked at him inquisitively.

           "You see,” the Chairman glanced out of his window forlornly. “I’m getting old Y/N.”

           "No you’re not, Chairman!“ You blinked, flustered at the topic.

           He laughed, "Why thank you for that vote of confidence, but I’m afraid my age is increasing regardless of my youthful appearance, and I really want to retire in a couple of years.”

           You nodded understandably.

           "With that being said, I believe I’ve spoken to you about my grandson?“

           "A bit. About how he’s handful.” You smiled slightly, remembering the frustrations of the Chairman over his rebellious grandchild.

           "He’s still a lot to handle.“ he chuckled. "But he is still the rightful heir to the company. The board of directors aren’t too keen about him, considering he’s done nothing much to help the company except act as the handsome face of it. But I know he has great potential and a good head on his shoulders. I think he just simply lost his parents too soon and I haven’t really been there for him as much as I should have. He never had a sense of direction or a guide.”

           You remained silent, wondering where you were going to fit into all of this. As if hearing your thoughts, the Chairman’s eyes found its way to you and you straightened up, waiting.

           "I want you to help him find direction. I want you to train him to be a great CEO, and a wonderful leader.“

           Your mouth hung open, a million questions dangling on the tip of your tongue. Mostly, wondering how exactly you were supposed to do that. Sensing your hesitancy, the Chairman chuckled.

           "Just be yourself Y/N. You’re so determined and passionate. You’re organized and a natural leader. You’re professional and on top of everything that needs to be done. I’m instating him as the Daegu branch’s new CEO, and I want you to work closely with him to show him how things are done. Keep an eye on him and keep him in line. And I hope your personality will be a good influence on him.”  He exhaled. “But I’m afraid you’re going to have an incredibly difficult time handling him, so I would double your pay as compensation, should you agree to help me. It’s a very important matter to me, and to the Min family. This company has been under our care since the beginning.”

           Your mind was already locked onto the mention of “double pay”. He could tell your interest was piqued.

           "And…“ the Chairman slipped a black credit card towards you. "Should he force you to buy him things, should he break anything, or should you have to chase him to across the world to drag him back to work, this card is linked to his account. I trust you’ll use it wisely for repayment… and revenge.”

           Your eyes widened in surprise and spotted the Chairman’s eyes twinkling mischievously. You giggled understandably, and took the card off the table.

           "I’d be honored to help you Chairman Min.“

           "Thank you, Y/N. I know I ask a lot of you. Should you ever feel it to be too overwhelming, you can always back out from the deal, and I will take over from there.” he smiled warmly. “But I do have to stress and emphasize how important it is for your job as well. Should someone else come into power, I can’t promise to protect you.”

           You stood up understandably and bowed. “I’ll do my best.”

           "I know you will.“ he patted your shoulder encouragingly.

           You grabbed your bag and headed for the door. But he called out, remembering something.

           "Oh Y/N.”

            You stopped and turned to face him again.

           "I do have one rule about this deal.“

           "Yes sir?”

           His expression turned serious as he stared at you. You gulped, never seeing the Chairman without a smile before.

           "Don’t fall in love with him, or else there will be consequences.“

           You nodded slowly, "You have nothing to worry about, Chairman. Work is always work for me.”

           "See to it that it is.“

           "Yes sir.”

           "Mr. Min.“

           Yoongi exhaled as his tall, lean, broad shouldered bodyguard towered over him.

           "Figures you would be the one to find me in the outskirts of town, Leo.”

           The man’s face remained unmoving as he stood beside Yoongi, waiting.

           "Well, have a seat. You’re scaring people as it is.“

           "Yes, sir.” Leo bowed and obediently sat in front of him.

           "Do you want any food?“

           "If you want to give me food, Mr. Min.”

           Yoongi groaned. “Leo, are you hungry or not?”

           Leo was about to say something but his stomach gurgled, doing the answering for him. The seemingly stoic man finally blushed and casted his eyes downwards, embarrassed.

           Yoongi grinned, “Another order here ma'am!”

           "Yes!“ the server called out enthusiastically.

           "I’m sorry.” Leo bowed his head.

           "Consider it a reward for always finding me.“

           "I never lost you sir.” Leo muttered.

           "What? How?“

           "I just thought you should know your Grandfather has been trying to contact you.” Leo handed him his cell phone. “You had left this behind in your escape. Then your car is a bit flashy and obvious so it wasn’t hard to track you on the road.”

           Yoongi exhaled. “You didn’t want to take me back?”

           "My job is to just protect you, Mr. Min.“ Leo glanced at him, as if it was the most obvious answer in the world. "I have no right to intervene in your life.”

           Yoongi laughed loudly. “You’re always so interesting, Leo.”

           "Thank you sir.“

           "Well? What did my gramps want this time? Is he mad about the last photo shoot and interview that I did without consulting him?” Yoongi smirked.

           "No. He told me to say…“ Leo coughed lightly, a dust of pink forming on his cheeks, and reiterated verbatim. ”'I’m hiring you, you brat, so get off your lazy ass and get to work like other people your age! I texted you the address. If you want more details, join me for dinner.’.“

           Yoongi chuckled as he continued munching on his meal. "Work, huh? He doesn’t consider doing photo shoots and interviews as work?”

           "Well you never say anything in relation to the company.“ Leo responded.

           "That was rhetorical, but thanks.” Yoongi stated flatly.

           "What shall I report to him, sir?“ Leo questioned.

           After a minute or two of contemplation, Yoongi’s lips curled up, "Hm…I guess I can’t turn down a free dinner. Let’s hear the old man out.”  

           "What do you mean someone else is going to be CEO??“ Jimin whined and melted into his seat sluggishly.

           You had taken him out for dinner later that day to break the unfortunate news to him. You knew he was working his way up to become CEO and had had high hopes that he was going to get that promotion soon.

           "It’s nothing on you, Jimin.” You patted his shoulder. “It’s the Chairman’s grandson so he got special perks.”

           "WHAT?“ Jimin’s eyes widened and he sprang back to life. "The Chairman’s grandson is going to be in OUR branch?”

           "Um yeah…“

           "Oh my goodness.” Jimin clapped. “That’s fantastic!”

           "What?“ You furrowed your brow, wondering why his mood had completely flipped.

           "He’s pretty famous in Daegu you know. People refer to him as ’D-boy’.”

           "Why? Does he do like cool tricks or something?“

           Jimin laughed. "Nah, it’s just his title really. It’s already crazy for Daegu to be home to the Headquarters of a big company as opposed to Seoul, but to have their very own 'celebrity’ too? Everyone hypes him up and he milks it. The public wants him and he doesn’t mind. He is a chaebol, the next heir to the company after all. He was born into the height of wealth and never had to work a day in his life. So I’m surprised he’s agreeing to be CEO. He sounded like he wanted nothing to do with the company in his interviews.”

           "The Chairman himself said he was a handful.“ You exhaled. "And who knows if he agreed of his own accord.”

           "Yeah…“ Jimin glanced at you. "Hopefully you don’t take this offensively, but he seems to be the complete opposite of you.”

           "Why would that be offensive?“ you chuckled.

           "Well regardless, you’re going to have your work cut out for you.” Jimin smiled, clearly amused.

           "Why do you think so?“

           "You like to be in control of all the variables, Y/N.” Jimin chewed and pointed his fork towards you. “What’re you going to do if someone isn’t predictable and can’t be controlled by your schedules and time table?”

           You chuckled. “Everybody and everything is predictable in some sense. I haven’t met anyone that I couldn’t coerce to work.”

           "You’re such a manipulator.“ Jimin teased.

           "Am not! I prefer an intelligent motivator.”

           "Ma-ni-pu-lator.“ Jimin sang.

           You huffed then continued eating.

           "Well, I’m looking forward to it. I think work is going to get a whole lot more interesting if this guy is really a handful.” Jimin grinned as you rolled your eyes at his excitement.

           "I don’t know about that. I mean how bad could the Chairman’s grandson be?“

           "Mr. Min.” Leo stood at his bedroom door as Yoongi was half-way out of his window, ready to make yet another escape.

           Yoongi groaned at being caught. “I’m just going to walk around, okay?”

           "Are you going to check out the company your Grandfather is assigning you to?“

           Yoongi furrowed his brows. "How’d you know?”

           "You wrote it on that post-it note on your desk.“ Leo pointed out nonchalantly.

           Yoongi huffed and stepped out of the window completely, landing on the fire escape. "Yes I am. So don’t bother following me. I’ll be back soon.”

           Leo nodded. “As you wish.”

           "Great.“ Yoongi was going to make his way down when Leo suddenly poked his head out of the window, causing him to flinch.

           "Geez Leo! What?” Yoongi snapped.

           "Mr. Min.“ Leo handed Yoongi his cell phone. "You were about to forget this again.”

           "Ah…“ Yoongi laughed nervously and slipped it into his pocket. "Thanks.”

           Leo nodded and pushed down the window with a definitive thud.

           Yoongi chuckled and shook his head. His main bodyguard was really something else. He pulled his mask over his mouth and flipped his snap-back backwards, hiding his obnoxiously pink hair underneath. Pushing his hands into his over-sized sweater’s pockets, he made his way to the company his grandfather had insisted for him to take.

           "Y/N.“ One of the office interns hurriedly called you, out of breath.

           "What happened?” You glanced at her worriedly.

           "Someone’s trying to enter the company and causing a ruckus in the main lobby. They wanted to see who was in charge here.“ she frowned. "Department Head Park is in a meeting so….”

           "I’ll take care of it, okay?“ You smiled at her reassuringly then flew down the stairs to get to the lobby.

           You walked over to the security guards blocking off the entrance to the office floors. They relaxed as they spotted you and gestured towards the man dressed in all black leaning against the wall arrogantly and clearly irritated. He looked suspicious with a mask covering half of his face and a hood casting a shadow over what was visible. But you caught sight that his eyes were sharp and piercing. He was a bit intimidating.

           Encouraging yourself, you puffed out your chest confidently and marched up to him.

           "How can I help you?”

           He visibly scanned you up and down then clapped, surprising you.

           "You’re the rude lady from the other day!“

           "Excuse me?” You raised an eyebrow.

           He pulled down his mask to reveal his full face, grinning. “We bumped into each other and you didn’t apologize properly. Remember?”

           "Ah. Did you follow me all the way here to get an apology?“ You glared skeptically.

           He scoffed. "Don’t flatter yourself lady. I just wanted to tour the company, but these goons won’t let me through. What kind of place are you running here?”

           You exhaled incredulously. “I’m not sure who you think you are, but there are rules and regulations in the workplace. First, if you have an appointment, you should have seen the receptionist over there and they would have contacted whoever you were supposed to meet with. Second, you can’t come barging into a professional building dressed like you’re lounging around your house or hollering at chicks on the street.”

           The man laughed loudly. “Excuse me? I’ll have you know these are all expensive brands of clothes. And who are you to judge my appearance? Your stockings have a hole in it.”

           You hurriedly glanced down and bit your lip. There really was a new rip in your pantyhose. Heat traveled to your cheeks from embarrassment and anger. You raised your head and gave a threatening look to the gentleman.

           "I’m sorry if I said anything to offend you, but you have no business here. You’re scaring away our workers and taking time away from their day. I have to kindly ask you to leave.“

           "You’ll regret asking me to leave and saying all those mean things about me.” he smirked.

           "This is my company, sir. Please leave before I have to get rough.“

           "Oh?” the man chuckled. “You? Rough?”

           You blushed and gestured to the security guards who began approaching the man. He hurriedly scurried to distance himself.

           "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me make a call and show you that I really do have the right to be here.“

           You furrowed your brow and lifted a hand to stop the guards.

           "What makes you think that’ll change anything?”

           The man glanced over at your badge as he dialed his phone. “Miss Y/N, is it?”


           He raised his hand as he spoke into his phone, cutting you off mid-sentence. "Hi old man. Still kicking? Well, I’m at the company you asked me to check out but someone named Y/N is telling me I shouldn’t be here.”

           You glanced around at the growing crowd in the lobby. Jimin emerged at the front of it, his eyes wide at seeing you on the scene. He gave you a questioning look and you shrugged. You really had no idea what was happening.

           "Facetime you? Wow. So high tech.“

           The man swiped at his phone and handed it to you. You fumbled with it and nearly dropped the phone when the Chairman’s face appeared on the screen.

           "Ch-chairman!” You gasped.

           "Hello Y/N.“ he chuckled. "I see my grandson is already giving you a hard time.”

           You gasped and glanced over at the man in front of you who was grinning triumphantly.

           "Oh my goodness…I’m so sorry…Chairman I didn’t kn–.“

           "No, no. That brat should know better than to dress like that. Let me talk to him.”

           You nervously handed the phone back to its owner.

           "YOONGI! How dare you interrupt their work?!“ the Chairman’s voice roared.

           "Well I was just gonna take a look and not bother anyone but THEY made a big deal of everything.”

           "And they should! You look like a delinquent right now!“

           "That’s hurtful gramps.” The man clutched his chest playfully. “Well I’ve seen enough so I’m gonna go old man. Thanks for vouching for my awesomeness.”


           The man hung up nonchalantly, not letting his grandfather finish speaking, and extended his arm out to you; his smirk clearly jeering at you for your grave mistake.

           "Now let’s try this again.”

           He grabbed your hand forcefully and shook it.

           "I’m Min Yoongi, the grandson of the Chairman, the new CEO of this company, and well… your new boss.“

           He grinned cheekily.

           "Now Miss Y/N, what did you say about me having no business here?”


Pep Talk

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1,647

Warnings: I don’t think there is any… Just fluff

Summary: You always practice what you want to say to Dean in front of your mirror. You want to tell your feelings about him to him but you always chicken out. What happens when he overhears you? 

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“It’s okay, Y/N, you got this. You’ve only been living with the man for 8 years now. It’s not like you haven’t imagined how this goes. He’ll like you back. He flirts with you all the damn time.” You muttered, pacing in front of your mirror.

You’ve lived with the Winchesters for a long time now and you’ve fallen in love with the older Winchester. Of course, Sam figured it out right away but not Dean. He’s been oblivious and every year, you gave yourself a pep talk to woman up and tell him how you feel.

You would do this in front of your mirror and you would get to say everything you were feeling but when you saw Dean, you bailed on the plan and pretended everything was fine when it wasn’t. You’ve even practiced on Sam and he was always there to encourage you.

But again, you deflated whenever you saw Dean. He was your biggest weakness and your greatest strength. You’ve always hunted well with him but you were always used as bait for him. You hated dancing around this subject but you could never find the courage to say what you had to say.

“Dean Winchester, I am in love with you. No, Y/N, that’ll scare him off. Ease into it. Okay, Dean Winchester, I’ve known you for 8 years and in that span of time, I have fallen for you. No, that sounded cringy. Just say what’s in your heart.” You said to yourself, stopping in front of your mirror, staring at yourself.

“Dean Winchester, you’re my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without you. I hunt better when you’re next to me, I’m a better person when you support me. You make me better. I hope I do the same to you because I’m in love with you. Yes, I am in love with the way your beautiful green eyes sparkle when you talk about something you love.

“I am in love with your scent. I can’t get enough of that leather, motor oil, whiskey, and gun powder smell. I love wearing your shirts because they smell like you and they make me feel safe. You make me feel safe. I love the way you care for your friends and family.

“You have such a big heart and I love you for that. I love your body. I love the way you laugh. I love your voice. I love the crinkles you get by your eyes when you smile. You age like fine wine. I love how much you care about me and Sam. I love that you put everyone first.

“You think so low of yourself but you’re anything but. I want to hold you and kiss you and make you feel better and fix you up when you get hurt. I want all those things and more. I want a family with you. I want to wake up to you every morning. I want to marry you because you deserve the world and I want to give that you.

“I love you, Dean Winchester and I’m not sure you know just how much.” You sighed when you finished. That is all you wanted to say. That wasn’t so hard, now was it. Now all you had to do was find Dean and saw those exact words. You can do this. You got this. Everything will go according to plan.

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Sleepless nights

Title: Sleepless nights

Author: @deanwinchesterxreader


Summary: The reader is having trouble sleeping at night. Dean would rather not sleep at all.


Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1913

Warnings: none.

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