this looked better in photoshop oh well

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza


I can’t believe you beat me to it

Just some heart warming stuff for you nerds! I had some dialog planned but i thought it would go better without words. I also wont be posting as much comics after this because im starting school tomorrow. kill me quick


There’s a place I know that’s tucked away
A place where you and I can stay
Where we can go to laugh and play
And have adventures everyday
I know it sounds hard to believe
But guys and gals it’s true
Camp Campbell is the place for me and you!

I made some Camp Camp wallpapers (fits iphone5s), please like/reblog if you use; requests are always open!