this looked prettier before

meaghanbridget asked:

You look fantastic in your before and after! You look like a prettier version of Selena Gomez!! Could you give me any tips on weight loss or how you lost the weight

Oh wow, thank you so much!! Honestly diet and exercise are the only secrets. I quit eating fast food & processed foods. I quit eating things with artificial sweeteners, additives, dyes, and flavors. I personally stopped eating gluten and dairy as well and that really worked for me.
Let me know if I can help with anything else.

anonymous asked:

no hate, but doesn't Bomi look different this comeback? ofc she looks prettier but she didn't have that beauty mark before, no?

maybe because her new hair? 

anonymous asked:

yo Kylie in those gifs was actually so pretty.. she reminds me of Drew Barrymore... such a shame what shes doing smh

She was a lot prettier before. Shes just looks like a damn fool right now.