this level of cute without even trying

fun new idea

Let’s not put unflagged porn in sfw tags that tons of people look at to relax. I can’t even look at some of my favorite aesthetic tags anymore without being exposed to porn. Why can’t I look at the ‘cute’ 'princess’ 'cat’ 'kitten’ or even on occasion 'pink’ tag without being exposed to porn? Porn is showing up in most of these tags with safe search on. I like to post cute animals and pretty colors to calm and uplift others. I’m usually a pretty calm and level-headed person, but I’m really getting irritated. It’s not hard to tag your nudes as nsfw. It’s not hard to tag your bondage posts as nsfw. It’s so easy! It’s 4 letters that could save a person from a panic attack.
Please just try to remember that 13 year olds use this site now, and they can’t even go into tags that appeal to them due to this problem. Heck, I mean I’m 20, and it still makes me uncomfortable to be bombarded with these images while I’m trying to relax myself. I’m not telling anyone to stop posting nsfw, just please tag it. I will be so happy and filled with love if you tag it so I can enjoy my favorite things, and minors can be safe.
Peace ✌🏻💕

I finally read “Pack Animals”

It took me 3 goes seeing as I read the first 2 chapters 3 times, but once I got into it I fucking got into it!!!

but I finally read “Pack Animals” to the end…and I FUCKING LOVED IT!!!!

I loved fucking everything about it and here are a few bullet points:

  • Owen capturing a big bug maid
  • Gwen being a fucking badass in this
  • Tosh being cute, smart and brilliant
  • Rhys being the one who puts the pieces together first (they should’ve just employed him)

and of course we have Jack and Ianto, can’t talk about one without talking about the other

  • Jack and Ianto on an actual fucking date
  • Jack and Ianto holding hands on an actual fucking date

  • Jack saying he wants to meet Ianto’s family

  • Jack almost getting ripped to shreds trying to protect Ianto (I mean he would do that for anyone…but still)
  • Ianto becoming invisible
  • Ianto going undercover without any cover

*screams even louder*

BONUS: The fucking sarcasm level in this book by everyone is fucking off the charts and I love it!!!

OH and let’s not forget Jack flying a fucking flying unicorn!!!

I screenshot a lot of the moments that I loved but there were too many, so I just needed to get this out right now and will post the rest once I’ve calmed down a bit