this kinda took on a different route


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well,this story has like two routes. the route that usually drew is the normal route,where dust actually gave mercy to c!zeffer and kinda took care of him.

and this route is kinda called dark emotions route,where dust didnt gave any mercy to c!zeffer.which means c!zeffer has developed stockholm syndrome for dust.And in this route ,dust literally doesnt have any emotions.

btw theyre in the basement.


2017/09/02 [x][x][x][x] -  Kousuke’s [PTA FC opening commemoration event~ A gathering to talk about the memories of the first half year~] has successfully held. They kinda did a throwback thing with Kousuke telling a lot of behind the scene stories from all the previous stage productions he’s in for this year (based from some fanrepo). Next is the birthday event, scheduled on 22 Oct next month (2 days after his 22nd birthday). 

Earlier Kousuke tweeted saying he was actually lost when heading to the event venue and telling people to follow a different route than the one he took at first LOL.

Bleach ships as Greek mythological couples

As requested by anon. :)

Which Bleach ships can I associate most closely with various couples and would-be couples from Greek mythology?

1. Achilles & Penthesilea: Kenpachi & Unohana

Achilles was a fierce hero on the Greek side of the Trojan war. Penthesilea was an Amazon queen fighting for the Trojans. When they came together in battle, Achilles kinda wanted to hook up outside of battle. But did they? No. Achilles killed her. Kenpachi and Unohana also had a relationship based on fighting, and in the end, Kenpachi killed her.

2. Artemis & her nymphs: Halibel & her fracciones

Artemis is a “virgin” goddess, which means that she at least doesn’t have sex with dudes. And who else can a lady have sex with if not dudes, right? I mean, it’s not like Artemis just went off into the woods with all of her lady friends where they went hunting and bathed together and generally just lived their lives presumably being super gay. And then we have Halibel and her own lady “friends.” I’m just sayin’.

3. Hades & Persephone: Ulquiorra & Orihime

I’m obviously not the first one to draw this connection. Hades kidnapped Persephone. Ulquiorra kidnapped Orihime. Hades was the god of the underworld, kinda dark and gloomy. Ulquiorra was the espada of emptiness, kinda dark and gloomy and also murderous. Persephone was light and flowers and goodness. Orihime is light and flowers and goodness. The AU practically writes itself. …Except for the difference in ending, of course.

4. Aizen / Hinamori & Hinamori / Shinji: Theseus & Ariadne & Dionysus

Hinamori/Ariadne kinda thought they had it made with Aizen/Theseus. I mean, she helped him out a lot, and he made overtures that they would be together forever. But it turned out that Theseus/Aizen was less a hero and more a giant dick. Theseus “forgot” Ariadne on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean, and Aizen took the more direct route and stabbed Hinamori. But luckily it wasn’t the end. Dionysus rescued Ariadne and they ended up getting married. And Shinji came along and proved that not all Squad 5 captains were terrible. Given that Dionysus is the god of wine and Shinji is Shinji, this new relationship was presumably a whole lot more fun too. 

5. Apollo & Daphne: Nnoitra & Nel

“Let’s have sex!” Apollo said. “No,” Daphne said, very firmly and clearly. “You mean yes, I assume?” Apollo said. “I super freakin’ mean no you asshole!” Daphne responded. But Apollo is a horrid creep, and so he fucking chased Daphne until she finally escaped him by turning into a tree. He still wouldn’t take no for an answer, so he made a crown out of her branches because holy fuck this is such a creepy myth. Anyway, it reminded me of a certain esapada who also didn’t understand the word “no.” Except in this version, Daphne is a centaur and can stab him in the face. 

6. Orpheus & Eurydice: Ichigo & Rukia

Two things to know about Orpheus: he’s the best musician ever (much like Ichigo is the strongest fighter ever) and he’s terrible at following rules (much like Ichigo loves to do things people tell him he “can’t” do). And Ichigo/Orpehus are both faced with a challenge: their love is trapped in the afterlife, and they need to rescue them. Of course, breaking rules is a bad thing in Greek mythology, and much better thing in Bleach. So when Ichigo goes to the afterlife to rescue Rukia, even though he’s super not supposed to, he succeeds. Whereas Orpheus loses his wife and later gets torn apart by angry women.

7. Odysseus & Penelope: Ichigo & Orihime

Odysseus is gone for a long time, thanks to the Trojan war and a very very long journey home. Penelope waits for him, surrounded by the suitors, and proves that she is super able to handle herself. She’s not a fighter, but she tricks the suitors constantly so that she isn’t forced to get married. Orihime is also faced with a lot of waiting for Ichigo. Waiting for him to notice that she super loves him. Waiting to be rescued in Hueco Mundo. And Orihime doesn’t get to fight much, but she is super able to handle herself. She deals with Ulquiorra and Aizen alone and keeps herself safe until Ichigo shows up.

8. Achilles & Patroclus: Yumichika & Ikkaku

They are fighting boyfriends. Old friends and lovers, who like to fight. And if one of them gets injured, the other totally loses it.

9. Orestes & Pylades: Ichigo & Chad

Pylades is Orestes’ best friend (and, in this version, lover). Pylades follows Orestes on all of his adventures, supports him, and, just, never talks. Seriously. There is a whole play in which Pylades is a MAIN CHARACTER and he has NO LINES. Reminded me of Chad and Ichigo, for some reason.

10. Zeus & Hera: Aizen & Tosen

Hera is the goddess of marriage, and she happens to be married to the least faithful husband of all time. This causes friction. Which Hera tends to take out, not on Zeus (because he would kill her in the face), but on Zeus’ lovers. Tosen is a guy who (once) believed in justice, and happens to hook up with a guy who’s favorite hobby is perverting justice. Tosen takes this out, not on Aizen, but on pretty much all of Soul Society. Because Hera and Tosen are both pretty darn loyal, for some reason.

11. Zeus & Semele: Ichigo & Ulquiorra

Zeus and Semele, a mortal woman, were dating (and it seemed to be consensual for once, so). Semele wanted to see Zeus’ real power. Zeus suggested this might kill her. Semele convinced Zeus to show her anyway. Zeus showed her his true power. Semele died. Kinda like how Ulquiorra kept poking at Ichigo (with his sword) until Ichigo finally powered up all the way…and killed Ulquiorra. I think we’re learning not to model relationships on Greek myths.

12. Heracles & Megara: Hitsugaya & Hinamori

Heracles and Megara are pretty happy. Until Heracles is struck by madness and super accidentally slaughters his wife and all of their children. And you know, there’s someone in Bleach who “goes mad” (insofar as he’s seeing a vision rather than the truth) and so he stabs someone he loves. Yup.

13. Hector & Andromache: Rukia & Orihime

LET ME HAVE THIS ONE. *coughs* Hector and Andromache are, in my opinion, the only truly pure couple in all of Greek mythology. They are super awesome and supportive of each and they have the most adorable moments in the midst of the horrible fighting that is the Iliad. And Rukia and Orihime are also super pure and support each other and have a relationship that avoids stabbing and betrayal. And yes, Andromache does try to get Hector to stop fighting whereas Rukia helps Orihime fight…but in both cases they’re acting against expectation. Andromache wants Hector to stop fighting even though everybody expects Hector to fight, and Rukia wants Orihime to fight even though everyone expects Orihime to stand aside. SO IT WORKS *hides*

14. Aphrodite & Ares: Masaki & Isshin

Aphrodite was married to someone else (Hephaestus) when she decided she was WAY more attracted to Ares and so the two of them started hooking up. Masaki was supposed to marry Ryuken, but then she met Isshin and realized she was WAY more attracted to him, so they got married instead. Luckily Ryuken took it better than Hephaestus did, and decided NOT to create a trap so that everybody could watch the other two have sex.

15. Jason & Medea: Yoruichi & Soi Fon

Jason and Medea were doing great…at least up until Jason abandoned Medea and decided to marry someone else. Then Medea got a bit murdery. In a similar way, Yoruichi and Soi Fon were doing great until Yoruichi decided to abandon Soi Fon and go off with Urahara. At which point Soi Fon got a bit murdery. Except of course that in Bleach, Yoruichi and Soi Fon made up whereas Jason and Medea……………………………….did not.

16. Agamemnon & Clytemnesta: Aizen & Gin

Agamemnon once hurt somebody Clytemnestra cared about (their daughter). Clytemnestra pretended she was okay with it, but really she was just biding her time. For ten years she waited, until she finally had the opportunity to get her revenge. While pretending that she was happy to see Agamemnon again, while pretending that she was still his super loving wife, she made him a nice bath and then DROVE AN AX THROUGH HIS HEAD. Things didn’t work out quite that well for Gin.

17. Narcissus & his reflection: Ichigo and Hichigo

Presented without comment. *coughs*


Running out of ideas for the title orz and plain background like this is my specialty HAHAHA orz I need to learn how to draw backgrounds for gawd’s sake. Took me long enough to finish this since I was sick for 2 days and the WIP was deleted because my laptop is being such a douchebag for restarting by itself when I was sleeping orz

It’s kinda late to join the Dui-parade but it’s better than never, right?! His route was better than expected and he easily becomes my #2 is such a short amount of time (almost to the point where Takao’s position is in danger HAHAHA) That aside, this is my first time trying out this type of drawing style ^_^” it kinda gives off a different feel from my usual vector-type style.. is it getting better? or worse? orz

I don’t know if anyone feels the same as I do, but.. at first, I immediately liked the “kind” Dui, then got extremely scared of “shadow” Dui.. but now I’m head over heels for the “shadow” side (I think even more than the “kind” side)..

The more I look at them, the more I felt like they’re not well-drawn as I expected orz

Extra bonus:

My sister lizhenjuan said the hands are really on the way, but I liked this version better..

The fact that people make fun of wrestling fans for their reaction to the Undertaker’s loss at Wrestlemania irritates me. I’m watching atmidnight kinda disappointed in Chris Hardwick, like I  know he’s supposed to be a comedian but he didn’t have to go the route he took talking about how it was, “written three weeks in advance in Connecticut”. And it bothered me that he half apologized for it.

As I’ve said before, wrestling is no different than scripted television. But the only real difference that kinda makes wrestling great is that you get to see fans’ reactions in real time. You get to see them respond to the show, see their facial expressions, verbally and physically express their feelings for what they are watching.

And one thing I’d say is this and I’ll use these as examples seeing as Chris Hardwick is a nerd heading Nerdist and hosting Talking Dead and all that shit: How did people react when important characters from shows like The Walking Dead died? Or even the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones? For anyone who didn’t read the material ahead of time(The Walking Dead comic book and A Song of Ice And Fire, respectively), it comes as a complete shock and surprise to them and I guaran-damn-tee you that they had the same facial expressions that fans at Wrestlemania had when they saw The Streak end(again, only difference is that you can’t see Walking Dead and Game of Thrones fans’ facial expressions and reactions outside of social media text). 

So to judge like that is irresponsible and hypocritical. 

But of course people are going to continue to mock wrestling fans by calling it fake and whatever but that won’t stop me from continuing to enjoy it like other “normal” people watch their weekly television shows.

“Might as well…”


I roll over in my bed and groan. The sun is shining in through a small gap in the curtains and I’m cursing it for waking me up. I groan again as I glance at my clock. “Ugh.” I roll over and bury my face into my pillows. “It’s not even 8:30 yet!” I say this to no one in particular. I roll back and flop down onto my pillows, close my eyes and sigh.

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