this looked prettier before

My self esteem has taken a huge hit since I cut off all my hair and I’m honestly so glad. I have been shattered. I got rid of something I was known for to an extent. I used my hair as a safety net. I let it define me. I relied on it a lot and I got a ton of attention for it. All the people flipping out over it telling me to grow it back just proves what a big deal it was and still is. I am forced to look at myself as a human being and decide who I am. I’m redefining myself. Some people are saying I’m being dramatic and it’s just hair or that I talk about it too much but I think it just shows how much people don’t understand. My appearance is such a huge part of my identity and it’s wrong. It’s harmful to me. I feel so much pressure to look perfect every day and if I don’t I feel like I don’t matter or I’m letting everyone down. Obviously that is so dramatic and not true at all but it’s such a weak spot for me. When people say things like “sorry you look better with long hair” or “you were prettier before” it can hurt me so bad if it’s at the wrong moment. I am so detached most of the time it really doesn’t affect me but if someone catches me in a weak moment it can get to me and bring me down. I’m tired of seeing myself for my outer shell. I’m tired of feeling scared people don’t love me anymore. As if the entire world loved me before anyway omg 🙄😑 the people who are telling me I’m not pretty anymore never loved me to begin with and I don’t want their approval or anything from them really. I need to stop caring about people who don’t know me. Everyone close to me has been SO supportive and encouraging and it’s been so fun. When I’m calm and comfortable and I look at my hair, my natural reaction is pure happiness. There is no fear, no doubt, no questions. I love my hair! If I wanna grow it out later I will but right now I do love it and want to keep it for a while. I only think about growing it out when the desire to please people starts to creep back in. Thoughts of growing it out come from a place of fear and that sucks. This entire new chapter has been about ditching fear and it genuinely has been so positive. There is the negative undercurrent of fear, yes, but it doesn’t negate the good. I want this to stop. People can and will say whatever they want but I’m doing my part to cut off all negativity. My self esteem is more important than random insensitive strangers on the internet who prefer long-haired women. There are so many accounts you can look at if you want some rapunzel chick. I can’t live for other people. Again, it’s not that they don’t love me anymore, it’s that they never did. The people that know me are so supportive because they know it’s not that big of a deal and that I am SO MUCH MORE THAN MY HAIR. But I need to remind myself of that!!!! And it’s time I show that to the world too. I have so much to share, so much I’ve created and so much that I think about and I intend to put that into the world this year. I am actually finding myself for the first time outside of my appearance. I’m seeing myself in a new light. Of course I’ve always been aware of the fact that I’m more than my looks, I consciously understand that but I can actually FEEL it now. I didn’t truly believe it before. I guess what I hope you guys can take away from this is that if people are defining you by something superficial or if YOU are, challenge that. You are more than what people say about you, what you look like, your circumstances, really anything external. You’re so much more. We have to get in touch with our value as humans, feel it, believe it, live it and SHARE it with the world. Confidence comes from knowing you are full of light and goodness and that no one can change that. I’m only sharing myself with safe people, people who know and understand me. I’m going to continue to be myself to the fullest and put myself out there but I’m no longer giving weight to what people think of my appearance. Of course it’s hard but I welcome the challenge. If I like it, that’s all that matters. My happiness is important and so is yours. So anyway I just wanted to update you guys on my life and let you know that recently I’ve been struggling with this but I’m working through it. If it seems like I’m always dealing with something, it’s because I am hahaha. That’s life when you’re in touch with your feelings, it’s not bad! It’s more challenging but WAY more fulfilling at the end of the day. I love feeling my feelings and acknowledging them and dealing with them, I didn’t always do that and my life was nowhere near as good as it is now. Overall I’m happy and very optimistic, I’m working on myself, my relationships, my music and my health and this year is already turning out to be one of the best yet, despite some bumps. Love you guys and hope this helps you understand me a little more 💜

EDIT: I wanna add on to the first thought that I’m glad my self esteem has been shattered. I wrote this in between takes while shooting a cover today and I forgot to finish that idea. I’m glad I’ve been shattered because I was building myself on a flimsy foundation. My infrastructure was so shaky and flawed, I was doing okay but I needed to be rebuilt. Those pieces of me that were clinging to other people’s opinions and approval needed to crumble so I could rebuild into a better, stronger version of myself. This is a theme in my life. Every few years, whatever pieces of me start to go in a bad direction are eventually destroyed and then I rebuild into a better version of myself haha
Habit || Jeonghan || Oneshot

Originally posted by dureowanni

Word Count: 1750

Genre: angst, oneshot

Summary: Habits were the hardest to get rid of. Once you’ve fallen into a routine, you want to keep continuing it. Jeonghan had a routine. He followed it closely for years but one day a part of it was broken. You were no longer there. Only then did Jeonghan realize how integrated you were into his life. Only then did he realize that calling out to you had become a habit. :

Jeonghan pushed the door open and let out a sigh as he kicked the shoes off of his feet. He dropped his keys on the table by the door and pulled his bag off, setting it on the ground beside the couch before he laid down, resting his head against the armrest of it and closing his eyes. He groaned and shifted slightly.

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anonymous asked:

Howdy!~ How about UT & UF Sans & US & SF Pap in a car and they're in the back while somebody else is driving and the crush falls asleep on their shoulder and then the car takes a sharp turn and the crush just falls into said skelly's lap. Instead of waking up, the crush just curld up into the lap and smile and say the skele's name? In a sweet, "I trust you" way. Sorry if its long!! Thanks in advance♡

Asked by @hoot-eggs before I moved the blog

Sorry that these aren’t exactly like the request, but I can only write one scenario so many times without changing it up a bit. I tried to keep the general theme the same though.

US!Papyrus: The most annoying thing about car rides were the fact that he couldn’t smoke. Being forced to spend hours in a metal contraption traveling at over 60/mph was bad enough, not being able to calm his nerves while doing it was straight up hell. And since Blue didn’t support his smoking habit, he refused to pull over. In fact the only time Papyrus had gotten a chance to smoke a cigarette had been when you needed them to pull over at a gas station so you could use the bathroom. After that he had jokingly said that if Blue could pull over to let you pee, he should give him a smoke break too.

Neither of you had been very amused, to say the least, and he should be thankful for the small break he had been given. But that had been hours ago, and he could feel his hand subconsciously shift towards his pocket, itching to light another cigarette. He resisted the urge and resigned to let his leg tap an annoying rhythm against the floor, the sound of the engine drowned the tapping anyway. Leaning forward a bit, he tried to listen to Sans’ and Alphys’ conversation in the front seat, but he quickly grew bored and turned his focus to you. You weren’t asleep, despite looking like it. He could tell the differences, in your breathing and in the way your face twitched when a loose thread tickled your cheek. He’d spent hours staring at you throughout your friendship, silently admiring you when you weren’t paying attention. And he refused to feel weird about it. He liked looking at you, and you weren’t bothered by it, so why should he stop? You shifted a little, trying to find a comfortable position with you head against the window. After watching you squirm around for a while, unable to find a way to lean your head just right, he reached an arm out and hooked it on your waist.

Your eyes shot open and looked up as he quietly pulled you against him. Your gaze was dimmed and your eyes hazy, you looked like you were minutes from falling asleep. You made an attempt to speak, but only quiet mumbles could be heard. He hushed you and placed your head on his shoulder, still holding his arm around your waist. You seemed content with this, and closed your eyes as you snuggled into him. A minute passed, and your breaths turned deeper and found a steady rhythm. He loved that sound. It was calming. And if it weren’t for the fact that his mind was occupied with his want for a cigarette, he would’ve probably fallen asleep right then and there, with you in his arms.

He felt content with the situation too, though. And he’d gladly take this over a boring car ride of trying to sleep in the backseat. He’s zoning out while looking out the window, thinking back on his life, from living in the underground to meeting you and then to late nights together at New Muffet’s.

He’s in the middle of reenacting a pun battle he had with the king once, when the car turns sharply and his skull is smacked into the window. Sitting up and rubbing his head to get rid of the pain, he’s sure that he must have gotten his sense knocked out of him, because he could’ve sworn that he heard Blue curse. Before he can ask what happened, Alphys turns around in her seat to ask if he’s alright, and tells them that a car almost pushed them off the road.

Holy fuck, he didn’t expect that. And for some reason he feels almost guilty for zoning out, like it was his fault because he didn’t notice the other car before Blue did. He shakes off the guilt, at least everybody is safe. And nothing happened, nothing’s out of the ordinary.

Except you’re laying down on his lap, which you definitely weren’t before. And holy hell, somehow you’re still asleep. Clutching his hoodie like a life line, face scrunched up in sleepy confusion over what happened. The sudden turn of the car must have shaken you, and maybe triggered a nightmare of sorts. Because your face turns from confusion to fright and you’re almost whimpering, your fists tightening around the fabric of his shirt, and your eyes pressing together.

He doesn’t know what to do, he wants to wake you but that would only scare you further. Moving carefully, he slowly pets down on your head, flattening your hair down and moving his hand in soothing motions. He hushes you quietly, hoping you can hear it over the car engine and your own nightmare. You flinch when his hand makes contact with you, but slowly your whimpering stops and you’re not moving around as much. After a few more seconds of petting you’re breathing normally, face relaxed as you start to calm down. When he decides that you’re no longer having a nightmare he tries to pull his hand away, but yours shoot up to keep it close to you. Your eyes doesn’t open as you quietly breathe out his name, more asleep than awake and still oh so adorable.

‘’I’m here, kiddo.’’ is all he says as he continues to rub your scalp, dragging his hand down to your shoulders every now and then. Your face is once again pressed against his hoodie, and he swears that he hears you inhale deeply into the fabric.

‘’I’m here,’’- he repeats, still rubbing your hair,- ‘’I’ll stay here, hun.’’

But you don’t hear that last part. And as he leans his head back and look out the window, he’s not sure if that makes him relieved or disappointed 

SF!Papyrus: The worst thing about long car rides, were the fact that despite his impressive height, Papyrus was always assigned to sit in the backseat. And while sharing the backseat with you meant one good thing, he couldn’t help but envy his shorter brother and the royal scientist as they sat in the front seat. Both quite a lot shorter than him.

And after hours of sitting hunched over, he could feel his spine grow stiffer. He’d do anything to stretch right now, and feel his joints pop. He absentmindedly popped his fingers as a form of substitute. And averted his gaze from the spacious front seat, he turned it to look out the window. Only three more hours to go. Amazing, he thought.

To lighten his mood, he turned around again to look at you. And he watched you look out your window. The afternoon light made your features look sharper, but it also painted you in a soft, warm glow. Angelic, almost. But it didn’t suit the picture of an angel the underground held. Their view of a savior had been tainted with their violence, their fight to survive. It had been a crueler being they’d imagined back then. He still felt like you were a savior, though. If only to him, although he couldn’t tell you that.

You seemed to notice him stare at you. But when you turned your body, he kept his eyes on you. There wasn’t a lot else to look at, so he figured he could get away with it this time. And when your eyes met his, you smiled and leaned back in your seat. Keeping your gaze leveled, you smiled at him softly, looking even prettier than before. Until your face scrunched up and you yawned loudly, involuntarily bringing your hands up to your face and covering your mouth. The sudden yawn made him laugh, even when you sent him a dirty look, still covering your face as you tried to regain your composure. You really were too adorable.

‘’You should sleep, hun,-’’ he said. Voice quiet but still loud enough to reach you over the engine. ‘’We still have a few hours left, no point in making it longer by bein’ stubborn.’’

Another yawn escaped you, and it apparently convinced you to follow his suggestion. But instead of leaning your head on the window next to you, you put your legs on the seat and your head on his shoulder, wiggling around until you found a comfortable position, using the fluff on his hoodie as a makeshift pillow and smiling at your own handywork. He scoffed at you, but still pulled his arm out from where it had been stuck under your body, letting it rest across your stomach and holding you in place. A minute or two later, he felt his hand rise and fall as you’re breathing turned into a steadier pace. And he leaned his head back to get some rest, letting the rhythmic motion and humming of the engine lull him to sleep.

He woke up by yelling, and then felt his seatbelt tug on his ribcage as his body jerked forward. His arm reached out quickly, holding you back and safe before his eyes were fully opened. Sans was still screaming in the front seat, accompanied by violent gestures and quite a few death threats and profanities. Whatever happened, it must have jarred him. Listening to the chaos in the front seat he managed to gather that someone tried to push Sans out of the lane, aware of what they had been doing. And he felt a quiet rage that they had endangered your life in the process. Just because they didn’t like monsters didn’t mean they had to harm you too.

But you, amazing and weird thing that you was, didn’t even seem phased. Instead you were laying across his lap, face on your arms and body pressing against him. He felt his breath hitch a little, letting you sleep on his shoulder had been one thing. But this was almost too much, and his soul both ached and fluttered at having you oh so close.

He willed his hand not to shake as he carefully touched a scrape on your arm, probably from his jacket as you fell. It wasn’t deep, not even bleeding. But he hated that you’d gotten it anyway, especially as he’d been asleep and unable to hold you up when the car turned.

But when his hand made contact with your skin you squirmed around in his lap, pulling his hand closer and in your sleep, held it under your chin like you would a teddy bear. You murmured a few words, and he caught his name in the middle of them. And if he thought his soul had felt light before, it was practically soaring now.

He let you keep his hand there, and gently traced your face with his other. Until it ended up tangled in your head, massaging your scalp.

You obviously trusted him, otherwise you wouldn’t sleep with your head in his lap. You wouldn’t murmur his name like that. He played with the idea that maybe you liked him the way he found himself liking you. Maybe he could turn what you had into something more.

It was a nice thought. He held on to it for the rest of the ride.

Haikyuu!! Third Years AU (Tsukkiyama)

Okay so here me out because I had this cute thought in class.

Yama and Tsukki were doing homework at Tsukki’s house with Hinata, Kageyama, and Yachi.

They are all third years at this point)

Yachi helping Hinata with the homework.

Kageyama asking Yamaguchi for help.

Tsukki staring at Yamaguchi instead of his paper because he developed a huge crush on him. (Even though he had a smaller crush on him before)

Yamaguchi looking even prettier this year.(Tanner skin, longer hair, yada yada)

Yamaguchi asking Tsukki for help with a question.

Tsukki so lost in thought he’s not paying attention and accidentally says “I love you.”

Everyone’s quiet.

Tsukki doesn’t realize it at first but it starts to flow back and he’s hit with the realization of what he said.

He tries to apologize

Yamaguchi pulls him into the hall and confesses too.

They kiss, fall deeper in love.

Yachi is smiling like an idiot.

Kageyama and Hinata are confused as to what just happened.

They are nerd and I love them.

(It’s one am and I want to sleep!!!!!)

Friends Again or Maybe More?

For Day 5 of the Jonsa S7 Summer Challenge hosted by @jonsa-creatives

Prompt: Firsts

Part 4/5: Twenty Years of Summer

Jon sat by the water’s edge, his bare feet wet from where the waves just reached him. The Starks were due to arrive any moment now and Robb had promised him Sansa would be here with the rest of them. He had not seen her in almost two years. Jon missed his friend, the little girl with red hair in pigtails.

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final fantasy type-0 abilities:

Jack ➟ Transience.

Young and Beautiful (SCM fanfic) Chapter 3 - The Empress

Type: Alternative History (AU)

Background: Ancient Egypt

CP: Zyglavis × Reader × Scorpio 

Warning: Mature (3some)

The next morning you awoke at sunrise. Krioff slept beside you as you lied in the crook of his arm. Both of you were naked, skin still exposed to the early morning breeze. His silver hair and rock hard muscles shimmered with the brilliance of the rising sun. 

You gazed down at him, thought back on the way he took you last night. He touched you without a ro of hesitation①. He sucked your skin hard and bit your breasts like a beast. You had known him for more than ten years, but this was the first time you discovered what he was like in bed - So rough, unbelievably intense - It was like you could still feel his lingering heat inside of you.  

Feeling your gaze, Krioff suddenly opened his eyes. He looked into your face, the right hand caressed your cheek, “__, you look prettier than before. How do you feel?”

You rolled your eyes coyly and blushed. "I really thought you were going to break me last night.“ 

"I did get pretty wild, ” He grinned, “Blame me if you want.”

Watching his eyes from so close you sensed something cunning and gloating inside. Krioff apologized without the slightest compunction, what was more, he did spend the night in your chamber. There had never been any General just like him.

“Shameless silver beast,” Your eyes narrowed, slim fingers started touching his lips, “Now get up out of my bed.”

You engaged the pillow talk with him for a while. He craved for your lovely scent but finally had to tear himself away from you. Today was your big day. It would be troublesome if later your body servants came inside and found the great General was still naked in your bed. 

The morning of your coronation was quite busy. Court ladies went in and out of your chamber, helping Helena to serve you bath. You had a couple of wnwts to get fully dressed②. Helena didn’t ask if you had a good sleep last night. She knew what her brother had done to you when she saw the marks he left on your body.

Helena contemplated what she could use to cover the hickeys and teeth marks, then opened an alabaster jar. She scooped out some cream, massaged it over your face, neck, and breasts. It had a secret fragrance. You could smell frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood in it. Your skin had a slight tingling at her fingertips gently massaged the red marks in circling way. You watched her mixed fragrant oil and some gold powder in a bowl, applied it to your exposed skin by a brush. She was very proud of herself when she saw the marks disappeared under the glittering unguent. 

There was a knock on the chamber door. You ignored it, sitting still while Helena put the last sweeps of red ochre on your lips. You waited patiently when she fastened your collar necklace, your body servants put gold bangles on your wrists. Then Helena fetched the crown and placed it on your head. You slid into your sandals, which was decorated with lapis and gold. When you stood, the crimson gown was trailing along behind you. Your face was aglitter with your mom’s favorite lioness earrings. Their emerald eyes shined on your ears, emphasizing the beautiful shape of your high cheekbones and slender neck.

“__, are you ready? Can we come in?”

A second knock on the door. It was Dui. You nodded and Helena went to get it. He wore his pure white headdress and a Horus pectoral amulet. Krioff stood in full regalia at the side of him. Both were stunned at your breathtaking beauty.

“Don’t just stand there like two dumb hawks. Come inside." You smiled sweetly at them, thick bangles twinkling in your wrists and ankles, "How do I look?”

They were speechless. It was some time before Dui could answer. “You are more beautiful than anyone I have seen!“

You came forward and hooked his arm in yours. "Today you shall always stand on my right side. Do not take one step away from me, even if you are told to do so by the High Priest.”

“Does he have to do this? I have twelve men. Zyglavis and Scorpio are with us,” Krioff demanded, “I’ll guard him forever. Nothing for you to worry about.”

“It’s not like I don’t trust you or question your ability, Krioff. Did I tell you that you’re beyond compare?" A smile hovered in your red lips, then you turned your eyes to Dui. "Let’s expect the unexpected today. We will enjoy it.”

Dui and Krioff questioningly exchanged glances. Krioff frowned, staring at you in a way that was quite aggressive. “What do you plan to do?" 

"You’ll soon find out.” You laughed flirtingly, walking out of your chamber with Dui. 

You and Dui were to ride in your jeweled chariot. Behind you was Krioff and his men, the rest of the royal family would be carried in litters. When you were ready, the palace doors opened and the procession began. You rode the chariot much slower than usual since thousands of people packed into the main street. They were shouting your name, throwing piles of flowers to you, chanting and begging for your blessings. The air was filled with the sweetness of lotus blossom and excited shouts. There were more commoners than you had ever seen before. A female Pharaoh paraded the streets to her coronation. Even the illiterates knew that this was a historic moment they would not be able to witness.

Dui was overwhelmed by their passion while you were smiling and waving to the crowds. “Great Osiris!” He exclaimed, “__, look at these people, they love you so much! This is amazing!”

You laughed heartily. “It’s true. And I can make you win their hearts as well. Wanna try?”

“That……That’s impossible, I guess.” Dui looked down coyly, “I’m not so wonderful as you are.”

You smiled and gave him a wink. The next moment you turned to the front, suddenly raised his left hand in yours. There was a roar immediately went up from the people, the shouts became louder and clearer, “I-SIS AND HO-RUS!"③ Your guards had to keep pushing them back since they were crazy for you. 

"See? They love you, too.” You flashed him a triumphant smile through your long eyelashes, watching the color came into his cheeks with interest. His face was glowing with the people shouting and cheering. It was the first time for him to really feel their love.

“__, this is too good to be true! And I don’t know how I can thank you,” Genuine happiness sparkled in his brown eyes, "Is it the surprise for me?“

"Not yet.” A sly smile played at the edge of your lips. You couldn’t help laughing when you saw the puzzled look in his innocent eyes. The royal family and Amun’s priests could be dissatisfied if they saw it all, but you wouldn’t mind making them even angrier.

The High Priest only considered you as a perfect political tool. He was confident that Pharaoh would be captivated by your beauty and intelligence, also glad to see that the power of Pharaoh was balanced since he seemed to like to follow your advice. You knew that your family was more than happy to see you became Queen, for their prestige would be risen to highest in this kingdom.

All they cared about was their prosperity, that was how they bartered away my freedom for wealth, you smiled coldly, to them my own feeling was a lightweight. If anybody was considerate of your happiness, they would marry you to Dui, not Pharaoh, who was old enough to be your father. You shut your eyes for a moment, imagined your marriage with him. What he’d look like in the nemes headdress?④ Such a handsome young prince, people would say you and he made a lovely pair.

“__?” Dui noticed you were distracted, he touched your right hand. Feeling the heat of his palm you returned to normal.

“It’s nothing.” You responded with a charming smile, “Just keep smiling and waving to them.”

You reached Karnak later than expected, the sun was high in the sky. Once your chariot passed through the outer gates of the Temple, people’s cheering suddenly fell behind. Commoners were not allowed to go inside until the coronation ended. You stopped at the square, got off the chariot. All the others followed you ascending the dais and walking into the Temple of Amun. 

The light was bright in the temple. All the nobles and priests dressed in the finest linens and gold ornaments. More than two hundred oil lamps illuminated the gold on their arms and around their necks. When you took the last few steps you saw Zyglavis and Scorpio stood in their places. After shaved and bathed they were extremely handsome, hardly the same shaggy men as of two days ago. In full regalia, they had acquired a weightier dignity than ever before.

Everything fell silent in an instant when you appeared. Your steps sent a shiver through the gathering, who could not imagine what they saw to be of this world. If they had been in the dark night, they would have thought they were witnessing the rise of a phoenix. They were all silent, for no doubt they could never banish your striking beauty from their minds.

There was a gasp swept cross the crowd when you stood and took off your crown. The High Priest came to stand before you. He took a golden vessel, raising it above your head and pouring the oil while announced Amun poured his blessing on you. It was the same ceremony as you had last night in the Temple of Isis.

After the last drop of oil dripped down your face, you lifted your head and put on the modius. You crowned yourself Pharaoh of Egypt

The High Priest was about to lead you to the sacred pool, but you stopped him. You turned to Dui, indicated him to your side, then said forcefully. “Anoint him as my consort.”

There was a commotion as people heard what you had said. It was a sudden twist that no one had foreseen, even Dui himself. Finding the High Priest didn’t follow the command you step forward, took a second vessel filled with oil. "Take off your headdress.“ You looked at Dui, black eyes deep and unwavering, like the obsidian ponds. 

The young prince hesitated but still did as you said. He lowered his head before you, accepting your blessings as the oil poured down his head and dripped onto his chest. He didn’t flinch until you finished the anointment.

"From now on you will rule Egypt with me. May Amun grant you long life and prosperity.” You proclaimed, took his hand and walked to the sacred pool. Most of the nobles and priests were too numb to comprehend what had happened, and you just ignored them all. 

Dui and you held your heads steady as the sacred water washed over you. He grasped your right hand with soft and rosy fingers. Then you walked out of the Temple and descended the dais, side by side.

Cheers broke forth from the crowd when you appeared in the square. Your wet gown was dripping on the ground. The blinding sunshine was aspersed on you and you could barely see anything. But you didn’t care. You raised Dui’s hand in yours for the second time, proclaimed loudly. “PRINCE DUI! MY CONSORT!" 

The crowd became untamable and for the last time you raised your left hand, declared loud enough to wake up the Gods. "MY PEOPLE! ” You shouted, at the top of your voice, “BLESS YOU ALL WITH ETERNAL HAPPINESS!”

Back to the Palace, Dui and you were both exhausted. It was quite clear that he had something on his mind. After the coronation he said nothing, but he didn’t let go your fingers until you reached your chamber. Helena stood in front of the chamber door to welcome you. When she saw Dui, she flicked her wrist toward the door with a grand smile, “My dear prince, this will be your chamber from now on, as a request of her Highness.”

You explained to Dui why you had to make this arrangement. Since you would move to Pharaoh’s room today, it was a safer way for him to live in the closest chamber, the Queen’s room, which was much larger and would be comfortable for two men to stay.

“Sure!” Dui said brightly and Krioff did not oppose. Then you squeezed his hand, smiling brilliantly. “Come to my room later with Krioff. We need to change right now - soaking wet like geese!” Then you turned to Krioff, flashed him a sweet smile under your thick lashes, “Please summon Zyglavis and Scorpio as well. We’ll have a meeting before the feasts.”


When the sun sank lower in the sky the feasts in your honor was on. A large table which had been decorated with ivory and gems spread from one end to the other. Beautiful blossoms were arranged in containers coming from foreign kingdoms. After you took your seat the food was served, musicians started playing lyres and lutes, a group of very sexy dancers started the joyful dance with their colored tambourines, and Aigonorus and his harp were the most impressive part. The guests enjoyed the delicacies and fine wines. Music and laughter echoed beneath the high ceiling. You wore a new gown, commanded a view of the entire court from your golden throne, but it was only Dui you talked with - he was the one who could sit beside you in the Great Hall. 

With a single glance around you noticed the mood of the noble family was dark, but the High Priest acted as if nothing had happened. You examined the way he talked to people, his meaningful gaze on the two tasters sitting beneath the dais in front of you and Dui, he was seen as far more sophisticated, even ruthless. A formidable adversary, now the game begins

You thought back to the secret meeting in your chamber earlier this afternoon. It was all about Dui’s safety and the arrangement of chambers. Inside Pharaoh’s room, there were connecting double rooms, one was your bedroom and the other was the private chamber, adjoining to Queen’s room. The doors looked the same, including the glorious wall depicts, but you had to press the corresponding gods to enter from outside.

After some deliberation, you’d decided to give them the code. On one hand, both Zyglavis and Scorpio needed to rush from the palace and the military camp every day, and they would take turns to guard Dui with Krioff, so you assigned Dui’s old chamber to them. On the other hand, you must fulfilled your promise to them, now added Krioff, there was no other way to prevent attracting too much attention from the court.

Zyglavis and Scorpio, their attitude toward you totally changed after the coronation: Zyglavis was stern and serious as usual, but there was a tenderness in his slender dark gray eyes when he looked at you; and Scorpio, who was abrasive and always saying insulting words, finally stopped calling you ‘filthy woman’.

But still, the thought of spending a night with either one was really tough. You pictured them in bed, a shiver ran through your body.

You glared at that trio. They sit side by side in the seats for the military elite, never tuned into the surround. You watched Zyglavis and Krioff chatting congenially, bowls of wine in hand, while Scorpio was tucking into the hearty meal. Where’s his table manner? It was rare to see a high-ranking General feasting like this.

On seeing the scene you were amused, couldn’t refrain from grinning.  Noticed that you were staring at him Scorpio looked up. He put down a whole roasted duck, glared back while clenched his jaw. Such a bad temper! You returned his aggressive glance with an arrogant smile. You really did it this time. Totally pissed off by your provocation he banged his fist on the table, surprised Zyglavis and Krioff. Suddenly, three pairs of penetrating eyes - black, gray and silver - seemed to pierce right through your delicate body. What you’d done had just backfired. 

That was well done. Why did I start on him? You looked away quickly, feeling like infuriated the wolves with your bare hands.

The feast lasted all night. Most of the people would be drunk all the time, singing and dancing tirelessly until they were fagged out to be carried off by their servants. You were feeling a bit tipsy, so you held Dui’s arm and returned to the Pharaoh’s chamber. “Have a good dream, Pharaoh __,” Dui smiled mischievously, “And Krioff will be in my chamber tonight, right?”

“Right.” Krioff appeared out of nowhere behind you. There you knew you had chosen the right man for Dui.

You slid into the alabaster tub which was filled with hot water and perfumed with lotus. Helena rubbed essential oil over your feet, as she messaged, you felt the tiredness eventually disappeared. “Just leave me here and go sleep.” You spoke softly to her, “You look tired. It’s been a long day.”

“The happiest day.” She corrected, smiled warmly before left the bathroom.

You returned to the bedroom, dressed in a white sheath that cut below your breasts. Although your closets and jewelry were left in Queen’s chamber, you were satisfied to see two cedar braziers filled with scrolls had already been placed against the wall. Every night you hadn’t been summoned you read before going to sleep. If you couldn’t spend nights with your husband trying for an heir, then knowledge and official languages of foreign countries were your best companies.

You felt a sudden tingle of awkward when you were about to take out a scroll. You sharply turned around, only to find that two men were silently staring at you. They sit cross-legged in a pair of armchairs painted with gods and goddesses in front of your bed.

“Great Isis!” You shrieked, heart pounded wildly. “Zyglavis! And Scorpio! What are you guys doing here?"   

For a moment, there was no reply, for you had no idea how they saw you: without Kohl rimmed your eyes and red ochre painted your lips and heavy jewelry decorated your body, you were no longer the dignified Pharaoh with haughty from a distance and forbidding in intimacy. You looked like a lovely white lotus in perfect bloom, emerging from the mists of the River Nile at night. The breath of your enchantment seemed to perfume their faces as they watched.    

They stood from the armchairs, came and stopped right in front of you, only in their short kilts. You didn’t know which way to look, or rather, you didn’t expect that they would come tonight.

"Two of you……Why?”

Zyglavis held the back of your neck, gently stroke your cheek with his thumb. Looking into the abstruse eyes you saw the black flame of desire, a deep voice whispered, “You know why we are here.”

You quickly averted your eyes. Of course, you knew why, but what you wanted to know was if they were here to take you at the same time. Scorpio clicked his tongue when he discovered the hickeys left by Krioff, then smirked. “You were checking me out all the time in that damned hall," He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you closer to him, "Why are you surprised now?" 

"I didn’t…” “Don’t you dare to deny me.” He cut you off, couldn’t wait ripped the straps of your sheath and pushed you onto the bed. He trapped you between his hands. You were shaking slightly. A hint of discomposure flicked in your eyes while he got on top of you. He grinned since you seemed to him very cute and dear from this angle. He would never tell you that he was hopelessly turned on by your innocent side like picked up a lotus flower and crushed its delicate petals with his rough figures.  

You wanted to struggle when Scorpio pulled the sheath off your body, but Zyglavis moved to your side, pressured a lip tingling kiss upon your mouth. You left out a moan when he started gently kissing and nibbling your neck and earlobes which sent shivers down your spine. Then Scorpio joined, his mouth applied to your breasts and various other parts of your body by licking, biting, and sucking. Soon you found it impossible to sustain any resistance to them. When his tongue, hot and wet, reached the tenderness between your legs, the feeling was electric and a shiver of thrill passed through you. You gasped, hurriedly sat up and tried to stop him, but Zyglavis caught you by the hands. He savoured the way you blushed a brilliant scarlet.  

“You haven’t had this before?”

You were too embarrassed to answer a word. An evil smile slowly spread across his face, “Then learn to enjoy it." 

Scorpio’s tongue was there again and before another sweet moan escaped Zyglavis bit your lips gently and slid his tongue into your mouth. His right hand was caressing your back in an incredibly sensual way. You just gave up. All you could do was moaning and groaning and indulging yourself in the wondrous pleasure, like a moth obsessed with the fire.


  1. ro: Unit of volume, about 0.51 oz;
  2. wnwts: Unit of time, approximately equal to hours;
  3. The pronunciation of Isis is like 'Ee-sis' and Horus is [hɔːɹəs]. Isis was said to have given birth to Horus (but in some stories she is also referred to as his sister).
  4. A striped headcloth worn by pharaohs in ancient Egypt, e.g., The golden mask from the mummy of Tutankhamun was wearing the nemes headdress.

OTP challenge with @rextexx​  Day 2 : Flowers 

we still do over part separately,so Rex’s fic has no relate with mine.

(I always have this headcanon about pyro plant flowers in the base~)

and please GO under the cut and read Rex’s short helmet party ffic!!!

it’s sooo lovely !I’m assure you it will warm your heart!!!


by @rextexx

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empressmcbride  asked:

4. in the moment kiss

pick a caryl prompt for me to write this week

She’s so damn pretty.

Ain’t like he never noticed that before. But she’s looking even prettier tonight. With the stars reflecting in her blue eyes and her skin nearly translucent in the moonlight except for all them freckles that he can’t help but follow from the bridge of her nose all the way down to the where they disappear into the dip of her shirt.

Curls of her hair - auburn and shiny and making his fingers itch with the need to touch them - flutter in the balmy breeze. She keeps tucking them behind her ears every now and then with delicate fingers, the nails painted red.

She’s going on and on about something but he’s barely listening. Only catching bits and pieces and he thinks she might be complaining about her parents. He can’t be sure, though. Is too distracted.

The sounds of the carnival fill the night air, even now that they’ve driven his truck down the dirt road and parked it by the cliff overlooking the quarry.

He hadn’t wanted to go at first. Would have been content to work on their damn chemistry assignment like they planned. But Carol had been so excited about the stupid carnival that she’d been bouncing up and down and smiling so brightly he could feel his cheeks heating up. In the end, he couldn’t deny her a thing and so he found himself being dragged through the thick crowd, eating cotton candy on a Ferris Wheel with Carol clutching his arm, riding a poor excuse of a roller coaster until he felt like throwing up. Carol even sweet-talked him into going to the shooting stands.

The over sized plushy unicorn he won is sitting on her lap now, pink feet sticking into the air.

He hadn’t asked her why she didn’t go with some of her friends.

Being friends with him meant she had to endure a lot of nasty comments over the last two years. Eventually, the dust settled and people got bored, mostly leaving them alone. Her small group of friends had been decent enough from the start, but even now he won’t go as far as to call them his friends.

It don’t matter now, he thinks to himself, unable to tear his eyes away from her lips. Tainted red from the cherry slushie she drank earlier, soft and damp looking. It’s like they’re drawing him in, his body leaning into her space where they both sit cross-legged in the bed of his truck.

Either Carol doesn’t notice or she doesn’t care, just keeps on talking and waving her hands through the air, her cheeks all flushed.

Fuck, he wants to kiss her. Has wanted to for so long. Ain’t like she would want to kiss him back, though. Not when she’s friends with guys like Rick and Shane, not when she could go on a date with Ed Peletier. It’s a miracle she’s hanging out with him at all and he never wanted to push his luck.

Don’t got the balls for it, anyway. Only now he has two bottles of beer tingling in his veins and his heart pounding a bruising rhythm against the confines of his rib cage.

Before he knows what he’s doing, before he can overthink it and talk himself out if it, Daryl breaches the remaining space between them. Presses his lips to her mouth. It’s clumsy and too harsh, he damn well nearly misses and Carol gasps the second he kisses her. Her lips feel even softer than he ever could have imagined and the faint taste of cherries floods his senses and- what the fuck is he doing?!

He pulls away as quickly as he’d leaned in, rigid and tense as if someone had poured a bucket of icy water over him. He looks at Carol for all but half a second before he quickly looks away - her eyes big and round with surprise, lips parted just slightly. The rusty bed of his truck becomes much more interesting after that.

“’m sorry,” he mutters, completely at loss about what to say. What he really wants to do is run for the hills but that’s hardly an option now. While he waits for Carol to start yelling at him, he toys with a loose seam on his jeans, fingers trembling, his chest tight and his stomach feeling heavy. “Don’t know why I di-”

He grunts when Carol all but crashes into him, her hands on his shoulders and her lips pressing against his. The force of it sends him tumbling backwards, but Carol follows him, her chest pressed against his. His arm reaches out and curls around her waist by instinct alone, holding her steady as his eyes flutter shut and and his mind goes blank.

Her lips are soft and pliant - eager - against his. A soft hum escapes her, the vibrations sending a shiver down his spine and his free hand comes up to cradle the back of her head. The curls of her hair feel like silk  between his fingers.

When Carol traces the tip of her tongue along his bottom lip, Daryl nearly bolts off the truck bed, the hand at her waist squeezing and a groan rumbling deep in his chest. For a splint second, his lips part and Carol wastes no time, sliding her tongue against his lip once more before slipping it into his mouth.

She tastes like cherries and cotton candy, all warm and sweet. His fingertips find bare skin where her shirt has ridden up and he splays his hand there, feeling the smoothness of her under his calloused palm. One of her hands finds his chest, rests against his heart, and he hopes she can feel it stuttering.

When she pulls away - after a minute or a decade, he doesn’t know - her lips look plumb, her eyes darker than usual. Hovering above him, she holds his gaze.

“Still sorry?” she breathes, the corners of her mouth curling up ever so slightly. Daryl shakes his head - confused as he still feels. But that hardly matters, not when Carol leans back down and presses her lips to his again.

This time, it’s softer, more delicate.

But just as perfect.

Jikook HC#1: Arranged Marriage + Royalty

Jimin and Jungkook are princes of two rival kingdoms in the midst of trying to forge a historic peace settlement.

Jungkook is fiercely independent, very talented in martial sports, and can be quite cold to those he doesn’t know. For that reason, although his people are proud of him and his achievements (he’s known for never losing a tournament), they are also a bit intimidated by his prickly exterior. (they’ve got him wrong on this one, though, because the reason he can seem cold is because he’s deathly shy and finds it easier to put up a harsh front than approach people)

He’s furious when the King tells him that one of the conditions of the peace is a marriage between the princes of the two kingdoms, although he accepts the proposal in public. Inwardly, he vows to keep his marriage cool and professional because Jungkook doesn’t need anyone, especially not someone pushed onto him by politics.

He’s never even met his betrothed, Prince Jimin of the Park dynasty, because he never shows up to the common tournaments. Apparently, it’s because he spent most of his childhood and youth ill and even now usually doesn’t have the strength to take part in most princely pursuits. (“So I’ve ended up with some weak pansy,” Jungkook snarls to Yoongi, the castle’s lead musician. Yoongi looks bored. “Deal with it.”)

The day Prince Jimin is scheduled to come, Jungkook has his mask perfectly in place and everything is ready in anticipation of the wedding, which will take place the very day of Jimin’s arrival.

The moment Jimin enters, it’s like the entire court falls into a stunned silence. Jungkook feels his heart beating somewhere up in his throat because Prince Jimin looks nothing like he expected. Prince Jimin is beautiful, with that kind of shining, soft loveliness that brightens everything around him. He’s a couple inches shorter than Jungkook and his frame is smaller and more delicate as well.

Jungkook feels a suspicious fluttering in his stomach, something he has never felt before, and in his panic, crushes the feeling brutally and his greeting to Jimin is significantly colder than what he intended. He internally winces at the brief hurt that flashes across Jimin’s gentle brown eyes, then reminds himself that this marriage is pure business and there are no feelings involved anyways.

Nevertheless, his heart still skips a beat when he hears Jimin’s soft, melodic voice murmuring his wedding vows and Jungkook is caught on his deep brown eyes as he says his own vows.

The first night is a awkward. They look at each other over the bed before Jungkook abruptly turns away and says he’ll sleep on the couch, ignoring Jimin’s protests.

Jimin spends the next few months making the entire court fall in love with him. He’s so kind and gentle and spends much of his time in the gardens and healing room. Jungkook, hidden, sometimes watches Jimin play with children and charm everyone he meets. His own relationship with Jimin is still a little stiff (which is admittedly his own fault, since he pushed away Jimin’s timid attempts to befriend him)

One day, he hears soft piano music playing, and to his everlasting shock, he sees Yoongi, grouchy unapproachable Yoongi, smiling softly as Jimin dances to his melody. Jungkook is absolutely entranced by the graceful fluidity of Jimin’s movements and just stands there slack-jawed, before breaking out of his trance and rushing away the moment Jimin turns his head.

After that, Jungkook makes sure that he watches Jimin dance whenever he can, always hidden though. He still can’t find it in himself to approach Jimin, ashamed of his previous rudeness toward him.

One day, though, Jimin comes to Jungkook with a determined look in his eye and asks Jungkook if he can take him to see the kingdom away from the court, rolling his (pretty, pretty) eyes when Jungkook doesn’t quite understand why Jimin, whom he has always considered soft and delicate, would want to leave the comfort and luxury of the castle. Jimin tells him that a prince should meet with and love and be loved by his subjects.

And so they begin their tour of the kingdom. Pretty much everyone they meet falls in love immediately with Jimin, who is gentle and funny and kind. Jungkook stands back because he’s never been good at people in general and limits himself to as few words as humanly possible. Jimin spends a lot of their trip simply looking out the windows of their carriage in pure delight, his cheeks flushed in excitement, looking even prettier than before (“I’d never gotten to go to many places when I was growing up. I always ended up getting too ill”). Jungkook tries his hardest not to stare at him.

They start to talk more and more and Jimin begins to see Jungkook in a new light when he catches him talking softly to and playing with children. They find that they actually do have a lot in common and Jungkook begins to teach Jimin a few sword-fighting and martial arts moves.

Their relationship becomes noticeably warmer even when they come back and Jungkook begins to look for excuses to spend time with Jimin, even helping him out in some of the charity and household tasks he does. Jimin doesn’t mind and even seems to welcome him. Jungkook thaws out considerably and everyone in the court is shocked when they see their ‘Ice Prince’ laughing wholeheartedly at something Jimin said.

One day, there’s a ball at the castle and after socializing a bit, Jungkook sees Jimin slip away into the castle gardens. As Jungkook approaches him, he’s struck dumb by Jimin’s beauty, framed in the moonlight. They walk for a bit together, their hands naturally finding each other’s. Jungkook has never felt so peacefully happy in his life.

With the faint strains of the ball music playing in the background, Jimin pulls Jungkook to dance with him under the stars. Jungkook looks down at Jimin’s lovely, joyous face and without thinking, kisses him.

After a moment of shock, Jimin kisses him back and they whisper a thousand things they’d longed to say to each other into the other’s lips. Later, when Jungkook is pressing Jimin down into their bed, he wonders at what he could have done so right to have this by his side for the rest of his life.

lasercatoverload123  asked:

Hi I was just wondering if u can do a headcannon about Sasha if you make one that will really make my day thank you!😊

Hello! Yes, OF COURSE I can make some for our girl! Sorry for the wait!!! :D

  • Sasha is both a morning and a night person. She loves to stay up late, and get up early. It’s best of both worlds with her. 
  • She’s very intuitive, relying on her instincts not only to help in the field, but also with people. She’s very observant when it comes to people, and quickly learns others’ tells of when they’re upset or angry or confused. And she’s very empathetic to the needs of others, picking up subconsciously on what they need from her and providing whatever means of attention they require. 
  • She’s an incredible cook. 15/10. 
  • She loves to be physically active. She really does enjoy the physical aspects of cadet training. And, modern AU, she definitely tries a lot of sports out, dances, probably does Zumba and/or kickboxing in college… always at the gym, you know? Just cause she loves it. 
  • She’s a dog person. 

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Just a heads up, telling someone who’s in full beat that ‘you don’t need makeup!’ or 'you look better without it!’ is not a compliment. It’s a fucking insult. You wouldn’t go up to a painter and tell them their work of art looked better without all that paint or the canvas was prettier before, would you? We wear makeup because we WANT to, because it’s self expression, and because it’s wearable art.

This has been a PSA, thank you.

Request: The bet

Request: Imagine Reader bet with her best friend Lyla to seduce Juice. Reader has a huge crush on him and she wins the bet.

Big, huge writer’s block with this one. I tried, more than once, to write this, I wrote different versions, but none looked good. I thought about not writing this, give up, but I would feel bad about it, so I kept trying. I thought that maybe I should try to write it in first person and it worked. Tell me what you think about this narrative. I hope you like it.

Originally posted by juancarlos-juice-ortiz

Y/N’s pov

I knew Lyla since our childhood and we had moved together to Charming, California, years ago. I was trying to build a new life in a bigger city when she called me. Lyla was working with porn, something I never thought she would do, but… She had found a new producer, someone who seemed to be nicer than the previous one. An asshole, if you asked me. Luann Delaney, the producer, was also looking for someone to edit her videos and my friend thought about me.

Well, porn definitely wasn’t my dream job, but I was good in edit videos, photos…Not that I want to brag or anything…Anyway, I needed a job and let’s be honest, the big town wasn’t treating me very kind. I packed and drove to California in the next day.


You could say that Charming was a nice place, but that little town had more drama than a soap opera I tell you that. SAMCRO. It was impossible to live in Charming and not know them, but I never had imagined I would live among them. Now, I was hanging around their clubhouse frequently, since Lyla was dating one of them. Opie was a nice guy and I was happy for her, I truly was. I learnt how to live around the club, to my surprise and even with all the drama. I made friends there, especially Wendy and Juice.

I was thinking about that while I walked towards Wendy and Lyla. They were seat by the bar, looking at Juice and me. We had just walked in the clubhouse, laughing about one of his stupid jokes and he patted my shoulder before follow his brothers to Chapel.

“Hi girls”, I greeted them sitting on a stool. Chuck offered me coffee, the girls were drinking beer, but I didn’t drink at all.

“Why you and Juice never ended up together?”, Wendy blurted, making me almost spit my coffee.

“What?”, I swallowed. Did Wendy know? No, she didn’t. How could she possible know that I had a crush on Juice? Yes, yes, I had a big, huge crush on Juice, my friend. He was the nicest, the cutest guy I ever met, always being so respectful… Yes, he would never look at me the same way…

“Yeah, I mean-“, Wendy turned to look at me, which was kinda scaring. “-You are his friend, you get along so well and like the same things. You are sweet, just the kind of girl he needs”

“Wow, romantic!”, Lyla laughed. “No offense to you girl, you are my friend, but… I think Juice needs someone dominant”

“Like who? A croweater?”, Wendy said sarcastically, “I hate to see Juice around those girls, he deserves more”

“True,-”, Lyla smiled, “-but I don’t think he wants a relationship”

“That is why he needs Y/N!”, Wendy opened her arms, like the statement was obvious, “To change his mind!”

“Girls!”, I cut them off. God, they could be exhausting sometimes!, “I’m right here!”

“Sorry”, Wendy smirked. “Let’s go back to my question… Why aren’t you two together already?”

“Please”, I looked down to my knees, “I don’t know, really. He would never look at me like this”

“Oh My God! You like him!”, I looked up, realizing what I had just said. Shit! Wendy’s mouth was ajar and Lyla was narrowing her eyes at me. God, I was lost!

“No, I…”, I didn’t know how to get out of that, but I had to try. Problem was, Wendy was like a dog with a bone.

“No, don’t try to deny it”, she cut me off, smiling like she had won the lottery. “You have to hit on him, seduce him…”

“Stop it”, Lyla rolled her eyes, “How that would work? Juice is so distracted, he didn’t notice she like him yet and I think he won’t”

“He will!”, Wendy said and turned to me, smiling. “If she plays the right cards”

“No, he won’t and my friend will get hurt”, Lyla sighed. She was right. I mean, I wasn’t obvious about it, never had hit on him… I wouldn’t know how to do it, to be honest…

“Do you wanna bet?”, Wendy snapped to Lyla. Oh God, here we go.

“Sure”, Lyla smirked, not taking Wendy seriously. “I bet he won’t notice, not even if she jumps on his lap”

“Lyla, don’t be rude”, Wendy pretended to be shocked. “We are classy girls, Y/N will be herself on this”

“Yeah, right…”, Lyla rolled her eyes. Wait a minute! Did my friend doubt me that much? I would totally regret this, but…

“I take that bet”, I blurted, making both look at me. “I bet I can make Juice notice me”

“You go girl!”, Wendy cheered, making me blush. Lyla was quiet, thinking. After a minute, she got up and shook my hand.

“Deal”, she was serious and I would surely regret this, “One month for him to notice you”


Juice’s pov

SAMCRO was Luann’s new business partner and though it was cool to be around a porn studio with beautiful girls, Juice wasn’t paying much attention to them anymore. Opie met Lyla and now she was hanging around the club a lot and her friend, Y/N, was always with her.

They had become friends too, but Juice started to think he had a crush on her. She was kind, nice, beautiful, funny, also into video games, smart… The girl of his dreams. However, he seemed to be just a friend to her. Chibs had told him a thousand times to make a move, but Juice was afraid to scare her. Have Y/N only as a friend was better than lost her.

He was thinking about that when she opened the studio’s front door. Chibs and Juice were there, seated on a couch, watching the filming. Juice felt his brother elbowing him, but didn’t look away from her. Y/N was different… No, not bad different or completely different, just…

She always wore white Converse, but today she was wearing heels. Not sky high heels, just new sandals. Her usual jeans and button-down shirt were there, but that day she was wearing a different top and the plaid shirt was open. Her hair wasn’t pulled back in the usual ponytail or braid, but loose around her shoulders.

“Hi Luann”, Y/N was closer now, greeting her boss and… Was that lipstick on her lips?, “Hi boys”

“Hi Y/N”, Chibs and Juice said together. She smiled and turned to her office’s direction.

“You better make a move now Juicy boy”, Chibs whispered next to him, “A girl only changes like that because of a boy”

“Don’t be stupid”, Juice huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, resting on the couch. Chibs shrugged and turned his attention to girls. Juice couldn’t do that, his mind was running now… Was Chibs right? Who was the guy? No, she wouldn’t do such a thing, Y/N wasn’t that type of girl…However… Oh God! He was losing her before even have her!

“Aye, Juicy boy!”, Chibs patted his shoulder, “We gotta go!”


Y/N’s pov

I haven’t seen Juice in the last few days and I was starting to get worried. Wendy had made me change my clothes a little bit and I was pretty sure Juice had notice it, but he said nothing. Maybe I was looking ridiculous.

“You don’t look ridiculous”, Wendy had assured me, “You look great and even prettier than before”

Cute, I wasn’t cute. Cute wouldn’t make Juice notice me. Ever! I was frustrated and feeling stupid about that damn bet, almost slamming the studio’s door. I didn’t notice the bikes, but I did notice Juice and Chibs there again. I ignored everybody and walked to my office. I liked that place, isolated from the rest of the studio, just the computers and me.

“Can I come in?”, I was taking off my jacket, cursing that damn top Wendy made me wear, when he opened the door. I turned around just to see Juice standing there.

“Yeah, sure”, I mumbled. Damn it! I pulled my chair and tried to act normal. Juice took another chair, sitting in front of me.

“So…”, he started, his eyes focused on my shoes. What was he looking at? Damn, I was blushing, “You look different. I mean, good different”

Good? Did I look good? I swallowed, thinking about something to say, “Thank you…Hmm, Wendy… She… She helped me to change a little bit”

“Hm”, he mumbled. Hm? That was it?, “So, who is the guy?”

Oh God! Everything was going wrong! He was smiling, but he was thinking I had changed for someone else! Lyla was right. She was right and I had been silly. Okay Juice, let’s play like this then…

“Oh, nobody you know”, I waved, probably not looking convincing, but I didn’t care. I would tell Lyla she had won as soon as I saw her, and go back to my t-shirt and Converse.

“Are you trying to seduce the guy?”, he asked. I looked at him again, at those gorgeous brown eyes and shrugged. “What else are you doing? Hitting on him?”

“No, not yet”, I said, turning to the computer again. God, I didn’t want to look at him. Why was he asking me those things?

“Show me”, he said. What? I turned to him and Juice had this stupid grin on his face, arms open, “Pretend that I am him, hit on me and I’ll tell you what you are doing wrong”

“Doing wrong?”, I raised an eyebrow. Really? Let’s play then Juice boy… I got up and walked towards Juice. I swear didn’t know what I was doing, but I rested my hands on his knees and leaned over. I was sure he had a good sight on my cleavage and pleased to see his eyes widen, “Oh please, tell me Juan. What am I doing wrong?”

I licked my lips and straightened, letting my finger trail up his arm while I walked, his eyes were following my moves. I felt good to see him surprised like that. I stood behind his chair and stroked his shoulders, his arms. Leaning again, traced his jaw and whispered on his ear, “Wanna tell me what I am doing wrong now?”

“Nothing”, his voice was husky and I took a step back when he turned the chair around. The next thing I felt were his hands, strong on my hips, lifting me just to settle me on the desk. Juice spread my legs, staying between them, “You are doing absolutely nothing wrong”

Before I could say something his lips were on mine. Juice had one hand on my waist, gripping hard and the other on my hair. His lips were soft, but hungry. The kiss was possessive, passionate and I couldn’t resist, I had waited for so long… Then it hit me. Why was he kissing me? Did I have seduced him? I had change my clothes and I had played a part flirting with him like that. No, I didn’t want him that way.

“Juan”, I pushed him, using his first name. He pulled back, eyes wide, surprised. “Stop it”

“Did I hurt you?”, he asked, now looking worried. Why did he had to be so charming?

“No”, I looked to the floor and came down from the desk. Juice took a step back, watching me. I would hurt him, but I had to do it, I had to be honest, “Listen, there isn’t a guy, I’m not trying to seduce anyone. I took a bet with Lyla”

“A bet?”, he creased his brow and my heart started to break. He would hate me for playing with him.

“Yes”, I sighed, starting to ramble, “Wendy was asking me how we never got together. I said I didn’t know. She realized I like you and told me to hit on you. Lyla said you wouldn’t notice me, because you were clueless and hadn’t realized I liked you yet. Wendy said you would, if I did the right things. Lyla was still doubting me, I got mad at her and took a bet to seduce you. Wendy helped me to change my look, but I’m terrible at this and I can’t do this to you anymore or…”

Suddenly he held my elbows and made me look at him. I stopped talking with the surprise and he… He had this stupid grin on his face.

“Why are you smiling?”, I blurted, confused.

“Do you like me?”, Juice slid his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

“Did I say that?”, I really hadn’t realized what I was talking until then.

“Yes”, his eyes were sparkling I could swear. “Actually, you said a lot of things, but I stopped paying attention when you said you liked me”

“I was talking about the bet I took…”, Juice closed his eyes and shook his head, cutting me off.

“I don’t care about the bet”, he was looking at me again and I lost my breath, “Do you like me?”

I nodded and then his lips were back on mine.


Juice’s pov

“So…She was doing all that because of you?”, Chibs asked Juice, both at the bar. A party was going on and many friends were at the clubhouse, “A bet?”

“Yes”, Juice took a swig of his beer and grinned. He hadn’t stopped think about her and what Chibs had said about another guy. Juice didn’t want to ruin their friendship, but he couldn’t thought about her with another man. He drove to the studio with the intention to confront her about it and confess his feelings. He wasn’t expecting what had happened or had planned to lose his mind, but her touch, her lips so close to his…

“I won’t try to understand, it’s crazy”, Chibs shook his head, drinking his whisky. He straightened, looking at Juice, “Just tell me one thing… Are you two together now?”

“Yes”, Juice’s smile grew wider, “After this night, yes”

Y/N had protested, but Juice convinced her to keep going with the bet, ending it that night. Lyla was at the party, talking with Wendy, both on the couch. Juice tried not to look at the door, waiting for her to arrive. He turned to the bar to ask for another beer and felt someone touching his scalp.

“Hello”, he smiled at her sweet voice, looking up at her.

“Hi baby”, Juice grinned and closed his eyes, waiting for his kiss. Her lips met his and he could swear his heart skipped a beat, “Did they see us?”

She hit his shoulder, but nodded, “Yes, they saw us. I’ll talk to them now, okay?”

Juice nodded and turned around to watch his girl. HIS girl, she was all his now. She took a seat close to her friends and started to talk. Juice heard Chibs teasing the prospect and joined the conversation.

“Let’s go home”, Y/N whispered on his ear minutes later.

“Did you win?”, Juice wrapped his arm around her waist.

“Yes, Lyla said that I won”, she rolled her eyes, making him laugh, “I don’t care about that”

“Great”, Juice smiled and got up, “We are both winners”

“We?”, she raised an eyebrow, following him outside the club.

“Yes baby”, Juice brought her hand to his lips, kissing it, “I won the girl”

She playfully slapped his shoulder and both hopped on his bike. Juice put his helmet and she leaned to whisper, “I think we should celebrate then”. Juice grinned and drove fast to home, feeling the luckiest guy in the world.

Derek Luh- Friends with Benefits?

Derek’s POV

My fingers ran through YN’s hair as she slept on my bare chest; she fell asleep a while ago tracing my tattoos. I looked down a her somber face studying every detail like I have a million times before. She looks so beautiful but she’s prettier when she smiles. Though when she’s laughing and she snorts,that’s my favorite; it’s even better when I’m the one making her laugh. I let out a husky groan. What are you doing to yourself, Derek? Torturing yourself that’s what. Unfortunately, this is the only option. Here in my arms is currently the only thing I want right now.
But she doesn’t want me and if I told her I liked her she wouldn’t want to have sex with me anymore; she might not even want to talk to me anymore. I’ve seen her do it before, multiple times. Hell that’s why I’m in this position. We were chilling at one of Nate’s kick backs and she was complaining about having to break things off with her friend with benefits because he caught feelings for her and we bonded over that whole process and how it sucks to have to break off a good thing because the other party liked you. Then, Sam made a joke that we should just be friends with benefits and we took him up on that. That was 7 months ago and now we’re here.

I felt YN moving and looked down at her.

“Round 2?” YN question as she sat up making me laugh.

I looked over her body taking in her curves. The beauty of her frame that couldn’t be replicated. This was one of the moments I regret not taking art in high school; I want to draw her and paint her and sculpt her because she is a work of art and I want to be memorialized in something classier than the pictures she’s sent me. Her body wasn’t one you’d see in a Victoria’s Secret catalog but her body made me a very happy man. Her giggle brought me out of my thoughts as I combed my fingers through my hair.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” She smiled putting her hands on my chest bringing her body down to kiss me.

“YN stop.” I said before she could kiss me. I pushed her off of me. “I have to take a shower; I told the boys I would meet them later.” I lied then swinging my legs over the bed causing YN to hug my from behind.

“We can shower together.” I could feel the smile in her voice.

I brushed her arms off of me. “No, we would be in there for hours.” I reminisced in our previous showers together.

“True, well can I come and hang out with you guys?” She questioned.

“No, it’s just guy time.” I shortly replied walking into my bathroom.

I hated being cold like that but I guess that was my way of keeping my distance. I turned on the shower and put my playlist on. Showers always helped me sort things out but I can’t count how many showers I’ve thought about YN.

The warm water washed over my body making my newly tensed muscles. I wrapped to the current song knowing every word. I have to get in the studio soon; but everything I’ve written has a line or two about YN and she’d figure it out no doubt. I let a couple more songs play as I washed the smell of YN off of me. I turned off the shower faucet and continued to sing to Company by Justin Bieber. Rubbing the towel against my hair I tied a towel around my waist to catch the water droplets I missed. I walked into my room to grab clean underwear.

“You ain’t gotta be my lover for you to call me baby.” I sang.

“Okay, baby.” My eyes widened when I saw YN sitting in on the bed in my shirt.

“Hey, you’re still here.”

“I’m sorry,did you want me to leave?” YN raised an eye brow.

“No I was just in there for a while and I thought you might have left.”

“Sam,” She paused.“Do you want to stop having sex with me?”

Yes I want to make love to you. “No.”

“Well, do you want to have sex with other people?”

“What? No!” I said a little to eager making her eyes wide. I didn’t want to have sex with anyone else and I definitely didn’t want to even think about YN having sex with anyone else but me.

“Sam what are we?” YN continued to give me the fourth degree.

“What do you mean?” I rubbed the back of my neck.

“Like I get that we’re friends with benefits but are we exclusive are we not? Are you board of me Sam because you seem like you’re board of me?” YN rambled on.

“No I-”

“Really,Sam because we rarely even talk or hangout outside of this. Now, you’ll hit me up and then you’ll want me to leave right after or you’ll jet out of my house. We used to hangout after sex and actually talk to eachother when we saw eachother at parties. I noticed you avoiding me last week at Jack’s party. Sam, is there someone else because it’s cool if you want to fuck other people or you have a girl you want so you want to keep us on the DL-”

“There’s no other girl!” I yelled fed up with all of YN’s questions. “I promise, I don’t want another girl. I just want you.” YN looked at me kinda confused. “I like you,YN.” I groaned.“I know I’m sorry I ruined this whole thing. I’ve caught feelings for you and I hate it. That’s why I’ve been so distant; because when I see you I get butterflies in my stomach and not those kind the like grade school crush kind and I hate it. I wish I didn’t like you but I do and I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to stop talking to me. And you were right I do want to stop having sex with you because I want to make love to you. Well not quite love but I want to show you that I care about you.” I slid down with my back to the wall. There I did it. A weight felt like it was lifted off my shoulder but another on was put right back on when I realized the possible consequences of my actions. I sat with my back pressing against the cold wall in defeat. I didn’t know what YN was thinking; her face was unreadable. She just sat there looking down lips pursed as her fingers fiddled with the sheets around her. “YN,please say something.”

“Sam I-”

“It’s okay I get it you don’t feel the same way.” I finished her sentence for her because I couldn’t hear the words of rejection come from her mouth.

“But I do. Atleast I think I do. I don’t know. I’ve started to feel like I like you recently but I don’t know. I just don’t want to hurt you or for you to get your hopes up. The truth is I don’t know how I feel and I need time to sort things out I guess.” YN explained going back and forth from me to the sheets she continued to play with in her hands.

“And until then what?”

“Until then we can still do what we’ve been doing and just keep it exclusive.” She decided smiling at her decision.

“I’m good with that.” I walked over to the bed and kissed her grabbing the back of her face deepening the kiss. She pulled away making me pout.

“What about the boys?” YN said reminding me of my lie.

“They’ll understand.” I smiled pushing her back on the bed,taking my towel off.

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