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A Littles Halloween🎃

I want everyone to be able to enjoy the cold weather, fun costumes, cartoon specials, soft sweaters and sweat pants. So here are some things littles and caregivers can do while the weather gets colder, everything turns a soft orange🍁🍄🍁

🍄Try having a backpack full of some little things ready to go. It’s hard to be in your head space and not have anything with you.

🍁Ask your caregiver/mommy/daddy if they will get matching sweaters with you. Nothing makes me feel as small as having a big soft and comfy sweater that matches my daddy

🎃Go to a cheap store near you with your caregiver/mommy/daddy and get some cheap coloring books and crayons and color with each other. A coloring book I suggest is “let’s color together”

🍄Go on walks with your little/caregiver/daddy/mommy. I love going on walks with my daddy. It’s calming and fun.

🍁Caregivers/mommys/daddys try and surprise your littles with their favorite food/drink on random days. Tell your little that if he/she/they are good they will get a surprise

🎃Offer to go to a Halloween store with your little. Say that no matter what there is at the store you’ll protect them from the scary things. Trust me it makes littles feel very little

🍄Littles, offer to watch some of your caregivers/mommys/daddys favorite Halloween/scary movies and in return caregivers/mommys/daddys offer to watch your littles favorite cartoons with them

🍁Forehead kisses as essential in the cold seasons. Wrap your little up and give him/her/them a forehead kiss. It will make their cheeks flush.

🎃🍁Stay safe and happy this Halloween🎃

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Little space morning routine

9:15am ♡ wake up, beg daddy to go back to sleep

9:20am ♡ pout cause daddy said no

9:45am ♡ ask for help getting dressed

10:00am ♡ dress build a bear stuffies

10:15am ♡ decide you’re hungry, decide to make food

10:20am ♡ quickly realise you’re no good at making food, cry out of frustration and wait for daddy

10:45am ♡ eat breakfast with daddy and watch cartoons, make sure to ask for several sippy cup refills

11:15am ♡ help daddy with dishes and other boring chores so you get a sticker

12:00pm ♡ naptime!!

12:01pm ♡ lie and insist that you’re not tired

1:00pm ♡ wake up, cuddle daddy till lunch time


Read more about Chloe. She’s not just a paralyzed kitten.
Remembering Chloe’s first moments of mobility. She had a hard time at first, and @ triumphant_teagan had recommended letting her glide with her back legs in a box. I absolutely sobbed watching Chloe experience joy in this way. This was over 3 months ago now, and in that time I’ve watched her blossom into the most fearless, strong, hilarious, playful little cat. Now I don’t cry because I’m sad for her, I cry because I’m so deeply inspired by her happy spirit. No, she won’t walk again, but no, she isn’t broken. She is perfect and saving her has transformed me. I’ve learned that we must meet animals where they are, and that instead of asking them to conform to our expectations (“she needs to walk!”), we must conform to theirs (small lifestyle adjustments + brave, unconditional love.) Chloe is perfect. Chloe is love. She inspires me so much and I hope to share that love and inspiration as best as I can. - Hannah Shaw 13/8/2017 | Credit here