this lead to hetalia in the end

When I was out with family yesterday, I was wearing this really nice jacket and all of a sudden, my brother turned to me and said “You know, with an outfit like this you should be playing transverse flute and lead a riflemen’s procession.”

I secretly lost my shit because just earlier that day I had thought of Gil playing the flute, so now I ended up drawing Gilbert wearing the jacket I wore~

Hetalia phobia Headcanons

So I was talking with my sibling about Hetalia and we both began to speak about what it might be like if it were a bit more serious. As we spoke, I brought up a few Headcanons that I had when it came to some of the Nations worst fears and phobias. My sibling though they were rather interesting. So I decided to share them. I’ve always thought that Nations would have phobias based on their pasts and tradition. So I did some research and put together a list of some countries phobias. I don’t have EVERY country of course, but I do have a few.

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AusHun Headcanons

-They aren’t into big displays of affection, usually just little pecks on the cheek do the trick.

-They like to bake together.

-Roderich calls Elizabeta “Sweetie” and Elizabeta calls him “Dear”.

-Elizabeta loves to read while listening to Roderich pay the piano.

-Elizabeta doesn’t know how to read sheet music, but she often helps Roderich write it buy humming a made-up tune.

-Roderich taught her how to play the piano, and a few other instruments, like to violin. 

-Sometimes Roderich falls asleep while writing music. Elizabeta doesn’t like to wake him up and send him to bed because he’s extra whiney.

-Roderich tends to tuck Elizabeta’s hair behind her ear a lot.

-Roderich also buys new flowers for Elizabeta to put in her hair.

-Elizabeta organizes holidays/vacations every summer for them.

-Elizabeta likes to take a lot of photos of them together. Roderich complains everytime since he’s camera shy, but he can’t resist those puppy-eyes.

-They like to dance a lot. Sometimes, if Roderich is in a good mood, he’ll let Elizabeta lead.

-Roderich treats her like a queen, and often says to her, “Anything for you, my love.” 

-Roderich fell for her quickly, loving the mix of strength and elegance that she had, but kept his mouth shut about it, a bit embarrassed about his crush. Elizabeta, on the other hand,  did not like Roderich at first, and hated the though that she would have to be reliant on someone else, but eventually she decided that just because she’s strong enough to hold her own, that doesn’t mean she has to. In the end, it was her who said, “I love you” first.

Pole dancer! Bulgaria..Set in…Mafiatalia? Some other AU. I don’t even know what the idea came from. Also, his foot is supposed to be longer, but my pad of paper isn’t that wide or big so it cut off stuff. TwT

Also his love interest is…well it can honestly be Ivan or Romania. If either one can accept this part of himself then that’s who he’s with. XD

Nikolai is someone who has been bullied his whole damn life by his mother. The chains of her words pulled him down, made him stifled by ever backhanded insult and word. Telling him how a man should act, and ridding him of things that she considered effeminate of a man. Telling him not to be seductive, saying what was proper and what wasn’t. 

Growing up he never experienced a sense of freedom, until he learned this dance…To think it started as a joke his cousins had muscled him into, joining a pole dancing class to meet women an idea he hated. (he was seventeen and not liking the idea of meeting women that way.) But as he watched them, and learned how to do the moves…to him..he found that he liked it, the lessons and sense of accomplishment..Then he kept going back, getting stronger and more expressive. Ever bruise, knick and sore muscle was worth it as he grew more bold. 

He could express himself..his anger, and joy, this made him happy with every new move. Sure it was his secret passion, and he wouldn’t dare admit it to his family…So by day, he is a simple bartender at a high-end club owned by a Russian mobster..(long story) and at night he goes and expresses himself on the pole and in competitions…what a life he leads…

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for the oversharing meme, 33?

33. Describe a time you felt like a failure.

In all honesty, it’d be when he lost this little guy:

This is Darien, the personification of the colony of Caledonia - Scotland’s only real attempt at colonialism and by all accounts one of the country’s biggest failures. (Google can give you this in historical terms, so I’ll just jump right into the Hetalia version of it. Prepare for some edgy ass shit.)

Allistor found Darien while at the height of his pirate phase, visiting and generally being an annoyance to Panama. The boy had a striking resemblance to both of them - and debatably to Spain, which sparked a whole other set of arguments - eventually leading to Allistor saying ‘fuck it’ and raise the kid alone (if England and France could manage it, then he sure as hell could too). Sadly things are never that simple and despite throwing almost everything he had into keeping Darien safe and well, sickness weakened him and a final siege by Spain eventually ended him.

While this also led to a whole host of other problems, Allistor never quite recovered fully from the loss and still blames himself for it, more so than any of his other mistakes or misdeeds.

I started thinking about Prussia and Canada in the “first words said to me by my soulmate written on our body” AU thing and I was thinking really randomly and what I thought about was

On Gilbert’s body the words “I’m sorry! Did I spill my coffee on your scarf?!” And this leads Gilbert to not be exactly excited to meet his s/o because having coffee spilled on him doesn’t sound very fun?? But even though he’s a bit unsure of meeting them, he always wears a scarf out waiting for that day to come.

On Matthew’s body is written “No need to worry, I’m okay” and this makes Mattie a bit nervous, because what could happen that led up to this words?

One day, while crossing a busy street surrounded by others, Gilbert gets bumped into and the person in front of him spills their drink. Gilbert looks down surprised and the man in front of him freaks out and says, “Im sorry! Did I spill coffee on your scarf?!” Gilbert stands shocked with the man staring nervously in front of him until he unfreezes and says “No need to worry, I’m okay”

And in the moment they both stop and stare at each because they finally heard the words they’ve been waiting to hear. After remembering where they are they pull off to the side walk and Gilbert says, “well I’d ask you to coffee but it seems you already had some”
They’re both happy and end up forgetting their original worries about meeting the other. This leads to the start of their future

Prussia, Spain and Austria making s/o cry in a fight!:

Austria/Roderich Edelstein-
“Then don‘t act like a child!” He yelled, stifling the argument from your end. Roderich never barked at you that way, but there was a first time for everything. His anger faded slowly as your breath  became short and your face turned red. He knew very well what was coming next. He tried to prevent it.
“I-I apologize!” He once more yelled, this time grabbing your shoulders. He wasn’t the best at comforting, but was always willing to try when it came to you.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt-
You weren’t absolutely sure what happened. One minute you were making dinner, and the next you were face to face with an angry man. Sure, it was your man, but that didn’t make him less terrifying. He was ready to argue with next thing he saw, and that was you.  
“Why are you making that disgusting slop?!” He yelled, and you didn’t hesitate to return the disrespect. For the better part of an hour you lashed back and forth, shallow but nevertheless intense.
“Vell fuck off zhen!” Gilbert barked, then turned away. He began storming off before he heard sniffling, and then straight out sobbing. When he snapped around guilt flooded him, in three seconds flat he was wrapped around you, refusing to let go.

Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo-
You were fairly accustomed to Antonio raising his voice, and soon after spouting a half hearted apology. But tonight was different, you two were arguing about his drinking. You’d merely suggested it’d been a little out of hand lately, this lead to a full blown lecture. Suffice to say the words ‘when I want’ and ‘how I want’ repeated plenty. By the end of it all he’d barely noticed you clenching your fists. Or even that your fallen hair clouded your eyes, which were now swollen and red.
“C-chica?” He called, and you looked up, reveling tear stained cheeks.
“No, no, no.” He chanted, making his way beside you. He pulled you to his chest and stroked your back, waiting for the sobs to calm down.
(He cried as well, not that he‘d ever admit it.)

Hetalia Theory;Yao’s true relationships- Japan/America

I’m going to use the quote” You be good, see you tomorrow, i love you”, as a basis for this arguement if you don’t mind. This quote is similar to something a parent figure would say to their child, and Yao still keeps the memories of their first moments together as close to his heart(in secret) as he can. Now let’s get on to Parrots, Parrots in Chinese culture are most closely related to Guanyin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, the ladder of which this quote represents, also this quote was said, wait for it, by a parrot. 

Take into consideration though this  quote, “In front of the great wall, the sun rises again”, and the fact is Japan is east of China, and that’s where the sun rises. The “Great Wall” besides the actual one, is referring to a metaphorical wall, that circumstances built between them, and The great wall ends in the east, symbolizing optimism for a better relationship. 

One more thing, the line” on the banks of the Yangtze, there is a single caged dove” has multiple layers to it. For One, the end of the Yangtze eventually leads to Kagoshima. Yao couldn’t say there was a single caged dove, if he didn’t see it himself, and if someone sees a dove, it should remind them to reconnect with their spirituality/ loved one/Japan. But the cage  represents The CCP, and their prosecution of spirituality/ condemnation of all things Japan related.

Perhaps i’m over analysing this,  maybe i’m just silly

i’ll get to America Later


WOO! These updates are gonna start coming out rapidly now since it’s summer and I have nothing to do!! .7. YAY!

Anyways, yes this a follow up from the last part and a lead into the next part!
which, is actually gonna be another big big part (and when I mean ‘big’, I mean really long and important XD) So yes, part 7 might take a while, BUT it’ll be worth it! Because this next part is where the story is gonna start unfolding itself to reveal the ending (you know, the part I had to choose between four of them~ I FINALLY PICKED ONE! XD YAY!)

But until then, enjoy~ uwu ♥ (And sorry if Romano and Spain looked a bit more tan than usual, I need to buy more markers ;w;)


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so i just started to watch haikyuu!! and besides ghibli movies it's the first anime that i've watched. do you have any recommendations? :3 (oh and a happy birthday, if that still is the case)

YAY I GET TO MAKE RECOMMENDATIONS *rubs hands*. I’ve lotsa favorites I lost count, but here are some of my major anime (not in any specific order):


  • Kuroko no Basket (sweaty guys chasing after balls)
  • Ookiku Furikabutte (sweaty guys passing balls among one another)
  • Free! (International homo award. But your mileage may vary)


  • Ouran High School Host Club (If you like het it’s for you, if you like homo it’s… still for you)
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (National treasure. Just… national treasure)
  • Hyouka (The moe that kills. But what else do you expect from Kyoani)

Action/Fantasy/Whatever there’s fighting yay

  • Once Piece (Watch it if you wanna cry and laugh at the same time and get weird looks)
  • Naruto (It was a phase okay. Technically it is still a phase.)
  • Shingeki no Kyojin (Really violent, but if you don’t mind that god just watch it. Watch the damn thing I promise it’ll be worth it.)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (or that anime which will rip your heart to pieces)
  • Dennou Coin (Most underrated anime ever. Like ever. One of the rare anime that I consider good from the beginning to the end)
  • Kuroshitsuji (Season 2 is kinda meh but yeah watch it for extremely hot dudes)
  • Sailor Moon (oh shush it was the skirts)
  • Magi: The labyrinth of Magic (the design is gorgeous plus lots of shota)
  • Mirai Nikki (Really violent too but the fem lead is epic)

Creator was probably high on something

  • Durarara (Just look at that name and tell me it wasn’t a product of hallucination)
  • Axis Power Hetalia (Imagine your country as a person. Now imagine that person tripping on their pants.)

…This list is getting pretty long so I’ll shut up now. But yes I hope these recs will keep you busy for a while <3.

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How would 2p!Germany and Germany respond to falling for the same woman?

First off, you must be quite the patient person. Considering one is a controlling micromanaging military aficionado. And the other…A cat obsessed dork. So, just getting that out of the way. Provided you told one about the other, hopefully while they were miles apart, it wouldn’t take long for them to confront one another. Ludwig, with the intention of threatening in the calmest manor, and Lutz looking for a straight up fight. It’s quite unavoidable that it will lead to a physical conflict. They’re both alpha males, and it would be damn near impossible for this to end well. 

How Nations "Hold It" When They Need to Relieve Themselves During a World Meeting
  • America: He doesn't. He just announces, "I GOTTA PEEEEEEEEE!!!" and runs out of the room.
  • China: He just tiptoes out of the room.
  • England: He fidgets. Pen tapping, thumb twiddling, shifting in his seat, glancing around the room, you name it. Anything to distract him from the pressure on his bladder.
  • France: He bounces in his seat. Whether it's just one leg, both legs, or his entire body depends on how badly he has to go.
  • Germany: Since he's usually presenting/leading, he wraps up what he was talking about and says it's time for a break, then makes a beeline for the men's room.
  • Italy: Keeps asking for a break until Germany gets the message.
  • Japan: Sneaks away ninja-style, often unnoticed until he returns.
  • Russia: Just acts normal and holds it for sometimes hours on end. This would appear to be one of his odd talents.
Ok but... Aph Tumblr Squad anyone?

Like, Aph Japan, Poland, Hungary, Iceland, Hong Kong and Liechtenstein?????

-them having sleepovers (which Switz doesn’t approve of because “Elise you are still a child and boys have cooties” to which Elise replies with “Tell that to Rod”) and bitching about users on Tumblr they don’t like and complaining about the new updates
-Elise and Liz giving Leon, Kiku and Emil relationship advice and high-fiveing when they get into relationships “my children have grown up so fast”
-Randomly messaging each other new memes and “reblOG MY SEFLIE YOU SHIT”
-Their Tumblr names would be @/ tell-that-to-my-gold-card (Elise) @/ volcano-boi (Emil) @/ shutup-aboutthe-tentacleporn (Kiku), @/ watch-out-for-my-frying-pan (Liz), @/ too-fab-4-you (Fełix) and @/ my-countrys-flag-is-better-than-yours

-Trading Manga and recommending anime to each other -Kiku getting pissy if anyone says “kawaii” or “senpai” or being weebish, leading everyone to do that on purpose to annoy him -Hair braiding and sharing secrets and passionately singing along to Grease -Elise and Liz doing everyone’s makeup for cosplay -Going to alL THE CONS -Elise and Fełix arguing over who gets to be Sailor moon, eventually Liz takes over and Kiku ends up being Sailor Moon

(please click the image to it not-blurry)

OH WHOA i haven’t drawn in ages!
i need more kugelmugel and austria together omg

ohkay ohkay so i imagine austria almost completely ready to go to a world meeting but then notices a trail of paint splatter and footprints leading to kugelmugel calmly eating his breakfast in the kitchen. i dunno, his hair has a rainbow of paint splatter, and the ends look like they have been drowned in a paint bucket or something. When Austria asks Kugelmugel what in the world happened, especially to his hair (paint on the floor and walls and furniture has become a daily occurrence so its no surprise anymore) Kugelmugel simply replies in a calm innocent voice “long hair is for painting” or something i dunno

So, guys… about Poland’s “birthday” on July 22nd. Here’s a scan from Polish edition of second volume of “Hetalia” (sorry, it’s a bit poor).

It reads: “Birthdate: November 11th”. A there’s also a number (3 in that case) that leads to translator notes at the end of the manga.

Number 3 reads: “In the original [edition] - July 22nd. In the years 1945-1990 at that day National Holiday of Poland’s Rebirth [no idea how to translate this. Apparently there’s no entry for this in English Wikipedia] was celebrated. Change of date in the Polish edition by the request of the Author”.

So, if Hima requested this, that means November 11th is canon! Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see that so many people remember about Poland’s birthday, but the day seems inappropriate - why would we want to celebrate creation of “free” Poland under communists rule? (sorry, Ivan :P). Damn, before “Hetalia” I didn’t even know such celebration ever existed (I was born after the communist government was already overthrown).

On the other hand though, maybe it’s a good thing that Poland celebrates his birthday twice a year…

I’m sure you get the idea :)

Voting Poll is Over!

With a leading vote of 18 votes, Idea 2 is the winner of our Follower Event! Idea 1 ended up with 12 votes and Idea 3 had 9 votes. 

For those who don’t know what idea 2 is, it is:

An AU where Alfred and Arthur time travel to the present years.

This event doesn’t officially start yet until I draw something to start it up, but feel free to ask questions starting now! Just so that I’m prepared when I do start it. 

Thanks for voting!  ([∂]ω[∂])<3