this kiss was so random

Things Genos Has to Deal With
  • The unnecessary and incessant use of dad jokes 
  • A silent gratitude for the fact that the glare from Saitama’s head doesn’t affect him when they’re outside together
  • Waking up to find that Saitama has stolen his half of the blanket
  • Waking up to find that Saitama has kicked him off of the futon in his sleep
  • The fact that Saitama can do so many talented things with his hands
  • The random kisses he gets whenever he’s doing something utterly mundane and domestic
  • Internally screaming whenever Saitama pats him on the head
  • A quiet satisfaction whenever he manages to make Saitama smile
  • Seeing a God when others see a nuisance 
  • The difficulty that comes with trying to both cook and watch Saitama walk around shirtless 
  • Using hate mail as kindling for a fire
  • Rolling Saitama around because he refuses to move
  • Sometimes cheering up and comforting a depressed young man 
  • Constantly reminding Saitama that he doesn’t mind the man’s age
  • Being carried back to Dr. Kuseno’s like a child by Saitama after a battle and secretly liking it
  • His desire for revenge falling to the back of his mind whenever he looks into Saitama’s eyes
  • His inability to deny the possibility that he may have a glove fetish
  • Quietly dying inside whenever Saitama picks a terrible movie for movie night
  • Once having Saitama describe his resting bitch face as “something nice to look at but you don’t wanna look at it for too long or you might be turned to stone”
  • Needing to pry a pancake off of the ceiling because Saitama wanted to be “a master chef”
  • Truly contemplating whether revenge is worth it whenever he is woken up with a good morning kiss     
First Kiss with Seventeen

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By the way, by first kiss, I mean you’re first one with them, not like, in your life, tbh i don’t know, it’s more of some kiss with seventeen.

with svt in the gif lining up to kiss you. 


  • probably after like three dates
  • soft but passionate (???)
  • kind of reminds me of plushy bunnies
  • probably gave you a really big smile that doesn’t show is teeth with the dimple and all, afterwards
  • kinda like this ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
  • probably in your bedroom or in a park or like backstage before one of his performances


  • lazy
  • he kissed you within the first month of you two dating
  • was probably first somewhere on your face, that isn’t your face, then your lips
  • he possibly kissed you again
  • you guys were probably lying down before, maybe even during it
  • he probably giggled a little afterwards
  • kinda random


  • soft
  • probably asked for your permission
  • or he kissed you then was like
  • “oh, sorry, are you okay with that? can i do it again?”
  • something like that
  • afterwards he shyly smiled


  • okay, apparently he had his first kiss with his mum’s friend’s daughter when he was like five
  • so you two were like dating for a week
  • and then probably pulled you close
  • then peppered your face with kisses
  • then unexpectedly kissed your lips
  • and you were really flustered
  • well played junnie


  • probably got an award or something exciting
  • then like ran to you and kissed you
  • probably didn’t realise he did
  • he was so excited like, *kisses you* WE WON (Y/N)! KJFBSDOB
  • very honestly, it was so random you didn’t even have time to realise he was kissing you after he kissed you


  • you might’ve had to kiss him first
  • i just feel like he would like to take things slow
  • so you kissed him
  • then he was like
  • ‘I wanted to kiss you first,’ >:(
  • so you let him kiss you, or he just did it
  • or he was really shy and sheepishly smiled for the rest of the day


  • he was probably being stubborn and you were not dealing with him and you were kinda mad
  • and he was like, ‘o shit,’
  • so you gave him the silent treatment and he was like
  • ‘whhhyyyy?’ all whiney
  • then he was like, under his breath, ‘fucking hell,’
  • then kissed you
  • you were slightly less mad
  • then kissed you until you weren’t mad from earlier, just him kissing you 1210238 times
  • or like wonwoo, you kissed him first and he was mad and flustered (he was very flustered to be very honest) so he kissed you


  • like those kisses were he pulls you close, holds you face, then kisses you
  • was kinda out of nowhere but you kinda were expecting it
  • he probably smiled at you afterwards and giggled a little
  • pure and innocent is probably the best way to describe it
  • was probably extra smiley for the rest of the day


  • i don’t even know if you guys were a thing
  • he probably did that move where the dude pushes the girl to the wall all smooth and is like ;;;)
  • then says some dumb pick up line
  • kisses you
  • then makes you his
  • or he wanted attention and was like (y/n) LOVE MEEEE
  • then kissed you


  • super soft and sweet
  • just like him
  • so you were at seventeen’s dorm and you guys were just playing around and built a fort
  • you guys probably sat under it giggling and talking
  • then someone kisses someone and everyone’s blushing and giggling and coups is probably watching with a tear falling from his eye like, how cute :,)


  • very shy and nervous about this
  • won’t let you know that though
  • so you were probably teasing him about it,
  • and he was like excuse me, i’ll show you \\٩(๑`^´๑)۶//
  • then kisses you
  • ‘yeah, that’s right, boo’s the best kisser and you know that !!’


  • he’s kinda shy, so guess who made the first move?
  • YOU
  • so one day you two were on your super domestic ideal date
  • and you just kissed him bc you can
  • and he was like FLUSTERED™️
  • if you searched up ‘define flustered’ a photo of hansel after you kissed him would appear
  • he would probably smirk a little after


  • wants to be a man so he decided he would prove this to you by kissing him
  • he was actually really nervous
  • probably asked Jun and Hoshi for some useless advice
  • so he was like
  • ‘let’s go out,’
  • and you were like sure, so you guys were on a date and he was like shaking and you were like,
  • ‘you okay?’
  • ‘yeah,’ (he’s really not),
  • and unsurely you said, ‘okay,’
  • and then he was like quietly but loud enough for you to hear
  • ‘goddamnit chan, just do it,’
  • then kissed you and it was cute and you two were a flustered mess

this is kinda messy, but i wanted to write something 

- admin jola 🌱

Dating Vernon would include

Request: A ‘dating vernon would include’! 💞

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- first of all, what a dork

- talks about memes all the time

- I mean, you are dating Memesol™

- loves to listen to the new Drake album with you

- it’s super cute because you sing all the girl parts and he takes over the rap

- it’s like you’re dynamic r&b duo number one

- ((sorry I’ve been listening to the new Drake album 24/7))

- acts all tough and masculine and cool, but you know the truth

- he is so shy n cute behind the scenes

- he still asks permission for everything

- “Hey Y/N can I kiss you?”

- “……..Hansol we’ve been dating for a whole year now I think you can kiss me whenever you want”

- “I just wanted to make sure because you just look really pretty right now and I don’t want t-”

- and you don’t wanna hear it so you just kiss him instead 

- literally the most random person you’ve ever met

- sometimes you’ll wake up and he’ll just be dancing around the room like a 40 year old white dude at a wedding reception

- with no music on

- and you’re just like

- “????????”

- but then you get up and join him because why not

- dates are usually at kid-oriented places because……. he’s a child

- so skee-ball dates are a must

- and carnivals

- and going to see kids movies

- but sometimes it’s just you and him chilling out at home

- he loves to just sit on a balcony with you and listen to chill hip hop and hold your hand as you dangle your legs off the edge

- and you both just kinda watch the city go by

- but he honestly can’t stop looking at you and how the light reflects off your face

- he’d never tell you (because he’s still so nervous around you) but you’re like art to him


- so mushy gushy with you because he knows you both hate it

- so you both basically try to out-disgust one another with cheesy stuff

- “Jagiiii~ I got you two dozen roses and the new Disney movie on DVD since you passed your exams!!”


- and you both are just like “this is so embarrassing”

- but then later on you’re cuddled up to one another in the sweaters watching the DVD with the roses in a vase on the coffee table

- no regrets

- you act more like best friends than anything else

- it took the rest of the group like 20 years to figure out you two were dating

- mostly because skinship is at a bare minimum in public

- and also you guys are ALWAYS play-fighting

- but then one day you are all over at the dorm

- and you’re bent over the kitchen counter typing an email to one of your professors/teachers/coworkers

- and Hansol walks by and just grabs a nice ol handful of booty

- because let’s be real here that boy praises the booty

- and Jeonghan sees and is like


- and at that everyone comes running into the kitchen to see what’s going on

- and you and him, being the laziest couple ever, kiss in front of everyone instead of explaining the situation

- and everyone goes BALLISTIC

- except for Junhui

- he just high-fives Hansol and is like

- “Niiiiice”

- to conclude: Hansol would be such a fun-loving bf and it feels like you’ve been best friends your whole lives when you’re around one another

- but he’s also completely enamored by you and it drives him crazy but he loves you for it

Teal - Clarity. Trust. Healing. Stability. Serenity.

Aaaand its 5 am and ive been working on this mess since september /scREAMS/ or was it october…@msmarshmallowmadnessi told you a kiss was coming 😈 i guess i’ll dedicate this to our awesome prguy @teamlolirock bcuz you and the squad have given us all so much already! Thank you guys for making lolirock bcuz it honestly means so much to us! We wish you all of the above!  #alsolowkeycelebratorykiss4s2 😉


CYR has stronk You
AAA has stronk Kanan
GK …. #RIP Riko (・д・`o)

So… which is your favorite subunit? -rolls

Dating Nathan Prescott would include:

•Him letting you wear his jacket when you’re cold
•Early morning breakfast at Two Whales
•Calming him when he’s having a panic attack
•Him protecting you from Jefferson
•Random kisses in class
• Hickeys, so many hickeys
•He loves to take photos of you when you’re not looking
•Walking on the beach to look at the whales
•Nathan cries real hardcore tears when he sees the dead whales with his own eyes
•Taking day long drives going to random places and just cuddling when he’s stressed
•Watching the sunrise and set together
•He lashes out at you sometimes
•But you tend to calm him down fast
•You and him shotgun sometimes
•He can only feel truly at peace when he’s with you
•"I love you Y/N"

mochiiswan  asked:

request for rfa + v + saeran who is dating an mc who is self conscious because she thinks she's clingy (and is but only because she wants to show her partner as much affection as possible)? because this is me like 100% lolol

My gosh this took over a month to complete. I tried my best to make sure that all the characters sound like themselves. I hope I did your request justice!

Somehow every time you were your usual affectionate self they seemed rather… disinterested. Maybe even annoyed. You felt bad and apologised for being so clingy and touchy with them all the time.


  • Zen was cooking dinner for the both of you when you suddenly started apologising for being clingy all the time.
  • He was so confused because he especially liked your affectionate side.
  • I mean obviously.
  • He is Zen.
  • “Babe, you don’t have to be sorry about that. I love it when you’re being clingy because it means I can be as affectionate as I want to be and it wouldn’t be weird to you.”
  • His initial playful expression changed and he looked more serious.
  • “You know how my childhood was. I… I never got much affection. But now that you’re here, I do. And I’m finally happy. I finally feel genuinely loved for once. Don’t change, okay?”
  • He planted a kiss on your forehead and pulled you into a big hug. Both of you just stayed like that for awhile.
  • You were glad to know that he appreciated your ‘clinginess’.
  • In the midst of your hugging-fest, he completely forgot about the chicken on the stove and burnt it.
  • Staring at the black piece of tar on the pan he said, “You know what? Why don’t we just order some food and eat on the rooftop?”
  • Under the stars, the both of you just cuddled.
  • He made sure you never felt like you were being clingy ever again.


  • “What?”
  • He didn’t even realise you had started to harbour guilt when he didn’t respond to your hugs and kisses.
  • To him, it was almost like a routine. It was your thing. He liked it.
  • “Hey guys, I’m gonna be away for awhile, my girlfriend’s here,” he said into his microphone.
  • There was a long pause before he replied with a snarky “Well at least I have a girlfriend!”
  • Then he placed his headset onto the table and turned his chair to face you.
  • “MC please don’t be sorry about being ‘clingy’. I appreciate it. I’m just… I guess I get carried away with my games or work sometimes that I forget to reciprocate. I’m sorry. Please don’t ever feel like you’re disturbing me. I love you okay?”
  • You stood there, not knowing how to respond. You could see his character getting absolutely obliterated on the screen behind him.
  • He forced himself not to care about that.
  • Turning off his console, he got up and said “You know what? I’m feeling a little sleepy after all that gaming. Do you wanna take a nap with me?”
  • He didn’t let you go the entire time both of you were asleep.
  • That was how he made it up to you.


  • “MC, that’s not a bad thing. What are you talking about?” she asked as she wiped the tables. It was 11pm and all the customers had finally left.
  • Jaehee expressed affection more with her words, and you with actions. She didn’t find anything wrong with that. In fact, she thought it was a good balance.
  • “Being clingy is being selfish and not giving me freedom because you want me all to yourself. You’re not like that, MC. You supported me through my dreams. You’re the reason why I’m where I am right now.”
  • You looked around at the coffee shop that both of you had worked hard for and you gave her a small smile.
  • “And whenever we have a bad day here, I know you’ll be there to hug and comfort me. I love that about you… and I love you.”
  • She put the cleaning cloth down and held your hands in hers and looks at you in the eyes.
  • “Don’t ever be sorry for being affectionate, okay? There’s nothing wrong with that.”
  • To make sure you felt better, she whipped up some coffee and muffins and both of you sat at the table by the window.
  • You talked about everything, from the customers you’d encountered that day to future plans together.  
  • Man, how lucky you were to have someone like her.


  • You were both seated at the dining table eating dinner when you started to apologise.
  • “Is that why you stopped being affectionate towards me after I get home from work?”
  • You nodded. “You’re clearly tired and I keep bothering you. And you seem really disinterested anyway. I’m sorry.”
  • His expression was indecipherable.
  • “MC, you know I’m kind of… new to this affection thing. I do try to hug and kiss back, but sometimes it is a little overwhelming. But I should be the one who’s sorry for not being an expressive enough husband.”
  • You felt even worse.
  • You looked up and saw something in his eyes. Was that guilt?
  • “MC, I love you. Don’t ever think your random hugs and kisses annoy me. You make me so happy. Let me learn how to do the same for you. Please just be patient with me.”
  • Turns out, while you thought you were being too clingy, he thought he was too detached. It was an issue that had never been brought up before.
  • That night, your conversation at the dinner table lasted over three hours. 
  • You got to know each other all over again.


  • “Wait can you repeat that? Sorry I’m really busy.” He spun his chair around to face you. Behind him, you could see all the unfinished codes he was working on.
  • “I was just saying sorry for being such a disturbance all the time and distracting you. I don’t want you to get in trouble with your company.”
  • He let out a huge laugh. He thought you were kidding. When you didn’t laugh back, his face got serious.
  • “Wait. You honestly think you’re bothering me?”
  • “Uhh… yes?”
  • “No no don’t think that!” he exclaimed. “Why would you ever think that?”
  • You didn’t say anything. You simply looked at the computer behind him and he understood.
  • “Look, MC. There was a time before you when I would stay awake for three days at a time without talking to anyone. I almost went mad several times. But you, you help me remember that I’m not alone and that as crazy as it sounds, someone cares enough about me to want to hug me and cuddle me! I love you okay?”
  • He walked over to you and gave you a peck on the lips before going back to his work.
  • “After I finish this, let’s go play some video games together. What do you say about that?”
  • He let you beat him in the game several times to make you feel better.


  • This man is so confused. So confused.
  • “MC, you know that before you, I loved Rika right?”
  • The sudden mention of Rika took you aback, but you simply nodded.
  • “I didn’t realise it back then, but she didn’t love me as much as I loved her. I loved her so much that I even let her hurt me.”
  • He touched the small scar above his eye, where the surgeon had made an incision during his eye operation.
  • “But now you’re here, and you make me feel so genuinely loved. I’ve done bad things out of love, I admit that. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like I deserve to be loved by someone as pure as you.”
  • You sat down next to him. You didn’t expect him to suddenly pour his heart out.
  • “Before I got my surgery, my only connection to you was through touch. When you hugged me, kissed me… And now that I can see, I see the happiness in your eyes when you do that. I don’t want that to disappear. I may not be as good at being physically affectionate as you, but I do love you as much as you love me. Maybe… maybe even more.”
  • He pulled you into a warm embrace.
  • Since then he made the extra effort to show you how appreciative he was of you. You showed him real love. It’s time he showed it to you back.


  • “Well, finally you realise.”
  • This guy. Oh boy.
  • “You’re always in my personal space. I know you like me but that doesn’t mean I don’t need my own space.”
  • And with that, you left his house. That hurt, but at least he was honest right?
  • That night, you got a call from Seven. No ‘hello’s, no ‘how are you’s. He just went straight to “I’m so sorry about my brother!”
  • When he found out what Saeran had told you, he scolded him. Why? Because he knew that Saeran was head over heels for you, and after much coercing, he finally got Saeran to admit that he liked you. A lot. He just didn’t know whether or not to be expressive about it.
  • Just as the phone call ended, your doorbell rang. It was already 1am, but standing outside your door was the other redhead, looking absolutely anxious.
  • “I’m sorry for what I said. The truth is I like you. You’re not being clingy. Or if you are, I like it. Because… I like you.”
  • It was adorable seeing him be so shy for the first time.
  • You offered to let him stay the night at your house since it was late, and of course, being you, you cuddled with him for awhile while the both of you watched TV.
  • This time, he didn’t flinch.
  • You could finally see that he actually enjoyed your affection.

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  • wOow what a cheeky little shi-
  • kay’ but when you guys first meet he has no problem whatsoever just approaching you with his blinding smile
  • just a small, little, cozy café: you’re typing away on your computer and suddenly the seat next to you makes a loud screeching sound so you’re like ‘what the-’ but you see this handsome price
  • he’s like ‘hey! you’re cute, can i get your number?’ 
  • he lowkey hIGHKEY seems fuckboy but you just think ‘i mean i can block him later right’
  • once you start texting each other you come to realize he’s actually such a sweet and charming boy 
  • you guys don’t exactly go out on ‘dates’ at first but rather hanging out more 
  • he’s super flirty though but that’s because he likes you so much
  • the day he asked you for your number he honestly realized he seemed super fboy so instead he wants to prove himself he isn’t by getting to know you better 
  • you guys actually hang out, simply as friends, for a couple months and both of you become so close to each other
  • but he truly comes to see that you’re so beautiful on the inside too so he starts getting super nervous and anxious to ask you out???
  • so he seeks some advice from taeyong but tae’s like ‘wait???? you guys aren’t dating???????? i thought-’
  • taeyong starts clapping his hands and jumping around because of how real the ship was so yuta just ends up leaving as he rolls his eyes, texting you to meet him at the café
  • he’s waiting in the front with a bouquet of flowers 
  • ‘so, y/n… i’m such a lucky guy to have become so close to a-an amazing person like you wOULDYOUBEMYGIRLFRIEND’
  • and obviously you say yes
  • he then hugs you so tightly and after he pulls away he kisses you on the forehead and drapes his arm around your shoulders
  • nothing changes tbh as you guys start dating since you were pretty close already
  • just more affection and pda
  • he’s actually a piece of gum chEW CHEW CHEW CHEW CHEWING GUM 
  • always kissing and hugging you around the others; doyoung yelling at you guys to get a room before he has to explain what sexual intercourse is to the dreamies-
  • although he may be busy lots of times he would still remember to send a single text saying ‘i love you’
  • watching anime together but then you kind of get weirded out cause he starts crying over one of them uhm
  • every time you hangout with johnny he basically exposes yuta
  • randomly speaking japanese: especially when he’s feeling shy to express his love for you
  • speaking of shy, i feel like he’d have no problem showing his emotions with his actions but when it comes to verbally expressing stuff he’d sort of hide
  • but that’s pretty rare
  • you learning to say ‘i love you’ in japanese just for yuta and yuta only :)))))
  • he gets super fluffy when you suddenly say that and starts HARDCORE fanboying over you 
  • you probably completely butchered the pronunciation but he ended up making out the words after a couple seconds
  • he’d love cooking for you often but then you’d have to end up doing the dishes which is 10824072x more work cause this boy’s messy;;;
  • he’d enjoy teasing you a lot
  • saving your contact name as ‘wife nakamoto’ or ‘future wife’ with a ring next to it and a bunch of hearts
  • his hobby is peppering and sprinkling loving kisses all over your face
  • making random whiny sounds because he’s so annoyed of how pretty and gorgeous you look but he doesn’t let you know that ㅇㅇ
  • constantly telling you how he actually can feel his heart swell just from the thought of you (✿◠‿◠)

okay you know that video with the kiss cam at the basket ball arena? and that guy refuses to kiss his girlfriend on camera like an ass so she just turns around and kisses the random boy sitting next to her? prompt of mon-ew and kara go on a date that her mother forced her into and when he refuses to kiss her she turns round and sees lena sitting next to her and they both just shrug and kiss each other and it’s amazing and gay and everyone cheers.

It makes perfect sense that Noora kissed Yousef because
A) she obviously likes him
B) she was upset about her boyfriend getting a new girlfriend and he’s a perfect rebound
C) she was mad at Sana and if she even suspected Sana had feelings for him it’s a win/win situation kissing him I guess? She wanted to AND it would be revenge?it might have been tha final push

It makes 0 sense.
He knew Elias “liked” Noora, atleast found her the most attractive out of the girls.
Like, I completely get why some people don’t think Noora knew but THERE. IS. NO. WAY he didn’t know Sana liked him.
And there’s no way he didn’t like Sana. No way.
So either, he was mad at Sana, or he was mad at Elias, or he was mad at himself, or that fight outside somehow just really upset him so much that he lost it enough to go kiss a (not so) random girl

but tbh i swear on everything i thought the whole paily scene was a dream or hallucination from paige. not only when they were racing i thought someone was gonna get hit by a car but the way it was set up, how they were talking, the angle of the camera, it seemed very dream-like to me. Like i was waiting for the jk moment…..that never came

boyfriend!ong seongwoo
  • im literally dying so sorry if this is gonna be shitty
  • so you guys met at school 
  • you have a class with jisung
  • and jisung knows everyone at school evERYONEE
  • so one time jisung was ‘practising’ to some important event at school and he coudn’t make it to the class and asked if you could take some notes for him and how can you say no??
  • you’re going to gym when you have a few wall mirrors, drums, piano and all that kind of stuff
  • there’s jisung, daniel, taewoong, donghyun and a new guy?
  • some of them are just laying, daniel is dancing and the new guy is playing drums
  • “yah, jisung you’re telling me this is a really serious meeting and thats way you can’t attempt class” and you hit his head with notes
  • “can’t you see how serious we are”
  • and the new guy just did ba dum tss on drums
  • you’re done
  • that’s it
  • it wasn’t even a joke
  • a punch line
  • ????
  • but still everybody is laughing
  • “oh, that’s ong seongwoo”
  • “hi, im y/n”
  • “hi”
  • that’s all
  • you still give jisung his notes and meet the whole ‘team’
  • but one day suddenly no one is in school
  • and what are you supposed to do with notes for jisung? then you see seongwoo
  • bare with me
  • and that’s how you end up with seongwoo in gym explaining english to him
  • basically right now you’re his tutor
  • moths in and he finally ask you out thank you jesus!!
  • your fist date is at the amusement park
  • shy hand holding 
  • wins you a teddy bear :(
  • eating cotton candy!!
  • you have so much fun and seaongwoo can’t stop looking at you and smiling
  • after the date he ask you if he can kiss you,,, im done bye 
  • his confession is so random and so cute.,, he just can’t stop laughing while aking if you want to be in realtionship with him 
  • you say yes and you basically hug each other and laugh
  • now let the fun begin
  • if you’re smol then good luck with this gigant
  • he will put all te stuff on the highest shelf so he can laugh about you and help you
  • standing on tiptoes so you can’t reach his lips 
  • but if you’re tol then you guys are two gigants
  • he wipes his hands on your white shirt………. this kid
  • you nearly have to fight because of that but you do the same and it’s fair
  • you’re his fan number #1
  • you’re so proud of him while watching seongwoo is alright that you cry and he need to comfort you
  • wants to teach you how to dance but just laugh at you
  • and when you fall or hurt youself be ready for his laugh…. he will laugh for a few seconds and then help you
  • face masks and you know what i mean by that
  • this boy even had it on his eyelashes…
  • “i truly, really, in fact, definitely, absolutely-”
  • “seongwoo i swear to g-”
  • “honestly, naturally love you”
  • “…”
  • “…”
  • “i love you too..”
  • sometime overreact while fighting and is the one that go out
  • coming back a hour later 
  • just hugs you and whispers how sorry he is and how bad he feel
  • then you have a talk about everything and cuddle
  • always have and arm around you
  • you’re never sad with him
  • always make you laugh
  • he don’t wants you to see that he’s sad
  • and you have to tell him that it’s okay to be sad and he don’t have to smile all the time
  • deep talks 
  • i mean you’re dating the best person ever

that’s all i have :( i don’t have any other ideas, i’m not proud of it but it’s not that bad i guess..

Monsta X: you kissing their wrists

Shownu: When you turned your head and kissed the inner part of his wrist, he stopped and looked at you. “What was that for?” You could see he was starting to blush, but you just shrugged. “Nothing, I just love you.” Will never admit that he likes it when you kiss him there. 

 Wonho: won’t promise that he’ll act innocently…He’ll just grin at you when you kissed his wrist, and starts tickling your sides. “I guess now we can’t focus on the movie…shame.” he’d lay himself on top of you and proceed to fumble with your clothes. After smacking him on the shoulder, you just scoff and say you wanna keep watching. You’ll be regretting that later, though… 

 Minhyuk: aw he’d blush and kiss your cheeks. He’d also ask you why you did that, then tell you that it tickled. He’d playfully demand that you kiss his other wrist as well, also giggling when you do. He’d pull you tighter into him, and kisses your neck sweetly. 

 Kihyun: he’d find this so random and funny bc you’ve never kissed his wrist before, but he’ll be all cute and kiss yours as well. He loves playing with your hands in general and he often kisses them all over, so from now on you do the same with him. 

 Hyungwon: omg don’t be surprised if he squealed. You’d burst out laughing, but he’s so cute when you caught him off guard. Except that he didn’t squeal bc of that, it’s bc you so cute and adorable and squishy and he loves the feeling of your lips anywhere on him. 

 Jooheon: I think he’d find it to be really intimate and he’d blush really hard. He’d hide his face in your neck and stop playing with your hair. “Y/n, stop being so freaking cute…you’re gonna be the death of me, I swear.” He’d whine. But you just find this as an excuse to do it more often, just to get a reaction out of him. 

 I.M: would probably be the same as Wonho. Seeing as you’ve never done this before, he’d be really surprised but happy nonetheless. But now he has a ‘problem’ and he’ll ask you why you did that if you just wanted to cuddle. He’d laugh at your expression, and promise you that he’ll get you back eventually.

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