this literally took like four hours though

00qad insomnia headcanons

(because tonight I didn’t sleep a tick and I’m inspired)

- Q really isn’t an insomniac, but once he’s obsessed over a project he won’t close his laptop to go to sleep or eat and will keep going until he either collapses or one of his lovers (usually James) bodily carries him to bed after Danny has spent hours trying to coax him into bed.

- James can literally sleep everywhere: the nature of his job and the years in the Navy have taught him that wasting opportunities to rest is stupid and unproductive - though, for the same reasons he’s a light sleeper and it took him an age to get used to Q’s cats making noise at night.

- Alex likes sleeping but he needs so very few hours of rest (no more than four) that he spends most of his nights awake, making sure that his men are safe and indulging in reading some of those trashy romantic novels Danny keeps crying and gushing about (he enjoys them too and fervently hopes James won’t find out)

- Danny’s amount of hours of sleep is influenced by his mental peace: when his men are dealing with a crisis at work or James and Alex are out on a mission he’ll spend the nights worrying and baking; instead, when they’re all home, there’s nothing he likes more than curl up in bed and snuggle with his lovers.