this literally brought tears to my eyes

disorganized feelings on ztd

what I really liked: 

Junpei & Akane’s relationship: Literally god bless I don’t deserve them this world doesn’t deserve them…like I have been waiting for so long for this to finally happen and they have been through so much and deserved the happy ending they got.  I loved Junpei’s development of feelings from “Akane is an angel !! !!” in 999 to “she has faults and I’m going to recognize them but I trust and still love her”.  I loved how the escape room brought back their awkwardly sexual dialogue and memories from grade school.  I even loved the Monty Hall and C-End 1 scenes even though they broke my heart.  Junpei putting the ring on the wrong hand is my new favorite scene in the entire series.  Seeing Junpei’s more hardened exterior melt away when Akane is in danger quite literally brought tears to my eyes (more than once too)…I always thought that this series was never explicitly ABOUT Akane or about Junpei individually but always them together.  As sharp and intelligent as Akane is, she needs the goofy, self-sacrificing, stupidly brave boy she met in grade school to not just because he literally saves her life and helps make her plans work but also just because she truly loves him.  Their relationship is the heart of this series and I am so happy it finally, finally, FINALLY after literally millions of years (for Akane) they got what they wanted since they were kids.  I am so blessed

Carlos: SO SO happy he ended up actually being a genuinely kind, good, and heroic person as opposed to what I thought was going to happen (he really scared me when you know what happened but luckily it was a false alarm).  A really nice contrast from the goofiness of 999 Junpei and for lack of a better word immaturity of young Sigma (not saying he was immature I just think that he handled the situation in a less mature way than Junpei and his jokes were less refined if you catch my drift) in terms of protag personality: he’s steadfast, strong, and serious but still as morally good as 999 Junpei and young Sigma.  It was refreshing to have a protag that seemed to have a handle on most situations.  I’ve seen people criticize him as being a perfect “Ken doll”, but tbh I think that only applies in the looks department…his critical fault is valuing a small number of key relationships over all other things which leads to most of his many demises…he literally kills himself when he believes he’s a danger to Akane…he literally cares about his friendship with Junpei and Akane so much that he causes the death of six billion (inadverdently but it was still to meet/save Akane and Junpei)…he’s like a golden retriever; loyal to fault.  While we’ve seen the other two protags been taken advantage of, I feel like they still had moments where they acted more selfishly whereas Carlos was only willing to do the “wrong” thing if it meant protecting not only himself but also others (only betraying during the AB game after being betrayed himself, only killing Akane to protect his own life and consequently Maria’s, etc.)  Idk man I don’t think I explained this well but I think his purity was a great change from the previous protags

Redundant at this point but C Team in general: Their friendship, their dialogue, their bond EVERYTHING they are my world and joy.  Carlos cheering Akane and Junpei on, Carlos teasing Akane in the freezer, Carlos and Junpei swapping stories about their girls, Carlos going along with Akane’s wild shifting ideas and agreeing to sacrifice himself for Akane at Junpei’s request…it was all just SO GOOD and I’m so happy they continued to be close after ZTD.  I love them so much

Sean/Q: I still don’t 100% understand what his story was exactly but I really enjoyed it anyways.  His presence as Q was a FASCINATING contrast to Mira and Eric and although it tore me up to see him go through such harrowing decisions the way he handled them really fun to watch.  I don’t have much analysis to provide here but yea I liked him a lot especially his friendship with Gab!!!!!  Mira’s friendship/motherly kind of relationship with him in some timelines was also really enjoyable

Atmosphere/Tension: This is a personal thing but I preferred the more macabre and tense 999 to the relatively tame VLR so I was excited to feel more anxious about making my decisions and fear seeing what was underneath the white sheets in the pod room (just an example), and there were moments where my stomach genuinely dropped dropped (Mira suddenly killing Eric and sort of Q in Rad-6 SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME)…I had nightmares about Mira.  That’s exactly what I was hoping for so I applaud ZTD for legitimately scaring me

THe MUSIC: SO GOOD OMG THE MORPHOGENETIC SORROW REMIX AHHH I loved the 999 music getting paired with C Team and VLR music with D Team it felt like going back in time…the ze soundtracks are so powerful.  I particularly loved the song that was playing when Akane and Junpei try to convince Carlos to vote for D/Q team during the execution I was like boppin to the beat while choosing which team to execute…also the Extreme Extrication remix was ON POINT THANK YOU SHINJI HOSOE

mixed feelings on:

Mira and Eric: Hmmmmm……let’s start with Mira.  There were some timelines were I really liked her–defending Q, making intelligent comments, being snarky towards Eric, that was all really nice.  I even kinda liked Q-end 1 because of my love for crime stories/the process of making a murderer and their motives and whatnot…and I really liked that she trusted Q enough to tell him everything.  However there were so many weird mysteries with her that weren’t explained/situations were I disliked her behavior…i.e. killing her teammates in the rad 6 ending, KILLING JUNPEI FOR REASONS I STILL DO NOT KNOW…Idk.  I feel like we got a lot of good Mira content right out of the gate but then nothing much afterwards.  Eric I initially HATED and I still kind of do but from a writing perspective he’s really interesting…like even though he tried so hard to smile throughout his life and avoid being like his dad he ended up going down that route anyway and trying to replace his mother with Mira (who ironically Mira killed) and liked the nice moment he had with Q when he told him about his mother…but on the other hand I was kind of disappointed that the Chris story had no connection to the main story…it was kind of just left dangling there?  That and Eric just did and said the DUMBEST things throughout so again mixed feelings depending on timelines

Akane’s characterization: Please do not take this the wrong way: I love Akane.  So much.  She is and always will be one of my favorite characters ever.  As a standalone ZTD character I enjoyed her a lot.  In some moments she was a great bridge between 999 and VLR Akane–I loved the Machiavellian side of her emerging when she got Junpei and Carlos to jump in the Ambidex scene and her wiping Junpei’s memories in C-End 1.  I thought those moments had a really nice blend of the altruistic and “end-justifies-the-means” her that we get from 999 and show her transformation into her VLR self.  They were wonderful.  But I feel like there was so much more they could have done with her as an individual…I was really bothered, for example, by the prominent role fire took in a lot of the puzzle and she barely even batted an eye.  Like……that doesn’t make sense????  There should be some sort of trauma, fear there???  And I wanted to hear some sort of explicit discussion about her being Zero to kind of explain what had been going on in her mind???  I get that ZTD was trying to be friendly to people that were playing this as their first ZE game but honestly if they’re playing ZTD first they deserve to be spoiled for the first two games that’s like picking up Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire and going can I read this one first????  NO, you can’t and it’s unfair to the people who have enjoyed the previous games because they don’t get to see plot points resolved/full continuity from the earlier games.  Second problem for me was her snaps after Junpei’s deaths.  YES obviously she was supposed to be traumatized, but her Clover-esque reactions felt over the top, cheap, and un-Akane.  The issue I have is that she has already indirectly killed 3 people in the past for revenge.  The murders were meticulously planned and so well done that she was able to wipe a lot of the blood off of her hands and onto Ace.  If Akane had had that same subtlety when killing/attempting to kill Carlos I would have had no problem.  But…….chainsaw fueled purely hysteric rage?????  That’s not really Akane, I think.  The jump from a logical and calm killer in 999 to a crazed one in ZTD didn’t make sense to me and was very disappointing.  Finally I both liked and disliked her actual self being June-ish…on one hand it establishes her more firmly on the side of good and proves that she genuinely cares about the safety of everyone and she definitely asserted herself more than in 999 which was great…but on the other hand it felt very strange that she doesn’t talk about any guilt she felt orchestrating the second Nonary Game if this is the case?  The topic of her being Zero was almost completely neglected and I really wish it hadn’t been.  I wanted more “end justifies the means” moments, and maybe my expectations were too high but I love Akane so much and I felt like she deserved better writing.  Not her fault, I think, but rather the writers’.

Delta: I thought the six billion vs. eight billion lives was REALLY COOL OK I really enjoyed that twist…I initially thought that him being revealed as Zero was way too sudden but I found this incredible post that shows all of the foreshadowing for this/Q’s identity here and my mind was changed for the most part (still think it was a little out of left field but I’m coming to terms with it)…however….I have some issues with him/the Free The Soul arc.  I wish we could have gotten more Free the Soul information (i.e. what happened in April 2029, did the Crash Keys eventually work with them, how the clones were made, Delta explaining his motives for founding it himself) but I think budget cuts unfortunately cut some parts of the story out and I think this was one cut they made.  I also felt that the “mind hack” gimmick was kind of stupid and mostly unnecessary?  It felt like a very cheap last minute add-on and it was kind of upsetting…also WHY DID HE KILL GAB I AM VERY CONFUSED

Decision Game: was low key disappointed about the lack of really difficult life or death decisions to make??  Don’t get me wrong I thought that a lot of the non-intense ones were interesting but I was kind of looking for more of the “deeply shake your morality” kind of stuff…I think the incinerator/gun scenario, rad-6, pushing the button (either time), the ambidex game, and choosing which of Q team to kill were the kind of intense moral decisions I wanted to make but I didn’t feel like we got any more than just those…I guess you could argue the final decision as well but I felt that that was an easy choice?  I don’t know.  Maybe I just was disappointed because I had this specific expectation, but it felt like a lot of the decisions were “do you know the right password?” or “solve this logic puzzle correctly”

Epilogue: Obviously I was a fan of every C Team segment I literally cried reading theirs…I was a little disappointed that it was just text and no photos/animation/voicing but it was definitely better than nothing!!!  Q Team on the other hand had a very wtf ending like…what???  Why did Mira agree to turn herself in???  WHy did she marry Eric in jail???  Why does she suddenly feel remorse???  AND WHY ARE THEY GOING TO BACK IN TIME TO STOP YOUNG MIRA DOESN’T THIS LITERALLY UNDO THE ENTIRE SERIES????  I’m just going to have a headcanon in my mind that they never succeed but like why would the ze writers put that in???

what I really did not like:

Sigma & Diana’s relationship: Honestly, ?????????????????????????  What???????  Literally why??????????????  There were just so many things about this that were so bad???????????  The romance was contrived and so sudden.  It felt like there had been no build up of interest and placing it after Diana breaking down just felt so strange I was uncomfortable for the entire ending???  Like Sigma still had a 67 year old mind it was so creepy???  Sigma’s character was completely slaughtered in favor of keeping this weird romance alive????  Why did they have kids when they knew they’d only live for at most a month after they were born and not having any worries about just sending them back in time like that’s so stupid they had no idea what would happen to them?????  ANd people have said that it was cool to find out that Luna was modeled after Diana but that was literally revealed in the last game it’s not even a twist?????  The worst thing about it though was how it undermined Sigma and Phi’s relationship entirely…like they had such a cool platonic relationship in VLR that consisted of back and forth quips and weird sexual jokes and the bond they developed after jumping through time together and it was so good…but now?????  Some of the dialogue they have in VLR is now straight up incestuous and extremely unsettling I don’t know who thought this was a good idea????????  I’m so upset about this???????????????????

The last ¼ of the game: this pretty much entails D-End 2 and CDQ-end too.  I felt that the first ¾ were set up beautifully and it felt like there was still a lot to come after the first ~15 hours, which is when the major plot points began to move.  However, when I was at the ¾ point I felt like it should have been the ½ point if you understand what I mean?  Like the major things happen at ~15 hours in but by then you only have approximately 5 to go and it made a lot of the explanations feel rushed, failed to give closure on a lot of plot points, didn’t give us information that they really could have (remember how we got backstories for like everything in VLR????  haha good times), and straight up ignored points ZTD/the series as a whole set up (Kyle, All-ice, etc.).  I still think I can like the ending ultimately but there still seemed like there was so much more to see…Phi and Delta discussing their newfound sibling-hood??  Everyone confronting Mira about being a serial killer???  More about Aoi???  I honestly think that the majority of ZTD’s problems could have been resolved had there been a more ample budget and it didn’t try to cater so much to newcomers…but what can you do….

this got really long but yeah this is what I think and even with the bad I am so grateful that we were even able to play this game!!!  I’m so thankful to Uchi for the magic that the series created for me; ZE is truly special and it has been an incredible ride!!!


I had the privilege of seeing Starkid perform their hilarious and beautiful new musical ‘Firebringer’ last night! Seeing them live was everything I always dreamed it would be! I got to sit right in front of the stage with my significant other. Seeing all of the wonderful queer representation in this musical literally brought tears to my eyes and I couldn’t stop smiling. Thank you, Starkid, this meant the world to me.

In case you were looking for the lesbian feminist endorsement of Ghostbusters, here it is: it’s great. Go see it.

If you want to, while watching this film you can go really deep and ponder the ways in which it takes on male vs female rage, ideas about how we do or do not get credit for our work, and how this is basically a story of women who have learned to cope in the face of an often unfair world who are now taking on the task of cleaning up the mess of a man who refuses to learn to cope and instead is taking out his personal rage on all of humanity. Or else just watch Kate McKinnon destroy a bunch of ghosts.

Side note: watching an out lesbian weirdo steal the show in a huge summer blockbuster literally brought a tear to my eye. Bless you, KM. And bless all the girls who are going to dress as you for Halloween (maybe me).

Side side note: I asked the teenager at the concession stand if he had seen it yet.
Him: no.
Me: oh! You have to see it.
Him: the casting…
Me: yes…
Him: it’s not that it’s women…
Me: no, I get it, you hate women!
Him: …
Me: just teasing! *throws a handful of popcorn at mouth, mostly misses*

Basically, just go see Ghostbusters, you guys. The world is falling apart, but Ghostbusters is fun and dumb and great.

So I saw this and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I find it disgusting that in this day and age people are actually going to be having these conversations with their children. The police are there to serve and protect, not abuse and kill. My heart goes out to all families who have lost someone to the brutality of the police and I hope you all stay safe!

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holy fuck that lil speech was so inspirational that made me so happy like I know its just rping but for real that gave me HOPE

((I know. It literally brought tears to my eyes, it was so moving.))

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I know the group isn't like "officially" open and that it's like only been about 24 hours but can I just say I love it here so much? Like we literally already feel like a family? Everyone has been getting a plethora of memes (like i haven't seen one person who reblogged a ask box meme and not get some?) and not only that but everyone is so willing to plot? and i've not only sent out plotting messages but have also received some? like?? it already feels so homey here and it makes me so excited!

This honestly brought a tear to my eye. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this in the OOC blog in the past 24 hours - but I adore each and every one of you. The environment that’s been created here before roleplaying has even begun really shows me how far we can take this group together, and I cannot wait to see what kind of shenanigans these heathens can get into. I’m so excited to be writing with a group of wonderful writers and even more wonderful people.

i was walking around all day playing pokémon go and walking is something i don’t usually do lmao. while i was walking around i saw sooo many people playing pokémon go. met people at gyms and pokéstops. it literally almost brought tears to my eyes a few times seeing people smiling down at their phones as they swiped their fingers to throw pokéballs. i was extremely excited for pokémon go for a long time but i never even imagined it would be such a wonderful thing