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you are seriously the cutest omg 😭 and what's your tattoo of? it looks so cool!

Thank you so much!

My tattoo is a Matryoshka (or Russian) doll with a bandana over her face and a Claddagh on her belly.

The only person I’d ever known to own a Matryoshka was my great-grandmother who was by far the biggest hero in my life, as well as my best friend until she passed away I was 9. So as a whole, it’s dedicated to her. The Claddagh is to represent my Celtic bloodline and the bandana is for me; you can be cute and badass at the same time.

Not for wimps: SS EXPERIMENT LOVE CAMP review

Ghastly experiments are being conducted in a secret SS camp near the end of WW2 to perfect the Arian race, and the German Nazi soldiers are hornier than ever. Tagline: ”Sex experiments in pursuit of a better tomorrow!” Then comes the day when the sweet-n-tender Helmut falls in love with one of the test subjects. The story then takes an original twist, I must say. Word gets out about Helmut’s virility, driving the impotent Colonel “nuts” with jealousy. He therefore cuts off Helmut’s balls so he can have them implanted (His own were bitten off). Helmut doesn’t realise he’s been castrated until he is about to have sex again. 

Understandably upset, Helmut decides to run naked through the camp. He then confronts the mad Colonel and delivers the awesome line “Okay you bastard… What have you done with my balls?” Wow. Just wow. Director Sergio Garrone began his career in the spaghetti western genre and later, thanks to twisted films like SS Experiment Love Camp, he became one of the biggest names in the nazisploitation genre. These type of films are mostly bottom of the barrel trash, but SS Experiment Love Camp is okay. No, I’m not kidding. If you like exploitation films and hairy armpits, this is for you. Just don’t take it too seriously. I mean, when the title of a film has the words “SS” and “Love”, you just know it’s going to be weird.

SS Experiment Love Camp (“Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur”)
Release year: 1976
Country: Italy
Director: Sergio Garrone

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Hey your wip of the tech office looks great! Can I ask how you set up backgrounds like that? Do you start with a 3d build then line over the top or some other kind of awesomness? :D


I usually search stock websites for stock images I like and I start cutting and pasting them together until I reach a basis that I like. Then, with the use of the perspective tool, I start sketching over it to create the general idea of the room that I want.

For the home office witch I only used one stock photo because I just really liked the angle of the desk. That’s also pretty much the only thing I used from it :P Using stock photos helps to give me a good idea of the size that certain things should be. When I throw this much junk into a piece I tend to lose track of what certain objects should look like XD I’ve never used 3D rooms before because I’ve just never looked into it. It’s probably a good idea though :P

When I’m happy with the outlines of the room I just start adding more detailed sketch lines and all the stuff to fill the room. The witch is always the very last thing to be added because I think it’s easier to place him around the objects than to place the objects around him :P

I have no idea if this working process would work for others. I usually have a very unconventional way of doing things. But I hope it gives you an idea of how I work! <3

OMFG IM CRYING THE COLORING IS SO BEAUTIFUL. @rynnaminttea/@cinnaminttea and I did a collaboration (I did the lines and Ryn colored). I can’t stop scREAMING at how gorgeous she made ittttt