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Request: Prompt 15 and 16 with peter maximoff (DOFP and Apocalypse)vplease x

Author’s Notes: So this is the first request I’m going to do for the prompts I put up today. I’m actually very surprised how many requests I got in this amount of time! Thank you all! I also want to say thank you for 200 followers! I’ll get to writing now, see you at the end. 

Word Count: 787

Warnings: Mentions of sexual things ;)

#15 “Draw me like one of your French girls.” “Please stop taking your clothes off.”    

#16 “I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”

Keeping Peter at a slower pace was hard, but trying to keep him to be still all together was damn near impossible. He refused to sit still for more than 3 seconds and that is going to be a problem, seeing that he has a broken leg and all. After the whole Apocalypse thing, the super fast healing wasn’t going to cut it with this one. He still needed to rest and keep off of that leg. That’s where you come in, trying to ease his boredom as best you can. 

You walk up to the room that he shared with Scott in the mansion, which was newly rebuilt thanks to Jean and Erik, knocking twice before walking in. You see Peter lying on his bed with his headphones on, music blasting with his broken leg propped up on some pillows. ‘Exactly as I left him,’ you thought, secretly thanking him for not moving.

“Peter!” you say a bit louder, hoping to get the speedster’s attention but all you heard was the loud music coming out of the headphones. Sighing, you go to sit on Scott’s bed, which was across from Peter’s, and you pull out one of your school books, figuring that if you’re not going to do anything, might as well finish the homework. 

Taking out a pencil and highlighter, your eyes scan the pages in front of you, highlighting important passages and phrases. You see slight movement out of the corner of your eye and you look up, expecting to see Peter still lying there, flipping though the songs on his MP3 player. 

What you did see though, was completely unexpected.

There was Peter, lying on his bed and looking directly at you, a lazy smirk on his face. Slowly, he maneuvered he was onto his side, carefully tucking his broken leg under his non-broken leg. He props his head up on his arm and winks at you. “Hello, beautiful.”

His hands move to the hem of his shirt, hooking them under it and yanking his shirt over his head, making his pale chest now visible to your viewing. Peter noticed your stare and his smirk only grows, making him tighten his abs, making it obvious that he was flexing.

Rolling your eyes, you set your book on Scott’s bed and make your way over to Peter. His eyes widen as he watches your actions, the once playful smirk transforming into a mischievous one. He wiggles his eyebrows, hands teasily moving down to his belt buckle, “Draw me like one of your French girls.”

You take your hand and dig it into Peter’s side, causing him to let out a not-so-manly shriek of surprise. “Please stop taking your clothes off. Also, you were totally flexing.”

Peter gasps with fake disgust, “I would never deceive you like that. This is all nat-ur-al.” He draws out the last word as he sits up on the bed and resumes his previous position, with his leg up on the pillows.

You crawl over him and lay next to him, lying your head on his shoulder, “This is nice.”

He hums in approval and rolls over to wrap his arms around you as he attempts to place a pillow between his legs to elevate the cast. With a groan, Peter sits up and places the pillow in its desired destination. You giggle and wrap your arms lazily around his waist, paying attention to where you were laying your head and not to where you hands actually ended up, which went a little lower than expected. 

The momentum on your arms coming down after being wrapped around Peter’s “waist” created a loud slap noise, causing another involuntary not-so-manly shriek to escape his mouth. He looks down at you with a shocked expression plastered on his face and you look down to see what you smacked.

A blush made it’s was onto your cheeks as you look up at Peter with wide eyes, “I didn’t mean to do that.”

Another smirk crept onto Peter’s face, “Of course you didn’t”

“I’m serious, Peter.”

“I didn’t expect you to be into the kinky stuff, (y/n).”

The blush on your cheeks only intensified at Peter’s last statement, “I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”

You bury your face in the crook of Peter’s neck to escape the embarrassment that was soon to come. Quiet chuckles were heard from him as he wrapped his arms around you once again.

“I’ll let you do it again, I kinda liked it. Just promise to give me some time before you introduce the handcuffs. Maybe I’ll like this whole BDSM thing.”


Imagine – Giving birth to Demon Dean’s baby.

Word Count – 2842

Pairing – Demon! Dean x pregnant Reader, Sam and Cas x pregnant Reader

Triggers – Pregnancy? Uh swearing, and violence.

A/N – I hope I wrote this right, I’m not sure if you meant you wanted the baby to be a demon, or y/n to be a demon. Also hope you meant non demon dean proposes to her and she’s not a demon too at the time. Either way I hope you enjoy.


You ran down the halls, holding onto your pregnant belly and crying in pain. This wasn’t supposed to happen ever, especially now when you’re pregnant with his child, fucking Crowley.

“Sam! Cas, please! Please, please help!” You screamed, running into your bedroom and locking the door after crying quietly into your hands. You placed your hands on your belly and rubbed it in circles.

“Please don’t come now, not right now.”

You folded your hands and leaned your forehead against them, crying and praying for Cas to come. The sound of Dean’s boots made you jump as you prayed harder and harder.

“Come out and play y/n, this is no fun with you hiding and being a scared bitch!” Your heart broke at the name, knowing Dean would never call you that.

The pounding on the door made you cry harder, till you heard Sam’s voice along with Cas’s.

“It’s me and Cas!” He whispered loud enough for you to hear.

You opened up the door and quickly allowed them to come in, closing it quietly and locking it after.

“Oh y/n, I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now.” Sam said with a hug.

“It’s not your fault, it’s fuck face Crowley’s. I’m going to kill him after this I swear, especially if he hurts little Victoria here, unless it’s a boy if Dean gets his wish.”

You bent over in pain and screamed, gripping onto Sam’s hand and squeezing it, nearly popping his eyes out from being so wide in pain. Cas helped you sit on the bed and laid his hand on top of your belly, praying silently in his head for the baby to wait till after this shit storm was over.

“y/n, I hate to tell you this but I think it’s best for you and the baby to stay in the panic room. I know it’s not you who’s causing danger but –“ you cut Sam off.

“I understand, is there any way I can get there without Dean noticing?”

“I’ll distract him, Cas you take her okay?” You both nodded.

“Stay safe you two”

“You too, Sammy.”

Sam ran out and yelled for Dean, waving his arms in the air as he ran around. Cas took your hand and walked you to the panic room, hearing a burst of water hit the floor along with you gasping. He looked at the water on the floor and at you with confusion, not understanding a thing that’s going on.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” You yelled angrily, punching a hole in the wall.

“What’s happening?”

“The baby’s coming, Cas. I – I can’t deliver it on my own! What am I supposed to do?!”

“Oh joyful! The baby, is..coming!” Dean’s voice came from behind, making you panic even more.

“Found ya.”

Cas reached his hand up and flew Dean across the room, picking you up bridal style and carrying you to the panic room till Dean came and pulled him, making you fall to the ground.

“Oh angel boy, you know I don’t go down that easily.”

He punched Cas in the nose and kicked him in the ribs, walking over to your laying body on the cold hard floor after.

“Dean, please. I know you’re – I know you’re in there! Try baby, try to control this! Try! Think about our baby girl, or boy. Please!” He chuckled evily as you cried.

“Oh honey, he’s already dead.”

“Hey, punk.” Sam said, making him turn around then throwing holy water on his face causing him to scream.

Cas picked you up and carried you to the panic room, locking the doors after.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do, Cas?!” The sound of high heels hitting the floor caught your attention, Rowena.

Before you could yell for Sam or Cas they were already out of the room, and the doors were locked. Leaving you all to yourself, helpless and the mother of the man who possessed the father of your baby.

“What the fuck do you want?” You breathed out, trying not to scream in pain.

“Well darling, ya can’t deliver the baby yourself.”

“I would before I’d ever let you touch me, bitch.”

“Well this bitch is about to save your life, cause if nobody can deliver the baby you and that baby will die before they even find you.” You looked away and squeezed your eyes shut, letting the tears roll down.

“Why can’t Dean just be here? My Dean. He was supposed to be here for this.” She placed her hand on your shoulder and gave it a small squeeze along with a sympathetic smile.

You screamed in pain as you felt your body feeling like it was being torn apart. Rowena gave you a pillow to bite onto or squeeze. She got a few rags and a towel.

-Sam, Dean and Cas POV-

Sam tackled Demon Dean as Cas tied him up. They brought him into another room and placed him in the wooden chair that was underneath the huge symbol on the ceiling and all around the chair just in case, so he couldn’t move from that circle.

“Oh, so creative. I’m VERY impressed, dumbasses.” The demon spoke with a chuckle

“Dean’s girlfriend is pregnant and having his child at any time, she is in labor right now, all by herself. You know how awful that fucking is? She could die!”

Dean could hear every word, and see everything. He heard what Sam said, and he saw the demon hurt Cas but most of all, he could see how let down and upset you were. All he wanted to do was help you through this moment, to hear the first cry of his baby.

“You think I care if she dies? She’s a pain in my ass anyways.”

“I know that’s not you, Dean.”

‘Nope, cause Dean’s dead, and your little niece is next.”

Deans heart stopped, a girl. He was going to be having a baby girl. Everyone else in the room froze, even Cas.

“A – a niece? It’s a girl?” Sam asked in amazement.

“Yup, but going to be a dead baby girl soon.” He laughed evily, pissing Sam off to the core.

He read from the book and watched as the demon groaned and laughed through the pain, barley budging. Cas was throwing holy water at him as Sam read till he couldn’t read anymore.

“You stupid son of a bitch, you let my brother go and you let him go now!” Sam yelled in the demon’s face, having a tear slide down his cheek.

“Oh, is little Sammy going to cry? Pussy.”

Before Sam could reply the demon arched his back and bent his neck back, letting out all the evil fly into the air and leaving Dean’s body. Dean leaned forward with a sigh and tears in his eyes.

“My, my baby… My girlfriend … is she okay?” Sam looked at Cas with worry, not knowing how to respond.

“Untie me, now! I need to see her!”

“Dean, she’s in the panic room..” Cas said.

“You fucking locked her in the panic room, by herself?! She’s in labor!”

“We had no other choice Dean! The demon was insane! Sam yelled, untying his wrists and ankles

Dean didn’t say anything and ran through the bunker, Sam and Cas following after.

-Normal POV-

The piercing pain ripped through you as you laid on that hard bed, thinking of how much you wish Dean was here. You were sweating, more than you ever have before. You felt like you were going to throw up, or pass out from pain. Rowena didn’t have any pain medications which nearly killed you, let alone you didn’t trust her at all.

You arched your back and screamed as loud as you could, crying and gripping onto the pillow for dear life. You lost count of how many times you screamed.

“Deannnnn!” You screamed and cried, sounds filling the room.

He ran to the sounds of your screams, banging into the locked door after. He banged and banged and banged, probably bruising or breaking his shoulder, he couldn’t tell.

By the time he got actually got the door unlocked your baby was laying on the towel while Rowena was fixing around the end of your body (If you know what I mean), while you were laid passed out on the bed. Your eyes were sunken in and cheek bones were popping out. You were pale, maybe even gray.

Dean charged at Rowena and pushed her against the wall with anger while Sam and Cas tried to check on you, see if you were alive or not. Cas checked on you while Sam checked on the baby, it was moving and breathing so that was a good sign that it was still alive. He cleaned the blood off the baby while Cas tried to heal you but nothing, he was to weak.

“What the fuck did you do to my girlfriend you bitch!” He grumbled, pointing a gun at her head.

“Delivered your daughter. You better let me go if you want her to live, she’s losing to much blood.”

Dean pulled away and let her do her work. He went over to you and ran his fingers in your hair softly.

“Baby, please wake up. I love you so, so much and I can’t do this alone…please… I’m not strong enough. I need you to survive, I need US to survive. I can’t take care of a baby on our own. I need you to wake up, please. I can’t – I can’t do this alone.”

After about 50 minutes of waiting, pacing and quiet tears your eyes opened, but they weren’t yours. They were pure black with evil in them, breaking Dean’s heart.

“Oh, cut the shit with the lovey dovey crap already Dean!” Sam, Cas and Rowena looked up at you the second you said that, noticing your eyes.

“y/n…no..” Sam said under his breath. He ran to get the bible till you threw him and everyone else against the wall other than the baby. You got up and walked up to Dean with an evil smirk.

“Oh Dean, it was cozy and fun in your body but …. I like y/n’s more!” He squinted his eyes and gave the demon a mean glare, that I’m going to kill you glare.

“If you hurt her I swear to Christ it will be the last thing you EVER do.”

“Hmph, but not if I hurt the baby?”

“Don’t you fucking dare.”

“Oh, but I dare. She never wanted to have a child with you anyways, so why not take the responsibility off your shoulders?” The demon walked over to the baby, picking it up gently.

“Oh, you’ll be nice and cozy with us.”

Cas got enough strength to get off the wall somehow, and took the baby out of your hands and Rowena threw holly water on you, making you scream. Sam and Dean fell down and ran over to you as well.

“Cas, hold the baby while we go and try to save y/n, okay? There’s some bottles already ready in the living room, she’s gotta be hungry by now and for god’s sake don’t drop her.” Sam said, Cas nodded nervously.

Sam and Dean picked ypu up together and carried you to room they just took Dean in before. They tied you to the chair as you kicked and laughed, but eventually got it done. Sam started reading from the book as Dean walked around in circles, pacing.

“She’s already dead, Winchester.”

“Whelp, I guess you’ll be next huh?”

“Or maybe your baby?”

“I don’t think so, I’ll always protect my baby girl even if it costs my life.”

Eventually the effect of the exorcism was starting to effect your health dangerously. Which Dean took notice to right away, not to help you were still having the effects from giving birth earlier.

“Sam, you’re killing her.”

“Yeah Sam…why…why stop now? Do what she’s been begging for years, kill her.”

“Shut up, what should we do?”

“We have to finish Dean.” Dean sighed and looked the demon in the eyes.

“y/n, we’re going to get you back, okay? It’s going to be okay. I love you honey now please work through with this okay? You got this.”

The demon chuckled then grunted in pain. Sam read louder as the room started to shake along with the sounds of Dean screaming at the monster inside you.

The black dust flew out and went into the ceiling, leaving the building finally. Your head dropped as it finally stopped, feeling to weak to do anything.

“y/n? y/n, talk to me!” Dean yelled, placing his hands on your shoulders.

You looked up slowly and gave him a soft smirk.

“Victoria…Victoria J Winchester.”

Dean’s heart melted at the name, it was like all of his worries and sadness washed away with the few words. He picked you up bridal style, being easy not to cause you anymore pain that you were already in. Sam opened the door and lead the way to the living room,

You all three walked into Cas laying on the couch with Victoria in his arms, singing her lullaby’s as she slept. He had his coat off and laid it on her to keep her warm, and had her head against his neck. He looked over and noticed everyone there, especially you.

“y/n, are you…are you okay?” Cas whispered, trying not to wake her.

“Sore as hell, but I’m okay.”

Dean helped you move to the couch and laid you next to Cas. He sat on the floor while Sam sat in the chair, everyone smiling happily at the sleeping baby in the angels arms.

“You’re an uncle now Cas, how do ya feel?” Dean smiled, running his fingers softly over Victoria’s soft hair.

“I’m – I’m an Uncle?” You all smiled with nods, making him smile too.

“I feel….I feel great, Dean. I’m going to protect her from the bad, I promise.”

“We all will Cas, she will be safe and happy with a big family like us.”

-Few days later-

“She looks just like her mommy.” Dean smiled at his daughter in your arms.

You looked up at him and kissed him softly, smiling against his lips.

“She’s got your green apple eyes and smirk, Dean.”

“Yeah, well she’s as beautiful as her mommy that’s for sure.”

Victoria grabbed onto Dean’s finger for what seemed like the hundredth time, not that he minded of course. He’d never get tired of it and neither would you. She would always squeeze his finger softly along with a small smile, like she knew she’s safe.

“Listen baby, I’m so – so f-“ he stopped, realizing not to swear around the baby.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you when I was .. you know. I can’t forgive myself for that.”

“Dean, it wasn’t you. I said some pretty rude sh – things to you that of course I didn’t mean, so let’s call it even and done with.”

He looked at his daughter than back at you.

“I was so scared – when I saw how pale and gray you were, your eyes sunk in and cheekbones showing. You looked like you were gone, dead. I have never been so terrified, not to mention how scared I was when I saw your eyes. I never want to lose you y/n, death or break up. So, I have a question for you.”

He got down on one knee and pulled a black box out of the back of his pocket. Your eyes went wide as you saw how beautiful the ring was, and when you realized what was going on.

“y/n, I want you to be my girl forever. Will you marry me? I know I’m a pain in the ass, but I promise to love you forever. And I promise to love this little cutie forever too.” He said tapping Victoria’s nose.

“Yes Dean, yes!”

He placed the ring on your hand, both shaking from excitement. He hugged you tightly, cupped your face and kissed you like it was the first time. After that he kissed Victoria’s head, making her smile.

“I promise to take care of you both forever, my girls.”

“We promise to take care of you too.”  

“We have to apologize to Rowena. She did help you with the birth and all that, I wish I could’ve.”

“There’s always next time, Dean.”

He smiled at the thought, the thought of having a huge family with the people he loves.


Remember Our First Date?
(Tyler Joseph/Reader) *SMUT*

I sat nervously, twirling my hair on the end of my finger in the dining room of my house.
“Relax,” my sister said as she came up from behind me. “It’s a date with Tyler for crying out loud. You guys have known each other half your lives.”
“That’s the problem. He finally asked me out the other day, but what if it becomes awkward?”
“You and Tyler are civil people. It’ll work out. Speaking of the devil,” she paused just as there was a sharp knock at the door. Tyler was here. I walked to the door, opening slowly as I took in a deep breath.
“Hey!” I smiled.
“Hi!” he smiled back, his lips forming his adorable smile. “These are for you!” he handed me a small, gorgeous bouquet of flowers. “I don’t have to be interrogated by your parents?” he asked. He knew the procedure. He’d been over and seen my parents interrogate plenty of my sisters dates.
“They figured you’d been over often enough. It’s fine.”
“Guess there was no point in the flowers then,” Tyler said reaching for them. My sister must have been glaring at him, because he quickly added, “It was a joke!” putting both hands up in a defensive position.
“Well,” my sister started, “I think you two love birds better be off,” she said with a small wave of her hand.
“Would you mind putting these in a vase for me?” I asked, handing her the flowers. He had picked my favorite.
“Sure. Now, bye!” she said.
“Bye!” I told her as Tyler and I headed for the car.
“Mind if I, like, um, hold your hand?” Tyler asked. An awkward question to ask. We’d held hands before, whether it had been to keep our hands warm in the winter, keep together in a crowded area, or for any other reason friends held hands. But this was different, I suppose. We were holding hands just because. It was kinda nice. He opened the car door for me, gently closing it behind me before jogging to the drivers seat.
“You’ve never held the door open for me before,” I joked with him.
“Well, it just kinda seemed like the nice thing to do.”
“I suppose so. Thank you,” I smiled. “So. Are you going to tell me where we’re going?”
“Nope!” Tyler declared happily. “It’s a surprise.” I simply rolled my eyes and went along with the ride. It wasn’t like I had much of a choice as it was.
After about thirty-two minutes of me wondering where we going, Tyler finally pulled his car to a small diner on the edge of town.
“What’s this?” I asked, gazing up at the bright neon sign.
“I found this place the other day. I swear to you, they have the absolute best pie ever. They even have your favorite,” Tyler tempted me.
“You had me at pie,” I hopped out of the car, with the enthusiasm of a small child. Tyler just laughed as he went to open the front door for me. We sat at a booth, scooting in right next to each other. Normally, we would sit across from each other, but this was our date. Like boyfriend and girlfriend, only he hadn’t asked me yet. I suppose I could ask him, but I am way to nervous to do that.
The waitress came up and gave us a look that basically signaled that she was not happy to be serving us.
“What can I get you to drink?” she asked, not bothering with introductions. Tyler and I both quickly ordered, and she left.
“I swear my waitress last time was more personable than her,” Tyler laughed.

Once we had finished at the diner, we were just driving around. We talked as Tyler drove, and eventually we pulled into a church parking lot. It sat in the perfect spot, on top of a hill, so that it overlooked the entire town, with its twinkling lights and the river that ran through it. We sat in the front seats, staring at the scenic view before us. And then, I broke the silence.
“I don’t want to ask this question, but I feel I should address it,” I started with a deep breath. I kept my eyes fixed on the city skyline, not wanting to face him, “I know we’ve been friends forever, and I just need to say, no matter what happens to us, we’re always friends first and above all else. I really like you, and I don’t want something ridiculous to come between us, and I don’t want to get hurt. Okay?” I asked, finally turning to face Tyler. Tyler just smiled. He slowly brought his face closer to mine, touching my cheek lightly, guiding it to his mouth. As our lips touched I knew it wouldn’t matter. Tyler was my best friend. Granted that could make things strange, but that’s what really counted in a relationship.
After not even ten seconds that felt like a heavenly eternity, Tyler pulled away, saying, “Nothing will ever make me want to hurt you.”
With a giddy smile on my face, I attacked his lips again. Tyler gently placed his hands on my hips, pulling me closer. My hands played with the edge of his shirt. His hands moved to the back of my dress, trying to pull down the zipper. Before he could get too far, I coyly asked him, “Can we go somewhere a little more… comfortable?” I asked with a devilish grin. Tyler just grinned and led me towards the back door of his car. Being the gentleman he was, he opened the door for me. I slid in, then reached forward and pulled Tyler in with me by the collar of his shirt. He barely got hold of the door handle, pulling it shut behind him. Our lips attached again, as if magnets. My hands slid up his shirt, but this one time they slid it up and over his head. Our lips pulled apart for a second, only to quickly reattach. Tyler found the zipper of my dress again, sliding it down with minimal trouble. He had a moment of confusion, wondering if it should go over my head or down my arms. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but I couldn’t help but laugh. I smiled as I pulled away. I carefully moved it off my shoulders, trying to be seductive as I slid it down my shoulders, past my thighs, and dropped it onto the floor of the car. I kicked off my shoes, reaching for the tights that covered my legs. Tyler reached over, helping me pull them off, and somehow, ripped them. He had a very shocked and innocent look on his face. I just giggled at him, kissing him again. He gently laid his hands over my breasts that still hid under my favorite bra, massaging them gently. I went for his belt. I fumbled as I attempted to unlatch it, eventually succeeding. I unbuttoned his jeans, slipping them downwards as he kicked them off the rest of the way. We pulled each other closely, skin touching, only our underwear separating us. Tyler slid his slender fingers back, going for the clasp of my bra, but I pulled away. I had to tell him the truth.
“I’ve never really done this before,” I blurted out. I needed to be honest with him. I began to blush really hard.
“Neither have I…” Tyler said, his voice barely above a whisper.
I slowly smiled before I leaned forward to give Tyler a soft and gentle kiss. Then, I slowly leaned back, unclasping my bra, watching Tyler’s face. He was staring, but then he began to blush. “Now we’re even.” I joked, gently running a hand over Tyler’s chest and down into his boxers. I softly grabbed his member, feeling how hard it had already gotten. I slowly gave him a few pumps, intently watching his face as he closed his eyes in bliss. Then, I stopped. “I don’t want you done before I even get my turn,” I explained to him. Tyler just laughed.
“Fair enough,” he said. He pulled me close, kissing me intensely. He placed a hand over my already damp panties, moving his hand slowly. I pushed my body closer to his hand, making him move even harder. I grabbed at the edge of his boxers, yanking them down. I began to play with his already solid member. As I started to moan into his kiss, he pulled his hand away. I glared at him as he reached into the center console, pulling out a condom.
“My brother keeps them in here,” he quickly explained. I only laughed at him, urging him to put it on. Once he was fitted, he leaned forward, kissing my neck. He began to make a slow trail down my body. He passed my breasts, carefully giving each one special attention before moving his way on down. He came back up, kissing my lips softly. He hooked his fingers around my underwear, yanking them down to my knees before they slid to the floor, joining the rest of our clothes.
“Are you sure?” Tyler asked, pulling away to look deeply into my eyes. I could see a mixture of concern and eagerness lying in his eyes.
“Positive,” I nodded with a grin. Tyler places his solid cock right in front of my entrance, moving in bit by bit to make sure I’m comfortable. I let out a quiet gasp, mostly from surprise of how it felt. Tyler seemed worried as he suddenly stopped.
“Tyler. Keep. Going,” I demanded. I’d heard rumors of how amazing it felt, but as Tyler began to thrust in and out, I began to believe that all had been an understatement. I arched my back as my fingers raked across Tyler’s. We were both moaning as it became more intense. It was like there was a little ball of fire winding up in my core, only it was a good feeling as it grew and grew. Suddenly, I felt like it would burst, and I knew. “T-Tyler. I’m gonna-” I started, but he interrupted me.
“Just come on. I’m coming too.” he breathed, leaning down to kiss me. He became sloppier as he drew to his climax, but trying to hold it together until I reached there first.
I began to scream out his name, pulling him close as that small ball of fire exploded. The feeling was amazing. Then, I felt Tyler release. He moaned loudly, as my name escaped his lips. Slowly, he finished, pulling out of me. He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead before laying next to me on the seat.
“That was amazing,” I breathed.
“Yeah it was,” Tyler agreed, causing me to giggle. I softly laid my head on his chest moving my fingers in circles. “I have a question,” Tyler started.
“Will you be, like, my official girlfriend?” he asked.
“I’d be honored,” I smiled, leaning up to kiss him for yet another time that night.