this look more cool on my photoshop btw


i present to you galactic steampunk, my aesthetic. deal with it.\

btw, they’re all transparent, in case anybody would find that information relevant.

i claim nothing, none of the stock photos or designs used are my own, i just edited them to look fucking cool as shit

you losers had better be grateful

sorry i’m nightblogging here i’m tired and bitter and hungry and really grumpy in general lately

plus i’m on my period, which makes me even more tired and even more hungry, which in turn makes me even more grumphy

i mean at least i actually have food available to me now

and i also got my paycheck today

but i’m stressed so i’m mostly eating sweets anyways

what is adult.  what is life

plus i bought orange juice concentrate the other day bc i thought it would be cheaper but it just means i have to MAKE my OJ now, who makes oj anyways like wth if i want oj right now i would need to go and make it and i’m too tired and i really want orange juice okay

i’m sorry i’ll stop rambling now