this legit took me days


Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.


John can’t seem to find his place in the world, and he’s just about to give up trying. Sherlock discovers a sickening trail of corpses that lead him right to the good Doctor. Somewhere along the way these two discover each other, in more ways than one.

Happy Birthday to the amazing justsuperblue (ok, it’s a tad early but oh well)

This is a gif set for the wonderful story It won’t be the War that kills you by the totally awesome justsuperblue. Go check out her blog and her story.


    ❝ HEROES    NEVER    DIE ❞

                Independent borderlands the pre- sequel jack. 
                                         established june 17th, 2015.