this line is so true tho



Spoilers ahead-

So “Don’t worry. If you love her that much, I’ll send her to you.”


Since like, In the context that line implies once pike dies vecna would send one of the two ladies to join her???

Also?? Since they needed to discuss the rules surrounding true resurrection does that mean that either Vax doesn’t want to come back or bringing him back is more complicated bc the raven queen and her opinions on death and such and they need to also bargain with her??? Or???

That episode was ADRENALINE PACKED also “Where’s Vax?”

Ugh rip out my heart why don’t you???


OK so after freaked out a lot I just couldn’t believe something like this. The line up is really perfect and incredible, but to beautiful to be true. I just got so excited when I saw this that I wanted to share it without check it first.

First of all I think is fake, and I am so sorry for sharing something like this. This are the reasons why I think is fake:

First of all the Dates: for the LA concert says June 29 (this could be just a mistake and on wikipedia is changed but is really weird) This are my original images that my friend sent me

And this are screenshots from my computer with the dates changed.

Also I doubt Monsta X, BTS, Astro, NCT 127, Red Velvet and EXO. Why? because all those groups except EXO are going to attend to KCON Mexico and I don’t think they can attend to all the America Kcons, also BTS is having their tour so they are going to have their schedules really tight. And EXO doesn’t do KCONs since the first KCON.

Also the official page hasn’t announced anything about the KCON USA attendees

Also I don’t think is possible to put EXO and BTS on the same day, because of the fans problems and also because they are both strong groups, also The number of attendees is something really weird, On new York are 9 attendees and on LA 13.

Last year they announced some attendees for both Kcons in February/March, but not all were confirmed until June.

I am not sure howsoever if this is made up, or filtered information but at least I’m sure that this is not the official line up yet. (I wish it tho because I love a lot of those groups)

Again sorry for posted this without the proper research, and for spreading unofficial information, I just was very excited like everyone (Please help me to reblog this, because a lot of people thinks this is actually true)

Again, I think is not true, I want it to be true and I hope this to be true but I don’t really think so.

anonymous asked:

Do you have songs that you associate with Bakugou or other Hero Academia characters? like a song that you think could be their character theme or something like that.

i have a few!!!

oddly enough, i associate “Love Like You” with Bakugou; the song itself isn’t exactly like him, per say, but personally i think a lot of the self-deprecating lines fit his character. especially after the kidnapping stuff and All Might’s retirement (”I always thought I might be bad, now I’m sure that it’s true, ‘cause I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you…”). 

also “Lets Start a Riot,” b/c lets face it, this is Bakugou

for Toshinori, i think “Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story,” fits pretty well, given it’s overall theme. also, “Superman” and “100 Years

but aside from that, i haven’t really associated any specific songs with any specific characters. howeveri do have some songs i associate with relationships and the class, tho. 

for example, some songs i associate with Dad Might and Izuku are “Dear Theodosia,” “History Has It’s Eyes on You,” “I’m Still Here,” and “Always Know Where You Are.” for whatever reason, “Heads Up Hearts Down” makes me think of them, too

and as for Dad Might and Bakugou, i usually think of “This is Gospel” (specifically this version of the song)

for Toshinko, i associate “Brand New,” “Just the Way You Are,” and “Piece by Piece” (the first two from Toshinori’s perspective and the last from Inko’s)

for Kacchako, well. i tend to think of “It Had to be You,” but i don’t really think the entire song fits them. but i think one of the lyrics (”What a disaster it would be if you discovered that i cared, a little too much for friends, but not enough to share…”) does, haha. maybe “What If,” too. (the first i imagine from Bakugou’s perspective and the second from Uraraka’s)

for class 1A i usually think of “Here’s to Us” and “How Far We’ve Come

and thanks to this amazing video by @toastyhat, i now associate “Save Our City” with the kidnapping arc and Izuku/All Might/All for One’s relationship

that’s pretty much it. it’s not much, haha. i don’t usually associate songs with characters unless they really strike me or make an impression on me.

anyway, haha. i hope this answered your question!!!

TVD = The It Doesn’t Make SENSE Diaries {1x13 Review}

Welcome to the 13th review of season 1! As per usual, here are the guidelines: Considering that I haven’t sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I will start with my usual disclaimer:  I write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena senitments and I feel the need to say there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism and anti-blackness. OK. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Opening scene of Damon helping Katherine murder two people and yeah Human Damon is a lot meeker but that doesn’t mean that this grown ass 20-something year old man was “done in” by Katherine, he knew exactly what he was doing and doesn’t actually seem to struggle with her killing two people, he just seems mildly uncomfortable and then he kisses her with their blood on her lips, the fact that he has a “Aw gee” meek demeanour doesn’t make him any less of an an accessory to murder, guys.

2. Elena and Stefan cuddling as they wake up! So cute! The way she smiles when she wakes up in his arms and how he kisses her, omg.

3. I also just realized that the door is still open when Elena brings Stefan back into bed so like not only does she not give a shit if Damon hears them fucking, she doesn’t care if he happens to pass by either. But seriously, how can anyone say they didn’t have amazing sex, she’s like um excuse me, half-naked God of a man in my bed, I’m not done.

4. Seriously, Giuseppe doesn’t realize that his two sons are sleeping with the same woman in one house? HOW?

5. Also, legit Damon would’ve been married with kids by now. Stefan wouldn’t be too far off either, it would actually be interesting if they were at least promised to two other women and then Katherine came. Like if Katherine convinced Damon to destroy his life, leave his kids, leave his wife so they can run away for an eternity together and then went oh btw, your brother is coming with us and then set the series of events in motion in which the town was at war with itself and Damon spent over a century waiting for her and feeling the guilt of having abandoned his wife and children for her but holding on to the idea that this woman he did all these things for will finally reunite with him only for her to be gone? Then that would be way more interesting and have way more emotional stakes than what we have now.

6. Yep, let’s just brush over the fact that Emily is enslaved. Pearl also would not be so easily accepted.

7. No seriously, how OLD is Anna? When did she turn?

8. And I never got why Pearl wouldn’t just leave Katherine behind. Like yo if they have vervain in elixirs and they’re trying to find vampires, I’m about to LEAVE.

9. “You were sad, Ben, you lacked purpose, you needed me.” I don’t understand this idea of vampirism = purpose because the show doesn’t expand on that. As a vampire your emotions are heightened so if Ben was sad as a human, would he not just spiral into despair as a vampire? And also his “purpose” is to help Anna for her own agenda, how would Ben not realize that? At least in True Blood when Godric turns Eric, Eric is dying and Godric likes the fire he has because Eric was a viking and he was like do you want to be a companion of death? I will be your father, brother, son and friend. In TVD it’s just … what?

10. “You know I really think that Damon believes that everything he’s done, every move he’s made, he’s done for love. It’s twisted but kind of sad.” HOW, ELENA? How was turning Vicki and leaving Stefan to clean up the mess done for love? How was abusing and raping Caroline done for love? And how can you speak so dispassionately about something when the people being affected are the people you’ve known since childhood? It doesn’t make SENSE. From the first season, Damon and in relation Delena is the biggest writing weakness.

11. Stefan: “There are other ways to get what you want, you don’t have to kill people” LIKE RIGHT THO? And Elena just tilts her head like, “Oh. True.” WHAT? This reminds me of a plot line in Friday Night Lights, where a man attacks Tyra and tries to rape her but she manages to fight him off but then he comes back again and tries to rape her so Landry kills him. After a while, the attacker’s brother asks to see all of his brother’s victims to apologize on behalf of him and Tyra is uncomfortable doing it so choose Landry to go in her stead and his brother is like, I’m sorry he never used to be like this … he was the only one who took care of me, my dad ran off and my mom was too drunk to feed us and Landry is like, you know what, pretty much every person in Dillon has the exact same story and they don’t turn out to be rapists! Same THING.

12. Also, I have a question about these journals … does every Founding Family have their own set of journals? And if they do, since they make up the council, shouldn’t they you know SHARE these journals with each other? Like why is it so singular?

13. OK, schools do get locked you know.

14. Paul commands such presence in his scenes, seriously when Alaric discovers he’s a vampire and Stefan just dashes him to the desks and tells him to sit? I would not want to cross him.

15. The woman who plays Pearl has so much more presence than Nina and she comes across as older – because she is – so for her to take point from Katherine is like, why? I don’t get it.

16. “I never asked for your respect.” “Good for you, Damon. Because all I have is disappointment.” Said every sane viewer ever.


18. Also, I missed when Damon went over to Elena’s house. And him being in the kitchen cooking is like, that’s cute, Stefan did that 8 episodes before, you’re late.

19. His grin is annoying.

20. “You met Damon.” “Who do you think killed my wife.” Oh yes, ALL for love.

21.Elena feeling guilty about lying to Damon is like, remember that time he nearly killed Bonnie? Remember that time he nearly killed Caroline? Remember that time he killed Tanner? Remember that time he turned Vicki?

22. And so Jenna and Jeremy aren’t a little bit curious why a grown ass man is hanging around Elena and why he’s at their house? When Angel is in Buffy’s house, she has to lie to her mom and tell her he’s in college and that he’s her tutor and Joyce side-eyes the hell out of that so Buffy has to sneak him up to her room. If you’re making sexy eyes at the man, Jenna, then he should not be around your niece the way Damon is.

23. “Elena and I are bonded for life, I can’t imagine it any other way. She’s my sister, I mean, I’d die for her.” WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY BONNIE. Elena hasn’t done anything in these 13 episodes that would warrant such loyalty.

24. Also, Damon just told Elena that he won’t let anyone get in his way when it comes to getting Katherine back, like it was a threat, and when they find out the journal is gone and that Jeremy is the only other person who knows about it and he walks back into the house that determined and Elena is just like “Damon, leave him out of it …” I would panic especially considering that Damon had already negatively impacted Jeremy’s life by turning Vicki.

25. Yeah, this Giuseppe is stern and a hard-ass but I didn’t get the impression he was this tyrannical, abusive father. In 1x20, Stefan does say even in our death you only feel shame so like I don’t get a sense of closeness with Giuseppe and either brother but I really do feel like they turned him into a monster in season 7 as an attempt to excuse Damon’s behaviour because we all know if you’re forced to eat your pet bunny nearly two hundred years ago you have to act out and kill people.

26. Stefan, why are you giving Elena a shovel too to dig up your father’s grave, you can vamp speed that shit.

27. Seriously. Paul’s sighs when Nina is kissing his stomach and chest, like …

28. I forgot Bonnie actually kisses Ben.

29. WHY would you open the grimoire there? Vamp speed the dirt back into the grave and then go. HOME.

30. Oh shut UP, Damon, you’ve caused this town so much damage, Elena owes you nothing.

31. It’s also super gross that Damon sniffs Elena’s hair as he hands her back to Stefan after force-feeding her his blood.

32. It really bothers me that the show is substituting vampires for the enslaved without talking about the enslaved, like it takes some kind of privilege and entitlement to have  a show set in the South and flashing back to 1864 and NOT talking about it.

33. To be fair, Stefan didn’t tell Giuseppe that he was sleeping with a vampire, he was just like so maybe we shouldn’t kill all of them. I get that in the heat of the moment, Damon would blame Stefan but like 100 and some odd years later? Fam, let it go. Or if the point is that he can’t let it go and the older he gets the more stuck in time he becomes, that needs to be displayed more.

34. I love that forehead kiss and Stefan and Elena holding hands till the very last minute is their aesthetic.

35. Wow, Jenna being semi-active! “You know you’re not staying the night, right? Keep the door open.”

36. Pearl’s death is probably the most moving part of the episode.Much better than Damon’s man pain.

Thanks for reading!

Based off of Kia’s 13daysofSasuHina

>Sauce workin at the local mall as a seasonal photographer because Naruto thought working part-time during the holidays would be fun

>Naruto unexpectedly calls in one day & Sauce is the only one who can fit into the Santa costume (he ends up not wearing it tho lol)

>Staff was worried at first thinking he’d scare the kids but ends up being popular 

>Rumor has it that if you can withstand the scary Santa your wish will come true

>Highest profit in years! 2 hour waiting line! Staff from other stores are forced to help out

>Once Nardo is back, he becomes reassigned as photographer instead of Santa (is okay with it because he enjoys seeing Sasuke say ho ho ho)

>Sasuke is initially agitated but the cute Santa helper is amused by it so he complies

anonymous asked:

I think you're all being a bit harsh on Hobi. First of all, it's not his "duty" to take care of Yoongi 24/7. Yoongi is a grown man. Then there's the other members too. It's not just Hoseok-Yoongi. Hoseok takes care of the Maknae Line A LOT. Plus he is much more subtle/the type to cheer others up than to hug them (like Jimin). He's just not such an openly emotional man. And we don't know what's going on backstage so let's not assume the members not taking care of each other bc I'm sure they do.


“that ask was just a joke between my friend oswin and i. i don’t seriously believe that i can be the judge of their relationship and how they should act around each other. what’s true tho is that i really want only the best for yoongi and hoseok. sorry, i shouldn’t have gone along with my friend’s joke and sorry if i upset anyone” 

i’ve spent most of my morning discussing just how soft hobi is for yoongi with anons please try to understand the situation before assuming anything about me based on one ask you saw

but yes i agree with what you’re sayin but once again, it was a joke, i was exaggerating for the sake of a running joke my friend and i have

itwouldbetherapeutic  asked:

But omg tho, another headcanon was confirmed - that Hannibal is a tireless lover!I always thought that it's a little exaggeration when they make love in fics so many times that Will can't speak after, but now it's so true T__T

It is! Bryan Fuller described Hannibal as a fantastic lover (something along those lines).

Hannibal’s skills plus his adoration, passion, and LOVE for Will– all of that combined together would result in an all night long therapy session.

Family friendly tvshows

“I had to console her for an hour.”


Collab between @maxgameztheswagking and I :D! They did the lines and I did the color. Please enjoy an embarrassed Elichi

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do you play zelda? can you please draw link shooting an arrow??? that would be a dream come true :D

Yes I play!!! Well, I’ve only played Phantom Hourglass so far. I’m currently trying to get my hands on Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess…

This was supposed to be a quick sketch but I liked the way the lines turned out and went all out with the colours :’D I kind of just did whatever i wanted with his outfit and bow design tho, haha,,,,


That’s so fucking not true tho. I was amazed by your intelligence and how literate you are… I loved your poems and wanted the world to know, what I know. That you are amazing. And yes, the rest was important as well and I hoped I can help you somehow. But only because I wanted you to be more than just those thin white lines not just for me but for everyone. I wanted them to see you.
I’m so sorry that it wasn’t enough. I’m sorry that I didn’t realise in time that it isn’t enough…
I know this is the most fucked up thing I can do that I post this here but I know you know I can see what you’re reblogging and you must know it breaks my heart that I hurt you…
Please, take care of yourself!

aaaaaaaallrighty guys! I’m super tired :3 

Of course I haven’t done anything productive this week.. I should have read a book for uni, do lots of other stuff buuuuut..nope! I read fics instead.. ehem..enough blabla! I know you only want me for my weekly destiel fic rec list ;)

Title:  Just Gonna Sit there?

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,200
Summary:When his brother abandons him at a college sex party, Castiel tries to find somewhere to sit quietly and wait for his ride to return. Feeling more than a little out of place, he wants nothing more than to leave, until a gorgeous and almost naked man falls into his lap. Maybe he can stay for a little while.

Note:  Woah..just..woah. Wonderful PWP. Absolutely hot! Dean has a thing for exhibitionism. holy frick, this fic. wow this rhymed. I’m a poet! (not..) this fic is A+ and there’s even a happy ending yay! GO READ IT

Title:  Professor Novak

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3,200
Summary:The one where Dean needs to pass his college class and Cas is his handsome professor willing to take a bribe.

Note:  PWP. Yes, I’m a kinky fucker and I read lots of porn. this is good porn. very good porn. Also cas as a prof is always super hot. Title:  Sex 101, or: That Time Castiel Asked Dean to Teach Him How to Have SexRating: Explicit Word Count: 50,000 Summary:“‘I want to have sex,’ Castiel announces suddenly.

Dean chokes on his gulp of Baha Blast.”


Wherein Dean teaches Cas how to have sex, and Cas teaches Dean why to have sex.

This fic is filled with music, literature, fluff, angst, smut, feels, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

Note:  Oh god. this fic blew me away. I don’t know what it is with Destiel/others lately?? Why am I reading this stuff? I mean, I never liked it?? BUT NOW I DO. The first chapter was SO GODDAMN HOT I HAD TO  PUT MY TABLET DOWN AND DO STUFF IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  But it’s not just hot, it’s also funny and there’s plot. Suddenly things are happening. Stripper!Dean things O_o Also there a fabulous drag!queens who save the day I mean how can you NOT love this fic? GO NOW. *throws glitter at you* WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE THIS FIC IS PURE AWESOMESAUCE *throws more glitter and some pink dildos*

Title:  Bunny Tail

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,800
Summary:Dean is sitting in his last class of the day, a boring three hour Sociology course, when he gets a message from his roommate.

Note: I really have no idea WHY but I think those tail thingies are the hottest shit. (This is obviously also a pwp) And goddamnit I mean I love top!Cas but I also love bottom!Cas when he’s written like that in AUs. *can’t decide and runs in circles* BOTH. BOTH IS FAB

Title:  Everything

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,800
Summary:It’s a warm, lazy morning, and Cas’ apartment is bathed in hazy sunlight. Dean reckons it’s times like these that he loves Cas the most, and he wants to enjoy every last moment here together - he’s ready to give Cas everything, and show just how far his love and trust can reach.

Note: ASDFGHJK!!!! These two assbutts will be the death of me. THis is so cute and! I love reading about their established relationship and how they live their lives makes me unbelieavbly happy! This is kind of porn with a little plot :)

Title:  Show Amongst Us Secret Wisdom

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,3000
Summary:When Dean wakes up female, he and Sam struggle to find a cause. To find a solution, Dean has to expand his horizons: new ride, new bodily functions, and a whole new awareness of angels.

Note:  I love genderbent fics :3 THIS IS MY JAM. Especially love fem!Dean. (Probably because of my love for bottom!dean) This fic is different than other fics in this genre. I mean yeah, it’s a spell and blah but here it’s not just dean whining. And omg the cramp situation with Sam..holy crap I was laughing so hard..poor sammy!

Title:  Thunderstruck

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 64,000
Summary:Dean Winchester, a half-blood Gryffindor joins Dumbledore’s Army in his 6th Year and finally meets Castiel Novak, a Muggle-born Hufflepuff. After Castiel manages to produce Patronus on his first try, Dean is immediately curious about the quiet Prefect and ends up forming an unlikely friendship that doesn’t go as smoothly as they wish.

Note:  I should read crossovers more often. I didn’t know how much I missed Harry Potter until I’ve read this but omg I miss it a helluva lot :/ I simply love this fic. It’s not just about destiel, it’s about Dean and his life at Hogwarts. It’s amazing! He’s a Gryffindor and knows Harry, they experience everything a student would have experienced there - just wow! The only negative thing was..yeah you will see. Love that it has a happy ending. Even tho I would have wished the author had solved it differently.. Anyway, fabulous read!

Title:  Bars Are Not Usually Quite this Filthy

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,800
Summary:  Cas is an overworked college student working as a bartender to get through college. Dean is a jackass tease, dabbling in the idea of flirting with men but having never actually been with a man. This summary literally has more plot than the shameless smut inside. Oh, and Cas just really wanted to feed his goddamn cat.

Note:  What do you want me to say? I love me some porn. God I want more of this. (Especially if Cas’s assumption about Dean is right..oh dear chuck)

Title:  Willowsbend

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 51,000
Summary:In the town of Willowsbend, the Supernatural police unit went by the name of Dean Winchester. Unfortunately for Dean, the Supernatural population of Willowsbend was zero. So Dean spent the majority of his time calming paranoid housewives when their pipes rattled and chasing off wildlife that over-zealous citizens were sure must be shifters. It’s a tiring job, full of false-starts and hysterical old ladies. It’s a rare day that Dean has to deal with anything truly Supernatural. That’s about to change, and it all begins with the arrival of one Castiel Novak.

Note: Witch!Cas might be the best thing ever? I love that the supernatural was a part of everyone’s life -  even if it is different to what we are used to. Slow built relationships are something that I enjoy immensely (even tho I DO like my pwps) This fic is so cuuuuuuute. Like a coffee shop AU bit with witches and cop!dean and just asdjsdfk. I’m sorry I’m really tired. I have sent this fic to all of my friends I (and they) can guarantee you its awesomeness :3

Title:  You Can Stretch Right Up and Touch the Sky

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 58,000
Summary:The thing about summers, is that they seem like they last forever, then suddenly it’s slipping through your fingers, and you’re scrambling to enjoy the end. Dean learns that this is true for other things as well, as he works as a counselor at Camp Kripke, the summer after high school. In an enclosed environment like Kripke, rumors fly faster than the zip line, and suddenly everyone’s talking about him and the attractive head chef.

Note: I wish I had taken some time to read this..but, as always, I read it in one go. Now I’m super sad it’s over :’( I want more of Dean and camp shenanigans? I generally love Dean with kids and this is just super precious aaah! I think I need to reread it???!! *cough* I’ve just finished this haha. God I want more. I hope she uploads timestamps? PRETTY PLEASE? The only thing I don’t get is the rating coz - yes -  they do have sex but it’s like 2 scenes and the main thing is over in like 5 paragraphs? so there could be more porn. Other than that it’s absolutely perfect. I loved this verse so much AAAH. 
Okay I think I need sleep now..ermm yes I’m gonna go take a shower and then go to bed! I hope you enjoy this week’s fics :) Love you guys

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[SK-LTE Fansign] This fan's bias is Chen, so she was extremely shy when it was her turn to stand before him. She had hidden half her face with the page Kyungsoo just signed, so only her eyes were peeking out. Chen kept turning his head, side-to-side, to get a proper look at her face and for her to actually face him. He maintained eye contact and said, "Hello~~" Fan: "Hello ㅠㅠ" Chen asked for her name and drew her a couple hearts; once he was done signing, he kept staring at her. The fan remained quiet while standing, and it was Chen who kept starting small conversation with her, which the fan was really grateful for. He had an apologetic, concerned expression while asking the fan, "It was cold out, right~? It must've been so cold to have come and waited for this [event]~" Fan: "Ah, no ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ It wasn't cold at all! ㅠㅠ" Chen: "But that's not true~! It must have been cold~ It was so cold outside~" When the fan admitted it was slightly cold, Chen broke out into a warm smile...while the fan noted that she "broke down at her bias's signature upturned lips and crescent-shaped eyes."
My Love is Real

Originally posted by jengguks

Okay, so I’m going to start off with our Pink Princess, Kim Seokjin.
When I first saw the video for No More Dream I kind of tried to decipher what roles each of the members fit in the group, and for some strange (really strange, like wtf?!) reason I thought Jin was the “bad boy” of the group. Can you really blame me though???

Originally posted by bbanqchan

Like what the hell is he doing here? Why would he does this???

Originally posted by antrea

And you guys wonder why I thought he was the bad boy?! When I first saw the video I was like, “okay, this guy is good looking AND he’s got a manly image. He is the bad boy!” Actually, it wasn’t even until after they released Bullet Proof Part 2 that I started watching Rookie King and then I was like, “nope, not a bad boy.”

Originally posted by shimssi

In all actuality, Jin is just a qt pie who doesn’t get enough praise. I think that may have to do with his role as the visual of the group. Sometimes he feels like the Dara of the group, and before the hate comes, I just mean it in that they both get written off for being good looking. Like, that’s not all that Jin is good at. He’s the eldest and he takes that responsibility seriously by always caring for and being kind to the other members.

Originally posted by jeon-day

Originally posted by vminv

He’s also so sweet and he lets the other members tease him, even though he is the oldest.

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Originally posted by bangthebae

However, at the end of the day they love him because of his warm and loving personality.

Originally posted by princesseok

That’s not all that Jin is good for, though! His voice is that of an angel! He seriously has such a sweet tone, and while it’s true that he doesn’t have the range Jungkook and Jimin have or the deep tone that V has, he still balances the vocal line so well (his ‘whoas’ in Boyz with Fun tho) and BTS wouldn’t sound the same without him.

So let’s just all agree to love and care for him because he’s always caring for everyone else and he deserves to have the ARMYs look out for him.

Originally posted by mintokkies

Okay, let me talk about our fluffy green alien.

Originally posted by hugtae

Really, V can do no wrong. He is possibly the cutest human being I have ever seen, and at least to me, he seems like the most innocent member of the group.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Whenever I think about the fact that V had to hide all those times the rest of the members were doing their video logs it really makes my heart hurt for him. V is so sweet, and just the thought that he didn’t let the fact that he was basically in the shadows for a while before he was allowed to be seen get to him?!?! He’s stated countless of times he was just happy to be debuting with the rest of his team, like???!!!!

Originally posted by bitemytonguedarling

The kids voice tho! People can’t say that V is just a pretty face, which is what I heard a lot in the beginning. Even I was like that a little at first. My first impression of V was that he was good-looking, but it’s not fair to him to simply place him as “the good-looking one.” He’s got an amazingly deep, soulful voice! He’s like the one that balances Jin’s sweeter voice (Boyz with Fun, hellooooooo?!?!?!) Let’s just all praise that we have Kim Taehyung in the group, kay?!?!

PS: My fave part of No More Dream

Originally posted by bw-bts

I don’t even know why, but this is my favorite part of the video. V in those glasses is just, ugh!!!

Seriously though, V is a special little snowflake and everyone should love him lots.

Originally posted by twinklestars06

Now, allow me to introduce our leader, our flow king, the light of BTS: Kim Namjoon.

Originally posted by btaes

Wait, why is he our leader again?

Originally posted by jiguk

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There are so many reasons why Rap Monster is important, here are just a few of my reasons.

1. He is one of the best rappers (not just idol rappers, either) in the game. He literally kills with his flow, you guys. Once Namjoon gets a hold of the mic it’s an all kill. He’s a genius! 

2. We all may make fun of Namjoon but no one can touch his ability as a leader. He is always so genuine, and even if he may not seem like he takes care of the group in the way the Jin does, he is still always encouraging the members.

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No, but really, we all know what a great leader Rap Monster is. You can tell by how comfortable all the members are with him that he’s a good guy. If they were a bit awkward with him then you’d be able to tell.

3. My last (but seriously not the last because he’s too great) reason why Namjoon, a.k.a, Rap Monster is important is BTS itself. As we all know, Namjoon was the first to sign under BigHit and the first member of BTS, however Namjoon was already in the underground long before anything happened with BTS. Ya’ll can search his pre-debut videos on YouTube, and the truth of the matter is that he could have made it on his own. He’s got a strong flow, great stage presence, and sharp lyrics. Bang PD himself stated that when he first heard Namjoon rap he was ready to have him debut right then. Rap Monster didn’t want to be on his own though, he wanted to be in a group where he would have that strong brotherhood that he wouldn’t have gotten being on his own, so he joined BTS. Even now I always hear people saying that RapMon would do better on his own, but he is so dedicated to the group, these guys are seriously his family. In that hidden camera when Bang PD made him choose between going solo and being in BTS he chose BTS without even the slightest bit of hesitation. He’s also not afraid to call himself an idol even with all the hate he sometimes gets for being an idol rapper. I love all that about Rap Monster, so please show me where he is bad leader.

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What’s one distinct thing that sets BTS apart from a lot of other groups? Three words, people: Jimin’s High Note.

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Park Jimin is such a valuable member of BTS and not just because of his abs. The kid is dripping with talent. He can dance, sing, and he’s got the charm needed to keep everyone interested.

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And seriously, seventh in looks my butt!

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(I don’t take this too seriously because I know the members like to tease each other) With all these things going for him you would think the kid would be arrogant, but he’s still so goofy and respectful towards his Hyungs.

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His dancing skills are also not something to be taken lightly. He’s the best dancer in BTS besides J-Hope and he’s always working on getting better. When I first saw No More Dream I actually thought that Jimin was going to be my bias because he’s the first person I really noticed in the video. Even though that isn’t the case today, I seriously still love Jimin to no end. He will always hold a special place in my heart and I just hope he keeps doing well and he stops losing weight because a healthy Jimin is a cute one.

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Oh, who do we have here? Did someone say Golden Maknae?

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I love little Kookie, so, so, much! He’s my little man who thinks he’s all grown-up, but is actually afraid of girls. Jungkook is obviously important with a title like Golden Maknae. The kid is actually good at everything!!! He can sing, rap, dance, he’s charming. Like, what can’t you do??

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He’s also so funny, and I seriously don’t even know what to say about Jeon Jungkook other than he’s amazing. Plus we both have the same ultimate bias (GD) so I feel like I would be able to get along with Kookie really well.

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One thing that I would like to say about Jungkook is that I love how much he loves being in BTS. We’ve all seen that video where he gets too overwhelmed during Born Singer and he starts to cry.

I can seriously respect him for that because that just shows me how much he really wanted this. How much he wanted that moment where the whole crowd was singing his song back to him. How much he really wanted to be sharing that stage with the rest of his brothers and that really got to me. Seriously, all I can say is that I hope Kookie keeps on doing what he’s doing.

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We have reached that point in this long text post ya’ll. The part where I’m going to need some hope to keep going, and where else would I look for some hope other than our ball of sunshine, Jung Hoseok, a.k.a: J-Hope.

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Okay, let me just start this off by saying FACIALS!!! J-HOPE’S FACIAL EXPRESSIONS BRING ME LIFE!! LIKE:

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I can’t even come up with good enough words to describe J-Hope. He’s so freakin nice, funny, talented, caring, warm, creative, unique, I can seriously go on. J-Hope was at one point my bias, and sometimes I still catch myself loving him a little more than the rest. Don’t judge me though, okay? There are just so many things I love about him.

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His rapping.

I know he may not be as good as Rap Monster or Suga but he’s so good in his own right. We have to remember that J-Hope didn’t come from that underground rapper scene that both RapMon and Suga came from so he pretty much had to bust his butt practicing in order to be able to call himself a rapper like they do. He’s got this swagger about him when he raps, and out of the rapper line I feel like he’s the most versatile with his rap. He can manipulate his tone without it coming out weird. Exhibit A is his part in Cypher Part 3.

Another thing I love about J-Hope is his dancing (obviously).

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He can make even the simplest of moves look amazing! He’s got so much talent for dancing, he’s one of my top favorite main dancers in a group.

I also really love J-Hope’s goofy personality.

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He’s always making me smile and I appreciate the fact that he doesn’t try changing who he is for anyone.

All in all, J-Hope is such an amazing ball of sunshine.

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Bonus cuz I literally died when I saw this episode of AHL.

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Okay, so who am I missing? Hmmm?? Oh, that’s right!


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Ya’ll will have to excuse me if I start to ramble (or cry) I just seriously love Suga so much!!!

Okay, so here is my list of my favorite things about Min Yoongi/Suga.

1. His talent.

I know a lot of people tend to overlook Suga’s rap with Rap Monster in the group, but we ARMYs know how truly amazing Suga’s rap is. His flow is so incredible, and I know by now “Suga Sweg” is a running gag among the fandom, however I think people that don’t really know about BTS need to understand that it all started with his rap.

Like that hook? He spat fire over that hook and made it sound amazing! It’s not only that, but the emotion he puts into his rap. Like I can feel his anger, his frustration, his sorrow. His words cut deep because I believe every word he is saying. I know a lot of rappers want to talk abut the “struggle” and all of that, but with Suga he doesn’t make it sound cheesy or overused. He makes his struggles sound real and relatable.

So, yes the whole “swag” thing is something we ARMYs joke about, however it is also 100% true that Min Yoongi has swagger!

Aside from his rapping, his producing abilities always impress me. The songs he has written for BTS are amazing. Everything from Miss Right, Tomorrow, Boyz with Fun, and all the other songs he has written and produced with the rest of the rapper line are great! I feel like he doesn’t understand how good his songs really are, which I think is a major reason why he hasn’t released his mixtape yet. I just wish he would have more confidence in his work because everything he has written so far has been amazing!


His lyrics always impress me. He can write a verse and I swear it will be the most relatable thing I have ever read in my life. One of my favorite verses of his is his verse in If I Ruled the World. I love how while RapMon and J-Hope talk about wanting girls, and famous clothing brands (nothing wrong with that HOLLA) he writes about wanting to buy a house for his family and to rule the world with his music. LIKE?!?!?!?!?!

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Another one of my favorites is his verse in Cypher Part 2. Like, bro. The part where he says “If I’m the sun you’re, the moon, because when I rise you go down.”  

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2. His personality

I love Yoongi’s personality so much because he can go from intimidating as-f rapper one second to squishy and lovable the next.


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And then there’s his cutie pie side…

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I read this post once where another ARMY summarized the reason behind Yoongi’s personality really well. I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of the person, but basically what he/she said was that Yoongi was a lot more reserved and quiet because of the way he was brought up. Yoongi has said so himself that his dad was the traditional tough and reserved father who didn’t show him much affection. Naturally, if someone is brought up being taught that showing ones emotions is a sign of weakness then they are not going to show their emotions much to other people. Another thing this person pointed out was that Yoongi growing up in Daegu influenced his tougher attitude. Of course, V was also raised in Daegu, however he was raised by his grandparents in the countryside, while Yoongi grew up in a part of the city that is famous for the rough city people. Of course he had to be tough in order to survive in a city like this. It’s the same with people from New York, Boston, or Chicago. You have to be tough in order to not get pushed around. What I really loved about what this person stated was that they mentioned how being in a group with such loving guys helped Yoongi to come out of his shell a little more. By being surrounded by a bunch of guys that are loud and playful he understood that showing emotion and being a little cute sometimes isn’t a bad thing. This is reflected in his recent attitude in their newer shows and broadcasts. He’s a lot more playful and he isn’t afraid to show how cute he can really be. I think being a member of BTS really helped Yoongi out a lot.

His snarky attitude tho!

I love how Yoongi can be a little shit sometimes. It’s part of his charm and what really attracted me to him when I was watching Rookie King to learn more about them. He really doesn’t give a fuck what people have to say about him most of the time, and at least to me that’s a really good example to set.

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Like, the tude is real with this one, AND I LOVE IT!!

His love for ARMYs

We all know that all the guys love their fans, however I feel like Yoongi always does his best to show his love. His birthday surprises two years in a row for the fans was so cute! I really couldn’t believe that instead of accepting gift from the fans he decided to make gifts for them instead. I thought it was so cute of him to spend his own money and time and effort in order to surprise the fans. Seriously, if that doesn’t show his love I don’t know what does.

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Okay, I know I’ve been going on with Yoongi for a long time, but I just want to say one last thing. Yoongi is a really contemplative kind of guy. You can tell by the way he always takes a long time to write his music because he wants to be 100% satisfied with it. He thinks a lot about what people think about his music, more so than himself, and that’s because his music is the way he shows others who he is. He’s a really deep thinker and sometimes I feel like I want to shield him from the fame because of how sensitive he really is. I think that’s also a reason why I don’t want him to be on shows like SMTM (even though I KNOW he and RapMon would probably kill) The citicism would DESTROY him. Just look at how they ripped Mino apart. Mino was obviously talented and I’m not saying I don’t agree with him losing because Basick also deserved the win, HOWEVER I hated how people played him off like he had no right to be there. Suga thinks about these things and I just wish there was a way for us all to send him warm hugs and smiles so he knows we are there for him. I truly love what a deep thinker he is though. To me he’s like a little Tablo. He can go hard one minute, then hit you with the feels the next.

Let’s just all give Min Suga some love, okay?

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What I’m saying is that I feel like we should all be careful with the way we talk to ALL the boys because they depend on our feedback the most. We should all be nothing but positive towards them because the music industry can chew you up and spit you out and not give a flying fuck. They’re just looking for the next big thing, really. I really, truly feel like BTS could become something big. They have the supportive management and the talent to do so. So when they have their comeback let’s all give our seven boys tons of support and affection so they know they we appreciate their hard work.

Okay, sorry for this long-ass post, and if you read all the way through it then bless you and may you have an amazing day! Also, let’s all pray together that we survive this comeback because I really don’t know, ya’ll.

Love your fellow ARMY, Sandra! <3

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can we talk about this picture because

  • his pants fit him so well that it pains me
  • his dumb little seattle mariners shirt like you goof ♥ 
  • his hair looks REALLY good
  • tbh i’m lookin right below the belt line those pants I tell ya
  • that is a nicely tailored sport coat even tho it’s a little long

Dimitri Allen holding a bouquet.



story time: 

layclives once mentioned to me that dimitri was rather unappreciated in the PL fandom, and it was true, so i made a post asking people to reblog it with pictures of flowers (in appreciation of dimitri) and then i decided i wanted art to commemorate that post

this is a request i sent to my sister akikazetohoru-12 (she’s not even in the PL fandom, im sorry you had to put up with all my phases/obsessions sis) 

but because she got busy she only managed to do the design/sketch, and two-thirds of the line art. she still did an amazing job tho, pls send her nice things

so it ended up becoming a collab! i asked around, and my friend nuitopia offered to finish the lineart. he did an amazing job with the flowers, HE SOMEHOW KNEW I WANTED EXACTLY 35 ROSES TO MATCH THE NUMBER OF NOTES ON THE ORIGINAL FLOWERS POST. HE’S A WITCH!!!!!! BURN HIM!1!!!