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“you’re really invested in your tv show/book/etc and i don’t think you understand how much your absentminded petting is getting to me but like hell am i gonna ask you to stop“ !!

Poe has a thing about his hair. Touch it and he purrs. Pet it, he melts. Pull it… well. Yeah. That’s… yeah. His hypersensitivity has never been an issue before. People who get close enough to get their hands all up in his curls are generally doing so with pretty specific intentions, and even if they’re not, they learn fast how the tide’s rolling. 

But then people aren’t Finn.

Finn who learns scary fast, but is still playing catch up when it comes to a lot of social cues, particularly those centred around touch. Poe has a feeling Finn might have been a tactile person anyway—takes one to know one—but growing up in an insulated body glove obviously hasn’t done him any favours. 

These days Finn touches everything - fingers tracing the gouges in the mess hall tables as he eats, palms pressing against the bark of the megaflora that surrounds the new base like he can feel the sap pumping if he concentrates hard enough. Poe finds it both endearing as hell and teeth-grittingly motivating during those missions he gets the First Order square in his crosshairs.

Finn’s not as physical with people yet — or at least not ones he doesn’t know well. Poe’s obviously not in that category though, which brings him back to his current predicament. 

Finn’s leaning back against the head of the bunk, a data pad propped on his knees as he reads something distracting enough that he hasn’t noticed what’s going on with Poe yet. Poe’s not really sure if that’s a blessing or a curse, to be honest. Because on the one hand, Poe probably looks a special kind of stupid right now, processor parts forgotten on the floor in front of him as he all but drools into his own lap. On the other, if Finn keeps this up too much longer, Poe’s libido is going to start knocking insistently on the situation and that’s… not ideal.

Because Finn’s his friend. Finn’s his friend who’s still learning what it means to have friends and Poe doesn’t want to fuck that up for him. Which means Finn’s deft fingers twisting through his hair and scratching lightly against his scalp is fast becoming A Problem.

Finn hums lightly behind him—a noise Poe’s come to associate with him reading something particularly interesting—and Poe has to bite his lip against humming for his own more inappropriate reasons as Finn’s fingers card through the closer cropped curls at the nape of his neck.

Poe clears his throat. Then has to try again when he almost whimpers instead. “Ah, buddy?”


Finn’s petting doesn’t even pause. Poe’s done nothing to deserve this sort of temptation.

“I’m ah… getting a little distracted down here.”


Finn’s touch halts but he doesn’t pull his hand back and Poe finds himself swallowing hard against the instinct to push back into Finn’s palm.

Finally Finn says, “In a good way or a bad way?”

And that’s… huh. Poe cranes his neck back to look up at Finn’s face and finds a soft smile waiting for him, Finn’s eyes amused and… knowing.

“Fuck,” Poe says. “Who told?”

Finn huffs a laugh, thumbing lightly behind Poe’s ear. “Jess.”

Of course it was Pava. Poe would be annoyed but the way Finn’s looking at him as he smooths his fingers back through his hair, he has a feeling he’s gonna end up buying her a cake.

Poe lets his eyes flutter shut as he feels Finn’s movements turn deliberate, fisting a grip at the back of his head and… yeah. Shit. Poe’s breath catches which is probably the only thing that saves him from flat out moaning.

“You should come up here,” Finn says, voice drawn tight and Poe would be relieved he’s not the only one affected here but he’s too busy giving himself over to Finn’s very nice, very competent hands.

“I should definitely come up there,” Poe says. He’s about to get right on that when Finn’s grip shifts and twists and Poe’s hips go rogue, bucking instinctively up and fuck, he’s hard, when did he get hard?

“Oh wow,” Finn says. “Jess wasn’t kidding.”

“I’m gonna kill her,” Poe says, strangled.

Finn laughs like he’s just so delighted and Poe would bask in the warmth of it but Finn’s also taken it upon himself to manhandle Poe up onto the standard-issue mattress, a move that makes an entirely different sort of heat suffuse Poe’s limbs.

Force, did Pava just write out an itemised list or something?

Poe finds himself flat on his back, Finn braced over him, grinning like Poe’s a new dessert he has yet to try. It puts Finn’s very nice shoulders in optimal clutching range and Poe isn’t going to shirk that opportunity, no sir.

“Hi,” Finn says softly and Poe realises he’s grinning so wide his cheeks hurt. Fuck he hasn’t felt this stupid for someone since…ever.

“Hi back.”

Finn dips down, mouth dizzyingly close and Poe very nearly whimpers when he stops just short of his lips, because fuck.

“I ah… you should probably know I have no idea what I’m doing,” Finn says, and ah, that answers that question then.

Poe slides his hands up to scritch through the hair where it’s growing out at the nape of Finn’s neck, easing the nervous tension the best way he knows how.

“Well,” Poe says, struggling to gather his thoughts in the face of Finn humming into his touch like a spoiled loth-cat, shit. “We can slow our roll a bit. Pull back and talk a few things through…”

“Or?” Finn says, dipping toward Poe’s mouth again like a faulty grav drive. The move brushes their noses together, something that probably shouldn’t make Poe’s toes curl but here they are.

“Or,” Poe swallows harshly against the instinct to just tip his chin up, turn things wet and hot and fast, but no - this is Finn’s show. This needs to be Finn’s show. “We can wing it. Do what feels right, speak up when something doesn’t…” 

Finn’s eyes snap back up to his at that and Poe very nearly chokes on the want behind the look. “You’ll show me how?”

Fuck. “Yeah,” Poe says, and he’s gonna need some sort of award for how steady his voice is here because seriously. “Yeah, I’ll show you how.”

The smile that slips across Finn’s features is like a sunrise, slow and syrup sharp. Poe wants to taste it. “We’re gonna do this.”

It’s not a question, but Poe answers it by meeting Finn’s mouth on a groan anyhow.

AOS Fic - In Darkness, part four

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In Darkness, part one

In Darkness, part two

In Darkness, part three

Fucking finally, guys. For @gracieminabox. Probably riddled with errors. Notes at the bottom.

Warnings - Angst, guys. For real. 

Bones is sleeping hard.

Jim’s been awake for a while now, at least an hour by his estimation. He doesn’t need his eyes to know that the sun’s risen; he’s been listening to the scattered birdsong that seems to universally accompany early mornings, and beyond that, there’s a subtle shift in the air, a taste, a feeling, something that Jim can’t quite put words to.

He’s getting antsy. He’s let Bones sleep in for as long as he dares, an unspoken apology for his acerbity yesterday, but Bones’ words keep echoing in his mind, and stumbling around in the dark is unsettling enough without dull ache in his eyes reminding Jim that his vision, his future, is on the line.

“I don’t know if I can fix it, Jim.”

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Make A Stark ~Part 4 - Robb Stark x Reader

Okay, so this part is… pretty crap. Not gonna lie. I am sorry guys and I’m sorry it took so long. 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

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“Where’s Robb?” You blinked wearily looking around your room only to find your handmaiden and no Robb,

“He had to attend to some business, my lady.” By the way she took a moment to reply you knew there was something wrong,

“He is in trouble with his father, isn’t he?” Your handmaiden looked down at her hands before nodding slightly,

“Not his father, my lady.” You sat up slightly, your head full of confusion,

“What do you mean?” the young girl hesitated again,

“There is to be a visitor to Winterfell, my lady, your father is to be here soon.” You sat bolt upright,

“Get me prepared to go out, now.”

“My lady, I do not think…”

“It would not be a good idea, (y/n).” Robb appeared at your door but you didn’t great him so lovingly,

“Why did you not tell me my father was riding here?”

“Leave us,” Robb spoke to the maid and she scurried out quickly as his relaxed mood changed bitterly, “you are not to see him when he arrives.”


“I believe he intends to take you home, I cannot have that my darling.” You looked at him sadly,

“I cannot defy my father Robb…”
“Yes you can,” he strode over to you as you stood and went to gaze out of the window again, resting his hands on your waist with a sigh, “he is a manipulative abusive man and l don’t want to live without you. I

can’t.“ He spun you around in his arms and pulled you closer to him, embracing you carefully and resting his head on yours but you were preoccupied, you didn’t wrap your arms around his this time. You couldn’t hold anyone, you were too busy holding a grudge against your father.

It was hours before your father and his men rode into Winterfell and you had since changed for the first time in days. You watched as he paraded himself around the Starks as they stood proud in the courtyard, Robb had demanded that you stay in your room but he said nothing about watching. You could see your second eldest brother with him, he was the best of your brothers but hid it well, he used to show you a little kindness when you were back at home and you hoped that it would remain that way. You watched as your father dismounted, closely followed by your brother, and greeted Ned harshly completely ignoring Lady Stark and walking away sternly with Lord Stark - Robb following quickly. You were startled away from your door by a knock, you already knew who it was, “Alix, it’s been a while.”

“(y/n).” Even now he kept his distance from you, it seemed like too much time without you around had made him more alike to your brothers.

“What do you and father want here?” you demanded,

“Lovely to see you too dear sister” he laughed,

“I am not messing around, what do you want?”

“Well, father was planning on taking you home and marrying you off to some lord but now you have disgraced yourself no one will have you.” he mocked and seemed to snigger, he wasn’t the brother you knew,

“What has happened to you?”
“To me? I am not the one giving themselves to every lord you see,”
“I haven’t given anything to anyone, I was sick, Alix! I was ill and Robb helped me. That is all that happened.”  Alix looked at you for a moment before his smirk fell from his face,

“You’re being serious? Nothing happened?”

“No! Nothing happened and now my reputation is ruined and like you said no one will have me. I’ll be some spinster disowned by father.” You raked your hands through your hair, “What is father saying to Robb, to Lord Stark?”

“I don’t know…” you both looked at each other in a slight panic before you heard shouting coming from the courtyard outside.

You bolted to the window looking out to see Robb a fingertip away from your father as he screamed bloody murder. You looked back at your brother dangerously before grabbing your furs and running from the room.

“Father!” you stormed towards him, not caring who was looking, “What in the whole of Westeros do you think you are doing?” You stood between Robb and your father almost protectively as if you were shielding him from your fathers sharp tongue and fast sword.

“I send you here as a respectable girl and yet you whore yourself out to northern boys.” He spat.  His words and you could almost feel Robb tense behind you, “All you women are the same. Whores”  Robb moved to stand before you instead seeming to stand taller as the young wolf protected you,

“How dare you speak to her like that, this ‘woman’ is more respectable than you will ever be.”

“I was right to get rid of your mother after she had you, wish I had done the same with you” your father’s snarl was one you were used to but his words never failed to hurt you.

“You need to learn to keep your mouth shut” Robb’s fists clenched firmly at his sides and you reached forward resting your hand on his arm to attempt to calm him, ignoring the way your father glared at the action,

“And you are any better? Using whores to keep you company - just like your father I wouldn’t be surprised if she carried a bastard just like your brother.” Robb snapped and landed a firm punch to his face, probably sapping your father’s nose and sending him to the floor. All you could do was watch.

She is your daughter and she is just as innocent as when you sent her here. I know you don’t know what it feels or looks like to care for and look after a woman but I do,” Robb placed another swift punch to your fathers face and you watched on silently, you had never had this kind of protection from anyone in your life and you had never felt your heart swell so much. With one final punch Robb spoke again, “And that was for my brother.” He spat before walking to you again, wrapping his arm around you once again,

“My darling, are you okay?” You simply looked up at him remaining silent. It was rare for anyone to see Robb in that way and although you admired his strength and adored the way he cared for you, it scared you.

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Malia- You Already Are

Request-  Hi Hun! Can I request a Malia x fem reader where The reader is a kitsune (so a fox and a wolf) and the reader is actually super cute and adorable and Malia is super protective over her. And then between home stress(her parents don’t know about her supernatural) and school and everything she just has a meltdown in school (with powers going wack too) and malia helps her and they go home and cuddle. Idk just kinda cute :) and I love maliaaa

A/N- Same. Malia is my everything. She’s come so far and I really love writing for her character. Enjoy! 

“Psst. Hey, Y/n,” Malia hissed. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” you whispered softly, glancing back at your girlfriend, who was sitting behind you. You loved Malia, but she had a tendency to not hold anything back. You on the other hand, you weren’t so forthcoming with information, but Malia had a feeling she knew what this was about.
You had been upset ever since Kira had left, and it wasn’t just because she had been both you and Malia’s best friend. She had been the only other kitsune you knew, and since you were adopted as a baby, your parents had no idea what you were. You couldn’t even get in contact with your real ones because it was a closed adoption, and without Kira and her parents to help you figure everything out, you felt incredibly alone.
You and Kira had managed to figure out that you were a wind kitsune sometime during the mess with the Nogitsune. He had been searching for other kitsunes in the area, trying to find someone who was willing to help him cause chaos. You had no idea how he had found you, just that he had showed up in the dark school parking lot after one of your tutoring sessions.
You had been completely alone, but terrified by this dead-eyed boy that you somehow knew wasn’t human, at least not entirely. When your fear caused an enormous gust of wind to send him flying backward into one of the streetlights, you had a sneaking suspicion that it had come from you.
It wasn’t long until you had run into Kira, who had been sent to you by her mother and father. Apparently, during one of the times he threatened her, the Void spirit had bragged to Mrs. Yukimura about having another kitsune at his disposal. He shouldn’t have counted his chickens.
When they quickly learned you weren’t on his side and that you barely had any idea what you were, they immediately brought you into the fold. You quickly learned about kitsunes, werewolves, hunters, and every other charming trait that Beacon Hills had to offer. It wasn’t as bad as it had originally seemed and, through the pack, you had met Malia.
Her brash, confident attitude immediately drew you to her, despite your tendency to hold your tongue. Malia was completely different from you, but she had never failed to stand up for you, even over something small. Yes, she could be a little protective. That much was evident at the short growls she let out when she caught someone trying to flirt with you, but you knew she loved you.
That was why she was bugging you now, her persistent voice soft in your ear as you struggled to scribble down your text analysis. She was just worried.
With the stress of dealing with your abilities on your own and the fact that you didn’t really have anyone to go to for help, you had been pretty stressed. That, coupled with the guilt you felt because Kira had been the kitsune affected by the Dread Doctors and not you, seemed to be enough to send you over the edge. You were nervous all the time, constantly fearing that you would hurt someone else. No one seemed to be able to console, except for Malia…usually.
“Y/n, come on,” she whispered. “I know something’s wrong. You smell like fear and anxiety. And I love you, but it reeks.”
“I can’t do this,” you said quietly. “I don’t know anything about…what I am. What if I can’t control it? What if I hurt someone?”
“You won’t,” Malia insisted.
“You can’t know that!” you protested.
“Y/n, Malia?” your teacher, Ms. Flynn asked, raising her eyebrows from the front of the room. “Do I need to separate you?”
“No, Ma’am,” Malia answered quickly. “Y/n just wasn’t feeling well.”
“Is that so?” the woman asked. “Well, then maybe she would be better off going to the nurse instead of chitchatting. Would you like the hall pass, Y/n?”
You nodded quickly, rising from your seat. Malia quickly jumped up to follow you, but Ms. Flynn held up her hand. “Hold it. I said Y/n could go, not you, Malia.”
“I…I feel like I’m going to pass out,” you lied. “Could she please come with me?”
Ms. Flynn scoffed. “Nice try girls.”
You looked around and noticed that everyone was looking at you. You swallowed thickly, hating that you and Malia had drawn the attention of everyone in the room. Your heart seemed to thump louder in your chest and before you realized what was happening, the wind started to whip outside. The few trees below the school started swaying in the wind, twisting and shaking.
Malia looked at you, her eyes wide as Ms. Flynn and the rest of your class gazed out the window.
“Woah,” a girl said from the back of the class. “It was not like that five minutes ago.”
“Hm,” Ms. Flynn remarked. “There was no storm in the forecast. Either way, it can’t touch us in here. Get back to wor-”
Before she could finish her sentence, the windows were blown open. Half the class screamed as hair, pencils, and paper went flying. Ms. Flynn ran over to the windows, attempting to close them, but the wind was too strong.
Malia stared at you in shock, mouthing “What are you doing?”
You shook your head helplessly, stumbling back as your hair blew out from your face. You didn’t know what was happening, just that it was your fault.
Leaves fluttered in from outside as various things were blown about the room, and Ms. Flynn yelled for everyone to get under their desks. Malia pulled you under one quickly, wrapping her arms around you and whispering in your ear as you tightly shut your eyes.
“It’s okay,” she murmured. “Calm down, Y/n. I know you can do this. I know you have control. I’ve seen it.”
“I can’t,” you mumbled into her shirt.
“The hell you can’t,” she hissed. “I’ve seen you save people, Y/n. I’ve seen you protect me and yourself. So what if Kira left? You don’t need her here to show you how strong you can be. You already know. You already are.”
At the sound of Malia’s soft voice in your ears, you found yourself calming down. All the tension that had been building up inside you for the past few days subsided. You realized she was right. Slowly, the wind began to calm down and everything that had been swept around dropped to the floor.
Kids slowly began to creep from their desks and Malia helped you out from under the one that had sheltered you. The second you stood up, a wave of dizziness hit you, and you were listing off your feet.
“Woah,” she grunted, catching you just before your head could connect with the wood of a desk. “Ms. Flynn, can I please take her to the nurse?”
Malia’s tone was angry and dangerous, and you were certain that even if the class hadn’t just suffered from a spontaneous windstorm, Ms. Flynn still would have been unsettled enough to let you both leave.
The woman cleared her throat. “Of-of course, girls. Everyone else, back in their seats.”
Malia quickly shoved both of your things into your backpacks and tossed the two of them on her shoulders. Then she wrapped her arm around your waist and ushered you out of the classroom.
“Thank you,” you told her as the door shut behind you.
“You’re welcome,” she told you firmly, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “We have to find someone who can help you. I’ll do it myself if I have to.”
“Do you mean that?” you asked, looking up at her with wide eyes.
At your question, Malia turned her face toward you and looked into your eyes with fierce determination. “Of course.”
In seconds, she was leaning down and pressing her lips against yours in a kiss that told you that you would never have a reason to doubt her. She kept her hands on your waist to keep you steady until she finally pulled away. When she did, it left you slightly lightheaded, but that had nothing to do with your energy-sapping powers. That time was all her.
“Come on,” she told you, a small hint of a smile on her face as she led you back down the hall. “I’m taking you home.”
“We can’t just leave,” you protested.
“Says who?” Malia asked you. “You deserve it, Y/n. I’m taking you home whether you like it or not, and I’m going make you hot chocolate, or whatever you want, and we’re just gonna chill, okay?”
You felt your chest constrict at Malia’s words. She had no idea how much they meant to you, how much she meant to you after everything that had happened. She had been right in that classroom, because maybe Kira was gone, but you knew you could figure this out on your own, as long as you had Malia.
You simply nodded at her as she stood in the hall, knowing you couldn’t express how much you loved her in that one simple gesture. You might have been quiet, but she didn’t mind. You didn’t have to tell her how you felt; she could sense it. So she simply tightened her arm around you and led you back down the hall, looking forward to her night with you.

New Year’s Kiss

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Y/N L/N (Reader)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader bring in the new year with a classic song and the start of something new.

Word Count: 1784 (lyrics included)

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Hey guys!!! For the record, I hate doing crap on my mobile because I get frustrated. Never again. IMPORTANT: I wanted to do Kari’s aka @thing-you-do-with-that-thing New Years Quickie Challenge and I picked Dean x Reader and First Kiss. I also used one of my favorite Elton John songs The Way You Look Tonight. I hope you guys like this!! *hides face*

Originally posted by asapineapple

We never brought in the New Year with a bang.

It was usually a night in at the motel with both Sam and Dean, two bottles of Jack and embarrassing confessions that were put on blast the next day while having breakfast at the diner across the street.

Tonight was different. I could feel it.

And as Dean drove Sam and I to a local bar to bring the new year in, I couldn’t help but notice the way Dean looked at me. Green eyes stared at me through the rear view mirror longer than usual, and other times, this would have made me uneasy, but not tonight.

It actually felt good to be looked like that by Dean.

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Ultimate Jasico Fic Recs - 2015

This is a masterlist of Jasico fics that I’ve hunted down over the past year. 

  • I’ve intentionally left out the most famous Jasico fics because I mean to help people find new fic. (there are still some popular ones in here though)
  • All fics are published before Jan. 1, 2016. That includes fics published before 2015.
  • Everything is from ao3 because 1) it’s less likely to be lost or deleted than fic on Tumblr, and 2) I did not want to wade through
  • All of the fics on this list are complete
  • I’ve also used my own tags for these fics. Importantly, in my tags t/w stands for “triggers OR warnings”.
  • More info about tagging is here, which may be helpful to read.
  • If you’re pressed for time, here’s the quick version

I’ve strived to make this as complete as possible, but if there are any fics that you think deserve to be here, or there are any issues with the tags, please message me!

Fics are under the cut.

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Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 11: Temperate Forests

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypotheticalthinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found inthe world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.” 

For my eleventh Pokémon in our Biomes post, I will be focusing on the temperate forest biome. Although I already did a post on boreal forests, or taiga forests that are mostly made up of coniferous trees, temperate forests are found throughout Western and Central Europe, Eastern Asia, and the Eastern United States, and have mostly deciduous trees, or broad-leafed trees that will lose their leaves each winter. Unlike taiga forests, temperate forests have a very thick and rich layer of soil, which is due to the abundant rainfall and wide variety of plant life. Temperate forests have more distinct and even seasons, and don’t have to spend most of the year in a cold winter spell. This allows for certain plants and animals that would for lack of a better term be less adapt to more Northern climates.

Being born and raised in Northern Ontario, there is an unprecedented beauty when the fall rolls around. Although most of the area around my hometown is surrounded by taiga forests, there are quite a few temperate forest areas, particularly around the lakes around town.  This mixture of different forests allows for a huge amount of wildlife, and I have seen in person wild moose, lynx, owls, rabbits, and the list goes on. Although I haven’t seen wild wolves (yet), I used to do wolf calls at my grandparent’s place and sure enough they would howl back.

Temperate forests are a pretty easy place to live. Although many mammals and birds need to either migrate or hibernate for the winter months, the summers are very warm and pleasant. Because of the amount of rainfall, there are many freshwater bodies that are associated with temperate forests. I imagine that in the anime, this is generally the type of forest that Ash and his friends travel through. This post may have to be made in two parts.

Let’s get started!

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5 Things I Learned RPing in MMOs (Or “What I’d Submit to as an Article”)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the parlance, I’ll give you a quick crash course. “RPing” is role-playing, or pretending to be an elf in a land that’s only slightly more magical than your local Ren Faire. (At least the Ren Faire has turkey legs you can eat.) And “MMOs” are massive-multiplayer online" games. The best known is, of course, World of Warcraft, but the popularity has really picked up speed in the past decade. Playing an MMO is pretty much mainstream, and gaming companies love it, especially if they have a subscription-based game. Role-playing in it, however, is a little different. I’ve RP’d in Guild Wars 2 for four years now, after a year in WoW and 2 years in Neverwinter Nights (oh, those days of nostalgia) and I’m still going strong.

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I think you’re the third person to ask me that today, haha. Here are some of my scattered thoughts, borrowed and expounded upon from different instances I’ve discussed this today.

The Book 3 finale? It was OK. It was very FUN, and I loved a lot of the scenery and the music. The fight scenes were neat, and I enjoyed the melancholic ending with Korra really being out of sorts. It sets up what could be a potentially intriguing Book 4, but given how Books 2 and 3 dismissed the intriguing set-up they had almost immediately…I’m not getting my hopes up. Book 3 was entertaining, but I feel emotionally empty, apathetic – like even the last few minutes were there specifically to force an emotional reaction out of me, like so many other aspects of LoK. It’s like an old friend trying to guilt trip you or emotionally manipulate you into paying attention to them. A good friend of mine made that metaphor about her feelings with LoK and it really opened my eyes to why it rubs me the wrong way a lot of the time – it feels like the themes, messages, and character development get tossed aside in favor of the writing trying to manipulate the emotions of the audience. That can be entertaining, sure, but it can leave you feeling empty and uncaring after all is said and done, and I guess that’s where I’m at.

We got a ton of NOTHING as far as explanations are concerned. The Red Lotus is now just a typical “Illuminati” villain group that could spring at any moment, given them a cheap way of suddenly introducing shock-twisty villains. The rise of random-ass people becoming airbenders is also essentially dismissed. There’s no reasonable explanation at all, not even an ATTEMPT at explanation. Tenzin literally uses the word “somehow.” We might as well have added “because of reasons.” I’m not a fan of seeing Aang and Katara and Tenzin’s legacy to grow Air Nation culture (which was complex and interesting with the Air Acolyte dynamic) reduced to “Super Squad Airbending Heroes” without even an explanation for why they EXIST (and Harmonic Convergence/Portals isn’t an explanation, because neither of those have actually been explained, either). It could’ve been something as simple as “The world is trying to self-correct its own elemental imbalance” or something, but…nope. Nothing. Because in LoK the reasons or the consequences don’t matter – all that matters is “Are we making the audience feel X or Y at a specific moment?”

Book 3 concluded with many of the same unfortunate plot devices that plagued Book 2 and even 1 in the thematic sense: Korra was captured/defeated, and someone else bailed her out (again). I’m so damned sick of the MAIN CHARACTER of this show not ever getting the chance to shine, to save herself in a way that’s rewarding and not reliant on punching shit.

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For @jinglegavins :)

Klavier bought the ring on a Saturday. It was warm out, breezy, without a cloud in the sky. The bag in his hand was no bigger than a paperback novel, but it felt like the heaviest thing he’d ever carried to his car.

He’d decided on the “what” - a proposal, of course. Now all that remained was deciding on the “when,” and more importantly the “how.”

He couldn’t wait a second longer after he’d gotten to his car, and he pulled the box out after he’d sat in the driver’s seat. The navy velvet was soft against his palm, and he cradled it reverently for a moment before taking out his cell phone and pulling up Apollo’s name in the contacts. 

“Schatzi,” he said with a grin when a familiar voice answered. “What do you say you join me for dinner tonight?”

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my art / writing trade with sfheibai  ~<3 check out her highschool au art.

“Hello, cupcake…” the rough, smoky voice of the clique’s leader echoed through the halls. Dell swallowed his nervousness down, before he turned his attention to the man in front of him that had been his walking nightmare for the last three years.
“G'day, Jane.”

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Summary: When Jude fell for him, Connor Stevens was just a minor league baseball player with major dreams of making it to the big leagues. Through all the struggles of trying to get his chance, Jude was there. But the day when Connor finally makes it is when things start changing. Finally, when their relationship is forced into secrecy, can they survive, or will Connor’s big break, break them?

A/N: Hey, here’s Chapter 2 :) I have to warn you that this story might go a little slow…there very well could be 5-8 chapters before we really hit where the summary begins. But I’m sure you guys won’t mind, because in the meantime it’ll be pretty cute/fluffy. Enjoy!

Find all previous chapters here!

Chapter 2

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anonymous asked:

*slides in* u got any good/cute pynch fic recs besides the fantastic ones u wrote? 0u0

LISTEN IM SMILING SO MUCH THANK YOU THAT’S VERY SWEET OF YOU!! <3 I’m glad you liked my pynch stuff! Can I know which you liked best? Just so I know which style seemed to go well for you!

As for cute pynch fics!! Okay here we go~! (They’re mostly ao3 links, but there are a couple on tumblr and stuff, so you can reblog them if you want!)

Adapting by @sergeantjane

Gangsey, super cute, no spoilers for the last book and it’s not… just pynch either. It genuinely makes me laugh and is so sweet! I have read this multiple times because I love it so much and it always makes me smile!

miraculous by @softkings

Listen… it’s really cute and the kiss holy crap I… Look, I commented on that one and it’s at the very bottom if you really wanna know what I thought of it. It’s a brilliant fic, so sweet and the kiss took my breath away!

Something other than a dream by @lostgansey

There was something very sacred and soft about this fic. It’s relaxing, but it’s relaxing in the way that it feels uncanny. Like… you feel both at home and comfortable, and you feel like youre experiencing something so new. I guess, you feel like Ronan Lynch kissing Adam Parrish ;) (Also, not always fluff, but Estrella’s writing is very emotive so check that out but like… you will cry real tears if you are a sap like I am)

To Love (and be loved in return) by @grcywrn

I’m such a sucker for soulmate AUs okay, and I also just REALLY love it when characters realise just how worthy of love they are. Also, it’s really cool because it’s not just a romantic soulmate identifying mark either… guess you’ll have to read to find out ;) (Also whilst you’re there, I suggest reading Courtney’s other pynch stuff because they’re really cute too!!)

Playing dumb by @stubbornjerk​ (again :’) )

If you read Playing Cards which I recced earlier, you’re going to love this one too! Just trust me on it haha it’s BRILLIANT

Hershey’s and other kisses by @delcanlynch

The concept is exactly what you think it is, and it is just SO SO CUTE I swear I love it and it’s as toothrottingly sweet as hershey’s itself!

Something to celebrate (AO3 link) by klainderful (I can tag them for some reason)

Okay so this was NOT what I expected but it is one of the sweetest things and it is just… so deserving of all the love okay! And wow it’s just brilliant!

With Quiet words I’ll lead you in by @greywarenmagic

So this one was one of the first ones I’ve read and I often rec it because it’s just… it’s a great one to show just how pynch, at the end of the day, are just teenage boys messing around and it’s a bit more than just cute/fluff stuff (It’s still a brilliant ending and all dw!) but it is magical and lovely and you’ll be left with the feeling of something more and it is great. I love this one so much. Also it’s like 20k and who doesn’t love long fics? 

let’s get together before we get much older by @raetxt

probably one of the more well known pynch fics around, but it is just wonderful and so emotive and also it’s just like… everything you could have ever asked for in this kind of AU. Captures them perfectly and I love it! There are just SO many feelings in this and I’m aslfdkgjlkj

Ad Meliora by @ncahczerny

I actually haven’t actually finished this, because I think I had exams (I’m on the penultimate chapter) but this was that fic that I got really excited about each time I saw there was an update! It’s honestly just so great with all the gangsey in it and it’s complete and multichaptered and everything is wonderful what more could you ask for? Nothing, honestly.

accidents by @lady-gryffindor

This is ridiculously cute okay. Not even ridiculous but it has one of my favourite kind of tropes in there and it’s GREAT and I smiled SO much when I first read it, and then I read it again and it really cheered me up when I read it! loveeee it lots~! Please please read this it’s an AU and it’s short and sweet and perfect~


since you’ve been gone, see what you have become by @eggsac

okay technically not primarily pynch but LISTEN THIS IS A BLESSING TO THE FANDOM BUT IT HAS SPOILERS FOR THE LAST BOOK but basically it is declan lynch and a certain magical child. And I love Declan Lynch with all my heart okay…


asldkfjaslkdfj there are MORE but I can’t find them rn I have such a disorganised AO3 I stg and I like so many things but I’ve yet to queue them I am terrible like that. And keep in mind this is like… only really fluffy ones I can think of, because there are other great angst and hurt/comfort-y ones out there too and adventures and ahhhh!!

But I hope this is a good list for now and I’m sorry that this took a while!!

Happy reading! <3

Copycat: Part IV

Prompt:  can you write a fic where in the reader try to steal the baby from dean?  (Yes. Baby. The Baby.)

Word count: 3,709

Warnings: none for this part, I don’t think

Author’s Note: WE GET SOME DEAN POV! (I question my life choices based on the things that make me excited) What do you think of a part 5? :O  let me know what you think?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Moving Day

Anon prompted: Kurt sitting on the kitchen counter with Blaine in between hi legs and they’re just having a really normal married couple conversation!

Kurt and Blaine are moving into their New York apartment.  While they’re waiting on their dinner to arrive, they stand around in their kitchen talking about New York and their futures.

1022 words.  Rated: G

It had been a long day for Kurt and Blaine.  They had spent their day unpacking box after box and putting together random pieces of furniture.  It was their first night in their new apartment after returning to New York, and they had been determined to spend the night in a fairly clean apartment and on a bed instead of the floor with boxes scattered throughout the place.  Shortly after lunch, once furniture had been put together, Kurt and Blaine split up the task of unboxing all of their belongings and putting them in their designated homes.  They made the agreement to each tackle different rooms in their apartment and to meet back up in the kitchen that evening to decide what to do about dinner.

“How about Chinese?” Kurt said, looking through some of the take-out menus sitting on their new dining room table after he had finished unpacking his half of the boxes.  

Blaine was right behind him walking into the kitchen.  “Chinese sounds good to me,” Blaine agreed.  He picked up the menu that Kurt slid across the table towards him and looked through the list of entrees to decide on what he wanted.  “What do you want?”

Kurt smiled over at Blaine as he picked up one of the boxes labeled “cutlery” and began putting away the silverware.  “Just pick something.  Surprise me.”

Blaine laughed as he took the menu and stepped out of the kitchen to call the Chinese restaurant down the street.  Kurt finished putting away the silverware and had started on a box of different cooking utensils when Blaine re-entered the kitchen.

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Good Feelings

A/N So here is my entry for NaLu day! Little bit late in the day…but I really wanted to try it!
So here is my first ever attempt at a NaLu fan fiction!(based on a prompt from this list. And let me say…this made me fall in love with the ship even more!! :)

Big thanks to comewhatanime again for reading it over for me first! Truly, Thanks Britt!


Lucy glanced at her watch.




She let out a heavy sigh. Her date was suppose to meet up with her at 5:45 to catch the 6:00 showing of Jurassic World. Yet, here she stood, 15 minutes past the designated movie time and 30 minutes past the time her date had agreed to meet her.

I guess he decided there were better things to do

To make matters worse, it started to rain. As she turned to return the way she came, she noticed a peculiar man cursing at his phone. Thinking he might need some help, she walked up to him to offer her assistance.

“Hey, are you alright sir? Is there anything I can-”

“DAMN IT!” Lucy jumped back, startled by his outburst. She took a closer look at the man through the rain that grew heavier by the minute. He had an alarming shade of pink hair that spiked out in every direction. He was quite tan and rather built if Lucy dared to say so. His striking features were even more amplified by the furious expression he currently wore on his face. 

While these thoughts ran through her head, the angry man looked up at her in confusion.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I was just—you’re shivering! What are you even doing out in this rain?” Lucy realized she was, as he had said, shivering from the wet clothes that had started to cling to her.

“I didn’t even notice…I was on my home anyway.” But before she could turn around to leave, the man grabbed her arm and pulled her into the theater.

“There! Much warmer in here. What were you doing out there anyway?”

Lucy gaped at him. “Well what were you doing out there!” 

The man scoffed at her as some of his previous anger returned to his face.

“I was waiting for my date to show up, but apparently she had something better to do! And she couldn’t even bother sending me a message before I sat here and waited for 25 minutes!”

“…at least your date notified you of their decision.” Lucy looked away with the look of rejection in her eyes 

“Wait, you’re saying your date stood you up too?!” What a jerk!” Lucy smiled at that, pleased that someone shared her opinion.

“My name is Natsu, by the way. What’s yours?  Since we are swapping sap stories now.” The man, she knew as Natsu now, chuckled. Lucy felt something warm bubble up from her chest. He has a nice laugh. Wait! What am I thinking? I just met the guy!

“So are you going to tell me your name or continue fighting with yourself on whatever issue you are thinking of?” Natsu laughed again.

The warm feeling returned as well as a soft blush that crept onto her face.


“Alright then Lucy. It’s decided!” Natsu stood up from his spot with determination as Lucy looked at him in confusion.

“What? What’s decided? Whoa-where are you taking me now?” Natsu had removed her from her spot and dragged her to the counter.

“Since both of our dates couldn’t be bothered with us, screw them! Let’s go see a movie together instead!” Natsu looked quite proud of his decision while Lucy still looked baffled, but…

There it was again. That feeling.

Lucy snapped out of thoughts in time to hear Natsu say, “Two tickets for Jurassic World please!”

“How did you know that’s the movie I was going to see?”

“Considering the fact it just came out today, its not that hard of a leap.”

Oh..right. Way to go Lucy. Now he thinks you’re some moron.

“Oi! Earth to Lucy! Is it that fun to argue with yourself?” Lucy blushed at that, shoving down the feelings that threatened to emerge again.

“You go get us a seat! And I will buy some popcorn.” 

Lucy was walking away before Natsu had a chance to argue, but she thought she heard a quiet, ‘Yes ma’am’ from her new pink-haired friend. She stopped.

Since when did I consider him my friend? 

She ran to the proper showing room and tried to spot Natsu in the already dark room. Despite the lack of light, it wasn’t hard to find him. She sat next to him and checked her watch-6:25 

Did I miss anything?”

“Nah, you know they play ads for like 30 minutes. In fact you’re just in time! Looks like the movie’s starting!”

It became darker in the theater and Lucy took this chance to study Natsu more. His childlike expression made her laugh. Quite the opposite from the angry expression she had first seen. This expression fit him much better.

“…dinosaurs?” Lucy blinked, realizing she missed the question. “Pardon?”

“I said are you a fan of dinosaurs?”

“Of course! I have been waiting for this movie for a long time!”

“Oh? I didn’t have you pegged for a dinosaur girl.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Now shush I am trying to watch this man be torn limb from limb!” Natsu laughed at her excited expression before settling in with the popcorn and enjoying the scene-both the one in front of him and the girl sitting next to him.


“That was awesome! When those raptors helped out! But then they died, and I never expected to be upset over them! The movie had me rooting for raptors!” Lucy spluttered on and on about the film while Natsu walked next to her, laughing silently about her antics.

“I couldn’t believe people actually thought that system was going to work? Did they learn nothing from the previous movies? And when they-“ Suddenly Lucy was spun around to find her lips meeting Natsu in a soft kiss. The pair stayed like that a moment before they both pulled away.

The reoccurring blush had come back to Lucy’s face as she looked up at Natsu in bewilderment. Natsu smiled down at her before grabbing her hand and walking forward 

“Hey, hey, hey, where are we going?! And y-you-“ Lucy tripped over her words while trying not to trip over her feet.

“ I think you’re cute.” Lucy stopped abruptly, forgetting she was currently linked to the fast moving pink-haired man in front of her and was pulled forward. “What?”

“I said I think you’re cute. Or do you need to have a debate in your head over it first to process that information?”

Lucy attempted to control the butterflies in her chest, along with the warm feeling rising up. This man…

“I’m glad our dates ditched us.” Lucy laughed at that, still walking hand-in-hand.

“Yeah, me too.”

Adoribull - “Perfection”

This prompt is from like LAST SUMMER I’m sorry friend lol. <33

[more prompts]


“No no no, that simply won’t do!” Dorian shooed the flowers away before they could enter the scene.

The florist adjusted his grip on the hourglass vase with an annoyed huff that he tried to mask as a grunt from exerting himself. “Seriously?”

“The composition is all wrong; it will clash with the tapestries.”

“Right…” Bull sighed, setting down the sixth flower arrangement he’d brought in that day.

There was nothing inherently wrong with it. Most customers loved the colorful assortment of lilies, bursting forth from every direction like fireworks suspended in midair, but Dorian wasn’t just any customer. He had hired Bull’s floral shop, Dawnstone Garden, on many occasions to add a bit of life and color to his own grandiose interior designs. The current client was Skyhold Hotels, who were in the process of building another string of luxurious locations, this time all throughout Fereldan, now that the economy had been picking back up. The CEO herself refuses to ask anyone other than Dorian Pavus of Pavus Interiors to decorate her chains, and so, almost by default, the team from Dawnstone tags along for the ride. Whether it had anything to do with the fact that the owners of said businesses had been dating for the past two years was never touched upon.

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probably the most self-indulgent tales of graces tl;dr i will ever write

I need to talk about Tales of Graces. Not for any reason other than I just feel like talking about it: why I love it and what I think is so great about it. It’s my favorite game in the Tales series, and quite honestly, has taken the helm of being my favorite game of all time. And that’s saying a lot, because I’ve well-broken the 1500 mark on owned games, and have played many I don’t own.

I love this game. I love it dearly, because I believe there’s a lot to love about it. It’s imperfect at every turn, is very noticeably flawed in a lot of places, but there’s something that’s special about this game despite that. It’s kind of hard to be a big Graces fan in the overarching Tales fandom, because at every turn, someone seems to berate it. 

And that’s a shame, really. All of the Tales games have their merits, but they also have an equal amount of pitfalls, just like Graces does. I could talk at length about them, but I won’t. The fact that they exist means that Graces isn’t alone in its flaws, and I think the game takes way too much flack, sometimes in areas that seem undeserved or would be given a pass in a different game. I won’t dwell too much on it, because I really just want to talk about all the things I love and that I think are worth playing this game over and over again for. I have a lot of reasons. And a lot to say.

A lot. I’m sorry. If you read all of this, you deserve an award. And some King Richard fruit snacks. And maybe some Gaius dumplings imported straight out the Kanbalar in my PS3. And curry. Of course. Mabo curry for everyone.

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