this line tho would have been the truth when this song came out

Ziam songs

1) You and I

A) niall even said that liam cried during You and I, I believe it was during zayns solo but I didn’t watch the video so I’m not for sure.

B) Liam always looks to Zayn and sings to him during “not even the Gods above can separate the two of us, no nothing can come between you and I” Its not hard to miss cause liam does it most of the time.

C) Liam isn’t the only one who sings to someone. Zayn sings to him to whenever harry is singing his solo. Zayn makes a hand movement pointing to him and liam.

D) Liam got a tattoo lyric from you and I “I figured it out” right next to the feather.
Hmmm….what did you figure out liam? If you get a tattoo of a certain lyric of a song it must be meaning something really important. Correct?

E) Ziam just goes off the radar during You and I

2) 18
Their new song and we know Ed Sheeran wrote it but for me its a ziam song. Yeah LS say its for Larry but….it could be both.

Maybe we will see when they perform it live cause we know they won’t contain their selves


“We made a start, be it a false one, I know Baby, I don’t want to feel alone”

Larry didn’t have anything to be mistaken about it was just there. Ziam on the other hand well liam was confused on what he wanted
( watch the ziam analyze video from “ILikeYourSkirtMary”)
Zayn new what he wanted and he didn’t hold it back. Liam was with Danielle and seemed pretty happy but then he started to drift off a bit. Always with zayn and trying to make him smile during the UAN tour.
So that’s where I think the line means for them

“So kissed me where I lay down my hands pressed your cheeks a long way from the playground”

Hmm. This could be both for larry and ziam so not much to say here but ofc everyone has different thoughts.

“I have loved you since we were 18, long before we both thought the same thing, to be loved, to be in love”

Louis was 18 but harry was 16 turning 17, so they weren’t both the same age.
Who was the same age tho? Liam and zayn.
Recap: remember liam didn’t know what he wanted. All they both wanted was to be loved by someone and to be in love with that person. I mean who doesn’t right?
They loved each other before liam thought anything about it cause zayn was head over heels for liam.
(Zayn scratches his jaw when Danielle was brung up and now liam looks sad)

“I wanna love like you made me feel when were 18”

They can’t do the things they did when they were younger both ziam and larry. Larry can’t be by each other without us going crazy since its been so long.
Ziam well not a lot people ship them so they get away with it easily but they can’t show a lot of affection. Like when zayn just caresses his cheek or kisses his cheek.

“All I could do was say these arms were made for holding you”
All zayn could do for lkam to assure him was hug him and cuddle with him. Whisper to him assuring him things.
Same with Larry

“We took a chance, god knows we tried, yet all along, I know we’d be fine”

I think this would be for zayn. 2012 remember that big hug where zayn was lifted off his feet when liam hugged him?
Hmm….zayn just came from louis and niall and they were whispering.
Like ILikeYourSkirtMary said the boys could have given liam and zayn permission to work things out cause boyyyy where they haoot that day.
Liam even dried humped zayn!!
So they took a chance but it was a bumby road. Liam was still with Danielle and when they did break up management made them go back out. They didn’t look as happy as they were wayyy before.
All along zayn knew they would be fine since they can always work things out.

“So pour me a drink oh love, let’s split the night wide open and we’ll see everything”
It could be both for larry and ziam since they can all get drunk and do what they please. There excuse would be “oh were just drunk”

They can everything hmm maybe in more ways than one? C; (if you know what I’m getting at)


“We can live in slow motion,motion,motion”

Like I said before this could also be for Larry and ziam cause they can live together with each other and savor every moment together. Every moment that they can when there are no cameras,no fans and no management.

3) Illusion

Remember that “made up” rumor Harry did.
Maybe trying to say something to us?

Liam’s solo since his solo is long aha well the beginning of the song.
“People play on the eye of the innocent”
Management plays our eyes and we are quote innocent since we don’t know nothing past the close doors. (See what I did there cx)

“But believe me, I’m not trying to decieve you, I promise falling for me, won’t be a mistake”
There could always be doubts. In my opinion this could be about larry and ziam shippers. People have doubts since we can’t see them often. It won’t be mistake for falling for our ships since its the truth they ain’t playing with our heads.

“No baby this is not an illusion I’ve really got my heart out on my sleeve”

If you watched the “This Is Us” movie well remember that one part when they were talking about each other and liam had said “zayn wear his hear on his sleeve”

I have a lot of ideas for this but everyone can have different opinions on this line so I will leave it to you to decide.

“You really got my lifted off my feet”
^^ 2012, UAN tour, all I have to say

“I’m all that you need tonight, I would never turn your heart into, broken parts, you don’t have to think twice,looking twice looking into my eyes”

Relationships have bumpy roads and one person always starts to have doubt’s and these doubts could come from Liam’s relationship with Sophia.
So liam is saying hey don’t worry I love you not her

Nialls part is also long aha but listen to it and think things carefully.
Theres no trapped doors hmm more reasons than 1 for this one.
Liam could be Bi so zayn can think he could fall for Sophia but liam only see’s zayn

All my opinion and what I think 😍
Have a great day babes