this last scene tho when it ended i just kept going back and watching it again and again

A HUGE Timeline of Proof: Culverton, Eurus, and Mary are Working Together for Moriarty

A 21 point timeline of events that proves that they are all connected, this is a plan, and they are all huge assholes. Putting under a cut once I entice you with the first 3 points:

1. Sent by Culverton to the world (who has the money and the power to implant this message across the media):

2. Lady in Red (a.k.a. Eurus) entices John to text-flirt with her, ensuring his guilt when Mary dies, and therefore both ensuring that he will get a new therapist (a.k.a. HER), and knowing that John will blame Sherlock because she knows “Mary” will jump in front of a bullet for him.

3. Mary gets shot by Norbury - who she’s worked with before - and dies. Her last words to Sherlock are to say “I think we’re even now”, casting the reminder that she’s literally dying for him into his and John’s minds, but also “lolol im fucking ruining your life yOU IDIOT”.

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Furious 7 (2015)

As a day one fan of the Fast and the Furious saga, it was really hard reading about Paul Walker’s untimely death. Fortunately, they decided to continue the movie in Paul’s name and after a year dealing with solutions around Paul’s unfinished shoots, the movie is finally here.

For the first time since Tokio Drift, the saga embraces a new director in the form of James Wan. He takes over the reigns from 4 time Fast and Furious director Justin Lin, who is partly responsible for the amazing success this saga has generated. His vision on topping action scene after action scene but not going into that Michael Bay territory is fantastic. Unfortunatly, he’s moving on to other things. Now, James Wan is not just some new director. He’s responsible for some of the greatest horror movie hits of the past decade, like The Conjuring and Insidious, and even responsible for directing the first SAW movie. The strong revenge thriller Death Sentence is also from his hand.

Now, James Wan is a director who likes the 70’s revenge thriller feel. He showed it with Death Sentence, he used the slow stuttering old slowmotion effect in his horror movies and he is now doing this with Fast 7. For me, it felt out of place. He created the perfect tone, cause it really feels the way he wants it to feel, but it felt weird looking at the other films. Fortunately, this feeling doesn’t linger on and he soon drags you into the film and won’t let you go. But for the first time, I couldn’t look past some of the things they did in the movie. I even loved the Vin Diesel bridge jump or the scene in the airplane from 6, but they really went full blown Transformers in this one.

It’s fantastic they made the decision to go trough with it and give Paul a respectful goodbye but here and there you can see they made obvious changes. For instance, the amount of time Vin Diesel spends reminding Brain O’ Conner that he now has a family (which he has had for the last two movies also) are suddenly becoming an issue. the emphasize and emphasize that only family matters, and that even tho Brian has jumped out of airplanes, jumped off trains, fought countless times with the group, the bravest thing Dominic has seen Brian do is be a husband to Mia. Okay dudes, we get it.

Somehow it also feels that they intended the movie to be different at all. Sidelining Hobbs for the greater part of the movie just felt extremely off, as the previous two movies gained so much because of his presence. I even had problems with the script this time, which pitches our gang of street racers against brother-of Owen Shaw certified bad ass Deckard Shaw played by Jason Statham, but not before getting side-tracked on some very weird side mission to steal some hacking device with a very overly complicated plan. But oh well, it is the Fast and Furious saga.

The movie hints back to previous times for numerous occasions. Wether this was always the plan or just another way to emphasize the old days with Paul I don’t know, but it was a great addition to the movie. I’m talking the old muscle car, corona’s, Los Angeles and even that hillbilly from Tokio Drift (including original soundtrack).

It isn’t until the end, when all the warfare and mayhem that they let loose on the streets of Los Angeles settles down, that you are really confronted with the death of Paul Walker. And it isn’t until this moment you know why they kept saying stuff like how the bravest thing he has done is be a father and a husband. Because it all reflects on Paul in his real life. You know they’re gonna do some kind of memorial thingy, but what they did in this movie can bring any tough guy who has loved this series for years to tears. It is a very respectful, graceful and beautiful goodbye to an actor, a friend, a brother, a father and most of all a great human being, having devoted his life off-screen to helping people in need and working for his disaster relief organisation.

For me it’s not the best movie of the saga, but still a fantastic addition that I will be watching again and again, and knowing how much trouble they  must’ve had changing things and keeping Paul in this movie the way they did, I can only say they did a great job. I hope they will continue this story with more movies but even if they don’t, this would be a great ending to a fantastic saga.


Rest in peace, Buster.

D&E 2nd Tour - Nagoya Day 1

Introduction :)
Hyuk “so next song”
Elf :“eeeeehhhh ?? (What)”
Hyuk “lets introduce ourself, what should we do ?”
Hae: now thats weird XD
Hae then wipped off hyuk sweat With paper towel and threw it on him XD
Then they introduced themselves in the same time with different Words XD konbanha and ohayo (good night)
Then they did it again until they said together “we love u”
Then hae introducing himself and saying “you have a little voice” and ELF screamed again
Hyuk did the same

Hyuk then faked to remove his jacket hae did the same to make elf scream
Then they removed it, hae walked all the stage to put in jacket away XD
then hyuk faked to remove his shirt and looked at us wrongly XD
then hyuk put his hand in his pocket. Hae put his hand on hyuk pocket too and they made heart sign with their fingers
They talked a bit thanked avex, sm and us and hae made a heart with his arms to ELF ~~~

They talked a bit didn’t quite understand sorry lol I think they said they are in live in korea today so we have to do it well~
Hyuk asked if we remembered the songs from other shows and said “test” ! 

We had to sing “ten years” we did it well but they laughed XD
Hyuk said to do it well for us and the ones looking in korea ?
Then hyuk wanted to show us sth, he said “one two….” “No wait” and hae and him laughed XD elf were like “whaaaat” and they did the crotch move from kiss kiss dynamiteeeee !!!!
Hyuk said to us “perv” and they did it again aaaaahhhhhh
Elf were screaming “one more time” omg

I think after they Were talking to korean elf watching us and showed us the many cams
Then they found out that a bug spot was showing a big ball light on the screen…. And hyuk went on the floor to do like the kamehameha ball in dragonballz and hae joined and they played With it making anime noises XD
Then they talked again to the cam I think for ELF from south america ? They are streaming too ? Woah
They played with the screen again, hae scratchibg hyuks head ^__^
Light cal action

Hyuk: previously we did in Nagoya hall, medium size now Arena large size . What’s next
Hae: dome, double large

Special service today by hyuk with kiss kiss dynamic toki toki pelvic thrust

Hae: there’s recording today. Ya practise the songs at home right?
Hyuk: feeling insecure

We sang 10 years well.
Hyuk: you all sang so well, don’t look like our fans
hae: not used to it
hyuk: if you all didn’t sing well, we can make slight mistakes. but since you all sang well, we must do well >_>

Hae: your voices are so soft! you didn’t eat breakfast?
Hyuk: I brought breakfast~ it’s in my pocket I’ll take it out for you~ /does a heart sign using his fingers/ eat more so you’ll have energy to scream

during intro, Donghae Wiped Hyukjae’s sweetly very gently with a tissue and said that his eyeliner is smudging and he doesn’t look good. So hyukjae let donghae to Wipe his Sweat donghae suddenly wiped hyukjae’s face roughly and threw the tissue at hyukjae’s face. Hyukjae pulled opened(?) his jacket and donghae threw the tissue at him once more. Donghae then proceed to intro dice himself as the ’D’ of ’D&E’ but because fans did not scream very loudly, he was not happy. 

Hyukjae was also unhappy with the volume so they said “you guys can’t make it.” Eunhae, then shared a look and started taking off their jacket. Fans began to scream loudly and hyukjae said “See they like it they are all perverts.“ Then hyukjae sis the hjpthrust in bari5! and fans started screaming again. Hyukjae then said "see you guys only like stuff like that. but the screams were not bad ah.”

lee donghae didn’t see donghwa when he passed by him LMFAO
hyuk sang halfway and he suddenly spotted donghwa tho hahahahaha
donghwa just laughed when hae passed by him.

hyuk: i know your wishes are to get married with me. but cannot, my heart isn’t ready
hae: im ready
hyuk: cannot!

At the end of kimi ga naitara, hyuk faked to play piano,
Then when the song ended hae asked if hyuk had a piano and faked to play too XD
Hae is complaining because they are on the back of the scene and everyone is looking at the screen and not them, XD so hae cant see our faces lol
So they sat down and waved at the camera XD

Hyuk asked hae to speak but he said his throat hurt, so he started to speak very slowly and asked the translator to do the same and it was very cute kk then hyuk spoke with a big voice.
Then they took water bottles and said “lets drink together” hae added “after the concert lets drink together” and “let have a date”
Loool when hyuk was speaking hae took the straw out of the bottle water with his mouth, smiled, but water was still inside the straw so he put some on hyuk XD
hyuk stood up and showed us his white pants wet XD then hyuk took a straw and did the same to hae XD he also slapped hae on his head ㅋㅋㅋ

hae suck water and sprayed on hyuk’s pants
hyuks: it’s all wet!!
hae: i thought you were hot
then hyuk suck water wanting to spray hae, hae use hand to cover and hyuk sprayed water on hae’s hand

Time for lottery~~~^^
Hae took the box and made the papers fall on his face then took one paper with his mouth. Then opened a little to let hyuk took it with his hand
Then they put head against head, hae made funny faces letting his tongue out haaaa
Hyuk said super show 4 then put the paper inside his mouth XD
Hae went to pick it but hyukkie throwed the wet paper on haes cheek ㅋㅋㅋ
Hyuk tried to show the paper on the cam but it was too wet kkk
Super show 4 superman in japan (osaka?)

Hae and hyuk stood on the stage doing superman moves while elf were singing.
Hyuk said to have fun~ us and elf Who are watching :)
Hyuk said they are looking for a girlfriend XD
They introduced where is she

Hyuk: the next song I will find my girlfriend.
Hae: I already found mine.
Hyuk: where
Hae: she will appear at the end
Hyuk: I will snatch her away from you when she appears
Hae: give you then

Hyuk: everyone’s legs must be sore? You can sit down.
Hae: everyone’s butt must be sore? You can stand up.

during kisskissdynamite hyukjae turned to kiss donghae but donghae used his hand to block

Hyuk said after saturday night “its really saturday”
Then they joked it was over XD They held hands and bowed ~~
Then 5yo old Hae bowed and ran like a crazy to the backstage XD hyuk then went on the floor, put his hand on his face and ran also on backstage, stopped shortly at the end and went inside XD
these 2 loool
Encore ~~

Hae saying ELF are beautiful and cute with strong japanese accent and hyuk did it  also~~
They pointed each other faces ^__^
Hyuk asked us if we had fun ;) he said i think elf watching and us are the same~ all elf are the same, Then hae screamed without his mike to ELF !! Hyuk asked if it was ok and hae said “its okay” still screaming than “thank you” in English
They kept talking some random words in English loool with a strong accent~ XDD
Hyuk asked if hae understood the theme of the concert ? Hae said and mimed a kiss “chuuu”
Hyuk said then theme was “chu~” lol

Hae randomly stood up and put his head upside down, his hair fallling down awww~
I have no idea why after they mimed playing basketball lol
Hyuk kept going in japanese and every elf were so surprised because he said it very well XD then he said he studied a lot XD
He then explained the 2 meaning of present~ and while hae did a cute face, hyuk read the screen in japanese so fast XD and made a proud and bad boy pose ㅋㅋㅋ
then they called themselves many elf XD “moron, garbage, toilet… ” lol

Hyuk kept talking abt present theme, and they spoke together at the end ~~
Hae put his hand on his eyes, like to cry then hyuk asked what happenned and hae casually said “i am hungry” XD
then hae “next song…… No”
Then hyuk said “next song mamacita !!” Hae started to dance and imitate siwon
hyuk said they gave us the last song~ present have so many meanings~

Hae put again his head down so long, his eyes tearing a bit but wheb hyukkie asked Whats going on~ hae said he was hungry lol
Hae put a confetti around his head XDDDD and made a node above his hairs XD

Today concert was showed in Korea and Chile. They talked about it and made intro
for Korea and Chile. When was time for Chile they said that they prepared to talk in
Chilean but the only things they said “Hello I’m Eunhyuk” and “Hello Im Donghae”
Donghae even added a cute “S" (Donghaesss) Eat the end of his name like a
good boy who think that you must add a “S” at the end of every Spanish word LMAO

Choki wa~
Elf screaming lee hyukjae and hae, they did rock paper game~ hae won so it was hyuk turn to do it. He ended on the floor so tired XD then hae took a bottle of water, opened it and threw it on hyuk XD
then hae turn he danced like crazy and fell on the floor XD hyuk had his revenge and put water on him too kk

They said they wanted to test us and they wanted to do the Doki Doki part. But at first
Eunhyuk was SO shy. But then he did it and when he pointed at his crotch everybody
scream and they said “I told you hentai desuuu”

Some girls in the arena were saying to do it one more time and Donghae said so to
Eunhyuk "Look they want one more time” and Eunhyuk was “why you are like this”
but did it anyway and when we chanted to do it again he said no

choki choki 4th time. Hyuk can’t already, just kneel down dancing choki
Hyuk dance till collapse. Hae say again. Hyuk dance
Hae solo choki. He collapse too
Hyuk: this dance really exhausting. Why ya like it so much

Last mc~ hae spoke a lot saying thank you~ and do not forget this time together TT
i think hyuk said he was sad to not be able to show the concert in Korea~ TT and then he thanked us and said because we are here they are happy
Then they bowed TT

Hae: let’s meet in our dream tonight~
Hyuk: let’s meet in the hotel
Hae: you pervert!
Hyuk: I’m perverts with everyone~

Hyukjae was speaking in Japanese (I think he was saying something like drink water) but couldn’t figure out the right form of the verb to drink in Japanese so Donghae helped him. The whole arena made a shocked sound and went all ooooh~~~~ and eeeeehhhh (cos usually it is Hyukjae who helps Donghae with Japanese) and Donghae looked very accomplished and very much proud of himself. Hyukjae then, said something in Japanese which sounded very complicated and all and they started a little battle (?) About who could speak a longer phrase in Japanese. Then Hyukjae said a word in Japanese that Donghae didn’t know and he whispered what is it" to Hyukjae in kor and Hyukjae struggled trying to explain it to him.

During the concert, when they were choosing papers, Donghae made a sound and Hyukjae asked “chu?” Donghae laughed then Hyukjae kept going “chu chu chu” Then Donghae asked “what are you doing!” And Hyukjae replied “I just want to kiss…”

cr. Mininin_87, ddaalki, , sj_iriszhu, eunhaes_,  _haengel


“You’ve come this far, Cas, you really think you can turn your back on him and leave?” Anna’s voice came through the phone laced in static, concern, and doubt. “I know that it hasn’t been the easiest but you love him-“

“He doesn’t love me.” Castiel closed his eyes to the sight of his boyfriend’s clothes still littering his room. He remembers not-so-long ago when he made jokes with Dean about how it looked as if he was moving in. “He said so.”

His older sister sighed deeply and seemed to think to herself in the radio silence. “You love him. I know you do. You’ve fallen for him so hard, Cas, I don’t think you realize it. You need to go after him-“

“I’m tired. I will talk to you later.” He didn’t even wait for her reply before he threw his phone. He marveled in the sound it make as it collided with the wall and shattered into a million pieces. Those pieces scattered amongst his floor where they crashed on the hardwood. Staring at those pieces he saw shards of his own soul lying around them.

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