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The Scamander brothers profile for a mini-comic I’m working on set in WWI. Thanks to @loufok I am calling them warboys in my head now XD The outfits are very heavily Assassin’s Creed inspired because I can’t design and also the official British Auror uniforms in the HP universe have a similar cut as well. @bagginses look its Theseus!:D

My hand and wrist hurt so much, otherwise I would have coloured them better and cleaned it up D: I need to get myself one of those wrist supports

Baked with Love // Im Jaebum

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So this is dedicated to my beautiful pal @engraved-in-the-moonlight~
I am currently waiting on food and I thought to myself, ‘Let’s make cupcakes’. And cupcakes always equal Hope which always equals her Jaebum. Enjoy my darling. xoxo

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That could have gone a lot better,” Ianthe groaned, leaning her head back against the couch. Gen didn’t say anything, only continued to rub at her pounding head, her breathing beginning to get shallow. She felt her face heating up from the exhaustion and the aggravation.

You think?” Gen spat, rolling her head to the side to look up at her wife. Ianthe frowned, placing a hand on Gen’s knee.

Why did you tell her she couldn’t be friends with Attie? You know those two are close, we could have talked to Mr. Temple. You didn’t even talk to me about it.” Ianthe’s voice was soft, not wanting to grab the attention of nosy kids upstairs. Gen sat up, narrowing her eyes at her wife.

Kind of like you talked to me about the decision to lie to our children? No, you just went ahead and made up your mind, so all I could do was go along with it. This was the perfect time to tell her, Ianthe! Damn it, she asked us out right! We could have told her the truth and things would still be salvageable! But no, I lied to her, and she fucking ate it up. You said you didn’t want to lose them, well good luck with that. We just did. We are no better than their birth parents, I hope you realize that. When she finds out, when she finds out, I’d be surprised if we ever, ever see her again.” Ianthe recoiled like she had been slapped in the face, her mouth fell open slightly, her grey eyes beginning to fill up with tears.

Gen…” She reached out to take her wife’s hand, but Genevevie pulled away from her like she had just touched hot metal. “Please—“ Ianthe chocked out, placing her hand over her mouth as to not let her sobs escape.

Gen cupped her whole head in her hands, groaning both from the resentment of her words, no matter how true they were, but also from the pain in her head. She just wanted to break down and cry, but she held it in. Ianthe sat up straighter, breathing deeply to keep the tears at bay.

Are you okay? You don’t look good.” She whispered, genuinely worried about her wife’s appearance.

Gen turned to look at her, feeling sorrow that she had spoken to her that way. She wanted to take it back, take back the pain she had just inflicted on her, but she knew she couldn’t. Shaking her head, Gen leaned back to rest her sore head on Ianthe’s shoulders, closing her eyes.

I’m sorry,” She whimpered. Ianthe placed an uncertain arm around Gen, pulling her close on the small couch.

Don’t be. You’re right. I deserved that.” Gen shook her head, glancing upward to catch Ianthe’s eyes, but she, too, had them closed.

You didn’t…Ianthe I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know if I can keep lying to them.” Beside her, Ianthe was shaking from Gen’s comment, her heart skipping a beat.

I don’t know if I can either, Gen.


By Cait_11

Cress looked up at the night sky, craning her neck back to see more. Next to her, Thorne was also looking at the sky. Suddenly, he laid back. He motioned for Cress to do the same.

“It is much more comfortable to look at the sky like this,” he said. “It doesn’t hurt the neck as much.”

Cress plopped onto her back. “It does feel much better like this.” She turned her head towards Thorne and grinned. He grinned back at her, then reached over and grabbed her hand.

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•nickname: idk
•zodiac sign: Scorpio
•height: barely 5'2
•last thing I googled: water bears
• favorite music artist: Marilyn Manson
•song stuck in my head: My friends over you// new found glory
•last movie I watched: Idk
•what are you wearing right now: grant’s hoodie and spandex
•when did you create this blog: 2012 sometime
•what do you post: literally anything to do with lesbians and blood
•why did you choose your url: Dahmer is my favorite serial killer and my url used to be something else with wan so I just put Dahmer behind wan
•do you have other blogs: yee
•gender: ima girlllly
•what did your past relationship teach you: not everyone has the same intentions as you
•religous or spiritual: spiritual
•favorite color: grey
•average hours of sleep: really depends
•lucky number: 8
•favorite character: oh fuck no
•how many blankets do you sleep with: 2
•dream job: mortician
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To Mom,

I hope this letter finally got to you, mama. I finally was able to start sending letters once I found the time too. Welp, I just wanted to say this town is wonderful, pretty even! The people are nice here in Windenburg and when I have to go into town, they greet me with kindness.

I know papa would have wanted to come help me get my things here but….I think it’ll be better for his health to stay home.

Mama, I know you and papa bought this land for me, you two wanted me to have some kind of roof over my head but I think I should start it all for myself. I’m 22 now, I need to learn on my own. So, even though it isn’t looking good for me right now, it will eventually.

So I love you and papa, can’t wait to hear from you soon.

Love your youngest daughter,

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Nickname: Al

Star sign: Gemini

Time right now: 2:20 pm

Last Thing I Googled: “Tekken 7 US Release Date”

Fave music artist: Don’t really have one. Have more favorite songs, really.

Song stuck in my head: Ink Me Up

Last Movie I watched: The Avengers, I think?

What are you wearing right now: Black t-shirt, blue jeans and socks.

When did you create your blog: Sunday, March 4th, 2012 (Yes, I looked this up)

What kind of stuff do I post: Video games, mostly. Some anime, scenery and food, too.

Do I have any other blogs: Nope. Not anymore, anyways.

Do I get asks regularly: Not really. Usually a couple when I reblog an ask meme.

Why did I choose my URL: My username for everything, pretty much.

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Pokémon team: The one I remember best would be my Gen IV team. Staraptor, Roserade, Machamp, Golem, Luxray and Empoleon.

Fave color: Blue

How many blankets do I sleep with: One or two.

Dream Job: I’d really like if my Twitch channel took off. Working on bettering myself there and being more comfortable.

Friendo Tag:

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•Untitled• {30 day phanfic challenge day 20}

A/N: I swear this was so much better in my head.. But I have been quite tired lately.. but tomorrow’s is going to be better, so don’t worry. -like this was complete, just, no.-

Dan’s Pov.
I turned the corner of the hallway quickly, looking for a flower crown rested on top of raven hair. The only colourful thing in the hall really, so he was easy to find. I saw a crown, It had purple flowers today. I probably pay too much attention to what colours he wears and how often. “Hey, Lester!” I shouted. Phil stopped in he hallway then spun on his heal. “Y-yeah?” He responded and looked down at his feet. I grabbed his jaw then tipped it upwards and held it there. “I want you look at me when im talking to you.” I told him. “I- I- sorry.” He whimpered and squeezed his eyes shut. a single tear fell from his eye and dropped to my hand. I wiped his cheek gently with my other hand, not letting his jaw go, then sighed. “You think I’m scary or something?” I teased. Phil nodded and bit his bottom lip. “God you’re such a baby.” I said under my breath. Phil whimpered softly and sniffled a bit. “I need to ask you something.” I told him and let go of his jaw. “W-what is it?” He asked. My heart started pounding faster and faster. Something it’s never done before. “Well.. I was going to ask you.. on a.. date.” I told him. Phil’s looked up at me with wide eyes. “Wait, w-what?” He gasped. “You. Me. Date.” I explained bluntly. “Dan, I..” He trailed off. “What? Too scared to say no?” I chuckled, feeling scared on the inside. “N-no! I’m not too s-scared.” He huffed then pouted. “Then say no.” I told him. “I can’t.” He sighed. I furrowed my eyebrows and crossed my arms. “And why’s that?” I asked. “Because I actually want to go on a date.” He answered. I could almost hear my heart pounding in my ears. Phil Lester, the same pretty pink pastel boy I’ve (secretly) liked for years, actually wants to go on a date with me.. I just smiled, Hiding my true excitement, and nodded. “Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then.”  I said. “Tomorrow? What time?” Phil questioned. “I have your number already. I’ll call you.” I told him. “Wh-ok.” He mumbled and looked around on the floor. “I will.” I told him again and pat his head, Phil nodded and smiled to himself. I turned on my heal and walked down the hall, giggling loudly to myself. I looked back at Phil and he looked flustered.. but in a good way. “See you tomorrow!” He blurted out. I smiled again and waved again from down the hallway. “Tomorrow.”

I was tagged by @wandahmer to do a tag (guys,i love tags,i love talking about myself,taaaag me / i have made a few questions too)

(Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better.)

- nickname :

Baah,i have a lot and most of them are temporary,they forget about it two days later,rly. One is Hamster (no comments,i look like the devil,but), Jú/JC (its a short for my name,most ppl who have intimacy call me by that),Japa,Diabo,etc. (theres waay too much,but ppl call me like tha the most)

- Zodiac sign : Scorpio

- heigh : 170cm (idk height in feet and stuff,sorry)

- last thing i googled : Friesians 

- favorite music artist : i have none.

- Song stuck in my head :Tiesto and KSHMR - “Secrets” (Funk remix) /its terrible.

- Last movie i watched : Phar Lap (it was just a few minutes,but still)

- What are you wearing right now? : A t-shirt,shorts and my vans sneakers.

- When did you created this blog? I think late 2015. 

- What do you post? : Anything,this thing is a trash can tbh.

- Why did you choose your url ? : That fucking good song and the number of satan combined. 

- What did you past relantionship teach you? : Sometimes people enter your life just to leave after a few months,but what matters and the only thing that matters is to enjoy and fuck around as much as you can.

- Religious or spiritual ? : None.

- Favorite color : Black,white,red and blue.

- Average hours of sleep : Idk,but i sleep a lot or i have no sleep.

- Lucky number : I dont have one.

- Favorite character : At the moment. Book : Holden Caulfield. Movie : Steve Deprees (Mommy).

- How many blankers do you sleep with : Summer : 1 or none. Winter : 2 or 3,bc here’s that fucking cold and hot.

- Dream Job : Veterinarian.

- Age : 17.

- Birth city : Londrina - PR (Brazilian)

- How many animals you had?: I had a lot of dogs,rn i just have a black pinscher her name is Neguinha (pare,asdhsaoihsa). (age 11 or 12,shes old :( ) Lots of cats too,rn i have one Persian,name is Nylah. (around 4 years) Two Cockatiel (they dont have a name) (2 or 3 years). I had a Mare too,i raised her colt. Name was Negona and Hobinho. Hobinho is about 7 years old now,Negona had an aciddent and died :/ i was not her owner at the time. I don’t own Hobinho anymore too. 

- Eyes colour? - Red brown/black brown. 

- You wear glasses? Wich one? : Mine’s ClubMaster,Ray Ban (black). 

- First impressions people heve of you?How they first act with you around? : That i am quiet and even scary. There’s people who are intimadated and some who thinks im weird but just ignores me,there’s a few who are provacative,but i dont react and they quit that bullshit real fast. 

- In the movie “The Breakfast Club” wich character you identifies with the most? - (i just made that up rn,im a genious).I am “the brain”but theres a part of me that is “The kook”,but honestly i am a fucking brain,i live for studies im a nerd,kill me. 

- You are…at the city of your dreams,all alone or with people,at the time (year) you want. Wheres that city? Alone or with people? What year?What would you do? - My city would be anywhere in Russia,all alone in the winter,i would break things.

- If you had the chance to fight someone,anyone,who would you fight? - I would fight the guy who keeps stealing the cables of my internet down the street.

- What animal you wanted to be? - i Would say horses but i admire that animal i dont want to be one,i wanted to be a wolf,a lone wolf. 

- What keeps you up late at night? - My anxiety and my need to keep moving myself all the time,i cant stop. (it looks like is the same but are two different things)

- Have any talents? - I fuck thing up in a way you’ve never seen before.  I can draw and write pretty well and i was even really talented,but i abandoned both.

And here’s people that i tag,(sorry if you hate it or have been tagged) If you read that far and you liked it you can do theese questions too! Tag me if you want. Most of people are random that i saw in my activies and some are my fav blogs.

If you respond to me i’m more than happy!. (im insecure as hell,wtf)

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Who am I? I am a girl who loves my island. I’m the girl who loves the sea. It calls me. I am the daughter of the village chief. We are descended from voyagers who found their way across the world, they call me. I’ve delivered us to where we are, I have journeyed farther. I am everything I’ve learned and more, still it calls me…