this livestream is the best thing ever

this is not the most flattering picture i have ever taken but i had to screencap it quickly in a livestream that i was watching; but i am so so so happy that they took 9.10 scene as his nomination scene!! i knew it!! if only he won!! 

Mother's Day HCs

• Milo ponders about every day before Mother’s Day, thinking of what to give her. Every time he does, his flowers or cards would either attract bees or end up blown away. The gift stress ceases when Brigette assures him that she doesn’t need a Mother’s Day gift - Saying that Milo is already one of the best gifts she’s ever had and she couldn’t ask for anything better.

• The first thing Sara gives Brigette on Mother’s Day is breakfast in bed. Consecutively, she would treat her mom to some windowshopping and to lunch before giving her to Milo for his share of mother-child hangout. It is usually Sara who gets the cards and flowers for her while Milo’s in charge of long cuddles and sweet messages.

• Since her mother is too far away to celebrate, Melissa would resort to going out - giving livestreams so she and her mom can hang out and talk throughout their hangout. They end Mother’s Day with a dinner at different branches of the same restaurants with Mr Chase on Melissa’s side.

• Eileen continues to work in the hospital even during Mother’s Day. So what Zack does is take the celebration to her and have it in the office. Before that, the morning is spent in cleaning out her home office with Marcus’ help. Zack would sing to her a couple mother’s day themed songs and spends a lot of effort in making her favourite delicacy - Fish delicacy to be precise…

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My sister was telling me how excited she is because one of her favorite bands has been dropping all sorts of teasers and stuff for their comeback album next month and doing livestreams and all sorts of promo stuff for their new music meanwhile here in the Taylor Swift fandom, we're just sitting here in the drought.

lol yep. but it’s okay because the drought is coming to its end (still banking on 10/13/17 tbh) and ts promo is the best thing ever!!!!!

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Completely different anon but I remember when you, Brad, Colfer and Klairs did that livestream. I don't remember what it was for, but I remember you reading intentionally bad fanfics and had that sweet video from the mini Warbler.


We were getting together to see Darren at Market Days and since we had bizarre BNFness within the Glee fandom, we decided to use it to just… raise money while we were hanging out anyway. We gave the money to the Trevor Project, and we presented Darren with a novelty check that I drew a dinosaur and a rainbow on. 

It was pretty awesome and still one of the best things I ever did. That was almost exactly 6 years ago, goddang.

Sometimes I forget that, all because of a dumb joke I made while livestreaming GK2, I have two fanfictions and a fan-case based on the idea of Miles Edgeworth becoming an amazing gamer who calls himself MLG pro, dyes his hair pastel green, and asks to be referred to by the name “Memes Swagworth” because it’s his reddit name. And it’s Narumitsu on top of that.

And then I remember and I’m like…. why did I write these things. Why am I like this.


“You’re my boyfriend.” - Mitch

“We’re so in love and so drunk.” - Mitch

“What’s your most prized possession? Mitch Grassi. I value our friendship more than I value a lot of things.” - Scott

“Who’s your favorite person? Mitch, obviously. You’re my family.” - Scott

♥ “You’re the best friend I’ve ever had." 

[F] New Message (1)

Title: New Message (1)
Pairing: OT13
Length: 1,730 words
Summary: Seungcheol invited all of his friends into the chat room. Seungkwan can’t stop using hashtags, everyone bags on Wonwoo, Jihoon just wants to leave, and, wait, aren’t there supposed to be thirteen of them in the chat?
A/N: Reads like an IM group chat. #1YEARWITHSEVENTEEN 

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Well, That Was Exciting

I wasn’t really able to tweet out the livestream due to the need to think and act fast during it, but CamDrome really, really is alive. Just got out of a stream held by the aforementioned Goon on YouTube, in which CamDrome paid a visit to answer eleven questions. Also just received this:

So, you can say things are pretty hot on this side of things. I’ve never had an investigation go hot immediately after handling it; this thing is making moves FAST.

Operation: Poke the Bear was one of the best decisions I ever made. I love this.