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Aaah, the Lethifold! One of my favourite creatures from reading the book as a child. Thanks to @zinfandelli for suggesting it as a creature, I was psyched to draw Credence with one. 
(And of course I saw the official design on the bluray just as I was about to start colouring, and had to change up a bunch of stuff from my sketch haha)
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What do you think Ford looks like when he thinks no ones watching?

his usual self but with 150% the internal monologues (which, with no one to interrupt his train of thought, just keep running) and heroic poses (within reason). occasionally enhances his actions with drama or flourish for no actual reason and while it should look ridiculous it’s just kind of impressive, actually. maybe a bit of murmured narration or spoken mental notes that he usually tones down when in company

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Responding to your "Does ryan ross hate his fans" post. I've met him twice and he's super chill. The first time was with Panic, and I made this p!atd bag and it was kind of shitty and I totally lost confidence when Ryan was looking at it and signing it because it's freaking Ryan Ross. A lady next to me told him I made it, and he looked at me and said "This is so cool!" and gave me a high five. Cont...

second time I met him was during the young veins. I took a picture with him and blinked in the picture, and he was like “oh lets take another one then!” and then we talked about ghosts and he told me how he thought the venue’s basement was haunted and I was like “oh I totally believe in that” and then we talked about babies and old people? He’s super nice, just quiet!

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THIS IS WHAT I’m talking about. 

oh anon. you met Ryan. you actually met The Boy. Twice. I need more content. For science, I swear. 

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WRT the funny side effects post: Flomax has an off-label use in females with impacted kidney stones in order to dilate the ureters and it made my pee Caribbean Sea turquoise. Which is weird because the pills weren't that color. Also Cipro iirc can reduce mouth flora or denature salivary enzymes to the point where you get a 'hairy tongue' which is really just dead tongue cells that make it look hairy. Gross and funny either way.

SO COOL! Thanks for this anon!

(Note that I haven’t verified these, but they’re both too good to be fake!)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


I took some recently-married friends to a photo spot and oh my goodness they are so adorable??? She brought a freaking wedding veil and is dancing with it in the photos and he’s trying so hard to look cool but he can’t stop smiling they’re so CUTE

Confessing to his lover (Allies):
  • 2p America: I guess that I ended up falling in love with you, huh? Sneaky sneaky, got my heart before I realized huh? *looks cool but is really nervous about this*
  • 2p England: So p-puppet.. Hmm a-ahh... Eh.... ILOVEYOUSOMUCHPLEASEACCEPTME! *runs away*
  • 2p France: I love you. Shocked? Yeah, me too.
  • 2p China: Took this long bunch of years to finally meet the most beautiful treasure in the world. And that's you kitten, and I came to the conclusion that now that I know that, I want to be with you and make you happy.
  • 2p Russia: I have feelings for you and I thought you deserve to know that. *Uncomfortably blushing*
  • 2p Canada: I know that I'm not good at showing emotions. But you see, showing and feeling can be completely different things. And what I feel for you is the most beautiful thing in the world. Makes me happy, and at the same time makes me scared because now that I showed this side of mine, I don't know how you'll react. I guess I just need your honest answer. Do you love me, maple?

I decided not to get colored contacts for my Ao cosplay, since finding a good gold lens that comes in prescription (especially a gold cat-eye lens) is pretty much a lost cause, but now that I’m testing out eye makeup styles, I kind of wish I had. It’d look so cool…


@doctorrainbows and @la-paritalienne have tagged me in an aesthetic challenge haha so here it is. Apparently the rules are that you can’t download anything before doing the challenge and you can only use the pics you already have on your phone. 

So, in order, my aesthetic includes a cute lil’ cupcake shop in Fitzrovia that is too expansive but I can’t help but visit every once in a while because everything is pink and pretty; a random pic of my day visit in Cambridge last September when the sun was out and it was such a nice day; the most relatable pic I have ever seen on the internet. I took the fourth pic in the tube on the way to university one morning and it just looks cool so why not haha the fifth one is a backlight pic of my best friend and I behind a waterfall in Iceland (everyone should go to Iceland I 100% would recommend), whilst the sixth one is a cute cafe (right next to the cupcake place actually haha) that I discovered with my love @doctorrainbows. The following pics are quite self explanatory, really. It’s some of my favourite pics of Louis, Harry - together and separately -, and of the boys all together because I love and miss them dearly. 

This is pretty much it! I don’t want to tag the squad again because I think Eve already took care of that, so I’ll tag @curlyhairedcuntandboobear (who will hate me because I should stop bothering her with these challenges haha), @violeblanche, @itsastorm, @la-dure-realite-de-la-vie (it won’t tag you, why :( ) and @igotaheartandsoul if they feel up for it! Enjoy x

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Your Cassie Goth is so very cute. I wanna squish her with monkey hugs! When you're done with your story, would you consider posting your version of her with the CC you used? My Cassie is the default one and she looks so ... generic now! Story has been very cool and unique.

She is such a cutie pie! I have always loved her. 💕

And yes, I will consider uploading her after the story. I’ve considered uploading my makeovers of the other TS4 and TS2 townies, too, depending on how badly people want them.