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Pokemon Sun & Moon - The Beginning of the Journey vs. The End of the League.

I finally finished the main story of Sun & Moon, and absolutely adored the game! The updates to many features were incredibly welcomed (choosing to add a captured pokemon to your team or to a box!? Magic!) and all the new little dudes were awesome.

This whole idea came about because I’ve always imagined the hero or heroine growing and maturing along with their pokes, gaining strength along the years. I became incredibly attached to my main 6 after going through so much together!

i know this is a really rough time for you, and i’m a little awkward at trying to cheer people up, but i thought maybe this might bring a smile to your face. it’s always really hard to lose such a sweet little friendo, and i’m sure he knew how much you loved his lil royal butt + how much you wanted to give him everything. i hope that you find some brightness even in the darkest times, and that things get easier.

@omnimoot thank you so much!!! this is perfect

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I started reading KS on Mangafox because I well, wanted to see what is was and if I liked it.. Binged the first 12 chapters in one night and I just bought all the chapters available now (much thanks to you actually, I do feel bad reading it illegally and then not supporting the creator) So thanks dude, you kinda pushed me a little to do the right thing and actually buy the chapters! 👍

DUDE AWESOME i’m so glad. It’s really great to hear people are supporting the artist, imagine how pumped you’d be if you wrote something like this and then woke up to a bunch of cash the next morning from fans like this. Ahhh the dream, lol.

Uhhh….on the real tho, Lezhin Comics needs to shoot me some free coins, i’m basically their entire marketing department on here lol or like give me a job pls


#Toby and #BrucetheUnicorn have a new unicorn buddy! This glowy fellow comes from a nail polish swapping event that I participate in, and the person who got me sent this awesome little dude. While Toby won’t get to keep him (electronics and hamsters don’t mix, unless said hamster is becoming an engineer) I figure he could meet him. What shall we call him or her?

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TODAY I HAD MY FIRST APPOINTMENT WITH A THERAPIST. it was super duper scary but I was honest even though my heart was beating really fast and I was shaking and I was unable to give more than a few word answer but wow I did it and I am still reeling a little bit.

dude i am so proud of you!!!! you did so awesomely!!!! i’m so happy you were brave and that it went well!!!

Scott- I’d Love To

Request-  Can you do 13 with Scott? Thanks 😘

A/N- Here you go! Next up is a Lydia imagine.

Scott wiped his bleary eyes as he padded into the kitchen in nothing but a pair of pajama pants, reaching out to open his fridge. His eyes scanned the shelves as he searched for something to eat, but his mom hadn’t gone grocery shopping lately and it was pretty much empty. He was about to call back into his room for Stiles when his front door opened, revealing none other than Stiles himself.
Scott shivered as a blast of cold air drifted in from the open door and he watched as Stiles bounded inside with an excited look on his face. The other boy was bouncing up and down, and it was actually making Scott a little nervous.
“Dude,” Stiles said. “I did something awesome last night.”
“Uh, if it’s something illegal I don’t wanna know,” Scott told him. “I’d rather not be an accomplice to whatever you did.”
“What?” Stiles asked. “Come on Scott, have a little faith in me, okay? You’ll love it I swear.”
Scott blinked and Stiles rolled his eyes at his uneasy expression. “Okay, so while you were asleep last night I went outside and dumped water on the sidewalk and the driveway so that it would freeze. And now it’s all icy!”
“The sidewalk?” Scott asked as his eyes went wide. “Stiles, people walk there!”
“Well, yeah,” Stiles told him. “Hence the name sidewalk. I just thought we could skate around on it or something. Excuse me for trying to surprise my best friend.”
Scott groaned. “Did you at least put a sign up or something?”
“No,” Stiles said as he scratched the back of his neck. “Now that you mention it, though, it might have been a good idea.”
Scott rolled his eyes. “Please tell me there wasn’t anybody walking near here when you went out.”
“Actually there was this girl-”
“Did you warn her?!” Scott demanded.
“No, but-”
“Jesus Christ, Stiles!” Scott cried. “Go do it!”
Stiles let out an overdramatic groan as he walked towards the door. “You never let me have any fun.”
He wrenched open the door, and Scott peered out just in time to see you crashing to the ground in front of his house. You weren’t the most coordinated person to begin with, so the fact that you had slipped on seemingly solid ground wasn’t that surprising to you. The minute you had stepped foot on the icy path, your body had nearly lifted off the ground. The next thing you knew, you were lying on your back and sprawled out on the concrete.
Scott swore under his breath and sprinted off his porch, completely barefoot and with no shirt on. He leaned over you, terrified Stiles’ antics had finally gotten someone killed.
“Oh my god!” he exclaimed as he peered down at you. “Are you okay?!”
You looked up at the figure looming over you, noting that he had the prettiest brown eyes you had ever seen. He was a total stranger, but he seemed so genuinely concerned that it almost made you smile.
“I’m fine,” you told him as he put a hand on your shoulder to help you sit up. “Really.”
“I am so sorry,” he apologized. “My friend Stiles, he’s an idiot-”
“Hey!” a voice cried from farther in his house. “I heard that.”
“Good!” Scott called over his shoulder before looking back over to you. “He kinda dumped water all over the ground so it would freeze. That’s why you slipped. Again, I’m really sorry.”
“It’s okay,” you said with a laugh. “I’ve honestly had worse.”
He gave you a soft smile and rose to his feet, careful to keep his balance on the ice. You gladly took his outstretched hand and let him pull you to your feet as you wobbled over the ice. His palm was warm, and as he helped you up, you couldn’t help but flush at his touch.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Scott asked again once you had made it to solid ground.
“Yeah,” you told him. “Honestly, I kinda thought it was my fault I slipped. I’ve never been the most coordinated.”
“Well at least it wasn’t you this time,” Scott told you, flashing you a warm grin.
His fingers lingered over yours for a minute, and he was perfectly content to stay that way, but he quickly realized he was holding on for a little too long. He quickly released your hand, blushing a little bit as he did so.
“Oh god,” you said as you realized that he was shirtless and out in the cold. “You must be freezing.”
“I’m okay,” he said with a shrug. “I’m Scott by the way.”
“I’m Y/n,” you told him as you tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.
“I still feel kinda bad about you slipping,” he admitted. “And you must be freezing…”
“I’m freezing?” you asked. “You’re wearing pants and nothing else in thirty degree weather.”
“Well, I’m gonna go inside soon,” he told you. “But since it’s kind of my fault you slipped, do you maybe wanna come inside with me and warm up? Stiles can make really good hot chocolate.”
“Well if he’s as good at that as he is at creating his own ice,” you told him. “Then I’d love to.”
You tightened your coat as you followed Scott across his yard and up his steps, noticing that he was smiling like an idiot the whole time. Scott could tell he probably looked like a huge dork to you, but he didn’t care. He shuffled up his steps with a grin on his face, thinking that for once, one of Stiles’ crazy plans had actually worked out for the better.


I haven’t been posting much lately, and I’m truly sorry! But, there is a reason! My birthday is on August 6th, so my family put together some money and told me I could use it towards one animal of my choosing. Here is my choice! This awesome little dude is a Abronia graminea. Also known as the Mexican Alligator Lizard/ Arboreal Alligator Lizard . CBB & about a year and a half old.

These guys are super cool and the total opposite of Uromastyx! I’ve wanted one of these guys for a while now and has been a dream lizard of mine. This boy will be fun to work with and I’m really excited for him to settle in.

The past few days I’ve been setting up! I just picked him up at the reptile show today.

Sometimes I don’t understand how there’s so many people that were mean to Ken/Kentin in the first few episodes of My Candy Love. 

Like yeah, he wasn’t the sexy beast he is now but he was so awesome??? Little dude filled me with cookies and compliments 24/7 and honestly that’s enough to make me happy for a thousand lifetimes

My cacti, Buddington Jr! He’s such a little trooper! The wind has knocked him off my windowsill twice, he’s had ants invade his little pot three times and he’s still going strong! :D

When I was in the hospital, I actually had Kendall bring me a picture of him to see how he was doing, since I had planted him only a month before.

I’ve never had a plant last this long before, so I’m super excited about him. c: