this line was the best


Ok finally I can post it. “Still“ is a song from the musical Anastasia. Pls tell me that this is Kylo about his affection to Rey. I swear it is so similar!!

An underhanded girl
An act of desperation
And to my consternation
I let her go…
She wants what she can get-
Is that a fair depiction?
Does she believe her fiction?
It’s hard to know…
Is it innocence or guile?
Or nothing but a childish act of will?
She doesn’t know she needs you
She willfully misleads you
But still….still…!

A son becomes a man!
At his father’s knee
If my father asked questions
Well…where would we be?

She’s nothing but a child.
A waif who needs protection

I feel a strange connection.
I can’t allow!

She says it’s all a game
She trembles like a flower
But in her, there’s a power
I see that now!

I am nothing but a man!
With nothing but his orders
To fulfill!
“I’m innocent!” She cries!
But then, you see her eyes
And something in them tells you
That she absolutely lies!

Until your heart replies….
“But, still…!”

By the Corner Light | Bucky and Steve

Outside the barracks
By the corner light
I always stand and wait for you at night
We will create a world for two
I’ll wait for you, the whole night through
Like once Lili Marleen