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final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.

Love You More

Song fic prompt. 2837 words. Hartbig, sfw, and okay fine I’ll call it nsff because of the trouble I seemed to cause last time… ;) Everyone go listen to this song, it’s gorgeous.


Love You More

‘Cause I’ve been away too long
and every day I missed you more.
You look like you did before,
only prettier.
And every day I missed you more,
and more and more and more and more.

Hannah wishes the cab would go faster.

It’s like the LA traffic was moving even more impossibly slower than usual. The buildings don’t rush by fast enough and they’re stopping too often and too long at lights and for other cars and for pedestrians.

Don’t they get that she has somewhere to be?

“Hey dude,” Hannah leans forward to speak to the driver. “Don’t suppose there’s a quicker back route is there? I’m supposed to be somewhere really soon.”

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Derek Luh- Friends with Benefits?

Derek’s POV

My fingers ran through YN’s hair as she slept on my bare chest; she fell asleep a while ago tracing my tattoos. I looked down a her somber face studying every detail like I have a million times before. She looks so beautiful but she’s prettier when she smiles. Though when she’s laughing and she snorts,that’s my favorite; it’s even better when I’m the one making her laugh. I let out a husky groan. What are you doing to yourself, Derek? Torturing yourself that’s what. Unfortunately, this is the only option. Here in my arms is currently the only thing I want right now.
But she doesn’t want me and if I told her I liked her she wouldn’t want to have sex with me anymore; she might not even want to talk to me anymore. I’ve seen her do it before, multiple times. Hell that’s why I’m in this position. We were chilling at one of Nate’s kick backs and she was complaining about having to break things off with her friend with benefits because he caught feelings for her and we bonded over that whole process and how it sucks to have to break off a good thing because the other party liked you. Then, Sam made a joke that we should just be friends with benefits and we took him up on that. That was 7 months ago and now we’re here.

I felt YN moving and looked down at her.

“Round 2?” YN question as she sat up making me laugh.

I looked over her body taking in her curves. The beauty of her frame that couldn’t be replicated. This was one of the moments I regret not taking art in high school; I want to draw her and paint her and sculpt her because she is a work of art and I want to be memorialized in something classier than the pictures she’s sent me. Her body wasn’t one you’d see in a Victoria’s Secret catalog but her body made me a very happy man. Her giggle brought me out of my thoughts as I combed my fingers through my hair.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She smiled putting her hands on my chest bringing her body down to kiss me.

“YN stop.” I said before she could kiss me. I pushed her off of me. “I have to take a shower; I told the boys I would meet them later.” I lied then swinging my legs over the bed causing YN to hug my from behind.

“We can shower together.” I could feel the smile in her voice.

I brushed her arms off of me. “No, we would be in there for hours.” I reminisced in our previous showers together.

“True, well can I come and hang out with you guys?” She questioned.

“No, it’s just guy time.” I shortly replied walking into my bathroom.

I hated being cold like that but I guess that was my way of keeping my distance. I turned on the shower and put my playlist on. Showers always helped me sort things out but I can’t count how many showers I’ve thought about YN.

The warm water washed over my body making my newly tensed muscles. I wrapped to the current song knowing every word. I have to get in the studio soon; but everything I’ve written has a line or two about YN and she’d figure it out no doubt. I let a couple more songs play as I washed the smell of YN off of me. I turned off the shower faucet and continued to sing to Company by Justin Bieber. Rubbing the towel against my hair I tied a towel around my waist to catch the water droplets I missed. I walked into my room to grab clean underwear.

“You ain’t gotta be my lover for you to call me baby.” I sang.

“Okay, baby.” My eyes widened when I saw YN sitting in on the bed in my shirt.

“Hey, you’re still here.”

“I’m sorry,did you want me to leave?” YN raised an eye brow.

“No I was just in there for a while and I thought you might have left.”

“Sam,” She paused.“Do you want to stop having sex with me?”

Yes I want to make love to you. “No.”

“Well, do you want to have sex with other people?”

“What? No!” I said a little to eager making her eyes wide. I didn’t want to have sex with anyone else and I definitely didn’t want to even think about YN having sex with anyone else but me.

“Sam what are we?” YN continued to give me the fourth degree.

“What do you mean?” I rubbed the back of my neck.

“Like I get that we’re friends with benefits but are we exclusive are we not? Are you board of me Sam because you seem like you’re board of me?” YN rambled on.

“No I-”

“Really,Sam because we rarely even talk or hangout outside of this. Now, you’ll hit me up and then you’ll want me to leave right after or you’ll jet out of my house. We used to hangout after sex and actually talk to eachother when we saw eachother at parties. I noticed you avoiding me last week at Jack’s party. Sam, is there someone else because it’s cool if you want to fuck other people or you have a girl you want so you want to keep us on the DL-”

“There’s no other girl!” I yelled fed up with all of YN’s questions. “I promise, I don’t want another girl. I just want you.” YN looked at me kinda confused. “I like you,YN.” I groaned.“I know I’m sorry I ruined this whole thing. I’ve caught feelings for you and I hate it. That’s why I’ve been so distant; because when I see you I get butterflies in my stomach and not those kind the like grade school crush kind and I hate it. I wish I didn’t like you but I do and I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to stop talking to me. And you were right I do want to stop having sex with you because I want to make love to you. Well not quite love but I want to show you that I care about you.” I slid down with my back to the wall. There I did it. A weight felt like it was lifted off my shoulder but another on was put right back on when I realized the possible consequences of my actions. I sat with my back pressing against the cold wall in defeat. I didn’t know what YN was thinking; her face was unreadable. She just sat there looking down lips pursed as her fingers fiddled with the sheets around her. “YN,please say something.”

“Sam I-”

“It’s okay I get it you don’t feel the same way.” I finished her sentence for her because I couldn’t hear the words of rejection come from her mouth.

“But I do. Atleast I think I do. I don’t know. I’ve started to feel like I like you recently but I don’t know. I just don’t want to hurt you or for you to get your hopes up. The truth is I don’t know how I feel and I need time to sort things out I guess.” YN explained going back and forth from me to the sheets she continued to play with in her hands.

“And until then what?”

“Until then we can still do what we’ve been doing and just keep it exclusive.” She decided smiling at her decision.

“I’m good with that.” I walked over to the bed and kissed her grabbing the back of her face deepening the kiss. She pulled away making me pout.

“What about the boys?” YN said reminding me of my lie.

“They’ll understand.” I smiled pushing her back on the bed,taking my towel off.

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S and M reacting to their lover (who is very beautiful) wanting to get plastic surgery because her parents constantly put her down??

Shu: He furrowed his brows as you carefully tried to tell him about your plan to make yourself look prettier. He opened his eyes lazily, starring at you before closing them again. “Screw what they say..”, he said. You were a bit perplexed but he just continued. “You are already pretty, why the surgery? They have no idea, so stop worrying about their opinion..”

Reiji: “No”, was his clear answer. “I won’t allow you going into surgery for such a ridiculous reason.” You again told him about your parents but he just kept starring at you with a displeased expression. “I think it must be obvious that I don’t care for what your parents think and neither should you.”

Laito: “ want what?”, he asks, his eyes slightly widened as you repeat your words. “But Bitch-chan already is very pretty, nfu~ If you parents really think you’re not a beauty than they must be blind, and now get this idea with the surgery out of your head, or do you need distraction, nfu~”

Kanato: “Surgery..?”, he repeated, tilting his head. You nodded, swallowing. “NO. WAY. Get this ridiculous idea out of your head! You don’t need a surgery in order to make you even more beautiful!!”

Ayato: “Surgery? Chichinashi, did you lose your fuckin mind?”, he asks, crossing his arms. “Don’t listen to you parents, they don’t know what’s good for you anyway. Ore-sama thinks you’re fine, isn’t that enough?”, he asks you, a wide grin on his lips.

Subaru: “THEY TOLD YOU WHAT?!”, he shouts, not believing what your parents told you. “ARE THEY FUCKIN BLIND OR SOMETHING? DON’T TELL ME THEY DON’T SEE HOW FUCKIN BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE!!” He didn’t even realize what he said but after seeing your flustered face he started blushing immediately. “Y-You get my point, dammit!!”

Ruki: “Surgery? Livestock, are you out of your mind? Of course not.” You try to protest but he makes you quiet with one cold glare. “I just told you I don’t want you to. Your parents have no right to say so because you are beautiful and it’s the truth. Listen to what your master says.”

Kou: “Neko-chan, that’s what your parents told you?”, Kou asked confused and shocked at the same time. “And now you want to go into surgery?! No Neko-chan, I don’t want this!”, he told you immediately. “Your parents tell are totally wrong! You are pretty and that’s that!” 

Yuma: You were not sure how to tell him, in the end it just blurted out of you. “Hah?!”, you heard him, raising an eyebrow. “The fuck are you parents talking about? Sow, you’re the prettiest out of every other sow out there, so stop worryin’ already!!”

Azusa: “___-san…”, Azusa started carefully as you told him about your plan to go into surgery. “I..don’t want your face…or..body..” You noticed his cold fingers slowly brushing the palm of your hand. “You are…really..beautiful…you..don’t need..this..”


it’s moments like this, where you get ridiculous items that really only make sense within the context of a Final Fantasy game, that i really like

most players probably know that Earrings traditionally increase the wearer’s magic power (sometimes by as much as twice over), so it’s a pretty handy accessory to have on hand if you like spells

but out of context, it just looks like this dude thinks Zack needs to look more prettier before he runs into a fight

just as I expected, I just kept on crash landing all the things, glider, truck , bike…….especially the glider outside Banapur …… that a trap? there’s a tree standing right in front of the glider route, it’s like a guarantee for me to crash as soon as i jump ……. and the evil honey badgers….no, why would I thought that it looks like pagan before Pagan is way prettier (and cute) than that thing I could never see where did those thing come from till it’s biting Ajay’s arm I hate you it look so painful apologise to Ajay badgers.

I thought I will get motion sickness again but looks like I’m doing alright by far, maybe because I’m playing on TV and the distance help?? but the downside is aiming is really really difficult with the controller…and I kept touching the touch pad before I even notice, and then the menu just kept coming up ….I wonder if I could connect a mouse to the PS4……..I’m pretty sure that I’ll still be playing the game till chinese new year….

time to bed now, goodnite

EXO(k) Reacting To Seeing Their Girlfriend's Face Without Make-up For the First Time...

Suho: Maybe I can pay her to put her make-up back on…


Y/N- Baekhyunah~ Do I still look pretty?

Baekhyun- Yeah… Of course..

Chanyeol: Haha *Pushes y/n back into the bathroom* We’re going out to eat right now, please put your make-up on again…

Y/N: But it’s midnight-

Chanyeol: I love you… now go put on make-up.


Y/N: Honey~ I’m home!!

Kyungsoo: Who are you…

Sehun: OOohhh~ Hehe, you look even prettier then before…!

Jongin: You look beautiful in every single way~ *Only person with feelings*

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