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Any advice for beginner Doom Mappers with no ideas for the full picture?

Oops, sorry, didn’t see this until just now. D: Tumblr eludes me a bit.

Anyways, I can vouch for the tried-and-true method of just jumping in and teaching oneself everything about Doom mapping, since it is a very, very accessible medium of creation - seriously, drawing simple lines and shapes is really all it takes. :P At least for the basics.

However, the community itself is rich in resources to help you get off the ground. There are editing tutorials all over the place:

Of course there’s a lot beyond this - and you might want to make maps, and be able to, but be quite stuck for actual ideas. Again, the community is there to help.

  • There are name generators and theme generators out there. Of course some of these are ineffably silly, but hey, sometimes a silly idea might stimulate you creatively in ways you’d not previously considered.
  • OBLIGE is a level generator that can help you gain a general idea of how a Doom map layout can work. It is generally frowned upon to use these layouts “out of the box” though, so use them for inspiration, but don’t go generating a bunch of maps and then releasing them. :P
  • The Doomwiki is a great resource regarding specifics of the engine.
  • There are innumerable community projects ongoing at any one time, especially on Doomworld, with specific restrictions like using a certain size of playable area, or specific enemy placement. Limitations breed creativity, so hopefully you’ll find one that stimulates and challenges you!
  • Just doodle! Find some blank paper, whether it has lines/squares or not, and get sketching. Interesting things are bound to arise.
  • Play a lot of Doom. Seriously. The maps the community makes are invaluable sources of inspiration. We’re a stupidly creative bunch.

Hopefully this helps! Again sorry for the sheer lateness of this response.

The Kinship Harvest


Day 1: Holiday AU

Hi guys! This is my contribution to CS AU week. 

We’re going to pretend the portal at the end of S3 never opened and Zelena was defeated without any interruptions. We’re also going to pretend Emma couldn’t go through with leaving for New York much to everyone’s relief. We’re also going to pretend that I can make up a believable holiday for the Enchanted forest lol.

It’s fluffy and stuff… i hope you enjoy it!

The Kinship Harvest

It was the first Emma had ever heard about an Enchanted forest holiday. Since she’d decided to stay in storybrooke, her parents had gone overboard with bringing a touch of home over to the land without magic to include her. They wanted both their children to experience everything they would have had back there and it was oddly touching if somewhat overbearing for her.

It had lead to David announcing to the whole of Granny’s diner one late August evening about celebrating the kinship harvest altogether.

“We’ve been through alot together, and we should celebrate together. We are all family now.”

It was probably the first time Emma realised just how royal her parents were when the diner erupted into cheers.

They had actually ruled over villages and protected masses of people. It was still quite a concept to grasp.

She’d of course chuckled when she’d spotted Killian’s raised eyebrow at her father’s hearty speech, knowing just what he was thinking… because she was probably thinking it too.

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Jin appreciation

ok so everyone who sees this should go listen to the song “awake” by Jin (if you don’t know what i’m talking about, it’s on BTS’ album ‘WINGS’) because this man deserves more recognition. 

first of all, he gets the least amount of lines in majority of the songs, here are some examples:

it has been addressed by Jin himself though that they know his voice is more suited for ballads (even though he does perfectly in all bts songs), which is why he doesn’t have very many lines in earlier songs, but even now he doesn’t get the amount he deserves

secondly, most “army” (quotations bc if you are like this you don’t deserve to be called an army) don’t appreciate him as much as other members, this can also be said about the whole hyung line as well but that’s a whole separate post by itself. I’m always seeing posts about the maknae line, yoongi and hoseok, but the amount of posts just for seokjin and namjoon is just sad. you cannot call yourself an army if you can’t appreciate all members 

lastly, even bighit staff have been reported not treating him as well as the others. For example, Jin majored in acting but in House of Army he was given basically no dialogue, like shouldn’t you give someone who has experience in acting at least a few lines???? and in the behind the scenes/filming of it they said they’d be filming Jin, and he said, “oh, wow do I get to appear alone?”  it’s so sad that he even had to say that. and apparently (this was in 2013 pre-debut) Bang-PD would call him fat, which is soooo unacceptable of him to do

wow i didn’t mean for this to get so long but, yea everyone should definitively go listen to his song ‘awake’ (it’s so beautiful, and the lyrics are so emotional) and lastly have some pictures of this beautiful man just cause it’s nice to look at art

i’m gonna tag @mistake-messenger-trash bc she inspired me to do this whole thing and @philoquence just bc i want to torture you with all this bts stuff

an equilibrium, however twisted

Before I start, I just want to say that this isn’t a theory I’m entirely sold on myself, but I figured I would put it out there, along with the possible evidence, just in case.

Until now, we have been led to believe that the 24th ward was a hell hole where ghouls skulked around in tunnels cannibalizing each other, evolving into monstrous insane kakujas. Just a wild orderless mess of tunnels and lairs that Eto was lucky to survive at all.

Much of what we have seen of it appears to be maintenance tunnels, drainage systems, and sewer lines. Even the rather spacious place Kaneki’s group has taken up in seems to be built within an abandoned subway project of human construction. Between these underground spaces, we are told, are a series of unmappably convoluted and treacherous tunnels, full of crazed ghouls and traps, such as kagune walls, which, Kanou informs us, must feed on something to be maintained. 

And yet, deep in the 24th ward, we find an entire city.

Cities require a degree of mutual cooperation and organization we have not at all come to expect from the 24th ward. One we haven’t even come to expect from most of the ghouls living on the surface. The ubiquitous mindset that might makes right, that the strong have the right to take whatever they want, whenever they want it, does not seem conducive to what Ayato sees before him.

Not to mention the fact that this city is so far down that it’s almost too deep to carry enough provisions to make it to the surface and back. 

How exactly does this city exist?

How can an entire city of ghouls get enough food to live in even relative harmony so far down?

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What program do you use for your animations? And do you have any tips for beginning animators?

I use firealpaca for the animation itself, sketches, lines, colours and shading and so on but I do backgrounds in medibang and I put it all together/sync it to music using windowsmoviemaker! they’re all free programs so its easy to get into animation via those things.
As for getting started as a beginner animator:
-Here is a tutorial on how to use firealpaca, its the one I used to get into it.
-This is a video explaining the 12 principles of animation! It’s a pretty long one but it’s good knowledge to have and it’s sourced from professional animators!
-If you end up getting serious I also recommend getting The Animators Survival Kit! Apparently its a doozy but it’s a real help.

When I started doing animation I usually did lines of motion to follow through with! It helps when you’re trying to animate a character that moves a lot. A classic example of this is Mulans’ Mushu!

and this is an animation I did using that technique:

Try to do keyframes as well! It helps when making a character be the same size throughout a scene. Without it characters will often get bigger or smaller etc.

you can see here that bc i wasnt paying attention to my keys i ended up making roses hair shorter in the last panel of this animation! And this is only three panels long lmao.

but when you do key frames you can ger something much more consistent in face shape and size and all that!! It’s super duper helpful.

and thats an example of key frames to fluid animation!! woo!! 

Anyway this went of wayyyy to long but I wish you luck in animating!! feel free to hit me up in pm if you get confused! I’m always here to help!

While we’re at it, Jon already gave us potential candidates for the babies that could fill in for the “bastard” he’s supposed to raise alongside his trueborn child(ren) in his imagination of taking back Winterfell with Val and having a child named Robb who would grow up alongside Gilly’s child and Mance’s child within the walls of Winterfell. He was describing his own childhood where he was Ned, his wife was Cat, their son was Robb and Gilly’s and Mance’s children were him. But then he knew in all that mix, Val didn’t fit because he considered her a stranger. And while he said, he could do it if it was Ygritte, it really would be expecting her to accept the future of a peaceful, domestic life with him - which probably wouldn’t be her. 

Although we don’t have Mance’s child on the show, we still have Gilly’s child and given Sansa’s theme of motherhood developing in the books, I’d place my money Sansa developing a bond with him that would surprise Jon. Ultimately, if Jon had to bring a child home, it would probably be Mance’s or Gilly’s and it would be a pseudo-bastard that Sansa would love like her own child, unlike Cat did with Jon - afraid of him stealing away her children’s rights. Also, it would be a way for book!Jon to redeem himself a bit with what he did to Gilly (even if it was necessary). If Jon and Theon are foils because they came from similar places of living with the Starks, loving them but also being treated like outsiders/not Starks and they just take different paths, then Gilly’s son could live with them as a ward and grow up with Jon’s children - showing a different scenario, like Jon Arryn with Ned and Robert, growing up without the distance of a father figure and suspicion of a mother figure. While not possible on the show, the books could have Jon and Sansa taking in both children who would be counterparts for Jon and Theon.  

You don’t even need a Targ baby or Jon actually fathering a bastard. All this is far more complex and interesting. Not to mention, in the books Dany’s condition makes it hard for her to give birth to a child that is alive and Mirri Maz Duur’s line is answering when Drogo will come back to Dany, not when will she have a child again. 

Jon’s dream is that scenario mentioned in the beginning of this post. A life in Winterfell that mimics his childhood but an improved version where the non-trueborn children still get the love they need. It all revolves around wanting to be a Stark more than anything. He’s not going to be overjoyed about being Targaryen despite what fans think. It can’t give him peace in itself. 

In fact, while the fandom obsesses over Jon needing to bring a child home, I think in the books it’ll be Sansa (when she arrives at Castle Black) who will take in Gilly’s son due to the threat of Mellisandre and challenge his detachment due to politics. He might be put in Cat’s place, instead of Ned’s like this because the child would be a reminder of the guilt over the separation of a mother from her child that he caused as a necessary evil and have to face the consequences of that far more closely like Cat is never allowed to forget Ned’s betrayal or the fact that Jon had the Stark look more than any of her sons. It’s easy to put it all on Catelyn when Ned didn’t make it easier for her by telling her the truth. So we could get that angle of exploration as well.  

Regarding Ouma’s Talent || Analysis

Because I’ve heard about people bringing up theories regarding this topic, I decided to throw in my own ideas and why I think that the title of Super High School Level Supreme Leader suits Ouma perfectly. Many like to argue that just like pretty much everything else about Ouma, his talent is also fake because it doesn’t suit him or because he doesn’t show any kind of qualities a “Supreme Leader” should possess. But is that really the case? 

This will be a bit longer, so prepare for a couple of paragraphs to read through. And obviously, this post will contain massive spoilers for all of V3, so be prepared.

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Hi anon,

I really hope i didn’t fail you in this one, I’ve been so busy with college, but I promise to make better commitments. I will post again soon! And I promise I will get to all the messages. Thank you so much for this request, I really loved the creativity of it and the direction/plot!

Enjoy !


You Are Good:

There was a rumble off in the distance, a thunderstorm between the trees. You waited for half a breath, eyes scanning the tree tops and blurred horizon line. For a moment nothing happened, the entire forest silenced itself. Then the thunder rumbled again, shaking the earth with such force the air around you vibrated too. You could feel the air, the sudden pressure of gravity like a it was a tangible force weighing on your shoulders. 

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Hi! I read that you have ADHD and I was wondering if you could make a post about learning languages with ADHD? Like tips and such? It's okay if you don't want to though! <3

Hello~ ^^) _旦~~

So I might come back and make a better post further down the line, but this is some of the basic things. Of course ADHD presents itself differently in each person, so while these have worked for me they might not work as well for someone else.

Go somewhere else - Studying at home can be especially challenging because all of your stuff is there waiting to distract you. Also ADHDers tend to be messy and you want a clean work-space… and cleaning your own work-space can easily lead to flipping through old note books and then you get a notification on your phone and end up scrolling down your Twitter feed and oh look it’s time to go to bed already! Not helpful when you have things to get done.

Use the Pomodoro technique - There are plenty of apps for this, but you can just use alarms on your phone or a kitchen timer. Set a timer, preferably for 25 minutes and start working. When the timer goes off take a short (5ish minutes) break then do it again. After two or three times take a longer break. The timer helps give you a clear stopping point which can provide motivation to power through the session, and it also reminds you to take a break which is super helpful if you often end up hyperfocusing.

Use a sound track - There are plenty of studyblr music playlists (here are 2 posts to start off with 1  2), but you will have to find what works best for you. Personally I stay away from songs that have lyrics, and generally end up playing MozartStudio Ghibli  or John Williams songs. If you use Youtube to play music then you should probably install an ad-blocker before trying this. 

Fidget - Tap your foot! Click your pen! Fidget cubes! (mine’s pink) It’s not really a secret that fidgeting helps ADHDers stay focused on the task.

Self-care (At this point I’m realizing that most of the stuff I’ve written is really generic lol)- I tend to follow “Everything Is Awful and I’m Not Okay: questions to ask before giving up” that @eponis posted. If you don’t feel like reading through it, How to ADHD has made it into a video 

Use multiple resources - This is of course easier with some languages than others, but if you find your textbook isn’t holding your attention switch to an app or an internet resource for a while. You can always come back to the others later.

Talk to people - Use Hellotalk to start conversations with native speakers or just read and comment on peoples Moments. Even if you’re not using the language you’re still establishing a connection that could be invaluable later down the line. You can also use @langblrpenpalexchange and @languagepartners to try to connect with other langblrs!

Lean into your distraction - If you often find yourself stuck on youtube, follow people who post videos in your target language or about that country. If you get distracted by Instagram, follow people from that country. Put your phone into your target language, so when you accidentally play Stranger Things for ‘just a few minutes’ and end up beating it at least you come out of it knowing how to say things like ‘garden gnome’ and ‘aluminum bat’ in German! And those little things do add up quickly.


Happy Valentines day everyone. I figured now would be a perfect time to post this little fluff piece I’ve thought up for what would happen right after Robin and Lucina’s S Support conversation. Of course the two of them would find a way to be complete dorks, getting all embarrassed and flustered over holding hands. Naga help these two, lol.

I actually have a very similar scene to this in a one-shot I wrote for my Robcina one-shot collection called Love Across Time that I posted earlier today. It is basically a retelling of Robin and Lucina’s S-support with some stuff added to the beginning and end. The support itself is still mostly the same, mainly instead delving into Robin’s head to see what he was thinking during it as well as the addition of a couple lines. The post conversation however is quite different from the one above, as I had to make some changes as a lot doesn’t really work in the traditional support format (the fanfic relied on visual descriptions)

Forbidden - Chapter I Vol II

Chapter I Vol II as promised! A little bit more of that story line establishment and character profiling that I spoke about when posting Vol I. I’ll be writing and posting Chapter II tomorrow, in which I can now get in to the good stuff and feature some current day Bill, most importantly get in to the nitty gritty of just what happened between the two of them during Vida’s absence. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy this second part, thank you for your support so far and I can’t wait to see what you think of this part! Also, all italics within the fan fiction itself will indicate a memory/flashback sequence. 

Happy reading!

Today was the day I’m leaving this place for bigger and better things, being offered the job I have been is something I never imagined happening to me and there was no way I would let it slip through my fingers. An opportunity to start fresh somewhere, be alone and independent, completely able to dodge the input of everyone else, was one I was ready to take.

I was finished packing, I had everything sorted out and ready to go in New York, which was where I was heading. All that remained left for me to do was to close one door, and step through the other. Doing this required complete closure and the assurance I didn’t miss any opportunities here, even if it lead no where. After saying good bye to my Dad and my brother, I got in the car with Mum and began my journey to the airport, although on the way there was one place I had to stop.

I met my best friend, Bill, before the beginning of College. I was tucked away in the corner of an inconveniently busy café when a rather, or very, tall gentlemen who also appeared to be devastatingly handsome, asked to sit with me in my booth. Since I was already engrossed in my laptop, carefully selecting classes for my upcoming year, I wasted no time smiling up at him and nodding in agreement. I figured that, even if letting a stranger sit with me in an intimate booth was a mistake, at least I had a way to act far to busy for conversation.

This is what I told myself anyway, but I found myself conversing with him anyway and enjoying it at that. Then three years later, here we were, the best of friends and completely inseparable. Despite this, here I was, at his door step ready to spring the mother of all surprises on him.. what was I even going to say.. ‘Hey Bill! So nice to see you, have you done something different with your hair? By the way, I’m moving to New York today because I’ve been offered by dream job in fashion journalism at the world’s most renowned fashion magazine. I’ll miss you though, see you when I’m looking at you’… there was no right way to approach this, I just had to say it.

I reluctantly positioned my knuckles against his front door, frozen on his porch, questioning whether or not I should just cut my losses and haul ass back up his drive way, in to the car and never look back. I mustered up the courage to knock, knowing I had to give this goodbye, my most important goodbye, a shot.

“Vida! What are you doing here, I wasn’t expecting to see you today..” Bill trailed off, sticking his head past his door and looking out at his drive way. “You’re acting weird.. what’s going on? Can I come in for a chat? I won’t take long.” I proceeded to take a step through his door, or tried to at least, that is before he stepped in front of me. I looked up at him, completely puzzled by his odd behaviour, confused and wanting answers, I readied myself to get to the bottom of what was going on with him when I heard a voice from inside his house, a woman’s voice.

“V, now really isn’t a good time, can I catch up with you later?” He looked down at me, his kind eyes soft and apologetic, knowing it was unusual for him to not have time for me, aware that I knew it too. “Who’s here? Look it’s really important..” I was cut off by the person the voice belonged to, obnoxiously making herself present where we were both standing, there to ask who it was and what was taking him so long. I stared right at him, right in to those stupid beautiful eyes, taking in his stupid beautiful face, hair and lips, his whole stupid beautiful self.

In this moment my heart began to pound, my blood ran cold and my face turned hot.. jealousy? Yes, unfortunately so. I swallowed the feeling growing in my throat, begging me to scream and cry, accusing him of being the worst friend in the world for not telling me about this random girl and for refusing to lend me a moment of his time.

Loosing my patience and becoming offended, I began to speak fast and relentlessly. “Look, Bill, I just came to tell you that I’ve been offered a job with Vogue, as a fashion journalist, and that I have accepted the job offer,” I offered him a weak smile, excitement bubbling within me at the sound of the words leaving my mouth, “V..” he said quietly before stepping out and shutting the door behind him, “.. that’s incredible, I’m so proud of you!” He wrapped me in a tight hug, pressing my head firmly against his chest where I could have happily remained all day long, relishing in the comfort his presence provided. “Thank you Bill, that means a lot coming from you.” “When do you start?” He asked, smiling down at me, his eyes expressing nothing but complete happiness and genuine excitement for me and my new career. “Tomorrow actually.. in New York City..” I trailed off, bracing myself for his reaction, considering we told each other everything and I was keeping this from him until the day I left, like a complete asshole, I know we were about to have a problem. “Excuse me?” “Mum is actually waiting with the car out the front, this was my last stop on the way. I wanted, needed, to say goodbye to you.” I offered a smile, that I knew wouldn’t make a difference to the rage growing on his face. “How could you not tell me about his until now? I thought we told each other every thing, don’t smile at me like it means nothing, you can’t just leave!” Distress clouded his tone and I began to wonder how I was going to dig my way out of this one. 

“Bill.. you travel all the time, you can come and visit me. I just, I didn’t want our last few weeks together to be spent anticipating missing each other. Besides, it sounds like you’re occupied, I think you’ll be okay in the mean time.” Another attempt at lightening the mood, failed. ‘ Vida.. what the fuck? How am I.. why have you done this? I can’t just wave you off and say see you later, you’re everything.. I,” He paused, my heart was beating hard against my chest at his words, things he didn’t often express but I knew he meant. “I’m happy for you.. you better stay in touch with me, call me everyday, especially when you land so I know you’re safe.” He engrossed me in his arms again, breathing in deeply and settling his lips against the top of my head. “Thank you,” I pulled away slightly, my arms remaining around his waist while I stared in to his eyes, “Thank you for everything, for being my soul mate, for being you.” I smiled and he smiled back, squeezing me tight and leaving a kiss on my cheek. I let go of him, stepping back and turning away, yelling out that I’d call him when I landed. “Vida..” “Yeah?” I turned, smiling back at him, “.. take care of yourself, don’t forget about me”.

I continued my journey up the drive way, appearing unaffected by the encounter I just shared with my best friend, that felt completely all over the place and not at all the way I planned it in my head. I arrived here with a plan, a carefully constructed strategy on how I was going to approach saying goodbye, and finding my closure. That had obviously gone straight out the window with my dignity, and now I was leaving, without having taken my chance to tell him, tell him everything I’ve wanted to since he sat across from me in that stupid café, with those stupid beautiful eyes, his stupid beautiful face, hair and lips, his whole stupid beautiful self. There was no way I could go back now, if anything my confidence was completely obliterated the moment whoever the hell was inside his house spoke. This was going to have to become something I kept to myself, how much good could have come from me confessing how much I desperately, irreversibly loved my best friend, how I was in love with him, do now that I was leaving? Probably none.

There’s a spark in your step that could reanimate the dead and I’m scared I’ll find you clutching a corpse completely removed from the graveyard inside of me. The current you could unearth inside me would produce fireflies in the stomach the butterflies could frolic with. There’s no voltage, or number for that matter, that could count all the matter you take up in my space, all the matters you take up in my life, and all the matters, despite the dissent and spite itself, you do to me. There’s no amount of fingers, living or dead, that could count what I could lose to gain you. The foliage between your ears is cutting through the circulation I’ve reminded to feel alive - we’re dancing in sterilization again. I don’t know how many lines I’ve folded to get your smile right, but I miss your breath at the corner of every stretched smile - I miss the ground blooming slowly into fingers I could post on my wall. These are the days we’ve been missing, the sleep swearing towards a premise of hope - a chance at betterment - calculated collateral, sans a witness. A death in the family procures you from the photos, tears out your associations from quotations- rendering them empty, thankless, blanket statements of blank statements- and leaves anonymous gifts; the only thing that was signed was the memories you left. That death might have been a suicide pact, but I can’t distinguish which one of us said, “shoot” first.
—  Part 2// a collab with the delightful @teacup13 😁
The Under Part 1

The party, having finished essentially buying Phandalin, took the final days leading up to the excursion to The Under to try to restock what they could.  One of the players unfortunately had to leave the party for personal reasons.  She may come back, but until then the group is without her and with Zhong (their cleric.)  

Johan Phaulkon, their current employer and arranger of the excursion, met the party to inform them on their mission (go to The Under and buy/steal as many slaves as possible with the express goal of freeing them afterwards) as well as present them with people who will be recognized as guards for the people they will be bringing back.  

Some complications arose when the party got to the dock to find that a few members of Stormshield’s elite (the head of security for the city, a human by the name Naoki Ishida, as well as a few random people that just appeared to be book keepers.)  Naoki explained that he wouldn’t interfere with whatever the party was doing as long as they left whatever it was that he and his people bring back alone.  It was the party’s understanding that they were just there for rare goods.  Basically, as long as any thieves in the party just didn’t mess with what they were bringing back, everything would be fine.   

Upon arrival they were told that they had one week to do what they came to do.  Slave auctions last a week (and, just to drive the whole evil wealth sort of thing, I made them silent auctions) and Nalu had a plan going into this mission of who she needed to kill.  Basically this whole arc is devoted to her backstory.  Anyway, the party found themselves in a tavern called The Broken Wheel where they met a contact of Phaulkon named Aeowyn Windlancer.  Formerly a pirate captain, as the party found out, she was left in Rat’s Mouth Bay (the name of the little pirate town they’re in) by her former crew after she made the full transition to being a woman.  Misogyny and all that.  The party paid her to scout the market, to which she found that there was heavier guard than normal.  Additional Mind Flayers and two of the three higher ups within the slavers ring were present.  One, a duergar fighter named Seamus Ironjaw.  The other a female drow priestess.  Seamus had additional slaves with him for backup if a fight broke out.  

Nalu, knowing her way around Rat’s Mouth Bay, also knew of a drug den/brothel nearby.  She and Kya disguised themselves as pirates looking for pleasurable company.  They ended up paying for a Tiefling woman who they promptly made go to sleep for the hour while they scouted the building.  Nalu felt a strange presence and then heard footsteps coming up from downstairs.  Upon trying to leave they were ambushed by the third member of the ring, a Mind Flayer named Mindbreaker Izzinoth, and his four crazed slaves.  Kya and Nalu called for help as combat began.  

I treated each slave as a level 3 Berserker Barbarian.  They Frenzied immediately and used Reckless Attacks every turn.  I also made them resistant to everything and immune to psychic damage (which the party never got around to finding out) because they were heavily drugged.  Using tactics I had them all attempt to gang up on Barakiel (which the player did not like but eh.)  Nalu really hurt Izzinoth with a combination of sharpshooter shots and the additional damage granted by my Monster Hunter class.  

The fight ended with Crugar making a reckless attack which killed Izzinoth by denting a helmet he was wearing in such a way that it split the illithid’s skull.  I pretty much ended the session there as it was getting late.  

Next session (May 27th) is set to be probably the darkest of all the games as the group explores just how evil The Under truly is.  There’s gonna be content warnings and some potentially triggering stuff.  This is stuff that even I’m uncomfortable with.  Keep in mind they’re still in the brothel so if anything along those lines is a problem I implore you to let me know.  Heck, if this post itself needs content warning tags tell me.  I want all of you to be comfortable and enjoy yourselves here.  

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um hello, do you mind giving tips for lineart? you're lineart is so pretty and smooth and mine is so shaky and just generally makes me cry tbh. sorry if this a bother, i'd really appreciate it tho

Hey, don’t worry, not a bother at all!

Alright, the first thing I’m sure everyone knows by now, but bears repeating, is that you gotta practice. That’s really the short of it–Improvement happens primarily when you’re drawing. There’s a whole bunch of subtle muscle memory [like how hard you need to press your pen to get a certain line thickness] that can be learned only through trial and error and persistence. So don’t give up! I’m rooting for ya.

Now, to move on to the actual advice. Take most of this with a grain of salt, since I’m still learning & improving myself!

The most important part is to be confident in your lines. I’ve noticed a lot of beginners ‘pet’ their lines–instead of doing it in one sweep, they make multiple tiny strokes, usually going over the same section several times. The end product comes out jaggy and sketchy.

Make long, sweeping strokes. Draw from the elbow, not from the wrist. If you’re doing digital art, don’t be afraid to use the undo button as many times as you need until you achieve the results you want. Also, rotate your canvas. Seriously, the quality of your lines will suffer if you’re forcing your hand into unnatural, uncomfortable positions [I need to heed this advice more often too… It’s tricky to get used to it in the beginning, so if you’re drawing for long periods of time check yourself every once in a while to make sure you’re not falling back on old/bad habits.]

To gain some confidence, I’d highly recommend doing line exercises. Here is a link to a post that explains it all much better than I could, with examples!

Also, try switching to a traditional medium, using pens or markers or ink–basically something that you can’t erase. This will essentially force you to be more careful of your line placement and any mistakes you might make. You can do it digitally, too, but the undo button is incredibly tempting. If you’ve got the willpower to avoid that sorta thing [I know I don’t] go for it.

So, get a sketchbook and fill out all of its pages with nothing but drawings in ink–don’t focus on making the drawing itself perfect, focus on practicing your lines. There’s like, a boatload of shitty art in all of us that we need to push out before we produce anything good.

Finally, I’ve got this neato trick I’d probably be dead without. I only know how to do it in Photoshop, but I think there was a tutorial for Sai floating around too.

If you’re like me and zoom into your drawing when you line [don’t be like me. Another exercise-try lining without zooming in, pretend you’re drawing on regular A4 paper and there’s no zoom] and then zoom out and cry because it looks all wrong, all you gotta do is go to “windows” > “arrange” > “make new window for ‘drawing name’”

And, bam, second canvas! It follows your strokes on your original in real time, so you can get a better idea of what the heck is going on in your image. It’s seriously saved my art several times.

Other tips:

1. Draw on a large canvas. When you size the drawing down once you’re done, some of the shakiness of the lines will be smoothed out by the compression.

2. The shakiness might also just be a product of shaky hands, which sometimes can’t be fixed, so I’d suggest installing a stabilizer. I’ve heard Lazy Nezumi is good! [It only works for windows, though–I’d suggest others, but I’ve never used any.]

I hope at least some of this was a little bit helpful. Good luck!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have a guide on writing Jumin Han? I remember seeing something at some point (maybe it wasn't a guide, maybe some pointers?) but it was so long ago, I wouldn't know where to start looking for it. Thanks in advance and sorry for bothering you.

After taking a bit to scour I found the post where I sort of went over some tips for me, which was piggy backing off of a post @fromthedeskofelizabeththird tagged me in where they give some of their own helpful advise as well. All of that advice is still good and I stick by it. Besides studying and researching on Jumin using the game and getting his speech down or his mannerisms, it’s important to always remember the core of his character and always consider an action you want him to take with a “why” he would take it, even if that never comes up in the rp itself. Jumin is an internally logical character, you can draw a pretty clean line between his motivations, his thoughts, and his actions. Making your character internally consistent and understandable is honestly half the battle.

You’re not bothering me, anon. <3 Sorry it took me a bit to get to this.

willowywings  asked:

"So I work in the annual Halloween Fair's haunted mansion/maze and I love terrorising all the random schmucks that come through here, my job is awesome. People pay to get in, so I don't normally feel guilty about scaring the crap out of them, but you're here on your own, you look lost, and you seem legit terrified for your life, not the fun kind... and shit man, I'm not really gonna kill you, actually, are you okay? Wait, please don't cry... look, LOOK, it's a mask! Please breathe." AU? (ILY!!!)

My Halloween gift to you, friend. Such a great prompt, thank. ^-^ 

Castiel loves working at the haunted house. It’s not something he ever would have expected prior to getting hired—he’s always been more of the quiet, bookish type—but when his cousin Gabriel offered him the job his senior year of high school, the thought of a paycheck was too good to refuse.

And god, is he glad he didn’t.

Being the owner’s cousin has always granted him a few privileges in The Pit, as the haunted house was lovingly named in honor of Gabriel’s brother Lucifer, who had provided the initial funding behind it. The most significant of these privileges was that he’d always had his pick of roles to play. His first year, back when he was still skeptical about the job in general, he had volunteered to be in ‘the void’. Meaning, he’d get to jump out at people who couldn’t see an inch in front of their faces due to the all-consuming darkness.

And that’s where he got his first taste for fear. It was impossible to resist coming back.

Castiel’s second year, he chose to wear a hockey mask and wave a chainsaw at guests as they fled The Pit’s final rooms and the building itself. His third year he was a scarecrow, pretending to be inanimate by the admission line outside, until the opportunity presented itself to lurch from his post. And this year?

This year may just be the best one yet.

This year, Castiel is playing the ‘burning man’ (a name Gabriel laughs at every time he says it, especially in conjunction with his cousin), a new role in one of The Pit’s central rooms. With a combination of lights, special effects, and even some (very controlled) pyrotechnics, it actually looks like Castiel is on fire.

So far, over the course of The Pit’s first week of the year, his shtick has varied a bit day by day. Sometimes he screams in agony for the people walking through, other times wails and begs for them to save him…. Always something along those lines. It’s incredibly cheesy either way, but his audience always looks horrified, and is always eager to get out of his room.

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Small Sonic Forces Project (Need Help)

Hello, and I hope you are all doing wonderful!   I’m posting this because there’s a small something I’ve kind of been wanting to do after I finish some lines (top priority right now), but I’d need some help in order to get it done.  

Bottom line is I’m looking for good Custom Character, Knuckles, and Silver voices, all of whom…can sing.  See, I would really like to do a cover of this one song before Forces comes out, but I can’t exactly pull off all of the voices I have planned.  Now the song itself might turn people off, but I think it would be a really cute fan “tribute” for the new game.   It's The Story of Tonight from Hamilton.  Considering the song consists of four friends/members of a resistance declaring their resolve to fight for freedom…yes, it’s different… but in my opinion, it fits, and if anyone would like to help me out at all then I would really appreciate it.  If not, I’ll probably just not do anything.

But on the off-chance anyone does care and wants to contribute, here’s a list of what I need (keep in mind that all voices should be able to sing as well):

Knuckles VA

Silver VA

Custom Character VA


Sound mixer/editor

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this–and even more so if you decide to help!

narcrogers  asked:

Hi! Sorry if you're asked this a lot but I just wanted to know what are your personal favorite fics?

UPDATE: corrected first 3 links!

It’s alright I love talking fic! *u* but I’m gonna list only complete works cus as you probably saw, you never know where wips might end up lmao (war flashbacks to that stucky wip that became sam/steve in the middle)

  1. Steve Rogers at 100: Celebrating Captain America on Film (post catws, it’s mostly crack but i love it so much and all the manips of posters in there are breathtakingly awesome and hiLARIOUS)
  2. Pianissimo (30s to ‘45, very sweet and loving)
  3. I’ve Been Funny, I’ve Been Cool With The Lines (post catws, steve believes clint & bucky are together and he gets so jealous and i have a soft spot for the jealousy trope in fics)
  4. The Steven G. Rogers Guide to What You Missed the Last Few Years (post catws, steve dealing with the future and the internet is the best, ever)
  5. Good Boy (post catws, gentle dom steve and affection starved bucky and it’s all perfection itself)
  6. These Days Are Not Done (steve and bucky teach each other how to dance; yes this fic still makes me cry years later)
  7. To Hide The Wolves Of Sleep (post catws, shield made the winter soldier, I USED TO LOVE THAT TROPE WHERE WS FOUGHT WITH THE AVENGERS AND THEN DISAPPEARED EVERY TIME AJDGDJH)
  8. I’ve Been Careless With a Delicate Man (post catws, bucky is recovering and a misunderstanding makes it that they are fake dating but bucky thinks its real – most most most fav ever)
  9. The Supersoldier’s Amnesiac Groom (au, captain america has to marry the winter soldier for political reasons and he finds out his groom is bucky barnes his bff who he thought was dead, aka sorta canon divergent, also they go on a honeymoon lmao)
  10. Things SHIELD Never Told Captain America (post catws, steve finds out he can marry bucky now and it’s the cutest thing to ever have been written)
  11. Parts Per Million (au, abo, bucky taking care of his sickly alpha bff and then post-serum they finally confess and get together uwu)
  12. Misery I Need (abo, post catws, omega cap is ashamed of looking like an alpha and bucky comforts him – i always had a soft spot for dysphoria themes with cap ;u;)
  13. Welcome Home (abo, post catws, sweetest established relationship fic, also the sexiest lol)
  14. Sign Dirty to Me (& Sequel) (au, deaf steve, the funniest most cutest most adorable fic)
  15. Critical Feline Mass (au, ws!bucky and dealing with ptsd and artist steve aND CATS OKAY NEED I SAY MORE)
  16. Sharp Teeth and Bird Bones (au, mermaid!ws!bucky, this is some intense shit its like a dark fairy tale that ends well im so in love with this okay)
  17. We Should Just Kiss Like Real People Do (au, crossover, steve/tj/bucky, the only polyamory fic in my heart forever, this is everything EVERYTHING GOOD i needed after finishing political animals = one of seb’s tv shows)
  18. Have You No Idea That You’re In Deep? (post catws, pwp)
  19. Up All Night (pre-war, pwp)
  20. Out of this world (post cacw, steve and bucky’s mid credits scene how it SHOULD have happened)

roughly all my most favs that i can think of right now

anonymous asked:

Akafuri and midotaka for the meme?

Meme here.

Strap yourself in, it’s 4000 words long.



1. When I started shipping it if I did

I have no idea when. Not the faintest idea. Probably as soon as I found out such a ridiculous ship existed, and it’s silly and hilarious and hits my PG kinks.

The strongest and most consistent rule regarding my affections for the KnB characters is:

Guards > Forwards > Centres

My favourites are all Guards, without exception.

I have a very slight preference for Point Guards over Shooting Guards, with Shin-chan as the exception that proves the preference because to me he is tied for first with a handful of other characters.


2. My thoughts

Not gonna lie, this is a ship that either you get or you don’t.

It makes no inherent sense.

It’s not the kind of ship where people can be persuaded to like it by way of persuasive explanations and detailed manifestos and active campaigns. This is because a lot of its charm lies in how utterly nonsensical and crazy it is. It’s not really meant to be something reasonable where one can point at numerous canon instances of wow deep bond!! ughh soulful interaction! ooohhh a shared past together *cue anticipatory music*

Whether a person cares for it or not is entirely dependent on personality. This is true of all ships, but especially so for minor ships or ships with minimal screen time together.

Certain types of personalities will find this ship really off-putting or idiotic for a number of reasons that I actually totally understand – I can concede this easily, it’s no big deal. Stuff including but not limited to: the inequality between Akashi and Furihata is huge, they have no future because of the nature of Akashi’s status, Furihata is scared to death of Akashi, Akashi is intimidatingly powerful with the capacity to be controlling/domineering etc., Akashi wouldn’t even notice such a puny creature, Furihata wouldn’t even dare to take interest such a superior species, they have virtually zero (meaningful) interaction in the canon work, there’s no realistic basis for them to work and so on and so forth.

Yet another type of disposition just automatically sees the sliver of something in them. That’s all there is to it.

It is easiest to love and understand the AkaFuri ship from a Takao-esque perspective – the observation of ridiculous things, the insight into potential, the innate ability to poke fun at things, the amusement it causes and the associated enjoyment derived from it, to laugh in its face, to laugh until it hurts, to constantly marvel at its sheer nonsensicality, but to also be helpless against the gradual slide of ludicrous and ill-founded affection for said ridiculous things, eventually becoming stuck in a permanent state of finding it endearing and cute and stupid and surprising and wonderful, the complete acceptance of how everything is just an integral part of the ridiculous thing that is loved, the normalisation of inexplicable bizarreness, the excitement and joy of future discovery, the fierce protectiveness of what is already known, and of course the ridiculousness is still forever and ever hilarious but now also interesting and painful and mine.

Most of what AkaFuri has is only the value of personal investment. That’s why the love for it can be astronomical and intense, or non-existent at all.


3. What makes me happy about them

Kouki’s crying face.


4. What makes me sad about them

Furihata’s crying face.

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