this looked soo much better in color


Here is the finished version of my chibi nina!!! I wanted to give it more details but I already wasted to much time in repairing my stupid computer and I need to start other drawings soo yeah…( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

anonymous asked:

I love colorful socks so much I don't own a single pair of plain white or plain black socks.

Omg same!!!! I LOVE colorful socks soo much 💞💞💞 the weirder it looks better it is 😂😂😍😍i do own couple of pairs but it’s still not enough 😢

camilieroart  asked:

Hello what you do is awesome, I love your art and the lil' things you make looks adorable and your art is beautiful xhjbdkfdhkdbdvjfbd kfhedkvkedjbizhhjghizkbdkfvnfnfog <3

kashfkljgkfdjgifd brooooo!!!! youre totes better than me!!! your colors are so beautiful and poppy and bright and they dont clash like wuut!!! teach me!!! but thank you soo much