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Mar 13 KRPKAB Epi: The Joy Of Letting Go & The Art Of Parenting!

This light-hearted sweet episode taught me a few things about letting go, having fun & the art of parenting. The first thing that caught my attention was the title track that played at the very beginning, just before the episode started. I couldn’t believe my ears that I was hearing the beloved ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke’ track…. Heavenly! I knew then that it would be a great episode & it was just that!

By the way, was this the first episode in this season 2 which did not play the ‘Waqt ne kiya’ track even once? Wow, no wonder it felt so good to watch the episode.

There were a few highlights but the highlight of these highlights of course had to be the rain dance of Dev & Sona. Was it even possible to escape that magic & stay immune?

My Take On The Episode:


Oblivious to the rain, oblivious to Golu’s & Soha’s pleas to come into the sheltered area, Dev & Sona kept staring at each other, unable to tear their gaze away. The lilting music in the background was slowly setting the scene for romance. But Soha came & took Sona away, leaving Dev alone in the rain. But Dev was Dev after all and he cajoled, coaxed & eventually managed to get everyone to come out & enjoy the rain… kids or adults, everyone started having fun.

Kya aapko baarish mein bheegne ka mann nahi karta? Kya aapko baarish mein naachne ka mann nahi karta?…. Shaayad aisa din, ye baarish, ye camp phir nahi hoga…Iss mauke ko mat jaane dijiye… Iss din ko waste mat karo, just enjoy this day’.

Dev was right. It’s the simple pleasures in life that brings the most joy & what better joy than to get wet in the rain & dance with gay abandon? How long will we hide behind closed doors, suppressing our desire to be free and let loose? Great lesson, that was… As much as we need to be responsible & lead a good life, it is okay to once in a while get reckless, become an innocent child again & do something that brings us happiness & takes our minds off the innumerable worries & tension that plague us. Fab, fab!

Golu was the first to get super impressed by his BigCha’s words, so he was the first who ran towards Dev, followed by all the other children, except Suhana. She just needed Sona’s nod of approval & once she had it, off she went to join the kids in the rain.

Dev’s charm worked on the adults too & everyone gave in to temptation. Sona was dragged into the rain but kept her distance. Dev put his hand out but she resisted.

Ye humaare baare mein nahi hai. Sonakshi, tum na, bilkul 7 saal puraani Dev ho gayi ho. Kuch nahi milega isse, abhi bhi bol rahaa hoon… Change

Wow, in those 3 sentences, Dev explained their entire journey of 7 years. Dev who had learnt to make peace with himself to some extent & was letting things go… Sona who was desperately trying to shake off her past but was getting more & more rigid & set in her ways of thinking, becoming like the Dev of 7 years ago. They both still were the same Dev & Sona in many respects but had also changed in so many other aspects….Dev was the free-spirited guy now & Sona was the cautious gal now. Dev’s ‘you won’t get anything becoming the Dev of yore’ was so true. He should know after all, he used to be just like how Sona is now! Fantastic job, Makers & dialogue writers. That is simplicity beyond compare to explain something so deep.

Dev’s words had the desired effect & seeing him dance happily with Suhana finally made Sona change her mind… She was willing to change …

Remembering the time she had coaxed Dev into dancing in the rain years ago, she advanced towards Dev & held out her hand, ready to be enveloped in the joy of dancing in the rain & completely fall prey to his charm.  Aww Sona, your ’Main tumhaari tarah  nahi hoon’ to act defiant, tell Dev that he couldn’t influence her & she would decide for herself was so cute! Yeah, yeah, we know!

And how do I even begin to describe what happened next… I was just swept by the magic that happened on the TV screen. Another surprise I got here was the beautiful & completely mesmerizing ‘Pehli Dafaa Hai Ke Mujhme Tu’ track. Oh, how much I have missed hearing these lovely lyrics & fantastic score.

Dev & Sona were awesome together & I forgot to even blink lest I miss some beautiful moment. The SlowMo, the music, their dance…. Pure Bliss. I cannot do justice to what I saw, so please watch this on screen to enjoy it to the fullest.

They stopped dancing & were still holding hands while looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Soha was amazed at what she saw & Golu was happy at the outcome! They would’ve continued standing there forever, in a trance & in their own world (much like how I was!), allowing their emotions to engulf them, unable to hide it anymore, oblivious to Soha calling out to Sona. It was a spell and the spell had to be broken….Soha’s sneeze broke Sona’s reverie… sigh! And with that ended this beautiful & memorable rain sequence.

Makers, please, please retain these lovely songs in this season too. I am done with ‘Waqt ne kiya’… these old tracks of season 1 are the real essence of KRPKAB, hope you will pay heed to this sincere request from an ardent fan.

The rain spoilt one part of my fun though… Dev’s hair was plastered to his head so I didn’t get to see the swirling, swaying mane that I go gaga over but its ok, I am sure I will get my chance…another day, another time!


Irresponsible, stupid, ekdom impossible’… Haha, who were these directed towards, Sona?!! Need I even say anything more!!!

Sona was worried about Soha’s frequent sneezing but more than that, she couldn’t believe that she had actually let herself give in to temptation & allowed things to happen the way they did. She was agitated. Dev came in & found out that Soha had fever. I guess Sona was too flustered & didn’t realize that Soha was ill. I would’ve expected Sona (or the school authorities) to have carried some basic medication for a child that age. Anyway, small & inconsequential matter, so I won’t dwell on it. Sona arranged for a doctor to come.

Here Dev was flustered & felt guilty at his actions which had made Suhana ill. Finally, with the help of Ishwari, he found the fastest remedy to cure the child. He made ’kaadha’ with love, blood & sweat! Yes, he certainly worked up a sweat making it & even cut his finger while chopping! That was a very cute scene, watching a concerned & worried Dev, struggling to make the ‘kaadha’ yet determined to make it for his daughter’s sake. And what do I say of the Dev and his mischievous smile when he made the teacher his assistant in the ‘kaadha’ preparation? Give me more!

Ish said a few wonderful things today…

Sach baat toh yahi hai ke Maa-Baap bhi bachchon ke saath hi bade hote hain… Maa-Baap aise hi gyaani nahi ho jaate hain, apni galatiyon se hi seekhte hain woh’.

Absolutely true. No one is born with parenting skills, it is something you learn & hone as you grow with your child. You learn from your mistakes and you improve. That is why there is no single ‘mantra’ for good parenting. It’s all about continuous learning & evolving.

Main jaanti hoon tu bahot achcha Papa banega

Yes Ish, I totally agree with you. Dev is parenting goals. You are earning very many brownie points, Papa Dev… I am very impressed!

In the end, nothing to beat ‘daadi maa ke nuske’ (grandmother’s remedy) when it comes to quick & effective cure for common, everyday ailments! Ish proved to be a great grandmother in this instance. Her expression at the end of that scene had me wondering but I won’t get into it yet, as I am sure something is going to come of it, in future episodes!


Dev was very sweet & considerate in thinking about the other childrens’ well-being too & made enough ‘kaadha’ for all. Nice job, Papa!

Sona tried hard to convince Suhana to get an injection but couldn’t. Dev’s attempts to dissuade Suhana from getting the injection & getting her to drink his ‘kaadha’ instead were met with stiff resistance from Sona but she eventually relented, upon Suhana’s pleas.

Sona’s comments on Dev’s free spirit & blaming him for Suhana’s illness made them both look like a typical married couple fighting over who is right when it came to the child’s well-being! I love it Dev-Sona, keep at it, this seems to be the way you both will ever get close to each other!!

The way Dev managed to distract & convince Suhana with his small talk & story of magical powers of the decoction was too cute and very endearing. It impressed Suhana, it impressed Sona and of course I was impressed too! Papa & his princess had such beautiful expressions on their faces, it melted my heart…. Awww! You were always a good & kind-hearted man, Dev but as a father you have excelled and are soon going to be called the Bestest Papa! And that will be a well-deserved title!

Parenting is neither rocket science, nor a cakewalk. There are guidebooks on wonderful parenting skills but honestly speaking, parenting is all about common sense, some practical approach, doing things from the heart & just having fun while learning on the go. In making Suhana drink that ’kaadha’, Dev adopted all of the above & got the little kid to gulp it in one go. His positive persuasion skills worked wonders. After all, isn’t that one of the key parenting skills?

Wish you had been convinced of Dev’s persuasion skills & the magic of the decoction Sona, you could’ve been cured of your cold much faster! Sona asking the doctor for medication for her cold & ‘headache’ had me in splits! Dev, you have a long way to go before you can really impress your ex-wife!

I am glad Sona did what she did & saved herself from the misery of cold & fever. Better late than never! So what if you did it on the sly, Sona? No worries, all for a good cause & you will get better in a jiffy! And you remembered how the old Dev couldn’t do a thing himself but here he had made the ‘kaadha’ all by himself. You also noticed that he had hurt himself. Hmmm, so you are on the way to getting impressed Sona, that’s nice! Incidentally, I remembered that Dev didn’t know how to cook but had made the best sandwich ever! He does have some survival skills Sona, grant him that!

And on a completely unrelated note, may I comment that the old clean-shaven Dev is no match for this rugged, dashing, charming Dev in the looks department? Okay, smitten Suchi, enough said!

Sona was happy to see that Soha had completely recovered. She wouldn’t admit it but she saw not only an energetic, ‘power-packed’ Soha but also saw the closeness between Dev & Soha and she seemed happy with it. The kids rushed out towards the bonfire, leaving Dev & Sona alone in the room. It was magic all over again… the nervous, furtive glances they stole at each other… I was excited to watch another romantic moment between them but it all ended before I could even slouch on the couch. Sigh, couldn’t that moment have been a little longer!  

Bonfire Scene

I couldn’t believe that the scene was ending with the Mami-Vicky duo, this time with a ‘sapera’ (snake charmer) in tow. Mami, we are happy with our own charmer Dev/BigCha, we don’t need the snake charmer! Anyway, Mami’s brilliant idea with the snake is going to turn into a damp squib or something very much in Dev’s favor, me thinks!

Everyone was sitting around the bonfire and waiting to play the game.

We are waiting too…. For the next episode which promises to be an exciting & probably a romantic one?

Conclusion & Final Words

Choose to be BETTER instead of BITTER

Dev is doing that. He is not yet done with being bitter, but he is surely making rapid strides towards maintaining a positive outlook & enjoying each day as it comes. He is truly trying to become a better person.

There’s no such thing as a Perfect Parent, so just be a Real one’.

Parenting isn’t a Practice, it’s a daily Learning Experience’.

Don’t the above 2 quotes sum up the art of parenting? Parenting is indeed an art, a skill that one acquires by making mistakes & learning. There is no right way of parenting, but there are always better ways of parenting and that comes only by learning and evolving with your child.

Soha was warming up to her Papa a lot faster than anyone imagined. She saw the warm, kind & caring man that he was and she was getting impressed by him every time. She is getting used to having him around her.

BigCha continues to charm one & all!! Dev as a parent is even more loveable than Dev the (ex-) husband. His entire demeanor has changed and changed for the better. He is a lot more mellow in his outlook, more upbeat and thankful for each day than he was ever before. These positive changes will definitely make an impact in Sona’s life too and he may be the one who eventually draws the old Sona out of her new avatar, much like how she had done to him years ago.  

Sona was struggling to keep her feelings in check and was getting more & more drawn towards Dev. She knows he cares about her and she also knows what Suhana means to him. She has a few more hurdles to cross before she will realize what she really wants in life.

History does have its own way of repeating itself and what better way than for both Dev & Sona to finally realize that they need to let go, break the shackles, be free of their past and …. become DevAkshi again?

The summer camp is proving to be a real blessing in disguise for Dev, Sona & Soha. They are discovering & re-discovering things about each other. Fate has brought them together for a reason…Will Love be that reason?



Before I sign off, there’s something I’d like to talk about here. My intent is to highlight the misuse of social media to belittle/abuse people, a trend which has sadly affected some KRPKAB fans too.

I have been subjected to bashing since the time I started posting my articles regularly. What initially started as stray comments against my KRPKAB articles have started getting personal. I had chosen to not take any action & kept quiet so far as I believed such immature comments would die down but things have gone too far. My silence has been misunderstood as my weakness or a mute approval to continue. I am now compelled to break my silence & here’s my reply to the bashers:

You don’t like my articles, no problem. You have your own preference of who you like or hate among the 3 leads, no problem. These are your personal choices & don’t affect me one way or the other. But repeatedly ranting against me & saying I am irrational & spreading negativity (amongst other things) is uncalled for. Differing PoVs are something I have always said I accept & respect but I expect the same acceptance & respect to my PoV. You may not agree with my views & that’s perfectly fine. My articles are merely a way for me to express what I feel, with no intention to try & change anyone’s minds. Is it so difficult then to have basic courtesy & stop ranting against me? Getting personal & calling me anti-feminist, hateable, a possessive mother of a son etc. are in very poor taste & show your level of social etiquette (or lack of it). There are some really very derogatory slurs as well (via private messages) but I shall not quote them here as I have my personal principles of decency that I live by & will not indulge in slander.

A question here… You say I am judgemental about the story & its characters but what are you when you question my personal character & traits as a female, just on the basis of my articles?

GROW UP. I have gotten over my feelings of frustration & deep hurt at these senseless & juvenile acts, so you are only wasting your time continuing to bash me. You can keep your views about me & my articles but I don’t need/want to see them. You are under no compulsion to read anything that I post. NO, I won’t stop writing because you want me to. And NO, I also will not clarify my marital status or if I am a possessive mother of a son.

I am not the type to cower down when provoked but, I also pick my battles wisely & only go for the ones that are worth my time & attention. Hope the message is clear.

I won’t talk about this ugly bashing anymore but…

Don’t mistake my Silence for ignorance, My Calmness for acceptance & My Kindness for weakness.

P.S: To all those people who have balanced views and respect/accept others’ PoVs, I am very sorry that you had to read this, but I had to say it & get it off my system.

Topic done & dusted.


Okay, of I go now to watch the episode again …I have lost count of the number of times I have watched it!!

💕 Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 💕