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Our main main character. Our little smol bean. Our ahoge man. Our hero. Our hope. Happy birthday to Makoto Naegi!



5/5/17 recs

1. Twin Lilies by Saiyan_Lion   |   Rated T, 11k (WIP)

Summary: Ever wonder what price someone is willing to pay for a second chance at life? For Agape and Eros, a notorious mercenary team, they are willing to pay high for that chance.

If only a certain silver-haired agent from Russia would get off their tail.

  • Comment: A fic off to a good beginning, the relationship between Yuuri and Yurio is a strong point. The dynamic between Yuuri and Victor is amusing, and I’m quite curious to learn more about their backstories and how this fic continues to play out.

2. I Want It All by venoms   |   Rated T, 5k (WIP)

Summary: When Katsuki Yuuri misses the podium by half a point and finds himself in fourth place during the 2015 Grand Prix Final, he is ready to give up, but Yakov Feltsman sees something in him and offers to coach him the following season in Russia alongside his idol, Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky, whose next season is his senior debut.

  • Comment: A “vicchan lives” fic with only the first chapter out, but off to a good start. I look forward to how it continues — the writing is really interesting at times (a visual pun at one point, which brought me amusement) and all in all a fic to watch, I think.

3. That April (you were knowable) by llythl    |    Rated T, 10k (WIP)

Summary: “He said there were dead bodies buried beneath the tree,” Victor explains, eyes wide.

Yuuri remembers his sister telling him in passing that Victor could not be more typical as a tourist - possessing a charming naivete that was really only charming when it was not doing any harm.

Hasetsu shenanigans: Set just after Victor and Yuri (Plisetsky) arrive in Hasetsu. On Yuuri learning - and re-learning.

  • Comment: A touching fic, sort of in-between episodes fic based off of official art. The author captures a tentative feeling of the early stages of Yuuri and Victor’s relationship in Hasetsu, like a fragile thing you can cup in your hands. I don’t know how to describe it precisely, but this fic captures that early phase of a relationship so well. Intensely recommend. 

4. Wishin’ and Hopin’ by darlingholocene   |   Rated T, 7k (WIP)

Summary: “I know as well as you do that you’re a big romantic at heart, or you wouldn’t be the most requested wedding planner in New York City. Maybe it’s time you give the City a chance”.

Or, the one where Victor organizes weddings for a living but has never been in love, Katsuki Yuuri is a very stressed best man of honor, Chris wants Victor to pull a Jennifer Lopez and Yurio would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.

  • Comment: YES. Yuuri is fumbling and hilarious, and Victor’s office is full of concerned employees that love him enough to jokingly mock him in an office group chat. The dynamic amusing so far, and Victor’s character makes me ache, a little. I hope to see him growing happier soon. (Also god bless Mila and Chris)

5. the basics of flight by seunggilonice, tremelo (glissendo)    |  Rated T, 8k (WIP)

Summary: The story of a boy with wings and a boy without.

"Aren’t you mad at me? I kind of lost you all your friends,” Seunggil says. It’s like a dam broke on his emotions. His words are angry. Frustrated.

The puzzle pieces click into place. “No. Those guys were being assholes; someone had to shut them up,” Phichit says. “You don’t owe me anything, you know?”

Seunggil exhales. “You’re not wingless. You wouldn’t know anything about owing.”

Phichit searches for a good answer to that, his wings blue and bright and accusing on his back, cutting off any decent argument. “Can I at least eat lunch with you tomorrow?”

Seunggil sends him a pained glance. “You want to eat lunch with me?”

“It’s a good bathroom.”

Seunggil looks like he’s wondering after Phichit’s sanity. “Yeah. Why not.”

  • Comment: I’m starting to associate glissendo with really well-written Seung-gil POV. The setting has my attention, and the relationship that’s developed between Phichit and Seung-gil and Guang-Hong and Leo makes me very happy. I hope things go well, and I early await future developments. The worldbuilding is really well-done, too, and I’m invested in the mechanics of this world. The plot definitely has my attention too!

ships are ships and it doesn’t really matter how they are in canon, and objectively jota//kak is an appealing, age-appropriate ship - it’s the ship in part 3 most people can hone on to immediately, because it’s just that likable! - but just like jotaro, people like to… well, waste its potential and bend it to suit their tastes.

kakyoin is constantly stripped of his personality in order to make him an accessory to jotaro. it either goes that his “feminine” traits are accentuated to the point of him being nothing more than an occasionally snarky waifu companion for jotaro, or he’s turned into some sort of sex-obsessed dominatrix because people think his stand is kinky (keep in mind, he’s canonically underage no matter what part you put him in).

people almost always end up supporting some sort of ooc variation of jotaro and kakyoin (again ridding jotaro of his flaws and ridding kakyoin of, well, everything) because in reality - as araki himself admitted at the end of jojonium 12 - they have very little chemistry. but really, his word doesn’t mean much since it’s the fandom that brings pairings life; yet, even if they were best friends in canon, i still feel like the destruction of kakyoin’s character would have happened anyways because of the dom/sub (or seme/uke) ideals many fans tend to apply when celebrating m/m pairings, and kakyoin and jotaro’s general designs almost encourage it (hypermasculine man/reserved, “feminine” man) which is really just unfortunate.

tldr: jota//kak is not my personal cup of tea because people tend to break both boys’ characters (particularly kakyoin) in order to fit a model of dom/sub, which is an unfortunate issue in m/m shipping, and oversexualize 17-year-old kakyoin for it.

do u enjoy characters that fandom badly misinterprets and repurposes for their transparent yaoi fodder? do you like characters whose self-destructive and callous coping mechanisms are reduced to funny and / or vapid character quirks in the localisation? well, boy do i have the blog for you! lms if u wanna fuck w. a niles from fire emblem: fates. tho i best slap a big ol’ content warning sticker on here: here be talk of child sex abuse and other awful, nitty gritty stuff from this terrible little man’s backstory.

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Hey there, do you happen to have any royalty au fics or something, please?

Hello! Sure, here you are! :) Have a nice day/night!

Originally posted by bestboy-oftheday

Royalty AU

this speed’s too much to stop by sarahyyy  - 1496


“Do you…” the man trails off, frowning. “Do you dislike Prince Otabek?” he asks quietly.

Yuri arches his eyebrows. “I’ve never met Prince Otabek,” he says truthfully. “But if he has to go to all this trouble to find someone to marry him, then logically, there must be something wrong with him.”

An absolutly adorable false idendification fic.

Altin - Otayuri  by strangerphans - 7901 (WIP)


Yuri Nikiforov-Plisetsky is a brat. His adoptive father, Victor Nikiforov, is King of Russia, the whole world loves him and he can get anything he wants with a click of his fingers.

Since he’s spoiled boy who sets his expectations too high, Yuri fires his personal servant after she makes one wrong move and sets out to find a new one. It takes time but he eventually finds the one.

Otabek Altin is perfect in every way possible. He’s stunning, his voice is soft and his rare smiles are bright. He couldn’t wish for a better job- looking after Prince Yuri is great. The two act more like best friends rather than master and servant.

But then Yuri starts feeling things. Things he shouldn’t be feeling towards another man. Before he can confess to Otabek, the Kazakhstani man is being dragged down to the dungeons.

Amazing so far but I feel an angsty storm coming!

Sand and Waves by Bassarid - 18782


Otayuri little mermaid au! Mermaid (or -boy) Yuri falls hopelessly in love with human prince Otabek.

Okay this is the best Mermaid au that I’ve read, it’s a must read plus bonus Background Viktuuri

Hear the Bells by Goombella123 - 62990


An AU in which Otabek is a mysterious traveler who dies alone in a forest, and Yuri is the fairy who brings him back from the dead… at a price.

Neither is pleased about it.

A gorgeous fairy/knight au WARNING: Temporary Character Death but it’s a really great fic!

Tethered by spiderlillium - 8164 (WIP)


In an unscheduled detour, Lord Otabek Altin accompanies the Imperial Crowned Prince in search of a long lost treasure.

To his surprise, he finds something much valuable than gold in the cold, dark tower of the maze-castle.

Mysterious, very fantasy like and it has a dragon!

Heir To The Throne. by  fangirl6202 - 1862 (WIP)


Though no one knows why, Kings Nikiforov and Katsuki have decided to step down from their throne of Yutopia, leaving the 23 year old Heir to the throne, Yuri Plisetsky, nephew of King Victor, scrambling to ascend into the Royal Line.One thing all his advisers keep reminding him is the tiny fact that Yuri hasn’t betrothed. Centuries of traditions state that an heir must be at least promised to a beloved to ascend to King. He decides to throw together a ball to celebrate the two Kings’ anniversary and invite diplomats and royalty from surrounding kingdoms, in hopes of finding a partner. He expects to be forced into a loveless marriage, but instead meets the brooding Otabek Altin. Yuri thinks that’s worse, since Otabek is a conceited, smug, pretentious bastard. Not to mention the Crown Prince of the country on the verge of declaring war on Yutopia.

Of course, Yuri falls hard for him.

It only just started but it’s very interesting so far.

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try n say negative stuff abt serizawa

@espersquad You think you’ve got me there, do you? I’m sorry, I love Serizawa Katsuya but he is not perfect by any means.

I mean… Look at this page. 

Serizawa is a fucking DUMBASS. Even Mob thinks so, you can tell. 

(Also in comedic terms this gag is perfectly pulled off, but the joke is still entirely at Serizawa’s expense. Poor Serizawa.)

Sorry, I know that’s not very fair so I might go into a bit more detail…In my original post I said something like every character in MP100 is weak, flawed and/or has done bad things, and… serizawa pretty much fits all of those? 

Weak - very dependent on others and socially inept (but he’s working on it)

Flawed - his crippling (and relatable) social anxiety (again not his fault but still a problem for his character) - also hygiene is p bad (again he’s working on it) 

Has done bad things -  god only knows what terrible things he has done working for Claw. I know, he was being manipulated and mislead, but still. An adult man should maybe think twice about kidnapping and attacking people??? 

(Like… I know he wasn’t able to judge then… but can u imagine him as he is now thinking back on what he did and just. being racked with guilt and wondering how he could let himself be fooled like that…) 

No but really Serizawa is my actual fave, best boy, he’s probably one of the least Bad characters and I’m crying a little bit at typing these harsh truths…

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Who's your favorite Gravity Falls character?

Why, only the man who took a boy under his wing and did his best to help raise him when his father left him.

The man who spent thirty years of his life toiling away in some basement with very little knowledge of what he was doing or how- to save his brother, whom he hasn’t seen for many years prior.

The man who took two MORE children under his wing, despite having many secrets and the ever-present possibility that Dipper and Mabel may somehow find Stan Pines Dead.

Especially as he was forced to keep his own newstory and IDs in his office to make sure he had a backup plan, right under said children’s nosy noses.

The man that was forced to live alone in a car for ten years out of his father’s spite.

Whose whole world could be kept in three photographs.

Who killed himself in his own mind.

And then killed his mind. All for those three pictures.

Stanley freaking Pines, everybody.

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Tell us about the backstagers buddy!

Well, since you asked:

The backstagers is amazing!!
(This is the cover of issue one. It’s my favorite cover becauise it shows the boys in a more realistic style, which I like because I like having a closer representation of what they would really look like. Plus you can see little tool mice in the background. I love the tool mice so much)

So the main character’s name is Jory

(adorable, ain’t he?)
He is a new student at an all-boys’ school (my one beef with this comic is the lack of female main characters, but it is, after all, an all boys’ school). He’s a bit shy, and a bit disgruntled at the lack of manners that comes with the lack of girls (“Always farting. So much farting. Take me home, away from the farting!”). His mom is working a job that requires her to work late, so he has to find something to do after school, but, to him, sitting in a bush by himself sounds better than any after-school activity St. Genesis offers.
…well except one club

(also, here’s the first appearence of the tool mouse.)

(much smaller than they seem later on… maybe it’s a baby. Oh lord, baby tool mice! I’ll have to draw that.)

So, drama club! Sounds fun, right? Well, the problem is that drama club is full of

*hiss* actors.
And the worst actors of them all?

The McQueen twins (okay, but seriously, I have never loved to hate any characters as much as I have loved to hate these two. They’re so self-centered, so dramatic. But they’re so funny. They give me a very Kaoru and Hikaru vibe as well, but less creepy and sexual, more narcissistic and fun to watch) 

So Jory (bless his heart!) is feeling a bit out of place. He’s just gonna split, but he gets noticed by the twins

To rev up his spirits, they send him on an errand: go fetch a prop from the backstage weirdos. Seems simple enough. So jory makes his way back there only to find it’s.. not what he expects

I’ll spare you the rest bc I encourage you to read it yourself! It’s so good!

So onto characters:

This is Sasha! He’s the first backstager you meet and was my favorite character for the first couple issues (and still a great character! Beckett just won my heart in issues 3 and 4)  He likes tool mice almost as much as I do!

That’s his little buddy, Friendo. Isn’t he cute? He’s the only named tool mouse. Hey, you wanna see the best picture in the whole comic? Get ready now. 

Ah, Friendo, you warm my heart

Next, Hunter!

Ah… I love this boy!! He’s the handy man backstage. Builds the sets and what not. And, canonically gay, no beating around the bush, no hinting or twitter confirmations, he is gay, in canon, and enters a relationship in in the comic. And He’s adorable and I love him. He’s a huge sweetheart and a huge flirt, and one of my favorites in the comic.

Then there’s Aziz:

He and Sasha have been best friends since fourth grade. He’s really into video games. He’s kind of the straight-man of the group (along with Jory)

Then there’s Beckett!

He’s such a fuckin nerd omg.
He’s the lighting guy. Really smart, really good with technology. Has a whole set up he built himself.
Plous he’s trans! Once again, they don’t really beat around the bush. It’s part of his character, part of his backstory, part of what makes him who he is. They even draw him in a binder.

To the untrained eye it can pass as a tight tank top, but if you know about binders, that’s a binder. Reminds me of the gc2b tank binders I’ve lusted after.

This is getting to be a long post and I really haven’t even scratched the surface. It’s a great comic, I was kind of giving up on comics when I found it, and now i don’t think I ever will. It’s from BOOM! studios,  the same people who made Jonesy

also a pretty cool comic, but not quite as good as the backstagers, imo.
I have heard only good things about BOOM! and am very interested in reading more by them, but I can only read so fast ;-; They have a reputation for have diverse casts of characters, and if The Backstagers is anything to go by, I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

“But Shiiiiiloooooh, I don’t live by a comic shop/don’t  have time to go to one/don’t feel comfortable going to one bc I know nothing about comics.”
Dude I have literally never set foot in a comic shop (do I look like a fuckin nerd?). I got into comics a couple months ago all thanks to an app called madefire, available on app store!

Madefire has a large range of comics, including the backstagers! They also have a pretty good selection of free comics (including overwatch!!) I’ve found many comics I’ve heard about/seen on tumblr there, like the Bee and Puppycat comics,  Faith, Kim Reaper, and the su comics if you’re into that.
You do have to pay for the comics bc that’s just how life works, but I was surprised how cheap comics are! On madefire, most comics are about $1.99 per issue. Pretty okay if you ask me.

An added bonus is that madefire has a cloud that holds everything you buy. You can delete comics you’ve already read off your phone without getting rid of them completely. If you want them back, you just download them again, totally free. That way you don’t have to drown all your storage just for your comics. And if you make an account (also free) you can download your comics on your other devices. This is a great app if you love comics, no matter what you’re reading.

So, please I am begging you read this series the only other person I know who knows what this is is @mezzoforever and that’s only bc I got her into it. You won’t regret it it’s so good

The Liar and His Lover Episode 13

“So darling, darling
Stand by me, oh stand by me
Oh stand now, stand by me, stand by me
Whenever you’re in trouble won’t you stand by me
Oh stand by me, won’t you stand now, oh, stand
Stand by me…”

CRUDE PLAY FOREVER. Through thick and thin because the show is at its best when the boys are front and center. Since day one, this is the relationship and the characters that have been winning the hearts of the people watching. Sorry, MUSH&CO, love you guys and your growth too but Crude Play has always had the most compelling storyline. Let’s break it down:

Bitch did not throw a bottle of water at friend extraordinaire, all around decent human being and hot man Yoo Shi-hyun!!! And that’s all I’m saying about Yoo-na because she has lost the little sympathy I had for her after that little stunt she tried to pull by using Han-kyeol. She doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned but I’m doing it to make a point regarding Shi-hyun who today really step up as the leader of the Crude Play.

Shi-hyun has been charming, funny and endearing since the very first episode but on this episode I could see another side of him, one that was shown in a subtle way until now. After this I understand why he’s the leader of the band: he has a sense of responsibility to his friends, the staff and fans that the rest of the band understand but don’t fully think about. This is why he was always pushing them to practice because he wanted to get out of the cycle of lies they have thrown themselves at. How he almost broke down when he had to read the official press release about not being ashamed, it almost broke me. And I really appreciate how he knew to take responsibility about what’s happening leaving Han-kyeol and Chan-young out of it because the latter it’s right. Those two, at least, never had to fake their music. It’s the same sense of responsibility that made him apologize properly to Chan-young for how they started.

I would have liked to see a scene between Soo-young and Shi-hyun, only because I think it adds to his character to have a support system in her and they have already proven to have a mutual understanding of each other.

How come Chan-young is at his best when heartbroken? I guess it’s because now that he threw all caution out the window, there’s nothing left to worry about. I was looking forward to see what would he do with this new freedom, but I was even more happy when I saw he stood by the band when all hell broke loss. Chan-young might have felt like an outsider and, yes, they all had things to work out but ultimately today he proved to be one of them when the guys relied on him and he didn’t even doubt in sticking to his friends.

When Yoon clarified why they have used Han-kyeol’s bass recording, to protect Chan-young’s career in case something like what happened today happened, I was totally tearing up along side our boys. The bromance is so strong with this bunch, I want to protect them from everything. And I love how at the end Yoon decided to take the long road and start playing his instrument from today’s onwards. I think it’s the right decision to make, no-one is happy nor satisfied with themselves when they are fake playing.

Just look at In-ho. At his last conversation with Han-kyeol, I didn’t see a young adult who is a veteran in the music industry and can deal with a press conference like it’s a walk in the park. I saw an afraid little boy looking to be reassured, so I wasn’t all that surprised when the episode ended with him at the hospital.

The way Crude Play debuted only drove home their insecurities as musicians and impressionable young adults. This is why and how CEO Choi failed them. As a once musician himself he should have known what the industry, press and fans turned anti-fans would do them if this lie ever got out. He should have waited for the right time for them to make their debut, for when he and them were confident enough in their music. But his hunger for success as a businessman and necessity to prove to others he could do the job won over. On this point I agree with CEO Yoo, he’s not handling the label properly at all, but then again, neither is she when she’s trying to make amends to Han-kyeol’s father 20 years later.

This episode also gave us some clarity on Kang In-woo. Until now, Han-kyeol’s father has been portrayed as a free spirit but I think we all get now that he decided to take the long way in order to protect his music from this kind of circus that fame and popularity brings along with the success. He might be known in certain circles, but at least he doesn’t have to lie to the people that loves his music and him. He’s himself all the time and that’s something I think Han-kyeol finally understood today.

Speaking of which, I really appreciate how Han-kyeol wanted to take responsibility along side with the band because he’s in part at fault for what’s happening. He didn’t want to debut with Crude Play because he knew Chan-young was better at the bass, if so, why didn’t he talk to his friends about this? Did he have any input into the band debuting with stand-in players? I think, yes, and for that he too failed his friends. But, as I mentioned before, Chan-young is right: there’s only so much he can do for them.

And I like this new understand he has going on with Chan-young. Theirs is a relationship I have always been looking forward to, especially with the rivalry and admiration they have for each other at the same time. It’s nice to see them find a middle ground.

I keep waiting for the show to drop the other shoe and bring some angst between our main couple, and I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s really nice that So-rim and Han-kyeol have remained a solid unit through and through. I’m not looking for a break up and eleventh hour reconciliation, so if we could keep this relationship going like this until the last episode, I would really appreciate it.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow to Crude Play… will they be forced to take a break from all activities? Will they choose the long road to success permanently or find an easy way out again? The show has never been shy or sugar-coated the darkest part of music industry, and I give it credit for that, so will things get worse for the band or better?

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WOW, so I guess I have a little bit of a reputation… >_>

Well, okay, here we go-

Character: Reiji Kotobuki 

Originally posted by perfect-affection

  • hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS  >_>

Ship with:  

  • Colonel Sanders- 
  • A happy and healthy life 

Friendship them with:  

  • Can I say everyone? Yeah, I’m going to go with everyone. 
  • Because wowie, this man deserves all the love and friendship
  • Especially with his kouhais and the other members of Quartet Night

General opinions:

  • 10/10 . Great boi . Best boi
  • I think that Reiji is amazing and I shall spare you the laundry list of reasons why I admire him so much, but for the sake of this ask… 
  • He’s just so charismatic and fun. He seems to radiate positive energy, and the way he’s able to just think on his feet is super cool… And his voice is just so- ❤
  • But there’s also more complex emotions to him, which makes him way more relatable. I just want to protect this sweet man and let him be happy ;w;
  • Point being, I really like Reiji, okay? I just- UGH, I THINK THAT’S ENOUGH FROM ME >/////>”

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Thanks for asking, @themurdertheyuta-wrote and @astraltactician ! ^_^”

dgraymanweek  || Day 2: Lonely Boy

↳ Option A: Favorite Character: Allen Walker 

Click picture for a little bit of m a g i c

the best way i can describe the OA is that it’s a mystical tale about woman who escapes from 7 years of captivity and decides to recruit a bunch of suburban fucked up teen boys + their adorable high school teacher to help her interpretive dance their way into another dimension so she can go and rescue her fellow captives from this terrible man who has been forcing them to have near death experiences over and over for Science 

tldr: scifi odyssey about time/space/afterlife where all the characters form their own weird little families 

lamberot  asked:

as someone who also despises a majority of the dl fandom it's so icky how nobody seems to find it creepy that a 39 year old (the one who plagiarized you), almost 40, is obsessively into a series where all the love interests are 17-20 at most

Hahaha my true bias is around 18 to 19 physically so he’s “legal” in that sense. 😂

I can write all the boys in NSFW situations but I prefer sticking with the older ones that act more adult like when it comes to self inserting. I guess it’s a preference thing.

Most of my favorite male characters are over the age of 18, or even in their thirties. Like Kakashi that must be in his forties now. (Had to bring up Kakashi cos I’m constantly Googling nsfw art on this old man, I’m such trash)

The boys are hundreds of years old though so the age thing can be a little iffy at best. I find it more disturbing that “That Person” had done online flirting with a minor, had requested nsfw fanfiction from minors and once, according to a follower, had dismissed relationships with adults and minors, rather than her liking old fictional boys who look like teenagers. (And act like teens too. Since they have moments of immaturity that reminds us that these guys might be centuries old but they’re still mentally young at the same time)

If it had been like my forty year old aunt who had a crush on Justin Bieber when he was a minor (and a real person, no less) I would have flipped tables cos ew she was fawning over the hotness of a real life minor. Ugh, getting flashbacks of her posters. She even wrote a fanfic that an adult website deleted because using real life minors in pornographic scenarios was against the rules.

I hope she cut that shit because when she told me about it I told her to not say such disgusting crap to me about a kid.

The Big Day

Title: The Big Day
Rating: PG (Mild Language)
Characters/Pairings: Roman Reigns/OC, Dean Ambrose/Renee Young
Disclaimer: I own nothing but this small piece of fiction. All recognizable names belong to their respective owners.
Summary: The best man always gives the groom a little speech before he says I Do. It turns out to be a big day for the both of them.

-The Big Day-

“Alright boys, disperse! This shindig goes down in a half hour and the best man needs to have a little chit-chat with the man of the hour…” Dean’s face lit up, watching the other groomsmen look over at him as he came through the door. Matt Anoa'i, Jimmy and Jey Uso as well as Seth Rollins all gave the groom a final hug and a handshake before filing out past Ambrose to help user in guests as they arrived to the resort.

“Should I sit down for this?” Roman laughed, watching Dean walk toward him. Both men were dressed in crisp suits and ties, not a hair out of place. Dean motioned for two chairs next to huge bay windows, dark blue Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye could see in either aerial direction.

“Yeah, you probably should. I’m about to go all emotional best friend–best man on you.” They share a hearty laugh as they both take a seat. Looking down from the window you could see the wedding grounds on the back lawn of the Oceanside resort. White chairs lined in rows on either side of the isle covered in fuchsia colored rose petals. The warm, early morning south Florida sun beamed brightly.

Roman leaned over with his elbows on his knees as he waited for the first of Dean’s many speeches for his big day. Ambrose may not have very many serious bones in his body and was usually the one making everyone laugh but when it came down to it, he could move mountains with his words when they truly came from his heart.

“Dude, when I woke up this morning and realized today was the day, I still couldn’t wrap my head around it. I can’t believe after all that skirt we chased you’re finally settling down with one woman..” Roman smiled, watching the guests start to file out to their seats as the movement caught his light gray eyes.

“So your big opening statement is reminding me how much of manwhore I was? All of a sudden I’m not so sure I want you to make that speech at the reception later…” Dean thumped him in the arm with his fist in response.

“Shut up man, I’d never say shit like that in front of your family. You’ve got half the damn Isle of Samoa down there… But seriously man, I just never saw you as the guy that would take the plunge is all. Hell, I never thought I’d have a girlfriend either but I wouldn’t trade Renee for the world. And I know you wouldn’t trade [Y/N] either. I’ve watched you grow into an even better man than I thought you were these last two and a half years because of her. She brings out the best in you.”

Roman looked Dean square in the eye, seeing the emotion there. It was rare for him to get on this level but today was a special occasion and he wanted to make sure his best friend knew exactly how he felt and that he had his blessing before saying I Do.

“When I went to check on Renee a few minutes ago I saw her…” He paused, putting his hand on Roman’s shoulder giving it a squeeze. “Dude never in a million years could you imagine how stunning she looks today. You’re going to lose your mind when she comes down that isle, I promise you that.” Roman’s smile turned into a giddy grin as he tried to picture seeing his beautiful bride for the first time as she walked down the isle to become his wife.

“I have no doubt she looks gorgeous man, she always does. Not to mention she’s been worrying over everything for the last six months…” Roman licked his lips and shifted in his seat. The anticipation was starting to build as he felt the tightening in his chest increase. He couldn’t believe the day was finally here either. Dean shook his head, knowing Roman didn’t fully understand what he was referring to.

“It isn’t that. It isn’t the dress, the hair, the shoes or the make-up. She’s a knockout man, anyone with eyes could see that from miles away. But today is different. Today is her wedding day. She hasn’t just been planning this for only six months, she’s been dreaming about this day since she was a little kid. Marrying you today will become the greatest day of her life. Every bit of emotion and love that she feels for you, you can see it on her face–in her eyes. That’s what stunned me. I could visible see it all.”

“I hope you can see that in me too..” Roman started, letting Dean’s words sink in. “I know we wrote our own vows and I know how good you and Seth thought they were when I read them last night but I still don’t think I’ve done justice. How are you supposed to put into words what your feel inside for the love of your life? Your soul mate?”

“Rome, don’t worry. Those vows are going to have every female in the joint reaching for the Kleenex. I’ve never seen you as happy as you are today. And I know as you start your lives together that will only continue. You and [Y/N] deserve all the happiness in the world…” Dean paused, running a shaky hand through his dirty blond hair. “As for knowing how to tell the love of your life what you feel inside, I’ll let you know.”

Roman eyed him, his eyebrows coming together at the tone he switched to. “What? You’ve got something up your sleeve Ambrose.. I can sense it.” Dean laughed.

“I’m going to ask Renee to marry me.” At first Roman thought he was kidding, honestly. Since he was getting married today, Ambrose was going to try to…

Roman saw that tell-tell gleam in Dean’s eye and the way he nervously began to shift in his seat now that he’d dropped this bombshell.

He wasn’t kidding.

“You’re serious?” Roman asked as he tightened the slick bun that his hair was tied up in.

“Oh I am, Uce…” Dean paused, smiling so big his dimples hurt. Roman looked at him, eyeing him again as his mouth fell open in shock. He never thought Dean would ever find the one even though Roman told him all the time how Renee was perfect for him.

“Seriously dude? You’re going to ask her? You bought a ring?” Roman questioned, still unable to wrap his mind around the fact that Dean definitely wasn’t kidding and actually planned to settle down just like Roman was doing today.

“Yeah, bro. I bought it last weekend during that sting of shows we did in New York. The more I thought about your wedding and the happier I saw [Y/N] get the closer we came to today I just.. I don’t know. I just feel like Renee is the one. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my mind but then I see her and I just know…”

“When are you going to ask her?” Roman asked, thankful that the spotlight was off him if only for a moment. It was helping to calm his own nerves seeing as he was about to give someone else his last name in a matter of minutes.

“Well…” Dean rubbed a hand across the stubble on his chin. “I was thinking about asking her at the end of my Best Man speech during your reception.. If you think that would be okay with [Y/N]. I don’t want her to think I’m trying to steal her thunder or anything…”

“No,” Roman chuckled, grinning at his best friend. “That’s her best friend. I think she’ll be just as excited and happy as Renee is going to be when you get down on one knee…” Roman paused, shaking his head. “Holy shit man, I never thought I’d see this day. We’re hanging up our bachelor boots and will be off the market for good!”

“I know man, can’t believe this old tag-team has finally met their match. Speaking of your match, the main event of your life is about to start,” Dean told him, standing up with Roman. They stared at each other a moment longer before hugging tightly like the brothers that they felt they truly were. Pulling back Dean adjusted Roman’s tie and dusted off the shoulders of his suit. “Let’s go give this little lady a last name she can’t pronounce.” Roman laughed, shaking his head as she followed Dean out the door and down to his wedding ceremony.

Hetalia Actor AU(because I love it)

Most of the sibling actors(America and Canada,Italy and Romano,Liechtenstein and Switzerland,Australia and New Zealand) often hold prank wars against eachother. Thought it annoys most of the cast(especially when they get caught in the crossfire), Chibiromano and Chibitalia usually help Italy and Romano(because the others said they were too young to participate).

England and Sealand are actually brothers,and England likes looking after his little bro. Even though he can go overboard sometimes.

(Based on another part of the AU I saw) England is in an internationally popular rock band, and America has had this huge,dorky crush on him since before the show.(England knows.)

Austria actually hates classical music. Him and Prussia live near each other, so they’ll give each other rides to work. They usually pull up headbanging to some heavy metal song.

Austria and Hungary have been dating for a superlong time,and everyone is waiting for them to get engaged. (Prussia will be the best man.)

Chibitalia WAS originally a girl. But she had to leave halfway through filming the original Chibitalia arc,and they couldn’t find a little girl in such short notice. So they hired the current Chibitalia.

Italy was the last person to be hired,because his character was supposed to be a girl. But since they had to recast Chibitalia,they changed Italy to a boy.

The whole cast loves Attack On Titan,and they’ll all go to Japan’s trailer and watch it on off time(since he’s the only one who has the English dub so far.)

America and Canada are both Canadian, and they sometimes overdo the accents to annoy everyone.

China is actually one of the youngest of the adults. The only ones younger than him are America and Canada,Italy and Romano,Iceland, and Prussia.

Germany is older than Prussia.

England and France used to date,but broke up. They still get along really well,and sometimes France will help who he thinks is worthy of winning England’s heart. Right now,he is helping America. (England knows this too.)

England somehow knows every secret on set. Some of the younger kids think he used to be a spy.

Norway and Denmark met a different show a few years ago,and are dating. Norway didn’t tell Denmark when he was cast on the show,because he wanted it to be a surprise. Denmark laughed and gave him a huge hug when he found out.

After every take where he had to choke him,Norway would get super superworried and ask if Denmark was alright. Denmark always laughed and kissed him on the nose.

Belarus has a crush one Liechtenstein. All of the other girls and England know.

Most of the time,the whole cast will make the scene look gayer than it is,and the director gets so annoyed. Especially when shooting time runs over.

The girls get death threats sometimes because of their characters. Seychelles got the worst of it. It got so bad she almost quit. But a group of fans started a ‘Support Seychelles!’ Group. So many fans joined, and Seychelles was so grateful that she invited the original owners to spend some time on set with her.

Best friends with Taehyung would include...

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I don’t know why I haven’t done anything for this cute shit yet. I have about 4 scenarios coming up soon by the way, so that’s why I’ve been really inactive.

Hope you like it! Love ya!

-Admin J<3

-You two would have so many derp selfies on your phone.

-Cute little playfights everywhere.

-Randomly bursting out into cypher and just rolling with it.

-Having to deal with his constant weirdness.

-But you two always have each others backs through tough times.

-His cute little boxy grin.

-But you never tell him you find it cute.

-If he ever found out, cue the teasing.

-Once you befriend taehyung you get the rest of the maknae line for free!

-”Tae, put your tongue away right this instance!”

-Calling him weird ass names like “Tae-boo” and “Hyungie bear”

-Random shouting wherever you guys are.

-Never let him near children or animals if you want to be noticed by the senpai.

-Anime marathons!!!


-And getting equally pissed off at the main character.

-Re-enacting scenes from a drama you recently watched.

-Front row seats to his one-man-drama performances.

-Trot songs all the way!

-Doing little trot versions of all of his songs.

-Fangirling over BigBang!

-Making random references to BigBang in everyday situations.


-Having so much blackmail on your phone of him.

-Being his best friend would be a hell of a ride.

Hey sweeties!! I hope that was okay!^^

foreverthequeen45  asked:

Changing a character's race to suit the whiny Tumblr users of today is stupid. Scooby Doo and the gang don't need to be changed to suit anybody's standards. They were made white. They are WHITE. That's just how it is.

hey there. i’m guessing you’re talkin’ bout my recent bit of ‘reboot’ SD fanart.

sorry i couldn’t reply to you as soon as you sent this, but my internet connection’s been temperamental. thanks for not going on anon, i take it that means you do actually want an answer from me, and i’m happy to give it to you.

gotta say, i don’t appreciate you calling me ‘a whiny tumblr user’, all right? i made these revamped designs primarily for myself. still, i don’t know what’s going on on your side of the world. maybe you had a rough day and felt the need to take it out on someone. if that’s the case, i hope you’re feeling better now. anyway. there’s a few reasons why i tried to diversify the mystery inc gang in my fanart. one: it’s not the 1960s anymore. i expect the gang were all white ‘cause it was still that sort of ‘white only’ mindset for people that TV was trying to appeal to 50 or so years ago.

but it’s also quite personal to me. in 2009 they made this cheesy direct-to-DVD live action movie called ‘scooby doo: the mystery begins’. the girl that played velma is hayley kiyoko, who’s half-white-half-japanese.

i was 13 at the time (like, just slightly too old to unironically enjoy this sort of thing, but enjoy it i did), and i was astounded to see velma played by a girl that looked a bit like me. i had always identified with her character and i thought it was kickass that she was played by a girl with a similar kind of mixed ethnicity as me. the sense of personal representation was super important to me. and this was an official piece of scooby doo media, cheesy though it was. kind of in the vein of casting samuel l jackson as nick fury, a character who had previously been portrayed as white.

anyway. a year ago i saw this SD fancast where the SD gang had all been cast as young white folks, bar daphne, who’d been fancast as the girl who plays missandei in GoT. and i remembered while watching an SD movie with a friend that she’d said ‘daphne is so hilary banks’. so i considered a biracial daphne, looking like karyn parsons, and also it reminded me of how hayley kiyoko had played velma, so i thought…i’d like to draw a modern version of mystery inc reflecting a bit more of regular teens in the 2010s.

so i had ideas for how i wanted the girls to look. i wasn’t sure what to do with the boys, ‘til i happened to look up the late great casey casem and discovered that he was actually lebanese! he’s more famous for his ‘shaggy’ voice than he is for his face, but this is what he looked like.

dark haired, dark eyed, brown skinned, and he only ever really voiced white characters. his wiki page says he was kind of disappointed when he was asked to play an arab character, but the character was an evil stereotype, and he asked ‘are there no good arab characters in this thing?’ so i thought it’d be fitting to draw shaggy looking a little more like the man who first brought the character to life! ‘cause shaggy is the best character.

when it came to freddy though, for better or worse i knew i’d leave him pretty much the way he was. i wasn’t keen on robbie amell’s dark haired fred (the blond is too iconic!) in ‘the mystery begins’ - fred as a slice of white bread with blonde hair, that classic ‘all-american’ boy next door suits him.

i hope maybe this clears stuff up, or makes some kind of sense. at the end of the day, what i’ve done is just fanart. by a fan, for other fans, if they like what they see. it’s just for fun, for a bit of personal wish fulfillment. i’m not actually creating the next scooby doo incarnation (though i wish i was, sometimes) and i’m not saying that how i drew them is like the brand new be all and end all way to look at them. but take a look at this beyond-lovely message:

i think that shows that maybe i’m not doing as wrong as all that. and if none of this makes sense to you, or if i’m still coming off like a whiny tumblr user, then all i can say is i’m sorry i couldn’t make something you’d enjoy, and you can always enjoy the official SD incarnations where the gang are portrayed as all white.