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Knit and Lace

Prompt: Family/Pink
Warning: NSFW!

Inuyasha knew he hated Kagome for an irrational reason. She couldn’t help the fact that she looked like the ex that stomped on his heart ‘til it was ground meat. But, it was the principle of it all.

“I’d really like it if you put your differences aside to get along with her,” Miroku said beseechingly. “Sango and I are getting married, and you two are going to play a huge part in it.”

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Yes!! That tan/beige lip she was wearing to death. That needs to be gone. Hit us with some shades of red, and shades of dark brown. Never again with the silver and black eyeshadow. And keep up with the good weave sis. We just Mani to look A1 at all times 😊 now some of these outfits 👀 gotta go.

We just want her to switch it up a little more. I wish she’d bring back the sew-ins or long bundles, it so much more seem less than a wig. Her outfits can be hit or miss sometimes lol Either way she’s been looking great this past week or so

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things i associate with you: never enough by allie x | drag by day wave | freckled skin | that cute thing girls do to cover their chest | messy, tangled hair | berries that stain your hands | the sound of strong wind | jupiter | sitting on the roof, drinking lemonade | falling for someone you barely know | jaw kisses | white lace

Ugh I love this so much, and you clearly put so much work into it, thank you!!! I’m blushing this is so lovely 💕

Trust and Discipline

Part 10 of the A Choker of Lace series. Find the other parts in chronological order here. Bdsm AU with Dom!Gold and sub!Belle. In this part: Oh god I don’t even know. It’s a monster. Ok, let’s see… C. Interruptus and rough s*x and… oh well. Hey, they talk, too. Also, it got insanely long.

Rating: NC-17


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- When my own status as a living being was in question, you fought to protect my rights, and for that I will always be grateful. The exocomps had not such advocate, if I had not acted on their behalf, they would have been destroyed. I could not allow that to happen, sir.

- Of course you couldn’t. It was the most human decision you’ve ever made

Masquerade [[closed rp with askren-pai

Livia groaned in protest as she was tugged and yanked in everywhich direction as her corset was being laced. “Do I really, ugh, have to wear this thing? It’s just a dance!” She put a hand to her stomach, hoping for some comfort even if it did nothing.

“Be that as it may, young lady. We were invited, and we are going, and you are going to dress appropriately.” Her mother chided, giving the laces a final tug before tying them off and tucking the excess into the corset. “You’re going to look beautiful, more than you already do.” She smiled to her daughter and set about pinning up the girl’s hair. “Now sit still, we have to go soon.”

“Yes, Mother.” Livia sighed in defeat and gave up fighting, knowing that her behavior would reflect on her parents and she did not want to be the cause of poor business for them in the future.

Quark is bisexual and biromantic but it takes him years to acknowledge the second one because among male Ferengi, bisexuality is totally normal but sex is traditionally a boss/employee power play thing, and if you fall in love with someone in that cultural context they are going to take advantage of you. (And Quark lives in constant fear of people finding out that he’s as much of a romantic as Rom.) He was interested in Pel before learning she was crossdressing, but it scared him because he had been successfully ignoring that aspect of his desire for years. And his interest in Nilva in Profit and Lace (ugh) had nothing to do with “female hormones”. Don’t worry, he comes to terms with it eventually. Can’t spend too much time off of Ferenginar without realizing that there are a lot of other ways to do relationships.