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7 times Victor Nikiforov was extremely gay for his fiance and it showed on his face

7. The “my boyfriend just made puppy eyes at me so I decided to give him my soul, my body, and the whole world” look.

6. The “this boy is so cute and perfect I want to squeeze his cute little body and kiss his face but since I can’t kiss his face I’m going to settle with squeezing his perfect body everytime I get while I scream internally” look.


4. The “I’m at the point of no return nobody save me i’ll die happily in the arms of this wonderful boy” look. 

3. This one needs a gif. The “somebody hold me right now this boy is too cute for this world too beautiful omg what’s happening what is this feeling inside of me ***It Must Be Love playing in the background***” look. 

2. The “I saw him already this morning we woke up in the same bed and everything but oh my god Yuuri there you are why did you took so long nevermind I’m so glad you are here I’m so happy to see you again run to my arms my beautiful fiance” look. 

1. The “literally dying from proud I am, how much I love this wonderful, perfect boy, how happy I am to see him triumph and how unbelievably lucky I am to be engaged to him” look. 

accurate hunchback cast album song titles
  • 01: Shortest Eargasm
  • 02: Plot-Fucking-Twist
  • 03: In Which Quasimodo Is a Disney Princess
  • 04: Party :D
  • 05: You Know You're Fucked When The Comic Relief is Crying
  • 06: Literally Tempting Fate Here
  • 07: Party D:
  • 08: Grounded 4 Fucking Life (ft. Chills About Lights)
  • 09: Good Point™
  • 10: Theme Song For When Ur OTP Only Has One Scene Together
  • 11: So Frollo Is A Voyeur Too Nice
  • 12: Reading Too Much Into It
  • 13: Reading Too Much Into It (Fuckboy Remix)
  • 14: Nobody In This Play Knows How To Handle A Fucking Boner
  • 15: Long Eargasm You Wished You Could Sing Along To
  • 16: Yes Bring Esmeralda To Frollo's Church What Could Possibly Go Wrong
  • 17: Clopin Holy Shit
  • 18: Omg Phoesme Duet Yes (Oh Quasi Baby No)
  • 19: You Get An Execution! And You Get an Execution! Everybody Gets An Execution!
  • 20: I'm Not Crying You're Crying
  • 21: Wait For It
  • 22: Why The Fuck U Lyyyyin'
  • 23: The Most Intense 13 Minutes of Anything, Ever
Sam and Food

Okay so @tinkdw mentioned in this post that we were chatting about Sam and his eating disorder or more..I brought it up.

So I thought I’d talk about it real quick, though I don’t have a slideshow prepared.  I do not assert that he has a definite eating disorder but his relationship with food with is interesting. A lot of people may object to my referring to him as having an eating disorder so to be clear, we’re talking about the psychological aspect:

Originally posted by itssamforyou

‘ any of a range of psychological disorders characterized by abnormal or disturbed eating habits (such as anorexia nervosa) ‘.

Sam’s eating would not count as a disorder such as bulimia or anoexia.  But it is brought on by psychological factors.  Still characterising an eating disorder (the behaviour must occur for at least twice a week for three months). 

But the psychological aspect is exactly what I want to talk about.  There are three elements I would stop on when talking about his behaviour; control, seperation, and a belief he doesn’t deserve to be happy…or rather does not trust the feeling.

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kiribaku teaming up on denki hello yes


denki has the most intense and sudden reactions out of the three of them, and kirishima loves it. bakugou does too, but he’s more reluctant to admit it

denkis a squirmer tho, so kirishima and bakugou have to put a lot of effort into holding him still or else denki will LITERALLY wriggle away omg. he’s like a lil worm, especially when he’s getting tickled

also!!! he hiccups if tickled 4 too long!!! and bakugou gets all flustered because it’s SO CUTE AND he’s mad abt it ahhhhhhvggg. he’ll usually just shove his face in denkis neck while holding him still for kirishima and denkis just hiccup-giggling in their hold and twitching and ugGGGH. I love ticklish denki. I love baku and kiri teaming up on him. I’m weak.


They’re Trying To Catch You || [listen]

You are the last dragonlord now

You alone carry the ancient gift

Bluepulse Headcanons

I noticed there’s not a lot going on in the Bluepulse tag, so here are some cute headcanons to brighten your day!

- Despite being the younger one in the relationship, Bart is way more into pda than Jaime is. He’ll randomly pull his boyfriend into a very heated kiss in public, while Jaime blushes because “omg calm down, Bart, your cousin is literally right there”.

- Bart does drive by kisses and Jaime secretly loves it.

- Bart looks absolutely ADORABLE when he wears Jaime’s hoodies. They’re always too big on him, and the sleeves are too long for his arms.

- Bart has nightmares a lot about his past/future, so whenever he does Jaime will wake him up and hold him until he calms down.

- Bart insists on riding in the shopping cart whenever they go grocery shopping.

- Jaime makes Bart pancakes every Sunday morning and Bart absolutely loves it, especially when he makes them in heart shapes.

- Scarab makes irritating comments and suggestions whenever Bart and Jaime are making out and Jaime HATES it.

- After realizing that when they are apart on missions they are constantly distracted and making mistakes, Kaldur made sure Blue Beetle and Impulse were paired up on every mission they went on.

- Jaime gets very protective over Bart, and after every mission he makes sure to check him over until he’s sure he’s alright.

- The whole team ships them: Dick, Gar, Cassie, Tim, Wally, Artemis, Megan, Conner, literally everyone. They all made bets on when they would get together, and Dick and Gar won $600 each after Bart and Jaime finally announced they were a couple.

- Jaime learned the hard way to NEVER give a speedster coffee. Ever.

- They go on double dates with Tye and Asami often.

- Bart is a major blanket hog. 

- They secretly kissed during Endgame and there’s nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise.

- Bart insists that Jaime’s lap is much more comfortable than a chair, so guess where he sits when they’re in polite company and he doesn’t realize that it might not be the best idea, especially when Barry, his overly protective grandfather, is around?

- Tye frequently teases Jaime when Bart’s around and loves to tell embarrassing stories about the stupid stuff that Jaime has done.

- Bart can’t cook to save his life, so Jaime is usually the one who prepares meals.

- They watch old sitcoms together on weekends.

- When Jaime was on mode, Kaji Da knew about his feelings for Bart, which is why only when the Reach were going to make him kill Bart did he hesitate during Intervention.

- After dating for a while they slowly started picking up each other’s phrases and mannerisms. Like sometimes Jaime says “crash” and “mode”, and Bart even learned a few words in Spanish.

- Jaime makes the best nachos, so he makes heaps of them for Bart when he’s feeling down.

- On Christmas they always get each other gag gifts or ones that are seemingly random but actually inside jokes that no one but them understands.

- Bart actually has a really bad temper when rubbed the wrong way, so Jaime often has to hold him back from starting a fight.

- Jaime loves kissing Bart on the nose because it makes him blush every time.

Positive Daryl Dixon Post (✿◠‿◠)

There’s too much anti-Daryl going around so here’s a list of things things I love about him and a whole other bunch of pro-Daryl stuff that explains why he’s such a grumpy teenage nerd.

• he loves team family so much like he would die for them all. 

• he loves Carol so much, he loves to make fun of her and her cardigans “you look ridiculous” and he gives her flowers and he’s her “pookie” and he can’t stand being separated from her and when he is you better believe he’s gonna give her a big bear pookie hug.

• okay he loves Carol but holy shit does he love Rick Grimes. his brother, he has literally fed him, they have shared sodas, he’s sacrificed himself many times for him and also these two can calm each other down so easily like it’s v great, they love each other so much but Daryl is Rick’s #1 stan. or actually he’s tied with Michonne. 

• he gave Michonne fleas and she still loves him. true friendship, real friendship, Michonne loves Daryl and vice versa. these two are actually so protective of each other. Michonne didn’t want Daryl to go out by himself and he Daryl didn’t want Michonne to take on the governor by herself. BFFS. plus Daryl ships Richonne.

• Daryl loves Carl and Judith so much. he’s sacrificed for them too and he wanted to find them a home. he’s comforted Carl in bad times and do I have to remind anyone about “little ass kicker”? i swear, he refused to call Judith anything but little ass kicker for so long. 

• I dunno what the hell is up with him but he’s such a nerd for blowing up stuff. he’s always blowing things up and i’m convinced he was a science nerd in school and made his own explosions and i bet he got in trouble for it a few times.

• underrated moment; when Merle kept calling Glenn chinese and after getting close with Glenn, Daryl realized he used to be that ignorant too and corrected Merle, telling him he was korean. Daryl loves Glenn so much and don’t even get me started on all that.

• remember when Daryl refused to let Beth drink peach schnapps? because i do. he wanted her to remember her first drink because he is a nerd that likes to live in the moment. 

• also he’s a fan of the performing arts… sort of. he likes music. specifically Beth’s singing.and let’s not forget the time he became an art critic. well. he saw what looked like a painting done by a dog’s ass. his words, not mine.

• but he can be problematic, remember when all Patrick wanted was a handshake and Daryl just had to be gross and lick all his fingers first? honestly, he’s a danger to all mankind, wash your hands Daryl.

• that reminds me, he’s such a grumpy teen. remember when he was leaving alexandria and when Rosita asked where he was going he just said “out.” and when they first got to alexandria he refused to play nice and talk to others. Carol and Rick had to give him a strict talking to but you know that dork, he listens to no one. literally no one like everything goes in one ear and out the other.

• let’s not forget the time that Daryl of all people called out Shane for doing something illegal. 

• oh and remember when Daryl practiced being “zen”? that didn’t last long lmao. 

• plus, probably the most relatable thing, he’s anti-social but he loves pasta and animals. me too, Daryl, me too. 


remember when yoojung didn’t slay you? yeah, me neither

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I've seen the post about gladio/train scene and I fully agree, in addition to everything else addressed, it also really hurts thinking that now with Ignis blind, all responsibility falls on gladio's shoulders (keeping them safe and all), he's pressured by his own duty AND ignis' (it's true ignis insisted that he's not staying behind, but back then gladio still didn't want him putting himself and the rest in danger so he knows he has to somehow compensate for an incapacitated member)

Bruh, he doesn’t only have to compensate for an incapacitated member, he also has to keep an eye on him at the same time.

Gladio’s literally in charge of the entire group, at least I dare to believe he feels like, because he has
- Prompto, who despite being amazing and progressing each day, literally only learned to fight months prior to the journey.
- Noctis, who is his literal priority, the guy he has always had to keep an eye on no matter how well the prince does on his own.
- Ignis, who’s been incapacitated and needs to be protected no matter how much he insists he can go on his own

Like shit, Gladio must be feeling he literally needs to look after the three the whole time.

Gladio’s been charged by himself with three times his duty, because he doesn’t want any of them to be harmed even further or to die so long he can help it.

Of course he’s angered! Imagine the great sadness he’s already dealing with, now add all this stress, not to say he’s thinking of Iris left behind, and now having to force himself to be three times the stronger he was raised to be.


GLADIO’S SUFFERING TOO AND WE FANDOM DON’T APPRECIATE HIM ENOUGH, WE’RE TOO BUSY ALL “Poor Ignis, omg Poor Noct, omg, he didn’t have to shove Prompto like that omg :’(” and LIKE HELLO


I love my Gladio, I don’t care who he shoves or who he yells at. He mah precious boy that needs hugs.

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*whispers* i have a v unpopular opinion i'm sure. but i HATE with a fiery passion book reaction threads. like i dread when a new book comes out because there's gonna be MILE LONG POSTS on my dash with gifs and incoherent words and just boohiss. but i still love the blogs that do this and am v thankful for tumblr savior to help hide those neverending posts

OMG I HAVE LITERALLY UNFOLLOWED PEOPLE FOR THESE. That is maybe a more extreme reaction than you had lol. But I Get You. I use Tumblr savior too but honestly I’m on mobile a lot during the week, which means I’m stuck seeing the stuff I don’t want to.

Honestly, I hate them too. It may be an unpopular opinion, but there is a reason I make separate posts for my reaction/reading things. Like. I freaking hate them. They get so long, and over and over and over until I’m like

Originally posted by beatlenumber9

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I remembered this recently and wanted to share. If you ever wondered how ridiculous "Messianic Jews" are, my family had the misfortune of getting tangled up with one of their churches when I was a kid. Long story short, they kicked us out for being "too Jewish." Like, the pastor literally said that. They'll steal all our shit, but actual Torah study and talking to rabbis is just "too Jewish" for them.


No Sex Policy - Week 1

Prompt: Can u write a sequel to ‘returning the favour’ where they both decide to date and take it slow with no sex policy and they achieve that for a month and then they can’t keep their hands off each other.

This prompt is so wonderful!! To Anon, whoever you are who keeps on giving me amazing prompts to write, please keep going. THEY’RE AMAZING. I have divided this into weeks, because it said a month and I may have tweaked it a little because you know. Lol. Expect three more of these.

They had decided it was most logical to stop.

The “favors” they’d been giving each other, as favorable as they were, weren’t exactly something that could ever amount to any good. It had been decided that those incidents were just a combination of built up stress and freak incidences that were a one-time thing and nothing more. Anything “else” that it may have implied was just a mere figment of their imagination. It was one friend helping out another friend: like when you forget to study for an exam and your friend let you copy their notes. It was that kind of a supportive friendship that was sure enough to last. Relationships (god forbid they mentioned the word out loud) were messy, emotional and were too much pressure to even think about – both of them knew it, and they wholeheartedly agreed. Plane crashes and dead fiancés were enough for one lifetime. And so they had come upon the agreement that they would not be illogical and commit the same mistake like last year. They were brilliant surgeons (one army-trained and the other one with abilities beyond any mortal on earth), they would be able to do this with determination and self-discipline, right? Mind over matter and all that crap. Whatever they had to continuously repeat to themselves to get them through the day without imagining the other in the throes of mind-blowing and earth-shattering sex.

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could i have a fanfic with dazai tickling akutagawa?? maybe to cheer him up or whatever you want? sorry for bothering you, but you're seriously the only one who writes good bsd fanfics ;;

OMG, you’re so precious, Anoncakes. I really appreciate your words. You’re too kind to me. I literally cried, okay? So thank you so much ♥♥

But! Also Ginny (@otomiya-tickles), has bsd fics too! You should check them out~

Anyways, here it is. Omg it was so hard because I was trying to inspire myself reading stuff but fuck, there’s only angst for these too! So here it is… I didn’t know if you wanted them in a romantic relationship? So I indulged myself and did this~ hope it is okay.

WARNINGS: This is very long. Help. I’m sorry.

He wasn’t expecting less when he stepped inside the lobby of the Agency, but still, it hurt. Even with Dazai bragging around about how he had convinced Akutagawa to join them, noone seemed happy to have him there. Just Atsushi, who desperately tried to welcome him and lighten up the mood, sweating and squeaking and stuttering. Akutagawa felt almost sorry for him. Almost. He was actually too busy feeling sorry for himself.

Each and every of his movements made everyone flinch and prepare to attack in case Akuragawa thinks it is a nice idea to kill them all. He leans more into Dazai, instead, listening to his explanations almost fully. Almost.

Even Dazai felt bad for Akutagawa, and how could he not, he was now in a relationship with him, after all. Akutagawa’s pain was his own pain, now. He feels the daggers of his co-workers’ eyes stabbing him in the back, he feels the weight of the world upon his shoulders, and a rope wrapping around his neck, choking him.


“Y-YES!”, Seriously, can’t you be a little more discret? Dazai could hear a little growl coming from Akutagawa’s throat. He almost giggled. Almost, because Atsushi was basically on top of them. “DO YOU NEED SOMETHING?!”

“Yes, stop screaming, tiger”, that actually earned a few chuckles from Tanizaki, who was placing some paperwork on Dazai’s desk. Dazai looked at Akutagawa by the corner of his eye, his heart almost melting when he saw the light blush spreading out all over his white cheeks, a warm smile tugging the corners of Dazai’s mouth.

Who would think he’d see Akutagawa Ryūnosuke blushing like that? That is breathtaking and he felt the rope loosing up a little bit, letting him breath better. Just a little. A tiny little… not at all.

“Atsushi-kun, I’m tired, could you help Akutagawa with this?”, Atsushi flnched just as much as Akutagawa did. Both of them looking up at Dazai with pleading eyes.

“Take care of your own subordinates, Dazai”, Kunikida said in a cold tone, his arms crossed above his chest with his Ideal hanging in his hand; Dazai thought about tease his model-like pose, but by the glare on his eyes, he knew Kunikida was dead serious.

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the signs in a relationship // friendship with an aquarius

Aries: they could be the best of friends tbh. the aries’ energy will often motivate the aquarius. the aries will make the aquarius start and try new things, which is very rare for an aquarius since they love to be original. the aries may come off as intense to the aquarius, and they could often clash due to their strong minds and opinions. as lovers, they could take the world if they wanted to. aries and aquarius would be so strongly bonded together and they would be immensely attracted to each other. they would be the type of couple where nothing could come between them or break them.

Taurus: putting these two together is so funny. they always make each other want to pee their pants i swear. the taurus really cheers up the aquarius at times tbh. the taurus doesn’t really understand the aquarius, but knows why the aquarius does certain things. they would be in a very supportive relationship. they’re both really laid-back and they’re down for pretty much anything. the taurus could be too possessive for the aquarius, since the aquarius loves freedom. although they may disagree on various things, they always want each other to know that they’re there for a shoulder to cry on or whatever it is that the other needs.

Gemini: god they really get along so well. honestly, they have the best times together and almost never have problems. the aquarius and gemini would make each other laugh so much. they are the best of friends and can often talk to each other easily. they’re so adventurous together and would honestly take on the world. they can help each other and also make each other better. the aquarius and gemini have such a mental attraction and they’re both interested in each other intellectually. they can be very honest with each other. they just know each other. 20/10 tbh.

Cancer: the aquarius would probably feel the need to hug the cancer all the time. their friendship is extremely supportive and they always listen to each other. they may have some rough patches and the cancer may hold a bit of a grudge, but if the aquarius tries to patch it back up then it’s all good. the cancer could get mad if the aquarius is too distant. besides all of that, they’re super sweet towards each other and they could be so cute omg. the cancer could get too emotional for the aquarius however; the aquarius learns to open up their emotions from the cancer and the cancer causes the aquarius to communicate better.

Leo: literally the complete opposites. they could love each other or want to rip each other’s throats out. they would definitely have an instant and strong attraction, but that may not last very long. the aquarius is very detached and it could cause the leo to become sensitive, since leos are involved and personal people. they are both stubborn people. it’s generally an unpredictable and exciting relationship. there is never a dull moment between them. they would constantly be exploring new things together. the aquarius and leo’s arguments can go on for a long duration. it can be nice and calm, but they could just clash too much sometimes.

Virgo: definitely partners in crime. they actually get along pretty well sometimes. the virgo could have a bit of an attitude tho and the aquarius may not like that. the virgo can be too loving to the fact that the aquarius gets super annoyed bc the virgo could constantly be up their ass about stuff. the virgo is extremely structured and scheduled, so the aquarius may not feel comfortable about that. they both share the fact that they rarely show their feelings, so they’d make perfect friends or lovers since they wouldn’t expect each other to share their feelings.

Libra: the attraction between these two is so strong. this pairing is super cute. they get along really well and could be such great friends. it would be a very solid friendship or relationship. they are super similar in some ways and that’s why they like each other. they really have such a great time and the libra would probably make the aquarius do some crazy stuff tbh. the libra provides balance and structure for the aquarius, which is really good. the aquarius would be hooked since the libra is so charming and charismatic. it’s overall just a phenomenal pairing.

Scorpio: it’s a very challenging relationship, but it would be worth it in the end. the scorpio and aquarius are both really stubborn. they could overcome obstacles if they work together.  the aquarius likes the passion and commitment that the scorpio can give. the scorpio could get a little bit frustrated with the fact that the aquarius is very detached. the scorpio can be way too possessive and jealous for the aquarius. it would be a good friendship it think, but in a relationship they could literally argue for hours. they both have very different approaches and goals in life.

Sagittarius: such a passionate and chill relationship. they literally get along with each other so well. they’re so adventurous together and would constantly try new things and would just be all over the place. the sagittarius and aquarius both have a rebellious nature, hence the reason why they get along so well. they would always have a story to tell together. they make amazing memories. the sagittarius is very easy for the aquarius to talk to since the sagittarius is super chill and really helpful at times too. it’s such a cute pairing. they would bond over the weirdest stuff and constantly make each other laugh. they’d have tons of inside jokes. the aquarius and sagittarius are just generally outgoing together.

Capricorn: this pair could either be a disaster or it could be the sweetest thing ever. they either love or hate each other and there is no in between. when they love each other, they have each other’s backs forever. if the love is strong, they could forgive each other easily if they ever did something wrong. the capricorn is super protective of the aqua and hopes that no one hurts the aquarius. if they hate each other, they could constantly be at each other’s throats and the aquarius could be extremely sarcastic and rude at times. their arguments could get so heated. they’re both very strong and stubborn people, which can cause them to clash at times.

Aquarius: two aquas together could literally rule the world. they’re the only sign who understand aquas since they are one of them. they also open up more to people who actually get what they’re going through. they make each other feel less crazy and are honestly the best people to go to for advice. both of them really respect each other and know that you can’t tell them to do something since they’ll do the complete opposite. they share tons of opinions with each other and most of them are the same ideas. they’re always there for each other and it’s just really nice.

Pisces: the aquarius thinks the pisces is super cute. they have a really intense sexual attraction tbh. they are both intellectual and bond together very well. they compliment each other well and fill the traits that the other lacks. the pisces and aquarius could share dreams together and the need to help human life. the pisces could be too emotional for the aquarius, causing the aquarius to become aloof and distant. all in all, they could just be really great friends and make each other improve.

Ava's Demon/Camp Half Blood AU??

Ava is a daughter of Hephaestus and controls fire and lava with her demigod powers.
Maggie is a tree nymph who falls for heroes way too easily
Odin is a son of hades and the only one of his siblings that is a demigod. He frequently sneaks out of camp and all his activities seem very suspicious…
Gil is a son of a minor sea god, his powers aren’t very strong and after being stuck in the Hermes cabin too long he turns his back on camp and joins the Titan lords army. (Literally TITAN)

anonymous asked:

College AU overwatch sounds so great, so if Pharah watches Genji like a hawk, how would you think Hanzo will react to the fact that his brother actually likes someone? OMG I'm literally jumping because of excitement!!!

I’m glad you all love Collage AU as much as I do because well, aren’t we all just trash? I sure as frick am

  • At the mention of another girl his brother his pursing, Hanzo simply rolls his eyes. He doesn’t bothering remember her name, knowing Genji will find another girl all too quickly. He really doesn’t care about Genji’s relationship, they never last too long to bother with anyways. 
  • He just wishes his brother would take his schooling serious and stop messing around with all these girls.
  • When several weeks have passed and Genj is still chattering on about this chick name Mercy, Hanzo gets curious. He finally asks around, and figures out that she’s actually the renowned medical student.
  • “WTF is my brother doing with the prodigy/miracle worker Ziegler?”
  • He is literally so baffled that someone as smart as Mercy is actually spending time with Genji. He refuses to believe it’s true at first.
  • It’s about this time when Genji and Mercy actually start dating seriously that Hanzo confronts Genji about it.
  • “No, bro. We’re totally together, I swear! She’s really something amazing…”
  • At the odd, almost… love struck look stuck on his little brother’s face, he immediately starts chewing him out about messing around with someone as important as her, believing Genji is just waiting for the perfect moment to create chaos by breaking this girl’s heart. 
  • They get in a big fight, and Genji is starting to realize how bad his play boy antics have been and gets silently hurt by Hanzo’s assumptions. 
  • Genji actually leaves the house for a couple days (Ends up crashing at Lucio and’s dorm room, they’re super good friends, all of them), and Hanzo is starting to possibly considered that mabye Genji actually loves this girl.
  • He goes to Mercy directly, and Mercy was already on edge because Genji hasn’t been answering her calls for a few days and she thinks the worst when she finds his older brother at her door.
  • Hanzo quickly reassures her that nothing happened to Genji, but he asks if she’s been dating his little brother. They sit down and have a long long talk about her and Genji.
  • At Mercy’s slow but enlightening explanation, Hanzo quickly realizes that this chick actually loves his brother back.
  • He stands up off the couch, gives a quick thanks and leaves just like that. Mercy almost doesn’t process how fast he disappears. Yet, she’s there wondering how those two very different souls could be brothers. Nevertheless, she likes that Hanzo is at least looking out for his little brother, earning Mercy’s respect at least. 
  • Hanzo is literally so relieved that Genji has found himself a smart, sensible girl that is actually getting him to take school seriously. A part of him still worries and braces for when Genji drops the bomb that will make everything explode, but he pushes it aside at least for the time being. 
  • After Genji returns, Hanzo doesn’t say much about it, just asks how Mercy’s doing every now and then. With his obvious approval (For once in his life) Genji is quite happy. Feeling finally like he’s actually doing something good in his life, and just overjoyed Hanzo is supporting him with his relationship with Mercy.

I love this Collage AU so much you don’t understand. Ah, my heart!