this lady watched me walk down the street smiling

Dangerous love

“You’re a dangerous love

Baby, you’re no good for me, darling

Cause if you’re gonna love me and leave me hanging here

then I’d rather you leave me lonely

Even though it hurts 

You’re a dangerous love ”

 Yes dating klaus Mikaelson was dangerous not only for your life but also for your heart. You have known he was a player when you met him but his charms like always made you fall for him. His charms made all the girls fall at his feet and you were no exception. 

 But one thing for sure Klaus returned those feelings you’ve felt for him. His siblings truly believed you would be the one to save him; foolishly like always they assume things that won’t happen 

 You were in yours and klaus shared room when klaus walked in looking rather angry. You’ve became concerned by the murderous look that was capturing his beautiful blue eyes. 

 “What’s wrong baby” you asked concern lacing over your voice as you say beside klaus in your shared bed

 “The bloody witches don’t know how to keep to them selves always causing trouble” Klaus growled frustrated by the situation which caused you to jump a little “Awe don’t worry about it babe, I know you can handle it, I know you love. You always find a way to fix things” you replied smoothly rubbing his back but he moved away from your touch making you frown. 

 “You don’t know me, so do not act like you bloody do (y/n). I don’t need your advise on my kingdom. Just go away” klaus blowed making you flinch at his harsh words “Please Nik calm down. You’re scaring me” you said in hopes of calming him down but that didn’t work as you hoped 

 “Oh bloody hell just shut up will ya, your presence is making me irritated even more” he yelled walking out the room while mumbling few curse words to himself “You’re a dangerous love Klaus Mikaelson” you mumbled to yourself as you processed what just happened


 The following weeks were filled with screaming between you and klaus. Some nights he stays out and never comes home. He had began distancing himself from you. You both barely talk and when you try it always ends Ina fight. You are getting tired of the constant routine you fell into. You were pacing around in the living room when you saw Elijah walking somewhere so you decided to talk to him about klaus actions recently.

 “Elijah do you have a minute to talk” you asked knowing he’s too polite to say no “Of course (y/n), what can I help you with” Elijah asked with a genuine smile  

Sometimes you wonder why you hadn’t fell for the noble brother, he was sweet, kind and let’s be real very handsome. But you had a thing for bad boys.   

“Umm well recently klaus has been very distant, absent and always starting fights with me for the smallest things, I was wondering if you know what was going on with him” you asked hope shining bright in your eyes

 “I haven’t noticed that till you mentioned it, but my dear I’m afraid I don’t have the answers you’re looking for. I’m sorry darling” Elijah said

 “Ah it’s fine, I’ll find out then, thank you so much” you said walking out determined to find out what was wrong with klaus, you were going to end this once and for all. You were getting tired of this silly little game. 

 You were walking down the streets of New Orleans in hopes of finding klaus. You had no luck so far and it was getting really late. You decided to go back home and wait for him when you saw Klaus. 

 He was not alone, he was with Cami the human girl he wouldn’t introduce you too. He seemed so happy, a lot more then he was these few weeks with you. Maybe this was the reason for his behavior, he had found someone else to love and protect. You felt your heartbreak a little by little. Compared to her you felt worthless, she was beautiful. 

 You had enough watching the happy couple walk down the streets holding hands and laughing. You built up the courage to walk up to them with a fake smile, determined to end everything with you and Klaus tonight. 

 “Ah Klaus just the man I was looking for, can I please have a word with you” you asked in a sickeningly sweet voice “of course if the lady doesn’t mind me interrupting the date” you said with a smile. Klaus could see the pain hiding in your eyes and he felt horrible. He knew he was in trouble and he felt something more worse coming his way. 

 “No no go ahead, I’ll just wait for him at that cafe” she said pointing too a small coffee shop Klaus faked smiled and nodded at her as she walked away. He dragged you away into an allay way in an attempt to not create a scene. 

“What do you what” klaus asked softly knowing exactly what you wanted 

 “What do I want, hmm how about you telling me how long you have been cheating on me. Did you think I won’t find out. Honestly I was a fool to think you actually loved me” you said coldly making klaus flinch at your tone 

 “I-I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking, listen to me please I did love you but then I met her and she was different and intrigued me and made me happy, but I could never stop loving you” klaus said softly. You honestly thought klaus was going to hold up a fight not give in so easily 

 “Bullshit Klaus and you know it. If you wanted her then you should have broke up with me. If you do love me then you would have no cheated” you screamed showing all the anger you felt 

 “No love you know it’s not, you know I love you, but I just got caught up in the moment with her. She’s an amazing women but nothing compared to you” Klaus said trying to defend him self. He saw the hurt in your eyes when he said that and that’s when he realized he truly fucked up 

 “Honestly klaus you have done many horrible things that hurt me but was forgivable but cheating that’s even low for you Thats something I can’t forgive. Don’t say I love you if you don’t truly mean it” you said ashamed for him 

 “But I do mean it, I said I’m sorry what else do you want me to do. Honestly I won’t kill her but what do you want” klaus said softly. You could see he guilt in his eyes What he did really hurt you, he made you feel like s queen and then he cheats making you feel worthless. 

 A sorry won’t fix anything right now, you were done with him and his complicated family. Yes you loved them but right now you had to put your self first 

“A sorry isn’t going to do anything, no not anymore. You had many chances to make things right but you always blew it but it was nothing big like this. I really hope your happy with Cami, she seems like a sweet girl and don’t hurt her like you did to me because unlike me she has people who love and care about her” you said tearing running down your face 

 Seeing you cry made klaus upset, it broke his heart knowing the tears were cause by him and his stupidity. He blew all his chances and he was wishing he can get one more to fix everything 

 “(Y/N) love, I’m sorry don’t say that I know what I did is unforgivable but don’t talk like that. You do have people who love and care about you darling. I love you” klaus said trying to wipe the tears but you backed away from his touch making him frown 

 “Klaus don’t say that klaus it’s hurts even more when you say it. I’m so tired of this relationship we have. Honestly you’re no good for me darling, cause if you’re gonna love me then leave me hanging here then I rather you leave me lonely. Even though it hurts your a dangerous love Klaus Mikaelson” you said sadly looking up at his handsome face filled with sadness

 “Please don’t say that I need you in my life, you make me a better person, please darling don’t leave me give me a second chance. Your presence makes me happy and you making the room light up when you walk in, your positive attitude makes everything seem better, you always see the good in anything bad. Please I can’t lose you I love you” klaus begged trying to hug you but you dogged the hug. 

 “Klaus let’s not hurt each other even more, this isn’t working out so don’t be sad. I love seeing you smile and honestly you’ll find someone better who can keep you happy like Cami. I’m going to leave town and if you think about looking for me please don’t take that as my last wish” you said kissing his check before walking away with tears running down your face 

 “Please (Y/N) love, don’t leave come back. I promise I’ll make it right, I won’t mess up. I’ll always be loyal I can’t lose you please just give me a second chance, I can’t live with out you, you mean too much to me. I love you too much to lose someone wonderful as you” klaus screamed on his knees as his head feel in his hand. it was too late you were long gone.

 A tear ran down his face as he realized he had lost the one thing he had loved and loves the most in the world. He was stupid and selfish for what he did. He lost the best thing that happened to him and now he felt empty with out you he was broken yet again 

Klaus was madly in love with you and you were madly in love with him but neither of you knew how much you loved each other till too late. 

 Part 2??? Yes / No I hope you like it I don’t think I’m any good at this but I just do it for fun and cause I love this man so much

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Luke grabs my hand, running with me through aisles of cars until we came to a halt out front of the entrance to Disneyland. I gasped excitedly, squeezing his hand as he pulls tickets out of the bag and hands them to the smiling lady behind the counter.I tugged him through the gates, halting quickly as we took our first few steps into the park. The sun was shining, brightening up the features of Main Street. Sugary smells were surrounding us along with magical music that made my heart dance. I felt Luke’s eyes on me, turning to see him watching my enjoyment. When he saw me looking he blushed and turned away. We walked down Main Street, filled with cheery children tugging on their parent’s hand, and lined with colorful, small-town buildings on each side. “Look, the castle!” I tugged on Luke’s arm, making him laugh as a little girl next to us tugged on her parents’ sleeves in the same way.

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The sun light shined into our shared bedroom, landing on both our sleeping bodies. I saw the light peaking through the curtains, and I was woken up. I groaned as a response of being woken up. I slowly fluttered my eyes open and looked around. To my left I see its 8:30am, and to my right is my beautiful boyfriend of three years. I smiled at his angelic face, the light shining on his face just right. His arms wrapped around my waist, legs tangled with each other, bodies close, and his head on top of mine. I wish I could live in this moment forever. I just stared at him while he slept. His hair in mess and some in his face covering his eyes. Mouth partly opened, soft snores coming through, and a steady breathing. I smiled warmly at the man next to me; he looked so innocent and fragile. So…peaceful. I softly ran my finger on his cheek, so soft and warm. He moved a little, moving closer to me (if that was even possible), still asleep. I kissed his eyes softly, then his temple, his cheek, nose, chin, shoulder, and lastly his lips. When I pulled away, he had a smile on his face. He was awake. “Good morning to you too.” He chuckled, eyes still closed.  “Morning my love.” I said with a quiet voice, considering it’s the first I’ve spoken since I woke up. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “I’m sorry baby, did I wake you up?” I asked running my hand through his hair, causing him sigh contently. “It’s okay; I’ve been away for awhile.” He said opening one eye to look at me. “Why didn’t you say anything silly?” I giggled. “Because I love it when you give me kisses.” He said shyly and snuggling in the crook of my neck, leaving a kiss. “I couldn’t help it, you just looked so peaceful and cute, I couldn’t help myself.” I said kissing his head. He smiled and looked up at me. We just stayed like that for a few seconds, admiring each other. “What are you looking at baby?” I asked. “You, I still can’t comprehend that you’re mine. All mine, to love and to hold. To kiss and to cuddle, whenever I want to,” he said, “I am so lucky to have you.” “I’m the one who should be lucky. You’re the sweetest, nicest, kindest, cutest, greatest, and over all amazing guy I’ve ever met. It still shocks me that I get to call you mine.” I said to him. He leaned up and I laid my head on his shoulder, my hand on his chest. He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my arm up and down. “Babe..?” I asked. “Yeah?” “Why me exactly? Why did you choose me out of all the girls out there? You could have any one of them, but you chose me. Why?” I asked him looking up at him. He sighed and lean his cheek on my head. “Well, where do I start? I could list a thousand things on why I chose to love you. But I’ll keep it short. Remember when we met? At the library.” He asked. “Yeah I remember,” I giggled, “you walked into a wall, spilling coffee all over yourself.” “Yeah well, for you it was the first time we met. But for me it was the eighth time.” He started to explain. “What do you mean?” I asked confused by his statement. “Well, the week before I met you, I kind of…I wouldn’t say stalked, but more like followed you every morning and watched you from afar. I remember that Monday in autumn, I walked into the cafe looking for something warm to drink. While I waited, I saw most beautiful I’ve ever seen in my life. A girl with glasses and a book. She looked so innocent and I knew at that moment it was my duty to protect her from everything that could hurt her. I watched as she sat there, really into the book she was reading. Every few minutes taking a sip of her drink and pushing up her glasses. She was so cute playing with her hair as she read. I was so lost in her, that the man from the counter had to come and tap me telling my drinks been ready. After I took it, I noticed she was gone, which upsetted me. The old lady, who was standing next me, tapped my shoulder and smiled at me. And I remember her exacted words. "Her name is (Y/N); she’s here every morning from 8 to 9:30. When she leaves, she goes to the local library just down the street. Do not frown my boy, this won’t be last time you will see her.” Then she smiled at me and walked away to who I assume is her husband. After that, every day I would come at 8am just to see you, then follow you to the library and watch you from afar. I just never had the guts to talk to you; I was scared you wouldn’t like a guy like me. Have tattoos. But one day, I knew it was the day I would finally ask you out. I had everything thought of,“ I cut him off, "So you planned on spilling coffee everywhere?” I asked giggling. “I’m getting to that sh.” He said to me kissing my nose. “I had everything thought of. I walked into the café and saw you reading as usual. I bought my coffee and started to walk over to you, but then I started doubting myself and got scared you’d reject me, so I panicked next thing I know, I passed by you and you looked up at me. You had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, you smiled at me and I just lost it. I smiled back, but didn’t pay attention where I was walking so…I walked into the wall and hitting my head.” He finished with a blush. “And I ran over to the man who walked into the wall and made sure he was okay. Just looking at him made my heart flutter and my heart beat faster. He was so shy and dorky, I loved it. He made my heart beat faster by looking at him and he gave me butterflies when he smiled. And those dimples, just made me want to faint.” I joked at the end making us both laugh. “Meeting you was the greatest thing that ever happened. And I am grateful to have you. You’re so innocent and fragile like a piece of glass or a baby. But yet, you’re so strong and confident and that’s one of the many things I love about you. You’re perfect (Y/N).” He finished. “I’m not perfect (B/N).” I said looking down. “I’m fat.” I sighed. He lifted up my chin and looked at me dead in the eye. “You are not fat, you never were. You’re the most beautiful and outstanding person I’ve ever laid eyes on.” he said. “But (B/N)…” I started, but he cut me off this time. “No buts, no one could ever tell me different or change the way I feel about you or look at you. You’re the most perfect human being I’ve ever met. And I never want to lose you.” He finished. I couldn’t help it; I let a few tears slip my eyes before I pulled him down for a deep, long, loving kiss. My hand cupping his cheek and his hand on my waist pulling me in closer to his body. We both smiled into the kiss and pulled away. “I love you (B/F/N) (B/M/N) (B/L/N).” I said breathlessly. “I love you too my darling love. I love you so much that…” he said before getting out of bed and going to the dresser. I sat in bed and watched him. He came back with a small velvet box in hand. And I knew what he was going to do. “Oh my god…” I whispered covering my mouth with my hands. “(Y/N), these last three years have been the greatest years of my life. I know we’ve had our ups and downs, but we would always find our way to each other. We’ve talked about having a future together and having kids, and now. I think it’s time that dream should could true. (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), will you do me the honours and making me the happiest man on earth and becoming my wife. Marry me?” He said getting on one knee and opening the box to the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. “Yes, yes (B/F/N) (B/L/N) I will marry you.” I said through tears and jumping into his arms, giving him a big loving kiss and hug. We got up from the floor and he put the ring on my finger before kissing my head and hugging me again. “I love you.” “I love you too, Mrs. (Y/L/N).”

Petyr x Sansa week day 2: Gold

There were many golden things that could have caught Petyr’s eye. The blazing summer sun, the curls flowing from the heads of Tommen and Myrcella Baratheon, a school of fish whos scales occasionally surfaced upon the Blackwater Bay. But nothing commanded his attention more than the golden strands that were weaved into Sansa Stark’s red locks. How had he never noticed that before? The gold that highlighted her hair was more beautiful than any stupid school of fish that Varys was currently fascinated by.

“Look at those colours, Lord Baelish,” Petyr heard the eunuch praise, “truly I’ve never seen such beauty upon the Blackwater Bay.”

But really, the Spider could be entranced by ridiculous fish for as long as liked, it wouldn’t distract Petyr’s attention from the golden highlights in his new wife’s hair. Perhaps it was the sun that was shining down, causing everything below it to glitter, that brought out the previously unnoticed colour intertwined in her curls. Either way it was a true thing of beauty, the way it seemed to glisten, and Petyr could not tear his eyes away.

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Fall (Part 4/?)

I said it’d be out sooner.

This chapter kind of got away from me. It’s a little over 13.8k words, so it’s the longest I’ve written. This one is…interesting. I’m curious as to how people will respond.

We have an angry Finn, a loopy Rae, and an almost nice Liam.

I hope you all enjoy. I enjoyed writing it.

If there are any grammatical errors, I apologize.



With a cup of black coffee and the book I always read.
I flip through the book page by page thoughtlessly, with my eyes closed.
To kill some time, I have abandoned myself.
The coffee that I drink everyday,
Is bitter today and I miss the sweetness from yesterday.

The next day finds me well rested and alert. I walk to work feeling lighter than I have in a long time, and I actually smile at the people around me. I had gotten up with Liam and got ready when he did. I didn’t even put any makeup on. He leaves the house about an hour before I have to, but I didn’t care. I had waited on the stoop while he locked the door and smiled when he turned around. He returned it and leaned in to kiss my forehead then the stitched cut next to my eye. His lips were cool and left my skin tingling. I had flinched away slightly when he reached out his hand to cup my face and shot him an apologetic smile. His eyes had lit with anger for a minute then he sighed and looked me in the eyes.

“I’m sorry Rae.”  

I had nodded slowly, relieved that he was angry with himself and not me.

“It’s okay. I understand.”

We’d smiled at each other again and I leaned into his touch on my cheek as he kissed my forehead again. I watched him walk to his car and felt something like happiness bubble inside of me. Things were finally changing.


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