this literally brings tears to my eyes every time

every single time I play t&t I am just BLOWN AWAY by how ridiculously not platonic edgeworth and phoenix’s relationship is. phoenix falls off a bridge and larry’s first instinct is to call edgeworth, who’s literally not even in the country and hasn’t been around for over a year. edgeworth doesn’t take the call seriously at all until larry mentions that phoenix is in the hospital and might be dead, in which case he flips a shit and charters a private jet to take him to america in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING NIGHT. he literally goes straight to phoenix’s bedside even though larry specifically tells him to go straight to the detention center and see iris, because edgeworth clearly doesn’t give a shit about iris and literally flew back to america with the single intention of making sure phoenix is okay. he then proceeds to pretend to be a fucking defense attorney for literally NO REASON except that phoenix asks him to, seeing as the case means nothing to him personally whatsoever. how can ANY OF THIS BE CONSIDERED HETEROSEXUAL BEHAVIOR BETWEEN TWO BROS SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW ANYONE IS SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE THAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS PLATONIC I MEAN “I LEAVE THE REST IN YOUR CAPABLE HANDS… PARTNER” WHAT THE HELL IM NOT CRYING YOU ARE