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Harrison Osterfield x Reader
Prompt : “ 😂 Harrison & reader r both sick. Maybe Tom can be in it? I feel like it would be cute/funny. 😂 ty😙” by @addycarvere
Words : 605

“Baby” Harrison talked with his throaty and raspy voice. “You look horrible.” You laughed, coughing a little bit in the process.

“Oh” You answered while catching the tissue he was handing you. “So you think you are looking like a Disney prince? Hell no, honey.”

“Ouch” He pretended to be hurt while moving his hand towards his heart. “I’m hurt.”

“No, you are just sick, Haz.” You grinned and he laughed while he laid on top of you on the couch, making you give a little bit of space for him. “You are so boring and cheesy when you are sick. That’s exactly why I got this from you.”

“How dare you?” He had a disbelief look, which was funny because his nose was red from blowing his nose. “I’m pretty sure I caught this from you.”

“You certainly did not!” You exclaimed and looked with shook at him, you two pretending to be the right one.

“I think we should ask Tom about it, to take this clear.” You laughed at his tone and laid your head on his chest, his arms hugging you.


You two spoke but none made a movement to go after the spider boy. Too much laziness and aches over your body to do anything. You started to hear his heart beat to concentrate on something, and the warmth and cozy that his body heat and heart made almost making you asleep.

“I think we should wait him come inside.” His voice getting you out of your almost sleepy state. You just nodded at him and put your heart against his body.

Harrison started caressing your hair and you couldn’t stop a yawn to come out of your mouth. You felt heavy and your whole body was making you want to sleep all day. He smiled to you, even though he was in the same way. Both of you glad to have each other near.

“This is actually very good.” You spoke, without lifting your face to look at him.


“Having you with me. Both taking care of each other. I feel safe and warm with you, it’s a very good feeling, Haz.” You looked at him, your face blushed from your previous words and what it meant. He smiled and caressed your cheeks with his cold fingers.

“Me too, Y/N.” His eyes staring deeply at you, with so much love and passion that, although you were confused and embarrassed by it, you couldn’t look to anywhere but his blue eyes. “ I…” He licked his lips to say something when you heard footsteps and the door being unlocked.

“Oh, hello, lovebirds.” Tom’s voice reaching your ears, his eyes looking at you with a smirk on his lips. “How adorable.” You and Harrison blushed and you two lifted from the couch to talk with Tom.

“We wanted to talk with you.” You pointed, ignoring Tom’s comments.

“Yeah, we wanted to know who caught this sickness before and passed to the other.” Harrison spoke and looked at you with fun on his eyes.

“Well, I think it was…” He stopped to think for a moment and when his mouth was opening to say something… He started coughing. “I think I just got this from you two, you bastards.” He looked with an angry face at you.

“Oh no.” Harrison and you spoke at the same time, looking at one another with laughter coming out of your mouths before running away from Tom’s grip.

“I’m gonna kill you two…” Tom shouted making you two laugh and run more over the house, all of you now affected by the disease.

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With the body swap au.. I know we've talked about Roy getting Riza's period.. but like what if he can't handle the pain and comes in the office looking like death and Riza just knows and Roy's like "How do you even live with this each month?" XD

Haha oh my gosh! I can see it…

Roy had been sitting like that for a while now, his forehead firmly pressed against his desk and blonde hair spilling over his shoulders and around his head. “Colonel,” Riza said, gently prodding him. “You need to get back to work.” 

A despondent mutter was his only reply.

She pressed her lips together and leaned closer. “What was that?”

He groaned and rolled his head to the side. Maybe it would have been better if she had let him be because to put it nicely, his face -er, her face- looked horrible. “I said,” he moaned again. “I feel like shit. How do you even live with this each month?”

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People're tiring Reactionaries always try to paint those that disagree with them as bigoted oppressors and equal whatever form of asshole they're being with their own identity. Someone says something bad about aphobes "Oh so you hate trans gay men because that's what I am. Of course this comes from the cishets..." even if the people don't even fall under their idea of cishet. Someone says something about biphobes or TERFS "Oh sorry I'm such a prudish lesbian for not liking men/dick." It's gross.

AP English prepared me for this day.

Literally, they only do that because they’re trying to make us look as horrible as they possibly can. They think the only way to win an argument is to make what you say sound like you hate LGBT+ people, even if you ARE LGBT+.

It’s because they have no arguments anymore. The only way they think they can argue is by accusing you of being this horrible homophobic/transphobic/etc. bigot. If anything, it’s just proving how ridiculous they are at this point. :/

–Mod Mercy

Mods that should exist:

- a proper death cutscene for Loghain if he does the US (because there are ones for Alistair and the Warden)

- a Tamlen mod that gives him elfier hair (like Zevran hair or whatever) without changing him completely

- a Zathrian mod that gives him some badass robes that aren’t just replacing the shitty yellow Circle robe with the Tit Robes

- something that makes Gauntlet!Maferath look less like his own grandpa and more like a mothafuckin warrior (also, every statue in DAi that depicts him is clean-shaven)

- something that gets rid of the orange/yellow and pink/purple noble outfits altogether because they look horrible (you know the ones. Couslands also wear them)

- murderknife Old Tegrin (you know that late game feel when you got all the other random encounters already and this fucker keeps popping up)

- make Sister Theohild (of the food puns) Divine tbh

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im so bummed! last year the cockles ops were 230, now its 280. i really wanted one but i already have 2 ops with misha and jensen. i just wish i could redo last yrs op (i looked horrible) welp :/ these fucking prices are ridiculous and ill hate myself i give in. at jaxcon they're 260, not much a jump but thats still a little cheaper

Fuck, really? That’s a fucking crime. I don’t know who they think can afford these things, and it really pisses me off that it’s largely young girls, often queer and/or mentally ill, that they’re gouging to make a profit. I’d love another Cockles op, but I already decided before the price hike that I wasn’t going to get anything except Misha. 

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if you want i could get rid of that uniform for ya. make sure you never have to see it again for free

…there’s gotta be a catch. This looks horrible on me, but Yellow Diamond will shatter me if i don’t wear it, right?


happy wednesday my dudes <3

(mila says something like “i want to take you to bed but don’t worry you wont’s sleep”, and georgi says “anya” :’) )