this looked so much better in ps

concept: otabek and yuri are dating and one day otabek admits to him that he’s polyamorous and yuris cool with it bc as long as bekas happy, he’s happy

“so who else do you like besides me??”
“dont get mad.”
“.,,, its jj.”


but he cant say anything bc again, as long as bekas happy then he’s happy, but,,,, what the fuck

so otabek and jj start dating, and the first time all three of them meet jjs like “hope u dont mind sharing your otabeef, princess 👉😎👉” and yuri is ready to kill him but otabek is smiling and hes weak for that so he holds back

but the more the three of them hang out together… the more tolerable jj becomes??? he isnt nearly as obnoxious as he is when theyre in competition and hes actually pretty funny and just as in love with otabek as he is (he knows bc of the way jj looks at him - it feels like looking into a mirror, because thats exactly how he stares at otabek himself)

and jj is actively trying to become better friends with him - he doesnt stop the teasing, but he starts knowing when to back down when he gets too much and yuri can feel the intense hatred he once felt for him die down into a begrudging respect

plus its really fun to talk to him about how adorable otabek is, so, really

a few months later and he can reluctantly say that jj’s become one of his closest friends, but tell anyone that and he’ll kick you with his knife shoes

(ps isabella and jj are still engaged/married and whenever otabek gets Tired of jjs shit she’s the person he’ll call

yuri enjoys watching them rant he thinks its the funniest shit ever)

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hey! i think ur art is p cool c: any tips for using ps?

thank you! here are some super quick things people may not know going in:

  • smart objects
  • masks
    • clipping masks
    • layer masks
  • adjustment layers
  • liquify, general fliters
  • blending effects
    • for layers
    • for brushes
  • grids, guides
  • history/save states/snapshots
  • importing brushes
  • workspaces
  • dark magic
    • quick exporting
    • what a contact sheet is
    • batching, scripts.

this will all be in PhotoshopCC. This is the more technical side of Photoshop instead of the fun drawing side, because let’s face it you’ll already learn that in time. This is stuff to make drawing digitally or editing or whatever easier, faster, and less trouble. These are shortcuts and smart things basically.

smart objects!

touching up? use smart objects!! please!! When you size them down they still maintain the data of the original, so you can scale and re-arrange without data lost (you can’t draw on this layer as a smart object though!). do this please. to undo this look for “rasterize layer”

this also means filters are clipped onto the layer but aren’t actually changing the layer. You can then turn them off, delete them, ect. without any repercussions. Smart objects will be more data but they are safe bets.

you won’t see this for drawing and painting but when you’re editing your drawings for maybe a poster or compiling them this is super useful! 

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This will not teach you how to do backgrounds. This will (likely) teach you how to do a background with minimal effort and make it look cool - or, at least, acceptable. Because everything looks more cool if you put a background behind. 

NOTE: This won’t work if the background is an important part of the drawing, but works wonders for things like fake screenshots, or in drawings where the character is meant to stand out (for example, I always use it for screenshot redraws).

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Intergalactic-space-kittens: “So what would Anastasia look like with the actual dress Dimitri gave her (Without the continuity errors?)”

It´s pretty much impossible to recreate the dress 100% accurately since it literally changes designs mid-scene, but something like this I guess (she has always had that belt thou).

PS: I totally believe that the writers´ idea with the dress was that Anya tailored it to suit/fit her better. But even if that was the intent, the joke/character trait falls flat in the narrative since: 

  1. Not once has the film ever given us a reason to think that Anya can sow.
  2. Nobody ever points out that she altered it. 
  3. And even if you can remove lace from a dress, you cannot change the shade and pattern in the little time that passes in-between scene (it´s already sunset when Dimitri gives it to her). 

Conclusion: Anya is a sneaky rouge who specializes in stealing pretty dresses from unsuspecting travelers when her BF is being a fashion disaster. 

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ALEXANDER LIGHWOOD IS THE SWEETEST BADASS SHADOWHUNTER EVER. And a terrible liar. It's so obvious he missed on purpose, those little voices and the can't win them all... I bet he tought he was smooth xD And I'm unable to process how MAGNUS BANE THE GORGEOUS little shit played him. The way Magnus pouting after Alec's show off, then he casually playing like a pro, while being flirty and damn sexy. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. ps. Alec is sooo whipped, Magnus got him with that look. I CAN'T. I'M DEAD. SORRY

LISTEN. I can’t possibly say this any better, but yes he totally thought he was being a gentleman because he couldn’t stand to make Magnus sad. I. Love. Him. So. Much. He’s is the biggest softie and is the most caring, loving person ever. And as much as Alec is fucked because of how amazing Magnus is (and let’s face it that hustle shit was probably the single sexiest thing he’s ever done) Magnus is fucked as well. No one is going to love Magnus as surely, honestly or as completely as pure, straight-forward, all or nothing Alexander Lightwood. It’s going to take Magnus’s breath away. Just you wait. In time, Alec is going to walk through fire to keep that pout off of Magnus Bane’s face.

And as for them flirting… I just- they are both so equally matched in intellect and ambition. And their flirting is just on ANOTHER LEVEL. They are going to destroy each other. Their sexual tension cuts through that room like nothing else. Their love is going to change the world.

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Something bad happened to me so can you spam me w/ cute BAP pics to make me feel better

of course! I hope the whatever happened will be resolved and that things will pick back up soon, anon ♡ ♡

I’m not sure if my pics are the kind of cute you are looking for because I pretty much only have memes? on my computer?? i am garbage? but here are some assorted B.A.Ps that I hope will cheer you up :)

(the greatest series of b.a.p pictures i have)
the rest is under a readmore bc it’s really long

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akitashiranui said: goozmuh hugging her from behind + neck kiss!

(From this post)

Ooh yes yes… i love neck kisses ;; this is a BIG big big weakness for Kumi hehe. I finally got around to do one of the suggestions! I want to do more now but now ive got some commissions and a trade to do so i will do more later ^^ I dont mind ya’ll sending some more over in the meantime tho ;w;

PS i was heavily referenced by this drawing by Jollyart !


So.. yesterday I finally did a /better/ istant of Nico! <3 
I really love him, I hope to don’t ruin him, sorry baby :v
I still want to improve my wig and my makeup, but i’m happy as it is now~
(I’ll probably change the eyeliner, it’s too pale :c) 

I didn’t wear all the cosplay, I still miss some bandages and all, but I like the general look <3 

ps. I look like a carrot yay

Laze pt 1: Preview

“How come Jeongguk got the verified symbol already? I’m gonna go back to Seoul to kick his ass,” says Taehyung. “I still haven’t gotten mine,” he complains, pouting (which shouldn’t be this cute, you think). 

“How about we save the ass-kicking for after the convention?” 

“Okay fine.”

ok so i know i put out laze as pt 1, but let’s just pretend i put it out as the prologue sdhfdsjh (this is the preview for the actual pt 1)

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has nothing to do with anything but looking back at my old gifs and cringe cause its just horrible, i didnt know anything about coloring, i basically put a psd over it & called it a day but using ps more everyday, when u see my new stuff i dont think you'd believe i made my old ones. my point is, the only way to get better at something is doing it. i didnt realize i got better along the way by just being consistent. this just clicked for me & it applies w/ everything else. dont think just do :)

I realte so much to this, anon.

When I started making gifs I didn’t know about coloring or sharpening. I can’t find the first gif I ever made because I didn’t even tag it, but let me tell you it was terrible. I just screencapped the episode and made a GIF, that’s all.

This is the first GIF I tagged. It was sharpened, but not colored

At that time I was so proud that it didn’t look blurry, but I hate the colors. I didn’t know how to apply layers to gif, so I was frustrated.

After reading tons of tutorials and spneding hours and hours on Photoshop, playing with layers, textures, gradients and layer options, I finally managed to be where I am right now with my gifs and I can do shit like this:

More examples here

I know I stil have tons of things to learn, but I see improvement and I’m really proud of my gifs :’) And yeah, it’s taken me years. That first gif is from December 2012. I’m still learning and improving, but getting better at something ALWAYS TAKES TIME, and you always need practice to get better. It’s exhausting and frustrating, but if you truly want to go for it and if you truly love it, all that work is going to be worthy.

I see my old gifs and I think, shit, this is terrible, what was I thinking on this coloring?, but to get where I am now, I had to make all those terrible gifs, and at that time, I was so proud of them, even if I knew that I still had to improve, but I felt I had improved, that I managed to do something I couldn’t do before and that I had learnt something new that could take me one step forward.

So yeah, I get what you’re saying. If you want to get better at something, you need to practice. Andyou might suck at first, and it’ll take a long time to reach the point when you finally say, I do not longer suck at this, but if you truly love it, go ahead. The work will be worth it.

Winter bod- summer bod.
I know my abs look better on the right but honestly I’m so much stronger now and I’ve gained weight in all the necessary places (booty). I love seeing my body grow and progress. Probably try to add on a few pounds of muscle before winter is over and I begin to cut down again 🙃

Oh and ps- day four of not stepping on a scale 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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Who's your favorite on SOA?




and then HAPPY, A CRAZY, MURDEROUS MAN THAT I CAN’T RESIST! (I’m so glad we got to see more of him in the last season :3 I got worried at first in the first few ones XD)

buuuut ps. TIG IS A CLOSE SECOND (It’s just i thought some of his decisions to be rather stupid…but he redeemed himself :3 as best as he could, he made me laugh XD…and plus look at him…)