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Harry Naming His Children

I just can’t stop thinking about James and Sirius and Remus in the afterlife, watching over Harry. And when he has his first child, James and Sirius are ecstatic that Harry chooses to name him after them. And Remus smiles benevolently and doesn’t say anything of course, but maybe feels just a tad left out. Sirius can tell and he pats him on the shoulder, saying, “Next time! You’ll see!” 

And then next time arrives and what does Harry choose? Albus Severus. And Remus understands, and he’s really not upset. But Sirius is. Sirius just cannot believe that Harry would choose to name his son after Snivellus, the man who had made his godson’s and his own life miserable (so what if he loved Lily), before he honored Remus. Remus, who had been a mentor and friend to Harry. Remus, who had named Harry godfather of his own child. Remus, who was one of the best men Sirius had ever known despite having a childhood that was probably much shittier than Snape’s. Remus, who deserved to be honored by Harry every bit as much as Sirius did, and certainly a thousand times more than Snape.

And for the first time in his life, Sirius is truly disappointed in his godson. And he can’t even let Harry know. And he just has to live with this awful feeling for years and years, and nothing Remus says can make it any better.

Until one day Sirius notices something. He notices how there are always four kids at the Potter house. He’d always thought it was just Harry being nice because Andromeda was getting pretty old by now, but once he starts paying attention, he notices how every time Harry talks about “his kids,” that includes Teddy Lupin. How Teddy is in all of the Potter family portraits. How James, Al, and Lily refer to Teddy as their older brother. 

And one day Sirius is watching as Teddy risks himself to save Albus from falling off his broom, and then proceeds to fuss over Al without once worrying about himself. And Harry runs over in a panic, and goes immediately to Teddy, who took most of the damage, checks that he’s basically alright, looks at him with tears in his eyes, and says “Teddy Remus Lupin, thank you. Thank you for saving Al. You are so much like your father.” And then he hugs him tightly and doesn’t let go for the longest time .

And Sirius’s anger evaporates just like that, and he looks over and sees that Remus has been watching too and now they are both silently crying as they watch Harry, their Harry, take care of two of his sons.

And it’s suddenly so obvious why Harry didn’t name his youngest son after Remus: because that was already the name of his oldest.

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this was inspired by something @key-called-home said, but i don’t remember what. i dont know if it makes any sense bc i just kinda put everything out there and it made me cry but oh well enjoy

Here he is. With his back against the wall, face turned towards Neil, here he is. There’s a cat in between them, and one at Andrew’s feet, the window must not be closed all the way because cold, biting wisps of air hit Andrew’s face, but here he is. Neil’s eyes are closed, and it’s a rare occasion when Andrew gets to see him like this. He looks, for all intents and purposes, like he shouldn’t be here. Fast asleep he looks a lot less like the smart mouth Andrew knows and a lot more like someone who should never have been with The Foxes to start with, but here he is.

He is here.

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AU I guess?? ?

Evan and Connor did know each other and they were so gay were like best friends, and when Jared and Evan were making the emails, they were re-writing them, not making them up out of nothing, they had too because the original emails were either extremely vulgar or just, full on inappropriate


movies watched in 2016: colorful (movie)

to the reader of this letter: i wonder where you are and what you’re doing. 
15-year-old me has worries that i can’t talk to anyone else about.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is freakin amazing

If you see it, there are five end credit scenes so be sure to sit through all of them
(All are related to Gotg, unless I missed a hint to one of the Avengers movies. But I did spot that chick from Thor Ragnarok… so there was that)

PLUS THE SOUNDTRACK IS FREAKIN GREAT👏 (I got in the car and immediately started listening to it)

I just finished watching @therealjacksepticeye play through The Last Guardian and can I just say MAN that game is incredible. I wish I had a ps4 to play it on. Props to Jack for taking me through this amazing journey instead :’) 


James/Miranda/Thomas Appreciation Week:

Day Seven: Free Choice 

“Desde que tú has partido, ha comenzado para mi la oscuridad. En torno a mi, vive el recuerdo de los días bellos de nuestro amor. La rosa que me has dejado ya se a secado, pero la guardo en un libro… que no termino más de leer.”

Magnus is crying because he ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time.

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what in the world is your blog playlist playing? all i hear is kids crying.

Clips from The Return of Superman (Superman is Back), Song Triplets edition. You probably ended up with a clip of them crying about something lmao. Seriously tho, watch this show- especially watch the Song Triplet episodes. (Sad that they aren’t on there anymore, but their Instagram is just as adorable)

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This one is the cutest angel ever. His face is so round I can’t even. :3

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This one acted in his dad’s historical drama along with his brothers, costume and all. And he’s my overall fave of the three. (He’s actually acting in the gif.) 

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And the one hugging is my first favorite.  I just chose gifs where it looks like they might fit in the Hwarang universe, but I think their clothes are too modern for the time period.

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And who can forget their equally adorable and talented dad.

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He acted as the main character in the historical drama Jang Yeongsil (the one his son was also in)

The mom is also just as adorable. (She’s a high court judge so her entire face couldn’t really be found.) I could only find a clip of her where half her face is seen and it kinda made me cry because it was the Triplet’s last episode. 

I’m sorry, this post suddenly became a Song Triplets family appreciation. They’re so goddamn adorable. :3 

365.242 Days
  • [Outgoing]
  • Hide: I haven't heard from you in ages! Kaneki, do you remember what happens to rabbits when they are left alone? /(^ x ^)\
  • [Incoming]
  • Kaneki: Yes, Hide. Rabbits die of loneliness. Don't worry, I'll see you soon. ≦(._.)≧
  • [Outgoing]
  • Hide: You owe me, Neki. What are you going to do without me? (。♥‿♥。)
  • Hide: Well, you never answered so I guess you must be busy. You nerd! Always overworking yourself...
  • Hide: Nothing? Hmm...
  • Hide: Well I guess this is goodnight? Take care of yourself, Neki.
  • Hide: I've called you like ten times and you haven't answered...I'm coming over.
  • Hide: You're not home?
  • Hide: I went by your job and Touka-Chan said she hasn't seen you either...I think she's lying.
  • Hide: Wow, almost a week...I think I did something I wasn't supposed to...
  • Hide: Please be okay, Kaneki.
  • Hide: I'm so sorry, Kaneki. I'm sorry I'm letting this happen.
  • Hide: Please be okay...
  • Hide: Everything is quiet. Too quiet.
  • Hide: You killed him, didn't you?
  • Hide: I'm so sorry!
  • Hide: Please talk to me.
  • Hide: Your phone has been off for almost five months...
  • Hide: Crazy thing,I got into the CCG as an intern. I'm the delivery boy now.
  • Hide: Touka-Chan hasn't heard from you at all...this time I believe her.
  • Hide: Please come back. We can work this out.
  • Hide: I'm sorry.
  • Hide: It's been a year...
  • Hide: I'm sorry.
  • Hide: I shouldn't have let that happen to you.
  • Hide: Kaneki, please talk to me.
  • Hide: It feels funny being dressed in uniform.
  • Hide: Do you think I could be arrested for impersonating as an officer?
  • Hide: I found you!
  • Hide: I love you, Kaneki. Let's go home, yeah?
  • [365 Missed Calls,380 Text Messages]
  • [Outgoing]
  • Kaneki: I love you, too...
  • [Incoming]
  • Hide: Service Error 409: Invalid Number Please resend text message using a valid 10-digit number.