this leather jacket is driving me insane

Leather (Reggie Mantle x Serpent Reader)

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Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Serpent Reader

Summary: Reggie has a thing for a certain serpent member

Warnings: Daddy kink, some teasing

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And there she was, sitting at the far end of Pop’s playing with the straw of her empty milkshake glass. Her presence was there, but her thoughts were somewhere else. Her serpent jacket rested on the far end of the table out of plain sight. She was cold, her white romper wasn’t enough to protect her from the chilly temperature in the diner; but she didn’t want to put on her jacket. Once people spotted her jacket, they would immediately judge her and give her judgmental looks. She was only in high school and she was already under the serpent’s wings. 

Reggie’s dark brown eyes didn’t break from her as he made his way over with two milkshakes in hand. “Another round sweetheart?” Y/N turned her attention towards the jock as he wore his cocky smile on his face, so proudly.

“Well Mantle, I will never say no to my favorite milkshake.” Y/N smirked back at the jock as he slid the milkshake towards her.

“One Vanilla milkshake for the beautiful lady.“ 

Even though her lips stained the straw, her plump red lips were intact as he stared at her. Moving from the other side of the booth, he decided to join her and sit right next to her. He wanted to feel her close to him, fell her skin under his touch. 

"You’re freezing.” He pointed out as his hands rested on her thighs. “Why don’t you put your jacket?”

“I don’t want people to stare.” She admitted, resting her head on his rock hard shoulder. “I know you said you didn’t care, but i’m not used to it.” Y/N added, closing her eyes as she took in his scent. 

“Here.” Reggie pulled of his jean jacket off and rested it on top of her shoulders. She chuckled at the gesture, but the jacket was too big for her own body. “I know it doesn’t fit well, but I don’t want my girl freezing. I was taught better than that.”

“Always such a gentleman Mantle.” Y/N teased, placing sweet and teasing kisses on his jawline. He tightened his grip on her thighs as her hands ran through his jet black hair, pulling on the ends when her lips met with his. Reggie groaned into the kiss, pulling her from the waist closer to his body. They were in public, but they didn’t care. They always loved making a scene.

“My car is right outside, we can go somewhere even more private.” Reggie offered, his hands gripping on her ass. She nodded at the offer and without hesitation, he pulled her up and basically dragged her into his car. “Put your jacket on, it looks incredible on you.”

“Mantle, do you get turned on by me wearing my jacket?” Y/N giggled at him, but he was dead serious.

“Put it on baby girl, or I will have to punish you.”

“Punish me all you want daddy.” Y/N groaned when she felt his hard on against his jeans. She rubbed him against his jeans as he kept his attention towards the road, but Reggie bit his lip trying so hard to concentrate on the road. 

“You’re driving me insane, wait until I get my hands on you.” He groaned when Y/N had removed her small hands away from his member. She smirked to herself as she removed his jacket off her shoulders and slid off her romper, leaving her only in her bra and underwear. Grabbing her leather jacket from the floor and placed it on, covering her chest a bit. But she was half naked besides Reggie and he just wanted to get to his destination already.

“You okay baby?” She asked, her sweet, innocent and gentle voice filled the tense up car as she slid her bare legs on to Reggie’s lap, pressuring on his bulge. “I cant wait for you to punish me, I love it when you punish me daddy." 

"I will princess, I will punish you and I want to hear you crying my name and begging me to give you what you want the most by the end of the night.”

“Can’t wait Mantle.” She added, knowing they were getting closer to their usual spot. The adrenaline and the lust grew as they approached their destination even more. She wanted him, she wanted all of him.

Sexy As Hell



Thursday 1:15 PM.

Brett’s POV

I woke up at 7:30 AM, took a long shower so I would look my best for my consultation at 1:30 PM. I haven’t drink since my last appointment at the clinic. Some how I couldn’t take (Y/N) out of my head, the ways she pronounced every word with her big round lips and the way she smiled when I told her about me. I still couldn’t comprehend why I couldn’t use all of my werewolf powers with her and how I didn’t affect her at all. This woman was starting to drive me Insane. I ate breakfast with Theo and told him all about (Y/N). It was raining in beacon hills today so I was wearing black jeans, black tank top and a black leather jacket. My hair was in its best messy way and I had my aviators on. My mom was working today so I drove myself to the clinic fast. And I’m here waiting inside my car because I was way to anxious to wait till the right time to drive up here. But I also don’t want to look desperate to see her and go in way too early. So I’m sitting here like an idiot holding a big caramel ice latte because she told me that was her favorite drink and I don’t even know why I brought her one but I did.
It was 1:25 PM when I finally decided it was a good time to go into the building. The same older woman greeted me and said that the doctor was already waiting for me in the same room from last time. She was grabbing her jacket so I guess she was ready to take her lunch break. I walked the small hallway and knocked on the door hearing the same sweet voice telling me to come in. I opened the door and I saw her sitting at her desk. She was sexier today. Wearing a white v neck shirt letting me see her boobs a little better this time, white ripped jeans, a black leather jacket and black heels. Her hair was falling over her face in long straight layers, she wore big square glasses today. Which made her eyes look even more welcoming.
She smiled at me when she saw that I was standing there awkwardly holding the coffee in my hands and I thought I saw her checking me out and biting her lips afterwards. But her heartbeat was still steady so I must be imagining things. “Hey Brett, how are you today?” She asked and I realized I was staring at her boobs. I cleaned my throat and smirked at her “you know, the usual. I bought you some coffee” I said stretching my arm out so she could reach the beverage in my hands. “Thank you. I really needed some” she said with a little laugh. Sexy as hell. “Well shall we start?” “Yeah sure, i don’t have any choice anyway” I said shrugging my shoulders and sitting down on the couch. She got up from the table with her notebook and she walked slowly, she was still a lot shorter than me with heels on. But they made her look so fucking sexy I was already getting turned on. “Now, how was your week? Did you talk to Susan at all? Did you go out for drinks? Smoke? Hung out with your friends? Fill me in” she said sitting down next to me “It was ok. I didn’t talk to Susan and no I didn’t do much. Just stayed at home, ordered pizza and watched a couple of movies” “Sounds like fun” she said and I giggled. “Yeah but I really need to start working out again, I’m getting out of shape” “I think you’re perfectly fine” she said biting the top of the pen and looking me up and down. Fuck I was starting to get a boner and she was close enough that I could smell her perfume all over me, her chest was going up and down with her respiratory movement and I couldn’t stop staring at her boobs. I would love to be biting them right now. “So you think I’m hot” I said smirking “well if we are being honest. Yes you are pretty hot and in shape. Now that doesn’t mean I was to sleep with you” she smirked a bit sarcastic and that only made her sexier. “Are you sure?” I asked cheekily. She smiled not saying anything so I moved closer and closer, and she didn’t move one muscle nor pushed me away. When I was inches away from her neck I whispered “are you sure you don’t want me to show you a good time? You looked stressed and I really don’t have anything new to talk about for one hour, maybe we should try another method of therapy huh?” She sighed and looked at me “Brett, we have to be professional. Your mom hired me to take care of your problems. And that’s all I’m going to do” frankly I didn’t pay much attention to what she said. I was too busy staring at her lips “You could start by taking care of this problem” I said grabbing her hand and putting it on top of the bulge in my pants, she looked at me in a warning way and sighed closing her eyes. But she didn’t move her hands. Her heartbeat was still steady. So either she was really professional or she was very hard to turn on. When she opened her eyes they were glowing. Deep purple. I was taken back in shock and my mouth fell open “your eyes…” I began and she got up quickly and walked to her desk standing with her back turned towards me. “ it’s the lighting in here ” she tried to play it off with a pretty lame excuse and I walked over to her trapping her between me and the table “look at me” I asked softly and she shook her head “please back off. You’re too close” she whispered and I closed even more our gap “look at me (Y/N)” I said demanding and she did as I told, staring at me with her big brown eyes. I shined my bright yellow eyes at her and she looked as surprise as me when I saw her real eyes a couple of seconds ago. “What are you?” She asked cupping my cheek “a werewolf” I said bringing my eyes back to the turquoise color “what are you? I’ve never seen eyes like that before” I whispered just inches away from her lips “ A witch” she said moving her nose with mine and I looked at her. Aren’t witches supposed to be ugly and old and all that bullshit? I really didn’t care right now. All I wanted to do was kiss her and fuck her senseless “I’m not a monster” she said with pain in her voice “of course not, you’re not a monster. Neither am I. We are supernatural creatures. That doesn’t mean we are bad or murderers” I said laughing a bit and she smiled looking down and blushing “that explains why I couldn’t pick up your heart beat rate” I said letting her free and she took her leather jacket off. “Yours was going crazy every time you saw me. I guess I really turned you on huh?” She said taking two beers out of the mini bar and I blushed “not fair, you’re drop dead gorgeous, you would turn everyone on” I said getting one of the beers and taking a sip, she walked up to me and smirked reaching for my leather jacket taking it off with a fast move.
Her hands trailed up my arms causing me goose bumps and my heart beat was starting to speed up, my free hand instantly gripped her hips and I pulled her close “can you hear my heartbeat now?” She whispered and bit my earlobe afterwards. I listened carefully and I could hear her heart pounding in her chest like she just finished running a mile long. “Why can I hear it now?” I asked with hoarse voice and she looked at me, putting her arms around my neck “because you know what I am, because I’m letting you in, because I’m not protecting my true form around you anymore” she said and my hand slid down to her butt gripping it firmly “human or witch. You’re fucking up my head, so if you’re not going to let me tear you apart stop teasing me” I said kissing her neck and setting the beer down on the table so I could touch her everywhere while I still had the chance. “This is wrong…” She said moving her head so I could have better access to her neck “why does it feel so right? I want you, you want me. We are both single adults. What’s wrong with that baby girl?” I asked turning us around so she was trapped between me and the desk, for the second time this afternoon. “Someone could find out and I’m your therapist” she said playing with my hair “so fucking what? Tell me that you don’t want this and I’ll stop” I said not believing my own words while I slowly pulled her shirt up. “Brett…. Oh fuck it” she said grabbing me by the neck and kissing me.
Her lips were soft and she tasted like coffee, I pressed her body against mine trying to feel every single little piece of her. I felt her tongue against my bottom lip and I slowly opened up my lips playing with her tongue with my own. The kiss was slow but the moment she pulled a bit of my hair and scratched the back of my neck I didn’t hesitate in kissing her with more pressure. I just wanted to be rough with her. I just wanted to make her scream my name. And beg for me to let her cum.
She pulled away and looked up at me with her glowing purple eyes and I was pretty sure I could of came right there. She was so beautiful, her hand caressed my cheek again but this time long black claws lightly scratched my face. “I’m not pretty when I’m like this” she whispered looking down. “I think you look even prettier like that” I said and she smiled and I smiled back noticing my fangs “I like the werewolf look on you” she said winking at me and I bit her lip drowning blood from it. Somehow she seemed to like that. She stepped away from me and guided me to the couch. Making me sit down. I pulled her making her sit on top of my lap so she could feel how much she was turning me on. She kissed me again managing to mess up even more my messy hair. My hand were on her butt moving her slightly trying to cause us both some relief. I could smell her arousal and it was driving me insane it was almost like I could feel every single little touch she gave me times ten. It was making my dick throb inside my boxers that was already wet with pre cum. We broke the kiss gasping for air and I quickly began kissing her neck, finding one of her sweet spots right below her earlobe sucking and biting on it making sure to leave a mark. The sound that came out of her mouth made me lose all of the rest of self control I had left. My claws quickly tore her shit in half and I could see her white lace bra. A low growl left my lips and I ripped her bra apart too, not having time to take it off. Her boobs were even better than what I pictured. Perky round and hard. I looked up at her and she bit her lips making me press her hips down on mine, another one of her moans filled my ear and my mouth automatically started kissing and liking her left boob while my hand took care of the other. Her nipples were hard and I quickly put one inside my mouth circling my tongue around it, biting and sucking on the skin, switching between both of her boobs giving them the attention they deserved. Meanwhile she was a moaning mess on tops of me, pulling my hair, scratching my neck and bringing my face even closer to her skin. I was starting to sweat so I quickly took off my tank top letting go of her boobs for a moment.
When I looked at them again they were full of purple and red marks, some of the marks had bite marks and her nipples were even harder now, dripping saliva. I sucked them dry for a little while before she pulled me away earning a low growl of disapproval from my part. Her hands went down my chest, scratching my pecs and abs and she started kissing my neck. She made me numb like no other woman had ever made me, I could feel her sucking on my skin and kissing her way down to the hem of my pants. I was already in pain and my dick needed attention. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down with my boxers setting me free. I winced when cold air hit my head and when her lips touched it my eyes rolled back. God she was going to kill me. Her hand grabbed my dick firmly and she starting moving her hand up and down slowly teasing me. My lips were already bleeding because of how hard I was biting it with my fangs. Her claws were scratching my thigh while she circled her tongue around my head. “God you’re beautiful” I said making a ponytail with her long dark hair and she hummed with her mouth around my cock and I twitched. I wasn’t going to last long “you’re going to make me cum” I said and she bobbed her head faster, she tried to take more of me in but she couldn’t take it all the way, which she took care with her hands. She let my head go with a pop and licked my dick up and down putting it back in her mouth. My hand moved her head faster and when I realized I was trusting in her mouth ready to release. She didn’t complain. She looked at me and then down focusing on making me cum “fuck I’m coming” I growled releasing inside her mouth. She swallowed and liked me clean.
I was panting and sweating like crazy and I couldn’t wait to taste her. She got up from her knees and I grabbed her throwing her in the couch next to me. I kissed her again and unbuttoned her skinny jeans taking them off of her body fast. She was wearing a mini thong that barely covered anything. I looked up at her and she smirked at me “naughty girl” I growled against her neck biting down and she moaned scratching my shoulders. I opened her legs and started massaging her clit through the thin fabric of her panties. She was soaking wet and she couldn’t keep her moans in. I ripped her panties apart throwing it over my shoulder and got down between her legs. She looked at me sleepily and I began liking her labia, she closed her eyes immediately “look at me babe” I demanded and she opened her eyes watching while I slowly opened her lips and liked her clit causing her to pull my hair, I sucked her clit inside my mouth and nibbled on it a couple of times and all I could hear was her heavy sighs and her low moans. I slid one finger inside of her pussy and my dick throbbed when I realized how tight she was. She buried my head between her legs and I ate her faster making sure I was moving my finger up and out of her in the same speed. “I’m going to.. Ooh Brett” my name coming out of her lips made me work even harder.
Her lips parted and her mouth fell into a O, her head fell back and she arched moving herself against my face I closed my eyes and hummed around her clit sending her over the edge. I could feel her toes curling against my back and the loud moan that came out of her mouth made me not want to stop. But she was too sensible and I didn’t want to hurt her. I liked her cleaned and made my ways up her body. She still had her eyes closed and a relaxed expression was present on her face. “How are you feeling now?” I whispered trailing her arms with my fingertips. “Much better” she said with a low voice and I giggled.
She hugged me and started kissing me slowly again. She was perfection. I hear a pound knock on the door and we both looked at each other in panic. She got up and answered “yes? I’m still in section” “oh I’m sorry Dr. (Y/L/N) but your next patient it’s already here” I heard her receptionist voice and I growled frustrated. (Y/N) looked at me and started to put her jeans back on, since I ripped her underwear, bra and shirt I looked at her with a question look “how are you going to talk to q patient with your boobs out?” “ I have another shirt in that drawer in the table, and I’ll just put my jacket on so my nipples won’t peek through the material” she said pointing at the drawer. I nodded and put my clothes on watching her do the same. After we were both dressed she looked at me a little embarrassed “I’m sorry about this” she said scratching her neck and I smiled grabbing her hips and kissing her lips fast “ it’s ok, can I make another appointment tomorrow so we can finish this? ” I asked putting my forehead against hers. “How about I give you my number, and you can come over later?” She said and I smiled big “I would love that, so can I take you on a date or are you just using my sexy body?” I said and she laughed kissing me “maybe”

Third part ?


Sterek AU: Stiles was never able to leave the mystery alone. Especially if the mystery is a twenty-something and insanely hot guy who drives an obnoxious sports car and wears leather jackets. Either the guy still tries to rock  the"high school bad boy" look or is a serial killer. Stiles just wants to know which one it is.

Eat, Mama Jin, Eat!

i just spent 18 minutes watching this gorgeous man eat one of my favorite foods sooo deliciously, i just had to dedicate a shrine of a post to commemorate this joyous occasion.


even the way he says “thank you for the food!” kills me. ugh mama jin is so precious just end me now

then this queen of the fluffiest of all the squirrels tries to show us how to eat jjajangmyun (korean black bean sauce noodles) like a cool guy

but all i can see is that jawline like W O W. as a mom of 6, you sure look mighty fine, jin mama. also, why are leather jackets a thing for bts? like does yoongi just lend erryone his leather jacket to DRIVE US INSANE? i want to burn that jacket FOR THE SAKE OF EVERYONE’S HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. 

so i continue to watch and the action starts to pick up. the plot thickens as big mama jin prepares to take his first bite.

wait, what. you’re kidding right? you’re not actually going to shove that all in your mouth at once are you–


idk whether to be impressed or terrified by the powerful blackhole of a vaccuum that is jin’s mouth like HOW DID ALL OF THAT FIT? 

it’s okay though, i don’t think i was the only one horrifyingly amazed because lo and behold, tae strides by like

“alright then. you go mama.” 

but then he decides to give it a go and see how much he can stuff in his mouth too cuz hey, it should run in the genes right? 

but then he’s like “ah screw it, i’m just gonna steal mom’s food.”

look at that sorrow on jin’s face. but like a true mother would, he bites his tongue down and sacrifices his precious food for his hungry baby bird. at least it’s only for one kid–


“thanks ma, you da best.”

“leave or i will bite your thumb off.”

luckily child #1 kimtaetae comes back just in the nick of time, bearing a gift of atonement to calm mother jin’s rage

and he’s all "ah, i knew there was a reason why i chose you as my favorite. good work taetae.”

“wait wait wait, where do you think you’re going with that–”

“jimin says you’re on a diet. so i’ll drink this for you.”

“i hate you all.”

“whatever, i’m just gonna eat all my feels AND Y’ALL UNGRATEFUL RUGRATS CAN’T HAVE ANY SO HAH.”

“motherhood’s great.” /sobs internally