this kinda says a lot really

Cute HCs for different ships

-Herc does Lafayette’s makeup a lot.
-Lafayette likes modeling clothes for Herc that he’s making for other customers with similar bodies.
-They like to go out dancing.
-Herc flirts a lot.
-Lafayette flirts back but he also gets hella flustered.
-Sometimes they just lay together in bed and Herc will play with Laf’s hair and Laf really loves the feeling and he kinda just melts against Herc.

-Go out to parties and stuff together.
-When they’re drunk they’re really touchy and are always making some form of contact even if its just holding hands.
-They’re like this when they’re sober too, but not extreme.
-Alex thinks John is a complete ray of sunshine and is ready to fight anyone that says shit about him.
-John finds it really easy to get Alex to take breaks and go to bed.
-John makes Alex coffee in the morning, along with breakfast.
-John is literally the thing that is stopping Alex from just working 24/7 and forgetting all his human needs.

-Eliza is always really gentle when she touches Maria because she knows about Maria’s past relationship and doesn’t want to hurt or scare her.
-Eliza is always reminding Maria that she loves her.
-Maria loves being held/hugged by Eliza because it makes her feel safe.
-They go on cute little dates like to coffee shops and ice rinks and parks.
-Maria blushes when Eliza compliments her.
-Sometimes Eliza will see Maria crying and she panics because she thinks something’s wrong but actually Maria is just really happy to be with her.

-They can sit for hours in silence just reading, enjoying each others company.
-Lee really loves dogs and Aaron keeps saying no to them getting a dog.
-Spoilers: They get a dog.
-Aaron isn’t that much of a touchy person, he likes his space, but Lee is super big on cuddling and kissing and stuff so he puts up with it to make Lee happy.
-(He does low key enjoy hugging Lee though)
-They go for dates in libraries and coffee shops, sometimes book stores when they finish all their books. When Aaron took Lee to the pet store to buy their dog, Lee nearly cried.
-Lee really loves animals, OK?
-Lee likes buying Aaron things, even if Aaron says he can pay for it himself.
-Aaron likes holding Lee’s hand. He will bring Lee’s hand up to his lips and kiss him and Lee is like !I love you!

-Thomas is always stocking up on soup and medicine for James because the poor baby is always ill.
-James loves cuddling and kissing and stuff but he doesn’t wanna get Thomas sick.
-Thomas doesn’t mind because he always has medicine to help anyways. And obviously he wants to hug his boyfriend?
-They like to travel together.
-Thomas likes complimenting James and using his finger to trace little patterns on his body.
-Thomas’ neck is a huge weak spot for him. Kiss his neck and he fucking melts and does whatever you want.

unpopular pagan opinion: ofc people use fandom terms like “headcanons” or “feels” when talking about gods lol. that’s how language works. gods have always been interpreted differently by different people; a lot of people who honor the gods don’t have real strong communication, or don’t trust their discernment so well. so they don’t want to say “yeah x god is like this” or even really call it UPG, because they’re not sure; saying “i headcanon x god as this” is an easy way to get across what you mean to people who know what the term “headcanon” means: it’s something you kinda think is right, but don’t have a whole lot of conclusive evidence, so you sorta just go with it.

i’m not even talking about PC paganism necessarily, just saying that not everyone takes themselves seriously enough, or has the confidence to speak with authority about their religious experiences. not everyone knows all the ~right terms~ to use about their religious experiences, so they use the terms they know. that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in their gods, it just means they’re talking about their gods with the terminology they’re comfortable with. also, just because someone’s new and hasn’t bought and read all the books you have, doesn’t mean they’re dumb or just “playing around” with their religion or whatever; it means they’re new. we oughta talk to them as equals, not mock them.

tbh this kinda reminds me of how when the printing press came out the Catholic church printed out and distributed a bunch of Bibles, and then burned them because regular peasants became literate and were talking back about what the Bible said and what it didn’t….the religious authorities didn’t like how the Common People were relating to and talking about the religion, so they cut them off, told them they didn’t have the “proper authority” to read about their God and their faith. they didn’t want the people making the religion theirs, they only wanted people to think and talk about God the way they did. (aaaand the whole government was based on the Divine Right to Rule so if the peasants got uppity about what Jesus actually said there could be one of those pesky uprisings, but that’s a different post lol)

idk, i may be rambling…i just think that when we refuse to let people smear the line between the Religious and the Mundane, you encourage people to compartmentalize, to not think about the gods in terms of their own lives and their own thoughts. is it really such a big deal if someone “makes us look bad” by talking about their headcanons about the gods and shit? isn’t it more important that people are comfortable talking about them at all?

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Dear Karley, I know what you said about "Requiem" being Seth's best episode, but I've just seen "Owari"... and I've got to say I truly think THAT is Seth's best episode. There's so much variation in his performance. He's vulnerable, he takes control, he's full of passion, he's doubtful, he's calm, collected... he channels a lot of Michael Sinterniklaas' Leo in this one. It's wonderful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'm intrigued that you didn't like him at first. You hid that well!

Really…? I actually talked a little bit about it in my episode review…I still stand firmly behind “Requiem,” to be honest. I guess you’ll see what I thought tomorrow, assuming I can get this review done in the next 18 hours. (I kinda sort of got injured hiking yesterday and let’s just say I’m not 100% at the moment, hahaa. I’m totally okay, though!)

hmmm, I put in my byf don’t follow if you get into drama a lot, but I don’t really care about drama? if anything, I kinda like seeing it :p but I don’t like people seriously fighting over petty stuff….

and I mean, when I say “drama” I don’t mean calling out racists and stuff. that’s important! maybe I should put “don’t follow if you’re purposefully mean to others for no reason” or “you start mess over silly stuff”

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hey, i just wanted to apologise for being kind of a weirdo in stuttgart and maybe you could tell mikey thank you again for letting me have a look at the CD that really meant a lot to me, thank you and it was awesome meeting you both.

noooo sorry i was kinda confused and spaced out! thank you for saying hi and also being nice!! i hope you find a pencey cd really soon for really cheap!!

ok I just wanna make some things clear

having a lot of followers =/= a lot of notes on your art

having a lot of notes on your art =/= good art

not having very many notes on your art =/= bad art

I feel kinda shitty that I have to say this (don’t wanna seems like I’m bragging/ungrateful) but the amount of followers you have doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gonna get notes. I currently have a little over 18k followers, and wow, that’s a lot. But the thing is, the average amount of notes on my art is about the same as when I had 7k, 5k, or even 2k followers.

the biggest factors I’ve noticed is fandom size and timing. The size of a fandom really affects how much your art is going to be seen. This really should be a no-brainer, but if more people like something and are searching for content of that thing, then they’re more likely to find your art.

Another thing is timing. Time Zones exist. Just because it’s the time of the day that you’re active on tumblr doesn’t mean the same for everyone else.

Please, please don’t feel bad if your art doesn’t get as many notes as you hoped. It happens to everyone, even me.
You all need to chill
  • Sara: *says 'Hi' to Yuuri*
  • Kubo: *jokingly* Mila is kinda starting to get into Otabek *laughs*
  • Viktor and Yuuri: spend 12 episodes building up a healthy relationship. Can't bear being apart from each other. Exchanged engagement rings at a Church. Kissed. Inspire each other. Sleep together. Share lots of PDA...
  • People: so sad they were never really confirmed to be a couple
  • Me: y'all are just desperate to be queerbaited aren't you

Can people stop being rude to/about certain Pokemon? I mean, man, I new the leaked Litten final evo would get some negative opinions but people seem to be especially rude about it. Sorry for kinda putting my opinion out there, but when you’ve gone through the main Pokemon Sun and Moon tag and a lot of the stuff is making fun/rude comments of fine designs, it really gets on my nerves. 

Look, I’m not saying the design is perfect and I can see where people get genuinely upset, but at this point it seems very undeserving and hypocritical all the hate it’s getting, especially after the initial reaction to Popplio all went down.

Sorry for the kinda rant! I’me just very passionate about my little fire baby and the Pokemon games in general, so it just breaks my heart when people seem kind of entitled about designs of Pokemon that Nintendo/Game Freak spent so much time on?  And overall I just don’t like seeing that kind and that much negativity in the tags? 

idk, again, sorry for the rant, but I hope you can at least enjoy this little comic!

Bts reaction to their s/o flinching when they get mad:

Anon requested:  Hiii i just want to sayy i loveee ur blog😊 and i would like to ask if u can do a gif reaction for bts and while ur arguing they come closer and u flinch thankuuu 

A/N: guess who is done with mid-terms, sorry for delaying it so much, it’s kinda short, but the Gifs are supposed to express a lot ;;)


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Mad at himself for forgetting, takes a breathe and steps forward with open arms and a serious face, “It’s me princess, don’t worry”


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Takes a minute to process the whole situation while punching himself mentally. “Come, let’s cuddle, this is pointless”


Visibilly hurt. Like he would be trying to hide his tears “I am sorry, baby I really am” he’ll say before pulling you into his arms.

Rap Monster:

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“you do know that I’ll never ever hurt you right? No matter how angry I am”


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Takes a deep breathe to calm himself, switching to calm you down despite his raging anger. “Who did this to you? Who did this to my girl”

V/ Taehyung:

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Totally forgets about the fight and rushes to you in concern. “Baby, no matter what happens, I’ll never hurt you, calm down”


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Stops talking and stares at you, in such disbelief he’ll be smiling “I am not like the ones before me, I won’t use my muscles on you, not my baby girl”

//You should give this video a watch. I really concur with this guy on how innovative and inventive KLK’s animation is. It’s kinda sad when people say it had lots of ‘bad’ or ‘lazy’ animation. They really knew what they were doing when they made it, and I think it shows. It’s quite masterful.

The Phandom in a Nutshell
  • Person: Your show sucks.
  • Danny Phandom: Heh heh, I mean kinda. A lot of it is really good, but a lot of it sucks.
  • Person: Yeah, and Danny is a horrible character!
  • Phandom: (Brings out ecto-guns, dissection knives, claws, bats, and other various extremely dangerous looking weapons) You say that about our son again and we will use these to their full extents. We have destroyed and re-destroyed our precious child countless times, what makes you think you're safe from our wrath?

people saying that yuri reacted the way he did to viktor crying because he thought those were happy tears is the biggest fucking reach i’ve ever seen in this fandom (and ive seen a lot). there’s NOTHING in that scene that would suggest this. yuri knew those were angry/sad tears before he lifted up viktor’s hair. 

viktor says this in a CLEARLY upset tone

yuri’s not 12, he knew what was going on because these were literally the first words viktor says after the whole ‘lets end this’ speech. he knew what he was doing. stop babying this motherfucker. He disregarded viktor’s and his own feelings because he didn’t want to kill viktor as a competitive skater (yuri says this in the episode) by having him coach him another year. vik is already 28. yuri was trying to appear selfish while being selfless. He was putting his foot down and that’s why he came across cold because he knew viktor wasn't going to leave him otherwise.

ur favs can be assholes sometimes, its okay, its not the end of the world lmao 

just like when viktor tried to light a fire under yuri’s ass in ep.7 by trying to emotionally manipulate him into getting motivated to win. characters are meant to grow and learn from their wrongs. yall trying to soften this is so annoying, especially when the scene and the entire series has been crystal clear about what’s going on in yuri’s head on and off the ice and reaching to these conclusions are baffling to me.

check out my salt lamp and little faux succulents. i got the lamp for christmas and so far i haven’t really noticed any changes but it’s pretty at least, like a giant crystal. i just turned it off for this pic, it’s on a lot. anyways.. i’m feeling kinda? better lately? only low key wanna die instead of high key loL. maybe the lamp works after all :P but the problem of my energy levels being sooo low is still here. doing simple tasks exhausts me and i feel the need to nap constantly ;~; but i’m trying to draw more. and also i wanna say thank you sooo much to everyone who sent me such kind supportive sweet messages about my mental issues and art ;w; i’ve read all of them and i feel so lucky to have such wonderful followers! i’d like to reply individually but there are a few months worth of messages, it’s too daunting for my low energy levels.. from now on i’ll try to reply to messages more promptly so they don’t pile up so much and become overwhelming. i hope to have more new art to post soon, and also get my shirt store going again!

Why Johnlock is such a big deal

When Johnlock becomes canon in January there are probably going to be some people who say that it’s not that big of a deal because they’re just two cis white men and… I mean, they are but it really is so much more.

You could say that 2016 has not been a great year for LGBT representation because many of our favourite queer TV characters (a lot of whom were POC) were killed off, a lot of relationships ended and the word “bisexual” wasn’t said nearly enough times. Despite all this, we’ve been able to enjoy some amazing gay storylines in shows like Yuri on Ice, Supergirl or Skam and right now there’s more diversity than ever, but we still have a really long way to go.

Sherlock is not just a random TV show with a small number of fans. Over 100 million people watched Season 3 and it’s likely that the new series will have even more viewers. It is definitely an international phenomenon. So when the rug is finally pulled and it is revealed to have been a love story since the start, it will shock so many people because they didn’t see it coming. It will be a surprise that the two main male characters of one of the most watched TV shows ever have actually been in love all this time. This will be television history (thanks Amanda).

Something this mainstream almost never features gay couples and if it does it’s usually for like 5 seconds and Sherlock is going to be almost 20 hours of this (because let’s be real, the whole show is about John and Sherlock). This is gonna be a huge “fuck you” to queerbaiting and to anyone who still treats gay ships as a joke. Because even though this story has always been gay, it’s not just about being gay and that’s what’s so great about it. It shows that you can have amazing main characters who happen to be gay or bisexual in a really succesful TV show. It will open so many doors for all the media that’s yet to come.

So that’s already a pretty big deal on its own but we have to remember that this is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson we’re talking about. The most famous detective of all time and his loyal companion. The greatest fictional “friendship” to ever exist. Two of the most widely adapted characters in history will be able to kiss in public for the first time in 130 years! They finally get to be who they’ve always been because it’s not 1895 anymore and someone is finally getting this right.

It’s a fact that Sherlock wouldn’t have these many fans if people knew it’s gay so it’s obvious that this wouldn’t have the same effect if Sherlock had literally said he was gay in the first episode (even though he practically did) or if Mark and Steven had said that this is what they’re doing in any random interview ever, which is why they’ve lied so many times and why they’ll keep lying until the new series airs. This is a conspiracy. It’s real and we’re a part of it.

So yeah, Johnlock won’t end homophobia. It won’t end queerbaiting. It won’t end heteronormativity. But it’s a really big step forward and it’s definitely something that’s going to be talked about for decades. Things will never be the same.

And if that wasn’t already enough, just think about how this show and the TJLC community specifically have helped so many people figure out their sexual orientation or make friends or just feel less lonely. This video shows it a lot better than I ever could (thank you @quietlyprim ). And the best part of all this is that it will continue to help even more people when it’s happened. Because, like @marcelock said, queer people get to be people like Sherlock Holmes. We deserve this, all the LGBT people who came before us deserved this and we finally get to see it. This is for us, for them and for everyone who’s ever had to hide like Sherlock and John.

headcanon that ronan gets gansey very drunk one night and in his alcohol induced stupor, with ronan egging him on, gets giant raven wings tattooed on his upper back in jet black ink, all the way down the back of his arms to his elbows and the words “regis corvi” written vertically between the wings.


Кошка - kóshka - cat. everybody knows that, easy
Киса - kísa - all three mean that you love your cat very…
Кисонька - kíson'ka - …very…
Кисуля - kisúlya - …very much


Кот - kot - regular cat
Котик - kótik - cute little cat
Котяра - kotyára - fat lazy cat (but still a nice guy!)


Котенок - kotyónok - little baby cat
Котята - kotyáta - plural
Котятки- kotyátki - really (really!!) adorable kittens

These sound kinda stupid to me but people use them A LOT
Котэ - kote - internet thing (i mean, google it)
Котейка - koteyka - cutie

When you want to talk to the Russian cat don’t use ‘kitty-kitty’! Say..
Кис-кис-кис - ks-ks-ks

imagine keith seeing a sad lance and having the desire of comforting him without knowing how to properly do it, so he resolves in shooting random compliments he never thought he could personally say out loud.

“listen i think you’re really great. like…super great. like….awesome. did i say great already? but i mean it. really. I love you—-r way of handling things. for real. you’re really pretty—-GOOD AT FIGHTING! yeah that’s about it….I like you—-r personality a lot….ahah….did i…fucking stutter”

lance looks at him and chuckles because he’s really happy keith made an effort to cheer him up even if he’s kinda left wondering Keith meant more to what He was saying