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Lugia’s Song - Harmony disturbed

So this is the video I was scared to post! I did a flute cover of Lugia’s Theme Song which played in the movie. It’s a very short video but I really hope you guys like it! Looking forward to making more!

(that’s me sitting on the edge!)

Please do let me know what you think!  Would love to have your thoughts! 

I was listening to an NPR podcast recently and they were talking about Sherlock. One woman said “John’s love for Sherlock is intense but platonic, and Sherlock’s love for John is romantic but not sexual.” And the other panel members were like mmm, interesting, yes, great observation.

And I mean. On the one hand, congrats on admitting it’s not just a bro thing. On the other hand…fuck you, a little bit? Because let’s just imagine Sherlock was played by a woman. A tall, slender, raven-haired woman with killer cheekbones. John Watson is sitting across from her at a candlelit table in the first episode. He licks his lips before asking if she has a boyfriend, a girlfriend? No? She’s single like him, good. Anyone on this earth gonna say “oh well his feelings are clearly intense, but platonic"? Nope.

Imagine this woman repeatedly poking fun at John’s mustache (because she can’t bring herself to ask if he’s going to keep his fiancee) and then John shows up at the flat they used to share and he’s shaved it off. And this woman, she looks John Watson in the eyes and tells him in a low voice that she prefers her doctors clean shaven. Still romantic but not sexual? Anyone? Bueller?

It’s just frustrating to hear a panel of liberal fans of this show spouting intellectual-sounding shit about the John/Sherlock relationship that seems progressive on the surface but really just makes excuses for why it can’t be what it would SO OBVIOUSLY be TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET if they weren’t both men––a slow burn romance with mutual sexual tension.

Anyway. Preaching to the choir here but I needed to vent.

YIKES! I just found out I’m the longest resident EVER at the animal control shelter  in Athens, Georgia.

Hi, I’m Biz, and I asked my best volunteer friend why no one had picked me. She said it’s really just because everyone at the shelter loves me too much to let me go! AWWWW!

Then she admitted that was selfish and she ran right out and asked the Shelter Pet Project to feature me, and here I am!

As you can tell, I’m super-happy. I love to give kisses and play  with the other dogs at the shelter. I’m cheerful, affectionate, and playful. I have a great sense of humor and some pretty awesome ears!

I haven’t mastered that “fetch” game the humans like so much, but I can toss my own ball in the air and catch it all day! Also, when I feel like some love, I will just lie right next to you and plop my paws in your lap! BEST. THING. EVER. Guaranteed!

And when I know you have treats? Wait til you see my puppy dog eyes!

I’m two years old, healthy, neutered, and weigh 45 pounds of pure sweetness. To learn more or meet me, just email my buds at

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what the heck winston is such an underated character??? Like can I just talk about him for a quick second.

Winston is a monkey man who loves his friends!! who loves helping people!! and like!! HES THE REASON OVERWATCH IS BACK AGAIN!!! Also he makes a great hype man in the beginning lets be real.

But guys. This scientist is like, such a cinammon roll??? And thing is ive never heard anyone say that about him??? but like? have u seen his dialogue cmon


such a kind soul

lucio stop monkeying around with this boy



Also not to throw some lore at u but he DID escape the moon when all the monkeys killed the scientist and his father figure all by himself. Like, all hes ever known was crushed and thrown in his face and hes still such a kind soul??? like??? the harambe memes are great n all but this guy has a legit character whos awesome and i hope u might end up liking him too

//Cause baby you look happier, you do//

Jughead x Reader

Jug loved you, he realised. But how could you love him back?

I wanted a songfic based on Happier by Ed Sheeran. This is like the first time I’ve listened to it (I know, shocker) and I fell in love so.

I don’t like this. I might come back and edit it tomorrow, when I’m of sound mind. Not feeling so great right now. There will be a part 2, let me know if you want it

word count: 926

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  • Zwei: Give me the chicken! Come on best owner in the world! Can't you hear me whine? I'm standing on my paws for you! YES! Ruby gave me chicken.
  • Zwei: Oooooh being brushed feels good! Pamper me more Weiss! Yes, I'm a good doggy! I'm a very good dog! Yes I want a treat!
  • Zwei: CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! Awww Blake ran away from me. Maybe if I roll around on her bed, she'll love me back? Yes! Perfect!
  • Zwei: Yang, grrrrr, let go of the rope! Gimmie! It's my toy! Great, now I'm dangling in the air but I'm still not letting this toy go! Yay! You let go! I win! Wait, do you want it back? Ok, lets go again! I love play time!
  • Zwei: Jaune's shoes are the best chew toys! Oh, I think he's looking for them again. Time to pretend I found his shoes. He always pets me for it!
  • Zwei: Nora! Nora! Nora! If I keep staring at you I know you'll give me bits of food from your plate. Mmmm beef! Let me lick your fingers! Do you have anymore? I'll stare at you again until you give me more. Please?
  • Zwei: Throw the stick! YES! I'm running after it! Are you watching, Pyrrah? I got it! It's heavy but I'm bringing back your big stick. Throw the giant Frisbee you have next!
  • Zwei: Naps are always best with Ren, it's always so quiet and he scratches me behind my ears while he reads. He doesn't even mind that I drool on his fancy clothes!
  • Zwei: I love all my owners!

I wanted to doodle a little thank you to @skillshotlabs for giving us a great year of cute wonderful senpai~! so… thank you guys for making me hooked to the only app I’ve played for so long and still love! 
love their winter outfits so much that I had to draw my top five favorite senpai in them. also thank you so much for letting me confess to wakatoshiiwilllovehimforever

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iI just can't stop thinking about Harry taking that picture of Louis while watching him play quietly, it's just a really lovely thought you know?

Remember how Harry said that Louis is a great person to just like sit and kind of like just admire what he’s like? I feel like he does that a lot and Louis just lets him because it’s his Harry you know? This boy who is relaxing in the corner of the couch they used to sit in when they first came around to visit Louis’ family. Back in the days when their love was brand new, when each shared look made them blush and giggle and every careful kiss would feel like fire burning inside because of its intensity. This boy who couldn’t stop looking at Louis because he was just the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and he told Louis just that as often as he could, not caring for a second about who was listening, too consumed with his love for Louis. And Louis just let him fall madly in love with him because he was falling just as hard too. And now this beautiful boy who had turned into the most amazing man still stood by his side through all their good days and the bad ones too, because like Harry used to say ‘there is really no other way than loving you madly every day’. So here they were, Louis strumming his guitar softly by the window, allowing his thoughts and words to flow freely while humming quietly. Working on a song about the boy with the sparkling green eyes who was looking at him like he had hung the moon and the stars all at once. While Harry was enjoying the view through the camera lens, trying to figure out what song Louis was writing, knowing full well he would never be able to because like Louis always said ‘patience Harold. You know it will be worth the wait’. And he knew.. So for now he was just enjoying the moment, allowing himself to just look. And to love. Just like he was planning to do for as long as Louis would let him x

Autson Matthews - I did it daddy, I did it!

Hey I love reading your stuff there amazing and your all great writers iI was wondering if you could do a Auston Matthews one where he lets your son shoot at the all stars and make it really cute it would be awesome if you could. 

Author’s Note: THANK YOU love!!! -Julianne 

There’s nothing more that Auston love then to show is son how to play hockey. Since Luke was born the only thing Auston could talk about was how he was going to be just like daddy one day and when you saw the spark in Luke’s eye when he saw the puck for the first time you knew that was true.

So when Auston made it to the All Stars you knew with out a doubt that him and Luke were going to have a ball.  

“Mommy, were are my skates?” The five year old asked. 

“Ummmm…I believe there in the bag under mommy and daddy’s bed, sweetheart.” You said trying to place your hoodie over your head. 

“Found them! Thank you mommy! I found them daddy!” You heard Luke say from across the hotel room. 

“Great! Go get your jacket buddy.” Auston walking over to were you were.  “I have to ask you something?” 

“Okay.” You said unsure of were this was going.

“Today there going to do a shootout thing and I wanted Luke to take my place as me. Is that okay? I haven’t told him yet though, I wanted to make sure you were okay with it first.” Auston smiled taking you in his arms. 

“I think its wonderful, he’ll love that.” You said making Auston’s smile 10 times bigger. 

“Good.” He said placing a deep but sweet kiss to your lips.

Once you guys got to the arena you took Luke towards the ice to wait for Auston to get ready. 

“Hey, Luke come down to the ice with me.” Auston said as he walked out of the locker room. 

Luke looked a you as to check if it was okay. You nodded to show the toddle that to go with his dad. Luke gave you a kiss before walking down to the ice with his dad. Knowing what was coming you took your phone out and pressed the video button. 

As you heard Auston’s name being called on the loud speaker you looked over at Auston who was pushing Luke out. 

“Can you go for daddy?” Auston asked his son.

“Are you sure I can do it?” Luke worried. 

“Of course, fake Pricey out. You got this bud your a Matthews.” Auston winked. 

Luke nodded at his father than looked over at you. You smiled and gave him a thumbs up. He nodded and began to skate. You swore he took after he dad when he skated. Luke did as his father said. He faked Price out and scored. The first thing he did was throw his arms up and yell 

“I did it daddy! I did it!” 

In that moment you knew Auston was the most proud father ever, even if Luke missed he still would have been proud just to see his son having fun was enough for him.


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Like in the season greatings when they were playing soccer, Taehyung was so disappointed because Yoongi didn’t let him shoot a second time. But Namnam was like “aahhh Taehyung is a good player”. When Yoongi finally let him shoot and he scored, Namnam was screaming “HE’S DEFINITELY THE BEST PLAYER” a lot of times and Tae was so happy and ufndhsgvkkk

Day6 As Teachers I've Had
  • Jae: the hilarious third grade teacher who let us eat and play games in class and was amazing at making sure no one got bullied
  • Sungjin: the geography teacher who was a neurotic germaphobe and really strict about grades but also really motherly and warm
  • Young K: the weird af English teacher who was great at his job and super likable but also did random shit like suck on pencils and sniff markers
  • Wonpil: the young math teacher who genuinely loved teaching and did cute things like hand out cookies or come to school with flowers in her hair
  • Dowoon: that one hella confused substitute who believed everyone about their fake names but later realized and snitched us out to the main office
Feeling a bit hot🔥

Finally laying in bed after a long night of going out with friends! I’m so horny.. I’m thinking about how bad I want a throbbing cock next to me.. As I grind against it making it harder and harder with my ass rubbing against the tip of it feeling the pre cum on my but cheek.. I’m licking my lips wondering how bad he wants to pound me.. Should I make a move and start stroking it? Or should I just put my juicy lips around it.. Ok lips it is.. Let me just slide my panties off so he can touch my round ass and play with my lady cock.. He knows how turned in I am because I’m just as hard as he is.. Let’s 69! Suck each other off and feel the same great feeling! Yum so hard! He flips me over on my stomach and rubs his monster cock all over me! I love it! “Can you please just shove it in my tight bussy already baby! Oh no he brings it up towards my face shoving it down my throat face fucking me telling me how pretty I look with a cock down my throat…….

Fluff starters

“Your hair is so soft!”

“Quit being so adorable [Name]!”

“You’re the best boy/girlfriend ever”

“I love you till the end of time and beyond”

“Time for a pillow fight!”

“Aww, you’re cuter than a baby kitten”

“I love your smile”

“It’s beautiful tonight..”

“Star gazing was a great idea!”

“Can you hold me [Name]? I dont like thunderstorms..”

“Come on, lets go play in the rain!”

“Its really cold, lets go inside and snuggle up by the fire”

“I love your laugh”

“I love your voice”

“Cmon, I’ll make you some hot chocolate”

“I love you because your you.”

#dttrisk - His Thoughts (When You Don’t Resist)

@your-sweet-mistakes​‘s ask:

“I found this game last night, and I am addicted to it. A thrilling plot, great art and wonderful voice acting. I would love DTTR to be prolonged but I also can’t wait to play Beauty and the War too so I can know more about Loup (thats how I’m calling him). If I am allowed a question, I wonder what was “Loup” thinking when he asked the heroine if she would let him have her way with her. I feel like at some point he was trying to scare her away (depending on the route).”

Ooh, I’ve been waiting for an ask like this.

Now, this will be a mild spoiler for those of you who haven’t played the game or told him you loved him and then encouraged him to call the hotline.

Once the heroine reveals she’s there to get him help, “Loup” is indeed trying everything he can to scare her away. (It’s the reason I always leave an option to run. He isn’t ever trying to trap you.)

Now, that’s the gist of what he’s thinking, but I’m going to write it more thoroughly from his perspective below, starting from when he kisses you.

This will be as if your choices were:

“Call the suicide hotline” >> Any choice (then “I don’t trust you” if you chose to say “I don’t know how to help you. They can.”) >> let time run out

His Thoughts (When You Don’t Resist)
Rating: 13+ for suggestive language

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Seán is so fucking amazing

It never fails to make me smile when I witness how caring Sean (or Jack) is to his community. He’s such a fucking nice dude. Like underneath his yelling and funny let’s play attitude he’s such a great fucking guy. It just…lord my heart bursts every time I think about how I’m going to meet him in March because I just can’t fathom that I’ll be face to face with that much kindness and caring. I can’t even English RN! I just love Jack or Sean or Seán or however, he’s just amazing in his own adorable little ways and I’m blessed to be a fan. @therealjacksepticeye


“We also are daughters of the great, and we have wills and courage of our own. Therefore do not bend, Ancalime. Once bend a little and they will bend you further until you are bowed down. Sink your roots into the rock, and face the wind, though it blow away all your leaves.” [for ceren]