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It’s incredible, you know. It feels like a big responsibility. It’s something I’ve taken very much seriously and something I thought about a lot. I’m just excited because I know. Like, growing up I wasn’t able to see someone necesarrily that looked like me, that was from where I was from in a movie. And I’m excited that kids will be able to see that. [about representing the Asian community on Hollywood with her role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as a strong powerful woman]


Project: Scrapbook — Horrificator (Part One)

Project: Scrapbook Masterpost (tbp)

Comic By: @daughterofthestars08 (lineart) & @artgraveyard (lineart and color) & @chalala-chan (color) 

Written By: @purr-cat-stinate & @mimosaeyes

Beta’d By: @miraculousandcute & @emeralddrop

Summary: N/A

Words: 5671

Despite the chilly season, the sun was already gracing the citizens of Paris with its warm rays of sunlight that poured from the clouds down onto the earth. It was a lovely day, perfect for picnics, and walks in the park. It was a lovely day to discover something new; or perhaps to create something new.

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Directed by Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night) the film has been described as a combination of Mad Max and Texas Chainsaw Massacre – and follows a character named Arlen as she becomes immediately captured by a cannibal gang, has a few limbs removed, and makes an escape while strapped to a skateboard. Per post-apocalyptic law, this automatically makes her a Furiosa-style badass.

From there the film turns into a revenge plot and weird friendship between her and a walking-bicep named Miami Man. And since the character requires tough-guy long hair, some stupid tattoos, and the surname “man,” there was really only one person to play him.

Also, somewhere in the mix Jim Carrey shows up looking like grandpa hobo in a completely non-verbal role, followed by a “Jim Jones-like spiritual leader” played by Keanu Reeves with a porn mustache. Because God is real and wants us to be happy.

7 WTF New Movies Nobody Told You About (Spring 2017)

Does a Story Need a Plot?

One of the things we talk about most when we talk about writing is plot. That makes a lot of sense. Plot is the driving force behind a novel, affecting everything from narrative structure to characterization. 

And yet, there are a great many stories out there that don’t have a discernible plot. There’s no big prize waiting at the end of the film for the protagonist(s). There’s no big revelation coming that’s going to shake things up and turn their world upside down. 

Films like Lost in Translation are perfect examples of why, in some cases, plot may not be necessary. Stories like these are studies of the human mind. They show how people live their day-to-day lives. They show how people build and break relationships. In their most surreal form, they showcase the worlds of dream and imagination that live inside all of us. 

Suffice it to say, not every story needs a plot. (Or a plot may not really be the “important” part of the story, serving as little more than background fodder for the more important stuff - but we’ll get to this later.)

Writing a story without a real plot is easy. Writing a good story that lacks conventional plot… much, much harder. Here are some things to think about.

What do you do when your character doesn’t have a goal?

Usually, characters have clear reasons for being the protagonists of their stories. If they don’t want anything, it’s hard to move them from Point A to Point B. Even harder is making the reader give a damn about these characters and their lives. 

But I already said that a good plotless story is often about exploring people’s minds - so in this case, having a character without a goal gives you a good chance to explore that. 

Most people cringe when they think of stories where things just “happen” to the protagonist(s). But it’s not always a bad thing (IF interesting things are happening and interesting situations are presenting themselves).

How does your character make decisions? What do these decisions say about your character? Do they make perpetual bad decisions? 

What’s the message? What are you exploring?

Okay - so not every story has to have a deep, philosophical meaning. But having an idea that you’re exploring gives you a chance to put characters in situations and see how they react to these situations. In the Lost in Translation example we see two characters come together in their loneliness, and we explore the concept of being alone. 

Perhaps you just want to explore a concept such as being a teenager in the digital age. Or you want to explore anger, and so introduce characters dealing with very different kinds of anger in very different ways. 

Maybe you want to explore the idea of love without clearly writing a “love story” with a traditional plot. In this case imagine a story where a couple is together at the beginning and together at the end - sounds kind of boring right? That is, until you look at how other aspects of life affect aspects of their relationship.

What if you have a “pointless” plot?

Sometimes you may include a plot in a plotless story. That’s not a paradox. In this case, the plot is there, but it’s just… not important. It’s little more than background noise for whatever else is going on.

For example, maybe you have a young Hollywood actress auditioning for a role in a film. She gets the role, and the story follows her as she films the movie. But that’s just background noise. What’s more important is looking at her interacting with a diverse group of people, from her struggling actor friends to her successful new actor colleagues, and how they’re really all dealing with the same problems.

The plot is just there to get her where she needs to go - to put her in a situation where she closely interacts with such a diverse group of people. 

How do you end a plotless story?

And now, the big question. How does a plotless story end? If there’s no big goal your character is working toward - no plot to get a nice, tidy resolution - then what’s the point, right?

The point is that you, the author, are going to look back at how you can sort of summarize the message you wanted to set out exploring. 

In Lost in Translation these two lonely characters who have made an impact on each other go their separate ways. Neither is really changed as a person in a significant way, but seeing them part drives the message of loneliness home.

In our story about anger, maybe we have something happen out of the blue that ties thematically into the piece. The person who has been claiming they’re going to kill Character X when they see them doesn’t do it when they get the chance but then they’re killed themselves in a random act of violence.

In our Hollywood actress story, she achieves success, but like the people around her she’s still struggling with the same problems. Our final scene shows her taking a handful of prescription meds and going to sleep, while it opened with her abusing cheap alcohol and doing the same.

And… what about Structure?

Of course, structure is tough and requires a lot of thought. Scenes in a “plotless” story may feel random but you still need to think about things like character development and the message of the story. 

So as you’re structuring things out, look at what’s being “shown” at a given time with the scenes you’re portraying. Use the scenes to develop the story. Remember to mix up slow-moving and faster-paced scenes just like you would with a traditional narrative structure. 

To summarize - no, a plot is not necessary in every story. But when you throw out plot, other things become a lot more important.

Red Carpet Stunts

(A/N): As you can tell, I am an awkward introvert who doesn’t know how to flirt. 

Pairings: Gal GadotXReader

Request: Would you do a gal gadot x reader where you’re on the red carpet with her and you flirt with her to get her attention? The ending can her her asking you out? Thanks so much :)

Warnings: None?

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You and Gal had met when she was filming Wonder Woman. You were her trainer and stunt helper on set and you were always helping her out on what to do. You spent about two months training her for her role and you enjoyed it a little more than you should have. Her willingness to learn, bright smile and hardworking mentality is what made this your favorite job yet. You two had become close over the entire film process and on more than one occasion Patty had to get the two of you to stop flirting with one another while filming, even though she had a smile on her face the entire time.

Gal was a busy woman, going back and forth to Israel, doing interviews and looking towards her next movie and you figured after the finishing of the movie you would be forgotten so, it was a complete surprise when she invited you to be her plus one of the red-carpet premiere. You questioned her choice, asking her why she’d choose you out of everyone she knew, saying you were just her trainer and all she did was give you the sweetest smile while responding with ‘You’re more than a trainer to me so, why not?’. It made your knees weak and heart flutter at her reasoning and you couldn’t help but accept her invitation.

Since you had arrived at the red-carpet premiere, all you and Gal had encountered were photographers, interviewers and screaming fans. It was a bit of a shock for you, this was your first time in an actual big-time premiere and you didn’t know what to do. All you could do was stick close to her as she maneuvered through the multiple people around you. As exciting as everything was around you, you couldn’t help but stare at her the entire time. Her floor length, red dress hugged her body just right, her hair was done in a tight bun which shaped her face perfectly and her vibrant smile was brighter than any camera flash there was around you. She was exquisite.

You watch and smile as she talks passionately about her role, takes photos with little girls dressed as Wonder Woman and signs autographs. You were pulled out of your stare when her brown eyes meet yours and you can feel your smile growing as a light blush paints your cheeks at being caught. She walks up to you, smiling ear to ear and stands closer than you expected. “I can feel you staring.” Gal smiles out and you give a chuckle as you look down at the ground.

“It’s because you look beautiful.” You state as you avert your eyes back up to hers and you can see a blush take over at your compliment.

“Thank you, I feel awkward.” She comments as you both begin to be ushered towards some photographers and she grabs your hand, making sure to keep you close. You stop in front of people with cameras and flashing lights take over your vision as you smile for the photos. After several seconds, you turn to focus on her, met with a beautiful side view of her face and you give a smirk.

“As awkward as that time in the dressing room?” You comment quietly for only her to hear and you hear a muffled laugh as she looks down, giving you a playful nudge, recalling the time you walked in on her almost naked.

“That was an accident.” She chuckles out, looking back up at the photographers who are still snapping photos of your interaction and you do the same, giving a wide cheesy smile.

“You thought it was an accident?” You tease and out of the corner of your eye you can see her giving you a shocked expression, mouth open slightly but before she can say anything, she gets pulled over by another interviewer. You laugh as she gives you a playful glare before giving a polite smile at the person talking to her.

“You look great, Gal! Your dress is absolutely stunning. Who’s your plus one over here?” The man questions enthusiastically and she turns to you, gently grabbing your arm so you’re standing next to her.

“This is (Y/N), they were my trainer for the movie and one of my stunt helpers. We’re very close.” Gal beams proudly as she introduces you, pulling you closer and the interviewer smiles, turning to you.

“Well, you both look amazing tonight. So, (Y/N), what was it like training and preparing Gal for her role as Wonder Woman?” He questions and instantly memories of training with the beautiful woman beside you, pop into your head. You give a chuckle before looking into Gal’s brown orbs.

“She always looks stunning. Well, it took some time but she got the hang of it. Everything was new but after a few weight training and sword fighting sessions, she was ready to go. I also got to see her film with her armor on so, that was kind of hot.” You respond confidently, giving a cheeky smirk and you can see pink overtaking her cheeks at your compliment. The man asks a few more questions before thanking you for talking with him and you give him a small wave as he leaves.

“You think I look hot in the armor?” She questions, thick accent present with a curious smile in place as you both walk down the red-carpet, getting closer to the building you were supposed to be headed to. An amused, suggestive smirk grows on your face as you turn towards her perfect form.

“You would look hotter with it off.” You purr out and you swear to god, you’ve never seen someone turn so red in their life. The surprised look on her face makes your smirk widen as she stumbles with her words, unable to come up with a coherent response. She finally looks up with a nervous grin as she grabs your hand, giving it a squeeze and you can’t help the tingling sensation that runs throughout your fingertips.

“Would you like to go to dinner? After…” She comments, gesturing to the chaos around you. “All this is done?” Your heart leaps out of your chest and an exuberant sensation fills your whole body at her question. You can’t manage to say anything but two words as you look at her with loving eyes and a Cheshire smile.

“Of course.” And at those words, a certain glow seems to shimmer around her as she takes your hand in hers while walking down the red carpet.

Top Movies of the First Half of 2017.

1. Get out- When it comes to the best movies of first half of 2017, consider this situation… Fucking Handled! Yo, Jordan Peele made the best movie of 2017 so far and it’s going to take a hell of a movie to knock it off. I had my reservations about this movie because movies that get this kind of hype on Facebook and social media never pan out but this one did! This movies comes correct from the first scene of my beloved Lakeith Stanfield walking through a, “superb,” in a situation that every person of color has feared would happened to them. A lot of praise should also go to the leading man Daniel Kaluuya too, his physical acting is incredible and as he’s required to change demeanors so many times during the movie and he never wavers for one moment. There’s so much to talk about with Get Out. All the white people come correct and are genuinely horrifying. I guess Lena Dunham isn’t the biggest villain on Girls. A true hallmark of an important movie is how it can change or shape your perception of a certain person, group or situation. While it sheds an incredible light on how most minorities and especially african american minorities feel about living in this country the most image altering part of this movie is that Jordan Peele made the fucking TSA cool. There has to be an award for just that alone. 

2. It Comes at Night -This film is a “horror” movie that isn’t interested at all of scaring but instead it wants to horrify you. This movie relies on tone and atmosphere than actual jump scares to create the his dark (literally because most of the movie is in the dark) tense canvas for their characters to live in and instead of a big bad monster waiting at the end of the hall the true horrors are the people themselves, well intentioned individuals who because of circumstances are forced become the most desperate version of themselves. Those circumstances are left incredibly vague throughout the movie with only just subtle nods and hints to what’s actually going in the outside world and that allows us to not worry about the world but more so on the character themselves. Nothing is ever really explained in this movie but it relies on the viewers basic understanding of a humans connection to family, a teenagers connection to sexuality to a mothers connection to a son and so on and so forth. If you come to this movie to be scared you will be disappointed. But if you come for a gorgeously shot, tense and dark character study of human survival instincts you will be blown away. 

3. Lost City of Z - Lost City of Z is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen in a long time. All the shots in the Amazon are breathtaking. James Grey has so much respect for all the beauty that the world has to offer and lets his camera linger on shots that a lesser director would have just blown through and moved onto the next one to service the plot. The way scenes fade in and out of each other is also masterful and makes me wish for nothing more but to leave my life behind and go exploring the amazon.  Lost City of Z is also an incredible piece of period filmmaking. From the opening shots to the courthouse drama you’re submerged into 19th century Britain and that comes with it’s own baggage. Especially when it comes to Sienna Millers character who gets treated like an afterthought half through the movie. But the first half of the movie she’s terrific and her character is given a lot to do and deserves to be respected. 

4. Win it All - As a person who enjoys people meeting and interacting with each other I can’t say enough about Joe Swanberg and Jake Johnson and their collaborations. Everything about this movie feels so real from the people, the relationships to the stakes. And by stakes I don’t mean just the gambling stakes, I mean the stakes of what it means to have a job, a girlfriend and have your life figured out. Shouts to my man Jakey J for now and forever. It may not have been as good as Drinking Buddies but for what it lacks in substance it makes up for with it’s absolute delightfulness. I never thought in a million years I would be saying a Joe Swanberg movie was, “delightful.”

5. Wonder Woman - I don’t really care for Super Hero movies that much anymore but Wonder Woman blew me away. Yeah the third act has issues and falls for the same old comic book tropes but everything leading up to it is amazing. From watching Princess Diana discovering what ice cream is to her walking across No Mans Land and unleashing hell on those machine guns all the way back to seeing baby Wonder Womans face on the big screen knowing she was going to be the hero of her very own story! It does justice to not just the woman part of it’s title but the wonder as well. It’s a wonderful movie.

6. John Wick: Chapter 2 - Spoiler alert: the dog live in this movie. Which is about the only real criticism that the first John Wick had and now that they fixed that they take this surprisingly successful franchise to new heights. Keanu Reeves is absolutely terrifying in this role especially considering I see about 5 Keanu Reeve’s look a likes walking the treadmill at the gym everyday and they’re all more likely to be doing someone’s taxes than they do gouging peoples fucking eyes out. But to each his own! 

7. Logan - When all the fanboy dickriding and Johnny Cash settles you’re left with a really good superhero movie. All the action is terrific and is a very emotional movie.Jackman and Stewart play their f bomb dropping and eye gouging versions of their iconic characters perfectly and this movie is honestly a very nice course correction after visual garbage that was X men Apocalypse.

8. Split - M Knight back? Possibly. This a very good movie with no discernible twist. Unless you count Jame McAvoy getting buff a twist, which I knew he had that in him the whole time (apparently he did too). But this a very good movie for the uneasy and tense thriller genre even though the most uneasiness to this movie comes from the real world horror and not the big bad swoll James McAvoy himself. 

9. Kong - This movie is like going into a test and expecting a D and getting a B- and sitting there and realizing you could have had an A if you really tried a bit harder. This movie has so many moments of pure joy and pleasure but the over saturated World War 2 soundtrack and some over the top Unle Sam-ification of Samuel L. Jackson bogs this down from being a truly special movie. 

10. Free Fire - Although I would have much rather this movie have more shoot em up scenes than, “hey are you still alive?” scenes I enjoyed the hell out of Free Fire. As much as I’d like to say queen Brie Larson was the best part of this movie and she’s terrific but it has to be Sharlto Copley and his A+ suit.  

hotel; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x reader
word count: 1,409
warning: lol, the word fuck
summary: you and Tom meet one night at the bar in a hotel
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Guys. This is so not OK. 

Lily Collins recently did a Netflix movie called “To The Bone”, which features a young girl struggling with anorexia. For the role, she had to lose a ton of weight in order to make the story believable. 

Now, to promote her new project, she’s doing interviews, appearances, etc. One of these includes appearing on the cover of Shape magazine, a magazine that prides itself in promoting healthy body culture. 


So what you’re telling me is this woman had to lose a ton of weight so that she could look anorexic in her movie, and now she is on the cover of a health magazine promoting that body as if it’s something that’s meant to be “goals”?!

What’s even worse, is that in the article (because I wanted to read it before jumping to conclusions) she talks about her diet, how she stays away from sweets and considers eating anything with sugar “splurging”, and that “exercise is everything”. 

This is not only glamorizing diet culture, it’s straight up glamorizing EATING DISORDERS. 


I did a little research on Collins and apparently she had an eating disorder as well, which like, baffles me beyond words. This woman struggled with bulimia and anorexia, so she decides to do a movie centering around a womans journey to recovery- OK that’s kind of an incredible act and I love the message (although I haven’t seen the movie, I’ve watched the trailer and I think it’s attempting to say/do the right thing). But then, she goes and plasters herself on the cover of Shape magazine, mere months after losing all this weight (which personally I think is a pretty dangerous thing to do for someone in ED recovery  but that’s not my business) and talks about diet culture and what she does to stay thin??!!?!??!

I’m seriously so disgusted, so angry, so frustrated and so let down right now. 

We have to stop this. We have to stop saying we “promote body positivity” and then literally act in ways that completely contract those sentiments. We have to stop giving girls these unhealthy aspirations to live up too and act like that’s what they should be trying to attain for their own image. 

What the magazine, and Lily, should have done, was taken this opportunity to create an article that centered around the movie, her own ED recovery, and the actual positive message that every body is beautiful (and that not eating/over exercise/denying yourself pleasure is never the answer to anyone’s problems). Your fat is not the enemy- it loves you, it protects you, it shapes you, it makes you beautiful

And for the record, I don’t want to thin shame here. I’m a thin woman myself, and Lily is beautiful, and in true body positivity we accept all shapes and sizes as lovable and wonderful and perfect no matter what. I really and truly do believe that. 

But both Lily, and Shape, have made a serious judgement error here. One that could, and probably will, seriously and negatively impact all the women who are already struggling on a daily basis to find love and acceptance within themselves. 

This is the most hypocritical and asinine thing I have seen in a long time, not to mention probably the most straight forward example of how terrible body culture is in this country. 

Disgusted and Disappointed, 

Kat xoxo

Fanfiction Recommendation

7/2/17: So I finally had the chance to read some stuff, which is why last week’s list of recommendations didn’t happen. But here is this week’s and I’m really hoping to get two fics out this week, we’ll see. As always, I love you guys and enjoy!

Last Week’s Recommendations

My Masterlist

Dean x Reader

Sam x Reader

  • Yes by @shadowtail32 - Sam decides that he wants to take his girlfriend of three years (You) out to her favorite book store to let her buy anything she wants, and then surprises her with one of the most important questions in a woman’s life.
  • Changes in the Wind (series- All parts linked) by @wayward-marvel-and-more - Y/N L/N has just gotten her big break into the world of acting with an Oscar nominated role in a hit new movie. Everything is looking up for Hollywood’s newest favorite as she lands an audition for a movie, reading with the Sam Winchester. Unfortunately for Sam, first impressions can be tough, especially with an older brother newly checked into rehab clouding your thoughts… Though Sam is mesmerized instantly by Y/N’s talent and personality, she is left to believe he’s a stuck up, rich actor with a superiority complex. Sam is determined to work with her, and decides he has to mend things between them at the upcoming Academy Awards. Will he succeed in winning her over?

Cas x Reader

Crowley x Reader

  • ‘Ello Love by @mackenziethehuntress - Crowley makes a visit to a distressed reader
  • Plum by @fanfictionaddictions - “Request: Hello darling. I saw you take requests :D Could you do Crowley x reader, where reader is Lucifer’s daughter and reader finds out that she is pregnant and reader with Crowley have to tell the news to Lucifer?”

Jensen x Reader

Jared x Reader

Misha x Reader

  • No Greater Sorrow by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing - “My prompt was “She has this gentle laugh that sounds like running water. I’ll do almost anything to amuse or entertain her, just so I can hear it. But she’s not laughing all that much anymore, is she? Ever since…” - My prompt gif is under the cut.”
  • Mistakes Are Made by @cass-trash - It has been just over eight years since your friendship with Misha deteriorated, and your roommate just happens to drag you to a Supernatural convention in Nashville where you reunite with the blue eyed actor.

Bucky x Reader

  • Lost Without You (Series-Ongoing) by @caplanbuckybarnes - Disney’s UP! inspired fic. After Bucky’s long term girlfriend, Natasha, falls ill from sickness and passes away quickly in her sleep, Bucky changes. He’s not the same man he once was. Will a new face moving in next door help him out of his depression? Or will he forever be lost in a world where he was once so happy? 
  • Injured Football Player by @callie-swagg1 - Bucky Barnes AU. Bucky is a pro football player who gets hurt during practice and the reader, his fiancé, had to find out through ESPN. 

if ur looking for a movie to watch i HIGHLY recommend Deidra & Laney Rob a Train, a new Netflix original.

  • It stars Ashleigh Murray (Josie on Riverdale!) as Deidra, a valedictorian trying to take care of her family when the entire world basically sets her up for failure.
  • It was written and directed by women (also the director, Sydney Freeland, is a Navajo woman (and only 36!))
  • Deidra and her sister Laney are both super complex and rich characters (plus they have 3 good female role models!)
  • It also addresses really important themes re: race and the legal system/ incarceration and stuff.

tl;dr: watch Deidra & Laney Rob a Train on Netflix (and rate it 5 stars tbh)


The train scene in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away is one of the most memorable, beautiful, and baffling moments in the film. So what does it mean? What’s going on? What is its purpose?

(I think I fixed the problem youtube was having with the copyright. So yay!)

Transcript below the cut:

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Hello fellow people who like Shay!  A few of us, myself included, have noticed how Shay only ever gets mentioned negatively or not at all.  And that’s a crying shame.

So to combat this we’ve come up with Shay Week.  Seven days worth of prompts for your minfics, full length fics, headcanons, discussions, meta, art, comics, gifs, edits, manips, anything really.  Seriously, if you think your oatmeal looked kinda like Shay, I wanna see pics!!

So from August 27th to September 2nd we’re gonna make content.

Day 1:  Favorite.  What was your favorite thing about Shay?  Inquiring minds wanna know!!

Day 2:  Ships.  Who do you ship her with?  Why?  How?  What would it look like?  What do they do for fun?

Day 3:  Favorite Scene/Episode.  What was your favorite Shay moment that happened on screen?

Day 4: Crossover.  What other show/movie/book would you want to see Shay in?  What would her role be?  What would happen?

Day 5:  Previous Works Appreciation.  What are your favorite fics involving Shay?  Link us!!  Tell us everything you loved about it and make sure to let the author know, even if they’re not on tumblr!!  Did you kind of wish it had continued?  Write a new one inspired by it!!  Talk about where you thought it was going!!  Reblog your favorite pieces of art that have been made in the past and gush about them!!  Make sure you spread the love around!!

Day 6:  BroTP.  Who would be her best friend?  Either in canon or an OC, let us know who her friends are.

Day 7:  Fix-it.  How would you take canon and reintegrate Shay?  Did she never leave?  Does she come back and save the day?

Or anything your heart desires!!  You don’t necessarily have to follow the prompts, but if you’re stuck there are some ideas!!  

It’s not a one-a-day thing either, no way.  You have a thought?  Post it.  I know my blog’s gonna turn into a Shay blog for a week, for sure.


1.  Use the #Shay Davydov main tag!  I will be tagging #shay davydov week as well as the main tag (there’s already been a shay week for a different show. How cool is that?).  Make sure everybody can find it so they can see your hard work!!

2.  This isn’t an opportunity to compare her to other characters in order make them look bad.  We can like, celebrate, and lift up a character without taking another one down.  This is about positivity anyway!!  So back to the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.  Interact with each other!!  Sometimes posting about Shay feels like you’re screaming into an empty void.  Reblog!  Comment!  Add nice tags!

4.  If you have any questions before, during, or after please do ask! @krystalgoderitch sparked this post/helped put this together and has agreed to help me answer questions, so you can ask her as well me!!

5.  Reblog the snot out of this post!!  I want to make sure that anybody who would be at all remotely interested sees this so they don’t get left out.

I’m looking forward to making posts for this almost as much as I’m looking forward to seeing all of yours!

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Corpse Bride Maria?

I’m super happy that The Book of Life will be getting a sequel sometime soon, but that got me thinking to the promotional poster Jorge put out on his Twitter

Now this is just a “What if” scenario where we didn’t know for a fact that it would get a sequel or not. But now that there’s a sequel in the works, is this the first sneak peek at what the film will be? 

Maria is clearly in her wedding dress. Manolo and Joaquin still look exactly like they did at the end of the movie except for Joaquin’s eye patch and lack of protective badge from Xibalba. 

Could the film take place right after Manolo and Maria’s wedding where somehow all three of them die at the same time and two new gods appear front and center? With Xibalba and La Muerte somehow playing a role in their adventure and possibly combating against their own kind? That would make for an interesting set up indeed. 

But again: Why are they dead? And why would Maria clearly still be wearing her Wedding dress if it doesn’t take place right after her wedding with Manolo? 

I’m getting the feeling that this film will be focused on Maria’s mother and possibly her side of the family considering the first film focused on Manolo’s family. The common theme of this movie series is the fact that it’s a celebration of family and Dia Los Muertos. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Maria had to seek help from her mother who is in the land of the remembered which might lead to her meeting her Son-in-law. 

This film is probably barely in production right now but I’m really hoping that this film will have to deal with Maria’s family. 

When You Kiss Me Heaven Sighs

@carrieeve said “Hi! I have a prompt. Well, more like a wish - a little bit more of that actors au you’ve published recently, it was awesome. And you’re doing a great thing, can’t wait to read it all :-)”

THANK YOU MY DEAR. I hope you like it! Thanks for being so wonderful 

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Jasper groans and Bellamy makes a sympathetic noise even as he doesn’t stop rifling through Miller’s hall closet, which seems to be mostly boxes of VHS tapes, assorted charging cables in varying states of disrepair, and, hopefully, somewhere, towels.

“I thought this was California,” Jasper mumbles, his words nearly unintelligible between his shaking and his slurring.

“This is California,” Bellamy says, amused. “How far gone are you that you don’t even know what state you’re in?”

“The Sunshine State.”

“No, I’m pretty sure that’s Florida.”

“It’s sunny here,” Jasper says, indignant.

“Yeah, but I’m pretty sure we don’t have a monopoly on sun.” Bellamy sees a garbage bag in the bottom of the closet that looks promising and crouches to rifle through it. “But neither does Florida, so… I see your point, I guess.”

“That’s not my point. My point–” Jasper says, teeth chattering, “–is why am I so cold?”

Bellamy finds a towel and turns to Jasper in triumph. Leave it to Miller to have exactly one towel he uses and the rest in the bottom of a random closet.

“That’s what happens when you jump into a pool fully clothed in the middle of the night in February.”

He can’t help the slight admonishment in his tone, but he’s smiling a little as he passes Jasper the towel and struggling not to laugh as he wraps it over his head and shoulders like Bellamy’s grandmother on a windy day.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Jasper shrugs.

Bellamy shrugs back. “Hey, I always suspected you Hollywood types were drunk dumbasses at parties like the rest of us. It’s nice to have that confirmed.”

Jasper gives him a ridiculous bow. “You’re welcome.”

“I’m just glad you don’t have the password to your own social media.”

“Monty made a good call on that one,” Jasper agrees seriously. “He’s my cricket. My Disney cricket.”

“Your cricket?” Bellamy frowns in confusion. “Like– in Mulan? Good luck?”

“No, the other one.”

“Jiminy Cricket,” Clarke supplies from the other end of the hall. Bellamy’s eyes snap to her, alighting on the sparkle in her eye, the sardonic twist of her lips, the amusement and fondness radiating from her.

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It’s You - IV

SUMMARY: It’s been 2 years since Sebastian’s fiancé died and his friends and family have been telling him to move on because that’s what’s best for him. Then, one day he suddenly bumps into you and theres an instant connection.

WARNINGS: language. mention of sex.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: as always, flashbacks in italics! this is kind of like a filler chapter. there’s definitely more insight on how sebastian and dalila worked and why sebastian can’t move on, or I guess finds it hard to leave her in the past. Although he is doing it very slowly.


You both stayed at the coffee shop for a couple of more hours before you looked down at your wrist watch and almost ran out of the café.

“Sorry! I forgot I had a tiny shift at the bar.” You gathered your empty cup as you stood up from the chair.

Sebastian followed suit and smiled politely. “And you’re also working tonight? When do you sleep?”

“I don’t go in until midnight. Besides, I get out at 6 from the bar so I’ll have time to go home and nap.”

He nodded, understanding that lack of sleep very well. When he would film, he would party all night, sleep for a couple of hours and do the same thing the next day.

“I really want to see you again,” you admitted.

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Changes in the Wind ~ Chapter Two

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Prologue  Chapter One

Summary: Y/N L/N has just gotten her big break into the world of acting with an Oscar nominated role in a hit new movie. Everything is looking up for Hollywood’s newest favorite as she lands an audition for a movie, reading with the Sam Winchester. Unfortunately for Sam, first impressions can be tough, especially with an older brother newly checked into rehab clouding your thoughts… Though Sam is mesmerized instantly by Y/N’s talent and personality, she is left to believe he’s a stuck up, rich actor with a superiority complex. Sam is determined to work with her, and decides he has to mend things between them at the upcoming Academy Awards. Will he succeed in winning her over?

A/N: In case you didn’t catch my hints in the prologue, Robert Reid is Ryan Reynolds under a different name… :D

“Y/N! Over here!”

“Beautiful, look here!”

“Give us a pose!”

Y/N was making her way down the red carpet at the academy awards, trying her best not to show how utterly overwhelmed she was. Cameras were flashing, photographers were shouting, and so many stars were walking by! Y/N could hardly believe that she was being held on the same level as these talented people she’d grown up admiring.

Her childhood celebrity crush, now well into his 50s, walked by and Y/N could no longer contain her excitement. She whispered to Charlie, her agent and guide for the evening.

“Charlie, that’s Oliver Blake! After he played Laith in the Golden Amulet movies I had the biggest crush on him. Should I go introduce myself?” She asked her redheaded friend nervously.

“I was more into the hot elf chick, but that me. Go say hi, but try not to be too awkward, yeah?” Charlie encouraged.

Y/N steeled her courage and wove through the crowd as gracefully as she could, towards the older actor. Barely a foot away, she was intercepted by non other than Robert Reid, her co-star and self-proclaimed older brother.

“Hey there, Y/N/N.” The suave actor greeted with a mega-watt smile.

“Rob, you know I love you, but you are currently the only thing between me and the guy who spent my whole adolescence as a poster on my bedroom wall.” She said, trying to see over the taller man’s shoulder.

“Who, Oliver? Oh Y/N/N, no. He’s had a little too much booze at the pre-party and tends to get a little handsy when that happens.”

Y/N grimaced, allowing her friend to take her arm and lead her back to Charlie. Charlie gave Robert a good natured scowl.

“Mr. Reid, here to cause trouble I assume?”

“Always am, Celeste.” He said with a wink, making Charlie glare at the use of her birth name. Rob let go of Y/N’s arm as the camera flashes became more intense. As expected, during the press tour, rumors of a relationship between Y/N and Robert had begun to circulate. Being seen at the Oscars with her on his arm would only heighten the gossip.

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Well, won’t you look at that; I made a new OC!

Her name is Stella Hunter, and she’s a thirteen-year-old cat girl and child actress. After doing a few commercials, she went on to play a supporting role in the kids’ sitcom Life With Fred & Fred and then moved on to being a regular cast member in the kids’ sketch comedy And A Bag Of Chips while also continuing her work in commercials, movies, and even some cartoon voiceovers here and there.

Child stardom aside, Stella’s a fairly normal girl and doesn’t really flaunt her status unless “absolutely needed” (read: when she wants something, she can’t get it, but finds a way to get it anyway by either reminding someone she’s a child actress, or putting on a sad little performance to make people feel guilty). She’s for the most part pretty friendly, but she does get annoyed easily. She’s pretty used to getting things her way and can be really stubborn sometimes. And while she can be rather snarky and biting, she ONLY saves it for people who deserve it. A minor talent she has is that she’s pretty strong despite her size- she doesn’t do much heavy lifting, but if you’re bothering her, she has no trouble just picking you up and throwing you out a window. Nonetheless, she’s cute, friendly to her friends and fans, and somehow is able to balance being an actress and a regular kid. As for a possible voice actress…I’m thinking Cherami Leigh.

Really just a rough sketch; I wanted to draw her for reference before I forgot.

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Five years ago today, Jenna Coleman’s life changed forever

It is amazing how much can change in 5 short years.

On March 21, 2012, Doctor Who fans received the news that Jenna-Louise Coleman had been cast as the as-yet-unnamed new companion. With production under way on Series 7, the announcement indicated that Jenna, who was about to appear in a miniseries based on the sinking of the Titanic and had become well-known for her roles in Emmerale and Waterloo Road, and had also scored a bit part in the first Captain America movie, would be debuting in the 2012 Christmas special and taking over from Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as the new companion for the second half of Series 7 in 2013.

Looking back, it’s intriguing that no one thought to question the timing of the announcement, with no Christmas special filming expected for months yet and in fact the episodes featuring departing companions Amy and Rory were still a  ways from completion too (I believe they still had Power of Three and Angels Take Manhattan to go yet). In what remains one of the best kept secrets in Who franchise history, Steven Moffat and his team managed to keep the fact that Jenna would actually debut in the series 7 premiere a secret right up to the broadcast day - even with several advance screenings!

As we learned more about Jenna’s career path, we began to see that her casting in Doctor Who was a hard-fought victory. She’d spent quite a while trying without success to find meaningful work in the US after her run on Waterloo Road ended (apparently she even had to work in a London pub at one point to save money to go to LA). She got a role in a short film that apparently has never been released (though it’s trailer is still on YouTube), and YouTube has some of the audition tapes she made for parts as varied as Max, the role played by Kat Dennings on the sitcom 2 Broke Girls, and also the character eventually played by Meaghan Markle on the legal drama Suits. According to an interview she gave on The Last Leg, she very nearly got cast as an Australian in a sitcom that never went past the pilot stage. At some point she even record a voice for the video game Xenoblade Chronicles (no I’ve never heard of it either). She eventually returned to the UK and things started to look up, even though she had to endure a few “rites of passage” along the way, including a topless scene in BBC post-watershed potboiler and a role in another miniseries that seemed to require her to do little more than look good in lingerie and be convincing as a typist. Her part in Captain America was little more than a cameo, though it certainly boosted her profile (I do remember seeing some online posts asking “who is that girl?” which isn’t bad considering she was in competition for attention with Hayley Atwell and Natalie Dormer). But her role in Titanic was more substantial and things were looking up. Even though she was only about 25 or 26 when she was cast as Clara (famously getting the word when she was at a grocery store - the identity of which appears to change from time to time! - while buying an avocado), I don’t think anyone can deny that Jenna had paid quite a few dues already.

For Jenna (who dropped the -Louise a year later), it was the start of an amazing journey that saw her mature in many ways as an actress and as a public figure as she first began working with Matt Smith, demonstrating incredible chemistry with him. And then, most remarkable of all, her partnership with Peter Capaldi that not only paid off handsomely on screen, but it also launched one of the sweetest real-life friendships many of us have ever seen. 

Jenna would go on to surpass Karen as the longest-serving of the Modern Era companions, along the way placing herself among the greats not only of the revival, but she holds her head high alongside the likes of Katy Manning, Carole Ann Ford, Janet Fielding and Elisabeth Sladen, as well. One couldn’t have asked for a better Golden Anniversary Companion, a title that is Jenna’s and Jenna’s alone. And although other characters may claim to have met every Doctor in dialogue, Jenna remains the only actor to - thanks to digital editing and a bit of body doubling - share scenes with, in some form or other, every Doctor from Hartnell to Capaldi (and who knows, maybe she’ll be there when Thirteen arrives). She’s also played more individual characters than any other one actress in the show. (Clara, Clara Oswin, Oswin, the TARDIS interface (Hide), Saibra (Time Heist), Bonnie, multiple other Clara echoes, several different Clara Primes in Clara and the TARDIS, and Alice Watson in the audio book Destiny of the Doctors: The Time Machine - in which she also gave voice to the Eleventh Doctor himself!)

Today, of course, Jenna remains a bright-shining star, leading her very own TV series, the acclaimed Victoria, and there’s no doubt more greatness awaits for her. Will that include a return to Doctor Who in some form before Peter leaves? Who is to say? But it’s been a great ride so far.

I wonder if she ever got round to buying that avocado, though.

It was truely romantic - James McAvoy One Shot

Anonymous: Hey <3 I would love to read about this imagine: /129011076590/imagine-james-talks-about-how-you-met-each-other BTW lovely blog :)

Imagine: James talks about how you met each other and became a couple.

“Bye Y/N, I’m back at 9.“

“What? Where do you go?“
‘Y/N and her thoughts’, but I still loved her. Today was one of my many interviews of this week. I’d rather spend time with my beautiful girlfriend, but I had to take my duties seriously.

“The interview, darling. We talked about it yesterday.“

“Oh, yes you’re right. Have fun!“

She sat on the couch and watched her show, it looked like she didn’t even think about kissing me goodbye. I walked to her, kissed her head and grabbed my keys. The way didn’t take long and I was glad for that. They changed my outfit and put some makeup on my face, I didn’t like this side of my job. I hear the presenter of the show talking about my new movie and calling my name. I went onto the stage and waved at the crowd and smiled at them. The screaming got more quiet and I sat down.

“So James, tell me something about your new role.“

“This role is kind of different compared to the ones I already played. But I liked it a lot, it was an adventure. Finding a way to get into the role was hard, but it was totally worth it. The result is awesome, the movie is great. Really!“

“You were a lot in the media lately. Not just because of the movie. Someone spread the rumour that you’re of the market. Is this true?“

Naturally they knew. Nearly everybody knew at this point.

“Yes, it’s true. I have a girlfriend, a truely beautiful one I might add.“

“How did you two met?“

“It was crazy. It was her first day on set and she was walking around, no clue where to go. She was really cute so I asked her what she was doing. She searched for the catering, because she needed to get some sandwiches. We started to talk and she told me that she’s the assistant of Jennifer. We were nearly back at her trailer when she tripped and fell face first into the mud. I never laughed louder then I ever did before and I highly doubt that I ever will again.“

“And she dates you through?“

“Oh yes. She grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the floor as well. We were both covered in mud and sandwiches all over us. It was truely romantic.“ I said laughing.

anonymous asked:

Cynical ahead. And before anyone clutches their pearls for dear life, this is business, it's not personal. Caitriona sure was a good little soldier this last week. She even changed her sm header! Bets on which LG project she lands next hiatus?

No worries, Anon.  Cynics are welcome here.  I have no idea if she will land an LG project or not. However, I would like to give credit where credit is due.  Cait Balfe worked her ass off during premier week. In fact, it looks like she has taken charge of a ship (no pun intended) adrift at sea and brought it safely to port. Quite honestly, I think she has had a reality check and realized just how good a leading role she has.  Hollywood is not kind to women her age who want to be in movies.. She’s in her late thirties–mom role time.  Reese Witherspoon ( who won an Oscar) is playing a mom role in her new movie. Her other gig right now is a tv show.  TV however seems to be kinder to women over the age of 35.  Let’s look at Patricia Heaton (this is about her acting career not her politics).  She landed the role of Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond at the age of 38.  She would go on to star in that role for 9 seasons. She would also win two emmys for Best Actress in a comedy series.   After Raymond, she would land the role of Frankie Heck in The Middle at the age of 51. The Middle will leave next year after NINE seasons.  That’s 18 solid years of television success.  She’s just one  example.  There’s also Jane Seymour who landed the Dr. Quinn Medicine woman role at the age of 42.

I don’ t know what brought about the change in her promotion of the show.  I do think about how absolutely put out she seemed on the red carpet at SDCC.  As anyone would have if his or her coworker was being a complete wanker (but that’s a different question). I think she realizes though that it’s an ensemble production and that no one person is greater than the show.  So kudos to her which says a lot because I’m not the biggest Cait fan out there. 

One more thing….please save your dissertations on how Sam was a one person promotion team for the show for years. I don’t care. He’s being a complete ass.  His job right now is to promote the show.  His movie has not wrapped production or been released yet.  Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Sammy.