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Little Violence- Michael Clifford

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“So get the fuck back, I said I’m stealing rock back, so take off with your snapback before you get knocked flat!!!” -Little Violence, Waterparks

(In case you couldn’t tell I LOVE the band waterparks so go check them out!)

Sorry this took so long Anon!! I hope you like it! Also this is basically the last of my list for requests, so send me some things!! PLEASE!!

“Excuse me?!” You screamed.

“You’re just a pathetic bitch Y/n and everyone knows it!” Your archnemesis Christina said, a smug smirk on her face. Funny how just a few years ago she used to be your best friend. And now…well know you were punching that grin right off her face.

Christina screamed, grabbing her jaw, and lunging after you. You both were a mess of punches, kicks, hair pulling, and screaming. Right in the middle of the school hallway. Soon the crowd around you both doubled, everyone cheering on the girl fight. You had the advantage, finally knocking her down to the floor. You climbed on top of her and started punching, and punching, and punching. By now all you could see was red. Your anger turning everything you saw a deep red.

The bitch thing was the last straw. On an ordinary basis you could care less, and often embraced the nickname of bitch. But you and Christina had deep history. You both were childhood best friends, attached at the hip and doing literally everything together. Then things changed. She got into a different crowd, and so did you. She got into lip gloss and terrorizing people, you found music and met Michael, who you were convinced was the love of your life. It helped that he played music too, even was part of a band, still in their youtube cover days of course.

You both tried to maintain a relationship, but eventually it became clear you both were too different. Eventually you both quit speaking to each other, ignoring and avoiding the other. Then somehow you both began to hate the other. You hated the way she would treat people, and often told her off for it, practically all the time. She hated how you stood up to her, believing in her twisted head she was above everything. She did everything in her power to make your life a living hell, constant pranks, public embarrassments, at one point getting you detention for a whole month.

You finally snapped when she made it seem like everything that went down between you both was completely your fault. Then she called you a bitch, and well that’s how you ended up here…

Even when you heard the sound of some teacher’s whistle and felt arms around your waist, pulling you off of Christina, you didn’t stop swinging.

“Y/n!! Y/n!! Hey!! HEY!!” Michael said, putting your arms at your side. “It’s me! Don’t hit me!”

“Michael?” You asked, the red haze beginning to fade, your boyfriend’s face coming clear in front of you.

“Hey…you ok?”

“Ya….I….ugh….Christina-” You said turning towards her, reading to lunge at her again

“Ya I know. Hey it’s ok. Calm down. But are you sure you’re okay? You’re bruised like crazy and your cheek is bleeding…” Michael said, pulling you back.

“Really?” You said, pulling your hand to your face. Sure enough there was blood. Funny, since you didn’t feel anything, at least not yet. You weren’t looking forward to when the adrenaline wore off.

“Although I guess I should be lucky I have you as my girlfriend, because Christina over there is far worse…”

You turned to follow his gaze, seeing your former best friend with a busted lip and a black eye already forming. The school nurse was helping her up, since she was clearly in a lot of pain. You almost felt bad, then she saw you staring and flipped you off. That bitch deserved everything she got.

“That bitch. Ugh! I could hit her again!”

“Hey…Y/n…look at me…” Michael said, pulling you towards him so you looked at him. “Calm down ok?”

“How do you expect me to calm down?! Did you see what she did?!”

“Yes I saw it all, but the principle is already coming over here and you need to be calm enough to explain yourself, not get so much time suspended ya?”

“Ya, but my heart is pounding so hard its gonna fly right out of my chest, and I’m so angry I could-”

Whatever you were going to say was lost from your mind as he kissed you. One of those kisses that made your head blank, solely focused on nothing but his lips against yours, the love he had for you shown in every motion. When you both finally pulled apart, the principle had just reached you.

“My office, NOW!” Principle Myers yelled, face full of rage as they glared at you.

“Wait for me?” You asked Michael.

“Of course. Meet me by my car.” He said, giving you a thumbs up.

You rolled your eyes as you follwed Principle Myers down the hall, wondering just how you were going to expalin yourself.

The meeting wasn’t too bad, it could have been far worse. The principle was pissed, and had little sympathy for you, but you walked out with only a week of detention so you guessed you should be greatful. Guess it helps you were never in much trouble before.

You walked out of the building scanning the parkinglot for Michael. Luckily for you, he pulled up right in front of you. You jumped in the passenger seat.

“So? How did it go?”

“Well, only got a week of detention so there’s that. However my parent’s are going to be pissed…I wonder if they’ve been called yet…”

“They proably won’t until they get Christina’s side of the story…so for now you’re off the hook”

“Ya until I get home”

“Well then let’s not take you home”


“Just for a couple hours more. Come on it’ll just be me and you…and the beach…how does that sound?”

“The nice warm sand, you and me….not having a care and my parents can’t reach me…..that sounds like paradise…”

“Well then, let’s go!” He laughed as he drove away from all your problems.


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Some headcanons about Oswald’s relationship with make-up

  • Once, when he was a child, he got into his mother’s make-up. Sneaking into her room whilst she was busy, he clambered up onto the seat at her vanity and, as carefully as he could with still chubby little fingers, opened a few different pots and tubes. Having no idea what went where, he just sort of smeared everything on all at once. Across his lips, round his eyes. When his mother found him, she had to support herself against the door frame because she was laughing so much. At the time, he was just happy he could make her smile, but once realising from that moment on she intended to keep it all locked away so he couldn’t get into it again, he felt a distinct sense of loss he couldn’t quite articulate beyond crocodile tears and temper tantrums.
  • He always envied the girls at school. With their painted lips and rouged cheeks, they were allowed to experiment with colour and no one would ever bat an eyelid. It was normal. Expected, even. And they were just so pretty. He tried to play off his interest as an interest in them, but when he forced himself to look at their gentle curves and soft hair he felt nothing even remotely like he did when he chanced secret glances at boys. His mother always said his eyes were his best feature and when he looked at his classmates, their eyes lined with black, he couldn’t help but wonder if doing that would make him pretty, too.
  • In his teens, he plucked up the courage to buy a cheap lip gloss from a nearby drugstore. He was so nervous, he didn’t realise it was glittery until he got home, having literally grabbed the first brand he saw. He wore it regardless, relishing in the foreign stickiness and how plump it made his lips look.
  • Oswald’s first real experience with make-up was thanks to the dancers at Mooney’s Nightclub. Unlike Fish’s goons, they welcomed him with open arms. Clever and viciously quick-witted, they were a joy to be around. If he didn’t have anything pressing to attend to, he’d often find himself in the communal dressing room with them; offering up his own gossip, helping them choose their costumes. One day, a relative newbie caught him staring at her as she did her eyeliner. “Want to try?” She asked and, before he could even come up with an excuse, she had sat him down in front of the mirror. He barely recognised himself afterwards. All the other girls cooed and awwed, told him how much he suited it, how good he looked. It became a routine of sorts. They’d do him up then gently wipe it off for him when he had to go do something else.
  • There were a few close calls. After all, it wasn’t unusual for someone to suddenly burst in shouting his name before dragging him off. He just never thought he would be the one to mess up. Shit goes down and there’s a subsequent ‘all hands on deck’ situation. Meaning, without even really thinking, he rushes to go help mid-way through his usual make-up and bitch session. It’s only later that night, when he’s tired and bruised, he realises his eyes are still dark. Fear lodges itself painfully in his throat, inspiring sharp, panicky inhales, until he realises, huh, no one actually treated him any differently. Sure, it’s not like they treat him particularly well anyway, but it was no worse than usual either.
  • The next day, prepared for any backlash with a long list of possible excuses, he decides to test the waters. He goes straight to the dressing room, plucks a kohl pencil from the vast collection littering the tables, and lines his own eyes. By now he knows exactly what to do and though his hand is slightly unsteady from lack of practice, he does a pretty good job. Straightening his back, he goes to attend to Fish. When she finally notices something is different about him, she grabs his chin and holds him in place. “Is that what the girls are working with?” She asks with clear distaste. “Tell them to go buy some quality next time.” And then she merely lets him go with a parting order to go get her a drink. He hates her, despises her, but in that moment, he feels something bordering on gratitude.
  • When he comes back from the dead for the first time, he decides to officially incorporate make-up into his armour of well-tailored suits, nice shoes, and styled hair. He now buys the most expensive make-up possible purely because he bloody well can and always, always keeps a compact mirror on him at all times.

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Hey dad! Can you do more of your actor/tae and beautyguru!yoongi au, like just hcs of their life and domestics and all that kinda stuff thankss

Another anon asked i put warning on this Au so: 

Warning for a bit of feminization, Taehyung uses a lot of nicknames for Yoongi. 


Look the only headcanon that matters in this Au is when Yoongi starts getting some trolls on his YouTube videos and makeup tutorials telling him his highlight is too much he begins pouting like the precious baby he is. Taehyung at first thinks it’s so fucking adorable to see Yoongi with his lips, shining from his gloss or lip tint, pushed together as his eyebrows furrow while he holds his tablet in his hands. 

Taehyung giggles and sits next to Yoongi while pulling him into a tight hug. 

“They say my highlight is too much.”

Taehyung has no idea what that means or anything but he knows it means something to Yoongi so he sighs and kisses Yoongi.

“I don’t think it’s too much. You look cute, my precious little glazed donut.” 

Yoongi laughs and kisses Taehyung again because his boyfriend is a dork but also really the best boyfriend ever bless. 

Their mornings are literally so soft and cute. Yoongi has to be up everyday by eight in the morning to get ready for his college classes, though they don’t start until ten (it takes him that long to get ready wow) and Taehyung has gotten so used to waking up to rap music playing from the speakers in their room as Yoongi hums along to the beat from his vanity. 

Taehyung smiles softly as he turns to lay on his stomach and hugs a pillow closer to his body. He can’t help just watching Yoongi work on his hair and makeup, really he thinks Yoongi is always so fucking gorgeous and even with the sleep in his eyes he can’t help but swoon at the way Yoongi carefully draws on his eyeliner. 

Yoongi hears the sounds of the sheets moving and looks up through the mirror to lock eyes with Taehyung. The elder returns Taehyung’s smile and lets his eyes roam over the back tattoos Taehyung has on display. (bless the way the sheet are only at Taehyung’s hips)

“Stop staring or you might start drooling.” 

Taehyung’s voice is deep and rough with sleep and Yoongi shivers a bit at the sound.

“I can’t help it when you look so good.”

Can you imagine if Taehyung got casted in Goblin as Gong Yoo’s role? Yoongi at first is so happy for his boyfriend and makes like tons of snapchats and post about how proud he is of Taehyung getting such a cool role.

When the actual recording begins though Taehyung suddenly gets under a lot of stress and it’s often that Yoongi finds Taehyung with his eyebrows furrowed as he sits on the couch reading his script. It’s clear Taehyung is just so overworked and bothered, Yoongi hates seeing Taehyung so stressed out and sits besides the younger while running his fingers through Taehyung’s hair. His long nails scrape gently against Taehyung’s scalp trying to sooth him and Taehyung happily hums as he pushes his head more into Yoongi’s hands (like a cute lil pup) 

“I just wanna do a good job.” 

Taehyung sighs and Yoongi brings his hand down to rub a thumb against Taehyung’s cheek. 

“You’ll do a great job, baby. You’re the best actor i’ve ever seen.”

Taehyung grins when Yoongi kisses him and leaves a dark red print of his lip tint he wears. 

When it comes times for dates Taehyung goes all out for his baby. Honestly people think it would be like only one or two dates but nope Taehyung literally spoils Yoongi EVERY date. 

It starts with surprising Yoongi with his favorite flowers, bright yellow dahlias like the ones tattooed on Taehyung’s neck, where ever Yoongi may be. Taehyung has a dozen of them delivered during Yoongi’s lunch and will later grin when he sees Yoongi posted a picture of himself holding the flowers on Instagram. The caption reads “@//Actor_TH spoils me~~” and Taehyung comments “Only for the best baby.” 

(fans cry because they are so cuteeee)

Later Taehyung picks up Yoongi from his classes/work and you all know Yoongi post that picture of Taehyung’s hand gripping his thigh while he drives. He loves to show off just how hot Taehyung is and makes sure everyone can notice the rose tattooed on Taehyung’s hand as he holds onto Yoongi a bit higher on his thigh.

The actual dates range from Taehyung renting out Yoongi’s favorite restaurants to taking him on expensive boats so they can make love as they listen to the water.  Every date is difference but what never changes is the way Yoongi post a picture of sleeping Taehyung cuddling him while his hickies and bite marks are showing. 

(He just can’t help it tbh Taehyung is sexy af.)

Their fans seem to coo when Yoongi post a video on Youtube titled “Our new baby.” The video is a vlog and starts off with Yoongi grinning as Taehyung drives to some shop in town. Literally it’s the happiest Yoongi has ever been and he is just almost shaking with excitement as he talks. The last time he was so excited on a vlog was when he was unboxing a new eye shadow pallet. It’s just so adorable to see that gummy smile shining. 


The vlog shows them head into a pet store, holding hands and matching their jackets together because #goals. Yoongi is near buzzing as he shows off all the animals and the moment he sees the tiny brown poodle he stops and pulls Taehyung closer. 

“That’s the one babe!” 

That same day Yoongi has over ten new pictures up of them cuddling their new fur baby Min Holly.  Taehyung is now complete trash for both his boyfriend and puppy. 

On some mornings, mostly the weekends, Yoongi sleeps in until Taehyung wakes him with the smell of food. It’s some of the rare moments when Taehyung isn’t rushing to a set and Yoongi is bare faced and just in one of Taehyung’s too big tee shirts.  Yoongi comes down stairs with Holly also sleepily trotting behind him and he smiles when he notices a shirtless Taehyung at the stove flipping pancakes. The sweatpants Taehyung is wearing hang low enough to show off the crescent moon he has tattooed on his hip and Yoongi  brings his fingers to brush against the half sun he has tattooed on his own hip with a smile on his face. 

He walks into the kitchen and hops onto the counter. 

“Good morning baby.” 

Taehyung turns to press a kiss to Yoongi’s lips and Yoongi pulls him closer to trap him between his legs with a playful smirk. 

Good morning, handsome. Today we’re shooting a makeup video together and i need you to let me paint your face.” 

Taehyung acts like he hates it but of course he’s weak for his boyfriend.He groans but then nods and nips at Yoongi’s neck with a smile.

“Fine but afterwards we’re shooting another video. A private one.” 

Yoongi can’t wait :)

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This is literally the best episode

Kate is so lovely and brave and I want to change the ringtone on my phone to the sound of her elegantly bellowing “BEAR!” across the Welsh mountains

She calls out Bear for not having tampons available for his guests who might need them, and while he’s stuttering trying to explain, she provides a tampon and lip gloss to start the fire for dinner

She’s snarky with the camera in the cutest way possible

Anytime Bear is standing there, babbling on about whatever challenge is up next, she says, “Oh for God’s sake” and plunges past him into the freaky/steep/cold/awful next part of their journey

Bear calls her Mary Poppins on steriods (in a complimentary way!)

You guys seriously

watch this it’s nonstop delight from start to finish