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How BTS would be in Bed | Maknae-Line [M]

Hi guys admin Sunshine is here! I hope y’all have enjoyed the reaction that I’ve made yesterday. So as I’ve promised; I’ve made the maknae-line for you guys. I hope you guys enjoy it. I love you guys thanks for the support xoxo <3

Hyung-Line | Maknae-Line

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ok maybe this is controversial or whatever but if you’re femme and you think you are ‘just attracted to femmes!!!’ i’d recommend looking into and examining why that is bc i used to think that too but realised it was actually a lot to do with internalised lesbophobia and misogyny surrounding butch/gnc women and internalised ideas from society that tell butch women they’re “less of a woman” for how they dress/act etc. dismantling that idea is rly important imo and so i encourage other femmes to question whether it is just a harmless preference or whether it’s more complex than that

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1. i loVE YOUR HQ/TG AU IT'S PERFECTION TBH and 2. how are bokuto and akaashi's masks designed (if u don't mind me asking)

here’s a quick sketch! akaashi’s one looked better here tho.. OTL [TG AU]

Noora Amalie Sætre is a Lesbian - a headcanon

(So like, if you’re looking for compelling evidence just… shoo. Not the place tbh.)

(Better yet, there are all the source elements on Noora’s past, but my mind runs.)

(Thanks to @isakiyakis for being the trigger who shot this lesbian Noora bullet in my ear and I couldn’t be in peace without writing something about it. This thing is really long, really rambly and a lot confused because it’s in narrative form and what is consecutio temporum anyway. I’m sorry. Not really.)

(Also Nooreva found a way into this post. Again, not really sorry.)

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Bit of an odd question I guess, but what's your opinion on makeup and cosmetics?

Well, it seems like a bad choice when you want to bloc up because it takes too long to put on and too long to take off. Also people will think you’re one of those cosplay militia 3%’er wannabe special ops guys. 

If you want to join a black bloc, wearing the classic combination of a black hoodie, sunglasses and a black scarf seems like a much better option than painting your face.

(to answer your real question: I don’t have much of an opinion as it doesn’t concern me, tbh. It’s up to each individual to decide if wearing make up is something they like or not for themselves. Some people feel it empowers them to wear it, some people feel that it empowers them to reject the social expectation of wearing it, some people just like how it looks, others just don’t think it’s worth the effort. I don’t mind either way, people should do what makes them feel better, it doesn’t really have anything to do with my opinion on it)

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hi! so you said youre chinese and since majority of the yoi fandom said that yoi gave people a good representation with all the characters from different countries, did you feel that way too?

Hi anon! The short answer to your question is no. But honestly what does good representation mean these days? If I make a comic featuring characters who are from all over the world but base them each on a specific character archetype and give them minimal character development, is that good representation? Because that’s what yoi did as far as I’m concerned, especially in regards to Guang Hong, who I suppose is the one you’re asking about specifically since he’s the “Chinese skater”. Imo his character is pretty one-note and boring, and frankly he gets so little screen time that most of the time I forget he exists. 

(Sidenote: There was a post floating around that talked about how “revolutionary” Guang Hong is for China’s gender roles (ah here it is) which just made me really confused because he’s honestly…not, and I explain more about why he isn’t in this reply.) 

I guess my stance on this is similar to my stance on other yoi-related questions, which is that if you think yoi is really diverse representation and you think it represents you, then good for you. But it’s hardly new when we’ve already had anime like, Tiger and Bunny, Shaman King, Afro Samurai, Uchuu Kyoudai, Samurai Champloo, and Fullmetal Alchemist, which also feature “diverse” characters and, in some cases, gives them better character development than yoi does. 

Edit: Also… “representation” in anime/manga is such a complicated topic because once again, my brain goes into “how Japanese ppl see it” vs. “how non-Japanese anime fans see it”, because tbh I don’t consume anime/manga looking for Chinese representation. Even when there are Chinese characters my brain rarely registers them because they’re, as I call them, “Chinese within a Japanese frame of mind”. The only exceptions have been characters like Ling Yao in FMA, but honestly FMA’s special and Arakawa Hiromu is a genius who actually understands systems of racial/ethnic suppression. Btw did you know that the Ishvalan conflict is based on the oppression of the Ainu people? No, well now you know. Which also leads me to my next point; I’m personally more interested in the representation of Ainu, Ryukuan, Burakumin, mixed-race and mixed-ethnicity Japanese, and non-white foreign Japanese nationals/immigrants in Japanese media, because these are groups that exist in Japan that don’t get a lot of representation. 

Edit #2: Additionally, I’m interested in how certain groups are represented in certain contexts within Japanese historical non-fiction and fictional works. So when looking at Chinese representation in Japanese media, I’d be looking at let’s say Chinese-Japanese representation in Japanese settings or Chinese representation in works covering Japanese imperialism in China, or the representation of Chinese-Americans in Japanese works taking place in the US (eg. Banana Fish).

Edit #3: Arghhh I keep thinking of things to add to this answer. I guess what I’m trying to say is that yoi representation doesn’t interest me, but the way that that representation is received does. Even though tumblr ppl saying “omg it’s so diverse” about yoi makes me raise my eyebrows really really high, it does also make me think about the implications of non-Japanese ppl trying to find representation in anime/manga. 

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Oooh any headcanons about some domestic dennor in a canonverse setting??

Idk what canonverse is? But I’ll try. 

Disclaimer: I’m terrible at writing Dennor. I had to scrape the bottom of my mind for these so, enjoy. Also, some of these are taken from my wattpad

-Y’all better believe if Den wakes up first he’s trying to fix breakfast for Nor, it’s like,, the sweetest thing bc he looks so proud of himself

-Often, showers or baths are taken after a really stressful day. It helps the both of them focus on communication and just relaxing together

-That sweet sweet validation™ is always available. Esp bc Denmark feels like bad abt himself a lot

-PDA is normal at home and always will be. It’s almost like they’re magnets tbh. If time apart is needed it always ends up with them just coming back to each other

-Denmark is allergic to fur so they got a really cool fish until he begged Nor to buy a cat. Nor worries abt him constantly bc of it

-Adopted a few teenagers to get introduced to parenting again. Both reminisce the time of raising Ice

-Cheesy date nights all the time!! Just laughing and throwing popcorn at each other, it’s really nice

-Together, they volunteer places and if one of them gets upset you better believe they’ll drop anything to help

-During the holidays you’ll find them on the couch with fuzzy socks drinking some type of warm beverage

-Family holidays with the others and embarrassing Ice to death by kissing multiple times

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addicted week ♡ day four: favourite platonic relationship

I was set in my ways back then, ready to pick Lo over Lily, not understanding even a fragment of her own pain, and I was so closed-minded towards her— that I almost missed one of the people I love most. Right in front of me. I’ve learned a lot since then, and I’m a better fucking person because of Lily Calloway.

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lololol i want 2 read this ~call out~ post now

fucekning - it’s 1am in the morning and i’ve been awake since 5:30 am but why the fuck not, let’s do this. I’ll probably forget Someone so don’t be surprised if i edit this and add more - especially since there are people I regularly talk to but forget their tumblr URLs since I mostly talk with them over other platforms. 

  • @theinevitablesense is a wonderful and talented human being and a blessing in my life. Parker is so intelligent and so great to talk to. We’re writing a fic together which is a #blessing, and honestly I couldn’t be happier about it. We became friends because Parker messaged me one day like ‘i love ur fic!!!’ and while our first few convos were awkward we are at a Really Great Place rn
  • @lol-phan-af is my Sunshine. Bella is the person who got me to start writing for hamilton, and as such I’m forever grateful to her for a multitude of reasons. We became friends because I literally kept pestering her on tumblr until she agreed to write a fic with me because i’m that kind of annoying. 
  • @iwritelikeimrunningoutoftime is the one who started it All. Irene is the miracle person who first messaged me about 177(6) RP, and honestly it is because of her that I know anyone that I do now. She’s a brilliant, beautiful, and gifted blessing in my life and I don’t know where I’d be without her.
  • @emmiimmeme stepped into my life as the jemmy RPer, and honestly i love her. Someone who has been around for about a year now. We talk about Seth Numrich and Ian Khan a lot. She seems to think I ghostwrote the moreos guy posts
  • @shipsdreamsandmakebelieve was the John RPer. She messaged me on tumblr a little after she started commenting on 177(6). At one point she decided to say fuck it and gave me her snapchat so I could experience chris jackson singing on the forth of july, and afterward I persuaded her to join the RP. we still talk now, it’s a great existence. I have a mom t-shirt and mom sticker from her. It’s a Fantastic time.
  • @thalia-the-guitar was the Dori RPer. It took us longer to hit it off, in all honesty. We got closer because of talking about writing. I like to think I was kind of a wall to bounce ideas off of for the train fic she wrote with rowan, but that’s probably inflating my importance in that process. She’s someone who I talk to more via text and snapchat than fandom platforms tbh.
  • @bewitchinghowell was the lizzie RPer. HOnestly an all around gift, a joy and light in my life. The one who made us make the groupchat, and literally where would we be without that gropuchat. 
  • @ceracero was the Philip RPer. they’re literally so pure and so wonderful and i love them so much and they send me cards and i treasure them in a drawer next to my bed to read when i’m sad and i just,, they’re so good 
  • @hamilshot was the Burr RPer. Honestly one of the most brilliant, most motivated, and strongest people I know. Real life goals, tbh. They’re the type of person I will gladly admit I look up to. I literally wrote an essay about them and started to cry while interviewing them because they’re just that Great. ONe of those people that once they set their mind on something, it will take the entire universe and Then some to prevent it from happening. 
  • @rhfe was the dolley RPer, joining us a little later on in the game. Honestly, he’s made my life so much better. A source of joy that also took me longer to get close to. I didn’t realize that was his URL until like yesterday so that’s how attentive I am. 
  • @little–feather was the maria RPer. I’ve actually met her, and hoenstly, it was a Great time. We got ice cream and were super cute and it’s one of those cases where over the past year I’ve really gotten to seem them grow and honestly? a Blessing in my life
  • @night-lester mads is fantastic?? someone i’m still not as close as I want to be to but literally every interaction I’ve had with them has improved my life in some way and everyone loves them so much and that is such a good because they spread love and positivity in a way i don’t think they even do on purpose and they’re just a Good. originally the seabury RPer
  • @clarind-uh was the George-io RPer. Honestly, just,,, incredible. Another person that took me longer to get close to, but I’m so glad I did. We initially communicated via heart emojis, which was a good thing that i’m very happy happened. 
  • @the-real-m-vp was the martha RPer (obvi). Sam is literally one of the nicest and most beautiful people i’ve ever seen in my entire life??? like??? so nice and kinda and positive and perfect and sweet and literally Everything
  • @alexangery is someone I met through rowan - someone who RPed lance - and we ended up writing kinkcember together. We kinda drifted after a bit since the health chat got busy and what not, but we keep ending up back together and it’s a MIracle because honestly?? alex is one of the best parts of this fandom and where would we be without him is the real quesiton
  • @roseclipping is so sweet, and someone I kinda watched from a distance for a little bit because I knew she was a really talented writer from the gift exchanges. We kinda had a word here or there, mostly communicating via drabble prompts in all honesty. We became closer because I ended up answering some questions for a college au of hers haha and now we’re in a writing chat!!
  • @thellamaduo is someone that I started talking to because we were thinking about doing a big bang of sorts. It never happened and probably will Never happened. Rainah is literally someone who I know Knows her shit. Like, if I were to ever doubt a characterization I could go to her and be like “HELP ME” and she’d be able to with reasoning and explanations to back of her words. She’s so smart and knowledgable and literally everything she writes is ironclad and I’d trust it with my Life. And she’s just really great to talk to in general? I consider her to be a good friend and i’m so happy I can because honestly Where would I be without her. I’m slowly progressing, but everytime I do take that brief second back to think about a writing decisions, it’s with her in mind “what would rainah do”
  • @franciskinloch is a recent friend but a Good one. Their very attractive face is a blessing in my life and something i can look forward to and i know that if i ever have lams feels they’re feeling it times a gazillion and also the first person who i saw recognize just how attractive cravats and knee-breeches are and i’m never letting that go. Ever.
  • @ham-for-ham is also a recent friend, but one i’m glad to have. we were thrown together in a group chat and then we talked about turn and it was a Good decision
  • @hambrr amber is also more recent and is in the same writing chat/network as alex and sarah and is Good. honestly, if you have any appreciation for hamburr as a ship, i’d recommend checking them out. They’re vv supportive and vv good.
  • @procrastinatingbookworm is also a new friend and one i’ve yet to get to know very well but as we’re in a writing chat together i imagine we will grow closer in their future. very sweet <3
  • @speedilyunabashedhologram is someone who was just kinda tossed into a big chat with the RPers and Friends because why NOt and she’s become a constant presence and honestly it wouldn’t be the same without her
  • @weehawken-dawngunsdrawn is also someoe who was just kinda tossed into the big chat with RPers and friends and hoenstly super sweet and super nice and super thoughtful and also from ohio which means i might get to see her in real life which is superr !!! because honestly !! best things
  • @exadorlion i assumed i already put them on here but honestly mari is a fantastic person and someone i can trust to have something interesting to say and they make my life Better which is more than I can ask from anyone and they’re just important to me okay. where would i be had they not pestered me about the fic i probably wouldn’t have ever written otherwise
  • @fortheloveofhegame marah, my real life friend. we go way back. i don’t know what else to say for her except that she was introduced to the RP chat as daddykinkfriend around a year ago and that’s defined her online presence partially ever since,. i love her. she’s a Good and my bff

I’m going to be doing a fuckboy!svt au series for the next few days, I hope y’all like it!

  • so our dear leader is a classic fuckboy
  • you can always catch him with his fuckboy friends (usually wonwoo, mingyu, and vernon)
  • or you can always catch him trying to get into one of your classmate’s pants
  • he’s the captain of the wrestling team so he’s known throughout the whole entire school
  • he’s also a senior so he has people lining up for his advice on how to survive highschool (along with people who just wanna see him)
  • catch him tryna flirt with a teacher too (smh)
  • “did you sit in a pile of sugar? cause that ass is sweet”
  • he usually gets slapped
  • no shame what so ever
  • he has the sweetest smile and laugh and ass, everyone just melts
  • there’s a legend that if you look into his eyes you’ll be hypnotized by him and just be kinda like his slave (i wouldn’t mind tbh)
  • so you’ve known seungcheol since you guys were kids
  • him (being the fuckboy that he is) tries all the time to get in your pants
  • “y/n, we’ve known each other forever, you’ve even seen my dick before, i don’t see the big deal in just fooling around.”
  • “y/n let’s watch a movie together at my house.”
  • “y/n those clothes look really nice on you, but I think you might look better with them off.”
  • you’ve never paid him any attention so boom fuckboy bc he needs to get his pleasures fufilled somehow
  • but you did have a crush on him because I mean you guys hung out from like age 5 to age 18
  • so one day you’re at school, even after your club that usually ends around 5 so you go wandering around the halls and you hear some sound
  • tbh you don’t think much of it until you hear s.coups’ name so you go to investigate
  • through a crack you see seungcheol and this girl making out and groping each other (what a surprise)
  • and for some reason you can’t look away, causing seungcheol to feel someone’s gaze
  • you guys make eye contact making you freeze up
  • and seungcheol, being a fuckboy decides to give you a little show
  • he starts to grope the girl harder making her whimper and making you run away (bc that’s some hardcore stuff ya know)
  • after you leave seungcheol decides to end it with his latest bootycall and go after you
  • you’re waiting by the school’s entrance for your mom
  • and when she gets there seungcheol also gets there
  • “oh, seungcheol! it’s been a while! why don’t you come over for dinner?”
  • “I would love to come over for dinner, why thank you!”
  • and despite your strong displeasure of having seungcheol over, he was sitting there in your room, waiting for dinner
  • you had so many questions to ask him but since your heart was broken you didn’t want to see his face
  • “y/n, are you thinking about that girl and I?”
  • after getting no response he quietly moved to sit next to you and proceeded to take your hands in his
  • “y/n, are you mad at me? if you are I don’t think I could handle that.”
  • “seungcheol, why do you think I would be mad at you? we aren’t in a relationship so why would I care if you and that girl were doing something?”
  • at that seungcheol looked hurt, you never saw that look on his face besides back when you guys were 7 and you accidentally ripped his favorite stuffed bunny
  • suddenly seungcheol grabbed the back of your head connecting your lips together
  • you found yourself kissing him back
  • “y/n, I like you and I know you like me.”
  • “seungcheol, you’re a fuckboy and I know you’re only saying that to get in my pants”
  • “y/n you don’t understand-”
  • a knocking sound along with “kids dinner is ready”
  • in less than a second you dashed out of the room, you didn’t want to be with seungcheol after this
  • after dinner your mom suggested that seungcheol stay the night over but much to your relief he declined with the excuse that he had homework to do (but that’s a lie he never does his homework)
  • you were still awake at 1 am thinking of seungcheol’s sudden confession
  • “y/n, I like you”
  • your phone lit up, checking the screen you saw it was a text from seunngcheol
  • speaking of the devil
  • ‘y/n, I wasn’t lying when I told you I like you’
  • it took you about 5 minutes to figure out what to respond with
  • ‘seungcheol, if you really like me, prove it’
  • ‘I will, trust me y/n’
  • ‘whatever, just go to sleep seungcheol’
  • ‘sweet dreams y/n’
  • when you get to school the next day there seems to be news about seungcheol
  • one of your friends rushed to you
  • “y/n! have you heard about seungcheol?”
  • “I just got here so no, what happened?”
  • “apparently he broke off all his relationships with everyone saying he found ‘the one’“
  • after hearing that you were in disbelief
  • ‘did seungcheol do that for you?’
  • hearing a faint ding you looked down at you phone
  • it lit up displaying a text from seungcheol
  • ‘y/n, meet me at the track field in 10′
  • ‘alright’
  • you started walking to the track field walking past a lot of seungcheol’s side hoes, each of them wailing like he had died
  • ‘is his dick that good?’ you thought (later you would find out ;))
  • when you got to the track field you saw seungcheol standing there looking around
  • “why did you do that?”
  • “why did I do what?”
  • “why did you break it off with everyone?”
  • “y/n, I told you that I was serious about my feelings.”
  • “seungcheol, honestly, I hate you, so much, because I like you.”
  • hearing that from you made seungcheol extremely happy making him break out his sweet smile, that you love
  • “I won’t ask you to marry me but, maybe after college, we could?”
  • “seungcheol, you know I can’t say no to you if you talk sweetly like that.”
  • “fuck, y/n, I love you so much.”
  • “I love you too.”
  • so in the end fuckboy s.coups turned into goodboy seungcheol and y’all kept your promise to marry after college

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So today I had a "friend" tell me that she couldn't watch the blacklist because the main character was TOO UGLY...... honestly it blew my mind. First of all, that's a stupid reason not to watch a show and second SPADER IS BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Ugh. Needed to vent to people that understand

I’ve had similar statements said to me in the past and it always boggles my mind that people are surprised Spader looks like Spader in his 50’s as opposed to Steff McKee. Look I love my Steff rotten as he is but give me Spader as he is now. He is beautiful inside and out just as you say and he only gets better and better. It’s your friend’s loss tbh. And I definitely understand where you’re coming from Anon. Not five minutes ago I texted a pic of James to a friend and yelled at her to look at his perfect face so yeah I get it lol. Between the cuteness, the uniqueness, the sweetness and the brilliance he’s really the best of all possible worlds. But hey if your friend would rather watch some bland, plastic, boring actor there are plenty to be had. Personally I’ll pass and stick with James.

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~ Concerning on what color for Jounouchi's hair to be for Season 0 for your KittyShipping AU, This has been on my mind for several days but I do think that a nice shade of Lavender would work better than red or any other color and it makes sense because in Season 0, Shizuka actually had lavender hair with minor pink tints. This is what I think, it is all up to you. ~

Should’ve made it more lavender, oops! But yeeee! I grabbed the colours from season zero and did a thing :OOO

Purple doesn’t look bad on Jouroarchi tbh !! 

“..shut your mind off and let your heart breathe,

you don’t need to be worried, I may not ever get my shit together,

but ain’t nobody gonna love you better”


(thats basically bakugous theme song tbh)

Im Not Ashamed "overview/review/rant"

Here we fookin go. DISCLAIMER: Im going to try and keep this short but lets be honest i ramble so have fun. This is also going to purely opinion based so if you are sensitive on the topics of religion, homelessness and death you might not wanna read k. ———————————————————————— Right so first of all ill give you my general opinion on it; as a whole, it wasnt the most awful thing ive ever watched. But, BUT, i believe that if you can look past that fact that is entirely non-factual and forget that whatever the fuck you call those shit shows as Dylan and Eric. You may be able to ‘enjoy it’ ———————————————————————— RELIGION: Obviously, the entire movie is a christian thing and personally, as an athiest it was just something i had to cope with while viewing. This wasnt hard as im a religion, philosophy and ethics student so relgion is something i meet everyday. Now for what you were waiting for; the definitive point; “DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN GOD?” OH JOY, the ultimate line that drove the tcc to insanity. Right, so i think most of us can agree this isnt a thing, nor was it thing but like i said, try and view it as a fictional movie and you may be able to stomach it ;) Personally, if this movie wasn’t religion based it would be ×10,000,000 better as that shit is so repetative i wanted to take a bible and shove it into my ears jfc. While viewing i just tried to keep an open and respectful mind. ———————————————————————— Casting: Ah, where the fuck shall i begin. Alright well the casting for; Rachel - Ain’t Mad At It. Rachels Friends - Still ain’t mad at it Brooks? Brown? ?? - ah well if you say so Dylan - ha nice one FUNNY, Funny, so when is atleast a decent look-a-like arriving :) tbh, i think i saw that actor peeping through my window and sitting in his white van at the edge of the playground. Eric - i dont want to comment if that shit show. WHY THE FUCK DOES HE LOOKED LIKE A MIDDLE AGED MAN WITH THE WORLD RECORD FOR GORILLA ARMS JFC. Oh honey, whoever casted this film should honestly be taken out into the desert and left. But if im honest, some of the acting isnt terrible so you should survive ———————————————————————— Nathan?: Nah tbh that thing Rachel did was pretty cool, i can’t be mad at it apART FROM THE FACT SHE IS FUCKIN CRAZY WHAT. Where u never taught not to go down shady alleys where all the homeless people live. How was she not robbed? A FUCKING HOOKER WALKED PAST AND SHE DIDNT BAT AN EYELID. ok writers, ok. That plot line was about the most tollerable part of the movie if im honest. ———————————————————————— Miss-information/inadequeces/bullSHIt: Hmm well considering we already mention the “Do you still believe in God?” We wont go there. But there is a scene where Rachel is going up the stairs and Dylan and Eric are just chilling on the stairs? And so they corner rachel on the stairs. Why were THEY JUST ON THE STAIRS? They way it was shot they look like they just stand there to hang out like okay? I doubt that actually happened. If we are talking about inadequeces can i remention ‘Eric’s" Arms? ———————————————————————— Conclusion: Right, this wrap this shit up. The casting was awful. There are a lot, ALOT of untrue points and scenes that is going to piss you right off if you watch it. Also, like i mentioned earlier, the barrage of religious context is kind of ridiculous so, you’ve been warned. Just to finalise, if you plan on watching it, i suggest you watch with and open mind; and if that really wont work, try making it seem like the movie is fiction rather then “based on true events” ———————————————————————— Costume: (Credit to my inbox, ty for reminding me) Right well, they atleast made it look 90s ish. The rest of the school was pretty uniform and it fitted the time period. But then there is the whole Eric adn Dylan wearing their Wrath and Natural Selection shirts randomly during a school day. I dont know about you but i dont think they would just chill in the shirts they bought to KILL PEOPLE jfc. I guess that should be in inaccuracies but hey. Does it REALLY matter anymore. This shit show aint doing its best. ———————————————————————— GOOD LUCK - D (P.s if you got any movie review requests; drop me an inbox or an ask and i will hop right on it hun.)

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                                               ~ get to know me tag ~

rules: tag 10 followers you want to get to know better!

name/nickname: Julija

gender: female

star sign: pisces

height: 170cm (the internet tells me it’s 5'7")

sexuality: straight

favorite animal: wild birds like hummingbirds, sparrows, nightjars, kingfishers (i mean, all of them) (i also love common snipes because their call is quite nice and also their name in my language translates to “little goat of thunder” and that’s just really cool 😄 ) (tbh, i just love all animals)

average hours of sleep: 6ish (usually it depends on when i have to or don’t have to get up, so it can be more or less)

dog or cat person: i’d probably say i’m a sloth person 😄 (idk, i love both and i had both in my life. i have cats now who i love to the moon and back, so let’s say cat)

dream trip: i’ve never been anywhere outside of Europe, so that’d be cool (idk, maybe Big Sur or New Zealand or maybe Liechtenstein (that’s Europe, I’m aware 😄 but it’s tiny and probably adorable). anywhere, really. i like seeing new things)

dream job: i don’t really know. maybe playwright or art historian or professor of linguistics or anything to do with books or plants (i don’t really have one dream job. i’m realistic enough and old enough to realize that they’re just dreams in my life and my situation)

when I made my blog: mid August

followers: 15

why I made a tumblr: i felt a little lonely in my liking of b99 and joanna newsom and weird humour and other stuff in the real world. i didn’t have anyone to discuss my interests with. so i thought that it would be nice to know and talk to someone who enjoys similar things in this realm. or just look at pretty pictures and gifs. there’s a lot of talented people here and, honestly, that’s just really lovely 😊

reasons for my url: it’s a lyric from a joanna newsom song (time, as a symptom). i love her music and that song means a lot to me 😊

tagging: @chairjockeys @sambergandrew @jake-ames @peaceful-serenade @geologicalchimichangas @andyschwamberg (i know some of you if not all have been already tagged so you obviously don’t need to do it again. i just wanted to say hi 😉)

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