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Once in a lifetime, forever in a lifetime

A/N: Right, soooo I did a thing. This is chapter 1, i’m going to write lots more, this time I really have a game plan for this fic. I can’t say it’s my best work, but I really hope, yall will enjoy it :))

Summary: Childhood friends with maknae line, coming-of-age kinda thing all the way through college, that will eventually include the hyung line as well, but i wont spoil anything for you, can get hardcore later on, i will put some trigger warnings, when i get to it.

childhood friend jimin/ platonic maknae line/ apart from jungkook/ vmin/ namjin/ hoseok x reader/ jungkook x reader/

Genre: mostly angst, fluff, some sexual connotations

Word count: 3k+

Chapter One:

You let a small, fragile hand hang from the high balcony of your room and tap with one finger your cigarette. As you watch the ash fall down, you let the bitterness in your mouth take over your body and you shudder from the taste of the sheer black liquid. You never liked coffee… or smoked cigarettes for all it mattered. But… you never really liked them in the beginning either. Yet again, you were in this room because of them, gazing at the Eiffel tower and the sun that was just rising behind it at the distance and shoving expensive, black coffee down your throat in a desperate attempt to numb every other sensation in your body. You shifted in your chair, as you threw your cigarette away; pulled your legs closer to your body, wrapped in your blanket and you let the soft morning breeze hit your face, taking yourself back to when itall started.


15th March 1996

You were staring out of the window. All other kids in the room were focused on writing down what the teacher had assigned to them, but your eyes were fixed on the pile of snow that was left in patches on the grass field outside and the rate at which it was slowly melting under the weak March morning sunlight. The flowers coming underneath it were small, beautiful and unaware of all of the cruelty in the world. Just like you and the focused kid beside you.

“Yah!” you jumped when you felt a pen poke you on the side and pulled you out of your morning haze. You turned around to throw an angry stare to the chubby boy with rosy cheeks grinning back at you.

“Park Jimin! That’s really, really not nice of you!” you exclaimed.

“Sorry y/n. But you were staring out of the window and not doing your assignment, again” the little boy said in a matter-of-fact tone. “That means that you’ll have to do it at home, and that” he stopped to take a deep breath, “than means, less time to play with me” he dramatically concluded and his doe eyes looked straight at yours with sincere worry in them.

You gave it a thought for a few seconds and stretched your hand towards the pen to write down the words in the black board. You didn’t want to, it was too easy and boring. But the teacher would check for it tomorrow. And you still wanted to play with Jimin before your parents called you for dinner tonight. So you gave it your best effort to spent the rest of class writing everything down neatly.

When the bell finally rang, you left the pen down and rubbed your tired eyes. It was lunchtime so you got up and started dressing up, so you could eat your food outside with Jimin. After putting on every layer of clothing your mom has assigned you to (even the identical penguin hat you had with Jimin that his mom made you for Christmas), you went outside, where the cold air was biting your exposed face. You sat at your usual place, a wooden table near the school playground and engaged into an argument whether Taehyung from your class was from Seoul or not based on his unusual and weird accent.

“I asked him, he told me he is from Seoul!” Jimin raised his apple in his feisty small hand.

“No, Jimin, you didn’t! You have never talked to him” you scoffed.

“How do you know that?” he asked offended.

“I spend every second with you and I’ve never seen you around him,” you explained.


“Aha!” you smiled at your success. “He is from Gwangju,” you concluded satisfied with yourself.

“I’m actually from Daegu” an unknown voice spoke with heavy accent, but in fluent Korean right next to you and Jimin.

Both of you turned your heads up to see a boy with wide, boxy smile and huge eyes standing next to your table with few other kids from school.

“Um…we didn’t mean to…” Jimin spoke out first. “We were just wondering…,” the boy shyly said.

“That’s okay” Taehyung said and lend out a hand in his direction. “My name is Taehyung, but you already know that” he smiled.

“Jimin” your friend said and shook his hand.

“I’m y/n” you said when Taehyung turned to you with the same gesture.

“So” the boy sat down across from you completely pushing Jimin this time. “I’m new here… so I was wondering if you would be my friend”.

Yep, Taehyung was definitely talking to you.

“Um… okay” you simply said and moved towards the middle of the bench, so you could face Jimin.

Just to be rudely interrupted by Taehyung once again.

“So would you like to play with me this afternoon?” he asked.

You had ignored it the first time, but Jimin’s glare was even more evident now.

“I usually play with Jimin after school. So no, thanks” you simply explained.

The other kid’s eyes became even wider for a second; he obviously has not been cut of so rudely before.

“Well okay.” He stood up and headed towards the playground. Right before Taehyung climbed on the slide, he shouted a “have fun with your boyfriend” and laughed.

“What an idiot” you scoffed. “Isn’t he too confident for a kid who just moved in this class?” you wondered out loud.

You looked at Jimin. His cheeks were even a deeper shade of pink than usual.

Would you like to be my friend?

This question was stuck in his head all day. My friend. But that was impossible. You were already his best friend and you played with him. Jimin felt scared in a way he had not before. At that moment, he learned the feeling of jealousy, even though he didn’t know the definition of the word.

On the way home after school he was looking intensely at you. Your small hands playing with the flowers that they have picked by the street. At your flushed face. Even at your penguin hat. You were y/n. You were his y/n. You eventually noticed hiS intense eyes and you realized he wasn’t listening to your rambling. He has actually been very quiet all day after lunch.

“Jimin?” you stopped walking “What’s wrong?”

Jimin took a few seconds before opening his mouth.

“You are my friend, right?” he asked.

You laughed with squinted eyes.

“Of course Jiminie! I am your best friend, and you’re mine, y’know?” you said still smiling at tapped the nose of the penguin on his hat.

“Forever?” Jimin asked, his doe eyes widening at the urgency of the question.

“Forever.” You confirmed and reached out both of your hands to hold Jimin’s face in your small palms, which finally made the corners of his mouth move up. A feeling of comfort and warmth spreading through his body in the cold afternoon.

You were his best friend. Forever.


And you really were best friends. All the way through elementary school and middle school. By the time you were in 7th grade, Taehyung had also joined your little group of two, making it a group of three. Even though Jimin had a hard time with him in the beginning, they eventually fell in love with each other and you, Tae and Jimin were inseparable since then. You were best friends. Just friends.

The bell rang and you were once again in a classroom, this time the kids around you weren’t 5 or 6 years old, but 14 and 15. You turned to look around the room, being torn away from another daydream of yours. Your gaze met the face of your friend talking to you.

“What?” you asked a little disoriented.

“You are so careless y/n” Yongsun sighed as she rolled her eyes.

“Am not! I just didn’t sleep well yesterday” you lied. “What were you saying?”

“I was telling you about the other day!” she exclaimed as if the other day was Christmas or something.

“What about it?” you asked with the same poker face as before.

“Well… I was going home with Youngjae, remember I told you on the phone!” she was too excited.

“Oh! Yeah! I remember” you totally didn’t.

“You know that café down the street, where everyone from school goes?” she asked and continued without waiting for a reply. “Well, on the way home, Youngjae suggested we should stop by and we sat on the table with the pretty lights. You know it right? And he bought me hot chocolate and guess what?” her voice was getting louder and louder with every spoken word.

There were a few seconds of silence, before you realized you were supposed to ask.

“What?” you tried to imitate her excitement.

She clapped her hands and almost jumped in her seat.

“He kissed me!” she squealed.

“Oh! Wow!” was all you could say.

“I know right!?!” she sighed and dramatically put a hand on her heart. “It was magical!”

You didn’t know how to react to that, so you turned back to the front and continued your scribbling in your notebook from before. Not only have you been stuck in the classroom for five hours already, but you had to hear all about Yongsun’s romantic first date, that you honestly were happy, but didn’t really care about.

The conversation obviously was not over yet, because Yongsun went closer to you as if she was about to share something very confidential with you.

“So what about you?” her eyes reflected with a mischievous glint.

“What about me?” you knew where this was going, but preferred to play dumb.

“Well, your first kiss? How was it?”

“I…” you shifted uncomfortably in your seat. “I hadn’t had a first kiss yet” you finally admitted.

It was Yongsun’s turn to stare at you dumbly.

“What do you mean? The two most popular boys of the class are your best friends, every girl wishes to be you y/n!”

You shrugged.

“Well, getting my first kiss, just isn’t my deepest wish to be honest”.

“It should be. What else could you be thinking of in 7th grade?” Yongsun wondered.

“I don’t know. I guess just… not this”.

The bell rang for the end of class and your friend started gathering her things from the desk.

“Well, you do you, y/n. I swear you are so weird” Yongsun laughed on the way out of the classroom.

You weren’t offended by her words, you knew you stand out as weird to the other girls, when you preferred to go out and eat with Taehyung and Jimin and talk about basketball with them, instead of swooning all over them or the other boys, like the rest of the girls in your class.

But Yongsun’s words made you wonder.

You stared at Jimin and Taehyung’s figures as they came closer to your part of the classroom. You couldn’t see them as “hot”. They were Tae and Chim. Your silly friends, which happened to be the opposite gender.

“Hey y/n, what are you waiting for! Let’s head home!” Jimin called you already standing by the door.

You shook your head to clear out your thoughts and soon after followed the two boys on the way home.



           You swirled around your room bopping your head to the music coming from your speakers, as you ignored your mom shouting from downstairs to keep it down. You only stopped when the sound of something hard hitting your window repetitively became evident. You walked towards it and pulled your curtains just to find a boy grinning right at you through the glass. You stumbled back a little startled at the unexpected appearance, but then quickly regained your balance and reached to open the door to your balcony. The boy stepped in folded in two while holding his stomach from laughter.

           “You asshole” you pushed him, which resulted in nothing since the boy was about 20 cm taller that you and much heavier.

           “You should’ve seen your face” he was now wiping a tear from his eye as he battled for air.

           “Real fun” you rolled your eyes at him as you made your way to the speaker to lower down the beat of the music. When you turned around the other kid was lying on your bed, opening one of your very precious and much needed snacks.

           “Hey that’s from my secret supplies!” you shouted as you looked at him in disbelief

           “It’s not very hidden though, you need to find a better place”.

           “Don’t you have any shame?

           “Don’t you? The boy smirked as he looked at you up and down. “Looking good, y/n!”

           You looked in the mirror next to you and realized that you were wearing nothing more than a plain white shirt over your underwear. Well, it’s not like you had the time to dress up after your friend decided to scare the shit out of you.

           “Yah! Jeon Jungkook, you pervert!” you screamed at him and jumped on the bed taking your snack away from him.

           “What are you doing here so late anyway? Get out will you?”

           “Why, mommy and daddy don’t know you have male friends?” the smile was now evident on Jungkook’s face.

           Jeon Jungkook. The school playboy. You’ve known him ever since middle school and it was funny to you how this small boy that was so afraid from girls turned into this well-built-pretty-faced model that girls from your class, or any class really, would fall over. You hated when he got cocky with you, it made you feel like one of the girls he constantly plays over and not one of his best friends.

           “In fact yes, and if they find you in my room, your face will be the one to suffer from this” you snapped at him as you took a step back.

           He got of your bed and was now dangerously close to you, but you were no stupid girl. You knew him, and he knew it. That is why he was never making further moves on you, which you were thankful for. Just when he was about to make another sarcastic comment about your parent’s strict guidance system, a loud thump coming from your balcony made both of you turn away. Another boy, a bit taller than Jungkook, but also a bit more lightweight grinned at you from the floor after he somehow had managed to fall while entering your room. Then he noticed the way Jungkook had cornered you and his eyes widened and his grin got a little more devilish.

           “Oh am I interrupting something” he wiggled his eyebrows, then turned his head back and shouted over his shoulder “Jiminie abort mission, we have to come back later, they were about to do the sex”.

           Oh my God.

           Kim Taehyung. Now the local sweetheart that was good at making friends wherever he went since birth, but when people got to know him, they realized he could quickly turn from the kind and put-together boy from your math class to a full on rascal in his free time. Still happened to be one of your best friends.

           “The sex?” you heard from somewhere behind Taehyung.

           “Wow, I’ve only heard of that, but never really seen it with my eyes” Jimin’s head appeared right behind Taehyung’s shoulder.

           There he was. Your third idiot. Or if we speak in a chronological order, first idiot. He smiled at you, and you suddenly forgot the little pit of anger burning in your stomach from their remarks.     You went to him and gave him a big bear hug, meanwhile pushing Taehyung, who had just managed to get up, back on the floor.

           “Hey!” he complained. “Why does he get all the love?” he whined.

           “I haven’t seen him in two months” you said still in Jimin’s arms inhaling his cologne, reminding you of the last time you saw him at the end of the junior school year.

           “Well, honey, let me remind you, you haven’t seen me and Jungkook in two months as well”

           “Yeah, yeah” you waved your hand at them as you let go of Jimin and laughed at their reaction.

           “Anyways, why didn’t you tell me you were back?” you asked looking at them one after the other.

           “We just came back actually” Jungkook said reaching over for the snack from earlier.

           “All of you at the same time?” you asked suspiciously.

           Jungkook, Tae and Jimin were all away that summer. Jimin went to a university trip all over Europe, Taehyung was away on a camping trip and Jungkook was visiting family somewhere in England. So it seemed quite strange to you that they have come back from all those places on the same day at the same time.

           “Well, okay we came back a bit earlier today, but we didn’t call cause we had to prepare the surprise” Tae explained in a matter-of-fact tone.

           “The sur-” you frowned in confusion.

           “Ah yeah… by the way… happy 18th birthday y/n!” Jimin smiled at you and it took you another two minutes to realize that it was already a little bit after midnight, which meant it was the 18th of August. Your birthday.

           “T-thanks, that’s… I totally forgot…”

           And you weren’t lying. In the summer you often lost count of the days and even forgot to look at what date or even what month it was. And because you were born in the summer, when no one was home, you rarely would ever make parties for your birthday. It wasn’t a memorable event for you, so you were caught totally off-guard with Jimin’s announcement.

           “Well, anyway, we have come to take you to your surprise” Jungkook smiled to you and this time it wasn’t the flashy smile that he showed all the chicks he wanted to impress. It was his genuine bunny-smile that made his eyes squint and that made you unintentionally grin back at him.

           “So let’s go! You are eighteen now, so you can legally sneak out of the window” Tae announced and headed towards the balcony.

           “Aw that’s kinda sad, ain’t it? There is no more rush from the moment kinda thing for you” Jungkook pouted as he followed Tae.

           You laughed at the realization that you were the oldest, so it was still kinda illegal for the boys to be out so late at night, but still squeezed Jimin’s hand and followed him when he held it out for you. Just when you two were about to jump over the balcony, you noticed Jimin’s eyes looking down at you and roaming through your body.

           “Oh and y/n. As sexy as you are, you might want to put some clothes on, if we don’t want any paychecks with the cake tonight”.


           “Seriously this might as well be a planned murder,” you voiced out your concerns while carefully feeling your surroundings.

           “Just chill out babe” Jungkook called from the front.

           “No, seriously, who is driving, is it you Taehyung? You don’t have a license. Not only would this be an abduction. It would be an illegal abduction!” you were petrified at the actions of your friends.

           “Would you just calm down, y/n? I’m driving” Jungkook said.

           You had no other options, but to trust him, since you were currently blindfolded sitting in a car, which judging by our sense of speed, was going way too fast for you to be in a living area.

           “Where are we going?” you asked once again, breaking the one-second silence.

           “I swear y/n-” Taehyung called.

           “We’re here!” Jungkook cut him off and you heard the engine of the car die down.

           You felt a set of hands, grabbing your arms and leading you out of the car and towards a dark place.

           You were just about to voice your concern of a murder for the tenth time, when Jimin took off your blindfold and your eyes could see the surroundings.

           When you adjusted to the lights, you were speechless for a second. You were definitely out of the city, because you could see its outline in the distance. In front of you, there was a fire, a cake and a “Happy birthday” sign clumsily put in between two trees. To top it of Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook stood with party hats and party whistles right in front of all this.

           “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!” Tae shouted and started jumping around you, while Jimin brought the cake in front of your face, so you could blow all 18-stick candles that were stuck in it.

           “I’m sorry they are eighteen, we would buy the number itself, but none of us remembered to take change on the way here, so” Jimin smiled apologetically.

           You were still speechless. It weren’t an emotional person, generally. Or at least you weren’t good at showing it. But right in that moment, you could almost feel your tears spilling out.

           “It’s… it’s perfect” you smiled and blew the candles out.

           Jimin looked down at you and smiled back. You stayed like that for a second, before you heard Taehyung’s voice.

           “Hey y/n come so we can all try the cake! Jungkook and I spent all day making it!” he giggled.

           “That’s why we didn’t call you earlier. We had to set up all of this” Jungkook explained.

           You moved closer to where they were and sat by the fire. Jungkook handed you and piece of his cake and sat next to you.

           You took a bite, and regretted immediately, but tried to hide your grimace from them, just swallowing it down together with the pain, and turning to them barely smiling.

           “It’s… oh. It’s great!”

           “Of course it is, I made it-“ Jungkook’s eyes widened as he turned around to spit out what he already halfway swallowed as well.

           Everyone laughed and you turned around to look and the lights of Busan beneath you.

           “Hey guys. I know I don’t say such things often, but” you took and deep breath. “Thank you okay and I love you. And…” you hesitated for a second. “And I want you to promise to never ever leave me, okay?”

           You didn’t turn around, the embarrassment of your words, suddenly hitting you.

           For a minute no one said anything, but you could practically hear the smiles of the three boys behind you.

           You felt Jimin’s hand grab yours.  


comeatmebroface  asked:

Hermione, Draco, Neville

Hermione Granger: A subject you know a lot about.

oddly enough, greek mythology - i was very obsessed with percy jackson when i was younger (still am really) so i convinced my parents to buy me a whole load of mythology book for adults, and i really loved them and learnt heaps! (obviously i also know lots about harry potter, but that goes without saying)

Draco Malfoy: Closest green item to you.

my carpet that i’m sitting on right now is green. kinda ugly green, but still

i already answered neville in a previous post :)

thanks for the ask! xx

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Hey scotch, could a 20 year old who have shaky hands and isn't that great of a drawer still have a chance to be a great of an artist like you? or is it too late for lil old me?

i myself am a 20 yr old who have shaky hands and isnt that great of a drawer, so u definitely stand a pretty good chance

General musical descriptions

Dear Evan Hansen: Ben Platt looking into the audience with a sad expression for like 2 ½ hours

(bla bla bla) Great Comet of 1812: simple plot surrounded by a kinda easy plot surrounded by a lot of other crap (but still somehow managed to be amazing)

Hamilton: over hype: the musical

Falsettos: oh the GAYNESS of it all

Charlie and the chocolate factory: we say we’re family friendly but we also show a child getting ripped in half. (Very underrated)

Sunset Blvd: it’s like a really fucked up beauty and the beast.

Phantom of the Opera: sInG oNcE aGaIn WiTh Me OuR sTrAnGe DuEt

Cats: a two hour tourist trap

School of Rock: talented children+ Alex Brightman + Sierra Bogess= a show I wanna see!!

Something rotten: Shakespeare was a prick

Come from away: WELCOME TO THE ROCK

Spring Awakening: don’t have sex: or you’ll get pregnant, and die

Wicked: you already know

Heathers: it’s like if Caty just fucking KILLED REGINA.

Carrie: rated R Matilda

Matilda: R E V O L T I N G C H I L D R E N

Once on this island: Moana?

Sweeney Todd: Worst. Haircut. Ever.

Newsies: boys jumping for 2 hours

Book of Mormon: Repress your emotions woooo!!!!

Waitress: sad and pregnant + pie!!!

(these are jokes I love all of these)

Why People Ship Reddie

I’m finally getting around to writing this post!! Thank you so much to all of you who messaged me (@richietozzzier @nikkiesea @coraz0n-delator @ardentverdure @fandomtrash2405 to name a few as well as a bunch of anons!). I just wanted to list some scenes from the movie and book explaining why so many people ship Reddie, so here you go! Please feel free to add stuff on :)


- A good majority of the time when either Richie or Eddie are on screen, they’re interacting with one another. Not only do they have hilarious banter back in forth, it’s very obvious they also care about each other immensely.

- Richie is always seen worrying about Eddie’s well being and putting himself at risk to make sure Eddie is okay. During the projector scene, he grabs and hugs Eddie and rubs his back. At Neibolt Street, he holds Eddie’s face to calm him down/make him not look at Pennywise (despite the fact that clowns are his biggest fear!), he rubs Eddie’s shoulder when his hand gets cut. Just to name a few, there are many other moments in the film.

- Richie’s always using Eddie’s mom as the butt of the joke or playing his jokes off of Eddie (ex. when they go to the well, Richie asks Eddie if he has a quarter)

- Cute little moments they have together! Eddie getting Richie ice cream, them talking about something funny when walking into Ben’s room, being the only two that hug at the end

- Richie goes into the clown room (again, his biggest fear) because he thinks Eddie is in there. In reality, Pennywise is presenting himself as Eddie to lure Richie in. Pennywise shows itself as a person’s biggest fear, so at least for a moment Richie’s biggest fear is losing Eddie. He will risk everything to save him.


- Richie always calls Eddie nicknames, whether it be “Eds”, “my love”, or just calling him cute a lot. Eddie always says he hates it, but in the book he thinks to himself that he actually kinda liked it, too.

- Richie always making suggestive jokes to Eddie and winking.

- One day when they’re hanging out alone, Richie tells Eddie about all of his ambitions of become a famous ventriloquist as an adult. Eddie says he really admired Richie (although he saw flaws in his plan, since Richie’s ventriloquism wasn’t very good) 

- Richie literally tells Eddie that he saw how cute he was the first time they ever met.

- In the book, too, Richie is often making sure Eddie is okay. (During the Rockfight, after it’s over Richie is the one to get Eddie’s inhaler and put it in his mouth for him, Richie is holding onto Eddie when they’re running from Henry and into the drainpipe)

- Stephen King literally wrote a scene into the book where Eddie is licking Richie’s “rocket” ice pop and it’s very suggestive and it does not seem like that’s an accident. All him not me.

- When Eddie gets his arm ripped off, his last words are to Richie. Richie is holding Eddie and Eddie is touching his cheek. His last words are “Don’t call me Eds… You know I… I…” 

- The other Losers are sad about Eddie dying, but Richie is freaking out and sobbing and holding him. Richie tries to carry Eddie out and the others tell him to leave him. Richie nearly refuses to leave Eddie there, saying that it’s too dark and Eddie wouldn’t want that. 

- When Richie finally has to leave him, he kisses his cheek before screaming “Fuck you, bitch” and kicking the door shut. When Bev asks why he did that, it says: “’I don’t know,” Richie said, but he knew well enough.” Take that as you will. 

There are other things that make people ship them, including the amount of things in the book that point to Eddie being gay, as well as some moments they had in previous versions of the movie scripts. If you want me to make separate posts for those lmk! 


Hi guys I really need help now! QAQ

I have been out of work for almost 3 months and now I’m still waiting for the reply from publishers…and my VISA is expiring in 9 days! I currently moved to NY Brooklyn and I am an international student. I have to get a freelance job right now so I can update my employment status to my school. 

I am so sorry to say this but I really can’t wait any longer…

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If you’re unfamiliar with my work, please check my tumblr, I hope you like them and need me to draw something for you!

Please please send me message if you’re interested! I am always online to wait!

and a reblog helps a lot too!

Omg I am so panic I hope I didn’t make too many grammar mistake…

Please message me!

Thank you so much!!!


As if I wasn’t sad enough about Shiro already..

Like, I always thought this part was stupid when I watched season 2

It just seems so weird, because in season 1 Shiro says:

“Zarkon’s been building his empire for 10,000 years.
We’re not going to tear it down overnight with five inexperienced pilots and one support ship.“

And like yeah, duh… Taking down an Empire that size takes years probably.

And there Shiro is saying:

“You realize once we defeat Zarkon, the universe won’t need Voltron anymore.”

And like, no Shiro, that’s not how this works… and you know this. Taking down Zarkon is not the end of it, you’ll still need to free planets, establish a new rule. Stuff that will take years to do.

But then after watching season 3 you kinda really start getting the feeling Voltron was kinda all Shiro had in his life?

So it seems like what he’s really saying there is: “Are you guys still gonna stay with me after we defeat Zarkon? Are we still gonna be a family?”

(Maybe he expected them to say like “No Shiro, we still have lots of stuff to do after we defeat him! This is definitly not the end!”)

And all of them go:

"We can return to Earth.”

"I can look for my family.”

And even KEITH is like:
“I guess I could look for mine.”

And Shiro just stays quiet.

It’s because… he doesn’t actually has a family, right? He has nothing to look for.. Nothing to go back to.. Voltron is his family. And none of them sees it like he does.

Which makes it even sadder when you realize they moved on without him in season 3.

little twenty one pilots things i really dislike

as much as i really love twenty one pilots, here are some things i really dislike, mostly regarding the fanbase:

- ‘smol bean’ 

- ‘ukulele screamo’

- ‘clique as frick’

- ‘fren’ is hella cringey, even when tyler says it

- .:pêøpłê tÿpīñg êvęrÿthįńg łìkė thîš:. 

- “DADDY!” comments

- fans thinking top are the only band/artist making real music on the radio

- fans who hate on other fans for being a newer fan, usually the same fans who complain about top being popular

- fans who complain that top don’t play enough old songs live, ignoring the fact that emotional roadshow was literally promoting the album blurryface (i do kinda get that with tour de columbus though, but still they did play a lot of oldies)

- fans who hate on other fans for also liking k-pop groups (i just really don’t get the hate here and i’ve never even tried to listen to k-pop lmao)

- fans who stalk/harass the boys and their families, eg: finding josh’s parents house and taking photos outside of it, even if done respectfully it’s still weird and creepy

- how terrible the pit can be at some shows, pushing, punching, no etiquette whatsoever

- a lot of merch is kinda ugly to me, the designs have gotten better more recently though

feel free to add your own things

BTS 4th army zip magazine unit interview: J-Hope + Jimin

Q1: what was your impression of each other?
J-Hope: It was me who went to pick Jimin up when he first came to Seoul from Busan.
Jimin: my first impression of hobi-hyung was really good. He is like the next-door brother who will listen to my problems and worries.

Q2: about your strengths and weaknesses.
J-Hope: Jimin looks like he knows everything and very well-mannered but then when he is upset about something, he will really down and kinda depressed.
Jimin: Hobi-hyung…he’s got a lot of good points, first off…I really like his bright personality he always lift and keep our group’s spirits up. and hobi-hyung’s weakness? he gets tired easily. *laughs*
J-Hope: oh…this is something that I can agree with, I get tired easily and when I am tired, I don’t talk much.

Q3: there are this saying among ARMYs that Jimin takes good care of J-Hope and thus earning him the nickname “Jimin-mom”.
J-Hope: really? maybe it’s because we share the same room and we talk to each other a lot.
Jimin: maybe it’s because we know each other well?

Q4: looks like J-Hope really love to pat Jimin’s head.
J-Hope: ME? doing this to Jimin?
Jimin: I guess Hobi-hyung likes to see me get mad *laughs*
J-Hope: yes right, I like to see Jimin gets angry that’s why I like to play with him *laughs*

Q5: since the both of you share the same room, how do you divide the house chores like who cleans the room or vacuum the floor.
J-Hope: I did! because I like to keep our room clean.
Jimin: I tried to help too but…I don’t really know what I should do *laughs* a6:nd Hobi-hyung nags a lot when I didn’t keep the room clean like he always asks me “Jimin-ah, did you throw all the rubbish away?”

Q6: how much will you rate each other for being roommates.
J-Hope: I will Jimin a 95! 5 points deducted for not organizing his stuffs well *laughs*
Jimin: of course I will give Hobi-hyun a perfect 100! Hyung is the best roommate one can ever have.

Q7: what will you name your room?
J-Hope: Hope Room!
Jimin: I like this name too *laughs*

Q8: last but not least, “J-Hope / Jimin to me is…”?
J-Hope: Jimin my cute little puppy  ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Jimin: Hobi-hyung is a very reliable hyung, you can depend on him like you don’t have to worry about other things.
J-Hope: our Jiminnie iis so cute I just wanna squish his face ahhhhh!

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Fuel to Fire (intro)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f) 

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting. 

A/N: This is the introduction to the tattoo-shop AU, a Stucky x reader story that could be compared to my earlier series: Savages. I have no idea where this is going or how long it’s gonna be. I’m just gonna see where it takes me. 

“Buck-.. you think we’re gettin’ boring?” Steve muses, his arms behind his head, relaxing against his pillow as he stares up at the ceiling.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Steve” Bucky groans, popping up somewhere below Steve’s belt, pushing his hair away from his eyes. “m’Tryin’ to suck your dick here, you mind?”

“I don’t, actually” Steve grins. “I was just thinkin’”

“Yeah. I know” Bucky shuts him up, pinching his husband’s side, earning a yelp in turn. “Stop it and let me suck your pretty cock”

“Baby, c’mon, hold on a minute, okay?” Steve pleads, putting on his best pouting face and big blue eyes.

Bucky groans, rolls off his husband, “Okay, okay. Stop with the eyes already. What’s on your mind?”

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Inspired by Harry Styles’ song ‘Kiwi’. Just an one shot without any connections to other stories I’ve written. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: Smut

She’s driving me crazy, but I’m into it, but I’m into it
I’m kinda into it
It’s getting crazy, I think I’m losing it, I think I’m losing it

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What is Motorcity?

Motorcity is a cartoon that was running on Disney XD for a while, before Disney mis-managed the crap out of it, then cancelled it and sat on the rights and didn’t do anything with them, like a bunch of jerks.  It’s available on iTunes, and it’s also on kimcartoon (altho there’s an audio error in those. I’m thinking about uploading my corrected copies somewhere so people can get them?? stay tuned)

ANYWAY.  In the Far Future, a guy called Abraham Kane (AKA Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker AKA The Joker) decided he didn’t like Detroit and he wanted a new city there instead.  So he built his new city over top of Detroit, called it Detroit Deluxe.  Deluxe is run by Kane Co. which is run by Abraham Kane.  

(((^^^ The difference between a villain and a supervillain??? PRESENTATION.)))

So now that the whole stupid “human rights” thing is out of the way upstairs, his only remaining problem is the people who would rather live under the city, in old Detroit AKA “Motorcity”.  Kane’s like “well, time to destroy this dump and build More Deluxe! :)” and Motorcity is like “hey fuck u we literally live here” and Kane’s like “I don’t know I can’t read all of a sudden”.

Our main characters have chosen to combat his drones, nano-viruses and private army with COLORFUL AND ECLECTIC CARS.   Our main is an ex-commander from the aforementioned private army, his name is Mike Chilton and I love him.  He’s good at basically everything, and you would think that would make him obnoxious but actually he’s a reckless, adorable puppy-dog mom friend who likes helping and driving too fast and diving off buildings and believing in people.  He’s also canonically mixed-race, so that’s kinda neat.  

He’s a Good Boy.

(And yes, the people who did the character design were also involved in Gorillaz, personally I like the aesthetic of Motorcity way better but they are similar in a lot of places)


  • it got cancelled, so  there are only 20 episodes.  And it does take an episode or two for it to get its feet under it.  
  • YMMV, but I would say the first episode I really really liked was episode 5. (And not just b/c the Duke of Detroit is a fukkin gift, holy crap)
  • not enough ladies, and also they fall back on that thing that’s like “nerdy guy likes the Cute Girl, doesn’t take a hint” and it’s really annoying tbh.  Both characters involved deserved better.
  • Rule of Cool.  This show makes 0 sense sometimes, you gotta lean into that to enjoy it tbh.  It is a silly, silly show (until the finale, then it fukkin destroys me every time)


  • Gorgeous, colorful backgrounds and character designs, super-unique style, #aesthetic for days.
  • a really fun, varied cast.
    • VILLAINS, the villains are so good.  Mark Hamill’s villain voice-acting is second to none.  A bizarrely flamboyant rock-star mob boss played by the lead singer of Twisted Sister, who is the embodiment of Chaotic Evil.  A disillusioned eco-terrorist with fascinating bio-weapons and a ruthless/single-minded obsession with doing the same thing to Deluxe that Kane wants to do to Motorcity.  
  • If you don’t mind some silliness/Rule of Cool, the episode plots are fun and I enjoy them. :)
  • Mike’s best friend is really anxious and scared of a lot of stuff and they’re adorably comfortable with each other and they have special nicknames for each other I’m sorry I have a lot of feelings about these nerds.  (can u tell what splickedy’s ship is lol)
  • There’s a lot of room for character interpretation and backstory and stuff, and a lot of implied worldbuilding that’s super fun to build on.
  • the creators are/were really cool with fandom, altho they’re busy with other shows now.  (the head writer retweeted one of my videos!! :D :D :D  I’m still super jazzed)
  • in conclusion it’s cute I love it and I love the characters.

ocn-mn  asked:

You said something about how Keith freezes up when hugged my other people but not when hugged by Shiro. I remember the iconic hug scene with Keith and Shiro. But when does he freeze up when hugged by others? The episode with Hunk?

Oh well there are a couple times when someone grabs him and he tenses up. Keith tells the Arusion he “doesn’t usually hug strangers” and that much is clear when you see his initial response to a lot of physical contact. So you get things like:

As opposed to:

I think Keith being so calm and touchy feely around Shiro also has a lot to do with the fact that that not only are they closer, but Shiro understands and adheres to his boundaries. In every other hug, the other person just grabs Keith and he doesn’t really get any say in it. He also looks startled at first before he can kinda ease into it. With Shiro, they both reach out and walk into the hug together, so it’s the one time when Keith really gets any choice in the matter. I’ve talked about it more here if you’re interested 

NHL Bitty Interlude - Conflict of Interest

Jack, Eric, and Chris aren’t the only Samwell alums floating around the NHL. Holster spent a season or two in the AHL and decided it wasn’t for him, but he’s networked into something a little more his speed.

Feat. Linesman Holster, dirty Schooners, and a frustrated Eric Bittle.

Eric’s on his back with his legs in the air when the linesman skates by and says sternly, “I’m sorry, we can’t allow this kind of reckless behavior before the game has even started.”

Eric rolls to the side and pushes himself up, ready to sass the hell out him, when he sees exactly what breed of asshole he’s dealing with. 

And it’s only the best kind.

“Holster!” He squeals, startling his teammates before launching himself into Adam Birkholtz’s arms. Even with the pads Holster is able to wrap his arms around Eric and lift him off the ice. 

“S’up, Itty Bitty!”

Carter swings around at the commotion. “Going to go easy on him, Birkholtz?” he asks, practically bouncing on his toes at the prospect of a penalty free game.

“Fuck, no,” Holster pulls a face and drops his hands to Eric’s shoulders, spinning him around to face his teammates. “Bittle’s been playing really dirty.”

“He’s kidding,” Eric says quickly, waiting for Adam to agree, but the moment doesn’t come.

“I’m really not, little bro.”

Eric’s stomach drops. “What?”

Adam taps a beat out on Eric’s shoulder pads, not quite soothing, more of a, “I’m your friend, and I’m about to give you some hard love,” kinda thing. 

“We had a full-on league meeting about you. None of the guys want to get labeled as homophobic for dishing out penalties, so you’ve been getting away with a lot.”

That’s…news to Eric. 

“Y’all have been going easy on me? I’ve just been defending myself.”

“Bro. There’s a reason Bob keeps using the hashtag ‘Bad Bittle’. You should have been ejected in Columbus.”


“Yeah. Between you, Morin, and Forrester it’s pretty much ‘typical Schooners hockey’. But no worries, I told the higher ups I’d wouldn’t pull any punches.”

“Oh. Um, that’s…good? I guess.”

Holster shakes his head.

“Oh. Well, I guess I’ll have to be on my best behavior, won’t I?”

The Schooners lose. By a fair margin. On the bright side, it may be the most accurately called game in the last ten years. On the not-so-bright side, Eric spends a solid eight minutes in the penalty box. 

And every time Holster skates by the sin bin, he gives a happy wave.

The last time Eric climbs out of the box, he skates past Holster and says, “Hope your hotel has good security.”

Adam laughs, big and booming like Eric’s missed some joke. 

“Bitty, didn’t Jack tell you? I’m staying with you tonight!” 

The signs as Kpop idols

Aries ~ Jonghyun of SHINee ~

• an exciting and energetic soul, he’s always moving around and doing something

• has a short temper but one can never stay mad at him for long

• talks really fast when he’s happy or nervous and it’s adorable

Taurus ~ Sungjae of BTOB ~

• a calm and mature maknae….at least mature when it comes to the group lmao

• likes to stay out of drama but is probably always the instigator

• loves to make everyone happy and laugh, thrives on the attention of his loved ones

Gemini ~ Suho of EXO ~

• the funniest and most embarrassing leader

• treats the members like his family and only stays strong for them when times got tough

• is cracking dad jokes left and right, he’s actually hilarious

Cancer ~ Taemin of SHINee ~

• looks mysterious and intimidating on the outside, a total meme on the inside

• loves to fool around and torture his hyungs

• hella emo when the situation calls for it

Leo ~ G Dragon of BigBang ~

• he’ll grab your attention with just one look bc he’s so pretty

• won’t show his weakness in fear of letting the group down, but is very emotional and fragile at times

• a huge moodmaker and could make the grouchiest person smile with his cute and shy self

Virgo ~ Jinyoung of Got7 ~

• very easy going and chill

• can and wil roast anyone in a matter of seconds, that’s just a typical Tuesday

• acts as if his looks don’t matter, but knows manners and a good impression are everything

Libra ~ Lay of EXO ~

• the handsome aegyo king, a true cutie with a good heart

• has so much love for everyone and everyone’s in love w/ him and his charms

• hella forgetful of everything but still manages to look good

Scorpio ~ Leo of VIXX ~

• very mysterious and hard to read at first sight

• he’s really just a bookworm who loves to drink lattes and stay at home w/ his cats

• it isn’t easy to become close w/ him, but he warms up to someone if he has the right feeling

Sagittarius ~ Bobby of iKon ~

• adventurous and loves to take risks

• though he likes to portray a tough and macho look, he’s such a softie on the inside

• is super dedicated to his interests, esp his music and friends

Capricorn ~ Jaebum of Got7 ~

• a quiet and humble leader, someone who’s always there for you to lean on

• has a laid back yet unapproachable air about him

• isn’t one to mess around with, takes things very seriously sometimes

Aquarius ~ Jongup of B.A.P ~

• very 4D, you’ll never know the weird thoughts running through his head

• it’s unclear of whether he’s always joking or always serious

• doesn’t say much but he’s kinda misunderstood, and is a very hard worker and it’s endearing

Pisces ~ Wonho of Monsta X ~

• a cute yet tough exterior, a soft and mushy interior

• likes to work out and move around a lot to release all his pent-up energy

• is friendly and really sweet and approachable, though he tries looking all intimidating lol

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this art is specifically from me to you all of guys, wanted to say thank you so much for sticking around and supporting me for almost 3 years (though this acc was made a year ago haha) and most of you are probably new here and welcome aboard!

we’re all here to chill and talk about shit stuff and art related haha. but seriously, you guys have given me confidence and inspired me to become better than i was before, to keep improving every single day both as an artist and a person. and because ramadan was just yesterday, i wanted to say i’m really REALLY sorry if i ever come across hurting y'all’s feelings and what not. i hope in the future i can be more open and mindful about certain things, and have fun a lot more w/ u guys along the way! thank you, again, from the bottom of this nerd’s heart. -Meg

btw, i was trying to paint and aim for a disney kinda art style but… eh-

spiftynifty  asked:

I'm seeing a lot of polarized opinions about season 4 and speaking of being divided...What was up with the grand-canyon-level crotch gap in that Sheith hug???

listen,, li sTE n,, 

because there are only so many asks about crotches I can handle and I wanna sort this out now, so:

A lot of Keith and Kuron’s interactions feel stilted and ingenuine, it’s true. But I’d argue the hug is very much anything but. For one thing, it comes right after this very heartfelt admission. Kuron says, “But just know that we’re here for you whenever you need us.” We, us--Kuron focuses on the team’s support as a whole, but that’s not what Keith acknowledges. Instead, Keith puts the entire focus solely on Kuron, saying, “I know you are. And I can’t tell you how much that means to me.” Singular you instead of something like “you guys” or “you all.” Keith specifically thanks Kuron here, and that sure seems romantic to me. He doesn’t even look at the others when he says it–it’s obvious who those words are for and where all his attention is. He has eyes only for Kuron. 

Now, compare that to Matt. After they hug, Kuron says, “Pidge never gave up on finding you.” Not I was looking for you, or I knew you were out there. As with always, we see that how “Shiro” feels about Matt really only comes up in relevance to Pidge. There’s not that same connection there we see with Keith and “Shiro.”

Anyway, after Keith tells Kuron how much his support matters, the transition to the hand clasp and hug is just immediate. Like, after Keith says that, they both know they’re going to hold each other in their arms. It’s not even a question. No hesitation. And unlike the post-BOM hug, we get a good enough vantage point to really see “Shiro’s” face here. And Kuron looks just as touched and moonstruck as Keith. It’s incredibly endearing

And when they walk in together–Keith’s smile just about killed me?? He’s just so at peace. This is the only place he once to be in the universe right now, and it really shows

The way their hands are clasped together in the middle and they gravitate towards each other, with this look of sheer bliss, and with the sunset like sky in the background–there’s some clear romantic undertones here. 

Keith’s head is also nestled in “Shiro’s” shoulder again. His one hand is up against Kuron’s chest and his other’s on Kuron’s lower back. Nothing about this says “bro hug” to me. A lot of times people who aren’t that close will kinda turn their head away during a hug, unlike how Keith actively turns into Kuron to get closer. Take a look at Matt, he doesn’t do that:

And let’s compare more of Matt’s hug with Kuron to the sheith one–starts again with a handshake. But it’s clearly meant to just be a handshake. Matt is stiff and awkward and doesn’t know how to react. He calls “Shiro” sir and clearly isn’t as close with him. This is nothing like how Keith and Kuron clasp hands and seamlessly come together, something practiced and silently understood. They’re both perfectly at ease and on cloud nine while Matt looks completely lost. 

The handshake itself? Incredibly awkward. Kuron still has that little smile, but there’s nothing like it on Matt’s end. It’s nothing like how tender Keith and Kuron looked when they clasped hands

like, there’s a clear difference

When Kuron tugs Matt closer without warning, it’s a really sweet gesture, but Matt is still REALLY STARTLED and looks like he has no idea what to do with himself. It’s kinda funny and cute. But like, it’s obvious this is way outside Matt’s expectations and comfort level. And you know, this is Keith we’re talking about. If you’d think anyone would be making this kind of face at being pulled into a hug, it’s him. Because that’s how Keith is with everyone who isn’t “Shiro.” It says a lot that Keith is so at home holding Kuron while it takes Matt completely by surprise–given Keith has so many qualms about intimacy we don’t see with Matt. And even Kuron, who’s very happy to see Matt and throws him into it–he doesn’t have that same loving look there he gives Keith. It feels more like a “bro hug” to me

Like, I literally don’t understand how their legs not touching make it less romantic, I?? And if you want to talk romantic tropes–other people have pointed it out before, but it’s common for a character to hug their love interest first and foremost before the rest of the cast joins in on a group hug. Like, that’s very much a thing. And you know what? When everyone jumps in, Kuron’s still holding on tight to Keith. He hasn’t let go for a second. They’re both at the center here, and it’s obvious this whole scene that their bond is the focal point. That sounds like the role of a love interest to me. Also, Keith’s hand is apparently on Kuron’s hip in the group hug, so I mean. I’d say you wouldn’t have to worry about some big awkward distance 

The Types as People I know

ISFJ: Sweet up front but man they can be so sensitive holy moly.

INFJ: Super passive about your choices unless they really care about you. Then doggedly soliloquizes whenever they have wisdom you need to hear.

INFP: Super passive aggressive but also super sweet and is like a dog with a bone if they want to figure something out.

ISFP: Smart and sweet and loves to help.

ENFJ: A ray of sunshine with weird hobbies and will randomly tell you her thoughts when she passes in the hallway.

ESFJ: Patriarch of the family, his his stuff together but doesn’t have a lot of substance.

ENFP: Charms everyone - hates everyone. Says yes to everything - wants to say no to everything. Lies a lot, kinda dead inside. Nobody knows it but INTJ.

ESFP: SO FUN OMG LET’S GO I’M IN FOR EVERY PARTY YAY! *Later complains that they’re carsick so they have to sit in the front, or they’re tired so they’re going to leave early, or complains to the waiter about their pasta having gluten like wtf*

ESTJ: “I’m going to have to let you go.”
Person: “What? But I have three kids and my husband doesn’t work-”
ESTJ: “I know Jesse. It pains me to do it but you really need to think about them more when you come in 3 minutes late to work every week. It sets a precedent.”

ENTJ: Plans the entire business trip for 7 coworkers, down to their hotel rooms, who is having dinner with which vendor, what time they should leave their rooms to go to dinner, what type of transportation they should use, how long that transportation should take, etc. Schedules a 1 hour meeting to go over all of it a few days before and quizzes everyone after.

ENTP: *Falls in love* “Oh my god, Jessica’s the one, she’s going to save me from myself wow this is amazing.”
*Two weeks later*
“Yeah I met this girl Emily and she’s soon hot dude and we kissed last night”
Person: “What about Jessica?”
ENTP: “Oh, yeah, we’re still dating. I don’t know dude I’m kinda over her.”

ESTP: *Walks in late, smiles at team* “Hey guys! *sits down like they’re not 40 minutes late* I mean the ease with which they comport themselves holy hell
Starts first day at new school. Walks up to the lunch table with the coolest looking kids and sits down. “Hey losers. I bet you can’t beat me at xyz”

ISTP: Says nothing most of the time. Has crazy hobbies.

INTP: Doesn’t. Stop. Talking. Ok but seriously they’re so smart that it backfires. They talk themselves into these spirally holes and end up in lala land believing things that are completely untrue and knowing they’re right (they’re not)

ISTJ: So much eye rolling. Has no time for INTP’s ramblings and imaginary ideas. Offends INTP EVERY DAY. Loves you really hard but without ever saying it, kinda emotionally stunted

INTJ: Frustrated every time they have to start spending time with someone new because that person will have to spend a lot of time asking “Wait are you serious?” or “What do you mean?” or “Was that sarcastic?” or “Oh sorry did I offend you?” or “OMG why are you being rude?” and INTJ will have to explain that their casual sarcasm needs acclimating and no there’s usually no ill-intent and no they’re not offended and no they don’t mean to be rude omg this is tiring.