this little dalek

Imagine the Doctor finding out you’d been getting hassled everyday by a group of guys on your daily walk home. They mostly just cat call you and whistle and stuff, but the Doctor gets adorably pissed. After chasing them off, the Doctor grumbles to himself until you make it back to the TARDIS.

“The little… Daleks!”

“Oh they’re on the same level as Daleks now, are they?”

“Of course! No one gets to mess with you except me.”

Remember when Lewis Xephos was a hero and not some sort of Yoglabs clone/behind the scenes mastermind?
When he and Honeydew used to adventure, getting into all sorts of trouble, instead of him freezing his best buddy in ice?
When he just just a adorabru~ little babby spaceman?
I kind of miss that. But I kind of don’t.

Fandom insults:

Harry Potter: “Filthy Muggle!” or, “Not even a Dementor would kiss you”

Doctor Who: “You little Dalek!” or “Not even Jack Harkness would flirt with you”

Divergent: “You Pansycake!”

Percy Jackson: “Stupid Mortal!”

Sherlock: “Don’t talk. You’ll lower the IQ of the whole street.”

Supernatural: “Assbutt.”

Lord of the Rings: “You look like an orc!”

The Mortal Instruments: “Stupid mundane!”

Merlin: “Dollophead!”

The Hunger Games: “I hope you get reaped.”