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Blushing Beauty

Pairing: Reader X Josh Pieters 

Request: Yes

Fandom: Buttercream squad 

Prompt: They are both youtubers and in a relationship but keeping it from the public. But one day josh is doing a live stream and the reader walks in the background wearing one of his shirts. Everyone keeps asking about it so he ends up introducing the reader to the fans and they all freak out


“Okay guys, so this live stream is about to end so I’m just gonna answer some quick questions.” Josh announced, you’d been listening through the door dying for your phone charger to film a Q&A video. 

You figured no harm would come from darting into his room to grab it, all the fans knew that you where close ‘friends’ and you’d both announced on twitter that you and Josh where filming a Q&A tonight. 

Taking a chance you quickly opened the door, Josh turning to you and giving you a smile as you ran behind him and grabbed your charger that you’d been dying to get for the past two hours. Quickly you turned and waved at the laptop before running out of the room. Overall it was a success. 

Once again you settled onto the couch, plugging your phone into the charger as you watched TV. Before you knew it your twitter was blowing up, Josh found his way next to you and automatically threw his arm around you as you scrolled through your mentions. 

“Fuck.” You mumbled, feeling like a complete idiot and not wanting to be the one to ruin what you and Josh had. 

“What’s happened, love?” Josh asked calmly, you showed him your twitter and all of it was screenshots of you in his shirt behind him during the livestream. You’d completely forgotten that you where wearing it. 



“So Josh and (y/n) have some serious explaining to do. ‘Just friends’ seems to be a lot more than that…” 

The tweets where endless, and as you’d thought suddenly every question on the #(Y/N)ANDJOSH was asking if you two where dating. You felt awful. 

“Josh I’m really sorry.” You said, bowing your head so he couldn’t see how upset you where. 

“Why don’t we just tell them?” He replied, as casual as ever. 

“What?” You questioned, it wasn’t like Josh to be extremely public and you’d both agreed to keep your relationship a secret until you felt it wouldn’t be an issue sharing it with the internet. 

“Yeah, it’s been almost a year of tiptoeing around, hiding each other while vlogging, not being able to hold your hand down a street in case we get noticed. Why not just tell them?” Josh explained. You nodded, agreeing that it was more difficult to be privet about it rather then being open with your viewers who you knew would support it. 

“Okay, so let’s film the Q&A!” You grinned. Quickly you set up the camera, sitting alone as Josh pressed record from behind. 

“Hey guys, so I was trying to film a Q&A but it’s a little tricky when only one question gets asked, but I thought why not finally clear this up with you all. So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here. Am I dating Josh Pieters? I’ll let him answer.” You said, beckoning him to come join you. 

He walked to the sofa with a huge grin across his face, sitting down and taking hold of your hand making your heart melt. 

“Yes, I am dating (y/n), we have been for 10 months. We’re very happy together and we feel like we can now open up and be honest with our viewers. We know this probably doesn’t surprise some of you who’ve been speculating for a while but I love (y/n) and we’re happy to let you be a part of this.” Josh smiled. You nodded and kissed him quickly. 

“Well, that’s all for today! Expect a longer video later in the week and bye!” You smiled switching off the camera. 

“Feels good, not hiding.” Josh smiled, kissing you again as you joined him on the couch to edit and upload the video. 

“I agree, so when are we filming the announcement for your channel?” You smiled. 

Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

“Can you do “That’s my ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.” - “Well, kiss me so they see.” with Ethan but the reader and Ethan are just friends until that moment because I need it and you love me m10 😭🙏🏻”
Request? - yES FINALLY. @hamiltryingmybest Words - ?? Idk how to count 
Warnings - ..none?
Extras - Y/E/N (Your Ex’s Name)

You, Ethan, and Amy went out to Walmart to grab a few materials for the Livestream. Originally, it was just you but Ethan and Amy decided to tag along.
“Ok You and Ethan go find the shaving cream and marshmallows, and I’ll go get the Toilet paper, ok?” Amy said, looking at you two. Mostly you; once again she was trying to somehow set you and Ethan up. God, only if you hadn’t told Mark, which told Amy, who told Tyler, Tyler, told Kathryn, and you were pretty sure even Chica knew. /everyone/ knew except the blue boy. gOD FORBID IF MARK TOLD JACK.
“Yeah sure, let’s go Y/N.” Ethan smiled, smacking your shoulder with the back of his hand.
“Sure!” You smiled, although deathly glared at Amy, which she had her thumbs up, and a wide smile.
You and Ethan’s walk to find the marshmallows, was a go. Immediately going to the isle where candy and all sugary snacks were.
“Ok, alright.. marshmallows..” you mumbled looking up and down.
“Should we get colored marshmallows?” Ethan questioned, glancing at you.
You shrugged, “Dunno, I mean we could get colored and non-colored.”
He nodded, “True.”
A few second went by, and you sighed,
“Alright I’m gonna look at the other side..” you mumbled, quickly turning around, to see a familiar male.
Oh god. That was Y/E/N.
You turned around and stood on your tippy toes to whisper in Ethan’s ear.
“Ethan.. my ex boyfriend is here.” You shakily whispered.
You pointed behind you,
“That’s my Ex Boyfriend, and god, Ethan look. He’s already moved on, and I’m just standing here, fucking single, while he’s got a goddamn girl hanging off his arm.”

“Well, you’re a single, strong, independent woman.” He commented, glancing at him, but he quickly averted his eyes when he realized Y/E/N was looking at you two.
“He’s looking over here.” Ethan whispers, looking down at you.
“What? Oh lord.. what do I do? Ethan,– Ethan do me a huge favor and act like we’re together.”
“What?!” He whisper yelled.
“I know! I’m sorry.. but please?”
You looked at him, cheeks pink, a slightly sad face on.
“Alright..” he mumbled, grabbing your hand and interlacing your guys’ fingers.
Immediately your heart sped up, his hand was warm, soft, and god. His hand in yours felt right. It sounds cheesy, but it really felt right.
“W..-what if he’s not buying it?”
Ethan went quiet for a second, before he hummed; “Well, kiss me so they see.”
Aaaaand there goes your heart. Your cheeks were now super red, and you looked at him, baffled.
“I-I can’t do that!”
“Sure you can, you just..”
And before you knew it, Ethan’s lips were against yours.
You squeaked in surprise, blinking multiple times. Heart racing.
/oh my god oh my god oh my god./
Your mind went crazy.
But all too soon, his lips were slowly moving away, and you wasted it by freaking out. But oh, no, no. You /needed/ to redeem yourself.
Removing your hand from his, you placed both of your hands on his cheeks, and pulled him in for another kiss. Except, this time, you kissed him back, instead of wasting time on thinking and freaking out.

“Holy shit.” Was said when you pulled away.
“Yeah u-uh sorry?” You mumbled, removing your hands and quickly looking over your shoulder to find Y/E/N gone.
“Holy shit,” he said again, “Holy– Y/N, kiss me again.”
You looked at him, confusion spread across your face.

<Extended ending.>

“OH MY GOD, GUYS!” Amy screeched, she realized something, and she totally forgot to show/tell everyone. The livestream chat blew up, people saying;
“Oh god!”
“What happened Amy?!”
“FRICKEN LOOK.” She screeched, and she showed her phone to the camera, where the livestream was recording you guys.
The Chat immediately was roaring.

“AMY WHAT THE HELL? WHY.” You screamed, and tried to grab her phone,
Mark, Kathryn, And Tyler were snickering, smacking Ethan’s shoulder.
“Wooo get itttt”
“Oh my god, good job.”

OK BUT I kINDA LIKE IT??? Idk🤷‍♀️ send in some requests, it doesn’t haven’t to be Ethan.

anonymous asked:

On a scale of 1-10 how convinced are you that dnp are renovating their forever home right now?


(But really, the thing to keep in mind here, is that I just find it fun to believe in really low stakes conspiracy theories. If they move into a house they renovated, oh my god, amazing! If they move into a house they didn’t renovate, oh my god, amazing! If they give up the civilized lifestyle and move into a treehouse and play nothing but video games all day long, as long as they’re livestreaming it, oh my god, amazing! This is not a scenario in which I am going to be actually upset if what I think is happening isn’t happening. The only thing that would be a letdown would be them moving apart, which, lmao, nah. Not gonna happen.) 

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Oh my god I couldn't watch the livestream what did he say

I need to watch it again, but I think the most startling thing was him showing a bunch of angles of his bedroom and being able to see Phil’s mirror (the white framed one that was always in the corner of Phil’s videos at their last place) and Phil’s shoes (probably?) on Dan’s shoe organizer and confirmation that the floor Phil showed in the centipede pic was that flooring (and he said he saw the centipede when he was in bed). 

So it’s not really that Dan said anything, it’s just that he casually showed a lot of stuff after months of specifically saying he wanted his bedroom to be private. 

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hi seo! i live in london and the sky and the sun were orange today bc of the hurricane blowing dust from the sahara bUt when i first saw the sun "sun fighters" came to mind :)

aw that’s nice of you to remember something from an old livestream but !!! oh my god i hope you’re doing okay and that you’re safe and that your friends and family members and neighbours are all safe too!


Pairing: Reader x Dylan Sprayberry
Warnings: lots of fluff

A/N: Hiyaaaa guys! Wow, ehhhhh… pretty long ago since I posted something. I feel reallyyyy reallyyyy bad.. So, here you go! Thought it was the appropriate timing to write this request, seeing as Coachella is actually coming up and I’m just sitting here in my bedroom watching the livestream, dreaming of being there one day :’) Hope you enjoy!!

“Oh my god, Y/N! It’s been months since we’ve last seen you!” Posey yells, walking up to you. It’s true, you haven’t been on set for a long time, mainly because you don’t live near it. But you hadn’t seen your boyfriend Dylan Sprayberry in a few months, and seeing as Coachella is coming up as well, you decided to visit the Teen Wolf set.

“T-Pose!! Can’t believe you’re here either, such a coincidence!” You say, sarcasm obvious. You hug and chat a bit, waiting for Dylan to wrap up the scene he was currently filming for season 6. So you both talked about work and stuff. “I heard you are going to Coachella?” Tyler asks you. “Yeah! Wish Dyl could come with me, actually I wish all of you could come, but I understand work comes first, y’know.” You respond, obviously understanding that it is hard to get time off of work. Luckily you managed to get some time off of work, so you could spend some time at Coachella with a few friends. “Ah I would looooove to go to Coachella! Looks amazing every year. Especially with that frickin’ good line-up. But yeah, can’t let the show down.” You nod, completely understanding. “There’s some crazy people this year, Ellie Goulding, Jack Ü, and lots of other amazing people.” You say, knowing that Tyler is a huge music fan himself. It’s also one of the many things you and Dylan have in common, a huge passion and love for music. 

Just in that moment, Dylan walks over to you and gives you a big hug and a kiss. “Hey babe,” he says, clearly excited to see you, “hope Tyler has been a good company while I was wrapping up this long ass scene?” You all laugh about that. “Yeah, we were just chatting a bit about Coachella and work and other basic stuff.” You say, just kind off shrugging it off. “Alright, I’ll leave you two lovebirds to catch up, see you later Y/N!” Tyler hugs you and then hugs Dylan. 

On the way to Dylan’s temporary place, where he stays while filming, he seems quiet. “Something on your mind, babe?” You ask, worry in your voice. “Nope.” He says, popping the ‘p’. Yep, something is definitely going on. You roll your eyes, knowing you’ll get it out of him sooner or later. Once you arrive at his place, the tension is unbearable, so you decide to ask him again. “You sure there’s nothing on your mind?” He definitely noticed that you’re annoyed at him. “Don’t know, why don’t you go ask Tyler? Maybe talk about Coachella some more?” He sounds upset. No, he is upset. Wait, about the Coachella thing? “Wait what, are you upset about not going to Coachella? Babe, you kn-” You start, but are cut off. “No! That’s not it at all, I know I can’t go and I’m okay with that. But I thought music was our thing, so hearing you talk about it to other people so passionately, it just-it just feels like - ugh, never mind..” His voice is angry, but he is hurt. You never thought he’d get jealous about you talking to someone else about music. 

You sit next to him on the couch, putting your arms around his neck. He doesn’t move. “It is our thing. I didn’t know you were gonna be upset about me talking to Posey about Coachella. It’s nothing like how we talk about music. It was just because we are both really interested in it. Our conversations are on a whole other level of passion. You know I only love you, babe.” You whisper to him. You see the goosebumps on his skin as he registers every word you just spoke to him. “I know, I love you, too. And I-I was just stupid, getting jealous over something so stupid. You should be able to do whatever you want to do, be able to talk about whatever you want to talk about to anyone you want to talk with.” He says back, his words filling your heart with warmth. “God, I missed you.” You say, pressing a kiss to his temple.