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The Emotional Glo Up

Some glo ups aren’t always physical. Some are mental & emotional. Here are my first tips to help you glo up emotionally, baby.

1.) Get rid of niggas who don’t fucking care about you. I can’t stress this enough. Some boys don’t give a shit about you. “Oh, I don’t want a relationship” usually means “I don’t want you, but let me just keep you on the side for validation and usage”. 

2.) Stop comparing yourself, hoe. You’re cute as hell.

3.) It’s okay to think highly of yourself. You fucking matter. You really do. If your confidence makes someone uncomfortable/offended, then THEY’RE the ones with the issue, not you.

4.) Self care. Self care. Self care. And, it doesn’t have to be doing your nails or getting your edges laid. It can literally be watching movies all night or crying. As long as you feel okay, at the end of the day, you took care of yourself.

5.) You can’t please everyone, boo. Don’t hurt yourself trying to get everyone to like you.

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9 Days of Sense8: Day 3 - Riley Blue


anonymous asked:

Does Tony let you have any pets in the tower or does he threaten to take all of you knives and guns away if you bring it up?

(You can find this ask and the two previous here on AO3 with correct punctuation, if you’d prefer it in that format. -Mod Hell)

when i moved in, he had a hard ‘no pets’ policy, and then a month later, he  brought the bots over from california, and all of us smelled weakness. tony’s got a soft spot the size of the hulkbuster.

 nat was the first–her girl liho, a little black sootstain from hell, turned up in the kitchen one day, and none of knew where she’d come from. she’s just as quiet and sneaky as nat is, with a creaky little meow and claws like a tiger. we have no idea how long nat had her before the rest of us found out. it may have been years. and tony’s a genius, so he made complaining noises but did not actually threaten the black widow’s cat. 

clint knows a good shot when he sees one, so as soon as tony had gotten over the cat thing, lucky turned up. and lucky loves everyone, grouchy billionaires included, and if that wasn’t enough, he met nick fury and they instantly bonded over one-eyed badass things, so now tony can’t kick lucky out because 1. nick fury would kill him and 2. tony secretly loves lucky back.

recently, tony also acquired a cat. his name is mr. stank. don’t listen to tony on this one. 

sam has an undetermined quantity of pigeons. sometimes they come inside, which is basically like having a hurricane of feathers come blasting through the common room. tony hates it–he always winds up with down in his beard, but somehow a state-of-the-art pigeon coop wound up on the roof anyways. it’s self cleaning. sam literally took a bullet for tony a week later as thanks. (it was in his arm, he’s fine)

backup showed up one day, and through a really complicated series of events in which 1. he was tangled up in a captain america tee shirt 2. steve vanished for a high-stealth mission without warning, and was incommunicado 3. backup is really really good at frisbee, we mistakenly assumed steve had somehow gotten turned into a dog. 

i know it sounds ridiculous, but this is how we live. it could happen. 

backup is a smart dog. like, suspiciously smart–im still not convinced he’s not a shapeshifter who got stuck. but we only realized he wasn’t steve when steve himself showed up in the tower, back from the op. and even then, we had to show tony both steve and the dog together to convince him that backup was just a regular dog, and by then we had no choice but to keep him. 

(i have some really great footage of tony getting into an argument with backup-as-cap. it’s incredibly one-sided, and somehow tony still lost.)

“A Date with Markiplier”, Darkiplier Theory.

After watching “A Date with Markiplier” multiple times, and replaying and replaying the parts where Darkiplier is featured; I have created a theory as to why Dark acts the way he does (In these videos, not as whole). Now, let me first start off by saying, this probably, (definitely) is not the BEST Dark theory out there. And there are probably holes are mistakes in this theory, or repeating themes. But nonetheless, it is a theory that I have created that is interesting.. hopefully. Note: This theory comes with spoilers! If you haven’t watched the whole video, or at least the Dark parts, please do. (The video and Darkiplier parts are linked above.) And even if it may not seem like it, I worked really hard and long on this theory. (Literally about 3 days. And typing all of this up took about 2-4 hours.) So please treat it with respect. (But don’t be afraid to add your own theories or thoughts on this! Feedback is always welcome. Positive or negative. Just don’t be a butt about it.) So, without further ado, let us begin! I hope you have the patience to read it all. Enjoy! 

This theory is mainly based on the parts where you are confronted by Dark while you are watching “The Dark Mark”. What you are going to read below is me basically showing images of Dark, taking direct quotes he has said in the videos, and explaining why he is saying what he does. 

We start off by having Dark glitch and fade into view. He tilts his head to the side, saying he has missed us very much. And that he has been waiting a long time to see us again. 

Then he continues on saying: “I’ve been pushed asideReplacedMocked.” Now this caught my attention even from the beginning. How has Dark been pushed aside, replaced, and mocked? Who has done this to him? Why? I tried to reflect more on what that meant, but Dark kept talking, catching my attention even more…

Who is “He”? And why does Dark think this… “He” is going on an adventure with us? Why and how was Dark not invited to it? 

Dark continues…

Dark mentions “He” again. Saying this person promised he would let him in. Again. Who promised Dark and what promise was made between them? 

This is where the theory begins. The main idea of this theory is based on a small post I made a while ago. If you have already read it, then you’ll understand where I’m going with this. If not, I suggest you read it really quick HERE

And now… we shall truly begin. 

Dark begins our one-sided conversation with: “I’ve been pushed aside, replaced, mocked.” But what also connects with this statement is what he says later: “ I’ve been waiting patientlyHe promised he would let me in again!” Now, since Dark is basically Mark’s inner demon, I could only assume that the “He” Dark keeps talking about is Mark. But what promise did Mark make with Dark? This is where I start to lean back on my older theory I hope you have read. 

I believe that Dark is in love with us. Or… at least has some sort of feelings for us. Or is at least curious about us. So, I think in the past Dark asked Mark permission to take control over Mark’s body so that he could spend time with us. Get to know the person he has unexplainable feelings for. Mark complied. Promising Dark that one day, Dark would have the opportunity to talk to us. But that day never came. And now Dark feels as if he has been Pushed aside. Replaced. And Mocked. These feelings have been repressed, but now since Mark is on this “adventure”, or “date” with us, Dark’s feelings and anger have come out. Dark feels that he has been pushed aside because he literally has been pushed aside. This date was supposed to be the date Dark was finally allowed to spend time with us. But instead… he got pushed. Pushed into the deepest, darkest, places of Mark’s mind. Mark didn’t want Dark to come out on this date. Because he was planning, later down the road, to propose to us. And he didn’t want Dark to ruin it. So Mark took over Dark, replacing him, even though he promised Dark that he would be allowed to take control. And now, Dark feels angry, hurt, and mocked. Mocked because today was supposed to be his day with us. But now he has to watch us through Mark’s eyes. Unable to do anything. Unable to talk to us and ask the questions he’s always wanted to ask. All he can do is stand back and watch the person he has feelings for go on a date with someone who betrayed him.

“And then he had the gall not to invite me to his little adventure with you.” This connects to what I said above. Mark has pushed Dark aside and didn’t allow him to take over on the date. Quite literally, he wasn’t invited on the date. He was casted away and replaced. But the one word Dark said that caught my attention was: “Adventure”. Why did Dark call it an adventure when he knew it was a date. A proposal, even? I believe the reason to be simple. Dark is angry and jealous right now. He doesn’t even want to call the event we are going on with Mark as a “date”. So, instead, he calls it an adventure. Making it easier on him and his heart. Also hoping in that calling it an adventure, he’ll make Mark look silly and foolish. As if he doesn’t know what a real “date” is. 

This part was very interesting. After saying all he said, spewing out his anger and frustration, Dark fixes his tie and suit, straightening up and saying: “ I’m tired of giving people a choice.” From what we have learned earlier, this sentence can only mean that he is tired of giving Mark the choice on controlling when and where he can allow him to take control.

But then, Dark sighs, saying: “But I suppose I could give you one last option.” Hearing Dark say this was extremely odd to me. Didn’t he just say that he was tired of giving people (Mark) a choice? But yet right after, he turns around to give us options and the ability to choose? I think he does this because no matter how closed off or frustrated he may get, he still wants to give the us the ability to choose. Since he has some sort of feelings for us, he doesn’t want to force us into something we don’t want to do. 

He continues: “Take your pick. Anything of four different choices, more than he could’ve ever given you.” Why did Dark give us so many options. Why did he bitterly say “more than he could have ever given you.”? And why did all options but one actually lead to a place that continues the story? 

I think the bitter remark and the option of more choices go back to Dark’s “adventure” statement. He wants to make Mark look foolish. Make Mark look like he can’t provide for us as much as he can. Even if it’s something simple as being able to go more places. But why, in giving us all these options, did only one actually go somewhere? It’s because, even though Dark does have feelings for us, he still is “dark”. He is still evil, demonic, etc. He purposefully made only one option that actually goes somewhere. He makes us go on a “date” with him (later on) the only way he knows how. Manipulation and Illusion. He gives us the illusion of choice, when really he manipulated it so there is only one right way. And that is to go on a date and spend time with him. 

This makes him sound pretty evil doesn’t it? That he just manipulates and cheats his way through until he gets what he wants. And that may be true, but.. At the same time, it’s actually pretty sad. That is all he knows. To cheat, to steal, and manipulate… Dark was toyed with and replaced. Promised he would be allowed to be with us. But that didn’t happen. And now Dark is forced to make his own path. Struggle to take control over Mark, and find a way to where we will spend time with him. Not Mark.

“So take your pick. Show me what you’ve got. And maybe… We’ll have a good date after all.” Wait what?! Did Dark look down shyly at the ground… Smile… And say “Date”?! This really blew my mind after I watched it a couple times.

After taunting us on by saying: “Show me what you’ve got.” Dark pauses, his face suddenly seems to soften. “And maybe…” He cracks what looks to be a smile and briefly looks down at the ground, “ We’ll have a good date after all.” He looks back up, but his face and body immediately harden and become cold and static once more. What just happened?! Mark randomly says “Maybe we’ll have a good date after all.” And he shows emotion and smiles? Why does he do this? I think I know why. 

Obviously, Dark has been waiting to spend time with us. And now that he has Mark under control and is alone with us, he finally realizes that his dream of being with us is soon to become reality. He smiles and quickly looks down to hide his emotion that he is excited for this long awaited day. And, instead of calling it an “adventure” like he did when he vaguely defined our outing with Mark, he says “date”. Making it official and saying it more for himself than us. But then, after he realizes he slipped: showing emotion and calling our alone time a “date”, his face hardens and he composes himself back into the stone cold Darkiplier once more. But in trying so hard to compose himself, he lets a small, angry frown dance dance across his face before straightening. Showing that he is angry with himself for showing so much ambition.

(Note: Phew! This is a lot of writing! I hope you guys are doing ok and you like this! Stay in your seat, there’s a lot more to yet come!)

*We choose “Freedom”*

“If dinner is what you want then I can provide…” We are now officially on what Dark described as a date. He glitches and we are suddenly sitting at a table with what looks to be a cup and a bottle of wine to the side. As I watched and rewatched this, I found it interesting that Dark chose to place us in a dinner date situation. The same setting we were at when we were with Mark. And say things like: “I can provide…” Why did he place us in a dinner date setting? Why did he say if we wanted dinner, then he could provide it? The answer is interesting. 

Remember, the whole date you were having with Mark, Dark was also seeing and experiencing. So that means, Dark was there even for when Mark misplaced his wallet, making you have to pay for the meal. This obviously annoyed Dark. Enough to the point where he had to physically point out and show us that if we wanted dinner, he could pay. He could provide us with a meal. This is basically a big slap in the face to Mark. Once again, Dark is trying to make Mark look idiotic and that the outing/ date we were on with Mark, wasn’t a date after all. And that he can do a better job on planning a date and providing.   

The date carries on. “And I can take you wherever you’d like to go…” I found this odd when Dark said this. It’s kind of a random thing to say on a date isn’t it? But it all makes more sense when you look at it this way:

Near the beginning and basically throughout our whole date with Mark, he keeps saying that he has our whole day planned out. And that he can’t wait to take us to certain places. I think Dark said this as yet another jab towards Mark. Mark had our whole day planned, swiftly leading us from one location to another. But Dark said: “ I can take you wherever you’d like to go..” almost as a counteroffer to what Mark was doing for us. There is a sense of freedom when Dark says he can take us wherever we would like to go. A sense of freedom and choice. Dark seems to be using this statement to try and make him look more appealing to us than Mark. Possibly even more fun or risky than Mark.  

After Dark states he can take us anywhere, he then dumps this heavy and scary: “I can especially take you to where you don’t want to go..” on us. 

Honestly, I was a little confused on why he would say this. Is it because he’s “dark” and evil and he would actually enjoy to take us places we would hate? Or is he using some weird, vague form of reverse phycology? Is he saying that “the places where we don’t want to go…” is back to Mark? It would kind of make sense. After saying and telling us of all the things he can do for us and provide for us, the last thing he would want is for us to still choose and go back to Mark. But he says that he can take us to where we don’t want to go, meaning that he would take us back to Mark if we chose that. 

Dark continues to talk, but then he begins to glitch and shake. He is then suddenly screaming: “I can give you anything!” And then as fast as it came, it goes, and he continues talk to us normally saying: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…” Ok… What just happened here? He was screaming one minute and then normal again the next?

I think Dark glitches and screams “I can give you anything!”, because he momentarily looses his composure. He’s been spending a good portion of this date trying to show us that he can provide for us and comparing himself to Mark. I think he starts to become frustrated in himself and how we aren’t reacting the way he would have hoped. Thus, his inner voice comes out, screaming, frustrated and angry that we can’t understand that he can give and provide everything we want and need.

After his short episode, he continues talking. Saying he’s been waiting a long time to “get some personal time between us…” I think he’s saying this because the only time he has ever been with us, or has “spent time with us”, is when he is being pushed to the back of Mark’s mind and has to watch from the sidelines and listen and hear Mark’s words and thoughts. But now that he has finally taken over Mark, he can truly get the personal alone time he’s always lusted over.      

The date continues, and Dark has one more episode. But what happens next is interesting. Dark says: “So.. Now that we are here together… We should really get to know each other…” And then suddenly, it looks like Dark is split in two. One part of him thrashing around and screaming. Why? Because it’s Mark… Trying to escape Dark’s possession of his body. 

Remember, this whole time we have been with Dark, Mark has been there, watching and listening to what Dark is saying. (Which also explains why at times, Dark twitches his head. Its because Mark is there in the back of his mind try to take control once again.) So Mark has been fighting Dark this whole time, and it seems Dark is slowly running out of time and loosing control, hence the episodes he keeps having. But notice where Mark made a big push to take control when he did. He did it right after Dark said we should “get to know each other…” It seems as if Mark didn’t like the idea of Dark getting to know us, and vise versa. Probably thinking Dark is going to take advantage of us at some point on the date. So, he tries and puts all his strength in trying to take back control before Dark can do anything to us. But once again, as quickly as it starts, Dark glitches and the image of Mark is gone, and Dark is back to normal.  

You just need to let me in… It’s as simple as that…

When I first heard this, I thought that Dark meant that we should allow him into our mind or soul. But as I began to create this theory, I began to think… What if Dark didn’t mean our soul or mind… But our heart? I mean, during this whole date he has been trying and trying to show us how much better he is than Mark, and how he can do all these things for us. Basically saying, how he can care and love us, just in a very “Darkiplier” way. What if he just wants to be loved by us. Accepted by us? And the only way he knows how to say that is something off putting like: “You just need to let me in..” Maybe all he wants is just a chance  with us. A chance to show how much he cares and ask us why he is feeling the way he does about us? 

After asking us to place him in our heart, and give him a chance, Dark then takes us outside. Believing that he has taken full control over Mark and boasting about it by saying: “You’re never, EVER, going to escape me…Not now-” He is confronted by Mark, in physical form. (Now this part can basically just completely eradicate my theory that Dark has taken over Mark, and not that they are two different people with their own bodies. Now that theory, COULD technically work here, but I decided I like the “Mark and Dark are two in one” theory better. Since Dark IS essentially Mark’s inner-demon. So I’m going to say that this part is actually where Mark gains some power within his mind, and now Dark and Mark are fighting for dominance.) 

After they fight for a while, a gun is dropped and you now have to decide to choose whether to shoot the left or right Mark. Later on, we find out the the Right is Dark, and Left is Mark. And this is where I was confused with what they are saying until I put up the captions. And what each of them were saying was interesting. 

Left Mark (the real Mark) starts off by saying: “You don’t have much time he’s going to kill everybody.” 

While Right Mark (Dark) says: “Shoot him. He needs to die.” 

The thing I found interesting was what they both first said to defend themselves. Left Mark (Mark), immediately starts off by saying that: There isn’t much time, and that Right Mark is going to kill everyone. Mark is trying to warn us. While Right Mark (Dark), just simply says off instinct: “Shoot him. He needs to die.”… Now that’s harsh. Mark just wants to warn us that if we don’t shoot Dark, we will all die. So he’s trying to save both us and himself. But Dark just spurts out that Mark NEEDS to die. No note of concern, or worry. No thought of what might happen afterwards. They keep talking, still trying to convince us: 

 Mark says: “He’s got weird eyes. Don’t trust him at all.” 

While Dark says: “He does bad things to good people.” 

Now, the thing I found extremely interesting was this part right here. Mark says that Dark has weird eyes, which is true. He is known for having completely Dark eyes. But how he said the next part is what caught my attention. Mark said: “DON’T trust him at all.”. He didn’t say “I don’t trust him at all.” But simply, “Don’t trust him…” Therefore, Mark was telling US not to trust Dark. It was a command. Because he knows what Dark is able to do. 

What Dark says also caught my attention. Why would Dark say: “He does bad things to good people.”? Isn’t Dark supposed to be the “bad guy” here? Manipulating and weaving around things to get to what he wants? True, that is what he did to get us to date him. But just because he did those things, do you think he even wanted to? We have already proven that in the past, Dark asked for permission to spend time with us. But since that didn’t happen, Dark had to take control. All because Mark betrayed his promise to Dark. So maybe, Dark is saying “He does bad things to good people.” Because he’s hurt and angry that Mark didn’t fill out his promise. That Mark led him on only to be trapped in the back of his mind again, while he got ready to propose to the person Dark had feelings for without even been given a chance. 

After we shoot Left Mark, Right Mark comes over saying: “You made the right call. Come here, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Assuring us and embracing us. We then continue the date by getting ice cream. We sit down while Right Mark continues to talk, saying: “We’ll enjoy some nice, dairy-based treats. And erm, get to know other. Really, personally…” We then begin to eat our ice cream when the screen flickers and glitches. We look back up and are greeted to see Dark sitting across form us. Dark then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice. But now we’re going to be together… forever.”

When I first watched this side of the date, I paid no regard to what Right Mark said. But after rewatching the mini date we had with Dark, and going back to this, I noticed something. Dark always seems to talk about getting to know us, or getting close to us. Spending personal time with with. Before, during our private date with Dark, he said: “I’ve been waiting a long time. To get some personal time between us…”  So when right Mark said: “Really, personally…” It became obvious that it was Dark sitting in front of us. After Dark transforms into his true self, he then says: “Oops. Looks like you’ve made the wrong choice.” I believe Dark said this because he knew, that if we knew who the real Mark was back when we had to decide who to shoot, we would have chosen the real Mark hands down. So he kept quiet. Hoping that with luck, he could say the right words and look innocent enough and emulate Mark, that we would shoot the wrong man. Before we are met with “Try Again?”, Dark continues, “But now we’re going to be together..forever.” and smiles. The first time I heard this, it sounded creepy, and some of you might think so as well. But I think Dark said this because he was finally free. Free of Mark’s hold on him. And free to be with the person he is curious about and has unexplained feelings for. He’s finally free to provide and care for us, without Mark battling for control in the back of his mind. Because that part of him is now dead. He can finally get to know us. Get that personal, intimate time he has always yearned for. He’s finally found freedom from being pushed aside. Being replaced and being mocked. He can finally have a true chance with us. A chance… for us to let him into our heart. Because we’ve always been in his.     


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NCT Boyfriend Series! [Boyfriend!Taeyong]

I’ve literally realised I’m doing it in the order of the Lee’s lmao

*lowercase & under cut xx*

boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • boyfriend taeyong would be so fluffy oh my god
  • honestly he would tr(eat) you right ;))
  • lets begin
  • he’d bring you to the company a lot bc he was almost always busy and he liked having you around him when he had practice or when he was writing lyrics
  • if he was practising, you’d often leave to go buy chicken or something for you guys to eat when he goes on a break
  • sweaty taeyong eating chicken in front of you like a little child because he’d be super duper excited
  • you guys would have little talks here and there about his routine 
  • “how long did it take you to learn that move?” “took me a few days but we were held back because i had to help doyoung master it”
  • he sometimes pretends to be moody to get kisses from you ?? he literally fakes being upset so u hug him 
  • when u find out u ignore him for like 3 mins bc he was giving u puppy eyes

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Youtuber! Park Woojin

Check out my Masterlist here

Youtuber x Brand New Boys:
Youtuber! Im Youngmin II Youtuber! Kim Donghyun II Youtuber! Lee Daehwi

“Love is a lot like dancing, you surrender yourself to the music.” 

  • Youtuber who mainly uploads dance covers
  • But he also does vlogs where he doesn’t speak and it’s in first person pov and there’s just really chill music playing in the background
  • Uses youtube as a platform for him to express his creativity in editing cause in college, he minors in filming so his videos always come up really unique and different as he applies a lot of techniques he learned from his lecturers
  • He definitely prefers filming others rather than himself so it’s more likely you will see close up shots of his best friend, Jihoon, more than Woojin in some of his videos
  • He tried doing a q&a video but it just failed immediately cause he just became super shy when he faced the camera directly and he couldn’t even look straight at it
  • Replies to all his subscribers’ comments and is literally the sweetest person ever and is always downplaying how good he is at dancing
  • “I’m really not that good in dancing, you guys are too sweet.”
  • Yet he uploads a cover of bts’ fire the same day it was released which meant he only took 3 hours to learn and perfect the entire routine and that was super impressive considering how hard the dance was????
  • His behind the scenes video is also really funny cause he is such a dork in it
  • Repeats ‘cut’ like 101 times when he tries to do an intro
  • But his fan base grew when he became part of the youtube group: Brand New Boys where it was basically 4 boys uploading covers
  • Youngmin, Donghyun, Woojin & Daehwi were childhood friends who decided to create the account since they have been composing/choreographing music and dances since they were young
  • They realized they had to film 4 new videos with entirely different content each time they collab and they didn’t relly have time for that so Brand new Boys was formed
  • The four of them would do q&a and sometimes even vlogs  
  • So you were a dancer yourself who mainly does covers & create original choreography
  • You were pretty popular on youtube as you were part of a well-known dance studio (think 1 million studio) and you were one of the main dancers despite your young age as you had trained there since you were little hence you are always on their videos doing demos
  • But your main account wasn’t really popular since you barely uploaded and there were only 3-4 videos
  • One day you suddenly received a lot of subscribers and @ on a youtube channel
  • when you click on it, a bunch of girls was basically saying something about shipping you and a certain someone
  • Basically, Brand New Boys had been doing a live q&a when Daehwi basically exposed how Woojin was a huge fan of yours when the four of them was asked to tell a secret of another member
  • Their subscribers along with your fans from the dance studio just started freaking out and asked you two to collab
  • You were sort of freaking out cause if you had to pick out of the 4 of them, Woojin was undeniably your favourite cause he was so good at dancing
  • Like the thought of dancing with came up before you but you were so embarrassed knowing that he was super popular that you just shook it off
  • But you received a message right after that from Woojin’s personal youtube channel, saying that he was super sorry for disturbing you but if you were actually free, maybe you guys could work together on a dance
  • You honestly didn’t have much to do anyway so you said yes and you guys decided to do work on a cover of Jay Park’s ‘All I Wanna Do’ (guys I did not plan this lmao)
  • Your first meeting was cute
  • Like you guys will just awkwardly make small talks
  • But when it comes to dancing, something in you two just ignite
  • You guys only took one try after the rehearsal to get everything right
  • You were more shocked at how that shy boy just instantly changed right in front of you??? He was literally the definition of hot when he danced
  • Your heart was burning up at how his two different personalities like it was sooo charming to watch
  • So while uploading the video, you guys just spoke to each other about dancing
  • You learned at what age he learned dancing and his favorite dancing icons  
  • In turn, Woojin also learned a lot about you but you mostly did the talking cause he was still super stunned at how pretty you were
  • He did ask you out on a study date after the practice
  • The rest is history after he asked you to be his girlfriend through this super cheesy dance which he uploaded on youtube later on
  • Obviously, you said yes cause who could say no when he smiles with his snaggletooth
  • You will be appearing a lot more on Woojin’s youtube channel
  • There will be times where he just uploads a choreography to for a song that came out back in 2008  to surprise you as that was a song you have been recently listening to a lot
  • You guys will also be doing a lot of dances and you decided to revive your channel and your first video was the ‘boyfriend does my makeup challenge’ which ends up with your face being a mess but it’s okay you still love him
  • Whenever you guys finish filming a cover, silly dance battles will start
  • Woojin will be your dance partner whenever there was a couple part when you filmed for your studio cause that boy gets low key jealous whenever he sees someone else dancing with you
  • Pizza & Netflix is both you and Woojin’s kind of date
  • He will always be sending you song recommendations or his new spotify playlist
  • Eskimo kisses are both your favourite type of kisses

A/N: Thank you so much to the anon who requested for Youtuber! Woojin. I will be doing a Youtuber! au for all 4 members of Brand New Boys so 3 more to go ^^ Also, dedicated to @baeijns who is literally the sweetest mutual like she writes the nicest things when she reblogs and her wanna one’s incorrect text messages gives me life <3

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do you think Columbine was preventable?

Yes, of course it was. The list goes on when someone should’ve stepped in and Columbine should have never happened. Should I list them?

#1 Eric’s Webpages:That boy literally publicize his homicidal thoughts and procedures and nobody still bothered to step in.  He ranted how excited he was to kill people PLUS he even wrote how he would go to Brooks’ house, shoot his whole family, and burn the house down on the morning of NBK. Even Dylan was aware that Eric had issues, and that’s why he ratted him out by giving Brooks Eric’s website. At least Brooks’ parents tried to do something by calling the police but of course they never looked into it further. If they did, they would’ve found Eric’s and Dylan’s plans for NBK and it would’ve been stopped. 

#2 Eric’s Self-Psychiatric Evaluation: At least Eric tried to get help, he even got medicated but he put on his self evaluation that he was still having both homicidal and suicidal thoughts. The only thing his doctor did was put him on another medication which he took irregularly, causing him to be more agitated than ever before. You’d think maybe his doctor would notice and assign him for therapy instead but nope. 

#3 Dyan’s and Eric’s Commentary:Eric literally flat out said to his friend (that wasn’t Dylan) “I swear…one of these days I’m going to do it. I’m going to blow up the school.” And his friend just told him to “lighten up.” Then Dylan told another “wouldn’t it be kind of fun to sit on the soccer field and shoot at the school? Like shooting at all the windows would be fun.” And everybody laughed, thinking he was joking.

#4 Dylan’s Creative Writing Assignment: Dylan wrote a short story about a man dressed in a black overcoat, who’s 6′4, shooting at preppy students (...gee I wonder where he got the inspiration for that story.) At least the teacher recognized it was inappropriate to write a short story about a school shooting in a school environment when the main character actively describes the student writing it. But was it enough to get the law enforcement involved? Was it enough to get them to check through Dylan’s belongings to see if Dylan could potentially hurt someone? Nope, apparently not. 

Of course there were more times someone could’ve stepped in, but I don’t want this post to be so long. In conclusion, yes it was preventable if people actually took the initiative to want to stop it. 

The timeline for SWTOR has always been wonky considering how fast everything seems to go, but thanks to some canon dates we know the prologue thru the end of Ziost is about 5 years, and that the Outlander is frozen for another 5.

Thanks to Quinn’s immpecible need for detail and consistancy, he informs a SW Outlander that its been 6 years, 8 months, and 12 days since they seperated, thus I presume he counts starting from the day that Marr’s ship went down.

That helps frame the length of time over which KotFE/KotET occur, about a year and a half, allowing for several months of slow rebuilding before the War for Iokath.

With a year and a half to play with, Im inclined to say KotFE took a significant chunk of that because they needed to literally and metaphorically build the Alliance, along with the month it must have been for 3 people and a droid to fix/clean the Gravestone enough so it was spaceflight-worthy. Vaylin’s reign was likely short and brutal, only a few months, cause unlike with Arcaan, the Alliance could go head to head with her basically from the get-go.

The canon dates we have are (per Wookiepedia):
▪The Sith Empire returns and sparks galactic War - 3681 BBY (28 BTC)
▪Treaty of Coruscant - 3653 BBY (0 ATC)
▪The start of the class missions 3643 (10 ATC)
▪End of the Cold War, return to open warfare - 3642 BBY (11 ATC)
▪Invasion by the Eternal Empire - 3637 BBY (16 ATC)
▪Outlander freed, beginings of the Alliance - 3632 BBY (21 ATC)
▪Ending Arcann’s and subsequently Vaylin’s reigns - 3631 BBY (22 ATC)

Which gives us a 12 year time frame from story start to end.

So Id be inclined to break it fully down as:

▪10 ATC: Prologue thru end of Chp 1
▪11 ATC: Chp 2 (Including the Revan-related FPs) *Note: the War is reignited by the SW destroying the War Trust and Baras’ ascension to the Dark Council
▪12 ATC: Chp 3 thru Ilum
▪13 ATC: RotHC, Oricon
▪14 ATC: Forged Alliances
▪15 ATC: Rishi thru Ziost
▪16-21 ATC: Outlander Frozen, Arcann invades and subjugates the galaxy
▪21 ATC: Building the Alliance thru taking down Arcann
▪22 ATC: Taking down Vaylin thru the War for Iokath

And all this is give or take a few months depending on which class story you played. And that time-frame works with the what Quinn tells us, so the war of Iokath is there at the end of 22 ATC or thereabouts.

A little warning next Time? - [Eggsy Unwin X Reader]

[Alrighty anon!!! I love me some Eggsy, so fuuuuck yes. >:) This took me SOOOO fucking much longer than I wanted it to, like literally all day– and also went down so many different paths until I wound up here lol. Hope you like where it went! <3

About: Your boyfriend Eggsy comes home covered in blood holding a bag of guns… That doesn’t seem normal for a tailor…

W/C: 2.4 — sorry guys lol

T/W: As usual lots of cursing! >:)

Read on Ao3!]

If someone would of told you what you know now just over 18 months ago — things might have been a little easier to process. Maybe you wouldn’t have been as surprised or… you know, worried that you two might die later had a certain someone provided just a little warning.

Or perhaps you’d still be fucked — who really knew? The whole world of espionage was rather new to you, and it wasn’t everyday your boyfriend dropped something like this at your feet. This kind of shit only happened in those cheesy action movies Eggsy loved, right?

That’s what you thought before today, anyway… Before he busted through your apartment door throwing down a bag full of guns like it was just some dirty laundry; his suit ripped to shreds, completely covered in blood; his face just as busted to match.

“Babe, we gotta scram. There’s a fuck ton I gotta tell ya, but I ain’t doin’ it here.” He wasn’t looking at you when he talked, which bothered you more than anything else. The blood you could handle, it wasn’t unusual for him to show up covered in it. The guns however were a little more concerning. “Look, I gotta tell you somethin’, and I ain’t jokin’ luv, alright?”

“Yeah, alright…” You were hesitant, confused and even scared in that moment, but you were ready to listen. He was frantically grabbing things from your drawers and closet, paying no attention to what he grabbed — things you’d not worn in ages and stuff that made no sense to pack like, snow coats and other winter clothing.

“Don’t be cross, will ya? But, I kinda —”

For looking so fucking horrid, he sure acted nonchalant about the whole thing. A moment later he finally stopped shoving piles of clothing into your bags, pulling his eyes to meet yours. Eggsy was breathing quickly, and you could tell something was wrong even it not for the bag of weapons and his beyond butchered suit.

“What the hell did you do, Eggy?” You asked, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t a little mortified. He looked like he’d murdered someone, had the shit beat out of him or maybe even both. You were frozen in place, the fear wrapping a tight web around you.

“Nothin’ babe…” This is when Eggsy looks down on his suit, finally seeing how terrible he looked. Your eyes started to fill with salted tears you wouldn’t let slip as he raise his hands and brows towards you passively. “I know how it looks, but I ain’t in trouble.”

You could tell he wanted to keep running around shoving shit everywhere, but that he was stopping for you. It was clear he could see that you needed to know what the fuck was going on. “Then what? Why are you packing my clothes… why are you all fucking bloody— again? And please, pleasedon’t lie to me… What the fuck is with the guns, Eggsy?”

Eggsy tossed a look towards the bag as he pulled his top lip between his teeth lowering his brows. He nodded softly as he run a hand across his chin in thought; deciding how he’d play this. “Alright… listen. I ain’t a tailor.”

When he said that you felt a strange wave wash over you starting from your debts of your stomach; spreading like an almost numbing pain as it fanned through the rest of your body in tiny pinpricks. You didn’t know what to say, so you just pulled your lips tightly together and crossed your arms hoping he’d elaborate.

“And I ain’t ever done a conference for one either…”

Here is the part where you’re starting to feel indignant, and you’re not even trying to hide the displeasure form your face anymore. For the next 45 seconds you completely forgot about the bag and the blood and you just wanted to know what the hell he was getting at. “What the fuck are you talking about.”

“I-I’m with…”

He didn’t finish, and it didn’t make sense but all you could hear was ‘someone else’. “With who?”

Eggsy stepped forward suddenly, his eyes were heavy and sung with pain at your words as he shook his head back and forth. “It ain’t like that. It’s just you, s’always been you, luv… you gotta know that.”

“What is all of this then, hm? What’s going on?” Your words were spitting out so fast you doubted he even understood most of them. But you were feeling at least 3 too many emotions right now and it was taking far more control not to cry than you wanted to admit.

“What I do— for work. It’s sorta like…” He paused sliding his eyes to the large cushioned bed his pup lay on. “Sorta like what JB does, yeah?”

“Your… dog?” You shook your head in almost a full loss of words, tossing the pug a quick look to match the confusion lining your voice.

For some reason though you were pretty positive he wasn’t referring to your 3rd roommate— at least not in the way it seemed. And by the look Eggsy returned as he stepped closer to you, it was clear you’d been right.

He took another step towards you shaking his head, his breathing was still hurried and you could tell his anxiety was raising with each second that passed.

After another moment you took a deep breath in, “You trying to say what I think you are?” All of the anger you felt began seeping off like a teabag in warm water, the feeling of realization spreading alongside it tasting sweet like honey.

Now he’s about a foot from you and his beryl eyes are as solemn as they come while he nod up and down briefly.

In that moment your bedroom spun out losing all form as you think back on the last year and a half in awe. Back to all of Eggsy’s suspiciously long work trips. The strange hours… the near constant blue brown color decorating his ribs and arms… You remembered every excuse he made like they were your own and you started to see it with perfect clarity.

Broke up a fight that’s all, luv… Tripped down a flight, babe…. Was just Dean again, don’t worry, yeah?

Saying you were confused wasn’t exactly accurate, you were well passed the point of normal confusion, and headed straight for the denial and padded room. Only you realize now that you sorta always knew what he was, even if you didn’t want to admit it. And if you were being honest with yourself, you may have even preferred that he was cheating on you to this insane shit.

Cheating would have been easy… You’d dealt with cheaters before: You cry, you cut them out and you move on. But this? This you hardly even knew how to comprehend, let alone process. Where’s a copy of The Dummie’s Guide to My Boyfriend Is a Fucking Spy when you need one?

You step back pressing your back to the dresser, steading yourself as you pull a hand to your head while the room focused in around you. As you scan the walls avoiding his gaze you see the photos from the life you built together. Each vacation and holiday, each smile and kiss… You think on the nights you spent twisted in the sheets pressed warm against his body; and to the coffee filled mornings with sleepy kisses and sloppy hugs. In a few seconds you remember it all, and as you slide your eyes to him, you’re not sure what to think.

“All your work trips? The odd hours… All your fucking cuts and bruises— whatever other bullshit you fed me… Those were all just lies?” Now you’re a mix between really fucking pissed off and maybe even a little turned on if you were being honest… But mostly, you were just sad. Sad and concerned. “Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“I couldn’t… shouldna now even, but I did and I’ll tell you everythin’ you wanna know, I swear— but not here.” Eggsy stepped closer to you, placing his hand in yours. When he spoke this time, you could tell he was holding something else in his voice… Fear. “You ain’t safe here anymore. We really gotta go.”

“… what?” Your brows lowered as you shot your face to his in an instant. You weren’t mad exactly or… were you? It wasn’t every day your boyfriend came storming in with enough guns to man a small army just to tell you he was a fucking spy or some shit. Oh, sorry, but also now your life’s in danger, don’t forget get that part… “Y-you can’t just— this is just a joke, right? This is our home, Eggsy… You can’t just exp—”

Eggsy’s eyes were deliberate and sever when he locked them on yours; and that made everything both easier and harder to understand. His lips were slightly parted as he pull his hands to either side of your face; holding you soft yet urgently between his fingers. “Babe, I ain’t fuckin’ around.”

His azure eyes seemed brighter as they flicked hurriedly between your own; you felt your heart pounding like a thousand drums as he finished, not breaking your gaze once. “D’you trust me?”

“Course I do, Eggy. But you’re just… you’re scaring me.”

He nearly interrupted you with fervid eyes and undertones purring in apprehension and guilt. “I shouldna lied to you— not ever and I ain’t gonna do it again.” Eggsy paused still holding your face gently, and now is the part where you’re really starting to feel anxious; but you merely nodded lightly between his grasp permitting him to continue. “Everythin’ I did was to stop all this from ever happenin’, you gotta know that.”

“I believe you…” You replied softly placing your own hand to the side of his his face, he was warm and his eyes flinched slightly when you touched his bruised cheek.

Eggsy kissed you then spreading his fingers through your hair as he pulled you closer. Pressing his mouth to yours more ardently than you’d felt it and you realized just how terrified he really was. So much so that he was nearly shaking… how had you not noticed it before?

“Can you still trust me?” He whispered quietly placing his forehead against yours.

You couldn’t managed to say anything back at first, but you nodded intently with eyes closed. Of course you still trusted him, but you were overwhelmed and frightened. It was hard to speak with your heart beating so loudly that you could feel it echoing in your ears. “Where are we going…”

“Somewhere no ones gonna hurt you. All’s you needa know is I ain’t gonna let anythin’ happen to you… I’m gonna keep you safe.”

You stared into those big blue eyes, dancing between specks of blood and tiny gashes decorating his neck and face. His hair was tossed, and he wore a pair of black rimmed glasses with a wide crack in the left frame. As you finish you wondered how much of that blood was even his…

Even with the scene before your eyes, your heart managed to steady in that moment… Eggsy traced his thumb lightly across your chin and lips holding the most doleful of expressions. You’d only seen that look on his face once since you’d met him.

Eggsy gave it to you and then he disappeared for 2 days last year… Before he ran off to do god knows what before the entire world went homicidal.

Thinking back to that day as you scan the face before you made you feel weird and almost sick to your stomach. As you continue thinking on the last 18 months, a lot of strange things started making sense to you.

“From what?” You finally managed to push out of the clutter of your mind. Part of you already knew what the answer would be and you know it doesn’t really matter, but you want to hear it in his voice.

Eggsy doesn’t say anything at first, he merely looks at you with brow furrowed woefully. His mouth was pulled back so far in a frown that your heart ached just looking at it and you couldn’t help but place a hand to his cheek.

“I promise I’ll tell you everythin’ I can… But it ain’t safe here, luv, I told you. We gotta go now.”

What else was there left to do at this point but listen to him? So you nodded diffidently as you licked your lips and snapped your fingers to the side calling JB from his bed. “Alright, Eggy… Lets get the fuck out of here.”

Eggsy smiled at you wholeheartedly, pulling you into a tight kiss before finishing the terrible pack job he’d started. You couldn’t say why you hadn’t listened to his pleading earlier. Maybe you were just tired of not getting any answers or maybe it was the nature of his confession and the manner in which he presented it to you…

Whatever it was, it wasn’t that you didn’t trust Eggsy. Of course you trusted him. You trusted him more than anyone. But he had dropped a bomb bigger than the nuke from Fallout on your ass and it was hard to just accept that you could go from hanging in bed with your dog to having someone on their way to murder you.

Something that big was bound to have a bit of an adjustment period, and yours was decidedly below average.

And all you could think was that this kinda shit only happened in those cheesy action movies Eggsy loved… This shit just didn’t happen to normal people. Not to you or your fucking tailor boyfriend….

Except it was happening. Here you were with a pug named Jack Bower in one hand and your tailor spy boyfriend in the other; staring reverently and incandescently at the blood covered man clutching a bag stuffed to the brim with guns.

You scanned the walls one last time wondering where you were headed or if you’d see the place you two called home again… But when he squeezed your hand, pulling your gaze to his you realized it just didn’t matter where you were or what you had with you… What mattered was that you had Eggsy, and that he had you.

Your home wasn’t a place, it wasn’t a time: it was him.


second year edition featuring seventeen ! [ insp: 1 2 3 4 ]

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends pt. I

But square-cut or pear-shaped
These rocks don’t lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Morning came and the old English manor awoke in magnificence. Its white structure was caressed by the ancient souls of long-forgotten artists in heaven, that sent the sun’s loving light to bring back to life a house that hadn’t been a home ever since the former Mrs. died. She did it in the fashion of a gothic heroine: surrounded by sorrow, covered in her own blood, slim as a bone and the pale shadow of a ghost in her big, melancholy eyes. She didn’t die alone, was too selfish to allow it. She took with her soul her beloved’s, she sucked the life out of him until he only knew the dim light of gold, of a recent signed contract, of the smell of bills.

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As anyone who’s followed me for a while knows, I think ‘canon’ is a nonsense concept when it comes to fandom and ‘you should respect canon’ is the daftest sentiment I’ve heard in many long years as a fan. Especially for a show like Once Upon a Time, which is hilariously inconsistent in its characterisation and so slapdash about its own internal logic and continuity that it once forgot the sex of one of its character’s babies.

But for anyone who *does* give a shit about canon (warning, anti-cs to follow), it’s now canon that:

1. Hook was ready to leave Emma without a word. Only pure chance (and the renewed conviction that he could get *his* happy ending) stopped him.

2. It took Emma literally a day after he’d left to start clearing Hook’s things out of her house.

3. It also took her a day to admit she probably needed to move on.

4. Henry could not give less of a shit about Hook leaving.

5. Snow doesn’t exactly seem devastated either (except in so far as it’s upset her daughter).

6. Emma can always tell when Regina’s telling the truth, but is unable to tell when Hook is drunk out of his mind and hiding the world’s biggest secret as he proposes to her.

I mean, I was always going to headcanon that the Captain Swan marriage would end in divorce, but I used to assume it would take a little while for Emma to get over it. Now I’m starting to think she’ll be out drinking with Regina the same night and sleeping with her inside a week.


Side Bae Saturday! || Requested by @alexa040004

A/N: This literally took 3 days and one million attempts to upload bc tumblr was being annoying, so enjoy side bae ‘tuesday’ 


Part One


“Has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like Draco Malfoy?”

Julian sighed in annoyance as he muttered, “oh not this again.“ 

“Anyway, I was just showing Y/N around but just for a second I need you to imagine that we’re actually friends. I was working on something the other day and-” Barry was interrupted by you. 

“Your nerd talk can wait, remember when I made you watch Harry Potter? Look at him, I think he looks like the older version of Draco,“ you say gesturing to Julian. 

"No one asked for your opinion, you filthy little-” 

“See what I mean! He’s literally quoting Draco. I’m convinced.”


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SO I WAS LISTENING TO “This Will Be The Day” AND I HEARD THIS LINE AND TOTALLY FORGOT THAT HAVING A ROMANTIC LIFE WAS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY RUBY WANTED TO BE A HUNTRESS. I literally had to make something so I drew fkn more Rose Garden. I was actually gonna color it with the shade and things like that, but when I took off the sketch layer, the silhouette looked better, so I just stuck with that. Not only that, but the first two lines seemed to match pretty well with their characters so I just got lucky. <3 I hope you like and may the Rose Garden shippers unite lmao. )b


One of the first priestvictor drawings vs priestvictor literally 3 minutes ago

Boy my digital stuff sure has come a long way– drawing on the left is roughly January of this year??? Probably??? So it’s about 4/5 months of improvement, but I spent about 20 more minutes on the one on the right LOL (I spent like 20 mins on each ask back in the day and the one on the right took me about 40 minutes)

He was fantastic, a real professional.

Came to set prepared every day. 
A lot of fun. His last day in the Bahamas,
we were on the Black Pearl and there were 
lots of extras—there must have been
180 people on the deck of the boat. 
It was completely jam-packed—it was like a 
concert. You couldn’t even walk through it. 
We were up on the stern where he finished 
his scene, and he literally shook the hand 
of every single person between him and the 
exit. He stopped and said, ‘Thank you.’ 
That’s just the kind of guy he is. 

Later, outside a California soundstage, 
there were hundreds of people screaming 
his name. After working a 14-hour day, 
he sat outside and signed autographs for 
every single person before he left. 
It took like 3 ½ hours.

—Daniel Malone