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Things Kishimoto could've done but didn't

- The ROOT/Leaf civil war that he was building up

- Made the 4th ninja war between Leaf/Sand/Rain vs. Cloud/Rock/Mist with Obito & Kabuto pulling the strings

- Have 3 “Madaras” to fix the fucked up time line

- 2nd Madara is Kagami. This makes a better relationship with Kisame and the Mist as Shisui is his son who fought Ao

- Have Naruto and Sasuke have a more romantic relationship and focus on the homophobic nature of the leaf

- Orochimaru’s Transness playing a role in his and Jiraiya’s falling out

- Paid more attention to Sasukes drug use

- More information on the White Fang who obviously made a difference in the Leafs will of fire philosophy

- Made the 1st and 2nd bigger assholes

- Didn’t make the 3rd the nicest fakest hokage

- Show that the blatant sexism within the series is because of the village system. Like if ninja families got rid of their daughters

- Show the sufferings of the civilians and their conversion into ninja life. There is only a ninja Academy in the leaf and it appears there is no other educational system implemented for children forcing them into being child soldiers.

Add more if you wish. Honestly there are tons.

And last, but not least: My Cas photo op, which I absolutely adore <3

An hour before the photo op it came to me that I had no idea how my “boop-face” looks and I was pretty terrified it would look totally horrible, so I quickly practised it with my phone camera twice and hoped for the best - and the result is so much better than I ever thought it would be ^-^

The pose was quickly explained, I just asked him to boop my nose, and I love how Misha is so completely in character for it and would have liked nothing more than to give him a big hug after it <3

When facetiming with Jimin ft. Tae

*phone ringing*

Y/N: *toothbrush in mouth* who ish callin at thish time?

Y/N: *glances at phone* OH JIMINIE

Y/N: *toothbrush still in mouth; accepts call*

JM: Y/N!!!

Y/N: Jimin!!!

JM: Did I call at the wrong time? 

Y/N: *stops brushing* nooo

JM: Hehe, looking at you brushing your teeth makes me feel like I’m right there with you in the bathroom *smiles*

Y/N: Wahh, if only :( When do you come back from tour?

JM: in a week but I miss you so much already 

Y/N: *finally finishes brushing teeth; readjusts phone for better view of yourself*

Y/N: I don’t miss you one bit *pouts*

JM: *hurt* I guess I’m gonna take my mouth elsewhere 


JM: *smiles*

TH: *appears*





TH: hehe I heard everything, even the part when Jimin says he’s gonna punish you *wink wink*

Y/N: *covers face* omg this is embarrassing


More Imagines Here 💕

SO! HOLY TAMALES!!!!! <3 I commissioned @taylordraws to draw her wonderful OCs because i love them very very much <333 This was so much better than what I expected especially since I was totally vague about it pfft. TAY THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3<3 I love ittt and just they are so cute and will be the death of me

Obsession - jb {part 1}

A/N: So someone asked for me to do a romance type of imagine for them but, based off of what they want, I couldn’t possibly just write it in one part so, there’s going to be multiple parts to this. Just so y'all know, Justin isn’t famous in this. :)

Warnings: language and whatnot. not much is going to happen until the next part.

Justin Bieber POV

It was a boring, Friday night. The boys and I were kicking it at my place because we had nothing else better to do. Being a regular guy with good looks had its perks in LA—sometimes. I could get into whatever party I wanted to and, I could get with any girl I wanted too. But, not tonight of course. I was on my phone scrolling through my Instagram feed when something caught my attention.

Since when was I following this girl, I thought to myself. Regardless, I wasn’t complaining. She was a stunning individual. Still made me wonder when I ever met her, that’s if I did.

“Who’s she?” Ryan questioned from behind me, catching me off guard.

“Don’t know.” I replied blandly, “Why are you behind me exactly? Don’t you have better things to be doing than watching me?”

“Wasn’t watching you. I happened to walk by and caught a glance of her. No need to be so agitated.” Ryan said, walking away from me. Finally, I could have some alone time.

I scrolled through the rest of this female’s Instagram. I wasn’t stalking her but, I just wanted to look through her pictures. There was no harm in doing it, right?

I heard the boys making a whole bunch of noise in the kitchen so, I got up from where I was to see what they were blabbering about. “Why are you guys going making all this noise?” I inquired, clearly annoyed.

“We’re thinking about going to this party. You should come with us.” Steven suggested. “You look like you could use some time outside.”

“I don’t need shit. I’m perfectly fine where I am.” I scoffed.

“You’re clearly not if you were drooling over that girl on Instagram.” Ryan chuckled, “Bro, it’s totally obvious you want her and she’s probably going to be there so, put two and two together.”

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. “Tell me why you guys are my friends again.”


“Don’t answer it!” I barked, “It was a rhetorical question.”

“Jesus Justin, chill out.” Ryan continued, “Going out will be good for the soul, well, your soul.”

“So funny,” I wryly chuckled, “Maybe I could use some fresh air but, I’m not going to see that girl.”

“Stop lying to yourself! You know you want her.” Ryan nudged me in the arm, “It’ll be our little secret, huh?”

“Get off of me man. I said I’m not going just because she’s there.” I walked away from the group of them, heading upstairs to change into something more decent. Who was I kidding, of course I wanted to see her! I had to meet her in person, get to know her, and whatever else I had to do.

Someone as beautiful as her should be kicking with a guy like me; as cocky as it sounds.

After rummaging through my closet, I finally picked something that looked good. Always gotta look good because you never know who you might run into. I wore a black tank top with a black leather jacket because it go cold at night and, dark colored ripped jeans. To top it off, I put on my black Supra hat. 

I looked like a million bucks, I thought to myself. 

Ryan walked into the room inspecting me. “And you said you weren’t going to see that girl.” He laughed, rolling his eyes. “Anyways, we’re leaving so hurry up.“ 

"I’m coming!” I growled. Ryan soon left my room and I inspected myself once more. Ryan really was a trip, made me wonder why I was best friends with him. I walked out of my room and jogged down the stairs to the main area. 

The boys were standing around waiting for me. Well, hate to break it to them but, they’re going to be standing around a little longer.

“Any day now Bieber.” Ryan tapped on his wrist, indicating that time was going. I was honestly in no rush, I didn’t even want to go to this party in the first place but, I wanted to do something tonight rather than sit around and think about this girl.

I put my shoes on my feet and grabbed my car keys from the key holder on the wall. I had to bring out my special baby tonight and it was the BMW i8 Base Coupe, with a custom job. The guys grabbed their keys as well and followed me out to the garage. I opened the door and there sat everyone’s car. Everyone hopped into theirs leaving just me standing around.

Now or never Bieber.

I got into my car, starting the engine. I waited for the boys to pull out before bringing my car out. Maybe tonight would be a good night.


A/N: so what do you guys think? does this deserve a part 2?? let me know any thoughts or opinions here!

It was time to let go when I realized that you checked your phone all day yet rarely replied to my messages. It was time to let go when you told me that I looked better with long hair and when I was ten pounds thinner. It was time to let go when we’d argue and you’d shut me up with a kiss. It was time to let go when I told you that I missed you and you said that you’ve been busy. It was time to let go when I first doubted that you loved me, because now I’ve spent so much time spilling love that I am half empty yet here you are, still drinking from it. But don’t you worry, I am freeing myself from you today. You will never taste a single drop again and your thirst will stay unquenched, because nobody will ever love you like I did.
—  It’s time to stop pouring.
Sherlock Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #6

Yes! It’s still february 6th where i live! Is not too late to post this!
To a better understanding, you have to read Day #2 first.

Prompt Day #6: I love you.

John and Greg took my phone. They were texting you - SH

How do i know is you this time? - IA

32.24.34 - SH

Always so flattering. Be a gentleman and get me at the door, Sherlock - IA

The sheets are damp with sweat and their breaths are still frantic. Irene roll to her side and so she is looking at him, she smiles and with soft and lazy fingers, caress his chest.

“More than a month, didn’t knew i’d miss this so much.” She purrs, scrawling his skin with crimson nails. He moans and smiles, shifting at his side to look at her.

“Missed you too.” His voice hoarsely, as he was still recovering from their activities.

“Be careful darling, with so much sentiment, I may think you sent the texts.” She teases. He feels tired and as his eyes slowly close, he smiles and breathe softly.

“Not everything on those text were lies or mockery,” His mind is drifting away to sleep.

“Example?” She insists. Without opening his eyes, Sherlock extend an arm and drags her close to him. Totally relaxed, he says the words, after all the hell he been through, he is not ashamed of his feelings anymore.

“I love you.” He can’t see her face, but he knows she is smiling and knows she feels the same. She takes a deep breath and her heart speeds. Sherlock thinks it’s because of his speech, he is wrong.

“Sherlock.” Her voice is barely a whisper. To show he is still awake, he caress her skin, trailing fingers from her shoulder to her ribs, descending to her waist, hips and finally going up again. His smile is indelible.

“Are the measurements still the same?” Her voice sounds distant. Under his touch, Sherlock can tell how she is getting even more nervous. She is going to say it, thinks Sherlock, that’s what people do, reciprocate the feelings, the words, she is going to say the words. He is wrong.

“They are.” He answers.

“Not for long.” She replies. His eyes snap open.

bahare-uzuchiha  asked:

Imagine this. Every time Leo calls Kurapika and he doesn't answer, he leaves Kurpika messages. Pika will never tell anyone but listening to those messages makes him feel better, it reminds him of the good days with his friends. LeO doesn't know that he listens "He probably just deletes them all anyway". so every time he leaves a message, it gets more random and more personal. "Have I told you about this asshole today? HE WAS TELLING ME MY GLASSES MAKE ME LOOK LIKE ANIME CHARACTERS FROM 90S."(1)

Kurapika always whisperes back something mocking or sarcasting at his phone, smiling because he still get to have that much! But then suddenly, the phone calls stop for a few days! “What happened to him? Is he okay? Is he hurt or is he just giving up on trying to reach me? : And he doesn’t even know which one is worse! So when Leorio calls after a few days he almost answers, almost. (2)

Then he waits until he can hear the message. He closes his eyes and sighs as he leans his head toward the phone. "Hey, I don’t know how much longer is this going to take or what you’re up to, just remember I’ll smash your pretty face if you get yourself in trouble before answering your god damn phone and talking to me. I’m not going to give up on reaching you so you better remember that and answer already.” Someone who wouldn’t give up on him, it was worth smiling for ;w; (end)



Thank you so much Bahare omggg that’s adorable

Bullet Journal things you should know before starting one
  • keep it simple - it’s tempting to fill every page with something given many inspirating bullet journals spreads people posts online but do you really need write down every little thing down? Your water intake or medicine remainders are better to keep on phone tracker apps tbh. Before you write something down in your bujo ask yourself if you really need to or you just want to make it look “full”. If it’s that’s the case, don’t do it.
    I was on bujo high when I started it in January and there’s so many things I regret that I did: some collections I don’t necessarily need and spreads that were way too much for my little needs. Some of these things took just too much of a time to set up which wasn’t convenient to do often.
    Bullet journaling is about time management and getting more productive before anything else so before you’ll get comfortable with your journal you should focus on that and maybe add more things along the way when you’ll know what works and what doesn’t for you.
  • you’ll make a lot of mistakes-like, a lot. If you’re sensitive to how thngs look like me you’ll probably want to start anew everytime you spell something wrong. Don’t do that. Think about your first bujo as practice. Don’t tear pages off just because you made an ugly line - you’ll just destroy your notebook making it more ugly. Instead find a way to cover your mistakes, i.e. stick something on it (washi tapes, photos, post-it notes with doodles or quotes), doodle over it - get creative with your mistakes! Something nice might come of it.
  • don’t be afraid to make things ugly - when I was planning my degree project I used my bujo to write down my ideas and doodles. It’s not pretty, definitely not aesthetic. It’s just ugly. But it’s okay. I needed to brainstorm with a piece of paper and a pen and where is a better place to do that than in my journal that I keep with me all the time. It’s just my notebook, I’ll be probably the only one to look at it anyway. It’s not the book I’m gonna sell or something.
  • don’t be afraid to steal - if you like something in others bujo try it in yours and see if it works for you. It’s okay if it looks the same. As I said you’ll be the only person to read it so there’s nothing wrong with it. Think of it as practicing drawing by following your favourite artists style. But if you plan on posting it online you should credit the person you got inspiration from. It’s the basic manners to do that.
  • don’t buy everything at the beginning - you don’t know what is gonna work for you or if you won’t drop your bullet journaling after a week or two so don’t go on a shopping spree for stationery. All you need is a pen and a notebook. You can buy the rest later.
  • sometimes you’ll go off the plan - and that is okay too. It happens. Don’t beat yourself for it. Life is more that just a list of things to do before you die so don’t live like your life depends on doing this homework today or not. Treat bujo as a thing that helps you remember about things you have to do not as deal with a devil over your soul.
  • follow studyblrs and bujo blogs on social media - these blogs are really helpful about keeping your life together or making it better. Follow them to get inspired and motivated.

I’m not a studyblr blogger but I thought I should write down my experience to share with others and post it here :) Feel free to add more to this if you think about something.

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hey dazai! how's it goin'? Well anyway, can you mess with Chuuya on my behalf? I would do it myself, but it costs too much for me to go to Yokohama....

I’ve been just fine, albeit I was buried in work for a few months.

By the way, request granted.
I expect the payment for this from you soon, dear anon ♪~

Ugh. Had to postpone tonight’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner. I bought so much food but I still feel like garbage. I thought I was better after my shower and sinus wash, but it was temporary. I need to medicate. I guess we’ll try for dinner one day next week. This corned beef isn’t going to eat itself. I looked at my phone in the grocery store and saw I had a missed call from this morning that I never noticed. I’ve been in a fog today. They didn’t leave a voicemail and now I’m wondering if it was a mistake.


s2g Stevie gonna hunt down ducks in 6b and tear there arms off

Bucky shoved his phone deep into his pocket and folded his arms across his bare chest, glaring at anyone who looked like they shared a zip code with him, let alone a building.

It was old and brick and halfway falling apart, and the rent - especially for someone with a record - was pretty fuckin’ reasonable for what he got for it. The fact that that came with pretty much guaranteed weekly fire alarms had seemed, on moving in day, to be a reasonable compromise. Midnight in fucking March was a whole different story.

He wished he’d thought to grab a sweatshirt, but he’d been on nights all week and he’d been halfway down the fire escape before he’d even been quite awake. Looked like he wasn’t the only one with that problem, too - a guy with a target on his shirt, a spectacular case of bedhead, and the most obscenely form-fitting yoga pants Bucky had ever seen shuffled to a stop next to Bucky, leaned against the wall, and to all appearances fell back asleep.

Bucky didn’t shuffle closer - that’d be weird, and creepy, and so what if he could feel the guy’s body heat radiating across the space between them - but he did glare away the couple of people who looked like they wanted to get into the blond guy’s space, wake him up outta his nap.

Blondie shuffled anyway, snorted himself vertical when the fire engines roared up and then collapsed back against the wall with a soft groan, drifting gently sideways until his head was leaning on Bucky’s shoulder. And that - that should’ve been weird, and creepy, and a big fucking no since he’d got out, but instead he found himself relaxing into it, relishing the warmth, fighting the urge to bury his nose in clean-smelling hair.

“Hey,” he said, soft, amused, “I’m Bucky,” and blondie mumbled something unintelligible and single-syllabled, then raised his hand to Bucky’s mouth and pressed his finger across his lips which was kinda forward for a first date and all. Bucky shrugged, grinned a little, settled into the weight and dug his phone out of his pocket.

ducks don’t have arms Steve had replied, but that was okay. Bucky was suddenly feeling a whole lot less homicidal.

Kindergarten Pt. 5

“And..” Aaron listened to Hamilton drone on and on in the meeting room. Nobody else was listening, just staring out the window and waiting for the break to be over so they could get back to work.

They had already been working overtime and all Aaron wanted was to go sit at home with his daughter. He hadn’t had much time to spend with her in the past week. The company was just now finishing up it’s busy season.

All of the sudden his phone started to buzz in his pocket. He took it out, looking at a number that he didn’t recognize. He decided to answer it, anything would be better than listening to Hamilton.

“Is this Aaron Burr? My name is Maria Reynolds, I’m a nurse at the local hospital. Your daughter Theodosia was brought by her teacher at school. He feel from the slide at school and fractured her wrist. Is there any way that you can come and meet her?”

Correction. This was worse than listening to Hamilton.

Aaron sprang out of his seat and tore out of the meeting room, shouting a small explanation as he passed Washington in the hallway.

He drove there in record time, not caring about the speed limits, only worrying about his daughter. Thank goodness Miss Y/N was there to take care of her when he couldn’t.

He knew that he couldn’t help what happened to Theo, but he still felt guilty. Especially because he hadn’t had time to play with her this week.

It was times like this where he wished that he could remarry, just so she wouldn’t be so lonely.

He ran into the lobby of the hospital, checking in with the nurse on duty and grabbing the necessary paperwork.

He walked into the meeting room where Miss Y/N was waiting for him, Theo nowhere in sight.


“She’s in the back room. They’re setting her wrist and putting it in a cast,” Miss Y/N told him as he walked up to her.

He nodded and they sat down side by side, waiting for Theo. He worked on the paper work and turned it in, still waiting for his precious little girl to come out.

Is she okay?

All of the sudden a hand interlaced with his. He looked up at Y/N seeing the worry in her eyes.

“She may not be my daughter, but I still think of my students as my children.”


Today was an incredibly productive day for me. I got to the office, then left to go to the Instagram for Publishers workshop at Facebook HQ. It was very informative. I learned so much about the platform. It’s amazing how quickly Instagram has evolved over these last few months. I find their Stories feature is much better than Snapchat, which is why I removed the app from my phone.

Also, I had a one-one-one with my boss today. My responsibilities are changing as of next week. I’ll be focusing more on visuals, doing artwork for the News & Reports team. Woo! I told her that I’ve been looking into some art classes and she told me to write up a proposal so that our Editorial Director can approve the costs. How great is that?!

And I pitched an idea to our New York Editor (she’s wonderful), a photo series, and she wants me to start it ASAP. I can’t wait to break out my Canon 7D and use it again. I’ve missed it.

Did I mention we were nominated for a whole bunch of James Beard Awards? Yep! Some of of our reviews, reports, and features are in the run. What an exciting time to be on this team! I’m so happy.

How was your Wednesday?

swift1d5sos  asked:

Things to do on an especially hard day? (Anxiety/depression related)

Oh darling! For me, it’s about reaching out when I need to, and distraction – distraction is super important. Change of scenery, too, like physically forcing myself to leave the house when possible. Forcing myself to do things that make me feel better, even if I’m utterly convinced they won’t work.

But the lowest energy thing is distraction, with something that comforts me, like keeping Sanvers gifs on my phone so I can just look at them when I’m flipping out, keeping the TV on, music…

Other folks, feel free to chime in through the replies!

I’m sending you so much love, darling: I’m proud of you for making it this far, and I believe in you to keep going!! <3 <3 <3

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Found it in another sports anime blog. I thought it was really fun and wanted to ask for this scenario here. Kuroo, Lev, Sugawara, Bokuto, Akaashi and Oikawa when they find out their partner keeps photos of them in their phones with silly and embarrassing captions (like "my prince charming", "love of my life", "best bf")


Kuroo is delighted and keeps your phone high out of your reach so that he can look through all the captions. He’s having the time of his life teasing you and gloating in your face, but the tables turn when you steal his phone and see that he’s captioned you as ‘my crispy dorito,’ ‘the best panini,’ ‘better than volleyball.’

Lev pretty much breaks into your room while yelling, “Look what I found! Look what I found!” while waving your phone around. He finds your embarrassment super cute and just sweeps you up into his arms. “I’m gonna start calling you those things, too,” he sings, cheeks pink and eyes dancing. 

Sugawara discovers the captions while you’re sleeping, and he just falls to the floor while holding your phone to his chest. He may or may not have kicked his feet in the air a little bit. When he wakes you up, it’s with a storybook kiss, which he casually explains, “Ah, since I’m your prince charming, after all.” 

To say that Bokuto is over the moon would be a huge understatement. He clutches onto your phone and holds it near his face, making incoherent sounds of happiness as he stares at the captions. To have you consider him your best boyfriend, or the love of your life, is the highest compliment for him. 

Akaashi doesn’t mention that he’s found your embarrassing captions of him, leaving you confused as to why he keeps smiling at you like he knows something. And then one day, he shows you the selfies you’ve taken together, and you see that he’s named each one with a heart emoji. You didn’t even know he used emojis. 

Oikawa is on cloud nine and will always be on cloud nine from that point. He’s on an emotional roller coaster, fluctuating between joyously shouting, “I always knew I was your prince charming!” and quickly saying while turned around, “I’m not crying! It’s your imagination!” It all comes to this: he’s so happy.