this line really spoke to me

“Yesterday at work this white lady cut an entire line of people.

I told her to get to the back of the line and I would help her when it’s her turn.

She spoke with my manger, he really didn’t give a fuck.

She didn’t like that so she waited until the rush was over and tried to confront me herself 😂

She got emotional and said she was hurt "who do YOU even think you are to be treating me this way?”

Me: are you going to buy something or nah? Ok no then we have nothing to talk about.“

*pulls out tucked necklace from inside shirt*

Lisseeeeen blonde haired, blue eyed women how I’m go know your Jewish if your necklace ain’t even showin?? Like you CUT THE LINE Dassit, bihh I’m Muslim Amerikkka hates my Muslim ass so leave me alone.

How you goin cut a whole ass line and expected to be waited on hand and foot??


The way I hollered in her face 😂😂

My poor coworker had to listen to her for an hour rant about how much I hurt her feelings, welp.“
-AK Xersi

How not to work with an artist

Recently I had an interaction with someone who wanted to hire me to make a comic that really took me aback.  I’m going to analyze how things escalated, and some of the red flags along the way, with the hope that perhaps you too can steer clear of these kinds of potentially awful situations.

So the story goes…

He first contacted me on Tuesday, Nov. 29th, spoke on the phone to arrange a meeting.  At this point, I only have a rough idea of what the project is. Something along the lines of making a comic to go alongside the release of a metal music album in Summer 2017.  Sounds interesting! No budget has been spoken about yet, however.

I mentioned I would be in Toronto the next day, but time would be tight.  I tried to make a meeting happen, but time wouldn’t allow for it.  We both agreed to reschedule.

Realizing that I would have to make a separate trip in to meet with them on my own time, I emailed them for more details.  This way I could have a better feeling of whether it would be worth taking a half day off work to travel to Toronto to chat, it went as follows:

I just wanted to chat about the logistics before I head to Toronto because if I come down next week it will just be solely to meet you, rather than as part of a bunch of Toronto errands like this past Wednesday.  In light of this I’d just like to confirm some details:

-how many pages will the comic be?
-cover and back cover I assume?
-any intermediary pages? Like ‘introducing’, or info about your band? Just give me a full scope of the project basically
-black and white or colour?
-what styles of art would you like to shoot for? Aka, what is the artistic 'aesthetic’ of your band?  
-timelime, you provided some info but let’s hammer down some specifics
-budget, how much would you ideally like to keep this between? Giving me a range is okay if you’re not sure. I’ll give you a more accurate quote one way or another of the costs of the work when I have more details about what exactly you’re looking for, so the more accurate you are, the better.  I always do my best to estimate how many hours I expect the work to take me, and usually I’m very close.

This will gets the pot boiling for now. Looking forward to hearing back.

He then gave me some nice details, the best he could without his partner Dan to help fill in the blanks.  30 pages, colour, front and back cover, maybe some pages in between.  Fairly substantial!  Was looking forward to it, until we got to the question of the budget. 

This was his response:

I don’t want set a budget limit for this right now because I feel like it could interfere with what you think is your best you can do for this project. I would like to know what you think so far based on where we are at after these questions. We want someone’s best work and after seeing some of your stuff, I think you can make a Comic book for this album that will be classic.

This is where my initial red flags began to go up.  Most notable from the bold and italicized font above.  The rest isn’t too bad, other than being vague.

Let it be known, that having a ballpark budget (even if it changes) should never ‘interfere with what you think is your best you can do for the project’. Also notice how this keeps the onus on the artist as having to do their ‘best that they can do’ while not mentioning how their best will be compensated.  

This irked me a bit, so I emailed back hoping to clarify that part, and also adding why I needed at least some indication:

This description regarding a budget question gives me a healthy level of skepticism of whether there is a budget for this.  I want to just be able to trust you guys as it sounds like an awesome project to me, but trust alone doesn’t, and hasn’t always worked for me.  

The reason I need to at least have some indication of what you’d like to put towards this is so I can know whether making a trip to Toronto is worth it financially, because that’s basically a half day off my other freelance contracts right now. 

So with what I know from you in regards to the detail and quantity of pages, I will send you a quote tomorrow with my general (and it will be pretty general) range.

Be in touch soon.

I thought this was pretty fair, but would love to hear from you if you feel otherwise.  However, this is when things went sour.  Here is his response:

Hello Garth,
I could feel your skepticism before the last email. Don’t let assumptions get the best of you. What I meant by your highlighted phrase “I would like to know what you think so far based on where we are at after these questions.” is that we want to know what you can do for what price. I’m not going to throw out a random number and say this is what we’ll pay you. I want to know what you can do for what price and what quality we will be getting. It is not a question of money. It is just realistic business on our end too. We discuss what the project entails, you give us a quote based on what you think it will cost for your time and talent, and we make a deal or not. I think that is a fair way to do business.
I am a freelance worker also. I build concerts at the Rogers Center, Molson Amphitheatre, all the festivals in the City since 2009.I have many connections and colleagues in the Concert world. I also know how to make a great rock'n'roll concert and have worked for all of my favourite bands. Dan was a private student of multiple gold and platinum record producer Andrew Shepps, who produced hits by Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica. You could call him a mentor as they still keep in touch. We are both up and coming professionals on both fronts of the music industry Just so you know that we are not fucking around.

Several things I’d like to point out here that, in my opinion, are badly handled:

  • First red flag, from the first bold segment on ‘not throwing out a random number’, I didn’t actually ask for this, I asked ‘how much would you ideally like to keep this between? Giving me a range is okay if you’re not sure’ and then said that I’d give him a quote after.
  • Second red flag: “It is not a question of money. It is just realistic business on our end too”.  To me, this sounds like he is purposely avoiding the topic of the cost of the project.
  • One reasonable part is the next bold part, that says:  “you give us a quote based on what you think it will cost for your time and talent, and we make a deal or not. I think that is a fair way to do business.” is definitely one of the more reasonable in this, however, I was already in agreement with this, but wanted to feel out if they were as serious about this project as he says they are.
  • Third red flag is the entire second paragraph, which feels like an over dramatic inflation of self.  Making them appear much larger is a common trick, that often leads to the ‘we’ll pay you in exposure’ that so many others promise, and moreover, contributes to my bullshit detector going off about the whole thing.  The last sentence is especially promising, with the ‘we are not fucking around’. Dramatic antics ahoy.  If you want to prove you’re not fucking around, then give me a reason to believe that taking a half-day off my other work is worth it.  Would a lawyer come and meet you for an initial consultation in your separate city for free?

Soon after the last email was sent, I received several texts, which I’ll respond to individually below:

“Hello Garth, I’ve talked to Dan this morning and we don’t want to do business with you.  You’ve missed the first meeting and you are too skeptical”

The immediate back-out leaves my bullshit detector ringing off the handle, and it’s doubled by saying that ‘I am to skeptical’ for asking for a budget. I love the guilt-inducing ‘you’ve missed the first meeting’ when I’d mentioned from the outset that I may not be able to fit it in to my Toronto visit which was already fairly full, and it was understood and resolved from both ends immediately.

The second text:

“We don’t want to waste more time on someone we can’t count on. So for that reason we are going to find another artist.”

So far, the ‘wasted time’ he refers to is a couple emails and a handful of texts. I’m clearly the anchor that is holding the ship back.

 A third, unnecessary but hilariously welcome, text to cap it off:

“My advice next time you get an opportunity like this is to have a proper business meeting and have some interest in hearing the music.”

The interesting thing here is that he didn’t actually give me a chance to send him my quote.  This feels similar to the all-too-familiar client that tries to get the artist behind their project to the point that they’re the one carrying the flag. 

I get that having an artist personally invested in your product or service is a benefit to their ability in bringing their best work to the table, but do you know what’s even better? A demonstration of your sincerity through your investment in the product you want to be have created, so that the artist can bring their best work to the table.

In conclusion:

If you want to work with an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, or any other artist, please respect their time as you would any other profession, and don’t be disappointed if they’re not on the front of the ship with you and the rest of the team who are steering it if you’re not prepared to act reasonably on the business end of it.

“I’m a language freak,” [Jim] Beaver reveals, “and I’ve studied Latin, but it’s hard to memorize because I only have a rough acquaintance with what the words mean. Most of the time they don’t require us to memorize it, though – usually the prop guys will paste it into one of the books that we’re supposedly reading.”

Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 3.
Titan Books, 2009: 122.


Jim Beaver’s favorite line of dialogue from season four is, “Kimi nanka umareru mae kara, zutto da yo.

“We had a Japanese spirit in ‘Yellow Fever’,” Beaver elaborates, “and I mentioned to Eric Kripke that I spoke Japanese a little. So they gave me a fun line, which translated loosely as, “Since before you were born, ya idijit” – after Sam asked me if I really spoke Japanese. Whenever there’s foreign language stuff in the show, they find a teacher or other expert in the language to translate the desired words into the proper language and to teach us how to say it. The expert they got to translate Bobby’s Japanese line gave it a very formal interpretation, and it came off a little stiff and harsh. I gave it my own translation, which I hope conveyed the bantering, colloquial aspect of the original English words.“

Knight, Nicholas. Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 4.
Titan Books, 2010: 47.

Hi babes. My name’s Lauren Pisciotta, but I mostly go by LP.  I googled myself before writing this and google told me I was an instagram superstar but I don’t really know what that means so I guess I’ll tell you what I really am. I’m a 28 year old dog daddy to two pups named Blocka and Cujo, and a fluffy kitty named Shaka. I’ve been managing an artist named Niykee for the past 5 years of my life and together we run a clothing line called shopNBK and have created a movement called NBK (thats Naturyl Born Killers if you’re confused). The two most defining moments in my career were when Niykee broke my nose last December and I had to get a nose job, said “new nose who dis?” to everyone who spoke to me for about three months and when Niykee took off her coat and stepped on stage at SXSW last year and I realized she was wearing a mesh top with her whole tits out for the entire festival to see and I almost had a heart attack. I do a lot of ad libs on our songs so if you ever hear someone talking shit in the background or making stupid noises on one of Niyk’s songs, it’s just me. 

Dream team, if you’re new come and fuck with us. NBK, 9-5, man it’s only love.

My aim is nninetofive and I’m always down for new friends.

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Where is Capricorn and Virgo on Valentine's day?


After a long day of trying to scape from his lil brother, Virgo really wanted to go to his bedroom and have some rest, and nothing in this world could ever change his mind. In the moment he arrived home he walked in a straight line to the stairs, so no one could get in his way, waiting to meet his lovely bed again. But there were a rock in the middle of the way.

-hello Capricorn… - he said shyly

-hi Virgo….-None of the spoke or moved, there was only the cold look on Capri’s eyes looking at Virgo , and Virgo’s internal screamings.

-s-so… could you let me…- Virgo said, trying to follow his way again, but something didn’t go well, Capri took his arm , making it impossible to move for Virgo - what…

-i was thinking… tomorrow we could go and have dinner or something… you know, together-Virgo blushed furiously, he couldn’t even talk

-l-like… are you asking me to be your valentine?

-….- Capricorn’s expression suddenly changed- va-valenti…. tomorrow is valentine’s day….?- Virgo looked at him confused

-eh… yeah-


-nii-san is too late I’ve already have everything planned- and there where Aquarius somehow.

and that’s how Virgo spent his Valentine’s day listening to how Aquarius made his crush moan during the whole night
happy now?

Man people are reading into NR’s “mom” comment. He wasn’t saying Daryl sees Carol has his mom. He was making fun of his own delivery of that one particular line because of how his voice broke. Now I’m not saying that defending caryl ship, to me it’s still in the same “well maybe” spot it’s always been. But the fact that so many people are clinging onto one sentence spoke off the cuff on a live show is crazy. (As is saying he’s been ageist….really, guys?)


This is my first time ever doing one of these sooo…be gentle fam.


-Can we just talk about the level of comfort these two have achieved with one another in the span of 9 days? It is clear that this is not their first time having sex. There is no timidity or shyness, only passion and relaxation.

-Despite the overwhelming majority of fanfic that portrays Abby as the top, I am not surprised in the least that Marcus Kane was on top. It fits with his dominant personality traits that have been evident since the pilot. Not saying that he wouldn’t be okay with being a bottom, too, but it totally fits his character. Also, I really hope that we get to see more of his mischievous and playful side. I loved his little smirk after the “you are a terrible influence” line. MARCUS SEDUCED HER IT’S CANON YA’LL.

-Fam, the way he wraps Abby in his arms as he puts the necklace around her neck spoke volumes to me. *clears throat to begin singing Frozen* FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER, I feel no panic about an OTP of mine breaking up. I literally can’t see any advantage storyline-wise that the writers would have in breaking them up. Their relationship has become a literal symbol of hope from the moment Abby kissed his cheek in 3x06. As of right now, I am not worried about one of them dying by the end of the season, I think they both make it.

-Ian and Paige. Kudos. Seriously. They did an amazing job portraying these intimate Kabby moments, and The Oldies are still totally hot (for real though…Ian had me drooling and I’m in my twenties). I’m just so grateful that we got these scenes because, like…ageism is completely a reality in entertainment media these days? Perhaps not in an overtly aggressive form, but ours is a youth-centered culture that usually disregards middle-aged and older adults as being sexually active and/or relationship-oriented people. Honestly. Aside from the Kabby sex scene, I can’t remember the last time I saw a legitimate middle-aged relationship portrayed realistically without shying away from physical intimacy. And ya’ll, it excites me that it’s happening on our TV show through our ship.

-The scene where Marcus discovers that Abby took off her necklace seriously slayed me with feels. THE TENDERNESS IN HIS VOICE WHEN HE ASKS HER WHAT’S WRONG AND THE LOOK ON HIS FACE BEFORE HE HUGS/KISSES HER GOODBYE. Seriously. His eyes are so hopeful and loving and happy when he realizes that she has completely chosen him with no reservations in her heart (PSA: I do not mean to imply that she is forgetting about Jake).

-I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed at both the brevity of the sex scene and the fact that we didn’t get to see their first time. However, The 100 is a notoriously fast-paced show that relies a lot on implications. I understand that they can only fit so much into an allotted timeslot. I can only hope that we will see more intimate/domestic scenes between them and that this isn’t all we get for the entire season. And ugh pls don’t have my babies separated for long, they literally just took their relationship to the next level.


-I’m honestly just tired of his antics. It’s time for him to grow up.

Clarke and Bellamy

-I think their relationship will only grow stronger throughout the season, but I am legitimately surprised that Clarke didn’t have more to say about him choosing the Farm Station slaves over the hydrogenerator. I have to say that I agreed with Monty and Miller.

-I get the feeling that we’re going to feel Jake’s presence in more than just the Kabby scenario. It’s no accident that the writers have brought his memory up as a standard for Clarke, and I think it’s going to be heart-wrenching but awesome to see her have to make the same tough choices that her father died disagreeing with.

-Cupcake Blake’s ardent quest for redemption will probably cloud his judgment this season.

-I honestly can’t wait for Clarke’s reaction to Kabby. Seeing Kane stroke her mother’s face is one thing, but seeing her mother’s wedding ring and necklace removed will probably be much harder for her to accept. We have been told that there will be turbulence in Clarke and Abby’s relationship this season, and my guess is that that will be the kickstarter.

-We’ve also been told that there will be Clarke and Kane leadership adventures. I. Cannot. Wait. To see what this dynamic will be like.

Raven freaking Reyes and Monty

-Raven, my girl. Mm. Slay. Yes. You have the potential to be a great leader.

-BUT. Dang. That comment about Clarke’s father was savage. I literally winced when I watched it. Too low of a blow. Obvi this girl power relationship is gonna be a little strained for a while.

-Monty, also beginning to come into his own as a leader. I absolutely loved the scene where he cut the slaves free and the horde converged on the Ice Nation guard and killed him. I think it was a huge symbol/warning about how dangerous desperate people can be (people get desperate when they find out they’ve been lied to about surviving and thriving).



Other Things

-I am so excited for how the rest of this season is going to unfold. With the radiation sickness already starting in the next episode, they are really going to have to ramp things up a notch. I’m curious to see where Abby will be leading her team and what their mission is in 4x04.

-Roan is hot. I hope he continues to be an upright leader. So far, I think he’s doing the best he can, all things considered.

-Echo reminds me of a snake. I don’t like her at this point, but I am keeping an open mind.

-Ambassador!Kane is so freaking sexy. I can’t wait to see how he will do things as Chancellor once he returns to Arkadia.

-As stated before…I hope we get more Kabby moments. More sex scenes (or at least scenes leading up to them having sex or post-sex like in the beginning of 4x02). Mostly because I’m trash, but also because I think it’s really important not to just use that sex scene as a one-off and say, “Oh, well, we showed them doing it once, we never have to show it again. It’s implied that they still do it.” That would be a real injustice to this beautiful middle-aged relationship and to the talent that Ian and Paige have. I still think there is more Kabby development to be explored.

-Octavia is gonna be a force to be reckoned with and I am excited. (Also I am sensing slight Octavia/Ilian vibes maybe…?!?)

-Okay but like who even is this Riley kid and why am I getting both Bryan/Riley and Clarke/Riley vibes. Or maybe I’m just crazy.

Renjun was definitely going to make a speech in Chinese but got cut off by the MC’s. I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU MY CHILD!

You could see mark motion towards him to make his speech and pass the mic but no we gotta cut him off……I’m pissed let my child say his speech!!

This has happened to Exo Lay several times too.(I remember one time lay just spoke over the mc’s cause they wouldn’t stop and he was like  “hey yo I’m saying my speech”. 

  and it’s really pissing me off that mc’s keep cutting off the china lines. They shouldn’t have to scream over mc’s to make a speech! — around 1:15 you can see what I’m talking about

did you guys listen to Park So hyun’s radio show with BTS? its really nice, you should listen. She is a really nice person who constantly supports BTS and she played all the solos in her show (except first love which is banned) and everyone gave insight on how each solo happened.

The primary focus for me was when they spoke about “awake” and how hoseok wrote the melody and how jin wrote the song + lyrics plus rapmon’s input. Also, she said she was disappointed that jin didnt get much lines in the title track, she said it was unfortunate because “your voice is so aesthetically pleasing” 

basically, you should watch, it was nice. here is a subbed link i found

Things I really want to say in interviews
  • Interviewer: Have you taken a look at our website? What really attracted you to this position and made you want to work here?
  • Me: Well, you see I noticed in my in depth research into your website that it actually said you were hiring and this was particularly interesting to me. I mean, that line that had the job description listing things I know how to do? It really spoke to me, and I mean on a deeply personal level. I might've shed a tear.
Don't pick on kids making minimum wage.

A few months ago, I was waiting in line at the checkout counter and little did I know, I was behind “that lady.” I patiently waited for her basket full of groceries to be scanned while she gave the high school aged clerk a miserable hell. I really felt sorry for the young lady, who was doing her best to appease this wretched hag. When she couldn’t provoke a single rude response from her, she turned to me, arms crossed and said something to the effect of, “I guess they’ll hire anybody to work here.” - Oh, you spoke to me? I guess you are expecting a reply… I nicely asked, “Have you been a bitch all of your life or is today special?” That shut her up and she didn’t say another word and I did notice the corner of the clerk’s mouth turn up slightly when I said it. After she was gone and it was my turn, the young lady gave me a heartfelt “thank you.”

I may have posted about this once but I’m going to scream about it again bc it’s so cool.
Ok, in 2003, Wings was airing in reruns on Nick @ Nite. I was really involved in a Wings forum online at the time. Anyway, the guy who played the Aeromass pilot- you saw him in the background of most eps, but I don’t think he ever spoke any lines- he was a member there and anyway I started talking to him on AIM and he said he still had some scripts and that I could have one if I wanted and anyway, he sent me this script for episode 7.17. 😃👍🏻

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(♧ - what fandom do you really want to join in the rp community? (i don't -think- i've seen anyone ask this one before? feel free to ignore if they have))

Muse-Related Munday Meme! Send me a symbol and I’ll answer the question attached!

{{ i haven’t been asked this before, no!! not in my memory, at least.

listen– don’t laugh. legitimately? one of the fandoms i’ve always really wanted to play a character in? hatoful boyfriend.
i know. i know. it’s out there and pretty niche as far as rp goes, probably, but i’ve had a muse for shuu iwamine since the guy spoke his first lines.
(and probably the dumbest fictional crush ive ever had in my life, period. i love my bird husband.)

its so bad i have an awful self insert/oc, complete with absolute zero verse au storyline.
but that’s less about what you think it is and more for the sake of drawing a stupid magpie with glasses over and over again. theyre so cute… }}

The Girls

I just started The Girls by Emma Cline, but it’s already so full of quotes that shattered my bones that I thought I’d share a few. The book is about a girl who joins a Manson-like cult of mostly women and it’s set in the 60s. 

On the difference between men and women: 

“I waited to be told what was good about me. I wondered later if this was why there were so many more women than men at the ranch. All that time I had spent readying myself, the articles that taught me life was really just a waiting room until someone noticed you - the boys had spent that time becoming themselves.”

On dating as a teenager:

 “So much of desire, at that age, was a willful act. Trying so hard to slur the rough, disappointing edges of boys into the shape of someone we could love. We spoke of our desperate need for them with rote and familiar words, like we were reading lines from a play. Later I would see this: how impersonal and grasping our love was, pinging around the universe, hoping for a host to give form to our wishes.”

On teenage female friendships:

“A space opened up between us as soon as I started to notice these things, to catalog her shortcomings the way a boy would. I regret how ungenerous I was. As if by putting distance between us, I could cure myself of the same disease.”

Jaron was stupidly behind on his rehearsals for his upcoming Broadway production, and had refused to leave Queens entirely after his recent ordeal. They had cast Jaron as Ninoy Aquino yet again, as they had a few years previous, and didn’t want to really let him go or find someone else, so had sent him the lines he needed and backing tracks so he could practise his songs. 

Jaron had set himself up in the clubhouse in Queens, and had the CD player on a reasonable volume as he spoke,sung and danced to ‘Child of the Philippines.’ and hadn’t even noticed if other bodies had joined him, being far too engrossed in what he was doing. “Girl, you better bring that pretty face over here because you make me wanna, you make me wanna…” He spoke, dancing before he sung again. “Dream a little dream with a, girl just like you…”