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I finally told my best friend I was ace and demiromantic and at first she was super supportive and asked what exactly that meant for me without assumptions, and then when I told her what it was for me, she kind of gasped and said something along the lines of, "oh there's words for that? Me too!" it was great!

best stories are these stories <3

There’s this dialog with Suvi where she reveals she’s religious and your dialog options​ are literally “me too!” and “good, our diversity makes us so much stronger!”. Coming from a lesbian scientist it feels like the developers are sobbing “how many minorities does she have to be before you don’t hate Jesus?!”

And seriously, the “SJW conspiracy” types are obviously off their rocker but with dialog like this, sometimes I really get where they’re coming from.

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How does Sara get along with the crew?

Sara gets on pretty well with everyone and has definitely done a bit of growing up whilst trying to keep them all in line.

Cora is Sara’s best friend and confidant. They can talk to each other quite openly and be brutally honest, all while picking each other up and dusting each other off. And they even have a few biotic sparring matches - for Cora, it’s nice to have someone around who gets what it’s like to be a biotic.

Liam is another close friend, and volunteered to be Sara’s partner in crime until Scott was awake and ready for action. Sara tempers Liam’s excess fire, whilst he keeps her spirts up when things get tough. A few beers, movies, even video games they manage to find on the Nexus.

Lexi is another confidant of Sara’s (and a crush, though she gave up after getting shot down). Whenever she’s struggling to deal with the memories her father locked away in SAM, Lexi is the one to turn to - patient confidentiality is a factor, but also because Lexi is more objective on the subject of Alec than Cora would be.

Kallo is still more acquaintance than friend right now, but he and Sara do have their friendly chats every now and then. Their’s is a rather amiable relationship, though there’s room for growth.

Suvi is one of Sara’s favourite people on board. Sara has a knack for the scientific, all whilst considering herself agnostic. She believes in a higher power, but isn’t sure in what way. Chatting with Suvi is a breath of fresh air for Sara, being able to talk freely about the subject without worrying about having to justify herself.

Gil is a bit of a challenge, as he continually deflects with humour. But Sara likes him just fine - not enough to stop SAM from helping her cheat at poker though. They throw jabs at each other now and then, just to keep each other sharp. Sometimes their conversations get a bit more serious, and Gil feels he can confide in Sara a bit more now.

Vetra is someone that Sara knows she can depend on, in the field and out of it. They share common ground over their younger siblings (”by one minute, sis!”) and how they try to look out for them, all whilst feeling helpless to do so. There’s still room for development though.

Drack has essentially adopted Sara after finding out about Alec. She is his kid now and there is nothing anyone can do about it. When he notices that she’s feeling down at all, he drags her off to go find something to shoot because that’s what cheers him up. Sara appreciates the effort - she loves her krogan dad.

Peebee is still a bit distant. Sara is curious and wants to get to know her better, but still tries to respect Peebee’s boundaries. But when the pair of them are together, Peebee brings out Sara’s good old-fashioned cheek that’s since been forcibly buried by all the horrible shit that’s happened to her.

Jaal trusts Sara, and trusts her to do right by his people. They’re in a sort of in-between place at the moment, being more than just friends, but not intimate. It’s the flirting period, and Sara is still so awkward. Bless her, she tries though. They talk about their families, trading stories of when they were young, and sometimes tinker in the tech lab.

Masterlist ~UPDATED~

All of Bangtan

Cheesy pick-up lines

You’re sick

You being sexual

They find out you got slapped by your ex

Best friends with Bangtan (Part. 2) (Part.3) (Part.4)

Excited to go home to you

You’re an actor and they fanboy over your co-star

Jealous over Bangtan’s best friend

Fangirling about the Not Today MV

Your pet dies

Your first date with Bangtan

You unexpectedly talk dirty

You love their predebut pictures

Hyung line

Telling you to confess to Namjoon

They miss you

You receive a lot of hate

They see your pink Disney princess room

Maknae Line

They want a puppy

Jealous of you singing rookie group songs

Best friend maknaes

They miss you

You receive a lot of hate

They find out you can sing

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems

They think you’re cheating on them

They see your pink Disney princess room


Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Tae & Jimin)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Namjoon)

Setting up Namjoon and Jin

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Namjoon)


Needy Yoongi

Best friend Yoongi

Noticing you aren’t feeling well (ft. Hobi)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Hobi)

Jealous of a boy flirting with you in Spanish

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Hobi)

His birthday - Happy Suga Day

J Hope

Asking for advice on confessing to Yoongi

Confessing to Yoongi

Best friend Hobi

Noticing you aren’t feeling well (ft. Yoongi)

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Yoongi)

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Yoongi)

His birthday - Happy Hobi Day

Needy Hobi

Rap Monster

Everyday texts

Best Friend Namjoon

Their best friend has something important to tell them and their girlfriend causes problems (ft. Jin)

NSFW Namjoon

Setting up Namjoon and Jin

Dad Namjoon

He thinks you’re cheating on him (ft. Jin)

He breaks the stove


Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Jin & Tae)

Best friend Jimin (ft. Taehyung) (ft. Tae 2)

He accidentally confesses to you

Wanting to watch a scary movie with Jimin

He eats all your mochi

You and him broke Taehyung’s bed (ft. Taehyung)


Everyday texts

Scolding the 95’s (ft. Jin & Jimin)

Best friend Taehyung (ft. Jungkook) (ft. Jimin) (ft. Jimin 2)

Dad Taehyung

He’s hungry at practice (2)

You and Jimin broke his bed. (ft.Jimin)


Best Friend Jungkook (2) (ft. Taehyung) (finds out you’re dating another idol)

Asking for advice on confessing to Taehyung

Confessing to Taehyung

Accidentally telling him you got tickets to their concert

Fluffy Jungkook (Valentine edition)

Everyday texts

He finds out his contact name is Jungcock

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Dazai x Yenpress aka all Victorian Dazai lines - Volume one.

Day 3:Weapons//Pick-up Lines// “But once you start doubting, it’s hard to know what to believe.” - Tanizaki Junichirou, Naomi

Okay so I was gonna write something for Hawthorne and Mitchell but then I got lazy so here have this


Rating : G

Pairing : Dazai x Yenpress

Summary : Dazai meets Yenpress. That is all.

Places to Read : AO3


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Hello all! Mod Savvy here! I’ve been thinking lately that maybe aside from only have the story time posts maybe we can also hold mini-contests of our own too. They wouldn’t be anything huge of course, or require much work (since we know that a lot of you editors may have a lot of projects currently in the works) but maybe something along the lines of we give you a prompt and the one who creates the best image based off it wins, that sorta thing, or maybe something else…if you have any suggestions let us know!

Thank you!

BBTTA Theme Questions

Rae’wyn: Who makes you happy? What’s your favorite kind of flower? 

Cloak: What is your deepest regret? Who makes you wanna be a better person?

Sylreth: What was the most embarrassing moment of your life? What was the proudest moment of your life?

Adrik: What is something you are super passionate about and would share unprompted to a stranger? What’s your catchphrase? 

Alunda: Are you vertically challenged? Are you more street smart or more book smart?

Todd: How far would you go for a billion dollars? If you could be proficient in any musical instrument of your choice, what would it be? 

Talone: What is your pet peeve? Who would you like to personally strangle to death with your bare hands?

Osros: What would be your first approach if you were accidentally locked out of your house? What is your best pickup line?

Vimak: Are you the type of person to avoid fights or start fights? What’s the worst injury you have ever suffered? 

things in Heathers that give me life:

• Kurt and Ram’s head nod in beautiful
• the “it really blows” foreshadowing
• “thus ending her hangoverrr”
• literally every single time Veronica laughs
• “Jesus I’m on the frickin’ bus again”
• the dance in big fun cuz it looks sO FUN
• every single lyric in blue aka the fuckboy anthem
• when he missed the punch and JD raises his arms like “that’s rigHT, BitCH. COme aT ME.”
• “dang dang diggity dang”
• “oh look she was reading…the bell jar” *gasp*
• the arm hug thing Veronica and JD do. you know what i mean
• Veronica/macnamara hug after shine a light reprise
• “hello, slut”
• Veronica’s finger guns