this life is in your hands

to love life, to love it even
when you have no stomach for it
and everything you’ve held dear
crumbles like burnt paper in your hands,
your throat filled with the silt of it.
When grief sits with you, its tropical heat
thickening the air, heavy as water
more fit for gills than lungs;
when grief weights you like your own flesh
only more of it, an obesity of grief,
you think, How can a body withstand this?
Then you hold life like a face
between your palms, a plain face,
no charming smile, no violet eyes,
and you say, yes, I will take you
I will love you, again.
—  Ellen Bass, ‘The Thing Is’

you hit a period in your life sometime after your teenage years and you realize how much you’ve changed as a person since then. your views on the world have expanded, your self of self has become clearer and your relationships with the people around you have evolved into new things. not all of it is necessarily good change but change nonetheless. looking back you may be able to pinpoint a few times when you were aware of that change. some major life event that you knew you wouldn’t be the same afterwards. a handful of decisions that led you down new paths. mostly though, the change was gradual. incremental. unnoticeable. and it’s happening right now too. wherever you are in your journey, you are moving forward. evolving. all the tiny little decisions we make during the day change us over time. all the times we try sometime new. all the times we say hello to a stranger. all the times we care for ourselves. all the times we learn sometime new. in days, weeks, months, years, you won’t be the person you are reading this right now. so keep moving forward. evolve. become the best version of you you can find.

its-nanna-innit  asked:

Could I get Prompto on a date with his S/O and afterwards things start to get NSFW but his S/O has a flash back due to a not so nice ex that was abusive and has a panic attack? I'm not sure what format this would fall under. I love your writing btw! 💛


Prompto x Reader
Word Count: 1,789

Angst is too easy for me to write, apparently, lol. Trigger warnings for this one shot: mentions of domestic abuse, mentions of non-con/dub-con, cycles of abuse, and infidelity. Thankfully, Prompto makes everything better.

Tagging the always lovely @iinkpools because I feel like you need more Prompto fluff in your life and I love making your decisions even harder, lol.

You were happy.

For the first time in forever, you were happy. Genuinely, truly happy, and it was because of the boy that was holding your hand, looking at you like you were his entire world. Prompto Argentum had saved your life in so many ways—you’d met him when you were at rock bottom, working a dead-end job at a diner, trying to support yourself and also dealing with the aftermath of a bad breakup.

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How would you feel?

I want to dedicate this story to @littlewhitelies1403 and @whoopsharrystyles

I hope you will have some day such an amazing day in your life, with a man who loves you genuinely. And I hope I can share this amazing and wonderful day with you. I will sit on the obligatory “single table” watching you while you’re dancing. And maybe I will have one or two tears in my eyes. 

I hope you will be happy one day, I hope you will find your imperfect, perfect man. 

All the love 


The paper lanterns wiggle in the balmy summer night wind. It’s way after midnight and the crowd has thinned out. Only a handful of guests are sitting on the round tables which are covered with long white tablecloths. They are your closest friends, your parents, his parents, and his sister with her boyfriend. It was a beautiful day, better even than you dreamed. You had dreamed about this day since you were a little girl, and THIS day bested your dreams. He did everything so that you have the perfect day.

You’re  drunk by the night, he too but you saw him at the bar with his best man, drinking some whisky, but also searching for your eyes.

You’re talking to some guests sitting near the dance floor. Your hand rests on the back of the chair, which is also white and the cold metal cools you off. You danced a lot, with your father, with your uncle and of course with your new husband. As you heard Ed’s voice singing for the first time on your wedding you had to smile. He knows you so well. Harry requested Ed play some of your favourite songs as he twirled you around the dance floor.

Now that the candles are nearly burned down, the waiters start to dismantle the buffet.  Your legs are hurting and the corners of your mouth are hurting too.  You laughed and smiled all the time.

Harry touches your shoulder gently while he’s nodding in Ed’s direction, and he smiles knowingly. Ed walks to the band and grabs his guitar.

You feel his soft touch.  Excusing yourself, you turn around to look into his green eyes. His hair is a little sweaty, and he doesn’t wear his jacket anymore. The sleeves of his white shirt are rolled up, so you can see his anchor tattoo. With tender fingers you touch his anchor. His heart skips a beat as he feels the metal of your wedding ring on his hot skin. You made him the luckiest man in the whole world today. You married him today, and he wants to scream it from the rooftops.

“What’s the matter?” you ask him with a soft, tired smile.

Ed starts to play. It’s an unknown melody that you have never heard before. You frown.

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Lena has bought Kara flowers, risked her life for her, protected her, called Kara her hero, she is always flirting with her… The writers are doing this on purpose. It’s in the script after all. They expect us to believe that she is straight? Lol

Writers: Katie, we need you to flirt with Kara everytime you see her.

Writers: Katie, we need you to call Kara your hero and risk your life for her

Writers: Katie, we need you to get jealous of another woman in Kara’s apartment

Writers: Katie, we need you to act nervous and play with your hands when you see Kara.

Their obviously queerbating us.

Secret (Newt Scamander x Reader)

A/N: So sorry for the lack of activity guys, just have no ideas. Enjoy and i’m literally begging you can you please give feedback? XOXOXOXO

Based on Little Mix’s Secret Love Song.

Y/N’s waist was soon touched by Newt’s hand. She smiled, as he pulled her close to her and continued walking down the street. He placed a big kiss to her head as they kept moving forward.

Sadly, that was not real life. Newt never held your hand in the streets, never kissed you in restaurants and never said “I love you” if others were present

Newt’s book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had blown up the markets and his newly acquired agents wanted to keep it like that. They thought that his attire and look of “single cute beast-lover” definitely increased sales. And so, this was why your relationship was secret. Behind closed doors. Only Queenie, Tina and Jacob knew of your love.

It also didn’t help that you were also an author, a quite successful one. Your (book genre) books had sold thousands of copies, and your agents have also agreed that your image of “single accomplished writer” was to be kept.

Frankly, you were growing sick of it. You wanted people to know. People to know how you were each other’s, how you found each other, how you brought each other happiness. You were tired of it. Tired of touching pinkies under the table. Tired of stolen glances from across the room. Tired of feigning feelings for him in front of other people. Tired of smiling for photographers that asked for pictures of “Newt Scamander’s friend.”

“Y/N? You coming?”

“Hmm, oh yeah.”

There was a book convention going on Diagon Alley, in Flourish and Blotts and you and Newt were both invited there to sign copies.

People were in fact making a big deal out of this, the Ministry promoting the event for weeks beforehand.

“Y/N.” Queenie came in your room, catching you staring at your palms, sitting on your bed all glammed up.

“Are you thinking about Newt?”

“No.” You lied.

“It’ll happen. You won’t remain secret forever. Trust me.”

“You’re a Legilimens, but any chance you also got some Seer blood in you?” You asked Queenie, who chuckled.

She took a seat beside you and wrapped her arm around your shoulder.

“Stop thinking about it. Everything’ll fall in place. C’mon have a bit of fun today, yeah?”

“Yeah.” You cheered up. Today was all about your amazing career.


“Ah and dare I say I spot Y/N Y/L/N at the entrance?” Melissa Skeeter, the main editor of many newspapers and magazines said.

You walked up to the bookstore, arm in arm with Tina and Queenie following close beside with Jacob.

The whole day was a whole lot of fun. You signed books, took pictures with readers. You haven’t spent a day without thinking about Newt in so long.


He watched her throughout the whole day. How she would smile genuinely at each person. How she would hug each reader, making them feel at home right away. How she would blush each time complimented. How she would laugh at stupid journalists questions.

Oh how he wanted to call her his. How he longed to proudly call her his girlfriend. How he wished to take her on romantic dates in the city. How he prayed to wrap his arm around her waist at events.

Suddenly, he spotted Skeeter asking her a question. Knowing her reputation, he listened intently.

“So Y/N, you are close friends with Newt Scamander right?”

Y/N nodded loosely.

“Any er more than friendly feelings present between you two?” Skeeter grinned.

Newt watched Y/N swallow hard and force a smile. She took a long sip from her water before answering.

“Our relationship is purely platonic.” She said robotically.

A couple people in line frowned, and some even exclaimed: “They’d make such a nice couple!”

Newt stared at his palms. Then at her. Then at his agent. Then at the photographers.

He stood up and walked very carefully to her booth. He approached her. People around stared weirdly, and people called out his name but he had eyes only for her.

“Y/N can I speak to you?” He asked.

Y/N looked perplexed and stood up.

Once she did, he took her hand and pulled her into him. He leaned down and kissed her.

He felt Y/N smile as she started to kiss him back.


“Y/N, I know people like you! People like you who think they could chase a silly fantasy like love or happiness without any consequences or problems–just cherish the moments. Well, life doesn’t work that way. You can’t stand still for a moment and not expect shit to happen because you don’t want it to! And–” Kai exclaimed to you, before you cut him off.

“And how about you, Kai?! Let’s point out your flaws! You, who always complains about what wasn’t handed to him, and lacks the sense to do something about it! You, who doesn’t bother looking on about what happened in the past, and looks for ways to hurt others simply to satisfy your ridiculously pompous attitude and “despair”. You judge me for living like it’s a fantasy, but at least I trust in my heart, regardless of what it’s done to me! You though–you move too fast too see the signs right in front of you and take things into your own hands! And then you look back, and wonder why–Why people hid you away for all those years like some disgrace!“ You exclaimed, cutting him off. Your fists clenched and your heart raced fast with every word, daring to say things you only thought about. Kai looked at you with a tense face, his eyes dark and heavy with self judgement and harsh criticism.

“It must feel really nice for you to stand here judging me, surrounded by all the things you’ve got out of life…” Kai said, his voice low, but still expressing his sentiments. “You got to live your life, have a family that appreciates you and someone that cares about you–don’t come to me with complaints about how you never seem to be happy with what you’ve got or that you never win… you don’t know the meaning of losing and having nothing…” Kai said, looking at you and tensing up, before leaving you to your heavy thoughts, the atmosphere around you thick with a somber attitude and a melancholy, yet extremely tense and constricting feeling.

My contribution to the “which autistic are you” meme: autism headcanon edition (feel free to add yours though)! Tag yourself.

Sherlock Holmes:
-frequent shutdowns
-audio stimming
-very few friends
-long-lasting (or whole life) special interests
-weird sleep pattern
-cares zero percent about passing as NT

Hermione Granger:
-Child Prodigy™
-strict routines
-infodumping 24/7
-black and white thinking
-tactile stimming

The Doctor (Doctor Who):
-collects special interests like stamps
-lots of movement stims (hand flapping, spinning, rocking, etc)
-loves social interaction even though it’s hard
-terrible voice volume control
-weird/unusual appearance and sense of dress
-echolalia. so much echolalia

Lilo (Lilo&Stitch):
-comfort object(s)
-loud meltdowns
-specific and unusual routines
-understands other creatures better than humans
-very good imagination/creative
-extremely picky eater

                                                I had a dream
                                          We were back to sixteen
                                       Smoking weed and nicotine
                                                Always carefree
                                          With just a few pennies
                                      dreamed big, our minds free
                                     wished the world and its cities
                                                In our pockets
                                It’s all over ‘cause we’ve had enough
                                       The love that once we had
                                             was never enough
                              And I don’t wanna know what’s been up
                                      all I know is that we’re alone
                                               and hurt in love
              Who’s gonna hold your hand when life won’t treat you sweet?
               Who’s gonna pull you close at nights when you can’t sleep?
                Who’s gonna kiss your eyes when daylight’s gonna hurt?
                           Who’s gonna show you what love’s worth?
                                            ‘cause it won’t be me
                                                 it won’t be me
                                                   won’t be me
                                                I had a dream
                                      We sipped coffee in between
                                     late night talks and ice creams
                                               Never worrying
                                          But then we had a fight
                                   Couldn’t stand each other’s sight
                                       Stopped seeing eye to eye
                                           Now we’re on our own
                                 It’s all over ‘cause we’ve had enough
                                        The love that once we had
                                             was never enough
                              And I don’t wanna know what’s been up
                                      all I know is that we’re alone
                                               and hurt in love
               Who’s gonna hold your hand when life won’t treat you sweet?
                Who’s gonna pull you close at nights when you can’t sleep?
                 Who’s gonna kiss your eyes when daylight gonna hurt?
                            Who’s gonna show you what love’s worth?
                                           ‘cause it won’t be me
                                                it won’t be me
                                                  won’t be me

                                   Won’t Be Me, Shikha Singh

Heaven || Day 1

lin manuel miranda x reader

prompt: it certainly wasn’t an easy task being someone’s guardian angel. all your life you’ve only  known of protecting lin from harm’s way so when you’re kicked out of heaven, you truly know nothing but to protect your ever so clumsy human.

a/n: so this is the first day imagine for @hamwriters write-a-thon! i’m really excited to participate, and i’ll try to have the previous day listed in each new fic incase you’d like to read the others. this was inspired by my favorite tv show, supernatural, and the song heaven by troye sivan. i hope you enjoy!


You watched Lin crossing the street, anxiously sitting on your hands and biting your lip as the brunette clumsily bumped into various pedestrians trekking the same busy Manhattan streets as him, his head down as he continued to quickly made his way through town haphazardly.

‘He needs to be more careful! He can get hurt!’ You muttered to yourself, gasping as Lin crossed the street, his head still down as he looked at his journal. A taxi cab was flying down the street, barrelling towards Lin, and didn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

You stopped the moment, flying down to Earth to move Lin out of the dangerous situation before returning to Heaven to watch over your human.

Your life consisted of this and only this.

You never knew of anything else besides protecting Lin Manuel Miranda and making him happy. Everybody had their own guardian angel, and you were assigned to the one and only Lin right off the bat. To say you were immensely enthralled with the boy was underestimating the feelings you coped with each and every day watching Lin carry through his brilliant and abstract life. He was so intriguing, so different. How could you be assigned to such a diverse being?

Alongside being a complete and utter genius, Lin was quite the clumsy and careless man. His head was always floating in the clouds, his mind somewhere else as he carried through his day and didn’t pay attention to situations that would make the normal person’s heart leap into their throat. Lin simply shrugged off the moment, carrying on with whatever he was doing and continuing throughout his day as though death wasn’t facing him and mocking his movements.

You never realized, but you were always in love with Lin. Angels weren’t capable of loving anyone, especially their humans. It was seen as obscene and banish worthy. But something about Lin and the way you protected him from the most minuscule pain inducing sequences in life was different from the way other guardian angels allowed their humans to face pain that each human would and needs to feel in order to perform naturally through their lives.

You knew you would never lose the feeling of protection over Lin. The smile on his face brought too much happiness, not only for yourself, but for the people around you.

You would never let Lin face unnecessary happiness as long as you could prevent it.

You vowed to yourself right then and there.


Something was different.

There was a chilling sensation all along your body, shaking you down to your bones. You were shivering, goosebumps flooding your skin as you urged yourself to awake from your position, but no matter how hard you attempted, you remained unsuccessful. You’ve never experienced such a feeling in your lifetime. In fact, you’ve never felt the feeling of discomfort ever.

“Lin! Lin, I think she’s waking up!” You heard a familiar voice, the usually muffled words from your viewing space now surrounding you.

“Anthony?” You mumbled, slowly coming to your senses as you groggily tried to sit up, a dizzy spell slamming into your body as you settled on lying down once more.

“Lin, she knows my name.. How does she know my name?!”

“I don’t know man!”

That voice.

You knew that voice better than anything in your life.


That was your Lin.

And this was his apartment and that was Anthony, a  good friend whose relationship you witnessed blossoming throughout the years.

Everything was normal besides the fact you were met with such a disarming feeling you’ve never experienced before and the normally distant voices you heard from your daily viewing of Lin’s life were close and vivid.

You prayed that what you thought happened was not the reality.

“Hey,” You heard Lin say softly, a weight causing your legs to shift as he sat down on the couch beside you. “I know you’re not feeling well, but I’m Lin and I’m going to take care of you, I promise.”

“Lin!” You shot up from your position, your eyes wide and full of confusion and astonishment as Lin shrieked, falling from his couch and banging his head on the hard table. He let out a groan of frustration, rubbing the back of his head as you cringed, the answer to your question finally being revealed.

You didn’t know when and you most certainly didn’t know how, but you were kicked out of heaven. You were unable to receive connection from other guardian angels as much as you tried to summon your power to contact them. You were a human. You were now capable of feelings and emotions and to express yourself freely without the bounds of being a guardian angel holding you back. You weren’t able to protect Lin though and you would trade any new found sensation for Lin’s safety and happiness any day.

“Do I know you?” Lin asked groggily, still rubbing his head as he peered at you from his cross legged position in front of the couch you were once lying upon.

“I’m Y/N, your guardian angel.” You replied bluntly, your lack of communication skills evident as you held out your hand happily, waiting for your human to shake it.

No, not your human any longer Y/N. Just a man who was nice enough to bring some girl he knew nothing of into his apartment. You’re no longer his guardian angel. You’re just Y/N.

“Did she just say your guardian angel?” Anthony questioned, a confused expression matching Lin’s on his face as the two boys stared at you.

“Ant, why don’t you leave us alone.”

“What? Lin, I-”

“I’ll talk to you later. I promise.” Lin said, turning to face the curly haired boy who shrugged and pulled on his coat, bumbling over towards the apartment’s door before exiting the building leaving you and Lin in a thick silence with questions bouncing in between.

“This isn’t like Enchanted or something, right?” Lin asked, quirking his eyebrow a bit as you shook your head, a smile still gracing your face.

“Not at all! I’m a human now because heaven was displeased with me for a reason unknown to me. I used to be your guardian angel, but I’m just me now!” You explained happily, a content look on your face as Lin inspected you.

He came home the previous night exhausted from a show. He wanted nothing but to climb into bed and sleep the night away, knowing more interviews and shows and impromptu rehearsals met him when the sun would rise above the misty horizon. He never expected to be greeted with a girl passed out in front of his front door.

Any other day, he would have picked the person up, brought them in, and took care of the sickly figure till they were back on their feet, but Lin had had enough. He wanted to step over the discarded body, sneakily enter his apartment, and make little to no noise in hopes of the person not bothering him that night. Something about you was different though. He felt as though he had a connection with you or like he needed to help you.

You weren’t just some drunk teen passed out on his doormat. You were somebody in his life that he knew so well yet never met before. You were something so close yet so out of reach. You were a person he knew in a different life but he couldn’t place a name to your face.

And now he received his answer.


The name fit your smiling and graceful face, such an angelic look to you as you happily sat one legged crossed over the other and beaming at him as though he were the best thing to ever be put on this planet.

“My guardian angel, huh?” Lin questioned, his inquisitive face softening a bit as you nodded enthusiastically.

“I’ve been here since day one! I know everything about you! Well, almost everything. Sometimes I zone out a bit, but I promise you’ve never hurt yourself when I wasn’t paying attention!” You reassured, your eyes wide and hands now gesturing wildly while you explained your situation.

Lin couldn’t help but smile at you. You were just so lively, so happy, so untypically angel like. There was something so incredibly endearing about how socially uneducated you were and how you spewed out any words that came to mind. He was beyond confused and tired, but alongside those discomforts he felt content and satisfied. Something about your presence and meeting the person who has been protecting him all his life was a comforting feeling.

“Well Y/N, my guardian angel,” Lin teased, winking at you as you giggled at the emphasis of those words, “I’m going to teach you to be human.”


“You know the basics, but you really speak your mind, a bit too much to be considered normal if I want to be honest.” Lin expressed as he took his coffee and your hot chocolate off the counter, thanking the barista as he lead you to a table in the back of the cafe, banging his leg on the edge of the table as he attempted to pull out your seat for you.

He swore frustratedly to himself, placing your cups down on the table as you watched the scene unfold with wide eyes.

Lin took his seat across from you, sighing heavily as he took off his coat and rested his elbows upon the cold wooden table, rubbing his face tiredly as you took your cup into your hands, relishing at the feeling of the warmth emitting from the cup.

“Is chocolate good? I do know that it’s sweet since it’s in cakes and cookies and it’s in the candy family. I’ve never eaten or drank anything before.” You rambled, your fingers feeling the texture of the cardboard wrapped around the cup containing your hot chocolate.

“Wait, you never ate or drank anything before?” Lin asked, taking a sip from his own drink as he peered up at you with his dark eyes.

“Nope! I’ve never eaten, drank, or slept. Angels don’t need any of those things, but I’ve always wanted to try human food. It’s so interesting really!” You began to babble again, raising your cup to your lips and taking a timid sip from the cup, moaning at the feeling and taste of the hot chocolate.

“I assume you like it?” Lin chuckled, smiling at the sight of you continuing to drink generous amounts of the hot chocolate.

“Hey, hey, slow down a bit, you could get a stomach ache.” Lin lectured, softly lowering the cup that was now half full from your lips.

A sheepish smile graced your face as Lin shared a gentle smile, the two of you sitting there and taking in the view of one another as though it were the first time you had witnessed seeing a person in your lifetime. Well, in your case, that was partly the reason as to why you were looking at Lin with such fascination. Overall you were so mesmerizing by his beauty, every detail of his face and  the way he moved, spoke, smiled, and laughed to everyday occurrences capturing your attention and holding it in its grasp leaving you helpless.

You couldn’t pry your eyes away from Lin at that moment, all of your attention focused on him. He looked back at you with just as much interest yet he wasn’t focusing completely on your face, just a spot that you couldn’t place your finger on.

“You have, um, a little something- right, right here.” Lin stammered as he took one of the paper napkins provided on the table, folding it a bit before running the napkin over your lips.
The small action sent a blaze to your cheeks, your heart racing as Lin’s hand lingered upon your lips before sitting back in his chair and setting the napkin to the side of the table.

You reached a hand to your lips, feeling the tingling sensation upon them that stayed with you as you shyly looked at Lin who was just as flustered as you were.

“I think I know why I was removed from heaven.”


“And this is the room that you can stay in.”

Lin flicked on the lightswitch next to the door, the room erupting in a gentle light exposing the simplistic guest bedroom that belonged to his apartment. You wanted nothing but to lay down on the inviting bed and snuggle underneath the warm looking blankets after the long day of exploring the city with Lin. You have never experienced the feeling of the tiredness or the lack of sleep, but you knew it was something that you were not enjoying.

Your day was spent experiencing different things that Lin thought you would enjoy or just felt that you needed to experience in your life as a human. You were filled with so much knowledge and soaked in every city light and every sight and taste and feeling that you had felt today. Most importantly, you came to the realizations that you were kicked out of the place upstairs because of your attractions to Lin. You weren’t in love with the man and maybe you only felt these feelings because he was your human, you were experiencing affection for the first time, and seeing the person you’ve been protecting your whole life, but you did know that you adored Lin, either in a platonic or loving way.

“Thank you Lin.” You finally spoke after standing in silence as you examined the room.

“You’ve been protecting me from so many life threatening events in my life that I didn’t even blink towards. I couldn’t just leave you in the dark.” Lin shrugged, coming from behind you to sit on the edge of the bed, patting the place next to him.

You swallowed hard, giving yourself a small shove as you pattered across the rug and sat beside Lin, instantly melting in the close proximity.

“But I was some random girl passed out in front of your door. You could have-”

“I’m just happy I met you and brought you in. Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me. I’m finally repaying you although my repayment is nothing compared to your gift.” Lin cut you off, talking quickly as he turned to face you and give your nose a poke as he ended his speech.

You chuckled, smiling to yourself and looking down at your hands in your lap as he took his hands in yours, running his thumb over your hand nonchalantly.

“Do you think you’ll go back to heaven if you have the chance?” Lin asked after a moment of silence, his words choppy and uneven which was so unlike him.

“Of course not. I like the hot chocolate too much.” You replied as the two of you shared a laugh, relishing in the moment.

“Anything else you like?”

“I like the music and the feeling of sitting down after walking a long time. Oh! And I enjoy the city lights at night and the few nice people that greet you. I like the sunsets and the skyscrapers and the warm bread at that sandwich shop-”

“Please don’t leave me.” Lin cut you off, eyes wide and serious as he stared at you desperately awaiting for your response.

“You- you don’t want me to leave you?” You asked, taken back from his sudden request.

“There’s something about you I can’t let go of, and I’m well aware of how selfish it is to ask you to choose between me and Heaven, but gosh I can’t let you go knowing I didn’t at least ask.”

You studied Lin hard, still astonished by his request of you staying on Earth with him. Even though you have known him for his whole life, meeting him in real life and experiencing just how vibrant and lively he was in person was just so different. If you loved him than you most certainly loved him now. You couldn’t imagine leaving him just to sit and watch the man you’ve somehow fallen in love with in a flurry of new found emotions and experiences.

“You know when I said earlier that I remember why I was kicked out of Heaven?” You asked, looking him directly in the eye now. Lin nodded in response, anxiously awaiting for what you were going to say next.

“I came to the conclusion I had feelings of you, a human. And I wasn’t supposed to shield you from so many of things I did, and I vowed to myself I would protect you. Protection is a sign of love so they removed me from Heaven since it’s against the rules.” You explained, darting your eyes away from Lin so you wouldn’t see his reaction.

The next thing you knew Lin’s lips were upon yours, emotions crashing over your head like a tidal wave as you kissed him back, so many sensations coming upon you that you knew you would never get used to.

In that moment, you vowed to yourself again that you would stay by Lin’s side no matter what. You would protect him the best you could even if you didn’t have the same abilities you once had when you were an Angel.

If you were losing a piece of you, that piece being Lin, maybe you didn’t want Heaven. And you decided that right then and there.

cis women need to fucking mind their own business in restrooms. fuck off with your head to toe inspections and disapproving, aggressive glares at me that only break when you leave while i’m trying to wash my fucking hands. get a fucking life.

men can be worse because of the sexual component when they’re being filth to you, but cis women do it much much more frequently and take your existence far more personally. i’m tired of being a lurid object of curiosity to be unabashedly and openly stared at and picked apart inch by inch by your disapproving gaze when i’m just trying to board the fucking bus. i’m tired of seeing the ways your smiles drop the moment i open my mouth and you hear the lower pitch of my voice. i’m tired of the open scorn and disgust when I make sure to keep my voice higher to avoid that reaction. i’m tired of the way you visibly recoil in disgust if your gaze happens to pass over my chest or hips. just fuck off.

just fuck off.

Astro Reaction: to you and him going into a haunted house.

MJ (Myungjun) :

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You two would enter terrified and leave scarred for life. Both of you would jump at any noises, even if you made them yourselves. The darkness would seem like it was following and enclosing the two of you throughout your journey through the hallways of the house. Eventually the two of you would bolt to leave swearing never again to do something so stupid. You would pamper each other afterwards only thinking happy thoughts and doing happy things. It suited the two of you more anyways.


Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

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He was scared, no doubt about it. You didn’t notice though because he was superb at hiding it. You would be holding his hand, screaming and jumping at anything that didn’t seem normal. He would flinch and jump a little too at all your actions, however you would be too preoccupied to notice. When you begged to leave he would be really thankful. It would give you a false sense of security though, as you would make him watch horror movies with you as a result. Eventually he would tell you the truth and it would end up becoming a fond memory.


Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

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You and he were both scared as you entered the building. The old gothic furniture and designs creating a haunting atmosphere that neither of you had been prepared for. Despite this the two of you were each other’s support throughout the entire journey. You would talk make jokes, do anything to get both your minds of the worst and it worked. Afterwards it would be something you two remembered with fondness and often laughed about. It had become a bonding moment that had allowed you two to further your relationship, surprisingly.



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He didn’t mind haunted houses, not because he wasn’t scared but because he was only scared of certain things. If he experienced or saw something that didn’t terrify him he would be okay. That’s why as you two had walked through the building and he hadn’t shown any sing of distress you had been very impressed. Until you two had found a room full of spiders and then both of you freaked out. Granted you two had run out fast, laughing and tripping along the way. Despite everything it hadn’t been too bad.


Rocky (Minhyuk) :

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He would act really manly and totally unaffected when you two entered the abandoned building. Despite the eerie sounds and oddly shaped shadows somehow he didn’t seem scared one bit. You were holding onto his arm tightly however your nerves on another level. It wasn’t until you two did the ghost tour and heard about all the horrible and scary things that he too got a little unnerved. He didn’t like messing with the past and spirits like that. You two had immediately left and just opted for horror movies. Granted nothing much changed but at least you were comfortable – well he was.



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You thought he had become a statue. He looked more terrified than you when you both entered. His eyes were wide and hyper, continuously moving and observing the surroundings in every room. It made you feel a little safe in a strange way, if anything were to happen his calculating eyes would probably catch it. However you both had ended up screaming and running throughout the house, until you saw the exit. The two of you couldn’t have been happier. You two never mentioned horror or scary dates again deciding that picnic dates were definitely more your thing.

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You may have answered this before, but who is your favorite ship in the ACOTAR series? My personal fave is Nessian, their the couple I literally thought about everyday since ACOMAF!! They are just perfect for each other, but I am totally panicking about ACOWAR, because if they don't get POV chapters and I see them fall in love second hand, I will be so upset. Their POV's gave me life in the Target special edition and I need MORE!

I am team NESSIAN! FUCK YES! And I agree. If we have to get Rhy’s POV of them kissing or having sex I’ll be so pissed. And I think Nesta and Cassian will be too focused on the war and their trauma to really become a couple couple…? I mean, unless it becomes desperation sex/intimacy. But maybe that’s because my trashcan heart wants to BE IN THE GODS-DAMNED ROOM WHEN THEY KISS FOR THE FIRST TIME. WHEN THEY TOUCH FOR THE FIRST TIME. WHEN THEY HAVE SEX FOR THE FIRST TIME. I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT FIRST HAND OR NOT AT ALL!

I Love You and I Like You - Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

A/N: The penultimate chapter! I hope you all like it! This story kinda fell apart, and I hope I got it all together. This story is kind of becoming realistic for me, so it’s been interesting… Anyways, I hope you like it. The next chapter will be an epilogue.
Word Count: 2,186
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: Penultimate. End of Civil War fight.
Tags: @spiderking-of-queens, @drunken-superheros, @theclonewarss (omg I love your new url) @michaelsxxsmile, @the-life-of-a-loser

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we stand on cracked parched earth
hand in hand.
your eyes are made of light, i think.
it’s not that i’m wrong- it’s that
i have no idea what i’m saying.
i tell you that you are my best friend
but i have forgotten what that means
and i’ve never been able to give anyone pieces of myself,
but i’ve tried.
believe me when i promise you i’ve tried.
you say something back, and i am not listening
you talk in every sunset color and
i live my life in shades of mountain blue,
hazed with distance
and i spend so much time gluing glass
into the cracks in my skin
so you must understand when i tell you
you exist in a spectrum i cannot see
except i tell you that the sky is orange
and you respond that, yes, it is. but can you
please stop saying things i do not understand.
we stand on ultraviolet glowing grass
with our hands brushing, just barely.
you are not looking at me. your eyes
are made of fire. my eyes are made of
something that will not burn.
we stand in the middle of a still lake, under
the impossible faraway ceiling. we are
gliding forward but there are no ripples and i cannot see
the end
but i know it’s there. i do not touch you
because i am worried that you will crumble
to ash and to silence and to bitter, bitter stone:
it is very cold
and i am shivering
—  six am//ast.