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Bite that tattoo on your shoulder (X)

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So we know that Bishamon considers her shinki to be family, and not just tools, but what if they consider her to be family, too?
Younger shinki calling her ‘Mama Bisha’.
Teenage and young adult shinki calling her ‘Aunt Bisha’.
The older ones would probably still call her Lady Bishamon, but with a touch less formality.
It would probably make her really happy, especially for the shinki that had abusive or nonexistent families.


Day 2 | Favorite Scene from a Movie

“I got the better end of the deal. I lent you my body, you lent me your dreams.”

Had a bit of a struggle with what I wanted to do for the prompt today but I decided on a scene from Gattaca. This is honestly my favorite movie, and this line really kills me. If you’ve never seen the movie, I highly recommend you do so!!

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Can u make a Johnny depp imagine?

Of course I can!

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It was almost completely silent after Johnny’s line…until a smile broke out on your lips and you started to laugh. The director sighed and the camera men stopped filming, a few groans escaping the other cast member’s mouths. This was the fourth time this week (although who could blame you for ending up all loopy, you haven’t gotten a ton of sleep thanks to filming so much), and every time Johnny just smiled and watched you. This was his favorite part when it came to working with you, seeing you break out of your semi-serious character because of something you found funny during filming. You tried calming down, although seeing Johnny in costume and remembering his line made you laugh more.

Someone was filming this, they always were. Your’s and Johnny’s fans got a kick out of you two goofing off on set, especially since a lot of them shipped you two together. It was a few minutes before you had completely calmed down and drank a bit of water, playfully shoving Johnny away from you. “I really need to get more sleep. Your lines are killing me, J.” He just grinned and shrugged, you two getting back into place to film again.

Near the end of filming that day, it happened again. You tried to stop it, really. But it was super difficult to force yourself to stay calm when you were running low on sleep. It started out as a small, extremely held back smile. Then a slight snicker. That soon turned into full-out laughter, leaning forward and resting your head on Johnny’s shoulder so you didn’t curl into a ball in the sand from laughing so much. He wrapped an arm around you, chuckling a bit as he and the others patiently waited for you to calm down again. “Maybe you should sleep tonight after filming, I’ll drive you home.” You just nodded, slowly calming down from your laughter. Your fans were going to go crazy. If only they knew how Johnny really felt about you, or about a certain scene you two were going to film in about a month’s time.

((Imagine: Filming a Pirates Of The Caribbean movie with Johnny as your main co-star. You end up breaking character constantly because you keep laughing at how dorky he was being in character. Unknown to you, he’s only acting this way because he loves hearing you laugh, and seeing that smile of yours creep onto your face (even when you try your hardest to stay in character).))

Reigen - "Play Game" Line (Christmas ver.)
Takahiro Sakurai
Reigen - "Play Game" Line (Christmas ver.)


Alone on Christmas? … I understand how you feel…

Translation from the Psychic Puzzle fan blog