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Intergalactic-space-kittens: “So what would Anastasia look like with the actual dress Dimitri gave her (Without the continuity errors?)”

It´s pretty much impossible to recreate the dress 100% accurately since it literally changes designs mid-scene, but something like this I guess (she has always had that belt thou).

PS: I totally believe that the writers´ idea with the dress was that Anya tailored it to suit/fit her better. But even if that was the intent, the joke/character trait falls flat in the narrative since: 

  1. Not once has the film ever given us a reason to think that Anya can sow.
  2. Nobody ever points out that she altered it. 
  3. And even if you can remove lace from a dress, you cannot change the shade and pattern in the little time that passes in-between scene (it´s already sunset when Dimitri gives it to her). 

Conclusion: Anya is a sneaky rouge who specializes in stealing pretty dresses from unsuspecting travelers when her BF is being a fashion disaster. 

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How would Kouen, Hakuryuu, Judar and Sinbad react to their s/o wearing their clothes? (PS: You're doing such a great job with this blog! I'm always looking forward to new updates!)


Ren Kouen

Ren Hakuryuu

  • With just one glance, Hakuryuu’s cheeks flush pink. He stares at his feet, asking his s/o if they’re comfortable in those clothes. He can’t pull his gaze up from the floor, as much as he might want to. His heart just can’t take it.


  • Judar gives his s/o a long once over before frowning. “Do you think you wear it better than I do?” he asks haughtily. That does stop him from stepping closer, getting a more hands-on look at them—his smile betraying his true thoughts.

Hey there precious pancakes, how’s it flipping? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I’m happy to say that my break from digital drawing has helped a lot; my wrists and hand are much better and I’m making sure to be more careful when I draw! Starting tomorrow (Monday) I’ll be starting work on my little Underfell undertaking again, so you can expect something on Tuesday! I’ll also be starting work on commissions so I’ll reblog those details at some point in case anyone’s interested. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Finally, I decided to dub my comic “Hot Under the Collar” so I can give it a consistent tag. I figure it fits pretty well with Fell Sans’ personality but it also hints at the general theme of being a bit mad at yourself and the sucky situation you might be stuck in and dealing with that. Which makes my “comic” sound a lot more complex than it actually is. (゜▽゜;)

Edit: Renamed “What Befell Us”!

Glad to be back in business~


i can’t upload this one to youtube so there you go tumblr, you have the exclusivity (ps: it looks better in hd……)

ship: fallen crow

song: the good the bad and the dirty - panic! at the disco

Who Will Dry My Tears? - Storyboarding IV
Let us all take a moment to appreciate the moment in the movies where Kale’s fragile heart finally shattered into a million pieces, and he sobbed like a baby. FFS Obi-Wan deserved so much better >-< [This is referenced from a screen cap in which Obi-Wan has just left Luke with Owen and Beru, and just … ugh feels. -claws way across desk for more Kleenex-] This is my interpretation and is not meant to be identical to my reference. Thanks~

PS: Apparently ALL eopies look like that. They are either contemplating their place in the universe, or plotting acts of anarchy. Or both. Both is good.

Please don’t repost, remove artist comments, or retag <3 Reblogs are appreciated :)


BIBLIOCLUB CHALLENGE: a song you can relate to an otp

                                               ↳ kestrel x arin + blue by troye sivan

only seeing myself / when i’m looking up at you

“How can the inconsequence of your life not shame you?

I fell in love with a heart that beats so slow

“How do you not feel empty?”

I do, she thought. I do.

I want you / I’ll color me blue / anything it takes to make you stay


This comic may be a little simpler in comparison to the previous ones, since its pretty much to indulge on why Jackie likes octarians so much, so if anyone was ever curious…  now you know why! (please open the pages in a new tab for better reading)

Mr. Otto is a self-exiled mimic octoling who escaped from Octo Valley a few decades ago in search for a better life (and because he didnt want to get involved in a possible upcoming war) using his mimic abilities, he can easily make himself look like other creatures, such as jellyfish, urchin or even inklings. He finally decided to settle in when he fell in love and married Jackie’s mother.

PS: Otto is NOT Jackie’s biological father, so Jackie is 100% inkling just in case you were wondering.

Request: Kind Of Cute

Request: Hi I was wondering I know requests are closed and take your time but if you could do one about Charlie with alot of fluff I’ve just had a bad day…. Thanks

Word Count: 557

I’m sorry you had a bad day, but I hope you’re doing better now. Thakn you so much, and have an amazing day!<3

PS. I didn’t know if you were looking for platonic or romantic here ,so it’s pretty much platonic but I’m sure you could see it as more romantic if you wanted to.

You traipse back into your room defeatedly, tossing the backpack in the vague direction of the bed. It’s safe to say that this is the worst day in the history or worst days.

First, the hunt went horribly wrong. Two people died who shouldn’t have, you nearly got the guys killed, and then ended up with a highly unpleasant cut all the way across your collarbone that needed a few stitches. Then one of the Impala’s tyres popped on the way back to the bunker, and it took a couple of hours to fix. After all of that, you still had to contend with the four hour drive and aching muscles. You’re tired, stressed, and miserable – all you want to do is get into bed and never get back up.

Nonetheless, you drag yourself into the shower and let the hot water rush down your skin cleaning away the blood and grime. You climb out feeling a little more human, before throwing on some pyjamas and heading for bed.

“Y/N?” There’s a call from the bunker and you sigh, running a hand through your damp hair. You open the door.

“Coming!” You reply tiredly, shuffling down the corridor. You get into the library, to find Sam and Dean standing next to each other, obviously shielding something – or someone – from you.

“What’s up?”

“We noticed you’d had a bad day, and there was someone in the area we thought might be able to help you a bit.” Dean explains, and they step to the side, dramatically revealing Charlie. She gives you an excitable wave, leaping forward and engulfing you in a tight hug.

Admittedly, you haven’t seen her in a while – between hunting and family stuff and god only knows what else, it’s been at least a couple of months since you last met up.

You hug her back, glad to see her. At least there’s something good about today.

She pulls a way after a moment, and smiles brightly.

“The guys said  you looked a little sad, so we’re going to go all out. I brought pizza, and movies, and junk food. It’s a girly night in.” He holds up a bag and you smile brightly.

“Did I ever tell you how much I loved you?” You ask, grinning at her. She shrugs, smiling straight back.

“Doesn’t hurt to be reminded. C'mon, let’s go.”

She grabs your hand and the two of you run off to your room, grabbing your laptop and settling down in the bed. It’s comfortable and warm. Over the course of the next few hours, you get through loads of your favourite films, laughing and joking and pointing out filming mistakes. The next time you look at the clock, it’s almost three in the morning and you feel infinitely better than you had that afternoon. At some point during the next film, the two of you fall asleep, your head on her shoulder and the laptop still on your knee.

Sam and Dean pop their heads in and see you, rolling their eyes.

“They’re going to be dead on their feet tomorrow.” Sam comments, looking at all of the candy wrappers around the room.

“Oh, let them have fun.” Dean rolls his eyes, “They’re kind of cute, don’t you think?”

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In a pink, stained envelope decorated with tinny, golden heart stickers: "I LOVE YOU NARUTO! happy v day from youre friend and lover SPRITE. i attached a peace of my mullet just for you. ❤ - LOVE. SPRITE. ps. we have reservations at chili's. where the white shirt i like."

send nari in some valentine’s day stuff. ( still accepting! ) 

              from the tacky design, nari can instantly tell it had to be from sprite. as much as she wants to get rid of him coming around, she seemingly can’t. which means she needs to do something about it. and against her better judgement, she reads the note but doesn’t even look at the attached mullet because if she does she’ll be even more grossed out. she tosses the note in the trash without a second read and heads into the kitchen to make herself something to eat for lunch.