this land is made for you and me

Because you
made me feel
like an avalanche
refusing to land,
and I’m not sure
if I’m gonna love
or hate you
for that.
—  ma.c.a // Do I still have the right to get mad?

Taylor Swift Debuts on Pop Songs Chart With ‘End Game’ & Country Airplay With 'New Year’s Day

Swift scales Pop Songs with two songs, as “…Ready for It?” continues its rise, while landing her first Country Airplay entry since 2014.

Taylor Swift adds a pair of Billboard radio airplay chart hits from her new album, Reputation.

The superstar charts a third entry on the Pop Songs tally (dated Dec. 2), as “End Game,” featuring Ed Sheeran and Future, debuts at No. 32. Lead single “Look What You Made Me Do” topped the Oct. 28-dated list, becoming her eighth No. 1, and follow-up “…Ready for It?” rises 15-14 this week.

WFLZ Tampa, Florida, led all Pop Songs reporters with 55 plays for “End Game” in the week ending Nov. 19, according to Nielsen Music, followed by KROI Houston (53).

Meanwhile, as previously reported, Reputation closing cut “New Year’s Day” is being promoted to country radio, marking Swift’s first single worked to the format since 2013. It debuts at No. 57 on the Dec. 2-dated Country Airplay chart with 1.3 million audience impressions, led by 32 plays on WUSN Chicago (which translates to 678,000 in audience) and KKBQ Houston (20 plays; 295,000 impressions).

Swift scores her 34th appearance on Country Airplay, where she boasts 18 top 10s, including seven No. 1s, between her career launch in 2006 and 2013. Following her last official country single, “Red” (No. 7 on Country Airplay, 2013), she had last dented the chart in 2014 with “Shake It Off”; while not promoted to country, the lead single from her first all-out pop album, 1989, spent a week on the chart at No. 58.

skelltales  asked:

okay okay this kinda made me think of a cute scene. "WHAT SANS, DID YOU THINK THAT A HUMAN WAS GONNA FALL OUT OF THE SKY?!" Papyrus extends his arms, and suddenly, a small child lands safely in his arms, "SANS IS THIS A HUMAN??!!!"

Holy shit :’D 

Just hope he doesn’t get spooked and throws the child, away, like when you have a spider on your leg and you kinda kick it away.

ireallyjustneedcoffee  asked:

OK can I bow down to how awesome you are as an author and just?? Your writing?? It's my inspiration tbh ANYWAYD can I request Spartos, Sphintus, and older! Aladdin seeing their crush dance for the first time and ends up accidentally confessing whilst complimenting their dancing??


headcanon or scenario? I just choose between them if you don´t mind either. And it means A LOT, to read that my writing inspires you! Thank you, Love. For sharing it with me^^


  • he´d try not to stare at them
  • like, staring everywhere but not to the spot where they made the entire place prettier
  • `Oh is that a cup of wine in front of me?´ or ´Oh and is that a fly in it?´ and ´Oh, look at that, it´s dead.´
  • however,
  • the temptation is way to strong, so he gives in
  • lowering his head and looking up ever so slowly, did his eyes finally land on their desired target
  • he´s mesmerized at their fluent moves and can´t help but gulp down hard, as the melody turned from exotic to exotic wink
  • and it would be this very moment, the second that Spartos´ face equals his hair in terms of red, that they come over to him
  • oh lord
  • the twinkle in their eyes and the ever lasting smile made it hard for him to not say at least a line
  • “You are- Wow. I knew that you were special before that, but now? Truly mesmerizing. I couldn´t look away. Like always.”


  • his eyes were glued to their figure, the second they moved to the stage
  • he knew that they were nervous, ´cause it was their first real performance ever
  • they told him that he heard it while conventionally being close to them
  • it was a sword dance and- woah
  • Sphintus knew why he was taken by them, but never once did he thought that he could fall for someone
  • at least, not that fast
  • he wasn´t even into swords!
  • but they- it´s- perfect
  • like the sword itself, were their moves elegant,yet deadly
  • he felt like one of those snakes of a snake charmer, that he knew all to well from his home country
  • he was hypnotized by the way they move, just like a snake that was bound to the sound
  • only after the applause and their presence in front of him made him snap out of it
  • “So? What do you think? ”
  • “It was… nice to look at. Never knew that you can move like that. It´s a nice change from being the desired one, to the one that desires.”

  • that… was planned…
  • right


  • his smile grew with every sound that was played
  • Aladdin had feared, that he´d lost them in the crowd
  • but here they were, dancing to the rhythm
  • they were like a ball of energy, letting it all out, making others join them
  • even the Rukhs were all around them, making it truly a scene that he´ll never forget
  • more joined in, dancing around his crush, while he found it hard to even blink
  • his eyes were fixed on them and whenever he lost sight of them, did his eyes found them on their own
  • as if they gravitated around each other
  • that thought made the magi´s smile brighten up even more
  • they were panting, due to the many moves and all the jumps that they had performed and were standing wobbly on their feet
  • Aladdin rushed to their side, supporting them by letting them put their weight on him
  • he couldn´t help the laugh that escaped him
  • “ I couldn´t look away! Even the Rukhs were all around you and I couldn´t help, but wish that I could switch places with them!”

Snow in the riverlands. If it was snowing here, it could well be snowing on Lannisport as well, and on King’s Landing. Winter is marching south, and half our granaries are empty. Any crops still in the fields were doomed. There would be no more plantings, no more hopes of one last harvest. He found himself wondering what his father would do to feed the realm, before he remembered that Tywin Lannister was dead. — Jaime VII, AFFC ♦ requested by joannalannister


*I wrote this with the sun and mars signs in mind*

Aries: It was a cool summer night. “You’re crazy.” I said as you pulled me towards an abandoned building. “Don’t be scared, I just wanna check it out.” We wandered through the decaying concrete, graffiti on every wall possible. I was so scared but I was trying hard not to lose my cool. After all you were absolutely loving this. There was a loud creak and I jumped, grabbing your arm. “Babe calm down, look at me.” You said soothingly, rubbing my shoulders. We made out there in the middle of the building; in the middle of the night. Your kisses enthralling, and for a moment I forgot about everything else. The creak came again but louder, “Okay, fuck this.” You laughed, grabbing my hand and we ran as fast as we could out of there and into the summer air.

Taurus: It was pitch black, our kisses growing more urgent as you fumbled around trying to undo my buttons. “I can’t see anything.” you chuckled. I sparked my lighter and you looked around for a candle, finding one and lighting it with my flame; never taking your eyes off me. You undid my pants quickly with a smirk on your face and threw them dramatically across the room. Your lips finding mine again, making up for the loss of contact. “You are so fucking hot” you whispered, running your hands down my body, a trace of goosebumps forming on my skin. You pushed in slowly, moaning as you felt my heat. You buried your face in my hair I lost all focus. I just held on for dear life as the candlelight flickered erratically on the ceiling.

Gemini: Your bedroom was covered with so many posters I couldn’t see what colour it was painted. You had not one, but two lava lamps, one purple and one orange. We were laying on your floor, listening to Frank Ocean on vinyl, “Sometimes I think about faking my own death, and leaving the parts I don’t like about myself behind.” you said somberly, drawing lazy circles on my stomach with your finger. “Where would you go?” I asked. You propped your head up, your adorable face flushed purple in the light from the lamp. “Anywhere but here,” you said pulling me even closer, “only as long as I could take you with me though.” I ran my finger across your bottom lip and you bit it, we giggled quietly, then sighed. You kissed me so deeply, like an ocean tide that ebbs and flows. We made love, slow love right there on your bedroom floor. Every now and then, when things are quiet, parts of that night come back in flashes when I close my eyes.

Cancer: Snow had been coming down like crazy all day and everybody was staying inside. We had made the heroic journey to the store to get the bare necessities. Popcorn, paprika Pringles and those fruity toffees. Now we were cuddled in an abundance of duvets and pillows watching Spirited Away. “Are you cold?” you asked softly. “No I’m actually really warm.” I said adjusting the pillows behind me. Your eyes shot around the room, you bit your lip as your gaze landed on me. “What?” I asked when I noticed you staring. You grinned, “I’m kinda cold.” I couldn’t help but laugh as I lifted my blanket and pulled you into my cocoon. Your hand slipped under my shirt as you got comfortable. “Oh my god, your hand is freezing.” I shrieked. “Warm me up then.” you teased as you kissed me gently.

Leo: “You are such a goddamn hypocrite, why are you being so possessive?” I yelled at you. “Because I fucking love you!” you screamed even louder. My eyes shot wide as the words left your mouth. I felt like I was about to faint. Like everything I’d known for the past two months had been wrong. I put my hand on my forehead and slowly sat down on the sofa. “Since when?” I asked warily. You sat down next to me, leaving a little space between us, not wanting to scare me away. “Since the day I met you.” you said more gently. I shook my head in confusion. All these months I’d been crushing on you, telling myself I was a fool for thinking you could ever feel the same. “Look, I should go.” you said standing up, I grabbed your arm quickly and pulled you to me. I kissed you with my eyes open, I didn’t believe it but my eyes couldn’t lie. You picked me up and put me in your lap. “We can’t do this.” I whispered into your neck. You grabbed me even tighter, not ready to let me go. “Tell me to stop,” you breathed kissing down my collarbone, your finger toying with the band of my panties, “just tell me to stop.” Your eyes searched mine for an answer. Your finger inching further, grazing down the lace in front. I moaned into your mouth, giving you the answer you needed. The one we both needed.

Virgo: My phone buzzed next to my laptop. It was almost midnight and my chemistry notes were making less sense than ever. “Hi baby.” I half sighed as I answered. “Where are you?” you asked. “On my bed, what’s up?” I could hear your breathing through the phone, “Nothing, just thinkin’ about you. ‘Bout us.” you said cheekily. I closed my eyes as that familiar lightness hit my stomach. “Oh really, what are we doing?” I teased. You half groaned on the other line, “Thinking about your skin, running my tongue up your spine, and swirling it around your-” Now I was the one who moaned. “Can you come pick me up?” I panted. You laughed, “Thought you’d never ask.”

Libra: It was my first birthday in the new city and I was feeling more homesick than ever. You knocked on my door and told me to get dressed while you poured two shots of tequila. You took me on an adventure, stumbling through a regal museum slightly tipsy. I was laughing at this modern piece, you asked why I didn’t get it, I said the shape was a bit funky. From behind you wrapped your arms around my waist, pressing yourself up against me, “I think it’s a quite stimulating.” you whispered with a sly grin, and my entire body shivered. Then you took me to dinner, your eyes staring into mine the whole time and I could hear my heart beating in my ears. It was like moving between worlds, reality changing from hour to hour. I don’t even remember what we talked about, only what I was feeling. We couldn’t even last until desert, our minds running away from us. As soon as I opened the door to my place your lips crashed onto mine, and for the first time that night I felt like I could breathe.

Scorpio: “Do you wanna wrestle?” I asked you with a wicked grin on my face. “I’m not gonna wrestle you.” You said not taking your eyes of the TV. I jumped on you and the Xbox controller went flying. “You asked for it.” You growled as you started fighting me back. I knew I had no chance, I just wanted to get you all fired up. Before I knew it I was on my back, hands pinned down above my head and your strong thighs straddling my torso. “Who’s the winner?” you demanded. “You’re the winner daddy.” I purred, reaching up and biting your lip. Your expression shifted, your eyes going from that watery blue to devilish dark in a split second, and I knew I was in for a ride.

Sagittarius: It was 3 a.m. I knew I had school in the morning but at this point I didn’t care. Cruising around the city in your parents BMW, the bass in the sound system making our blood vibrate. Like it hadn’t been already. We didn’t say anything, we couldn’t. We couldn’t afford to lose control. Then L$D by A$AP Rocky came on. My hands were shaking in my lap, your knuckles white from squeezing the steering wheel so hard. The engine purred as you drove faster, now with a purpose, pulling into the beach parking lot. The car came to an abrupt stop and I couldn’t take this any longer. You moved your seat back as I jumped over the console. You kissed me like you were drowning and I was air. All that tension finally snapping like firecrackers as the music pumped through our bodies. Your strong arms lifted me up and pushed my dress up my thighs, the windows fogging up. I could feel your biceps trembling under the palm of my hand, and thought how could something that felt so right be so wrong?

Capricorn: The whole day had had a weird, electrifying feel to it. Now I knew why. We were standing out there on the balcony, face to face in the middle of the crowd. “Kiss me.” you said nonchalantly. “You kiss me.” I incited. You took a long drag of the joint, gently pressing your lips to mine as you blew the smoke into my mouth. I just stared back at you, blowing the smoke out again calmly, your fingers still caressing the back of my neck. You almost smiled but stopped it midway by biting your lip. I grabbed your shirt and pulled you to me. I kissed you like it was the last time. You pulled back slightly to catch your breath, “Wanna get out of here?”

Aquarius: The night I first met you. I didn’t wanna go out but my friends convinced me. The bar was so packed but somehow I got to the front of the stage. There you were, and that cherry red guitar, in your own world. I remember I couldn’t take my eyes of your fingers when you played. I didn’t even notice you were looking at me until the song was over. You laughed and playfully tugged on your shirt. I didn’t get why but then I noticed we were both wearing the same Led Zeppelin shirt. When the show was over you found me so quickly I knew you had been watching me. “I feel like this was meant to be.” you said leaning up against the bar. I took you in, your knuckles had little cuts on them and your black jeans were splattered with green paint. “I’m not really in the mood to make friends tonight.” I said, taking a sip of my beer. You ran your hand teasingly through that dirty blonde DiCaprio hair, “How ‘bout we just stay strangers then?” I knew I’d already lost this fight. The next thing I remember is literally falling into your foyer, your lips on my neck as I moaned in your ear. You held me so tight, pulling my shirt up ever so slightly just to put your skin on mine. I pushed you down, taking my shirt all they way off while I straddled your hips, and you looked at me like I had just discovered fire. When it was all over you grabbed my face with both your hands, “What’s your name?” you breathed. I smirked as I put my clothes back on, “I thought we were gonna stay strangers.” I was halfway home when I realized that the shirt I was wearing wasn’t mine, it was yours.

Pisces: The record had finished all the way through. That needle scratch sound from the record player filled the silence in the room. I was in your arms, tangled in bedsheets and your sticky bodyparts. You grazing my back lightly with your fingers. “I need to pee.” I said trying untangle myself limb by limb. Your arms tightened around me, “No, you can’t go.” you pouted. I giggled and wiggled around in your embrace. “I have to pee, I’ll be quick.” You pressed your forehead against mine. “Promise?” you said softly. I pecked your lips three times. “I promise.”

Death Note (2017)

This movie was…well, it was something. And that something is terrible. My thoughts:

Good Things:

  • William Dafoe as Ryuk was amazing. He fit the part perfectly and was delightfully creepy. 
  • Kieth Stanfield was surprisingly good as L. His mannerisms were perfect, and his more emotional approach gave the character an appealing weakness amidst his oddity.
  • The few gambits that actually appeared were very well-crafted, particularly the finale. They actually felt like Death Note, unlike the rest of the film.
  • Light’s facial expressions and girlish screams made me laugh so much that I’m putting them here

Bad Things:

  • The establishing shots existing only to demonstrate how Mia and Light are edgy outcasts who will naturally have perfect chemistry
  • “Light Turner”
  • Everything about Light’s character. He’s the opposite of the original character- an outcast, stupid, easily controlled by his emotions, acts like the most suspicious person on the planet, outright admits to being Kira to L’s face- everything that made the original Light great is gone and replaced with something that doesn’t fit. 
  • How is decapitation the first method of death you think of for a school bully
  • The pacing is so bad. Like, it’s hard to even give a specific example because the entire movie counts.
  • “Your mom was kind of a hippie.” THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE HOW STUPID HIS NAME SOUNDS.
  • Where are the mind games and gambits? There were precisely two moments that felt like the original in terms of genius and complexity.
  • Character motivations. Almost no one has a believable reason for doing what they do. Mia especially. She just…comes out of left field.
  • “If we make the deaths super gory, people will think we’re cool.”
  • “If we say the word fuck a lot, people will think we’re cool.”
  • The lack of subtlety. 
  • L comes from a creepy orphanage for some reason
  • Matsuda is not here
  • The romantic plot is so. Bad. “Hey, I can impress a girl by showing her how I have the power to murder anyone I want!” “Hey, I’m into that!” “Let’s plot the deaths of dozens of people on our next date!”
  • On that note, all the dialogue is terrible
  • There’s something about the way everyone treats L that’s just…off. In the original, he was eccentric but respected. Here, he’s eccentric and no one likes him.
  • Why is Watari so obsessed with sleep????
  • Watari was pretty much wasted tbh
  • No feel of rivalry between Light and L whatsoever. 
  • Why is everything so edgy????
  • The flowers that just friggin…explode when Mia lands on them
  • What is with the corny pop music at inappropriate times???
  • Light having a “Normal People Scare Me” sticker on his locker pretty much summarizes the entire movie
  • No potato chip scene. A travesty

Basically, watch this movie if you want a good laugh via ridiculous edginess, unneeded gore, and necessary swearing. I would’ve liked to see an Americanized Death Note that made better use of its differences from the original to better fit its target audience, but this movie just tried waaaaaay too hard to be dark and gritty while giving nothing of substance. But it is hilarious. And at least it’s got William Defoe.


I spent my life in foreign lands. So many men have tried to kill me, I don’t remember all their names. I have been sold like a broodmare. I’ve been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods, not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen.

170728 EXO-L Japan Magazine Q&A: Kyungsoo

Q1. Your ideal bedroom interior design?

A. I don’t like having a lot of stuff lying around, so if it were possible I’d like to have a modern and simple design. With a darker monochrome scheme.

Q2. A rule in the dorm?

A. Because we’ve been living together for so long, we understand each other. It seems we don’t have anything fixed. A rule to not be a nuisance is enough.

Q3. Tell us about another member’s habit!

A. Baekhyun has the room next to mine, but I think he gets sleep paralysis. He’ll groan “ah…” and stuff. I go to sleep hearing that all the time (laughs).

Q4. A habit or something you always do at home?

A. Nothing in particular. Watching Youtube videos or movies on my phone before going to sleep, if that counts. It might be good to stretch both sides of my back, but I don’t like stretching much (laughs).

Q5. Your phone’s lock screen?

A. It’s of the movie La La Land. It’s a project by a director I like, and it left an impression because I’d never seen a musical-type film.

Q6. Picture you took recently with your phone?

A. Trees, city lights from an airplane. And… it seems to be full of pictures of food (laughs).

Q7. A recent dream you had?

A. I don’t dream that vividly. It usually feels like it gets dark, and then I wake up.

Q8. Something you’re concerned with in your casual outfits?

A. Because clothes aren’t exciting to me and I don’t like looking too flashy, I avoid such wear.

Q9. Something recent that made you smile a lot?

A. When I ate this delicious tempura! It was from this Michelin-star tempura shop in Japan that I like. I like Japanese food in general.

Q10. The saddest thing that happened to you recently?

A. Although almost nothing happened personally [to make me sad], if I want to feel sad I’ll watch a movie that forces me to be. It’s not a recent release, but the Korean movie The Last Blossom made me cry awfully.

jpn to kor: @Nicht_allein | kor to eng: fydk

Bruise [ X ] [ Final ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst [M]

Length: 5.8k

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Summary: He wasn’t yours, and you weren’t his, but that couldn’t stop your heart from believing otherwise.

Bruise Masterlist

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The world could change a lot in four months, transforming from dull and grey to full of life and color. The once white ground now was sprouting with sprigs of green, the air filled with the scent of fresh flowers blooming. Your eyes were constantly enticed, watching the cherry blossoms in the park flutter to the ground when the wind blew too hard, noticing how the number of people out every day had multiplied as the weather improved. The earth looked new, fresh, like someone had turned it off and back on again, resetting it to his most gentle settings, ones that emitted joy. It was all in stark contrast to how it had been just weeks ago. The world had moved on in the past four months, things had changed, and in some ways, so had you.

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For context: I have an odd skin tone and facial features for my area, and have bright blue, long, curly hair that transitions into purple and green on the bottom.

I was running tills the other day at work and this lady with her very tiny daughter (couldn’t have been over 3) came through my line. I greeted them and watched this little girl’s eyes get HUGE. She stared at me for a good three minutes while I rang her mother out, then leaned up on the counter and whispered “Are you a mermaid?"  I whispered back that I was, and not to tell anyone, because I was seeing what it was like to live on dry land, and she clapped both hands over her mouth and shushed herself as she and her mother left the store. It was the cutest thing ever. Made my day a lot better.


I’ve got a new Theory for those who are interested…

It’s about Prythian…

And it’s about Erilea ….

Want more?

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Dialogue for the GoT 7x07 Queen Meeting:
  • Dany: I just lost one of my children.
  • Cersei: Must be hard, I've lost three.
  • Dany: ...
  • Dany: I've been brutalized by men.
  • Cersei: I've been brutalized by all of King's Landing...while naked
  • Dany: Well, I'm NOT queen because people are afraid of me.
  • Cersei: What was that? I can't hear you over the sound of all of Highgarden's crops burning and Dickon screaming.
  • Dany: I had to deal with a psychopathic brother.
  • Cersei: LOL! You should watch the crossbow snuff-film my firstborn made.
  • Dany: I freed slaves.
  • Cersei: I separated church and state.
  • Dany: How does your brother's cock taste?
  • Cersei: Not sure, how does your nephew's cock taste?
  • Dany: ...
  • Dany: I have three dragons
  • Cersei: I thought it was two?
  • Dany: ...
  • Cersei: *RECEIPTS*
BTS REACTION to Breaking Bed During Rough Sex

Smut week: day 1


He was going at a rougher pace than usual, fucking you absolutely senseless as you screamed out his name and begged him for more. His thrusts grew sharper, his breathing uneven as he moaned with you. And then, all of a sudden you hear a crack coming below you both. You squeal as the bed breaks, and Jin lands on top of you with a scream.

“Ah! That’s what you get for begging me to go harder, Y/N!”

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He had one of your legs over his shoulder, going at his normal rough pace. He grunted in your ear, loving the way you were clenching around him. He picked up pace, making you scream his name. One hand was holding himself up on your headboard, while the other was rubbing your clit. You were close, when all of a sudden the bed falls. You moaned, him still inside of you. The pressure made him grunt as it buried himself deep inside you.

 "Fuck,“ he pauses, catching his breath, "Couch. Now.”

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 He lost control over you that night, making sure you knew who you belonged to. You were his, and he wanted everyone in the whole neighborhood to know that. So, he was pounding into your tight pussy, saying how wet and good it felt around him. You heard a spring in your bed, and you tried to smack him away from you, but just as your orgasm rippled through you, the bed broke. You screamed, your orgasm intensifying.

 "That’s it, baby. Let everyone know who you belong to.“ He wasn’t really phased by the bed breaking, considering he was the god of destruction already. 

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 He had you in cowgirl position, thrusting up into you as you moaned his name countless amounts of times. His hands on your hips, surely leaving bruises. His fingers made its way towards your clit, rubbing it furiously, making you jolt your hips towards him. This caused you to accidentally break the bed, hearing his grunt as you squealed.

 "Shit,” he chuckled, “You need to slow down, babygirl. Don’t worry, I’ll buy you a new bed. Get on the floor and finish." 

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 He was about to cum. You could feel his dick twitch inside you as you rode him, your arms resting on his shoulders. You had him tied to the bed frame, blindfolded, as you picked up your pace and he moaned loudly. He was so close. And just as he came inside of you, the bed broke from your last thrust. He moaned, his cum filling you up.

 "D-did the bed just break?” He asked, softly laughing, but his laughter soon died down as you rode him once again, overstimulating him.

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 This man had both of your legs over his shoulders, fucking you at such a fast pace that you just couldn’t keep up anymore. You were a moaning mess for him, arching your back. He groaned in your ear, his deep voice raspy and rough. You shouted his name, chanting him on. Your walls clenched, making him lose control all over again. But just as he did that, the bed collapsed. You were quick to cling yourself around him. But he continued to thrust into you, not phased one bit.

 "Fuck the bed, we needed a new one anyways.“ "Cum for me, princess. Scream my name." 

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 He was fucking you from behind, pulling roughly on your hair. You moaned, feeling as his dick rammed into you perfectly. You felt so tight around him, so wet. And he lost all of his common sense the second he entered you. He was fucking you relentlessly, making you scream his name. It was music to his ears. Everything was good, so good. Until he snapped his hips harder and the bed broke, causing you to lose your balance and have just your ass sticking up for him.

 "Oh, fuck. Stay like that. Such a good girl.. Shit.” He was more focused on you than anything else, making him forget about the bed as he placed you both on the floor.

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let’s hurt tonight

hello, this was loosely based on a request that i will put below, that scene is in here but it’s definitely not the main focus of the one shot, hope you like it!!

anonymous: hiii i was wondering if you could do something where harry is eating you out but your work calls and you have to answer while he keeps going down on you???

Heels in one hand, purse and phone in the other, you skipped down the stairs to where Harry was waiting, hands in his pockets.

He turned at the sound of your bare feet padding on the hardwood and a grin stretched across his face when his eyes landed on you. You still weren’t used to that look; his eyes flaming with desire as they made their way across your body. You would never admit aloud what that look did to you, but you were sure Harry knew anyway.

His eyes slowly made their way back up to yours, but darted traitorously to your mouth, “I like your lipstick.” Was all he said as he admired the redness of your mouth as it stretched into it’s own grin.

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You’re not mine

Day 2 of lovely langst week

Lance was defective. That was the official term for people like him at least. People who could see color since birth. He never thought anything of it, his parents never made anything of it, none of his older siblings ever treated him different. He could always just see color.

Yes, he knew what it meant. He knew he didn’t have a soulmate. He was.. Fine with it. Really! He was! When he was younger it didn’t affect him. No one in his home town made fun of him- probably the looming fear of being jumped by his older siblings- and he never actually thought of it as anything but normal.

That changed around eighth grade. See someone in his grade had found their soulmate- the story goes that the two crashed into each other and color exploded in their vision and it was perfect and wonderful, and everyone in the school was talking about it. Asking the two how colors felt. Lance had congratulated them first telling them they would probably enjoy the subtle reds and blues of a sunset over the ocean- and that they should go see it together that night because it was pretty- but a girl in his class, an american exchange student, asked if he had a soulmate. He responded with no, because he didn’t. He was just born without seeing color.

“So you’re defective?” The girl sneered, her lips forming a half snarl.

Lance startled, as silence swept over the classroom. He looked over at his classmates, all of them looking away, before responding, “Defective?”

“You,” The girl spat the word with utter disgust, “Don’t have a soulmate.”

“Oh,” he muttered, the reality of the situation crashing down on him, “I guess I am defective.”

The girl turned to the rest of the class, “You know, my dad says defective people are worthless. I guess that makes Lance worthless.”

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The Problem [m]

Genre : smut
summary : Listen, you really hadn’t meant to think of your friend whilst you got off, but it happened.

“Just tell me. I promise I won’t tell anyone else - it’s not me is it?”


You said it far too quick. Damn.

 You could feel him moving closer. “Oh … that’s a twist.”

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romantic lil poems i made

Aries: warm fingertips forged by fire / ruin me with your wicked desire

Taurus: soft lips graze my neck / gently weaving flowers through my hair

Gemini: your hands are like wonderland my dear / don’t you dare disappear

Cancer: your warm body pressed against mine / lay me down on cloud nine

Leo: i feel your heart beat only for me / you are the only star in the sky i see

Virgo: bare skin brushing blades of grass / you hand me your psych’s spyglass

Libra: whispers so enchanting and sweet / i wish you could feel my heart beat

Scorpio: skin littered with bold black ink / sink your teeth into my skin

Sagittarius: like your soul i feel your hands / you wander the heart of distant lands

Capricorn: calloused hands of the great achiever / you made me a true believer

Aquarius: i see a universe behind those eyes / your gentle touch eased my cries

Pisces: there’s a warped reality inside that mind / show me what heaven is like

Mike Wheeler || Dungeons & Dragons

A/N: This is my first Stranger Things imagine! I am now accepting Stranger Things request so feel free to send them in and I hope everyone enjoys!

“What the hell are they doing?” Nancy muttered out angrily as she slammed her book on the bed. Loud slams of doors, yells, and stomping of feet came from the room below Nancy’s, signaling that her brother and his friends were home. “When you were Mike’s age, we were just as bad.” Her eyes rolled at that, “ok, but not all the time like they are. Plus, you’re a only a year older than them and you’re not as rambunctious as they are.”

“That’s because I hang out with an older crowd, Nancy, skipping grades does that. I’ve always had you and Barb as friends,” both of your faces fell at the mention of Barb’s name. It was always hard to talk about her, especially once you learned the truth of what happened to her. You quickly moved to change the subject off of late your friend, “I mean, the only time I interact with kids my age is when your brother and his friends are here.” You teased as you uncrossed your legs, “they are just having fun. I mean, we are all really mature for our age.”

Nancy rolled her eyes, “you’re just saying that because you like Mike… which is still gross by the way.” You scoffed, “you’re just biased since he’s your brother.”

Silence fell over the two of you as you both turned your attention turned back to your books to jot down notes, “plus, Nancy,” she shifted her gaze to you, your eyes never left your book, “there’s nothing saying he likes me, so no need to worry.”

Nancy shook her head with a smirk, “whatever you say, Y/N.” Before you could get your teasing remark out, a knock at the door cut you off as the both of you turned to look, “yeah?”

The door opened and Mike’s head peeked in, “just wanted to let you know that we have pizza downstairs… if you want any.” His eyes darted around the room nervously, “no-“

“Sure, thanks Mike!” You cut Nancy off, she shot you a glare, “I’m not turning down free pizza, Nance, and a break would be nice. Lighten up, I’ll bring you a piece.” You quickly climbed off the bed and Mike opened the door up for you before he followed you downstairs.

“So, are you two studying for a test?” Mike started as he walked beside you down the stairs, “yeah, it’s for chemistry tomorrow.” You shot the other boys a smile as you entered the dining room, “hey, guys!”

“Hey, Y/N!” Despite how Nancy held the ‘I’m the big sister, don’t talk to me,’ phase, you would talk to the boys whenever you saw them. It just did not seem right to treat them as if they were below you since you skipped grades, “what are you guys up to?”

“Getting ready for another campaign,” Dustin’s voice was muffled from the pizza as he grinned at you. “Dungeons and Dragons.” Lucas illiterates for you, his shook his head at Dustin, “mouth closed, dude.”

“You can join, if you want.” Mike spoke up, his face lit up with a smile, “wish I could, but I’m studying with Nance.” His face dropped at that, “but I’ll definitely come down after and watch.”

A smile rose back to his face and he shifted his weight, “Sounds-sounds great.”

With a smile, you grabbed two slices of pizza, “thanks for the pizza, Mike. I’ll see you guys in a few!” You gave a soft wave as you made your way upstairs, “dude, your whipped as shit,” Dustin’s voice broke through before you could close the door, your cheeks burned and Nancy raised an eyebrow, “what happened down there?”

You placed her slice of pizza in front of her as you sat down and crossed your legs Indian style, “nothing. The boys just asked if I wanted to join them for a game after we finished studying.”

Nancy hummed as she took a bite of her pizza, “are you going to?” With a slight nod, you opened your book, lightly chewing, “yeah, probably.”

“If Dustin thinks Mike’s whipped, he should see you.” Her tone was teasing, your eyes snapped up, “oh, my God. Nancy stop.” She laughed as your blush returned, “what? It’s so true!”

With a huff, you threw yourself back on the bed as you stared up at the ceiling, “you’re never going to let this go.”

“Probably not.” She had a grin on her face as she the two of you finished up the chapter. Stretching your back, you lifted your hands over your head, “you should come with, the boys aren’t that bad.”

The phone ringing cut off her answer, “I’m good, thanks though.”

She answered the phone and her face immediately lit up, quickly you gathered your books and shot her a look, “see you tomorrow, Nance!”

“See you tomorrow!” As you were closing the door she called out, “hey, remember we are meeting before school to study!”

“I got it, I got it.” You laughed as you closed the door and made your way downstairs, “hey, Mrs. Wheeler. Hey, Holly.” You grinned as you passed by and waved at Holly, “hey, Y/N. Are you two already finished studying?”

“We are, but we are going to meet in the morning and go over anything we may have missed.”

You held a short conversation with Mrs. Wheeler before you excused yourself to the basement. You could hear the boys talking excitedly about the game. “Y/N, your done sooner than expected.” Will’s voice made everyone turn to the stairs as you hopped off the last step and sat next to Mike, “yeah, we figured we’d call it a night.”

“I heard the phone ring, I bet it’s Steve.” Lucas teased as he elbowed Dustin.

“Do you want to join?” Will turned his attention back to you, “no, I’m just going to watch. I don’t really know how to play.”

“You can help me,” Mike shot you a smile and pushed the book he was holding towards you and you grabbed the edge of the book. His shoulder pressed against yours and his free hand followed the words as he read out loud. You watched the emotion his face held and listened to the excitement in his voice as he read. Every once in a while, Mike’s eyes would land on you and he would give you a smile and you could feel his leg bounce against yours.

After a few hours the game came to an end, “man, we better go.” Lucas said as he glanced at his watch. Will and Dustin silently agreed as they packed up the game then their belongings, “see ya tomorrow, Mike. See ya later, Y/N.” They called as they climbed on their bikes and took off. You made your way to your bike and picked it up as you turned back to Mike, “thank you for inviting me to watch the game. I had fun.”

“No problem, maybe next time we can teach you a little more so you can play.” Mike rubbed the back of his neck, “sounds great.” You smiled softly, “I, uh, I better go. I’ll see you later, Mike.”

You pushed off and rode to the end of the driveway, “wait!” You turned to see Mike running up to you, “if you want, we are meeting up after school at the arcade, if you wanna come.”

You leaned forward and pressed a kiss against his cheek, “I’ll be sure to swing by.” He blushed, his eyes watching as you rode off with a goodbye loud enough for him to hear. Tonight had been a fortunate turn of events.