this little kid is such a bamf


All these demigod losers and their loser children (this took so godamn long and like?? quality?? good?? whaaatttt????)

Percy’s kids were super fun to draw and I also think that I have a crush on Emmi (Hazel and Frank’s BAMF daughter)

And I don’t even know what I was doing with Will and Nico’s little girl but she’s a solangelo child soo

Spending Easter with Kurt

Master list

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Making pancakes together on shove Tuesday, getting in a royal mess

Helping him choose what he will give up for lent, him doing the same for you, If you take part in it

Helping him decorate the little Easter tree that stood in your bedroom, with painted eggs

Reassuring him if he is struggling with lent

Having to hide the chocolate from Peter

Finding little German Easter markets, excitedly wandering around them hand in hand, admiring the beautiful art work, snacking on the delicious chocolate and Osterlamm

Setting up an elaborate Easter egg hunt for the kids at Xavier’s, complete with bunny ears a fluffy cotton tail and a treasure map.

Going to church with him

Helping him set up an Easter bonfire, using the old Christmas trees from the mansion, everyone sitting around it on blankets, snuggling together under the setting sun.

Rolling and chasing after Easter eggs down the hill with the younger students, Kurt bamfing to the bottom to catch them.


Have a great day and be safe


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Do you have any other malec /shadowhunters fic recs?

I’ve only super recently gotten into shadowhunters and stuff so I don’t have a whole lot but here are the ones from my ao3 bookmarks, and…wow they’re all malec oops lmao

i’m just going to put terra incognita by reviate at the top for people who didn’t see it. It’s still the best Alec centered malec fic I’ve ever read and it deals w/ super heavy subject matter (detailed content warnings are provided) it’s so so so good. Like read it if you haven’t already, you won’t regret it. 

The Right Kind Of Love by onyxmoon - one of the tags is ‘unnecessarily long sex scene’ and yeah I skipped over that but the rest is quite good. Mostly a character study w/ hurt/comfort and tiny bit of plot. 

Who Ya Gonna Call? by MenckensChrestomethy - Short and sweet. Just a little fic about how people always ask Magnus for stuff but have never given him anything. The last section is my favourite and features bamf!Magnus w/ a bonus of confused shadowhunters

takes on any shape by oh_la_fraise - This is a deaging fic that I absolutely love and has an adorable kid Magnus and the main characters just trying to deal w/ a smol warlock kid while reversing what happened.

we let our battles choose us by oh_la_fraise - the end of the description reads ‘Magnus and Jace become bros on the camping trip from hell.’ and that’s basically what it is. 

Warlock Flu by leetje - super short but it’s a sicfic and it’s very nice and cute.

pillow talk by lacheses - Bit of an alternate universe, although I think canon divergence is more fitting. it’s been awhile since I’ve read it but I liked it and it’s really good. Lots of napping and introspection. 

Under New Management by Thessili - An AU where Magnus and Alec never met, Clary didn’t get her memories back and so Valentine got the mortal cup and the Clave didn’t do anything.  Magnus, Luke, Raphael and a bunch of other downworlders defeat Valentine and create a different set of Accords where downworlders basically supervise shadowhunters to make sure another valentine doesn’t happen. It’s in progress but I’m liking it so far. It’s a slow burn with a cool plot. 

Anyways I hope you enjoy them! 

Trip Through Time

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Kurt Wagner x Reader

Trip Through Time

Author: Morgan

Prompt: I just saw X-men and Kurt is ADORABLE! So, I was thinking: somehow he travels to the future and meets his children who are just like their dad but have a loving, doting mother and when he sees her, he thinks she’s the most beautiful woman ever! (She’s got the power of invisibility), and the way she’s with the children melts his heart. And when he gets back to his time, he meets her as the new student.

Note: I have been waiting to write this literally forever. It’s so cute!!

“I’m telling you, Kurt,” Scott was walking through the courtyard with his blue German friend when they got on the topic of girls. “You’re a chick magnet. I mean, sure, you’re blue, but you’re German. Girls love the accent.”

“I don’t know, Scott. I just…I’m not exactly…vhat you vould consider normal.”

“Normal is overrated,” Scott shook his head. “You just need to ask someone out.”

“I don’t know if I could-” Kurt started. There was a bright flash, and suddenly, there was a completely different group of kids in the courtyard. He didn’t recognize any of them. But then he saw a little boy run by, one that looked like…him.

The boy was blue with three fingers on each hand and a tail.


“Catch me if you can, Liesl!” the boy shouted, appearing up in the tree.

“No fair, Hansel! You know I can’t teleport!” shouted a little blue girl, chasing her brother to the base of a tree. Suddenly, she disappeared.

“Liesl?” Hansel asked.


He appeared on the ground, only to be tackled by his sister, who reappeared. Kurt smiled, hiding behind a tree as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen walked over and separated the siblings.

“Hansel, Liesl, be gentle,” she prodded them. “Where’s your brother?”

“Here, mutter,” a third child appeared, another little boy. This one also had a tail, and was blue like his other siblings, but he had five fingers on each hand. He was younger than the other two, also. They were about seven or eight, but the younger boy was only about five.

“Come on Rolf,” she bent down and lifted the child, holding him on her him. She poked his nose gently. “Your father will be here soon.”

The kids cheered. Kurt stumbled and fell out from behind the tree he was hiding behind and into plain sight. The woman stopped in her tracks, eyes wide at the sight of the much younger version of her husband.

“Kurt?” you asked gently. He scrambled to get to his feet. “What are you doing here?”

“I…Vhere…Vhen am I?” he asked, looking around. Each of the blue children looked at him with wide eyes.

“Kurt…” your eyes were soft. You walked closer to the scared teen. He gulped. “I’m (Y/N). (Y/N) Wagn- I mean, (L/N).” You introduced. “Well, I am a Wagner, but I wasn’t when you met me.”

“You’re…” Kurt’s amber eyes trailed to your ring finger, admiring the glittering wedding ring there.

“I am,” you nodded. “I assume you haven’t met me yet.” he shook his head.

“Are zhese our…” he looked at the three kids. You nodded.

“They are,” you told him. “Liesl, Hansel, and Rolf.”


“You what, Kurt?” You asked, knowing something was wrong. “What is it?”

“I never zhought someone…I never zhought anyone could love me…Not enough to marry me.”

“Kurt, look at me,” You told him. “I’ve been married to you for ten years. I love you with all of my heart. Maybe fate brought you here so you would have the courage to pursue me, to make all of this a reality. But I assure you, you are the most loveable man I’ve ever met.”

Tears formed in Kurt’s eyes. He smiled brightly.


“Mein liebe?” the older Kurt appeared, finding you and the children standing in front of his younger self. “Oh. Oh,”

“You’re me,” Young Kurt stated.

“I am,” Older Kurt nodded, wrapping an arm around his wife. “I remember zhis vell,”

“How did I get here?” Young Kurt asked.

“To zhis day, I don’t know,” Older Kurt replied. “But, God has a reason for all zhings, and if it veren’t for zhis little trip to zhe future, I vould not have asked out zhe love of my life.”

“How do I get back?”

“I think your ride’s here,” You pointed to a portal behind him. Kurt gave a lingering look at himself, his family, his future, before dashing through the portal and hopefully back to his own time.


“Dude, where did you go?” Scott asked as Kurt reappeared. “You just popped out.”

“I vent to zhe-” Kurt started to explain, but paused. His eyes settled on you, timidly following an enthusiastic Jubilee. “I’ll be right back,”


Kurt appeared in front of you, holding a small bouquet of wildflowers in his three-fingered hand.

“Guten tag, I’m Kurt. Kurt Vagner, and you are very pretty.” Kurt said. You blushed, brushing a lock of hair behind your ear. “Vould you like to go out vizh me sometime?”

“Um, yeah.” You answered, smiling shyly. “I’d like that. I’m (Y/N),”

“I know.” Kurt smiled.

“Well, isn’t someone outgoing all of a sudden?” Jubilee asked, amused with his sudden outbreak of confidence.

“I had a push,” Kurt shrugged. He handed you the flowers. You blushed, your face burning bright red.

“Well Kurt, would you like to continue her tour?”

“Of course,” Kurt offered his elbow. You took it, smiling happily. Kurt’s tail swayed happily behind him as he escorted you through the rest of the mansion.

I love Ax. I really do. I want to wrap him in the softest, warmest blankets and sing lullabies to him in a safe, happy place. These are facts.

But he was just about the shittiest Andalite that Team Animorphs could have got.

Theatre of the Mind Time : What if they had found Gafinilan and Mertil first? What if Gafinilan and Mertil wanted to help, rather than being left alone?

Read more if you want to indulge my rambling, and it’s really rambling because this shit all hit me like… today.

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Hide and seek

(A/N): I feel like I haven’t written Kurt in foreeeevverrrr 

 Warnings: fluff

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 Playing hide and seek with a bunch of mutant children and Kurt wasn’t exactly on your agenda for today and yet here you were, running down the hall searching for a place to hide. You had actually been planning on spending some alone time with Kurt when the two of you were suddenly bombarded by a million children asking to play hide and seek. The two of you couldn’t deny their smiling faves and bright eyes so the two of you had agreed. Little did you know how seriously these kids took hide and seek.

    Fear settled deep within you as you heard the pitter patter of tiny mutant feet running down your hall. You panicked, looking around for someplace to hide when suddenly a bamf filled the air and Kurt’s arms were wrapped around you tightly. Your head felt heavy all of a sudden and when you went to look up you were faced by floor of the mansion hall. 

    “No one ever zhinks to look on zhe ceiling,” Kurt whispers as you tilt your head back down to meet his gaze. A toothy grin was plastered along his face and you couldn’t help but smile back. However that grin was immediately wiped from your face as the shrill cry of one of the children issues from below you. “Don’t move a muscle,” Kurt whispers as he tightens his arm around you. 

   The mansion is eerily quiet before the sound of feet rushing down the hall fills the air once again. You release the air you didn’t realize you had been holding as the footsteps begin to dissipate. 

    “Thanks kurt,” you whisper as you give his lips a quick peck. Kurt blushes softly, his cheeks tinting purple. 

    “Anytime meine liebe. On a side note, if I knew how scary it vould be to play hide and seek I vould have never agreed.” You can’t help but chuckle and you immediately regret it. 

    “You guys!” A voice below you calls out. “I found them! Come on, before they get away!” The two of you share a look, and without saying a single word to each other Kurt bamfs the two of you away.

A Sudden Interest

Title: A Sudden Interest

Pairing: Phan (AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire)

Length: 1.5K

Genre: Fluff

Triggers: None I think wow

Prompt: bad boy phil and insecure shy dan in highschool and maybe phil starts taking an interest in the cute boy in his class and dan is all flustered bc phil is hot and popular and they end up kissing or something and phil has this grin on his face when he stares at dan afterwards and dan is so gone idek what this prompt is but i’m getting feels over it

Other Characters: Phil’s little gang (Maxx, Tyla, Callie, Sam, Xavier, Frankie, others)

A/N: k in my school theres this like special area for ‘troubled kids’ aka the kids who dont give a fuck and start fights, and i know a bunch of them and most of them are actually really great so phil’s gang is gonna be my bamf friends

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sterekchronicles said: I love any fics where Stiles is a BAMF and he’s the one saving everybody else, even when they don’t expect it! I also like werewolf/alpha Stiles.


[Well, I hope you like werewolf!Stiles with a little bit of angst. :D]

“They’ve been circling us.” Derek says, running a hand through his hair as he tries to keep his voice down. “There are six, maybe seven.”

And your pack is bigger than mine. Why do you need me?

“Because there are two kids now, and Erica is pregnant.” Derek sighs into the phone. “I don’t wanna risk it.”

There’s a minute of silence, until eventually Derek hears a loud sigh. “I get it. Soft wolf.

Despite himself, Derek snorts. “You know me.”

Unfortunately, I do.” Stiles says. Derek takes a deep breath. “Why haven’t you called before?

“Because you told me not to.”It still hurts, a lot. They were planning on moving in together, then Stiles got bitten. And everything changed.

Since when you ever did what I told you to?”

“Since I ruined your life.”

You – Derek, you –”

“Don’t.” Derek interrupts, he doesn’t need this now. He’s been dreading this moment since Boyd was attacked, but he doesn’t have a choice now, and he’d rather avoid the fallout. “Let’s just – pretend to be fine for some time, okay? If you come, that is.”

Of course I’m coming.” Stiles says eventually. “But I’m coming alone.I have kids on my pack too, you know?”

“Yeah,” Derek says, “I heard.” Stiles and Isaac are still in touch, it’s something that his beta tries to hide, but Derek knows better. And he honestly doesn’t mind, Stiles is not his enemy, he’s just someone Derek wanted to marry.

Okay.” Stiles says. “I’ll be there tomorrow. Beacon Hills is still in California, right?”

Derek smiles sadly. “Don’t worry. It’s still the same small town you remember.”

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ok, there is one thing that drives me up the wall when people try to argue with me that romione is the superior couple

when they (use that bullshit excuse, ‘it’s canon’) try and tell me that because ron was yelling and screaming when hermione was getting tortured by Bellatrix, it means ron loves hermione; while harry was affected but “not to the degree that ron was.”

um, no.

‘Hermione was screaming again: The sound went through Harry like physical pain’. (Ch. 23, DH).

now, look, i’ll concede, ron was screaming himself hoarse and yes that’s all concern. that is love. (but, to be honest, ron has a lot of fucking practice yelling - usually at hermione; on a more serious note, ladies, if a guy is yelling abuse at you when you assert your independence and intelligence, leave. just leave. that shit isn’t cute and it certainly doesn’t a healthy relationship make) but harry felt it.

he felt it like a physical pain

imagine a physical blow. imagine the sudden rush of pain, the breathlessness, the tears welling up in your eyes. imagine the sting, your body toppling over, to the ground.

ron is an explosive person (i.e. storming out of the tent in a fit of jealousy or the gleeful boy that cheered when malfoy got decked - rightfully so). he’ll react as loudly as C4.

harry isn’t. harry is an intense boy that keeps things close to his chest because that’s where they’re safest. he’s a broken, fractured - sometimes idiotic - grenade of a boy.

hermione deserves a man that would never do anything to hurt her because doing so would hurt him. she deserves unconditional love and support from a man that she can get through to, even when he’s flying off the hinge.

not a man that would rather tear her down than admit he’s wrong.

also, all those hinny fans that say that ginny was everything harry needed (or arguing that she’s well developed; seriously, J.K., you’re my goddess but uh seriously??) give me one example of ginny being a well-developed character to the point where her ending up with the hero actually makes sense.

ginny can be described in three stages:

1. wallflower baby sister who obsesses over the BWL

2. dating boys at hogwarts


you must be fucking kidding me. 

in my opinion, harry deserves a character that isn’t suddenly perfect. a character that understands him to a degree that’s just a wee bit farther than WE WERE BOTH POSSESSED BY OLD SNAKE FACE AREN’T WE MEANT TO BE. that doesn’t mean ginny can’t be a bamf – can’t be the brilliant, sassy, wild child that we love. but a little more development of the relationship past ‘is that ginny? wow she looks great! oH MY GOD I’M IN LOVE WITH GINNY DEAN GET OFF OF HER’ would go a fucking long ass way.

though, if i’m going to be honest, ginny being with harry – no matter how great her development might be – will never sit well with me. she will always see him as the BWL. she dreamed she’d marry him as a child. she will always compare him to the figment she made up in her head.

that’s not healthy. especially when you combine it with the infamous weasley temper.

look, if you like romione and hinny (what are you doing on my blog?) that’s fine – your prerogative. if you want to argue it, then okay. but don’t come at me with that shit about “only ron caring when hermione was tortured” or “ginny is perfect for harry”

because i won’t take it. and you’re not gonna convince me with crap like that.

Dating Kurt Wagner would include...

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  • sneaking out to the gardens, or the library, or anywhere, really, at midnight for a bit of peace and quiet 
  • surprising you with flowers for completely arbitrary reasons, like ‘working hard’ and ‘existing' 
  • late night cuddles that start with him wrapping his tail around your waist protectively and end with the pair of you falling asleep on the couch in the library 
  • entertaining the little kids at the school while Kurt reads them stories about swashbuckling heroes and Bible tales 
  • short, sweet kisses most of the time, but, if you’re alone, longer ones where you end up giggling and out of breath 
  • whenever you’re feeling down, expect a blue mutant to arrive with a *BAMF* and ice cream 
  • him whispering to you in German, because he’s too shy to say what he wants to in English 
  • taking him out to the mall every weekend and watching him get excited over the tiniest things 
  • hardcore Christmas celebrations, featuring off-key German carols, Santa hats and a lot of tinsel. 
  •  a LOT of tinsel 
  • letting you, and only you, touch his hair or angel marks or tail 
  • may come with added purring 
  • him getting jealous when other people are even vaguely flirty with you - fangs bared, tail around your waist, fighting stance 
  • you getting used to him teleporting into your room without warning (the first time it startled you so much you threw everything in reach at the cloud of smoke, which may or may not have included pillows, a hairdryer, textbooks, an alarm clock…) 
  • terrible pickup lines (usually donated to Kurt’s cause by Peter or Scott) that never fail to make you cringe 
  • •never, ever running out of chocolate
Bamfs - Nightangel

I had this idea that Warren would babysit the Bamfs when Kurt was away. Now I don’t know much about Bamfs so don’t expect too much accuracy from this little one-shot but *throws* have it anyway :D


Warren understood that it would upset Kurt greatly if his little…well, Warren didn’t know what to class them as, his kids? Brothers? Tiny minions? Regardless of their label, Kurt wouldn’t be happy if any of them came out with a single injury, which was getting harder and harder to maintain as the minutes crawled by.

The “Bamfs” as Kurt called them, were the little creatures that had been left with Warren as Kurt went on a rather dangerous mutant-retrieving mission with his fellow X-Men - for which Warren had not yet been recruited. That time would come, and with it the relieved duty of playing babysitter.

But there Warren sat, curled up on his bed with his headphones tightly over his ears in an attempt to convey to the little demons that he simply didn’t care. He’d tried speaking to them, but found that they knew only German, a result of being around Kurt he assumed. It made the whole situation more and more frustrating.

The Bamfs - all eight of them - had taken a liking to his wings, constantly crawling up the bed (and up Warren!) to take a look and a feel. It didn’t help that they could teleport, for whenever Warren tried to shoo them away, they poofed just out of his reach only to come back after a minute.

They jumped on everything, climbed on everything, and Warren was certain that half of his tapes now had bite marks on them. Is this what kids are like? he thought as he swatted at a Bamf getting too close to his wings again. The creature stuck out his tongue at him and proceeded to teleport to his light fixture and hang from it.

“It’s not my goddamn fault if you all end up dead!” Warren exclaimed, ripping off his headset and tossing it aside. He stretched his wings and arms, hearing satisfying pops in return. The Bamfs took quiet notice of his change of position but quickly resumed their activities, constantly babbling in German as they did.

One Bamf sat quietly away from all the rest. He stared in awe at Warren’s scowl, then mimicked it, followed by a toothy grin. He padded over to the winged mutant and stood on the bed. With wide eyes, he carefully reached out a three-fingered hand and placed it on Warren’s cheek.

Warren froze as the loner Bamf touched his face. In his mind, he was repeating the word “what” about a hundred miles per hour. The speed at which he did so only increased as the other seven stopped what they were doing and grabbed a hold of Warren. He opened his mouth to speak, but words were soon replaced by a screech as the tiny demons teleported him to the front lawn of the School.

He landed rather ungracefully on his bum and it took a few seconds to clear his vision of the smoke, but as soon as it did, he found only one Bamf still attached to his arm. Warren glared at him, receiving a cheeky smile in response.

“Varren!” the tiny blue creature stated, crawling into his lap and plopping down on his stomach. Warren wheezed - since when did these things get so heavy? - and stood up, reflexively putting an arm underneath the Bamf to keep it from falling.

His mind worked slowly at the moment, and only after he processed the last few seconds had he realized the creature had said his name.

“Little guy, you just said my name!” Warren looked down curiously at the Bamf clutching tightly to his leather jacket. He stared up at Warren before nuzzling into his chest.

“Varren! Lassen Sie uns spielen gehen!” came a muffled reply. The tiny blue demon gestured to his fellow Bamfs as they crawled about the yard, some as far as the lake already.

“Buddy, you know I can’t understand-” Warren started, then groaned as he took off to catch the annoying creatures, the obedient Bamf clinging haphazardly to his front.

Minutes later, Warren had managed to gather the rest of the Bamfs and occupy them with a stick battle. They were rather skilled in the art of sword fighting, he noticed, leaning against a tree.

“You know, I really hoped that this would get me some brownie points with Kurt,” Warren grumbled, mostly to himself. “Only reason why I’m not smacking you all over the head right now. You aren’t going away anytime soon, are you? Our first date will be trying to catch you little guys, won’t it?” Warren realized what he’d said and his cheeks flushed.

Okay, so maybe he wanted a little more than “brownie points” when it came to Kurt. But no one needed to know that.

The outlier Bamf - Warren had decided to name him Blue - sat patiently at Warren’s feet and fiddled with a piece of grass. The man studied the small creature with a tiny smile on his face. He liked this one - quiet, simple, not destructive.

“So…” Warren began, but was interrupted by a painful tug on his hair. His smile immediately disappeared and he glanced up at the Bamf hanging upside-down by his tail on a branch. He pulled Warren’s hair again and grinned. In his other hand was a large white flower, which he placed in Warren’s palm as the man reached up to grab the Bamf.

Warren blinked. A flower? His gaze darted from the bloom in his hand to the precariously-hanging creature. His attention was then drawn to the silence from the other Bamfs, who, as he looked back at the bunch, now had different types of flowers stuffed into their tiny palms.

“Okay…uh, thanks?” Warren kneeled down and was showered with blooms. A smile crawled onto his face.

“Varren, Kurt!” Blue exclaimed. He patted Warren’s fists, now stuffed with flowers.

“You…want me to give these to Kurt?” Warren said slowly. Blue nodded after a moment of silence. The small face twisted with excitement.

Blue turned to the Bamfs and began speaking quickly in German, waving his hands as if giving orders. Warren watched in amusement as three Bamfs climbed on top of each other and motioned for Warren to stand as well. He did so, and came face-to-face with the little devils.

An eyebrow was quirked as Warren was handed a flower and directed to give it to the tower of Bamfs. He couldn’t contain his smile as he handed it to the top Bamf, who took it delicately and swooned, batting his eyes at Warren.

“Hold on,” Warren said, laughter breaking through his words, “are you doing what I think you’re doing?” He looked down at Blue, who wore a large smile.

“Varren. Kurt.” Blue pointed to Warren, then the tower of Bamfs. The winged mutant fell into a fit of laughter, leaning against the tree in an attempt to catch his breath.

“Okay, okay, you want to play this game?” Warren gasped after a minute of hysterics. “Okay then. Okay. We’re doing this. Why the hell not.”

He turned back to “Kurt” and stood up straight. “So, uh, what now?”

The topmost Bamf tossed the flower to the side and grabbed a hold of Warren’s cheeks. A sound of protest from Warren was followed by cheers from the unoccupied Bamfs as the small creature placed a kiss onto Warren’s lips.

Warren stumbled back and wiped his mouth, internally screaming.

“Yo, I did NOT say that was okay!” he exclaimed with a shocked glare and red cheeks. The Bamf tower only laughed, high-pitched and gleeful, and made grabby-handed motions. “Nooooo, no!”

Blue swiftly knocked the bottommost Bamf in the arm, who feigned hurt and rolled his eyes. He pinched the middle Bamf, who did the same to the topmost Bamf. The blue devil made a noise of displeasure, crossing his arms. He muttered some unheard phrase in German but motioned for Warren to return to his position.

“Hell no!” was Warren’s reply. He glanced down as he felt a tug on his pant leg and found Blue holding up a large rose. The look the creature wore was pleading and hopeful.

After a moment of hesitation, Warren rolled his eyes and took the flower. He faced the Bamf tower, and with a deep breath he put on his most charming smile.

“Heya, blue cutie, wanna come with me to dinner?” Warren produced the rose from behind his back and offered it to the Bamf. The Bamf took it and sniffed, a dreamy smile crossing over his features. Warren could suddenly see the similarities between the little demons and Kurt, the playful tones behind their eyes and - for the most part - gentle and careful movements.

“Vhy yes, I’d love to,” came a reply from behind Warren. Now that was a voice he recognized. A squeak of embarrassment left his lips as Warren straightened and turned around swiftly.

Kurt’s mouth was drawn into a smile and he was snickering quietly. Warren noted the light purple splotches on his cheeks as his own face grew warm.

“I, uh…I didn’t mean to…well, I guess,” Warren sputtered. He dared not meet Kurt’s eyes. “They made me!” He finally cried out, pointing an accusing finger at the group of Bamfs.

“Who did?” Warren lifted his gaze and was met with teasing confusion.

“The hell do you mean? Your little Bamf buddies, they forced me to…”

Warren turned back around and blinked. The place where the group had been gathered a minute ago was now barren. In their place, there laid a perfect white rose.

“Are you feeling okay, Varren?” Kurt asked, breaking his confusion. He walked over and placed a three-fingered hand on Warren’s forehead, brushing away the curls and feeling his temperature.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Warren cleared his throat and flapped his wings nervously. An awkward silence fell over the pair as Kurt dropped his hand.

“Vell, if it’s not too much trouble, I vould like to take you up on your offer for dinner,” Kurt said after a minute. He gave a small smile and leaned down to scoop up the rose.

Warren’s heart could’ve burst out of his chest at the adorable situation. Kurt’s shy smile, his darkening cheeks, handing Warren a rose and accepting his unintentional date offer.

“I mean, if you really want to.” Kurt nodded and placed the rose in Warren’s front jacket pocket. The brightly-colored bloom stuck out against the dark leather.

Warren spread his arms and wings. Kurt pressed against him and wrapped his arms around Warren’s neck. He took off into the setting sun towards town, but not before he caught the gaze of a certain Bamf, who winked from behind a tree.

The winged mutant smiled back.


I DON’T KNOW LOL…The idea was cute in my head.

For those who didn’t catch it, Kurt had returned from the mission to find Warren practicing asking him out. (I felt like I didn’t make that clear so here you go)

“Lassen Sie uns spielen gehen!” - “Let’s go play!”


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Some Neon Shiganshina kids based on valkyrie-reborn’s fic Death-Marked Love. I’m so excited for this fic, though. ò vó /does a determined little dance/

We don’t know the design on Eren’s jacket, yet, so I just played around with a key motif because I’m a lame.


@royalprinceofbeehind and I wrote this lil fic!

Title : Lil Mutants 

Summary : AU Where Kurt and Warren first meet in the circus when they are around 5 years old.

Word count :  1,899

Warnings : Sadness and Cuteness

His cage was always dark and cold but tonight was different, tonight they hung a heat lamp on the ceiling. Kurt didn’t know why but he wouldn’t complain, it felt nice to see the light again. 

Warren crouched stiffly in the bottom of what appeared to be a pet carrier of some sort. For large pets, anyway. It smelled like mildew and he could hear the sounds of water. And it was cold. Was he underground? The carrier swayed as the two men carried it down a long, bricked hallway. Warren stared through the bars of the cage, wary of what was to come. The footsteps echoed hollowly against the walls. Warren was sufficiently creeped out by now. The men turned into a more open room and Warren heard more movement and saw more cages.

The men carried him to one of the bigger cages, they opened the door and before he could prepare himself he was roughly thrown into the cage. His wings softened his fall but he scraped his elbow when he hit the ground. The men practically shut the door in his face. He sat up as tears gathered  but he refused to let them fall. He heard movement behind, causing him to jump. His wings fluffed out and fluttered rapidly. His feet barely lifted off the ground. He hovered and looked at the hay behind him seeing no one he stuttered, “ W-who goes there? ”

Almost on cue a puff of blue smoke filled his vision along with a blue face. Screaming his wings froze and he fell back and hit the door. A man on the outside yelled for them to keep quiet or else. The blue kid put a three fingered hand over his mouth as he asked him to please keep it down and that he didn’t mean to frighten him.

Warren blinked, body going rigid in shock. How did the blue kid even get in here? Wide blue eyes slowly softened when he realized he wasn’t in any danger. Warren shifted a bit, holding his elbow.

Taking his hand off the other kids mouth Kurt bamf back behind the hay. “ I-I didn’t mean to s-scare you….” He hid himself behind the hay, “ I-If it’s my appearance I apologize….. I’ll stay behind here if you want….I won’t bother you….”

Warren blinked. “N-No. No, it’s okay. You just scared me.” He said honestly. “Are you weird too?” He asked. Weird in the sense of being a mutant is what he meant. “ You could say that…” Kurt slowly came out from behind the hay. His tail wavered around wildly behind him.  He held himself tightly making a point to look down and away. He shifted uncomfortably from one foot to another, “ I think you look nice, at least you look normal….”

Warren blinked. “I have wings.” He said softly. He shifted and crossed his legs, leaning forward a bit. Soft, white wings, too small for him at his age, unfurled and beat at the air around him. Taking a seat on one of the hay bails Kurt crossed his legs and he could help but stare at the other boys wings. “ You have normal colored skin and…and you look like one of those angels I see in the bible….” He noticed he was staring and quickly looked away, “ I-I don’t mean to stare, leid. I mean sorry.”

Warren blinked. Well he had curly blonde hair, pale skin, and white wings. He pinked a little bit. “ My names Kurt, what’s yours? ” Suddenly taking notice of the kids face flushing Kurt felt a little worried, “ Are you okay Engel?! You look a bit red, ” Kurt bamfed back over to the other kid, “ Do you have a fever? ” Warren turned even redder. “M-My name is Warren. I’m not sick.” He insisted, a bit awkward. He was doing his best not to stutter. That would get him beat real quick.

Backing up slowly Kurt felt rather embarrassed, “ I didn’t mean to frighten you, I’m so dummen gott gandte einon Engel uni ich hanialn Wei on idiot…. ” bamfing back over and sitting on the hay again he turned his back to Warren and his tail slowly swayed back and forth.

( I’m stupid god sent me an angel and I act like an idiot…. )

Warren blinked and frowned, walking over. “I’m not mad at you.” He said quietly.

Turning around slowly Kurt averted his eyes, “ I didn’t mean to get into you personal space, I can’t help it sometimes…” Warren tucked a golden curl behind his ear and tilted his head a bit at Kurt. “That’s okay.” He said, looking around. “Where is this?”

Kurt pointed to the door, “ As far as I know we’re in the forest again, I could see the trees when they opened the door. ” Scratching his head he looked around the room, “ We move a lot though, ”  he began to stare at the lamp hanging above them,“ This the first night they let me see the light in a long time……. ”

Warren blinked and looked over at him, deep blue eyes sparkling in the light of the gas lamp. “Why are we here?” He asked, wings stretching out before folding once more and settling comfortably against his back.

Kurt looked down as tears began to cloud his vision, “ They call me Nightcrawler and make me perform in front of people, they laugh and call me a f-freak of nature, ” a tear fell down Kurt’s cheek as he sniffed softly, “ they make me do tricks like a,” he rubbed at his eyes wiping away the tears. He didn’t wanna look weak in front of one of god’s Angels, “ They make me do tricks like a HUND. ”

(Dog )

Warren frowned and walked over. His wings instinctively stretched out and pulled the crying boy into him to comfort him. “That’s really mean…” He said quietly, hugging Kurt. “I’m sorry they do that to you…” Freezing completely Kurt didn’t know what to do, not only is he being hugged by an angel but he’s also being touched without pain following after. Slowly he rose his arms and wrapped them around Warren’s back. “ Why are you here? ” he whispered .

Warren blinked. “… I don’t know. They took me from my mother and father.” He said, thinking for a moment. They said I was… too dangerous.“ He murmured, frowning. Suddenly Kurt looked up and nearly yelled,” How could you be dangerous!!! Ihr ein Engel Sie Menschen schützen , müssen Sie nicht sie verletzen!!! “

( Your an angel you protect people, you don’t hurt them!! )

Warren blinked and tilted his head in confusion. “What does that mean?” He asked, frowning. “How come you keep saying Angel? Do you think I’m an angel?” Blushing deeply Kurt mumbled, “ S-sorry, I speak German normally, I forget to speak English sometimes. ” He averted his gaze and looked everywhere but Warren’s face, “ Y-you look like one of the Angels that are in the book they show me. Your lucky, I look like a demon…..”

Warren blinked. “I’m not an angel. And you’re not a demon.” He insisted, frowning. Kurt seemed so nervous. He wondered why. “I’m sorry that you were born like I was. But that doesn’t make us monsters.” He said softly. “We’re both human.” He gently took Kurt’s hand and placed it on his chest. His heartbeat thumped through Kurt’s fingertips. “See? I’m just like you. Even if we don’t look the same.”

Kurtz breath hitched, his tail wavered wildly behind him. Warrens heart beat felt nice under his hand, his gaze landed on his three fingered hand and he grew sad. He bamfed away from Warren and he hung from the ceiling with his tail wrapped around the beam. “ You look human but I don’t, im eine Laune der Natur….”

( I’m a freak of nature… )

Warren blinked and looked up at him. “So? You’re still human! Also, that’s super cool! I want to hang from the ceiling!” He whined a bit, a huge grin on his face.

Looking down at warren Kurt couldn’t help but giggle at the big grin he had plastered to his face. “ Really? ” An idea popped into his head and he bamfed down and hugged Warren from behind and bamfed back to the spot he was before. “ Here you go!! ” he giggled as he felt Warrens soft feathers tickle his face.

Warren gasped and he giggled as they swung from the bars. His curls got all tangled but Warren didn’t care. It was fun and he was under the impression that he had a new friend.

Suddenly one of the men outside banged on the door and yelled at them to keep it down. Startled Kurt’s grip loosened and warren slipped through his arms. In a panic he bamfed and grabbed Warren again softening his fall as they hit the floor. Kurt’s back hit the floor with a loud thud.

Warren’s wing flapped awkwardly as they fell and he gasped. “Kurt!” He whimpered, looking down at him. He had landed on top of the boy when they fell. Because Kurt had protected him. “Are you okay!?”

Dizzy from the fall he moaned as his eyes were half shut, “ D-da, you okay Engel? ” He tried to sit up but fell back down as a sharp pain went through his tail. He hissed but tried again this time succeeding, “ Sorry, he startled me. ”

Warren nodded. “Are you hurt?” He asked, looking over the boy.

Nodding Kurt tried to move his tail but it hurt to much. “ My tail hurts but I’ll be okay. ” Warren frowned and reached out to touch the tail lightly. “Is it broken?” He murmured, very concerned. Hissing a little Kurt shrugged his shoulders, “ I-I don’t think so. ” Warren felt his entire body grow warm with the desire to make Kurt feel better. He sniffled and his hands began to glow a pale green.

Kurt’s eyes widened in awe as he saw Warren’s hands grow green. He felt a tingly sensation in his tail when Warrens set his hands above it. He no longer felt pain as his tail wavered around as he smiled wide showing off his sharp teeth. “ That feels wonderful, thank you Engel…. I mean Warren!! ”

Warren blinked and, confused, he looked at his hands. “How did I do that?” He murmured. He looked up at the boy. “… You can call me Angel if you want.” He said softly, blushing. Kurt hugged warren and said, “ You healed me with your heavenly power, I told you that you’re not dangerous. You take pain away you don’t cause it. ” He let go and smiled brightly as he tilted his head, “ You’re my Engel!!”

Warren felt his cheeks grow hot. “I-” Embarrassed, he rubbed the back of his neck. “… Yeah, sure. I’m your Angel.” He said. Whatever made Kurt smile like that.

Kurt yawned suddenly feeling really tired,“ I think it’s awesome that you here with me. I like you…’re cool.” Warren giggled and laid down on his stomach, looking at Kurt. “You seem sleepy.” Nodding his head tiredly he shifted and curled up next to Warren.“ It’s warmer in here with you….not used to that. ” Kurt’s smiled as he nuzzled into Warren’s soft hair.

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crazierz  asked:

What would the signs as high schoolers if they were thrown into an arena and had to work together to kill beasts. 1. Who'd be most likely to die? 2. Who'd fall in love with who? 3. Who go insane first? 4. Who would betray who?

Aries would be a fantastic fighter, likely surviving until the end; they’d rise to the occasion and be a leader. They would be loyal to the group and enjoy teaming up with Leo, fighting back to back. Aries would avoid romance, focusing on the challenge but due to their immense connection with Leo, there might be a little romance between the fighting.

Taurus would be good with tactics. They would hate taking orders but would be good at their job and managing their own work. They wouldn’t betray anyone they care about, being extremely loyal. They wouldn’t, however, go out of their way for teammates they don’t care for or find valuable. Taurus wouldn’t be one to look for romance but a Scorpio could likely sweep them off their feet. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo would make a good team. The Taurus would survive for a long time.

Gemini would likely bring drama to the group, making people choose sides. They would take risks and be a good addition to the team if they would stop butting heads with the other strong personalities in the group. Breaking up the group due to disagreements, they’d take Aquarius and Libra with them. They’d likely get romantically involved with both group members, ending up with Aquarius after betraying the team, causing Libra to go back to the more sane team. Alone, they could survive for a while but after making enemies with everyone they’d probably be killed off by another human.

Cancer would keep the group sane until they themselves go insane. Putting everyone’s sanity before their own, they would likely snap first. They’d be the ones warning the others about Gemini’s shadiness. They’d have plenty of great ideas but being lead by Aries, who doesn’t listen to the underdog enough, few of their ideas would be put into action. They would easily team up with Pisces and befriend them. Their love interest would be Sagittarius who they would soon grow to resent due to Sagittarius being selfish and not as emotionally attached as Cancer would like. They’d be fiercely loyal until the moment they snap and likely turn against the group. They’d survive a long time, even after they go insane.

Leo would be a true risk taker. They’d be the one to save the group at the last second when all hope seems lost. Their vanity and drama would annoy the group and might make some enemies but Leo would be loyal af. They would likely have romance with multiple people on the team, including Pisces, in a casual, “hey we’re about to die and I love you, wanna make out?” kinda way, though ultimately loving Aries the most- be it romantically or just platonic. They would likely die before the end, taking too big a risk for the sake of the group.

Virgo would be a great medic or tactician. They would know just what to do and find a way to do it. They might annoy the other signs with their perfectionism that makes things happen at a slower pace, but their results would be worth it. They would keep a cool head while doing their job but would explode with emotion after they’ve completed something that requires them to be emotionless. They would seem very cold due to their ability to keep it cool but would be very loyal. The Virgo and Capricorn would be an excellent team and may end up falling for each other. They would be one of the last ones standing.

Libra would go with the flow. They could switch teams at any time. They wouldn’t have much ambition but would be liked by the group. People would go to them when needing diplomatic advice. They wouldn’t cause trouble. The Libra would be drawn to the Gemini’s spark but would quickly realize that the Gemini wouldn’t be good for them. They’d survive for a long time but not make much of a difference with their lack of drive.

Scorpio would be a passionate warrior. They wouldn’t exactly go insane- being kind of crazy to begin with. Their highest priority would be themselves and their lover, Taurus, but they would be loyal to the group. With their recklessness and inability to follow orders, they might fight with Aries but would ultimately be appreciated by the group. They’d be one of the last one’s standing, covered in blood and fighting until the end.

Sagittarius would be an inventive addition to the tactical team. They’d come up with insane ideas that would actually work. They would be seen as eccentric yet chill. They wouldn’t get emotional and sometimes may seem like they don’t care about survival. They’d fall for the Cancer but wouldn’t put much effort into the relationship, causing them to feel responsible when the Cancer goes crazy. They wouldn’t survive until the very end, but wouldn’t die screaming either.

Capricorn would be the second in command- or the one making everything run smoothly. Aries would be focused on leading attacks while the Capricorn would be the one checking up on everyone, making sure deadlines are met for the next ambush and everyone’s doing what they’re supposed to. The group might find them annoying due to their nagging and being uptight but things wouldn’t get done without them. They’d be super loyal and would fall for Virgo, understanding and appreciating them. They would probably be killed off before the end due to their focus on everyone else instead of watching their own back.

Aquarius would like to keep everyone comfortable and sane. They’d be very creative and find ways of growing crops, trapping food, and building comfortable shelters. They’d seem sarcastic and cold until people get to know them and appreciate them. They’d keep the group humorous. People would come to their little corner of the camp when they need a friend, advice, or an escape from the world. Aquarius would be independent and annoyed by the controlling members of the group. Aquarius and Gemini would be tight af, chatting and laughing together. When Gemini leaves the group, Aquarius would gladly go with them, searching for more freedom. They wouldn’t survive long after that.

Pisces would seem like the shy little kid but once they get out onto the battle field, they would surprise everyone. They would be close with Cancer and have a little crush on them. If Cancer and Pisces ended up together, Cancer likely would not have gone insane but alas. After Cancer breaks off from the group, Pisces wouldn’t have anyone to turn to and would have to rise to the occasion. They would gain respect and become the most bamf. They’d likely have a quick fling with Leo, who would respect Pisces’ new found self. They would die part way through, surprisingly going out in a blaze of glory.

Some more Overwatch themes I'm so here for

Bastion having to recharge and plug himself into a wall or get new batteries after a long battle
Zarya being overly protective of people who make fun of her girls at the gym
Zenyatta being the best at ping pong and dodgeball (and not just because he floats)
Mercy being the overly decorative one during holidays
Lucio teaching his teammates how to play instruments (bonus Symmetra makes the instruments)
Torbjourn using a step stool to reach high places
Winston installing Athena into their base and keeping her updated and tailored for everyone to use as needed (bonus Zarya find out how long Winston hasn’t exercised and immediately gets him back in shape)
Roadhog and Zarya arm wrestling (bonus winner goes up against Reinheart)
Symmetra helping upgrade everyone’s prosthetic limbs (bonus junkrat makes sure to add extra bomb impact to his)
Junkrat being everyone’s alarm clock with those (tailored to not dangerously explode the base) alarm bombs in the morning
Everyone playing basketball before battle in their airship or kicking around a soccer ball (bonus 76 flying said airship and yelling “I’m gonna turn this ship around!”)
D.VA using her fans to help bring a good name back to Overwatch and to bring courage and confidence because the world could always use more heroes
Widowmaker being really friendly to spiders in the base and making sure they get outside unharmed (bonus tracer being terrified of them)
Genji being really envious of Hanzo’s human form but Hanzo being really open about how although he is human he doesn’t have cool cybernetic powers like Genji and both of them being really supportive
Mei being the best at snowball fights (bonus she cheats and uses her ice walls)
Tracer finally getting better running shoes (seriously how does she run in those they look so uncomfortable)
76 removing his visor when a little kid is in trouble or he found a lost kid to help them feel safe (bonus if the scar on his face only helps the situation)
Widowmaker using her sights to be a cheater at hide and seek
76 and Reaper actually having a laugh and reminiscing on the past
Reaper being a clean freak and can’t stand when even a speck of blood gets on his cool guns (everywhere else is fine but don’t stain the guns)
Mcree having to painfully explain what BAMF means to Mei because she’s so out of touch with time and she thinks Lol means Lots of Love (bonus he says “bad and awesome Mcree fan” because he’s a fan of himself and refuses to swear in front of Mei)
Pharah being a perfectionist and having everyone hang and put their armor up nicely and always ready to go
Everyone going swimming during the summer and I like imagining them in all different types of swimsuit and body types
(More to come probably. I also hope I’m not repeating any I’ve said before.)

anonymous asked:

Due to getting lost in Wikipedia (don't ask), I wonder if there are any fics where Stiles' Polish ancestry is very important to him whether it relates to family members, cooking skills or language skills. Thanks in advance!

Hey Anon!

Okay, I’ve split this into different aspects of Polish-ness. Hope you like it!


Magiczny Świąt by losingwords

3,188  I  AU-Hogwarts, Fluff

General Audiences

When Stiles’ Christmas plans are ruined in favour of meeting the neighbour his father has been talking about for months, he finds himself in a very awkward sittuation. Luckily, he’s already used to feeling unwanted.

Family Members (Grandma Stilinski, Claudia Stilinski, etc.)

Receiving horrible presents by fuzzyfying

1,966  I  Fluff, Christmas, Grandma Stilinski

Teen and Up

Receiving horrible presents

Then a Sweetheart’s by orphan_account

4,751  I  AU-Human, Stiles & Lydia Siblings (and Polish)


“Alright, alright, we’ll ask when we get up there, okay bud? But you can’t be sad if he says no. He’s probably gotta triple check the list.” The man scoops the kid into his arms and grins at him and Derek’s heart skips a traitorous beat.

Babcia Knows Best by thepsychicclam

11,887  I  Fluff, Grandma Stilinski

Teen and Up

Stiles takes his grandmother to bingo every Thursday. Now there’s a new guy calling out the numbers, and his grandmother has decided to set them up.

Gingerbread by slythatheart

16,572  I  Christmas fic, Mama Stilinski

Teen and Up

Stiles is offered a Christmas wish, and there’s only one thing he can think of to wish for.

In the Summer of his Years by starr_falling

31,481  I  3/3  I  Pre-Slash, Implied Non-Con, Mama Stilinski


After months of non-stop supernatural excitement and danger, everything has gone quiet. The Alpha Pack hasn’t made a move, Stiles has barely seen Scott since summer started, and there’s only so much research even he can do.

So when Stiles finds an old chest containing a strange fur and a journal written by his mother, he’s intrigued. But the more he reads, the more he realizes how little he really knew about her. The further he delves into her past, the less he’s certain he wants to know the secrets she’d hidden. Secrets that make him question his own identity.

Food (Baker Stiles):

When the worst thing that could happen, could be the best thing ever by Marishna

5,723  I  AU-Bakery, AU-Human

General Audiences

It’s not like Stiles had a choice in the shop name or history.

Living With Lycanthropy by WhoNatural

44,095  I  AU-Bakery, Prank Wars, Slow Burn, Pining


AKA: The Sterek Rival Bakeries AU

Wherein they both own bakeries, Stiles tries not to run his grandmother’s legacy into the ground, Laura wants to be a better alpha, and Derek can’t seem to get Stiles’ attention the regular way - so naturally, he accidentally initiates a prank war.

(Or, if Teen Wolf was more like Gilmore Girls, with everyone far too invested in whether the Hale boy and the Sheriff’s kid will work it out, and Laura Hale wrote a handbook for alpha werewolves.)

Language (AKA Stiles speaks Polish):

Tourist by rainsoakedshoes

1,405  I  AU-Human, Tourist Derek, Meet Cute

General Audiences

Derek clutched the map to his chest and looked around. None of the street names looked familiar.
He was officially lost.
He was lost in Poland.
This was just great.

Ignite a spark by Nival_Vixen

1,694  I  Pack Feels, BAMF Stiles, Magic Stiles

Teen and Up

Stiles has an ability that he’s hidden from everyone. At first, it was to keep it his little secret because he didn’t think anyone would react well to the things he could do, and it kinda made him feel like he was in Harry Potter. Then, when he was older, Scott was bitten and werewolves happened, and there never really seemed to be a good time to mention his little ability. Later, after he learned the truth about Kate and the Hales, Stiles felt sick to his stomach and couldn’t tell anyone, especially not with Derek in hearing distance. He couldn’t bring himself to use his ability, pushing it as far down inside of himself as possible and trying to avoid it like an unwanted situation. That’s when the nogitsune possessed him, and for a long time afterwards, Stiles didn’t trust himself to try to use his ability again. All in all, it’s almost six years after Scott was bitten before Stiles can bring himself to use his ability again, and when he does, it’s accidental.

Jestw moim bidetem żaba: Or the one where Stiles has tiny horns by maliwanhellfire

2,063  I  Crossover: Supernatural, Demon Stiles

Teen and Up

NOTE: The Sterek is Implied but present

“Could you repeat that?” Sam asked, near-shouting over the phone.

“There’s a demon in my car singing in Polish!” Dean yelled.

Dean finds a demon in an abandoned hunting compound, but it’s only a little one.

Talk to Me, Baby by Sarageek16

2,386  I  Humor, Neighbors, AU-Human

Teen and Up

Derek delivers a basket to a neighbor he didn’t realize he had, Stiles speaks Polish, and Laura cackles in the background. Also, a drag queen.

On jest słońcem (He Is The Sun) by haaaveyoumetted

6,166  I  3/3  I  Pining, Miscommunication

Not Rated

“AU where Stiles speaks in Polish to his dad

And maybe he talks to himself in Polish too

And maybe he talks about Derek a lot. Derek’s eyes. Derek’s shoulders. Derek’s adorable teeth. Derek’s arms. Derek Derek Derek

And maybe he has a nickname he calls Derek when he talks about him, because he could pick his own name out of a sentence and that would be embarrassing, right?

And maybe Derek understands every damn word, because you speak many languages Derek Hale

And maybe it kills Derek a little bit that Stiles hasn’t told him about this guy he talks about like he hung the moon. Maybe it kills Derek a little that it’s not him.”

Even If Flawed, You’re Still a Work of Art to Me by augopher

12,866  I  6/6  I  Family Feels, Fluff, Established Relationship

Teen and Up  I  Part 9 of the The Things We Make, We Make With Love series

Homemade Valentines and homophobia over dinner out make for interesting days leading up to Valentine’s Day. First crushes and an important conversation to end date night make Valentine’s day memorable indeed.

However, no one could have predicted what the end of February would bring

Filling the Void by Rehfan

20,758  I  7/7  I  Angst, Armpit Kink, Language Kink


The Nogitsune has been defeated. Stiles knows that.
Now if he could only find a way to get rid of the nightmares.

Seeing Double. by doctorkaitlyn

62,390  I  14/14  I  AU-College, Polyamory, Twincest


NOTE: This is Derek/Stiles/Stuart

Derek had always had a thing for libraries, even before he started working in one. There was nothing like the feeling of having all the knowledge in the world at his fingertips, nothing like the quiet serenity that only books could bring.One day, that serenity was shattered by two young men, twins to be exact, sitting in the English Literature section and firing off rapid Polish at a completely inexcusable volume. Derek told them to be quiet, like he’d done to dozens of other students, and that should have been the end of it.In reality, it was just the beginning.or, that fic where Derek falls for both Stiles and Stuart (and the feeling is definitely mutual.)

Name/Just General Polish-ness:

The Law of Names by WednesdaysDaughter

1,184  I  Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

General Audiences

“Dude, I’m your best friend and I don’t even know your first name!” Scott had whined and Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Yeah you do, but you forgot. I told you that day we made a blood oath to be best friends forever. We were ten and hid behind the tree in your back yard so your mom wouldn’t see us with the kitchen knife.”

Excuse Me While I Spell My Name by TheAlderKing

1,351  I  Stilinski Family Feels, Future Fic

Teen and Up

“You’ve got white-out on your diploma. You actually defaced your diploma to keep people from seeing your name?”

“Mmm, couldn’t let the secret out after so many years of keeping it.”

How Stiles got his names.

Written On The Dotted Line by zjofierose

2,220  I  AU-Human, Soulmates

Teen and Up

Fluffy’s Summary: Derek has a weird, complicated Polish name scrawled on his arm and he knows no one with this ridiculous name. Which just kind of sucks, you know?

Allies by gallusanonymus

2,843  I  Forced Marriage, Fluff, Happy Ending

Teen and Up

Derek is being forced to marry. He thinks he won’t find his soulmate.
As you may guess, he falls in love at first sight

Czerwony Kapturek by Zoom Zoom (PaperLillyWebs)

30,737  I  20/?  I  Pack Feels, Puppy Piles, Angst, Injured Stiles


He thinks he should be scared, terrified even, but he honestly can’t find it in himself. Instead, he’s mildly curious, tilting his head in the snow to look at the largest wolf, a great black brute. Funny, with how his night has been going, he wouldn’t be surprised if they eat him; nothing good happens on full moons. Not here.

Bad Habits by Fudgebug

108,298  I  12/12  I  AU-High School, Rich Stiles, Experienced Stiles, Slow Build


“Mmmmh pretty.“ Stiles purrs in a way that makes a wild fire torch the planes of his skin.
He knows Stiles is drunk and that the boy would probably stroke a pineapple and compliment its attractiveness, but Derek can’t help the way his heart starts to be a huge backstabbing dick, thundering uncontrollably against his chest.
It’s painful, because Derek knows it isn’t real.

A story about goody-two-shoes Derek crushing on a Polish Prince Charming with a drinking habit - also the universe keeps on shoving astral poop into his face. It’s utterly spectacular.

Okay! I hope you like all the Polish! Enjoy my kochanies!

Miłość i uściski (That should say “Love and hugs” in Polish. But, I don’t actually know Polish, so I’m just Google translating here. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH TO sweet-ambrosia-dreams FOR GIVING ME A BETTER TRANSLATION)

Fluffy Wolf

(Also, congrats on the Wikipedia binge. Those are the most fun and you learn the most random shit. Might I suggest looking up the Librarian of Congress)

anonymous asked:

what do you think Harry an Ginny's marriage is like, with them having such important jobs and three little kids?

in the morning:

harry: babe.

ginny: yeah.

Harry: we’re gonna bamf it up today, right?

ginny: ofc, we bamf it up every day.

amazing high five, gorgeous hair tosses, and double kartwheel/back flip combos out of the bedroom ending in somersaults in the hallway

they’ve got this

dylanlovesthemets  asked:

you know what I realized the other day? I have a weird love for bodyguard and prince/presidents son sterek au's. like I actually really love them. what are your thoughts on the trope?

admittedly, i haven’t really read that many fics with that trope but i really like the idea of it

like okay: derek hale, trained and professional bodyguard with a loyal team by his side (aka the hale pack, obviously), gets hired by president/king stilinski to take care of his son, this brat of a kid (”i’m 21, i’m not a kid” “then act like it” “no fucking way, dude”) who doesn’t seem to have a brain-to-mouth filter

and obviously stiles is a handful to deal with because he doesn’t believe that he needs a really hot bodyguard. he can take care of himself, he reminds his dad several times of this, and yells at derek whenever he goes anywhere because derek is always, always, right there and sometimes it’s annoying

there’s a lot of bickering and derek has his hands full with protecting stiles but, after a while of this, derek realizes he likes him. and not in the “i wanna be friends with this guy” way but in the “i would lay down my life for him, not because it’s my job but because i geniuenely care about him and i don’t know what i would do in a world without him in it” way

which is obviously when something Dramatic happens, like stiles gets kidnapped and derek spends every waken minute (which is most of the minutes in a day lbr) looking for him, going out of his mind with worry

and then they find him and maybe there’s a big love confession but maybe not and the slow build continues with derek plastered to stiles’ side, not leaving him for even a second

until stiles just blurts out “so, are you gonna kiss me anytime soon or do i need to be more obvious with my flirting?” and they kiss and hello, happy ending (maybe derek doesn’t even lose his job but just gets a stern talking to by stiles’ dad)


flipping the roles here, stiles being a bamf bodyguard and getting hired to protect prince (or president talia hale’s son, but prince!derek is my weakness okay) derek hale and derek takes one, long look at him and doesn’t believe for a second that this skinny kid can protect him

and it’s pretty much the same, except derek is a little shit and continuously tests stiles’ ability to keep him safe and stiles finds it annoying as hell and there’s bickering and more slow build and the Drama where stiles proves to be bamf as all hell and then the smooching and the yay, happy ending

so yes, i love this trope and now i suddenly need more of it