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chemistry of an alpha - Derek Hale one shot *smut*

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Summary: You didn’t avoid Derek Hale because you wanted to. But what else can you do when you’re falling for your Alpha? 

Pairing: Derek Hale x reader

Rating: Mature for heavy swearing, graphic sexual content 


You looked up from your Chemistry homework as you heard a cough behind you. Derek Hale was leaning against your doorway with his head cocked to the side, staring at you thoughtfully. You rolled your eyes and resumed your schoolwork, already knowing why he was here. 

“Go away,” you mumbled. 

“No, I’m good right here,” he announced. You ignored him.

A few beats of silence passed.

“[y/n],” he pressed. You gave him nothing, absentmindedly scanning your notes.

Suddenly, you felt yourself being jerked backwards and around, coming face to face with your intruder.

“What the hell?” you rebuked.

“That’s better,” Derek chimed. “Now, tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” you deadpanned, somewhat surprised you could still deflect his questions, given his persistence. Then again, you were always good at avoiding things, a skill useful for dodging the rest of the pack’s investigation. You didn’t back down when Scott offered to give you a ride home just as an excuse to prod you, when Isaac cornered you at your locker with his sad puppy eyes, or even when Allison tried to literally hug information out of you. 

You crossed your arms over your chest and stared stonily at Derek, unimpressed by his interrogation tactics.

You couldn’t even process the next few seconds as he swiftly grabbed the arm of your swivel chair and abruptly pulled you towards him, backtracking to your bed. He sat down so you were eye-level. 

Your eyebrows nearly disappeared into your hairline.  

“Let’s try that again,” Derek enunciated slowly. You crinkled your nose at him because what the fuck is his problem?

“What the fuck is your problem?” 

“What the fuck is your problem?” Derek scoffed. “Even without the pack telling me you’ve been weird and distant lately, it’s obvious you’re not yourself.” 

You cursed inwardly. The pack had ratted you out. You shouldn’t be surprised since everyone basically flocked to Mommy Derek at the first sign of trouble. They were cute that way. 

“Still,” you huffed, shifting uncomfortably in your seat under Derek’s scrutiny. “You didn’t have to manhandle me–”

“Just tell me what’s up,” Derek continued nonchalantly, glossing over your complaint. “Your heart’s beating really fast and you’ve reeked of anxiety for days. If there’s a problem, you’re supposed to tell me. I’m your Alpha.” 

Goosebumps rose along your spine at his words. I’m your Alpha. The phrase echoed in your mind. It manifested in images of Derek whispering it in your ear while he fingered you from behind, rasping it out while he held your head down to fuck your mouth. You closed your eyes, frustrated by how much Derek’s authority affected you. Fucking Alpha. 

“Excuse me?” 

Your eyes shot open. You hadn’t meant to say that out loud. 

“No! I–that wasn’t, um…” you stuttered, fumbling for ways to reverse this conversation, reverse time itself. But there was nothing you could do. Your mind went blank, not granting your mouth any usable intelligence. You felt pressure in your brain, like a blood clot that would explode if you didn’t say something soon. 

In a surge of word vomit, you hurriedly blurted out, “IthinkI’minlovewithyou.” 

And that’s when things came to a screeching halt. So much for deflection. Smooth move, genius. 

Derek looked baffled as his shoulders elevated in tension, eyes the size of saucers. 

“You’re… what?” Derek brows furrowed, seemingly searching your face for any cues that you were joking or high. 

If only. Fuck it, nothing you say at this point could make this any worse. 

“I think I’m in love with you,” you enunciated carefully. “Or–it could be something else. I don’t know. I’ve never felt this way before and it’s really freaking me out. I didn’t know what to do, so I just avoided you. And the pack. And just all of it, in general,” you rambled, wringing your hands together. 

In response, Derek’s mouth parted slightly, his two front teeth peeking out like he was about to say something, but retreated again.

And then emerged the quintessential Derek frown. He was so adorable when he was mad, even when you were the reason.  

“Look, [y/n],” Derek coughed, continuing sternly. “You don’t have to… explain. It’s okay to be confused. I’m not–I’m not mad at you.”

It was comforting that he was also stuttering over his words. Meanwhile, you tried not to swoon at how young and boyish he sounded when he was frazzled. But why wasn’t he more freaked out. He should’ve at least been a little angry. It usually took less than this to set him off. 

“You should be mad!” you assured. “Get mad. I totally deserve it. For avoiding you, then lying about it. And for… being in love with you? Because I know what you’re thinking, these teenagers and their hormones,” you said gruffly, wincing as you accidentally did a poor impression of Derek. He raised his palm up incredulously, communicating that yes, you should indeed be embarrassed.

This was getting out of hand. You were all over the place and the more you tried to clarify, the more agitated Derek seemed to become. 

“This is ridiculous. I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m too young for you and I need to stop kidding myself. I know that… I know,” your voice strained. You weren’t sure what burned more, your cheeks or the stinging behind your eyes. 

The truth is, you did have feelings for Derek. And it was rather terrifying. 

Because it would be obvious to anyone that Derek Hale was the perfect human specimen, with his tall, burly frame and Greek God jawline, armored in leather jackets and boots. That was your first impression when you met him. You, on the other hand, must have looked disastrous.

Before the pack and Derek, you were in a foster care system that left you abused and broken. When you decided to run away, you had no prospects or money. It was Derek that had found you, lost and dying in the woods. All you saw were sharp teeth and red eyes before you blacked out. 

When you’d woken up, you were warm and safe. He had given you the bite, but also so much more. He had taken you under his wing and polished you off, given you guidance and shelter. It took a while to trust him, but when you did, he promised to turn you from a scared runaway into a warrior. And he delivered. 

He introduced you to the pack, the family you never had. He taught you how to defend yourself, showing you strength you only dreamed about. But he also told you to use the bite to help other people, that power didn’t have to be destructive.

When you were human, you cowered away from people, fading into the background. You couldn’t trust anyone, couldn’t even trust yourself. But with Derek’s help, you learned to fight, speak your mind, and trust your instincts.

And therein lies the problem. Every time you were around Derek, every instinct in your body told you to jump his bones. You physically ached for him, your body buzzing with anxiety whenever you tried to stifle your need. 

It wasn’t even just the physical stuff. Underneath his tough exterior, Derek had a heart of gold. You’d seen enough cruelty to know that Derek was the opposite. He was the most generous person you’d ever known, sharing his home with a bunch of misfit teenagers, nursing lost puppies back to health. 

Even though Derek had rescued you, he’d never indicated that he was remotely attracted to you. He just regarded you as another annoying Beta through lectures and demands. Every once in a while, if you reached a new milestone, socially or physically, he would pull you into an awkward hug or stiffly pat your head while you tried to cough away your laughter.

It was obvious he would never return your feelings, so you spent an embarrassingly large portion of day figuring out ways to avoid Derek, which led to avoiding the pack because they were always together. But attendance was required at pack meetings, so you sat as far away from everyone as possible and looked down the whole time, only speaking when directly addressed. 

Everyone was bound to notice your strange behavior eventually. You just didn’t expect Derek to confront you about it directly, assuming he wasn’t into pack drama. 

Once again, you’d underestimated his capacity to care. 

And judging from the way he was clenching his fists and gazing a hole into his jeans, apparently he’d underestimated your capacity to complicate his life. 

The last thing you wanted to was to make things harder for Derek, but this confrontation resulted in exactly that.

“Look, let’s just pretend this didn’t happen, alright? Everyone has psychotic episodes sometimes,” you laughed nervously. “I won’t avoid you anymore–unless you want me too. I’ll leave you alone. Or, should I move out? Yeah, I’m going to move out. I’ll just go now, sorry.” 

Without even looking at Derek, you rushed to your door, wiping the dew that had gathered at the corner of your eyes. You reached for your doorknob, but staggered backwards as you felt a hand close over your wrist. You yelped and closed your eyes as you gracelessly collided into something solid.

Your arms tucked into your chest, instinctively protecting you from the impact. You opened your eyes when you felt a breath fan over your forehead, and realized that Derek had you cradled against his chest with an arm locked around your back.  

“Derek, what–” 

“You’re not going anywhere,” he grunted as he slammed his lips to yours. 

Your went catatonic with shock, body rigid in Derek’s arms. 

You were in Derek’s arms. Derek Hale’s arms in that blue Henley shirt that felt so soft and warm against you and his mouth, full and moist, pressing against yours–

You were broken out of your trance when you felt Derek’s wet tongue graze your chapped bottom lip. Oh. 

You unfolded your arms and threw them around his neck, lunging forward to finally comply with his movements. Your tongue snaked out to meet his, eagerly applying pressure and then retreating again, battling then teasing. Derek signaled that your efforts were fruitful as he growled into the your mouth, the sound traveling from the back of his throat to your core. 

It was all dueling tongues and gnashing teeth. Of course this is how Derek would kiss, intense and ardent, almost clinical in the way he switched between squeezing your hip and biting your lip. 

And then oxygen was becoming an issue. Your body felt warm, too warm. Too much was happening too fast. You placed your palms against Derek’s chest, using all your strength to shove him away. 

He faltered backwards, a look of astonishment twisting his features. 

“What the hell?” he asked. He glared at you, but you could only focus on his chest as it heaved up and down, trying to calm your own breathing. 

“Are we doing this?” you asked, voice wavering with emotion. “Because you’re still my Alpha. And I’m still a teenager.”

“You’re 18,” Derek deadpanned.

“I’m still in high school!” Derek’s gaze softened as you raised your voice. 

You just couldn’t just rush into this. This was too important. You needed to know Derek’s intentions, because you didn’t just want a hurried groping session, a one night stand. You wanted all of it, all of him. Anything less would just cheapen your feelings. 

For once, you actually believed that you deserved better than a guy just using you and throwing you away. And this is what Derek taught you, to stand up for yourself. It’s not that you believed Derek would take advantage of you; you just needed some confirmation that this was real. 

“I know that,” Derek approached you again. You promptly straightened out your back, trying to hold your ground. 

But your voice betrayed you, folding under the weight of your next question, “Then, why did you kiss me?” 

“Because I don’t care anymore. I can’t keep pretending there’s nothing here,” he confessed, reaching up to tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear, delicately caressing your forehead in his path. You leaned into his palm. 

“Oh… wait, then, what are you saying?”

Derek exhaled.

“I mean… I don’t know. It wasn’t always like this. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I always knew you were strong, I knew it the moment I found you. Then one day, something changed. You changed. You weren’t that same girl anymore. All of a sudden, you became this intelligent, self-possessed, beautiful young woman. And I couldn’t just keep patting your head and pretending things were still normal between us.”

You bit your lip and looked down. 

“So, it’s not just me, then? You felt it too?” you asked shyly, too afraid to look at him. 

Derek nudged your chin upwards with his knuckle, using his thumb to stroke your jaw. 

“Definitely.” He granted you a small smirk, his eyes twinkling. 

That was all the confirmation you needed as you charged forward to press your lips against his and snaked your arms around his waist, pulling him flush against you. Derek responded immediately by fisting your hair and cupping your jaw, enveloping you into his warm embrace. 

You felt around for the hem of his shirt, lifting the edge of the material. Derek pulled away as you raised it over his head and threw it aside. You panted while you took him in, admiring the smattering of dark chest hair that decorated the hard planes of his chest. The rest of him was smooth, aside from a treasure trail that disappeared behind his jeans.

In a surge of confidence, you decided you wanted him to see you too. You stepped back and lifted your tank top over your head, leaving you only in a red bra. 

You heard Derek inhale a sharp breath. You were slightly disappointed when he maintained eye contact with you, the veins in his neck straining against his skin, like he was still trying to be respectful. 

You walked towards him and grabbed his wrist, guiding his palm between the valley of your breasts. You eyelids fluttered shut as Derek’s hand slowly drifted down your torso, fingertips grazing the sensitive skin just below your belly button. 

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” you admitted airily. “I finally have you.” 

“God, you’re so beautiful.” Derek’s said, voice gruff with earnestness. No one had every spoken to you this way. 

You felt your chest flush as you scoffed, whispering, “Not as beautiful as you.” 

When you opened your eyes, Derek was looking at you somberly. He reached forward and brushed your hair away from your face and kissed you tenderly, much softer than before. You were pliant against him, curving and arching into him every time he moved. Your hands found his hips, squeezing the defined flesh before you started to unbuckle his belt. 

You palmed Derek over his boxers, his hips bucking involuntarily into your hand as he groaned into your mouth. Pulling away, you trailed your mouth over his jaw and neck, sponging open mouthed kisses down his chest and abdomen until you were on your knees, eye-level with his erection. 

“[y/n], you don’t have to,” Derek protested. He palmed your jaw upwards to look at you. You grinned up at him. 

“I know,” you said, slowly stroking him. “I’ve just always wanted to know what it’s like to suck off Derek Hale.” 

You gave no warning before you took the head of his shaft fully into your mouth. You watched Derek throw his head back and hiss. 

“Fuck, [y/n],” Derek cursed. He reached down and placed a comforting hand on the back of your head, his fingers combing through your hair. 

Any sort of encouragement was highly appreciated at this point, because even looking at Derek’s cock was intimidating. You weren’t exactly surprised by his considerable size, especially since his bulge always gave him away. But nothing you’d imagined could’ve prepared you for the real thing.

Noticing the prominent vein underneath his shaft, you lifted his cock vertically. You satisfied your urge to kiss him along the feature, trailing your mouth up to his tip. 

“What are you doing? Are you… fuck, that’s so hot,” Derek complimented, his tone gravelly. You smirked, looking up at him through your lashes. 

“You’re too pretty not to kiss,” you teased, but it was completely true. You licked a stripe up his shaft. Taking a deep breath, you stretched your mouth open as far as you could, taking in all of him. Or really, as much as possible, which was about half. You pumped the remaining portion, palm twisting up and down. 

“Oh my god, [y/n], where the fuck did you learn to do that?” 

You giggled. “What, this?” 

Gripping Derek’s thighs to anchor you forward, you bobbed your head back and forth, sucking him off while you continued to stroke him.

Derek’s responded with a fist tangling in your hair, guiding your head against him. 

It was turning you on so much that you were affecting Derek that you slipped a hand into your shorts, rubbing yourself over your underwear.

You reminded yourself to breathe through your nose while Derek filled you. Derek Hale was inside of you and nothing else could ever be this important. 

You couldn’t help but moan against Derek’s cock as you pleasured yourself, using your other hand to fondle his balls. Profanities tumbled incoherently from his lips as your moans vibrated against him.

You stopped suddenly when you felt him tug your hair backwards. Derek fell out of your mouth with a little pop! as you pulled away. Derek grasped your shoulders and pulled you up to stand. 

“If you keep doing that, I’m not gonna be able to hold back,” Derek warned, pressing his forehead against yours. He affectionately stroked your cheek with him thumb. 

You felt giddy, beaming with delight and a twinge of pride. 

“Who says I want you to hold back?” 

You could’ve sworn you saw Derek’s eyes flash red. 

“Trust me, sweetheart. I could make you regret those words.” Derek’s voice was rough and scratchy, the tone sending shivers up your spine. 

“You sure about that? Let’s find out,” you challenged, the thought of Derek dominating you jolting your senses. 

Derek softly chuckled. “Let’s save that for next time.” 

Next time. Derek wanted a next time. 

“Right now, I want you to undress.” 

Your mouth went dry at his command. There was that authority you loved so much. 

Hooking your thumbs into your waistband, you bent over and slid the material down your legs, stepping out of them. You were now clad only in a pair of black panties and a red bra. You passively regretted your choice to forego matching underwear. 

But Derek didn’t seem to mind as he blatantly stared at your legs, giving you a once over. He walked towards you, staring directly into your eyes. 

You whimpered when Derek’s thumb pressed to your bottom lip, folding the flesh under, the gesture prompting you to part your mouth. 

“So beautiful,” he whispered. He leaned forward to kiss you, slowly and softly. This was a sharp contrast to the way he suddenly swooped down, still attached to your mouth. You yelped at his sudden movements, arms wrapping intuitively around his neck. He grabbed the back of your thighs to lift you up into his arms. 

He held you to him as he started walking, an arm locked around your waist, the other grasping your neck to keep you in place. You were ridiculously turned on that he could carry you so effortlessly. 

Derek descended and you felt your knees touch the mattress. He sat down with you in his lap. You continued exploring his mouth, your hands trailing his back. You scorched his shoulder blades with scratches you knew would heal seconds later. 

Your actions elicited a grunt from Derek, who was also engrossed with your back. You felt the rough pads of his calloused fingertips knead forcefully, his aggression causing you to arch away in bliss. With a tweak of his fingers, you felt him undo your bra. 

You broke away, observing Derek while you nervously slid your bra straps down your arms, your hands shaking. Derek’s tongue flicked out against his lips as he admired you, his immediate reaction easing your worries. He wasted no time, littering kisses down your chest, palming your breasts. You threw your head back and moaned.

“You’re so perfect, sweetheart,” Derek rasped as he nuzzled your neck. You felt over-stimulated with Derek rubbing you and kissing you simultaneously. Needing to relieve tension, you involuntarily started grinding on Derek’s lap, pressing your panty-covered sex over Derek’s thick erection. 

You moved together, Derek guiding you back and forth with his hands on your ass and lips on your collarbone. You clung to his broad shoulders for support. 

When Derek suddenly bit down on the juncture between your neck and shoulder, you gasped in pain and surprise. You were already healing. The gesture actually felt intimate and romantic instead of violent, a throwback to the first bite Derek ever gave you. Even now, when you were tangled in his limbs, he seemed afraid that you would slip away. 

“Mine,” he whispered into your neck.

He was trying to mark you. 

“All yours, always been,” you promised. 

You burrowed your face into his neck, returning his affection by lapping at his skin, not feeling brave enough to bite your Alpha. 

“Please, Derek,” you pleaded, trying to communicate your desire. 

“Shh,” he murmured. “Don’t worry, I got you.” 

Giving your ass one final squeeze, he slid his fingers into your underwear, spreading your wetness along your slit. In response, you dug your fingernails into his shoulders as you desperately rode his hand, your desire becoming frantic. 

Suddenly, he pulled his hand away. You whimpered at the loss of contact, but then cried out when Derek slipped your panties to the side and entered you in one swift motion. 

“Fuck!” you exclaimed as Derek filled you to the hilt. After letting you adjust, he moved slowly, holding onto your hips as he glided in and out. You felt his cock stretch your walls, clenching your thighs every time his tip grazed your g-spot. Derek was everywhere, around you and inside you. 

His hands were restless, alternating between gripping your hips and tugging at your hair. His teeth grazing against your nipple left you a squirming mess above him. You cradled his face and leaned forward to kiss him. Arching your back, you gave your hips leeway to meet Derek’s movements. 

“That’s it, baby. Ride me,” Derek urged.     

His command rang in your ears. It thrilled you that Derek was giving you control.

You braced some of your weight on your knees, ascending from Derek’s lap. Using his shoulder’s for leverage, you raised yourself just until you reached his tip, then slammed your hips back down. You picked up your pace, trying to match Derek’s earlier momentum.

“Is this how you want me?”

Derek growled his approval.

His encouragement made you feel sexy and wanted even in your fervid state. You could hear the distinct slap of your ass against Derek’s thighs reverberate through the expanse of your bedroom. The assault from Derek’s mouth left your chest decorated with red bruises. Your breasts bounced in rhythm with your exertions.

One of Derek’s hands gripped the flesh of your ass. The other reached behind you to clamp down on your shoulder, helping you descend down his enlarged shaft.

“Are you close to coming?” he asked. He reasoned with you so calmly that you were actually embarrassed by just how close you were. You felt a knot tighten just below your stomach and you knew you would burst soon.

You couldn’t even formulate an coherent response, resorting to just emphatically nodding your head.

He relinquished his hold, reaching down to rub your clit. His rough fingertips fervently moved against your sensitive nub, the stimulation breaking your rhythm. Derek took over again as he wrapped an arm around your waist to hold up your thrashing form as he pounded into you.

“Derek… Derek!”

You cried out as your walls contracted, your eyes screwing shut as you reached your orgasm. A few erratic pumps later, Derek was joining you at your peak. You climaxed together, him groaning into your chest while you hung on to his shoulders. 

Your body shook as you came down from your high, your head hung low on Derek’s shoulder. Your body felt so numb, you couldn’t even figure out where you ended and he began. Your sweat, breath, even skin seemed to melt together. Derek rocked you back and forth in his lap, combing his fingers through your hair and cooing mantras of “shhh” and “I’m here, baby” into your ear.

Derek did what he always does–he took care of you.

“So,” you mumbled, finally breaking the silence. “That just happened.”

Derek snorted. 

“Hey, [y/n]?” 


You sat up to look at Derek. 

“I’m in love with you, too.” 

You merely blinked at Derek’s admission, completely caught off guard. Were you still delirious from your orgasm or did Derek Hale just say he loves you? 


“You heard me,” Derek quipped, avoiding your gaze, opting instead to fiddle with a strand of your hair.

“But… you know you don’t have to say that, right?” you nudged his face to look at you. “I know we just had sex, but I didn’t put out to force you into saying ‘I love you’ back. Like I said, I don’t even know for sure if I love you–”

“That’s fine,” Derek interrupted you, cracking a smile. “Really, it’s okay. I still love you. And you can say it back when you’re ready. I can wait for that.”

“Really?” you asked shyly. 

“Of course,” he rolled your eyes, his attitude evoking a giggle from you. 

“Aww, what a sweet Alpha,” you playfully taunted as you ruffled his hair. 

Derek immediately stiffened, his hand lashing to grab your wrist mid-ruffle. 

“You know what? I take it back,” Derek heckled, smirking. “I don’t love you.” 

Your jaw dropped at his quip. You were sitting in Derek Hale’s lap, naked, while he made flirty banter. You faced murderous supernatural creatures on a daily basis and this was the most bizarre moment of your life.    

“Is that so?” You squinted your eyes at him. “Well then, I’ll just have to find myself new man. Actually, I think Scott just came home, and since he’s the true Alpha–”

Derek suddenly grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you forward, pressing his lips to yours in an impassioned kiss. You smiled against his mouth, slightly entertained by his possessive nature. Even though your favorite werewolf couldn’t take a joke, you wouldn’t change a thing. 

Derek Hale was finally yours.  

Reaction (EXO): Their s/o being shy

Lay: *finds your shyness adorable af; he would love seeing you shy so he would make you feel like this on purpose; * “my little Y/N is shy again? Teach me how to be this cute!“ 

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Chen: *a little bit of teasing but he would find your shyness somehow attractive and hot? Yeah, he would love it* “I have to be really great and handsome boy. I’m making shy my own gf/bf. I’m just joking, babe. I love you" 

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Xiumin: *trying to make you speak because this boy won’t be that comfortable in silance; he would be the one who talks most of the time but even your short answers would make him happy* "I know that you’re shy but maybe you would like to tell me how your day is going and talk a little bit with me?" 

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Suho: *he’s this type of a guy which would find his gf/bf perfect in every way; maybe a little bit irritated when it comes to make a serious decision and you’re too shy to say anything but he won’t be mad at you because he loves you all the way you are* "Aigoooo. I didn’t make any move toward you yet and you’re already running away. Cutie~" 

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Sehun: *he would tease you, teasing you’ll be his new hobby. Everytime when you would act shy over something, Sehun would pull you to do this so he he can make laugh at you* "c'mon go and order. It’s only a coffee, it won’t bite you" 

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Kai: *watching your reactions would be cute for him; he would be admiring you and complementing all the time so you would be more shy and he would be staring at you even more* "Look at you! You’re acting shy again! I swear you’re cutter than kittens" 

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Chanyeol: *he doesn’t think that being shy is a bad thing but he would try to make you a little bit more outgoing* "Talking to Kyungsoo will be a level hard so let’s start with Baekhyun. Go and talk with him or we’re going straight to Soo" 

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Baekhyun: "Jagiyaaa. I have the cutest gf/bf in the world!!” *thinks that you’re super cutie; sometimes laughs at your reactions; maybe even imitates you to show you how cute you look*

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Kyungsoo: *probably you two won’t talk too much with each other; perfect match; you can understand each other without any words*“ We’re kind of soulmates, don’t you think? It’s amazing how we can enjoy spending time together even in total silence" 

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Taehyung’s Affection

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu line, the love of my life who is so fucking talented !!! My bby can act, he can sing, he can dance, he can be cute without even trying and also be cute while trying and I think that’s a talent, he’s just overall a wonderful, talented, kind, smart human bean who I appreciate, love and adore so so so much, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc. 
  • He’s so cuddly and I love him so much
  • Similar to Jimin, all I can say is good luck initiating the affection before he does bc he’s so so loving and sweet and will forever be holding your hand or leaning on you or just giving your cheek lots of kisses
  • V v v v v playful and he’s got a lot of playful affection
  • A lot of poking, a lot of him squishing your cheeks, a lot of him playing with your ears
  • Probably tries to bite you every now and then
  • Constantly playing with your hair, ruffling it up to piss you off, smoothing it back into place afterwards, toying with it when he’s listening to you talk or he’s talking
  • But he also doesn’t mind if you play with his hair, you can put it into different hair styles, you can ruffle it up, you can just run your fingers through it, his hair looks so s o f t oh my lord
  • Smiles at you every two seconds
  • Your biggest supporter tbh
  • “That’s my bby!! Go bby go!!” 
  • Always telling you to go for what you want and encouraging you every step of the way, always there to catch you if you fall, always there to help you back up and dust you off and get you going again
  • But even though he can be !!! and being really cute and playful, he’s also really good at being a serious boyfriend too
  • He knows exactly when to joke around and when to be serious, he knows when he should try to cheer you up and when he should just listen to you rant and be there for you
  • Will do anything and everything to make you happy, you need him to do something super cutesy and aegyo and all of that ?? He’ll do it in a heartbeat
  • Need him to sing your favorite song to help you fall asleep?? He’ll do it he’s got the lyrics memorized
  • Need him to just give you a hug?? He’s on it you don’t even have to ask
  • His hugs would be the best though
  • He looks so warm and he’s broad and tall and his cologne probably smells so good (apparently some people who have met him said it does) and hugging him would just be so nice??
  • Lots of hugs, they’re a daily thing
  • He loves a good back hug
  • I mean we’ve literally seen the kid give Jungkook a back hug and waddle their way around bc he didn’t wanna let go
  • He doesn’t care who back hugs who (even though it’s very likely he’s the one back hugging you)
  • If you’re talking to someone or you’re doing something, he’s v v likely to come up and give you a lil back hug and just let his head rest on your shoulder, he doesn’t always say something, most of the time he doesn’t say anything at all, he just wants to have you close to him
  • They can be playful, they can be sweet, they can be just a “hey I’m home”
  • It happens a l o t when he’s tired, there have been times where he nearly falls asleep on your shoulder
  • But he doesn’t mind being the one that gets back hugged either, there are so many clips of the other boys back hugging him and he just seems so content and lets them do it all they want to so he’s definitely not gonna have a problem with you doing it
  • He has some quicker hugs, more playful hugs where he squeezes you really really tight to get a reaction from you
  • But he also loves longer hugs, he loves being able to nuzzle your neck and hold you really close and stroke your hair 
  • He lo v es cuddles so much and he’s so ideal for cuddling
  • He’s got the broad chest that would make a g r ea t pillow, he’s got nice shoulders that are two more great pillows, he’s got soft hair to play with, he’s got nice fingers to play with, he’s got a great voice for pillow talk he’s just he’s perfect for cuddling why am I not cuddling him rn
  • He’s really okay with any type of cuddling but the most common is probably spooning
  • He prefers being big spoon but there are some nights where he’s gonna just shift around and pull your arms around him and be the lil spoon
  • He likes having the ability to make it playful or to make it sweet, he can either give your waist a couple squeezes or tickle your sides or blow on your hair and make you laugh or he can hold onto your hands and kiss your shoulder and rub your arms
  • He is d e fini tel y not gonna complain if you decide you’d rather have your head on his chest or his on yours or if you’d rather face each other instead, he loves cuddling in general
  • Definitely spends a good few hours with his head in his lap or yours in his, just taking lil naps or playing on your phones
  • When it comes to hand holding, he definitely prefers interlocked fingers, hands down (is that a pun????????)
  • He’s more likely to try and intertwine your fingers together than just let hold onto your hand, he likes the feeling of it more, he likes being able to squeeze your fingers, he likes all of it
  • But if he is gonna hold onto your hand, it’s normally when one of you is leading the other somewhere or if you have your arm around his shoulders and he wants to hold your hand or if you have your hand on a table or the arm of a chair or something like that and he just puts his hand over yours
  • Will probably try and swing your hands while he walks to get you :D
  • He likes holding your hand while he takes his public naps where he’s backstage or he’s on a flight and his head is on your shoulder and it’s v v cuddly
  • His lips are so nice okay fuck me u p his lips look so soft and it doesn’t help that he has that fucking habit of licking his lips which is great for a Tae stan I totally neeD THAT
  • His kisses would be equally as nice, they’re always very soft, very gentle bc he’s a softie he may be tall and broad and have a voice deeper than an abyss but he’s a bub he’s a prince he’s a kind hearted sweetheart who just wants everyone to be happy and has so much love and respect for the people around him (my bias is showing gotta go)
  • He has the more playful kisses that are quick lil pecks, they’re his “hello/goodbye” kisses but they’re also his “I haven’t seen you smile in a couple minutes I wanna change that” kisses
  • He has the soft kisses that aren’t quick but also aren’t as long as some of his kisses, they’re not rushed in any way but they’re more of a “hey quick reminder that I love you” kiss
  • And of course he’s got the more meaningful kisses where every single bit of his love is added to the kiss and it’s the type of kiss that makes you take a couple seconds to snap back to reality once it’s over, it’s the kiss where you have to stop whatever you’re doing to respond, they’re his “I really really r e a l l y love you” kisses
  • His hands almost always cup your face but sometimes they’ll be on your waist or on the wall behind you and he always has to whisper an “I love you” after it a l w a y s
  • Nose kisses are his favorites, he loves them bc once again, they’re versatile, they can be sweet and soft or they can be playful and get you smiling
  • He’s also a fan of cheek kisses, hand kisses, shoulder kisses, neck kisses, forehead kisses, ear kisses, pretty much all the kisses but nose kisses are his top favorite
  • Onto PDA levels
  • Forever has his arm over your shoulders or yours around his or his waist
  • Hand holding isn’t as common but it’s not unlikely either
  • Kisses are welcome, of course not the serious kisses bc those are private but lil cute pecks or kisses on the cheeks, those are A okAY
  • He’s not a very shy person, he does have his moments but overall, he’s not all that shy so PDA isn’t that big of a deal to him
  • He’s okay with public hugs (especially when he’s just coming home from tour and he’s missed you too much to wait to get back to the dorm to hug you, he’s gonna hug you right then and there in the airport)
  • Matching outfits are a must, even if it’s just a matching theme like hoodies or an all black outfit, he’s gonna wanna match
  • He’d be s o fucking happy the entire time he’s so :D
  • Definitely hands down 100% have some form of matching jewelry, matching bracelets for sure, probably some matching necklaces maybe even a couple ring
  • Affection with Tae is common but always sweet, always v v soft and warm and loving
Annoying tutor Jimin (but also my biggest crush)

Headcanon. I don’t even know how this appeared in my head, it just did. JK is a friend of Jimin’s brother and is terrible at math. Jimin helps him with math and he keeps being a lil shit until Jimin stops studying with him… It’s nothing much, but maybe someone will like it. :)

• „Okay now, do this equation – number five on the second page,” Jimin quickly runs his eyes over the textbook in front of him and waits for Jungkook to scribble down the numbers.

• Jungkook’s not moving in a slight way and glares at Jimin. “There’s no need. I won’t do any more exercises.”

• Jimin sighs. For almost two hours he tried to go over the math with Jungkook, and for almost two hours Jungkook tortured him the same way as he always does when they study alone. He was supposed to help both his little brother Jihyun and Jungkook, his brother’s best friend. But once again, Jihyun went on a date with his new girlfriend and left him all alone with this little punk. It was true that Jihyun didn’t need Jimin’s help as much as Jungkook – he was passing all his tests and improved significantly ever since Jimin took his time to help him with everything. Still, Jimin wished he was here, because in his presence Jungkook behaves more like a person than just an ass.

• Jimin stares right back at Jungkook, trying to control his irritation. Jungkook was just two years younger than Jimin, celebrating his sixteen birthday month ago, yet Jimin would swear he’s thirteen, tops. “I don’t care, Jungkook. But did you at least understand what we practiced today?”  

• Jungkook’s lips curls in a grimace and he groans. “No. No, because I hate fuckin’ math. And I hate you.” Jimin just rolled his eyes, same old song. “I don’t understand how Jihyun can live with you in one house! How can he even like you! You’re so annoying,” he huffs.

• Jimin is still watching him, now little disappointed, because really? Nothing fresh to use to insult him? He heard this one – about his brother and living under one roof – many times before.

• “It’s a good idea, Jimin,” his mother said. “You will help Jihyun and Jungkook can learn, too! He’s such a sweet boy.” Sweet boy his ass. Jungkook acted like sweet little angel every time he visited their house with Jihyun. Jimin’s parents loved him. Hell, even Jimin loved him at first those years ago when he met him for the first time. Jungkook was just cute. And he still is, with his big chocolate eyes, messy brown hair and smiling expression, even without actual smile. Unbelievable, how deceiving looks can be.  

• “Well maybe you wouldn’t have to spend so much time with me, if you’d check those goddamn exercises for once. But you’re still on a level of first grader, so sorry for trying to help you.”

• Jungkook flashes his eyes over Jimin’s face, almost like he was trying to stab him with bare sight. “I don’t need your fucking help.”

• Jimin shrugs, fed up with Jungkook’s attitude, and starts packing all the things. “Okay,” he says, for the millionth time in past weeks. The thing with Jungkook was that even when he was acting like little shit, his mom always paid Jimin more than enough for finding the time to tutor him, even when he helped both his brother and Jungkook at the same time. For just two hours it was nice amount of money.

• “This time I’m serious Jimin. You’re not helping me at the slightest, I don’t like you and I will find someone else!” With curious look, Jungkook waits for Jimin to react.

• “Okay,” Jimin shrugs once again before finishing packing up, says bye to Jungkook and leaves his room.

• After the door closes, Jungkook throws himself onto his bed and punches his pillow repeatedly in frustration which is not caused by math or Jimin’s tutoring.

• “So how was it yesterday?” Jihyun asks Jungkook, waiting for first class of the day to start. It’s math and they’re gonna have an exam.

• “Useless. He’s a terrible tutor and he’s so annoying. How can you stand him, being your brother?” Jungkook huffs.

• “Watch your mouth you prick,” Jihyun never understood where this antipathy for Jimin is coming from. His brother was the sweetest person to Jihyun, always helped him; was smart, funny and overall perfect. And when he explains all of the math equations to him, it really helps – that, however, doesn’t seem to be Jungkook’s case. But even though he badmouths Jimin, he never, even once, tried to find someone else to help him study.

• “I don’t want him as my tutor anymore. As much as I like you, I can’t stand your brother,” Jungkook continues and Jihyun rolls his eyes.

• “Okay, Kook. If you fail even this test, I will tell Jimin to not help you anymore. He has better things to do with his free time anyway, you know.”

• “Good.” Jungkook bites inside of his cheeks, frowning at his hands.

Not-so-surprisingly, Jungkook fails the exam, achieving five points out of thirty.

• Jihyun tells Jimin that there’s no longer need for him to help Jungkook with math, as it seems that he’s really not helping and Jungkook will find someone else. Jimin is slightly saddened – he liked the money he received for tutoring him. For a short while he can’t help but wonder if Jungkook really hates him that much – after all, Jimin never did anything bad to him.

• Jungkook gets in huge fight with his parents when they find out about his latest grade. Immediately, they find new tutor, young college student.

• Poor guy runs out of Jungkook’s room not even half an hour after he started to tutor him. Jungkook did his best to scare him off. He managed to do the same with next one, pretending he’s possessed by some supernatural force.

• He never really thought Jimin will stop tutoring him. There’s no way he will let anyone else to sit with him like that and explain all of those things to him, except Jimin. He wants him back (he didn’t want to get rid of him in first place, but it’s not like he would ever admit it to his parents or Jihyun.)

• Jimin receives a phone call from Jungkook, who politely asks him to come and help him once again, because, allegedly, “This hella guy just stopped coming.”

• Jimin doesn’t even know why, but he decides that okay, he will help his brother’s friend once again – after all, it was the first time for Jungkook to ask for his help.

• When he walks in Jungkook’s bedroom he finds him sitting on the bed, surrounded by few cans of beer and packs of salty goods.

• “What’s that?”

• Jungkook gives him uncertain look and jerks his chin towards the small empty space on his bed. “I thought I will… apologize today. Sorry, Jimin, I lied. I like it when you study with me.”

• Jimin’s not sure what to think about it, but he carefully sits next to Jungkook and takes a beer that Jungkook hands him. “How did you even get these?” Jimin asks and Jungkook just grins. “That’s a secret. Cheers.”

• So they sit on the bed, eat some junk and drink “secret” beer while chatting about silly things. Jungkook finishes his second can of the beverage just as Jimin’s telling him a story about their homeroom teacher, when he can’t help himself but kiss the older guy. Jimin just looked so… kissable at that moment, with smiling eyes, hands clutched around the can, lips wet with the beer he sipped just seconds ago.

• Jungkook’s not moving his hands at first, but then he remembers what to do and let them tangle in Jimin’s hair. His heart stops for a second when Jimin’s lips finally move against his. It doesn’t take long for Jimin to push Jungkook off.

• He’s in shock. What was that? Did he like the way Jungkook kissed him? What the fuck? Was this all Jungkook’s plan all along?

• “What the fuck Jungkook?” Jimin jumps off the bed with shocked expression and Jungkook notices the glimpse of hurt in his eyes. “Do you hate me so much you planned this as a way to… humiliate me?!” With back of his hand he wipes the saliva off his mouth.

• Jungkook feels panicked. Yes, he sort of planned this, but not to humiliate Jimin! He had no idea he will kiss him, all he wanted was for Jimin to tutor him again and for himself to stop being an ass to Jimin.

• “N-no! No, Jimin! I’m sorry if—“

• Jimin grabs his bag and shakes his head in disbelief. “You even tried to get me drunk, is that so? I can’t believe I thought for a second you’re serious about being sorry. Oh my.” Jimin turns on his heel and runs through the door. He doesn’t hear Jungkook calling for him, neither the thump of Jungkook, falling into his pillow as he did so many times before.

• Honestly, Jimin’s not sure what pisses him off more. The way he felt so comfortable with that brat after all those things he said to him in past, the naivety of his when he took the beer Jungkook gave him or just the fact that he fucking answered the kiss and almost made out with his little bro’s shitty friend (and liked the feeling of his lips on his own).

• Never before someone disrespected him this much. Jimin stormed into his house, ran up the stairs and slammed the door behind him. What the fuck. What the fuck… Did Jihyun say something to Jungkook? It was not even a year ago that Jimin came out to his family as homosexual. He thought nobody else knows – but now… No, Jihyun would never do it.

• The next day Jimin sits in his room, reading, when he hears some voices outside his door. He tries to run towards the door and lock it when he realizes that one of them is Jungkook, but it’s too late and Jungkook suddenly burst through the door, closing them behind him.

• “Jimin – just hear me out please.”

• Jimin takes small steps backwards, just to be as far from Jungkook as possible. “Get out. Get out of this room. You really don’t have any boundaries, do you?”

• Jungkook almost looks like he’s about to cry. His hands are gripping bunch of papers and notepads and he take a small step towards Jimin.

• “Get. Out!”

• “Please Jimin, I’m so sorry about yesterday, but it wasn’t like that at all! I really just wanted to apologize and ask you to tutor me again!” He nervously shifts on his feet.

• Jimin barks. “Really, that’s why your mouth was all over mine, right? As a peace offering!”

• Jungkook looks hurt now, big eyes staring at Jimin. “No. I just- okay. Okay. I just wanted to kiss you. I wasn’t thinking about it – only thought I had was how pretty you are,” Jimin laughs again, but Jungkook continues. “That is… that is why I couldn’t stand you studying with me. I think you’re too pretty and I – I don’t know why, but I think I like you.”

• Jimin glares at him, judgingly. “Nice try, you prick. Please, leave now…”

• “No. No, I didn’t tell anybody, but I’m not that bad with math,” claims Jungkook hurriedly. “I was just… trying to… I’m not good at this, it’s awkward!”

• “Oh god Jungkook, just…” Jimin’s about to say something, but Jungkook shoves all of those papers and notebooks in his face. “Look!” he says. “These are all those exercises I was practicing for last month. Just – look over them, I’m not lying!”

• With raised eyebrow, Jimin flips through few pages and his eyes jump over scribbled notes in corners of the pages like: “Jimin said A = 1,5! Remember this!!!” or “Solve this like Jimin – his way is better!”

• Jungkook’s not lying; dozens of pages are all filled with equations, numbers and notes. Jimin looks at him, confused. “What—“

• “Sorry Jimin. I don’t know why but I just… I guess I like you. Like I know it’s weird. You’re Jihyun’s older bro, but – trust me – in no way I meant to disrespect you yesterday!” Jungkook watches his shoes and slowly turns towards the door. “That’s all – I’m sorry – I get why you don’t like me…”

• Jimin thinks for a second, then walks over to Jungkook and grabs his hand. Younger male looks at him, surprised.

• “You’re a really stupid kid, you know?” Jimin stares at him but there’s no anger in his face. “You can’t act like this if you want someone to like you.”

• Jungkook doesn’t know what else to do, so he just nods.

• “I will start to tutor you again,” says Jimin and Jungkook smiles.

• “Really?!”

• “And we could maybe work on your behavior towards your crush, don’t you think?” Jimin gently grabs Jungkook’s other hand too, smiling nervously.

• On his following exam (month later) Jungkook achieves a “C” with ease. Jihyun facepalms over his excited rambling and watches him, as Jungkook types a text to Jimin.

• “Was this all really necessary? If you liked my brother, you could’ve just told me earlier…” he whines. Jungkook just punches his arm as he grins over his phone, now reading a response from Jimin. “I’m proud of you, brat ♥

BTS reacts to their s/o’s parents asking about marriage

Request: BTS reaction to their s/o’s parents asking when theyre going to get married/have children
Note:  Can I just say I love,
love this suggestion! It’s so cute and I had so much fun making it, thank you!!

Jin (Seokjin)

Jin would not be fazed at all by the questions and would take a moment to consider it seriously before answering. Jin is still young in the grand scheme of life, but he’s also quite mature and family oriented so I definitely think marriage and children are on his radar. I don’t think Jin would be very open about his future plans in front of his s/o (since he’s  romantic sweetie and wouldn’t want his love to know anything about a potential proposal) but depending on how long Jin and his partner had been together, he may feel the need to pull his s/o’s parents aside privately later.

I didn’t want to mention this in front of Y/N so I wouldn’t ruin the surprise, but I’m planning on proposing very soon. I would like to ask for your permission and support.

Suga (Yoongi)

Yoongi would smirk at how forward his s/o’s parents were, laughing a little under his breath. Suga would probably be annoyed by questions like that though since he is such an independent and private person. He wouldn’t like the idea that his love’s parents were expecting or pressuring him to do anything, he would be a firm believer that his relationship should be about just him and his partner. Yoongz would probably give some sort of cagey and vague answer, keeping his real feelings hidden inside. Even if Yoongi may act a bit cold or distant in this situation that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t thinking seriously about plans with his s/o but rather the opposite. If Suga didn’t care he would openly say so, but it’s the fact that Yoongi is so protective of his deepest feelings that he would be unable to express his deep love.

Those sorts of decisions…don’t they take a lot of discussion between Y/N and I? I’d glad you asked though (he highkey isn’t he’s just saying that), since it is a conversation…


Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Monie would get very silent and introspective when his s/o’s parents asked him questions like that since he would want to give them a serious answer. Namjoon would want to think very carefully before committing to a response either way and would openly tell his love and their parents that. Rap Monster is a careful individual and I get the sense that he is a planner. The questions wouldn’t take Namjoon off guard because they are probably thoughts he had been having from his first date with his partner. Still, Namjoon is very respectful and would want to give his future spouse’s parents the courtesy of answering only after considering all possibilities in his head.

To be completely honest with you, I don’t know when or if we will get married or start a family. There are a ton of variables we have to consider, career wise and personally. There’s no guarantee our feelings for each other will stay the same 10 years, 50 years from now so I want both Y/N and I to be 100% sure of each other.

J-Hope (Hoseok)

Hoseok is very serious about family and would be extremely affected by these types of questions from his s/o’s parents. He would be so cute, stuttering out his nerves and apologizing for even thinking of such things without asking permission first. If J-Hope was at a point in the relationship where he was pretty serious about his partner though, these types of thoughts would not be surprising at all. Hobi would be a little awkward but since he has such a high level of respect for elders and parents in general he would try to be as open and honest as he could.

I-umm…I-I have been thinking of things like this lately. I’m sorry for not br-bringing it up with you earlier. I mean..uh..umm..I mean, I don’t think the two of us have any plans quite yet, but it’s something I want. *blushes bright red*


Jimin would be a little shocked, similar to some of the other members. He would turn super red and look at his s/o, a little embarrassed by the whole conversation. Jimin would fidget a little awkwardly, a bit of unsure of his answer. Jimin seems to me like he would be very dedicated and invested when in a relationship so he would have definitely considered such things before, just maybe not quite so soon. Still, it would be important to Jimin that his love’s family think he is mature so he would take the manly route, declaring his desire to be married eventually.

Um…well, I have had such thoughts before and I do want to be married. It’s something we may want to start talking seriously about right Jagi?

V (Taehyung)

It may be surprising to some but I strongly feel that Tae would not be intimidated at all by these types of inquiries. It’s clear to see how excited V is to be a father and get married. If he was serious enough with his s/o to be meeting their parents, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that Taehyung has already considered not only what to name their future children but also the wedding would look like. V would make it crystal clear to his future in-laws that even though at this point in time he may not yet be ready to make serious plans like that, he had every intention to be a worthy husband and father in the future.

I want nothing more than to be a husband and father. I feel like it’s my destiny to be a family man, and I promise I will care for Y/N with everything I have.


Omg Jungkook’s reaction would be priceless and SO OBVIOUS. He would probably make some sort of choking sound and widen his eyes really huge. Jungkook is just a smol baby, what do you want lol? Kookie is still very young but he’s also quite mature and would be so concerned about offending his s/o’s parents by hesitating. If his love’s parents were asking about marriage then Kook has probably been in the picture for quite a while and I personally think Jungkook is the type to be pretty open about how serious he was about a relationship so after his initial shock, Kook would quickly explain his reaction.

I’m sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Y/LN. We’re both still young so I don’t think we’re planning on anything soon. But I want you to know my intentions with Y/N are very genuine. Marriage, family, that’s the direction I want us to head in. Down the line. You know, later. Much later.

weighedandmeasured  asked:

Kinda based on the beautiful fan art that's going around: Species Swap Shallura (Altean!Shiro and Human!Allura) for 50, please.

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

“You spend a lot of time here.”

Allura started, smacking her head against one of the panels of the red lion.  She pulled back rubbing over her hair.  Ow.  Glancing over the lion’s flank, she spotted Prince Shiro gazing up.

Ah, hell.  Hopefully she hadn’t broken some kind of rule about how long she was supposed to stay in the hangar or something.  Mostly, she was still trying to get a better understanding of the lions.  Yeah, she had a vague idea of how they worked from the connection, but not really.  Not in depth, not enough to understand when something went wrong.  Plus, Allura had been immediately outclassed by Pidge and Hunk’s curiosity and knowledge.  She never dealt well with competition.  Too driven, her father had said.

The thought curled in her chest, heavy but fond.  He would have been so validated by the red lion choosing her.

“I do,” she finally agreed, climbing into the floating platform and heading back down to floor level.  “We’re bonding, right?”  She threw a pair of pistol fingers to the red lion, who didn’t even turn to look at her.

Fine, don’t back her up in front of the cute prince.  They’d see who got ear polishing for the next week.  Hmph.

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Super Rich Kids || 4

Summary: asshole!Luke Hemmings considered that life was just ok. Even though he had “friends”, a girlfriend, grades good enough to get into whatever college he wanted, reigning king of the top of the food chain in school, and money to throw away- Luke still was unsatisfied. So what happens when a new girl from big apple New York moves to Australia and he can’t help but feel intrigued with her “playing hard to get” façade.

Word Count: 1,810

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anonymous asked:

Please tell me more about Aoi Shouta! Like facts about him! Anything! I saw your post about him saying that he hated his voice as a kid and I thought ‘this pretty boy’s not all looks, after all’ so I want to learn more about him and support him along with the other seiyuu I love. PLEASE. TELL ME MORE ABOUT HIM. ALL THAT YOU KNOW. THANK YOU.

Oh dear.. everything I know about him? 

I can’t write everything I know in one post so maybe ask me this question again in a few months ^__^;; In the meantime I hope this will be enough so please prepare yourself for a wall of text. 

  • He was born in Fukui, Japan on 1987, August 11. He’s 27 this year. He’s a Leo. He was born in the year of the rabbit. He’s 172 cm tall (a little less than 5 ft 8 in). His blood type is B.
  • He mentioned a sister who’s older than him by 10 years.
  • His real name is said to be Yanagawa Shouta (柳川 翔太).
  • He was also known as Yanagawa Noburu (柳川 昇) & Ryuugaki Noboru (柳ヶ木 昇).
  • The first time he appeared publicly was under the name “Yanagawa Noboru” in 2004 at Yamaha Music’s Teens’ Music Festival. His song covers was highly praised by people.
  • He later debuted as “SHOWTA.” in 2006, and released 6 singles and 1 album.
  • He used the alias “Ryuugaki Noboru” early in 2010 and began to sing anime songs and became a seiyuu.
  • He decided to leave his agency and in October 2010, he joined his current one, S Co. Ltd. This was the time he began to go by the name, “Aoi Shouta”.
  • As “Aoi Shouta”, he currently has a total of 3 singles, 1 mini album, and an upcoming full album.
  • His first live was titlted「Virginal」<~ title of his first single.
  • His first live was on 2014 May 20. The tickets were sold out.

  • The reason his first single was titled “Virginal” was because “Virgin” means innocent, and has the meaning of “first / beginning”. 
  • It was his first single release as “Aoi Shouta”, as well as a new / first experience for his fans.

  • As I mentioned, he hated his voice to the point where he didn’t want to even hear himself in his head.
  • But since he felt that isn’t a good thing, especially being 16 at the time, he decided to participate in a karaoke tournament during a summer festival in his hometown, Fukui. That’s when he started to stop hating his voice. <~ I am forever grateful to this tournament. 
  • When he became a singer, it surprised his classmates at his high school. The reason was because although he often went to karaoke, he never went with high school friends, and also, in music classes, he tried his best not to stand out.
  • The reason he wanted to sing anime songs was because, he liked games and anime, as well as anime songs.
  • In his old agency, because he was rather new, and since it was a big agency, when he asked if he could do work involving games and anime, he was refused.
  • Since he felt that he had to, he told them if he isn’t allowed to work with anime or games, he would like to quit, and the agency accepted his decision.
  • After leaving his former agency, for a year or two, he worked as a freelance and on his own, he looked for live performances of anime songs that he could perform in.
  • In those years, he did all the scheduling on his own. 
  • Also, because he was on his own, he often didn’t know what to do, nor did he have anyone to get help from, so he had to figure everything out on his own. 

  • As a result of his older sister’s influence, when he was young he often watched shoujo anime, in particular, Sailor Moon.
  • He said that the bond between Rei & Usagi really moves him.
  • Even now, he still likes the Sailor Moon series.

  • When asked about his childhood, he mentioned cardboard friends.
  • The reason was because he liked imagining he was sitting in cardboard boxes because it calmed him.
  • And then he would jump out of his pretend cardbox, pretending that he had a sword in front of a full body mirror.
  • Speaking of him and cardboard he liked the smell of cardboard.
  • He makes typos a lot. “いぇーい” (Yay) became “えぃーい” (pronounced like Ey~), and now often he just uses “Ey~” on purpose.
  • He likes magic tricks.
  • The first time he went to karaoke was in middle school when his friend took him along.
  • Since it’s a waste to go karaoke and not sing anything, Shoutan sang a song he liked, his friend really praised his singing and that’s when he slowly began to go karaoke more and more often, and eventually he began to think about participating in the karaoke tournament in Fukui. That’s also when he started to participate in auditions.
  • The song is from Koda Kumi’s 4th single, “So Into You”
  • He really can’t do without having his cellphone with him constantly, otherwise he’d be anxious. Even if he were to be hospitalized, he would want his cellphone with him.
  • He likes cute things.
  • Sometime he’s been told that left an impression on him was that he had a high level of femininity.
  • He likes dancing (choreography).
  • Although there would be choreographers present, he would try dancing himself by copying people he admired.
  • If you didn’t know in the limited B version of Unlimited there will be a video of him giving a choreography lesson.
  • He likes the image of a girl with a thick braid and a hat and a white one piece dress.
  • He finds it sexy when a girl braids her hair.
  • He’s really good friends with Ono Kensho and Yamashita Daiki. They love eating meat / barbeque (yakiniku) together. 

  • He has REALLY REALLY amazing bed hair. To help with his bed hair he uses hair oil before sleeping after baths.

  • He’s been known to take selfies with those cardboard cutouts of himself when he releases a new single.

  • He’s also been known to often advertise Ai’s products, be it Ai’s keychain / strap, perfume, pen, teddy bear, jacket, etc.

  • He used to advertise Starbucks pretty often (I heard he went on a weekly basis) but I think he stopped going as often.
  • He’s quite the artistic person. (He likes drawing)

  • He’s released a photobook. Here are some of his childhood pictures from his photobook. He also released a 2015 calendar.

Also, this might be a little irrelevant but I know some people are hoping he’ll release an R18 CD / BLCD but that’s very unlikely. This is because he was originally a singer, not a seiyuu.

I’ll stop here ^__^;; I hope that’s enough for you Anon-san. ww I’ll see if I can continue this another day.

Under the cut is just a few more random photos.

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I finally read “Pack Animals”

It took me 3 goes seeing as I read the first 2 chapters 3 times, but once I got into it I fucking got into it!!!

but I finally read “Pack Animals” to the end…and I FUCKING LOVED IT!!!!

I loved fucking everything about it and here are a few bullet points:

  • Owen capturing a big bug maid
  • Gwen being a fucking badass in this
  • Tosh being cute, smart and brilliant
  • Rhys being the one who puts the pieces together first (they should’ve just employed him)

and of course we have Jack and Ianto, can’t talk about one without talking about the other

  • Jack and Ianto on an actual fucking date
  • Jack and Ianto holding hands on an actual fucking date

  • Jack saying he wants to meet Ianto’s family

  • Jack almost getting ripped to shreds trying to protect Ianto (I mean he would do that for anyone…but still)
  • Ianto becoming invisible
  • Ianto going undercover without any cover

*screams even louder*

BONUS: The fucking sarcasm level in this book by everyone is fucking off the charts and I love it!!!

OH and let’s not forget Jack flying a fucking flying unicorn!!!

I screenshot a lot of the moments that I loved but there were too many, so I just needed to get this out right now and will post the rest once I’ve calmed down a bit

seventeen playing pokemon go
  • scoups: "I really just want to collect eevees because they're cute" tries to attempt a gym battle with an eevee that's 508cp and when it loses he'll use revive to nurse it back to health bc "we can't let the cute suffer that's just cruel" agrees to go pokemon hunting with soonseok and instead of taking care of them, it's soonyoung having to be responsible and to make sure they won't get run over
  • jeonghan: the pledis building would probably be a pokestop so he'll sit and use lures and wait for the pokemon to go to him. or "dino whose baby are you? mine that's right can you walk out to the convenience store and see if you can catch a slowpoke for me I need more candy to evolve it" most powerful pokemon is probably a snorlax
  • joshua: wears a cap and finds a bag pack and basically dresses up like his character on pokemon go, finds three rattatas and a pidgey but doesn't find a pikachu, which is what he really wants. ends up finding a clefairy near a clinic two streets away from their dorm. also the only one that jeonghan doesn't get mad at when he refuses to hunt for him
  • jun: catches a pikachu as his starter pokemon because "if I say I can I will do it" also manages to hatch a fricking gyarados from a 10k egg and evolves his charmander into a charizard in five hours. takes over the gym next door to the pledis building and is the first to reach level 50. is the first to spot a mew but doesn't manage to catch it and spends the next three hours ranting to minghao in chinese
  • hoshi: hacks into the game bc #kwonspo, threatens to take over jun's gym with his flareon that's at 2031cp but doesn't dare to do it in case jun sends minghao to him with his nunchucks. actually does for a 5km run even though he's hacked into the game just to prove to jihoon he's not a cheater and hatches his 5km egg and gets a sandshrew.
  • wonwoo: doesn't make a fuss about the game even though scoups is in the room freaking out over a diglett, secretly is already up there with hoshi and jun because he's read all the online forums and reddit threads to see which pokemon he should power up or evolve first and which to transfer. manages to find cheats to help his pokemon gain cp faster and refuses to help mingyu who finds out he's actually hella good at the game. most powerful pokemon is a 1875cp rapidash and attempts to take over jun's gym all the time without jun knowing its him
  • woozi: owns a ninetails that's almost at 2000cp and tells seungkwan to get lost when seungkwan goes to him for help. uses his lures when there's no one else around or tells people not to look for him bc he's busy producing but he's out there catching a tentacruel. captures a voltorb bc "small is powerful" and is determined to evolve it to an electrode to achieve gym-battle-ready status
  • seokmin: he's going to walk all over just to find a pikachu bc it's yellow like sunshine and so is he!! keeps his eyes glued to his phone and soonyoung has to keep pulling him to the side so he doesn't get run over. he's at level 15 but it doesn't bother him because doesn't need to own a gym because he's good with his 5km eggs and 304 pokeballs. all he needs is a good pair of trainers and sunblock and he's ready to hunt
  • mingyu: picks a bulbasaur as his starter pokemon. finds a dratini and a cubone without even trying and manages to catch almost every pokemon in one pokeball throw. also catches a pikachu by accident and shows it off to minghao, who doesn't really care bc pikachu is more cute than scary. basically puts minimal effort in the game but gets optimal results and it pisses jeonghan off bc "minimal effort maximum results" is his life's motto
  • minghao: is determined to catch all the poison type and ghost type pokemon because he's all about the #thuglyfe. ends up capturing eevees and squirtles and a jigglypuff but doesn't find a single ghastly - which is what he really wants bc it looks badass. asks jun for help and jun usually panders to his requests but he's more competitive about this game than anything else. catches a jynx and names it wenjynxhui
  • seungkwan: catches a ponyta and is hella proud of it because "it's beautiful and it's got charisma just like Me." laughs at joshua for getting too into the game but secretly wishes he had ash ketchum's entire outfit to go pokemon hunting. also catches a growlithe at 617cp and shows it off to everyone
  • vernon: pretends he doesn't care about the game because he's too cool for it, but really he just wants machops and geodudes so he can evolve them and power up. spends an hour trying to write rap lyrics incorporating pokemon go and comes up with "yeah I know I'm only 18 only gotta few pokeballs but it'll feel like the lotto when i finally catch them all"
  • chan: insists he's a casual player, because he's not obsessed like jun or joshua, but he can't put his phone down during break times because he can't help it. is super smug when he levels up faster than scoups and says it's bc he's "a pro". catches a dewgong at 539cp after 9 tries because he will never give up that easily and tells seungkwan to stop showing off after seungkwan tries to show him his ponyta for the 17th time
Pink Like Trouble

Haha, I’m back again!

this Color au story feat. @didyouknowshaning, Pretty big spoilers for Shane’s route.

He had decided. He’d accept the invitation to spend the last two years of secondary school at Asagao Academy. He decided in his room as he sketched out the last comic of Emma he’d ever draw, as the color faded from his world.

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anonymous asked:

I really like hearing about chanyeol, please describe any situation or how you think he is like or what he will do in certain situations or how he will be with his girlfriend or what his ideal girl is like or how he would meet this girl

I’m really not as creative as you think, unless I’m given a specific example, I really can’t come up with interesting things.
But if I were to say what I think he’d be like as a boyfriend then *cracks fingers* here we go.

I picture him to be really thoughtful & attentive. He’d always be asking if you’re okay or what you’re thinking. But not in that overly clingy & overbearing kind of way. He’d have days where he wouldn’t be in the best mood, still sort of bright but not his usual dorky self. He’d rely a lot on his girlfriend to level him out without her being affected by his mood. He’d want her to make him feel like his problems aren’t that bad. He’d call her immediately after a show even if he’s exhausted because he’d want to hear about her day or he’d want to share a funny story that happened during his day. He would constantly be trying to please his girlfriend by bringing her cute things or buying her favorite treat when she’s having a hard day. He’d also have times where he’d question the relationship because he thinks that him being gone is hurting his girlfriend & he doesn’t want to put her through that. Even if she reassures him that it’s all okay, he’d go into a whole speech about how she deserves something better. But there would always be a resolution that ends with him giving her that smile & telling her how much he loves her. He’d worry that he’s working too much & would promise to spend more time with her, even just 10 extra minutes. He would be a little flighty though, forgetting things like birthdays & anniversaries because he always has so much on his mind, but he’d make up for it in the cutest & most creative ways. He’d always be writing songs & sending them to her or playing them on his guitar late at night when they can’t sleep. His smile would be 100x brighter around her & when he’s thinking about her.

That was so long… omg. I’m sorry. Once I get going, I kind of can’t stop lol xo 

fun new idea

Let’s not put unflagged porn in sfw tags that tons of people look at to relax. I can’t even look at some of my favorite aesthetic tags anymore without being exposed to porn. Why can’t I look at the ‘cute’ 'princess’ 'cat’ 'kitten’ or even on occasion 'pink’ tag without being exposed to porn? Porn is showing up in most of these tags with safe search on. I like to post cute animals and pretty colors to calm and uplift others. I’m usually a pretty calm and level-headed person, but I’m really getting irritated. It’s not hard to tag your nudes as nsfw. It’s not hard to tag your bondage posts as nsfw. It’s so easy! It’s 4 letters that could save a person from a panic attack.
Please just try to remember that 13 year olds use this site now, and they can’t even go into tags that appeal to them due to this problem. Heck, I mean I’m 20, and it still makes me uncomfortable to be bombarded with these images while I’m trying to relax myself. I’m not telling anyone to stop posting nsfw, just please tag it. I will be so happy and filled with love if you tag it so I can enjoy my favorite things, and minors can be safe.
Peace ✌🏻💕

Study group (Prompt #9)

Originally posted by chodnikowywilk

A/N: So, I am gonna start to upload the one line prompts and do a few every day. Requests are still open for now, here is the list of one line prompts :)

Requested by anonymous:  9 with stiles pretty please

You are on your way to Stiles’ once again for studying. By now this has become a routine because you have a lot of catching up to do since you moved here only a few months ago. And Stiles, the cutie and best friend that he is, has offered you his help.

He awaits you in his room after his dad let you in. The big bed is already covered in notes and pens, with him sitting right in the middle of that chaos. His caramel brown eyes display an expression of highest dignity.

“Welcome Y/N. Are you ready to master the grand art of algebra?”, he asks you with a solemn voice.

You chuckle. “Not really but I guess I have no choice.”

You make yourself comfortable next to him and with making yourself comfortable I mean lying flat on your stomach. This closeness to each other is quite normal for the two of you by now, although it´s still kind of weird because you know his break up from Malia wasn’t too long ago and she is also a friend of yours. Which doesn’t matter right now, you need to stay focused to get this done.

You work for one hour before you finally moan and burry your face in your arms. This is really frustrating. Stiles’ little laugh sounds sympathetic and he softly pats your shoulder to comfort you. “Chin up, you´re actually getting better at this.”

“I still hate it”, you groan grumpily into the pillow.

“Everybody hates math, that´s a given.”

As you look up again you realize how near he has come. You can smell his perfume now and feel his warmth. He is still smiling while he gets hold of a strand of hair that´s hanging in your face and puts it back behind your ear. You shiver a bit under his touch. Not that you don’t like it or him, you really do, but what about Malia? He obviously doesn’t think about her because he already leans in.

And you screw it up.

Wait…are you trying to kiss me?”, you ask weakly. Stiles immediately pulls back.

“I…no…I mean, yes. I am sorry”, he mumbles, blushing.

“No, you don´t have to be sorry. It´s just…because of Malia and stuff…I mean she´s my friend and I…”, you stutter without any idea what you are actually trying to say or even what you are doing. Actually you absolutely want to feel those lips on yours.

“No…I get it, Y/N, no problem. I mean, you are awesome and everything and I don’t know if I will ever recover from this debuff but…it’s no problem…at all.”

God, how dumb is that? An incredibly cute and thoughtful boy like Stiles wants to kiss you and you shove him away. That´s a new level of stupidity and you really need to fix it. You assemble all your bravery and confidence before you turn his head back towards you and place a soft kiss on his lips. As he pulls back this time a bright smile shows on his face.

“Now that I think about it I really start to love the fact that women change their mind so quickly”, he whispers playfully and makes you laugh again.  

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, but that gif of BaekYeol fidgeting while Yixing is reading just aggravates me. BaekYeol can be douchebags sometimes and this was one of them. Everyone knows Korean isn't Yixing's first language, but at least he's learning it given that he works for a Korean company. BaekYeol, on the other hand, make no effort to learn any language other than their first. Not Mandarin, not English, not Japanese... and here they are being insensitive asshats while Xing's just doing his best. ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

yeah, i tried my best to not to focus on chanbaek’s reaction and it worked because yixing was just extremely cute and endearing while reading the question and im glad how supportive Jongin was on the other hand. Yixing reads slow and i guess it makes them bit antsy because they can read it fast without any difficulties its like they want to read it quickly and get done with it. also im sure they try to learn new languages and all but their chinese isnt on the same level as yixing’s korean(which is given since yx lived in korea for years but he still lacks and needs support), im not even sure if they can read chinese but, if they read something in chinese even if the pronunciation is wrong, yixing still would have been hella proud. I’ve never seen chinese members making fun of korean members chinese pronunciation or anything like that. if anything they’ve always been really supportive. 

let me just mention some of incident where exo m being really supportive of their korean members

china line being nervous on the side line when xiuchen was speaking chinese and happily clapping because they nailed it

yixing guiding translating and encouraging jongdae throughout this interview

proud yixing ge because jongdae gave the whole speech in chinese

yixing pointing to himself as the member who was the most helpful when jongdae was learning chinese which probably is true

not to mention he always insists on translating for them even tho there are translators provided

also jongdae praising chinese members korean is important