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Zalfie Party [2] // Jack Maynard

Hey guys! Back to normal long imagines. You guys obviously didn’t like the short ones, so I’ll probably refrain from writing them for as long as possible. I’ll try my heardest to get out a good imagine that you would enjoy. ANYWAYS, many of you were requesting a Zalfie Party PART 2, so i wrote that. Is isn’t really a part two, but it still has the same character personality and other characters.

WORDS: 820


You woke up to a bump on the door, followed by small footsteps. You felt something hit the end of the bed, and crawling up to your face. As you opened your eyes, you were greeted by a warm lick up the face from none other than Zoe’s pug, Nala. She panted at you while you patted her softly, rolling into your back so she can lay on your belly. Jack stirred in his sleep next to you, Nala waking him up slightly. After a few seconds of cuddling Nala, Zoe quietly walked in. “Fuck, sorry” she whispered once she saw her dog laying peacefully on your stomach, “She woke you up, didn’t she” you nodded, smiling. Zoe picked up Nala, giving her a slight scold for waking up guests. You insisted that it was all fine, but she apologised anyway, since Nala should not have even came in.

As Zoe left, Nala in her arms, Jack rolled over to face you. “Morning gorgeous” he smiled, kissing your hand that was next to his face. You smiled back at him, saying good morning. “You were crazy last night,” he laughed, pulling you into him. He put an arm around your stomach and rested his head on your shoulder.

“Haha yeah, I don’t really even know why! I didn’t drink!” you replied quietly, “but we should probably be a bit quiet, Alfie is probably still sleeping,” Jack agreed, and the two of you laid in a comfortable silence in bed. You and Jack laid like that for what felt like forever, but forever felt good. It was peaceful, and you enjoyed having this downtime with him.

Just as you dozed off again, Alfie came running in, camera in hand. He sprayed both you and Jack with multicolored silly string. You screamed, going further under the covers. Jack was awake, but he already had so much on him, he didn’t bother hiding. He just opened his arms, “Hit me, anything to protect the girl,” he cheered. Alfie laughed, showing the camera what Jack looked like. You slowly peered your head above the covers, checking to see if there was anymore silly string being sprayed. When you saw that there was none, you sat up. You looked over at Jack, laughing at how much he was covered. Jack just smiled, getting out of bed. He grabbed Alfie, rubbing his face against his white T-shirt. Alfie groaned, his white t-shirt now stained from silly string.

Alfie soon left, going to change his shirt. You climbed out of bed, and walked over the opposite side to where jack was standing at his suitcase. “I would hug you, but you’re covered,” you smiled. Jack nodded, grabbing a shirt and going into the ensuite.

“I’m going to have a shower, wanna come?” he smirked.

“No, you freak. Not at Zoe’s house” you laughed, pushing him jokingly into the bathroom and closing the door. You hear Jack do a light huff, before turning on the shower. You, who only had a small amount of string in your hair, so you decided to just get dressed… you showered before going to bed, so you don’t really have to shower until tonight. Looking in the mirror, you assessed the string in your hair. You grabbed a brush, and began trying to brush it out. It actually came out easier than you thought, so by the time Jack got out of the shower, you had already gotten dressed, and was just doing your makeup. Jack tried to sneak up on you, forgetting that you were sitting in front of the mirror. Jack sighed with defeat when he saw himself in the mirror. You continued doing your makeup as Jack gave you a quick kiss on the top of your head, before heading down to Zoe and Alfie.

You came down to a breakfast spread prepared, by Zoe and Alfie. “Wow,” you cooed, “this is awesome!” You walked over to Zoe and gave her a warm hug, thanking her for the food.

“No problem, hon… anything for our guests,” she replied. The four of you sat down on the couch in the conservatory, having a chat about the night before;

Zoe: It turned out so much better than Alf and I thought!

You: Yes, I was a bloody lunatic though, sorry about that…

Jack: holy shit. Yes, yes you were babe

Alfie: You literally took Jack’s ice-cream and ate it down in the hammock at like midnight.

Zoe: You acting drunk just made it sooo much better. Everyone loved you!

The conversations continued for hours, with either Zoe or Alfie leaving for occasional meetings. You had so much fun spending the weekend at the Zalfie house, making memories for many years to come. Everyone thought that yourself and Jack were the cutest couple that had come out of gleam, beside Zoe and Alfie. You couldn’t wait until you could see Zoe and Alfie again!

vaticancas  asked:

Hartwin for the ship thing uwu

Who steals the covers?

Harry sleeps like a log.  He’s one of those, lay down and never move until he wakes up, kind of men.  Eggsy doesn’t move too terribly much either unless he can’t sleep but then it’s more of throwing his covers ON to Harry, rather than stealing them.  

Who sings terribly in the shower at the top of their lungs?

Eggsy’s never been able to carry a tune in a bucket, but shower acoustics make you think strange things about your own abilities.  To protect his own eardrums Harry has taken to joining him to give him something better to do with his mouth.

Who cries like a baby at happy endings in films?

Neither really, but Harry’s been known to shed a tear or two that Eggsy quietly and without ever commenting on it, kisses away.

Who is a morning person and who hates getting up?

Mr. Late-to-his-own-funeral NEVER gets out of bed on time.  Though with Eggsy around to set all the clocks ahead when he’s not looking he does manage to start actually being on time for work more often than not.  

Who initiated the relationship?

Well, that’s complicated.  You see, Eggsy got hit with a platoons worth of truth serum in the form of a gas right before he took down some megalomaniac’s base.  So Harry spent the next twenty four hours listening to Eggsy spilling literally every thought that crossed his mind.  Which included things like “Please continue walking away, Harry. I couldn’t watch that arse all day.”  for the first half of the day and once he became tired and a little more self aware of what was going on, a teary, “I think I fell in love with you in that dressing room ya’ know?  And I was so upset I never said anything before you went and got yourself shot.  But when you survived, when you came back… I’m so scared you won’t, can’t, love me the way I love you, Harry.”

Which broke Harry’s heart because it was the same exact thoughts that had been killing him for months.

So two days later, once Eggsy was cleared as 100% clean and claimed to not remember any of it, Harry took him to dinner, and then back to his home.

And Eggsy never left.

Who gets way too invested in reality tv?

They don’t really have time for television but when on Medical leave for one reason or another Harry always catches Eggsy catching up on some kind of tripe.  

Do they want children?

They both dearly love children but don’t desire to have them enough to change their lifestyle, which involves a lot of dangerous jumps from airplanes, time away from home, and truly evil, evil men.

Who wears terrible (amazing) Christmas jumpers?

Eggsy tried to wear a stupid Christmas jumper once.  Harry threatened to burn it if he ever saw it with his own eyes again.

Who puts their cold hands and feet on the other?

Eggsy tries really very hard to fight the urges, but Harry is so warm and cozy to cuddle up with.  It doesn’t help that the ‘jesus fucking christ’ he gets every time he does it makes Eggsy giggle like a mad man.

How do they sleep?

In constant contact of some form or another.  Their lives are so fast paced and dangerous that the physical reminder that they have made it home, that they have another night together, is one of the most important things between them.  

Who proposed?

Curled up on the floor with a bowl of pop corn in front of him, Harry lounging on the chair off to the side with glass of scotch and half reading, half paying attention to My Fair Lady on the screen, Eggsy realized he could do this for the rest of his life… the dangerous missions at Harry’s side, flying from city to exotic city, saving the world, and most importantly, coming home to have these moments with Harry.  Quiet, not pretending to be normal so much as just recharging in their own space, in their own way, together.  So he paused the movie, pulled himself up so he could slip himself into Harry’s lap, straddling his legs, instantly getting the attention he wanted, and then kissed him senseless.

Once they came up for air, Eggsy asked before he could chicken out.    

Do I ship it?


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Can you write one where Steve walks the reader back to their apartment building one night (they're neighbors) and a group of guys starts catcalling to her and confronts them and Steve is... Not too happy

uh YES i was actually gonna write somethiNGA LIKE THIS WTF mind connection me and you?maGIC??

Okay so I couldn’t help myself because I am trash for Steve tbh. I love you nonnie! feel free to send me feedback. I kinda changed it a teeny bit, I hope you don’t mind.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Word Count: 1233 (i got carried away)

Warnings: none, but the guy says some creepy ass shit. also, bad language words lmao

kinda fluffly, not really. what would you label this? idk someone tell me!

“Second Date”

Both of you ran out of the bar, dying for breath. You laugh your ass off as you hold onto Steve’s hand, trying to make him run faster.

“Oh my god, I can’t fucking breathe!” you wheeze. “Dude, get moving! They’re going to know it was us!”

“I’m running, (Y/n)!” Steve yells, gasping for breath.

You may or may not have accidentally started a flood in the women’s bathroom. And Steve may or may not have accidentally started a fight with a group of guys over sports. It was just a mess. But a fun mess. You couldn’t remember the last time you had had so much fun on a date. Most guys just wanted to small talk and have sex. But Steve was different. He’s the most genuine and caring guy you’ve ever met.

You stopped running and turned a sharp right into a dark alley. You had to stop, you were running out of air. After a long time of going without sufficient oxygen in your lungs, it hurt to breathe.

“Shit, my lungs are literally burning,” you cough. You let go of his hand and held your sides.  “Fuck…cramp.”

Steve put his arms around you and bent his knees, “You okay?” he asked worriedly.

Oh shit, you were seriously falling for this guy. And it was only the second date.

You smile reassuringly while still panting, “Yeah, I’ll be fine. I’m just not very fit.” That was lie. You were trained in martial arts.

Steve grinned back and took you by the hand, “Let’s get outta here. It’s almost midnight.”

Already? Four hours had already gone by, but it had felt like only an hour.

“Alright,” you say. “You don’t have to walk me, though. I literally live 6 blocks away.”

Steve shook his head and looked at you with his soft blue eyes, “No, no. I can’t let the beautiful lady walk home alone at this hour. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if anything happened to you.”

WHAT THE FUCK? Why was he such a gentleman? Looking at Steve, you could confidently say that chivalry was not dead–it was standing right in front of you in the form of this beautiful man. You stopped yourself mid-thought. Stop it. Don’t think about how perfect he is. Shit. Now I’m thinking about it.

“Okay,” you say weakly. Walking side by side, you talk to him about the time you almost died at the mall.

In seconds, Steve is about to pee himself laughing too hard. He says in between his cute laugh, “Oh my god…that’s fucking…hilarious.”

“Language,” you joke.

You’re only one block away from your apartment when you hear another set of footsteps. Carefully, you glance behind you. There’s a man following you. Shit, shit, shit, shit. You fake a cough to get Steve’s attention, who looks at you with knitted brows. Then you nudge your head back slightly, signaling him to look behind. When he see’s the guy, he grabs your hand protectively. He takes a turn at the wrong street, so that the guy won’t see where you live. Maybe he’s just going in the same direction as us.

“Hey sweet cheeks, I know you saw me,” the creep shouts. Shit. “You mind if you take me home instead of this guy?” You gulp. Sensing your body tense, Steve holds onto your hand a little tighter. “C’mon baby, let me see your smile, huh? I’ll show you a good time in bed if you do.”

That’s it. You stop in your tracks and turn to face the guy.

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” you ask sarcastically. 

“Who else would I be talkin’ to, sweetheart?” the guy asks annoyed.

“Well, I thought you were talking to your dick,” you smile innocently. “I didn’t want to interrupt, it sounded kinda important.” You drop the fake smile and put on a dead-serious face. You crack your knuckles, getting ready for a physical fight if it came down to it.

“Don’t be like that baby, I just wanted to take you in bed.”

That’s when Steve loses it. He takes long strides towards the creep and punches him in the jaw. You’ve seen a lot of fights, but this was a different level. He put all his weight into the swing and you could even hear the jaw crack. Damn. 

The creep fell on his back onto the sidewalk, holding his jaw in his hands, crying out in pain. “What the fuck, you asshole?” he mumbles.

“Next time you learn how to treat a lady right, or else I won’t go so easy on you,” Steve growled, stepping on the guy’s ankle. He cried out in pain. “I’m not going to waste my energy trying to break your ankle.” The creep staggered away, but when he turned back to look at you, Steve grabbed him by the collar. “Get lost.”

Steve sent him scrambling away, fearing for his life. The entire time you stood there with wide eyes. That’s not what you were expecting. You didn’t think Steve knew anything about combat. You thought he got muscles just from lifting. Steve walked back to where you were and grabbed your hand.

He looked at you, and seeing your dazed look he asked, “Are you okay, (Y/n)?”

Shaking yourself out of the trance, you reply, “Yeah I’m fine.” You could tell he didn’t believe you. “I was gonna knock him out myself,” you say confidently, trying to reassure him.

He smiled at your confidence and walked you back. “Glad I walked you back?” he asks with a smirk.

You scoff at him, “Please, I’m a professionally trained fighter.”

“Then why were you wheezing so hard back there?”

“Okay first of all, I wasn’t wheezing. And secondly, I’m not a cardio-kinda person,” you say defensively. This earns a chuckle from Steve. Ugh, his laugh though.

In front of your door, you face him, looking up at his calm face. He bit his bottom lip, trying to think of something to say. But you beat him to it.

“I would invite you in, but my roommate should be here by now,” you say with a bit of disappointment.

Steve looked down at his watch, “Damn, it’s really late. I promised your parents I’d bring you home by 11:00.” 

You smile at his joke, “Well, mister, you’re three hours late.”

He beams at you, and you’re almost blinded by his teeth. You give him one last smile before turning around to open the door. When you look back at Steve to wave goodbye, he unexpectedly wraps an arm around waist and gives you a deep kiss. Nothing too slobbery, but a perfect goodbye kiss. It definitely leaves you wanting for more. You’re about to drag him inside for a round two but you hear your roommate singing in the shower.

“Looks like we’ve been cock-blocked by my roommate,” you give an apologetic smile. Steve takes your face in both of his hands and gives you another kiss.

“Maybe, if you want, we can go to my place?” he says eagerly.

“I can’t, my parents are already so pissed with me,” you tease. You place your hands on top of his. “I’m free next Friday though. Maybe I’ll see you then?”

“You know it, doll,” Steve says, gingerly placing a kiss on top of your head.

00qad insomnia headcanons

(because tonight I didn’t sleep a tick and I’m inspired)

- Q really isn’t an insomniac, but once he’s obsessed over a project he won’t close his laptop to go to sleep or eat and will keep going until he either collapses or one of his lovers (usually James) bodily carries him to bed after Danny has spent hours trying to coax him into bed.

- James can literally sleep everywhere: the nature of his job and the years in the Navy have taught him that wasting opportunities to rest is stupid and unproductive - though, for the same reasons he’s a light sleeper and it took him an age to get used to Q’s cats making noise at night.

- Alex likes sleeping but he needs so very few hours of rest (no more than four) that he spends most of his nights awake, making sure that his men are safe and indulging in reading some of those trashy romantic novels Danny keeps crying and gushing about (he enjoys them too and fervently hopes James won’t find out)

- Danny’s amount of hours of sleep is influenced by his mental peace: when his men are dealing with a crisis at work or James and Alex are out on a mission he’ll spend the nights worrying and baking; instead, when they’re all home, there’s nothing he likes more than curl up in bed and snuggle with his lovers.